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Swapped & Vengeful

By Nicki Cross

Smashwords Edition

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Copyright 2017 Nicki Cross

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An erotic tale of gender swapping to satisfy a need for revenge, this story contains explicit scenes of a newly changed woman giving into her carnal needs after being switched from a male to a female body by a helpful magician’s assistant. And a vengeful goal quickly turns to lust.

Doug decides to drink his troubles away after being fired by his womanizing boss and runs into a smoking hot magician’s assistant at his favorite bar.

Veronica takes pity on him and works some “swapping good” magic, turning Doug into the gorgeous Veronica so he can take revenge on his sexist boss.

But Dana just might find her female lust too much to take, putting vengeance on the back burner and bringing her need for her first time with a man to the forefront.

Chapter One

I felt as if I’d been punched in the gut and realized that I had really managed to screw myself this time. No more second changes. No more Mr. Nice Guy. My boss had just lowered the boom on me, and everything else was just fallout.

Swallowing hard, I tried to ignore the nervous sweat that was beading at my temples and starting to roll down my back. All I could do was look at Mark, sitting cool and collected in his leather desk chair, and wait until he was done firing me.

Of course, I had always sucked at this job, and had never wanted it in the first place, if I was being honest with myself. But I had become accustomed to eating and having a place to live, so I’d swallowed my pride and signed up as a telemarketer with Stratford Sales Solutions.

When Mark hired me about six months ago, he’d known that I didn’t have any experience selling, but decided to give me a shot due to my “good attitude.” All I’d had to do to impress him was give him my most winning smile and not say anything too stupid during the interview. But apparently good manners and white teeth were no longer enough to keep him happy.

“I don’t know what else to tell you, Doug. Your ability to sell just isn’t up to snuff for our team. I can’t keep someone on that isn’t even coming close to meeting our minimum sales goals,” Mark said as he leaned forward and held out his hand. “Everyone here at Stratford does wish you the best in your next career.”

Numbly, I shook his hand and mumbled a thank you before letting myself out of the opulent office of my former boss. I don’t remember making my way down the hall, into the elevator, and into my car, but the next thing I knew, I was sitting behind the wheel and wondering where the hell I would go from here.

As my mental fog began to clear, my fear and anxiety at being unemployed were replaced by a slowly advancing anger. That damn Mark hadn’t even really given me a chance! No one had come to me and told me they were concerned about my performance, or asked if I might need some help reaching my sales goals.

And I felt certain that I wouldn’t be in the position I was in now if I was a woman. Mark had a habit of hiring gorgeous girls without a brain in their heads, let alone the ability to sell like a pro. He would watch them through the glass walls of his office, and if he felt they needed some help with their “performance,” he would call them in and press a button to close the electric blinds that turned his office into a private haven. Twenty minutes later, they would wander out adjusting their clothes or wiping their mouths.

Fucking Mark! Just because I wasn’t some hot chick willing to give my body over to his perverse pleasures, I was expendable. Not that I should be surprised – women were always catching all of the breaks, from what I’d observed over my twenty-three years of life. This was just one more kick in the balls.

With a sigh, I put my car into gear and headed for my favorite dive bar downtown. Drinking myself into oblivion wouldn’t help me figure out how I was going to pay my bills, but it might just help me forget about my anger and fear for a few hours, and that was all I could really hope for at this point.

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