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Comorbid Part 9 by Natasha Weber Comorbid Part 9 by Nov. 20, 2017 3106 words Read a sample
Parents can have their childrens' genes sequenced for free when their children turn thirteen. A young fifteen-year-old freshmen by the name of June is ninety percent predisposed to borderline personality disorder. She is hopelessly in love with a mysterious boy named Mercury who, if rumors around the school were to be believed, likely had the psychopath gene
Hitler's Secret Atomic Bomb by Tom Kane Hitler's Secret Atomic Bomb by Nov. 20, 2017 4453 words
This book asks a simple question. Did Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party he led create an Atomic bomb during World War 2? If the answer is yes, could it have been used against the allies.
Infected Peckham 3 Military Raids by Harley Quinn Infected Peckham 3 Military Raids by Nov. 20, 2017 1203 words
The group finds out that Max has died and come back even know he was not bitten he came back as a walker. The group now searches the local school for information before the military interrupts there search and takes each member prisoner
Whims of A Witch by Elizabeth Violet Whims of A Witch by Nov. 20, 2017 3126 words Read a sample
Getting kidnapped is not usually fun. But when this witch does it, things get very enjoyable very quickly for both her and her target.
Confessions of a Middle-aged White Man - Chapter 2 by John Dodsworth Confessions of a Middle-aged White Man - Chapter 2 by Nov. 20, 2017 4032 words Read a sample
He's a cynical, bitter, tiresome man with outrageous stubbornness. A man you would be ashamed to know... too bad he's likely your father.
A Parent’s Guide to Selecting Quality Day Care by Renee Bock A Parent’s Guide to Selecting Quality Day Care by Nov. 20, 2017 7608 words Read a sample
There’s no such thing as one size fits all childcare. Every family has a complex web of needs—financial realities, logistical hurdles, concerns about health and safety, and visions of early education—and these needs shape decisions about who will care for the new baby. For some families, the nanny offers a perfect fit, with flexible hours, personalized care and protection from childhood illnesses
The Mystic Christmas Treasure by Duane L. Ostler The Mystic Christmas Treasure by Nov. 20, 2017 6345 words Read a sample
On Christmas Eve, Archeologist Charles Niebold is searching through the jungles of Belize for an ancient Maya temple full of gold. He has blocked out of his mind the image of his unhappy wife and children about his not being home for Christmas--until he finds the temple he has been looking for, and a dose of Maya magic gives him a different view of his family than he ever could have imagined ...
Seeing Blue: A Mermaid Mystery by Rachel E. Wollaston Seeing Blue: A Mermaid Mystery by Nov. 20, 2017 62446 words Read a sample
A young girl is rescued from the sea with no recollection of who she is or where she came from. Inessa Woods is a girl with a troubled past, but is determined to help this mystery girl find her identity. There is only one clue this mysterious girl can give Inessa: She can see mermaids.
The Last Enemy - Part 4 Volume 2 - 2071-2084 by Luca Luchesini The Last Enemy - Part 4 Volume 2 - 2071-2084 by Nov. 20, 2017 29098 words Read a sample
In the final volume of the saga, Louis Picard and the remaining members of the team face the ultimate challenge, they run for their lives against enemies that are plotting to throw the world into chaos again to bring it back to the pre-Telomerax age.
Remember Me by Nanea Knott Remember Me by Nov. 20, 2017 64456 words Read a sample
This is an erotic paranormal romance with one man and one woman. Willow is a succubus tired of being alone. She wants to find her mate. Greg is a police detective determined to find the right woman for him. A suspicious car accident brings them together. Willow meets an amazing man and wonders if he will be the only one who remembers her.
Publicity!: DALA (Story 2) by Edwin Betancourt Publicity!: DALA (Story 2) by Nov. 20, 2017 5147 words Read a sample
Laurel Quinn is hired to help Pop Star Damien Marx and Supermodel Lola Ferrari fake their relationship for an upcoming interview. Their manager believes 'DALA' could be the newest 'Hollywood Royalty', but when things take an unexpected turn, Laurel realizes just how crazy people become, just to get famous in Hollywood.
Zap by Mike Bozart Zap by Nov. 20, 2017 2027 words Read a sample
While watching the TSG 1899 Hoffenheim - Liverpool FC Champions League play-off match (first leg) in a Charlotte (NC, US) bar on a hot-as-hell August day, the author is accosted by a South American man who comments on the game, and then agrees to answer an octet of questions. His replies are quite candid. The younger Irish bartender adds jolting commentary along the way. Approx. 2K words.
GCE Ordinary Level 2017 results (Full list) Technical by Kum Eric Tso GCE Ordinary Level 2017 results (Full list) Technical by Nov. 20, 2017 16844 words Read a sample
GCE Ordinary Level 2017 results (Full list) Technical
GCE Ordinary Levels 2017 results (Full list) Grammar by Kum Eric Tso GCE Ordinary Levels 2017 results (Full list) Grammar by Nov. 20, 2017 345471 words Read a sample
GCE Ordinary Level 2017 results (Full list) Grammar
The Critical Mass - The Water Giant by Kenneth Hanis The Critical Mass - The Water Giant by Nov. 20, 2017 64863 words Sample 25%
"Dick takes a job he does not need, to earn the money for an engagement ring he does not want to buy for Betty; but, upon meeting Jane, a Latina immigrant woman who is a die hard environmental activist, his heart is arrested, and his life takes on a life of its own."
Forces by J P Julians Forces by Nov. 20, 2017 82322 words Read a sample
A group of friends investigate what appears to be a murder. They soon find themselves involved with something that extends far beyond anything they could have imagined. Worse still, they realise their lives and the lives of everyone on the planet are in danger unless they find a way to stop Charles and his world changing plans.
The Effervescence of Truth by Ivee Olivares The Effervescence of Truth by Nov. 20, 2017 59528 words Sample 20%
In a world where the truth is not always straightforward, scientists have tried time and again to create a drug that would compel people to reveal all. Scientist and Police Consultant Dr Neroli Sonnclere is pulled into a great discovery: a powerful new truth drug. With DI Adam McClellan, she realises that the truth can be dangerous and struggles to keep it from falling into wrong hands.
His Only Son, Her Only Regret by E. N. Joy His Only Son, Her Only Regret by Nov. 20, 2017 5957 words Read a sample
What if the same money that was used to build a church turns out to be the same money that destroys it? Reverend Gibson and First Lady Victoria's family matters become church matters due to their son's sins . . . or is it actually the sins of the father?
Eve's Dreaming by Susan English Eve's Dreaming by Nov. 20, 2017 2246 words Sample 20%
This is the story of Lilith, Adam, and Eve in the Garden of Eden.
Hers is Bigger than Mark's Story #3 in the Black Shemale Hers is Bigger than Mark's Story #3 in the Black Shemale "Hers is Bigger Than His" Series by Nov. 20, 2017 7366 words Sample 20%
This girl, who wasn’t really a girl, came into the library where he worked at least once a week. He knew that she wasn’t born a female, but he thought she was one of the prettiest women he had ever seen. She was sweet, with beautiful dark brown skin. It intrigued him that she was not born a woman, but nothing about her registered in his mind as anything other than a woman. He enjoyed their weekl
The Rhyming Schizophrenic Avenger Book Eight by Colin J Platt The Rhyming Schizophrenic Avenger Book Eight by Nov. 20, 2017 5438 words Read a sample
Mal and Loll is the same person; born in a man’s body, but always struggling to accept things as they are. Mal pushes herself to the fore and Loll has to take second place in a life of manic schizophrenia and bizarre circumstances.
Cassy, Awakening Power by Jackie Forster Cassy, Awakening Power by Nov. 20, 2017 49605 words Read a sample
Cassy is a coming of age story about a young girl who discovers that she is a witch. Cassy is a fantastical fiction story that deals with issues faced by some teenagers as well as more imaginative problems. The magic within the story intensifies the conflicts so that even the mundane can seem strange.
Keena Karmody by Eliza Kerr Keena Karmody by Nov. 20, 2017 37755 words Read a sample
Keena Karmody finishes school in London and invites her young French teacher, Marie Delorme, to stay with her on her grandfather's estate at Céim-an-eich in Ireland as her tutor, to complete her education. One day Keena will inherit the large house and the family money. As time goes on, Marie Delorme's stay becomes permanent as she makes secret plans to take possession of the estate.
De la Dérive des Continents (en son versant psychanalytique) tome 3 - Le complément de la différence dans l'indifférence en complément! by Hubert de la Faribaule De la Dérive des Continents (en son versant psychanalytique) tome 3 - Le complément de la différence dans l'indifférence en complément! by Nov. 20, 2017 49688 words Sample 20%
Quelques personnages déjà connus tels que Jocelyne de la Mortemousque, Sophie, Marie Angélique, Maitre Rondelard et enfin l'adorable Caroline ainsi que MacGregor l'ancien exécuteur sous un autre nom dont la technique procédurale étonne quelque peu spéciale et enfin Jo le Californien, émaillent ce récit de quelques surprises !
Agent Lee by Samuel J. O. Agent Lee by Nov. 19, 2017 6712 words Sample 20%
A tough episodic story featuring Lee Wang Wo (Lee Min Ho), trying to pursue a criminal who's involved in politics.
Worth Fighting For by Mackenzie Marie Worth Fighting For by Nov. 19, 2017 2327 words Read a sample
WORTH FIGHTING FOR is a collection of flash fiction stories by Mackenzie Marie. They range from Suspense/Thriller, Historic Fiction, and Religious Fiction, but all center around those moments where everything seems to hang on one moment and one decision.
The Trail Tales by Lios Brooks The Trail Tales by Nov. 19, 2017 2314 words Read a sample
The Trail Tales consists of three short stories offering different degrees of emotions. From suspense, to sadness, to realization, each story carries a weight.
Society's Monster: Dreams that are Memories by Albert Oon Society's Monster: Dreams that are Memories by Nov. 19, 2017 4684 words Read a sample
In this short book, we go behind the scenes of the Society's Monsters stories. The books are based on a series of connecting dreams that reference one another that also connect to present memories. They are a great influence on the author and the stories he tells. What will you figure out when you read this short book on dreams that could possibly be memories?
They're Coming For Your Internet by Nate Levesque They're Coming For Your Internet by Nov. 19, 2017 4153 words Read a sample
The Internet is an innovation unlike any other. It has revolutionized the way we communicate, work, and do business. When it comes to communication, it may be the most important invention in our history. On the web, all of us are creators and global citizens. What happens if we lose net neutrality? Is the Internet doomed? Are we fated to become second-class citizens online?
Desde el país sin aplausos by Aarón D. Ruiz Desde el país sin aplausos by Nov. 19, 2017 4267 words Read a sample
La mayoría de los textos reunidos aparecieron en diferentes medios en Internet. Fueron reunidos aquí con el nombre Desde el país sin aplausos, porque cada uno rescata la experiencia de habitar México, sus realidades complejas, sus problemas, dolores y esperanzas. Aquí reunimos diferentes voces y estilos. Todos sueñan otros horizontes de esperanza, justicia, vida y paz.
It's Your Turn—Living the Life You Were Made For by Chris Schansberg It's Your Turn—Living the Life You Were Made For by Nov. 19, 2017 14257 words Read a sample
You were designed to live an incredible life! It's Your Turn offers six life-changing and straightforward strategies for positioning yourself to live the life Jesus intends for you to live. With over twenty years of experience in helping people change their lives, Pastor Chris offers powerful ideas for change that have transformed his life and he knows will revolutionize yours as well.
Cougar Goes to College: a Sexy Threesome by Melinda Hale Cougar Goes to College: a Sexy Threesome by Nov. 19, 2017 29618 words Sample 20%
Erica's a successful businesswoman entering college for the first time. How does a middle-aged woman handle being thrust into a world of younger, more attractive students? Quite well, actually. Join Erica in these three sizzling tales as she loves and lusts her way through the student body. Her misadventures are sure to excite you in all the right ways!
Ageless Shadows by Katie Traveller Ageless Shadows by Nov. 19, 2017 5180 words Read a sample
Ageless Shadows explores the darker side life in a small collection of short stories. In this world around us, people change and people die. We take life in strides as we slowly age. Many people are surprised when death comes and some perhaps welcome it. But there is a few who follow death and watch with longing as it walks past them, over and over. They could even be called…Ageless Shadows.
Short Stories of David Holm by David Holm Short Stories of David Holm by Nov. 19, 2017 2257 words Read a sample
SHORT STORIES OF DAVID HOLM is a collection of Flash Fiction that ranges from relationships to family and the bonds therein.
Trump Save Us by Don Korell Trump Save Us by Nov. 19, 2017 8320 words Read a sample
Lets make America great again. This artists expression of a plea asking the president if he would kindly help solve a dire situation.
ISSA Whole Lotta Drama by Daikearasimmons ISSA Whole Lotta Drama by Nov. 19, 2017 1270 words Read a sample
As Tiffany uprises from the slums of Baltimore, she has to learn to leave the past behind her which includes her Notorious boyfriend Murder. Tiffany strives for nothing but success by doing hair. She starts to feel like everything she worked for is finally happening until  Murder knocks the wind outta her with a secret she isn't sure she can come back from.
Three Tales of Fiction by Jordan Pascua Three Tales of Fiction by Nov. 19, 2017 2382 words Read a sample
"Three Tales of Fiction" is a collection of three flash and short stories by Jordan Pascua. All three stories are of different genres including Horror/suspense, Historical Fiction, and Post Apocalypse
Abandoned: A Ghost Story by Carol McMahon Abandoned: A Ghost Story by Nov. 19, 2017 14622 words Read a sample
Lisa has nowhere to go. She’s been kicked out of her apartment in Queens by her alcoholic boyfriend and has no other friends in the city. A co-worker tells her about a house on Staten Island where she can live in rent-free, but Lisa comes to realize the price that comes with living in an abandoned house. Abandoned: A Ghost Story is a novelette of 14,500 words.
Slut Assassination: Vendetta (episode 34) by Mr. Pitso Slut Assassination: Vendetta (episode 34) by Nov. 19, 2017 1372 words Read a sample
if the door of vengeance closes, the window of feud open. no one is willing accept defeat causing the cycle of vengeance. Trish had to clean up after her mother mess and Nichole is going after the people who killed her husband, Play Man. there still many mysteries behind psycho-synthesis.
The Empress of Bug Tussle by Philip C. Elrod The Empress of Bug Tussle by Nov. 19, 2017 12717 words Read a sample
A short story of a magical moment in time when a young girl's life changed forever.
Wintergreen by Kristin Burchell Wintergreen by Nov. 19, 2017 60523 words
Though Helene is a favorite of Queen Marie Antoinette’s, she only wants to escape her dark past. A handsome soldier offers her the chance to do this, if she will reveal the Queen's secrets. But as the Queen's trust in her grows, she finds this difficult. Caught in the terror of the Revolution, she may have to put her trust in those she’s betrayed, or who have betrayed her, in order to survive.
Sex Therapy Side Effects: Felicity by Gina Candy Sex Therapy Side Effects: Felicity by Nov. 19, 2017 927 words Read a sample
Doctor Stir is a very accomplished sex hypnotherapist, but sometimes when one problems is removed, another problem is uncovered.
Christmas tale by Lee Atkins Christmas tale by Nov. 19, 2017 1048 words
story begins on a cold and bleak Christmas Eve in London he about to face their worst nightmare -- an ancient, evil that emerges from the every christmasto prey on the town's darkness. Thanks for your time, Lee Atkins.
Leadership vs. Management by Michael Driver Leadership vs. Management by Nov. 19, 2017 78211 words Read a sample
Leadership vs. Management examines exactly how management hijacked leadership, the mechanics of its control and what can be done to redeem the workplace from the forces of avarice.
Adler James by Christa Wick Adler James by Nov. 19, 2017 56387 words
Book One of Real Cowboys Love Curves - Sage never wanted to be any man’s dirty little secret. Been there, done that, the shoe didn’t fit. Arriving unexpectedly in the small Montana town of Willow Gap after dark, she discovers that a “dirty secret” is all she is. Now it’s up to cowboy Adler Turk to prove to the woman that even a bad beginning can make for many happy endings.
The Unsettling Love-Hate Story of Bewildered Anatoly by Anton Chikakchiev The Unsettling Love-Hate Story of Bewildered Anatoly by Nov. 19, 2017 60479 words Read a sample
“The Unsettling Love-Hate Story of Bewildered Anatoly” is an existential, psychological, essayistic novel that focuses on the theme of unrequited love.
The Power Within by I.K. Bartlett The Power Within by Nov. 19, 2017 90289 words Read a sample
Ultimate power - at what cost?
Lasser- Beginnings by Robin Roughley Lasser- Beginnings by Nov. 19, 2017 11847 words Read a sample
Violent weather, violent acts that will lead DS Lasser into a night of anguish and regret. One in which he will have a mystery to solve and one that will fundamentally change him forever as he realises that some things can never be put right no matter how hard you try.
Nothing Like Drama by Justin Mac Nothing Like Drama by Nov. 19, 2017 2186 words Read a sample
"NOTHING LIKE DRAMA" by Justin Mac is a collection of short stories made to put you in the seat of characters dealing with tough scenarios.
9am And Still, It Was Dark by Wolf Sherman 9am And Still, It Was Dark by Nov. 19, 2017 10095 words Read a sample
Synopsis A wanted man with a new face, had paused due to the pain. Still dazed from the last of the lingering effects of the anaesthetic, the setting sun's revengeful rays took a last stab around the fringe of the bandages that had been wound tightly to protect the fine rows of stiches and his sensitive eyes.