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A Timeless Profession by Christopher Forward A Timeless Profession by May 31, 2016 4285 words Read a sample
Can a young boy of eight years old come to terms with the death of his mother? David Harper will, over the next ten years, learn the art of the oldest profession in the world. "A Timeless profession" will take him on a trip no normal youngster will ever come across.
Misty's Bus Ride by Misty Chikan Misty's Bus Ride by May 30, 2016 2176 words Read a sample
Misty is in India on business and catches a crowded bus back to her hotel. Pushed into the back she has an intimate encounter with a stranger.
Impact Book by Impact Journey Impact Book by May 30, 2016 13812 words
Impact Journey is an outgrowth of Living Bridges Planet, a global facilitator network. Anna Blume (Editor), Srihari Kapu (Editor), Bert-Ola Bergstrand (Foreword), Leif Edvinsson (Preface), Adil Adenwala (Illustrator), Gareth Presch (Author), Sudhir Kade Raghupathy (Author), Lukman Kadiri (Author), Zhou Zihao (Author), Ben Priest (Photographer)
(Just Words.) Episode Two: Ignorance by Selina I. (Just Words.) Episode Two: Ignorance by May 30, 2016 654 words Read a sample
Who ever said that ignorance was bliss?
Spirit of a Crocodile : Crocodile Spirit Dreaming Books 1 & 2 by Graham Wilson Spirit of a Crocodile : Crocodile Spirit Dreaming Books 1 & 2 by May 30, 2016 167931 words Read a sample
She loves a man who loves crocodiles. This huge ancient predator - a source of pure terror. Inside him she sees his spirit and the predator in equal shares. - it seeks to possess her too. Could he have hurt others, is she next? She is a visitor, far from an English home. She must escape! She gets away. But it pulls her back. Now locked in a cage, this other being her only company. What can she do?
So, you wanna build a methlab? by Benjamin R Dover So, you wanna build a methlab? by May 30, 2016 2633 words Read a sample
A satirical guide to something that you probably wouldn't ever want to do anyways.
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Time Well Spent by Wolfen Saunderson Time Well Spent by May 30, 2016 520 words Read a sample
Well, seems we've finally come to the end of the road here for our little friend, Nater and our group's secondary don, Swift has a pretty nifty trick up her cheetah sleeve on just how he can go about paying for each and every one of his sins.
The Sleepyhead by David Tran The Sleepyhead by May 30, 2016 9257 words Read a sample
The first full length poetry collection from David H Tran. The poems follow the journey and life of a young and depressed boy after a failed relationship, searching for a life where he can be happy.
Standing Up to the Lions by Michael Philip Kashgarian Standing Up to the Lions by May 30, 2016 3750 words Read a sample
Junni the antelope is convinced the lions are out to get her. Maybe she’s paranoid, maybe she’s not. Living in a land governed by nature’s rules, Junni does her best to change the world.
Einsteiner by V.K. Fourstone Einsteiner by May 30, 2016 63990 words Read a sample
The creator of the “Einsteiner”, a bio-generated hardware working on human creative, has disappeared while the creativity has become the most valuable resource on earth. As for Isaac Leroy this by all means is the only way to get the sum needed for his sister’s surgery.However,incidentally not only does he lose this chance,but he also becomes a reckless criminal,whose goal is to stop that process.
Doctor and the Red Sun Temple by Chris W Michael Doctor and the Red Sun Temple by May 30, 2016 4544 words Sample 20%
Philosophy, spirits, and question. The first story of the upcoming "Desert Chronicles", a poetic masterpiece by free-verse mastermind Chris W Michael.
Spying on Heaven by Edgar Million Spying on Heaven by May 30, 2016 4811 words Read a sample
Bog often sits up on the community centre roof. It’s his haven. He sits and listens to the groups which meet there through the dirty skylights. Today though, there’s a new group meeting at the centre. A small crowd of misfits claiming to be gods are meeting to talk through their worries and their anguish and Bog is witness to their strange delusion. Because they must be deluded. Right?
Love in Sampark Kranti by Sreehari Love in Sampark Kranti by May 30, 2016 4220 words Read a sample
He knew very well before undertaking the long journey in Sampark Kranti Express from Kannur in Kerala to Chandigarh in Punjab that it was time for him to let go of his past. He knew very well that he and his wife were a dead end. This journey across India was to be for him a means to forget the past and embrace the future. Little did he know that the journey was going to change his life.
The False Martyr by H. Nathan Wilcox The False Martyr by May 30, 2016 324824 words Read a sample
The ruthless Darthur and chaotic Exile are sweeping across the world unchecked. But another power has spent centuries preparing for their coming. Caught between the chaotic powers of the Exiles and the merciless machinations of those who would stop them our heroes must fight for their survival, sanity, and each other if they are to uncover the truth about what is happening to their world.
When Aspired Turned To Despair by Mario V. Farina When Aspired Turned To Despair by May 30, 2016 1027 words Read a sample
At the race track an old man sold me a copy of "Today's Predictions" but he didn't tell me how to get the big payer's name. I figured it out and was winning every day. One day I decided to make it big and bet all I had on the sure winner. It came in last. The big winner's name had been in the tip sheet all along but I had missed it. Read about my stupidity and what I gained from it.
Shorts - Volume 1 by Martin Von Cannon Shorts - Volume 1 by May 30, 2016 24128 words Read a sample
Have you ever wondered how a super hero deals with their dry-cleaning? What if they need an immediate repair on their equipment? Or how might a hero go about switching to the other side? This is a collection of short stories where the super powered community deals with just the everyday things. The bigotry they face, the competition from others, and even trying to live a regular life.
Video Marketing: potencia tu marca e impulsa tu negocio by Yuvalia Digital Video Marketing: potencia tu marca e impulsa tu negocio by May 30, 2016 3175 words Read a sample
Cada día, un mayor número de marcas, negocios, empresas, emprendedores y profesionales independientes, usan el vídeo dentro de su estrategia de marketing. En este ebook encontrarás una introducción al video marketing, descubrirás qué es, por qué tu negocio lo necesita y los grandes beneficios de introducir contenidos en vídeo para conseguir más y mejores clientes.
Weeds in the Sidewalk by Allen Renfro Weeds in the Sidewalk by May 30, 2016 72105 words Sample 20%
He was only nine years old when he survived an unspeakable crime, a crime so horrific it left him with no memory of what happened. Thoughts of revenge and the need for justice consume him and destroy his life. Dejected and left to fend for himself on the streets of Chicago, could his desire for justice lead him to become a serial killer?
Monkey Travels by Paul Banks Monkey Travels by May 30, 2016 1193 words Sample 100%
“The best children’s book I have ever read" by a Dr. of child phycology for 35 Years, New York. Monkey Travels Children’s book: GOOD children grow to GOOD adults being GOOD. Inspiring young minds, for the healthy development of a modern society. A monkey adventures and travels, wherein he has life experiences of truth, friendship, honesty, self-esteem, determination and sincerity.
It Was All a Dream by Racq Symphony It Was All a Dream by May 30, 2016 26277 words Read a sample
In a world of love, lust, deception and dreams, Jade and her friends come together to celebrate her union to Julian in New Orleans. Everything changes, yet everything stays the same. Take a journey into the trilogy of Love's Abyss and Resurrected Promises.
The Rise of Germania ~ Part II by Kevin Donoghue The Rise of Germania ~ Part II by May 30, 2016 16027 words Read a sample
The Rise of Germania ~ The Warlord has stolen the greatest treasure that the 5th Worlde has ever known, and he flees the Oriental Empire, heading homeward. Empress Wu is perusing her former lover, who is accompanied by a ragged Holy Man, a Templar Knight, and the Brothers Polo. In Germania, Old King Henry, the Lion of Bavaria is murdered. His wife, Matilda, The Holy Roman Empress plots to cease
Pray for Rain Part 2 by Dangerous Walker Pray for Rain Part 2 by May 30, 2016 41162 words Read a sample
Ben Grant and his motley crew continue on their quest to take down the Desard Crime Family. Now they are gunning for the criminal Gothra for a way in. To do so they find themselves on Earth, in the city of Bangkok in an attempt to kidnap a lieutenant deserting from her organisation. With the information they can get they plan on a full frontal assault on Gothra's skyscraper.
Importance Of Fashion And It's Impact On Life by Johane Porsenna Importance Of Fashion And It's Impact On Life by May 30, 2016 410 words Read a sample
Johane Porsenna speakes fashion fluently. Johane Porsenna loved fashion for as long as she can remember. Johane Porsenna remember when she was a little girl, being fascinated by my mom getting dolled up.
The Unfiltered Nuisances of a 20 Something: Series of Spoken Word Excerpts by Alex Warren The Unfiltered Nuisances of a 20 Something: Series of Spoken Word Excerpts by May 30, 2016 2286 words Read a sample
This is probably the shortest book you’ll ever read but it is comprised of six spoken word excerpts that I’ve written this summer, this is not a book by definition but a way in which I can articulate this journey that I feel a lot of us share or have shared. Feel free to join the poetic expression of perspective vulnerability that comes with this thing called growth. -Alex Warren
Histories of the Void Garden, Book 1: Pyre of Dreams by Damian Huntley Histories of the Void Garden, Book 1: Pyre of Dreams by May 30, 2016 125703 words Read a sample
When an event watched by the entire world ends with the assassination of sixteen world leaders, David Beach’s worst nightmare is just beginning. With a seven-year-old daughter to worry about, David finds himself the only suspect in the investigation into this global tragedy, and with no one to turn to, he’s all too willing to accept the help from any corner. When help comes, it comes with a cost.
The Way to Work, the Living Plant: Better Farming Series, no. 1 by FAO The Way to Work, the Living Plant: Better Farming Series, no. 1 by May 30, 2016 4634 words Read a sample
This handbook is designed for intermediate level agricultural education and training.
Un-Refusing My Co-worker by Ray Stark Un-Refusing My Co-worker by May 30, 2016 3771 words Read a sample
Annora looked at him again and again and wondered if she wasn’t making a huge mistake. Fine,she knew she wanted to fuck him so bad but with the way he was behaving like it was some big deal. Why couldn’t he just get through his thick skull that all she wanted from him was a good fuck and nothing more.. no emotions..nothing else.
Cougar Con Carne by Wolfen Saunderson Cougar Con Carne by May 29, 2016 711 words Read a sample
Hot damn! Thought I was going to catch at least a bit of a silent break in between all the hell that's currently breaking loose between my old school mates, Karmen and Mixy; along with the rest of my gang, but it seems us living beings on the planet can't have everything we totally want in the current and present life, now can we?
Pandamonium to the Max by Wolfen Saunderson Pandamonium to the Max by May 29, 2016 404 words Read a sample
So I reunited with a little old friend of mine from junior and senior high school who now works in the big leagues; from the bottom on up as one of the FBI's best undercover agents in their new Domestic Terrorism Division whom apparently has quite a few new tricks up her sleeves in order to assist us on the little Nater situation we've been dealing with over a little more than the past few weeks.
A Goddess Returns by Wolfen Saunderson A Goddess Returns by May 29, 2016 356 words Read a sample
Guess who's back in the saddle again? That's right, cubbies. You guessed it, your one and only true goddess of war and wisdom. After taking quite a bit of a little personal hiatus due to losing an awful lot of a few good and key living beings in my life, I finally gave myself a good kick in the ass and decided it was definitely time to stop feeling damn near sorry for myself, and get back to biz.
Breakfast and Dead by Wolfen Saunderson Breakfast and Dead by May 29, 2016 540 words Read a sample
It has now been a little over a day since Frost and I had somewhat of a not so good version of a small slumber party or gathering over at JayJay's spot on Kemp Avenue, and far away as we can possibly get from the sicko, twisted bastard known simply as Nater or even more commonly, "The Unknown".
Resurgam Magazine - May 2016 by Rising Litera Resurgam Magazine - May 2016 by May 29, 2016 0 words Read a sample
The word "Resurgam" lives the same spirit, 'to rise again', no matter what you have gone through and no matter where you have been thrown. It inspires you to stand tall against all odds, in all difficult circumstances and at all point of time.
The Frost Wakeup Call by Wolfen Saunderson The Frost Wakeup Call by May 29, 2016 497 words Read a sample
You all remember that little perverted aardvark that came swaddling like nobody's business right into our territory, and who I ended up having to go a little over the deep end on? Well, turns out my gut feeling about him was telling me absolutely right. He's nothing but the literal definition of a rather misinterpreted quote put over both Mixy and I's heads, "bad news bears".
Fear of the Unknown by Wolfen Saunderson Fear of the Unknown by May 29, 2016 629 words Read a sample
"I know that animals say things ain't always what it seems, but I know this is not a dream. I'm really here with you, and you're here with me."
The Assignment: Part III by Osthanes The Assignment: Part III by May 29, 2016 3902 words Read a sample
The Assignment: Part III, picks up right where part II left us. Come along and find out more about the predicament that Stephen has gotten himself into, and what Brianna has in store for him. In this installment we will also discover a little more about the mysterious Serena. #Erotica, #BDSM, #FemDom, 18+ Only, NSFW
A Graphic Meeting: (Rags To Richard, Book One) (An Alpha Billionaire Romance) by Sue Christensen A Graphic Meeting: (Rags To Richard, Book One) (An Alpha Billionaire Romance) by May 29, 2016 8192 words Read a sample
When Mary's work catches the eye of one of her sexy billionaire clients, things are about to get graphic for this up and coming graphic designer...
Coming Correct by Steven D. Bennett Coming Correct by May 29, 2016 3497 words Read a sample
Ray is pulled into flirtatious conversations with women in the office. Focused only on his coming promotion, he finds himself in some innocent but awkward encounters with a new employee. She sees them as sexual harassment and plans on filing charges. As it could ruin his career, Ray knows he must convince her it was an innocent misunderstanding. But what if she doesn't listen to reason?
The House of Wine and Roses by AM Kirkby The House of Wine and Roses by May 29, 2016 4088 words Read a sample
In a country fast falling into civil war, Ibn Roza tries to maintain a small island of peace and poetry. He balances factions to make civilisation possible. But has he made a precious paradise, or an irrelevant backwater? and more importantly, can he survive? In this short story there are roses and there's blood; there's poetry and there's violence. There may be a few surprises, too.
Seis poemas abandonados en el baño de un museo by Troya Seis poemas abandonados en el baño de un museo by May 29, 2016 132 words Read a sample
Seis poemas abandonados en el baño de un museo.
Christopher Tynard’s Trial by João Victor Christopher Tynard’s Trial by May 29, 2016 2555 words Read a sample
An unusual trial, that´s not upheld before a court, but before bloodthirst beings. A werewolf story.
QUESTIONS - THE BOOK by emeka nwokedi QUESTIONS - THE BOOK by May 29, 2016 5136 words Read a sample
Questions - the book is written to help build and strengthen the foundation of asking questions and also getting the right answers.
A Tribute To Tony Farina by Mario V. Farina A Tribute To Tony Farina by May 29, 2016 504 words Read a sample
This is a tribute to my brother, Tony Farina, who served three years in the U. S. Army in Europe and in the Pacific Area. He was in on the Invasion of Europe and in the battle for Okinawa. He died at age 90 in March, 2015. Not one for talking about himself, I'd like to do a little of it for him.
At The Court Of Charlemagne by Will Tyler At The Court Of Charlemagne by May 29, 2016 19076 words Read a sample
Spring 1966. As the EEC matures, a young investigator is caught between two factions, each determined to impose their will on its future direction. Oskar Lustig must work out who is telling the truth about both the past and the future, and decide where his true loyalties lie.
CISA Exam-Testing Concept-IT Balancecd Score Card by Hemang Doshi CISA Exam-Testing Concept-IT Balancecd Score Card by May 29, 2016 542 words Read a sample
This book details out aspects of IT scorecard as per ISACA's requirement. Specifically written for CISA aspirants. Question, Answer and Explanation are designed as per CISA exam pattern.
Os segredos do triângulo dourado by ELIEL ROVEDER Os segredos do triângulo dourado by May 29, 2016 13606 words Read a sample
O TRIÂNGULO DOURADO é um portal ligando a terra aos céus, aos mundos paralelos. Este portal será aberto no Apocalipse e o homem terá poderes da luz para combater contra os filhos do caos. Hoje a Ordem de Benjamim já opera na terra protegendo estes eleitos contra as forças do caos usando que
Bible Timelines by Felix Immanuel Bible Timelines by May 29, 2016 5172 words Read a sample
A detailed timeline from the Bible beginning from the creation of God until our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ. If we don’t understand the times we are in, we are labeled hypocrites by Christ. The timelines provided in this book consider Scripture to be very accurate and does not refer to any historical references except in unavoidable situations where Scripture is completely silent.
The Golden Lands, Volume 5 by Dominic Sceski The Golden Lands, Volume 5 by May 29, 2016 32374 words Read a sample
Locked in a fight to the death in the subworld of Kiilda, John’s only option is to defeat Kiilda if he ever wants to see his little sister again. Meanwhile, Faith is quickly forming a friendship with Tarsh Landid. But when Castrum Fortress is surrounded by the Brown Bandits, it looks like the only thing that will satisfy them is the former “Ghost of Hedekira”…whether he’s dead or alive!
Dione's War Part 1: End of Order by J.J. Mainor Dione's War Part 1: End of Order by May 29, 2016 28300 words Read a sample
End of Order documents the final hours of the EDF battle carrier Legacy and her crew as a force of disenfranchised Earth expatriates calling themselves the Vandals wage a final assault to implement their Final Solution on the planet it has sworn to protect.
Racconti di periferia by cosimoparisi Racconti di periferia by May 29, 2016 51923 words Read a sample
Mimmo Parisi, in riguardo a questo suo primo libro, “Racconti di periferia”, ha dichiarato: “Mi sono messo a scrivere racconti e mi sono preso una vacanza dalle canzoni, perché quest’ultime, va da se, non hanno lo spazio semantico necessario per realizzare a tutto tondo un tema”. Il volume ha come leitmotiv la quotidianità, le emozioni, la fuga dall’ordinario.