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A Forbidden Issue


By Hiranya Borah

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It is a taboo to discuss with others about own experience as a victim of physical abuse. If it comes to discuss with his wife, it may be more difficult. But Manish was able to muster courage to discuss his traumatic experiences with his own wife that too on the very first day of their marriage. What was the reaction of his wife?

It is a fictitious story. Any resemblance with the main character with any living or dead person may be a mere coincidence only.

Thanks to my readers and friends and above all my family for their constant support to write something usual and unusual. I love them all.

Thanks to Smashwords for publishing this story book along with my other books.


Chapter I: The First Night

Sunita was very happy to have a husband like Manish. He is extremely intelligent, having an excellent job and above all, he is quite handsome also.

Sunita is also very beautiful, highly educated and from a very good family. Their marriage was an arranged marriage. Sunita met Manish only once before their engagement. Sunita actually did not want to marry for another one or two years as she is the youngest daughter of her parent. But after her meeting with Manish she had changed her mind and agreed to marry Manish at the convenience of their parents and Manish.

Their parents agreed for a quick but elaborate marriage befitting to their financial and social status.

After their marriage, as per their tradition (which is different from many others), both the bride and groom stayed for the first time in a decorated room at Sunita’s parental home.

Sunita was sitting on her bed waiting for Manish to lift her veil. Manish came to the room and sat on the bed near to Sunita. As expected, he did not lift the veil of Sunita for some time. Both were sitting silently for some time.

Then finally Manish broke the silence, ‘Sunita, I do not know, how I shall start the issue! But I must tell these things to you. I do not know how will you react to the core issue?’

Sunita thought, Manish must have a past love life. She wanted only that love life should not have a bearing on their married life. Sunita did not utter any word.

‘You must be thinking, I had a relation with another lady. No I did not have any girl in my life.’ He paused for a moment.

Sunita’s anxiety increased this time. ‘Is Manish a homosexual or he is impotent?’ Her head started rolling.

‘You must be thinking now that, either I am a homosexual or an impotent. Again, I am saying a no.’ He again paused.

This time Sunita could not stop from talking. She removed her veil by herself contrary to her own expectation and told, ‘For God’s sake, tell me what you want to say quickly, otherwise I am going to faint. I do not want any more suspense!’

In the next half an hour Manish told a story, Sunita never thought to hear from her husband on their very first night.

Chapter II: Father Had No Time for Him

Manish was born after his elder sister. He is the only son with three sisters of their parent. He was extremely pampered. His parent wanted to give everything within their reach to him.

From class I, he was provided with a personal home tutor. The first tutor was a saintly person and he thought Manish every good thing of the world. That teacher was the main stay for his career building as his father did not have any time for him. That teacher was sole guide and mentor Manish up to class VIII. But because of his educational qualification, he had to leave Manish at that level itself.

Manish’s father appointed subject-wise home tutors for Manish from Class IX. He hired the teachers from the best school of the locality as his home tutors. At class IX, Manish had to face most traumatic experience of his life at the hands of one of the home tutor.

Manish was to appear a mathematics Olympiad in a different city. Manish and his mathematics teacher were sent together for the Olympiad by his father. They stayed in a good hotel for two nights at his father’s expense.

Those two nights were most traumatic nights of Manish in his entire life. He was physical abused by the mathematics teacher more than once on every night. He was also threatened by that horrible teacher that, if he divulge it to someone he would be killed.

Manish was so much horrified that he could not do well in the Olympiad and could not muster the courage to divulge the horrific incident to anybody in his family including his father.

However, Manish was able to get rid of the mathematics teacher after his return from the city on the ground that he was not a competent teacher to guide him properly in the Olympiad. But he could not get rid of the scar of those dark nights for many years to come.

Chapter III: Friends Are Not Trustworthy

May be due to that trauma, Manish could not do extremely good result in Class X examination. But in class XII examination, he was able to secure a rank in the state level. After that he joined an elite college of the state capital.

He made few friends in the next two years. One day he confided to one of his friends about his dark nights few years back.

After few days, on the pretext of birth day of a friend, Manish was invited to a hotel. After the party, few friends left and a group of friends decided to stay back. Manish was also requested to stay back in the hotel.

That night, his friends betrayed him and he was forced to go through the same orgy few years ago on the night of mathematics Olympiad. His friends did it one by one, ignoring his plea for not doing so. On that night, he was both physically and mentally devastated. He lost faith in any relation. Throughout the night he was crying as his friends were laughing like some demons.

Chapter IV: He Went to His Shell

After that incident, he went to a cocoon. He stopped talking to any of his friends. He did not like to study anymore and he became extremely depressed after that traumatic incident. Luckily for him, a good teacher observed his change of behaviour.

One day the teacher called Manish to his chamber and cajoled him to say what had bothered him. After getting lot of assurances from the fatherly teacher, he narrated his side of the story.

His teacher thought for a while and advised him, ‘Look my son. I understand, it is really traumatic for any boy when a teacher betrays him or he is betrayed by his friends. I cannot change what has happened to you. Only I can say you, concentrate on your study and become a powerful man. Once you will be powerful, none will dare to touch you.’

From that day, Manish slowly got back to his wits and could pass the final examination with flying colours.

In a couple of years later, he was able to crack the Civil Service Examination.

A year back, all those friends came to meet him in his office with folded hands to forgive them. He did not promise anything to them, because he probably cannot forgive them.

He also learnt that his mathematics teacher lost his regular job from the school where he was working while trying to repeat the same thing to another student in the school. This time the student reported the matter to the school authority. Manish lamented, why he could not do that when he was victimized few years ago!

Chapter V: Self Doubt

Manish has developed a self-doubt over the years. Is he a proper male or not. Why males were after them, why those males forced him to play the role of a female in bed? Is he lacking something what an ordinary male is having?

During his college days and afterwards also, many girls wanted to have intimacy with him; but because of his self-doubt he never dared to encourage those girls.

When his parent pressurized him for his marriage, he tried to avoid. But finally he succumbed to the pressure and agreed to meet Sunita.

After talking with Sunita, his inner feeling said him, she would be a good friend of him and would understand him and his mental agony. But his self-doubt remained there; whether he would play the role of husband properly? Or he will satisfy his wife as an able male?

He wanted to discuss all these things before his marriage. But over enthusiastic parents did not allow Manish to meet Sunita before their marriage. Therefore, he decided to share his trauma of those dark nights with Sunita on the very first night.

Chapter VI: Family is the Best Support System

Sunita listened to Manish without uttering a single word till he finished his traumatic story.

When he finished his traumatic experiences, she said, ‘You did a grave mistake by hiding the incident from your family. You should have discussed the matter with your parent when you were victimized for the first time. Family is the best support system for a person. Again you did a mistake by sharing your bad experience with a non-trustworthy friend. However, finally you did the best thing by sharing your darkest nights with me. I am not only your wife, I am going to be your best friend as well. As a friend, I promise you, I shall never let you down in your life. I am also sure, as a male you will satisfy me. I am confident that you will be the best husband a wife would always aspire for. I fell in love with you on the very first day and will love you till my last day. Now forget about the past and start our life with a new beginning from tonight.’

Finishing her statement of wisdom, she embraced her husband, which was reciprocated by her husband with full intensity.

Next morning, Sunita got up from the bed as a fully satisfied wife of a truly male husband!

The author is a Government servant and a man of vivid experiences derived from his official postings across the country, travels across India and numerous visits outside India. He is presently placed at New Delhi.

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