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Visions in America

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Chapter 1: Visions II

About the Author


[Preface to Visions in America]

Visions swirl about as weaves of biblical threads, lifetime tribulations, gleanings of experiences mostly unhappy. The dim reminiscences of the womb, of happier times, of the source of life before conception, of the omnipresence of divine potential subsuming the world of space and time. God is on Zion, on Tara, Sion, Malvern Hill, Ben Nevis, Kilimanjaro, Fuji, all his to rain and thunder upon, to swirl in snow, bathe with sunshine, moonshine, star shine.

The man of faith is never double minded, lest he lose his faith in doubt. The sage is forever double minded, lest he lose his sagacity in delusion and presumption. For who is omniscient but God, that he should be sure of anything but the most fundamental of axioms. And these axioms are lost in the broken webs of thought. Though he know of a certainty that 9 and 7 are 16, by poor penmanship, electrical misfiring, or psychic interference from devils or personal troubles, from fatigue or excitement, it comes out 15 or 17 or some endless chain of error.

The prophet and the sage, the righteous and the wise, the aspirant of either or both, and the wonderings and speculations on what is truth subsume our life.

So some visions came to me, and the thought that they shed some light, definite or speculative on the human travail, and I said that writers write about this and that. Write, writer, write for gain or loss, praise or condemnation. But God says to neither seek the one nor the other. Stand back in the congregation of men. Lest God call thee to the forefront, men are pariahs to truth, to honesty, and prophecy more curse than blessing by that miscreant nature. So bah, bah away while fading over the hill little lamb. And keep your fangs sharp and deadly with poisonous truth should the wolf accost you. For you will not suffer a bruised heel as when the constrictor bites what he cannot strangle the breath of life from, enemy of God, man and truth, but poison will stop your lying, ravenous heart and your brains chill in the cold void of space behind the fresh wind of life. The horsemen of famine, death, war, and plague will fall to earth, the horse wiser than the rider. As Balaam's ass was wiser than the seer, and evil Israel died on the borders of Israel, you do not know your snakes, Mordecai, nor the righteousness of God. Impure miscreant, beware the day of wrath, the day called Impurim Day. The play on words is nothing to God who sees further than Balaam. For you have polluted his word, impure people, and lest he wash you off from his glory, take heed.

[Preface to current work]

Anger and frustration, impatience for the good life, the shadow of fear impinging upon rationality, the usurpation of God's judgment with moral outrage as the excuse, the abandonment of divine aegis for the sake of self-righteousness to no good effect, a desire to be of help to do one's duty, all crowd in about my inflamed psyche. She asks me what we should do in these trying times: “Do, do,” placing my finger to my lips, “why I should do my duty.”

Oh, Mr. Ed, you are a veritable fount of wisdom. I can always rely upon your sage advice and discretion,” she rejoinders. Oh, yes, there is a pun on do and duty. Duty does do what duty demands. Did the anglophone ever note that right, as in the right thing, right way, right ethical action is a homonym of write as in what the writer does? But Herr Hitler extols the voice above all else. For a demagogue, a deceiver, a hypnotist of the tired audience at 8:00 PM, we see his point. But Jesus spoke by voice nor wrote a word. Yes, and was crucified, died and was buried. Resurrected on the third day without any help from his audience, and always citing the written word throughout his ministry. How many saw the miracles of Moses, Elijah and believed and how many read and believed? And which group required more faith, and how many more of the them that read? More converts by word, whether read from the book (simply an audio book before electronics) or by turning pages one by one.

Debates? Mere show biz crap! Catch a malapropism, misstatement, and the argument is supposedly void. Well, it ain't necessarily so. Duelers do not prove justice by the victor's bullet, and debater's skill does not prove truth. The mind in reflection, the arguments carefully laid out, to reveal truth, or error, or outright mendacity hidden by whatever degree of mendacious skill the writer has, these reveal the truth more pointedly to both writer and reader than the swirl of drama that make up the substance of debates. The written word is closer to the eternal word than the spoken word. The rehearsed spoken word is writing by voice. Improvisation is a part of life by necessity of human circumstance but nothing more. If you want to see really bad acting in the acting class, go to the improv class. Basically, improv sucks. The right moment can occur. Often, the actor pulls out from his store of scenes to do even that, making it look spontaneous, though it is not. By all means, let us applaud the great improvisation. It is a wonder. You would be better off sticking to the script, idiot. Ah, Hollywood! A bunch of half assed actors unable to pull off difficult lines, create their own from their store of talents. Even that is edited, and so not improvisation at all, merely the appearance of it. The editor, whether director, and/or producer, or all together, effectively write the script in film or video. What a lot of BS! Writers get no respect in Hollywood.

A few more visions of the imaginary, alphabetical sort germinate from this whole line of emotional turbulence, this swirl of scenarios, this stage vision behind the eye. Back to Table of Content

Chapter 1: Visions II

(Alphabets and our elect lady in seventh heaven, their significance in prophecy, testamentary sequence significance, their numerology, inspire this visionary dissertation on the same. This is a bit difficult. Feel free to jump to the next vision if annoyed.)

Hebrew: 22; Greek: 24; English (Latin): 26. Hebrew: Old Testament; Greek: New Testament; and two thousands years and waiting. Waiting for what?

The numbers after languages refer to the number of letters in their related alphabets. Hebrew and Greek count by letters in letter order for the first digits. The latter letters can jump about to stand for larger numbers. Each letter is also in sequence and has a sequence number, irrespective of its count. Latin used Roman Numerals in a different way (I, V, X, C, D, M.) Three I's made 3 rather than the letter C, that stood for 100, as the letter C was the first letter of the word for 100, M first letter for 1,000.

Aleph (Heb) is to Alpha (Gr) as A is to English. Hebrew has no consonants per se, but Aleph is silent and functionally a stand-in for a vowel as A-leph starts with a vowel and fills in for vowel sounds. The Greeks added vowels, making their language, derived from Canaan (Phoenician, as with Hebrew, apparently), easier for foreigners and native speakers to learn and comprehend. It did make it more wordy. Neither language had spaces between the words or much or any punctuation. The Romans marked off word endings without spacing by marks, a more practical people. This saved on parchment, papyrus and stone for etching.

Ab (Heb. for father) is equal to 3, A=1, B=2 (aleph, bet.) M(a)d (Heb. for mother is equal to 44, M=40, D=4 (mem, vowel (a sound) understood, daleth. YHWH (tetragram for God) equals 26, Y=10, H=5, W=6, H=5 that is 26 (yod, he, vav or waw, he.) This 26 is the English alphabet length. After 10, the Hebrews counted by 10's per letter and then hundreds. They have five letters that have a different appearance at the ends of words and these had numeric value. So Mem at the end of a word and written differently was 600. Hebrew letter: He is invariant and still 5 at the end of YHWH.

The Hebrew alphabet ends with Tav or taw and equivalent to Greek, Tau (19th letter) and English T (20th letter.) This letter is indicative of a cross, like the cross of crucifixion of Jesus. In Phoenician from where it seems the Hebrew alphabet is derived, the letter is an X shape, a type of cross after the fashion of St. Andrew's cross. But Hebrew Tav(t) does not conform to this, erasing the cross form of the letter. In Greek, the monogram for Jesus Christ is Iota Khi in Greek letters. The Greeks have no J sound and substitute Iota (English I) for the J. Khi has the shape of an X but is the K sound in English. Christus in Greek is Messiah in Hebrew. M is the 13th letter in Hebrew, 12th in Greek and 13th in English. The letter X is the 24th letter in English and the 22nd letter in Greek as the (khi, is a k sound: Greek also has Kappa for K but not used in Christus.)

This has meaning according to my visions from above. We see Hebrew end with a cross letter, but not written as such, disguised from the original Canaanite (Phoenician) source letter. The Greeks and Romans carried it over in similar form but made it upright in the capital T shape. This is a type of cross. You have the stake, the T shape and Babylonian shape type of cross like the lower case t. The X shaped cross was also used sometimes for crucifixion it would appear.

The Greek sacred language comes about through the cross of T and the name Christus (X-khi) into the scripture of the New Testament. We have 24 cycles of chorus in the Temple worship at Jerusalem, 24 elders about the throne of God in Revelation. The cube of the Holy of Holies has 6 sides of square sides of 4 points that sum to 24. Six is the totality of creation as in 6 days to make the world, and God the central source of the activity, dwelling amid and throughout his creation. Twenty-four is twice 12. Twelve is the number of months in general with a thirteenth added from time to time. Our modern European calendar compensates for the 13th month internally by 30 and 31 day months. The sidereal month is actually less than 28 days, the month according to visual phases of the moon less than 30 days, and 5.25 days must be added to that. Thirteen months of 28 days adds to 364 days, but still requires intercalculary weeks and/or months to stay in synchronization with the sun.

So by Christian standards, the 22 letters of Hebrew is 2 short of perfection, and the law is inadequate to achieve salvation through that law and works, since original sin makes this impossible. The Old Testament is imperfect by design and also imperfect by execution. It depends upon works to a large extent. Obey the law, and you will live. But they could not obey the law due to the unruly tongue, unruly passions, the temptation of paganism that appeals to licentiousness of sexual behavior, revelry of holidays in excessive feasting and drunkenness, and the fact that pagan gods are easier to understand from the vantage point of human existence than the incomprehensible omnipresence, omniscience, omnipotence of God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

The New Testament is based upon faith, as was the covenant with Abraham, who was accounted righteous by faith, though he was a fairly upright man as well. This does not exclude or preclude the necessity of good works as Calvin, Luther and perhaps Paul supposed. By faith without perfection of character, men can be saved. This is perfect in design to achieve salvation, but has failed in execution due to lack of fidelity to the precepts of Christ. We see this in the two thousand years of frustration that has entailed. Who can be saved whereas all have went off in their own vanity? Did the heavenly father shorten the time sufficiently so that at least some could be saved while here on earth? Jesus said the current generation of his day would see this, no matter what heretics claim to the contrary. But if all fell away, what would be the point, for they failed in execution though the way was perfect to achieve the goal? If Nineveh was spared and the Jews spared, by repentance on the first part, and intercession of Moses on the second part, Christians lost salvation by backsliding in the converse sense. But the day of judgment is in suspension and forgiveness open both to the living and the dead.

The righteous are often ignorant of why they suffer. The faithful vain in their faith, recklessly throwing their lives away in martyrdom, neglecting their earthly duties to procreate and subdue the earth now. Those who do not strive for paradise before the coming of Christ are not worthy of paradise after his coming, though prostration may save them. For example, the repugnant St. Anthony, unhappy in life, searched out martyrdom. Constantine the Great put an end to this. Frustrated, he tormented himself in the desert, wrestling with his sexual lust. In the first place, if you incite others to murder, you are a murderer twice over. You aid and abet murderers, and are culpable of your own murder. This is not Godly behavior.

In the second place, it is better to marry than to burn with vain passion. Anthony would have been better to search out a respectable woman in town of Godly inclination than stoke his lust by denial and torment. He incited his own lust. And the ordinance of God to procreate sanctifies all just sexuality, though not riotous lust that neither seeks harmony between man and woman, nor children. It would have been better for him to masturbate in an imaginary marriage than to provoke and tempt his own weak will. I find this so called saint neither saintly nor commendable for emulation. You can throw in St. Teresa of Avila with him. Imagine bringing your little sister on a stupid quest to incite murder among the infidels to be a martyr, your innocent sister? Not Avila but Teresa the Vile, the Villainess. The chronicles of the saints is generally a rogues gallery of folly, false piety and vileness all around.

Moreover, they were instructed to go off to faraway places to proselytize. Why not suffer in the pursuit of duty? More noble? Walk down the Nile until you reach the infidel, Anthony. Why not to the Cape of Good Hope, or die an honorable death in the pursuit of your own salvation and those of others? Or why not write some inspirational work to redemption rather than some second hand stupid chronicles of your contemptible temptations that your own vile behavior incited?

We note Hebrew begins and ends with consonants (though not really so. The eph sound of aleph makes it a semivowel, semi-consonant.). The consonants start with odd numbers and end on an even count. Greek begins and ends with vowels (alpha and omega.) English begins with a vowel and ends with a consonant on an even number. The English X is really unnecessary as the Z and K sound fill in for it, leaving a 25 letter alphabet. The Romans had no use for the V but was a U sound substitute easy to etch in stone, so 25 letters. But 26 letters is the number of God. Now this is by divine plan. Tau the cross is letter 22 in Hebrew equivalent to and 3 short of letter 22 in Greek, the Trinity number. The Greek Messiah is 22nd letter started, that is with Khi (X) and this is the 24th letter in English. Twenty-four is perfect in worship but 26 perfect in divinity.

We hear about the occult, the Illuminati in conspiracy theories and suggestive events in the news. We see the two l's (ll) looks like the number 11. These people are occult, hidden (therefore in the dark), a mockery of illumination. Jesus informs us that all must be revealed in light of day. But the Gnostic, the witch, the shaman, the pagan, always glory in secret knowledge that flatters their vanity and hides their crimes. The very name of these miscreants is a lie as you might expect. They are fascinated by the number eleven and sums of it we hear. Two and 9, 29. Armistice Day was on 11/11. November 11 is the traditional day to slaughter animals in preparation of winter after the harvest in England. Slaughter them when still fat from the fat time of summer and early autumn. WWI ended a slaughter, but we know was actually a prelude to a greater slaughter of WWII. It was instrumental in causing this the way it ended and the unjust treaty. So it was really an occult day of slaughter disguised as a day of surcease from slaughter. The Kennedy assassination was on 11/22/63. We see 11, the doubling of 11 in 22. These two numbers add to 33, the number of vertebrae in men, the number of 33rd degree masons, the number of purification for boys in Leviticus after the first week of birth prior to circumcision. We note that the digits of 11 add to 2, 22 add to 4 and 63 add to 9 to give 15, the typical Jewish holiday in mid-month, the Passover in particular, the slaughter of the lamb to save the Jews.

Carl Sagan's wife exposed 9/11 (again 11 and 9). We note one of the planes reputedly struck the building on the 29th minute of the hour. Many have exposed this tragedy as an inside job, as it clearly was. Out of fear she shuts up, according to reports of her own words. She manages to die some years later on 11/22/11. Her silence, it seems, was too late to stave off vengeance. You will note a lot of people, celebrities, dying on the 29th day of the month (2+9=11). Many famous people die at 63: FDR, US Grant, Muhammad the Prophet. We note the bloody slaughter manifested in the 63rd chapter of Isaiah, again blood and slaughter. We might suppose the hand of God influencing the division of chapters. An English cleric was largely responsible for this, with some input from others. Imagine Jack Kennedy's bloody demise on 11/22/63. The 11 is day of slaughter, 22 the cross and end letter of Hebrew, 63 the Isaiah chapter of blood. The 63 adds to 9 in digits, subtracts to 3 and multiplies to 18 (three 6's, number of Satan.) Division giving 2 is the Venus number, only female prime number and indicative of the witch, witchcraft and sorcery in this context. Three and 9 are sacred to pagan Pythagoreans who would make numbers their god. If we add up the date with 1963 (11/22/1963 = 2 + 4 + 19 = 25) we get a count of 25. This is half the jubilee year of 50. It is the year of Levites ready for basic service to the Temple with slaughter a major component of worship in animal sacrifice, 30 years of age for the priests to officiate their duties and important positions it would seem. The scripture is not clear on this. Pagans are fascinated by numbers, deeming them divine, as with the Pythagoreans. The Bible also uses numbers, but with different intent and often different meanings from the pagans. These occult forces tweak the nose of the uninitiated by playing numbers games, while God's intent is to really illuminate, first by faith, then by wisdom.

A doubling of a good number is often better. Twenty-five is one more than 24. Adding one more to a good number is good often. Subtracting one is bad, so 23 is not good. Doubling 25 gives 50, a very good number, the jubilee number of freedom from debt. Doubling 24 gives 48, this the number of towns of the Levites, dedicated to praising the Lord. Four plus 8 gives 12. When we add 1 to twelve we get 13, not a bad number. Joseph had 13 children, including Dinah the girl. He split the inheritance of Joseph into his two sons by adoption, giving 13 tribes, the 12 plus Levi.

The spooky 11 has a bad reputation, though all numbers are good in their place. Joseph was split off from his twelve brothers by strife. Nine brothers plotted against him; Benjamin was at home and Reuben tried to save him, but the loss of the brother was a breach in the heart of Jacob and Israel. When Jesus was taken away by virtue, and Judas Iscariot by vice from the 12 apostles, 11 was the remainder. But a doubling of the divine 26 is not good. Why so?

God is the ultimate; there is nothing to surpass him. The plural Elohim refers to the Trinity and Divine Wisdom, as the Godhead is actually a 'quatrinity' (new word to mean fourfold.) Eternal Wisdom must be divine. Male and female made he them, after the image and likeness of God. Three masculine: Father, Son, Holy Spirit, and one feminine: Divine Wisdom as in Proverbs. The Father to the South, man in Ezekiel's vision; the Son to the East (Lion of Judah); The Holy Spirit in the West (Behemoth and power of God, but a peaceful helper (dove) to man when not riled.); and the Eagle to the North (Divine Wisdom, as the farsighted watcher of events.) Ezekiel sees the eagle as masculine, yet eagles look much alike from a distance as to sex, unlike the peacock, chicken and some other birds. So doubling 52 is bad. What does this number entail?

We note the deck of cards and its four suits, gambling, substitute for the Tarot cards in pagan divination. We note the 52 weeks of the year. What is wrong with that? The Sun is the light of pagans rather than the light of God. Ancient Egypt and Ra, Amen-Ra, Aten, Aton. Zeus was the top God, but Apollo as the god of divination was the everyday masculine god most influencing men in Ancient Greece. The 5 is the number of the pentangle; 2 is the one even prime number and the number of Venus (2nd planet), goddess of lust, who forms a pentangle in the sky. The masculine sun sign and the female pagan divinity form a transvestite, hermaphrodite fusion. There is only one prima donna in existence, Divine Wisdom, not slut goddesses, witches and pagan mother earth or earthen fertility goddesses. The source of life is eternal wisdom, not carnal sexuality. The wisdom in carnal knowledge is more apt to productivity than the carnality. The pleasure should lead to wisdom, not voyeuristic identification with whore idols. Also note that the number 11 has a doubling of the first digit that pertains to God. This is somewhat suggestive of the hubris of Satan who aspires to equal and so double God. The number bespeaks of the two male members (phallus) together. Satan ultimately hates women, though his demons deflower them in the spirit and in the flesh in ancient times according to the Bible and many pagan sources as well. It also speaks of the pillars before temples, the entryway to a feminine building and the two labial folds of the vagina. Satan would place himself in the temple to proclaim himself God, needing the outward manifestation of creation to maintain the delusion. God consented to the Temple of Jerusalem because David wanted it. He made Jerusalem the capital because of David. He made David king because the people wanted a king. He never asked for a temple, disapproved of people shunning his kingship for mere men. But God sees into the future and works things out. (To be sure he made David, men and knows the future.) Jesus Christ is God and king though incarnated in human form. The presence of God is everywhere. No temple is found in the New Jerusalem. But we have Ezekiel's temple and Isaiah calling back Levites and priests to conduct worship in end times. This will all be reconciled according to the will of God.

Five is the third odd prime number, while two is the first and only even prime. We count 1 as prime. In order it is the 4th prime, counting 2 in the order. The pagan sees 2 and three for 5 as the union of male and female humanity. But it is held that 1 is the Godhead number and masculine principle. Two is the prima donna of Divine Wisdom, not of women. So 3 is the number of man; 4 is the number of woman, and the union is 7, a holy number distinct from pagan and occult 5. Moreover, access to God is through wisdom (7 spirits of God.) In the end both righteousness and faith fail without wisdom. The Old Testament failed through failure of righteousness; The New Testament failed to date through failure of faith, but wisdom never fails and can bring about both righteousness and faith to perfection. Why is that?

A righteous man is much tormented by his failures and errors, a temptation to steal, fall in with vice to avoid poverty, persecution. Better to join them than be victims of them? He works hard and honestly only to see scoundrels rob him. Faith looks like the opposite of wisdom but is not. We see that the man of faith understands by conviction rather than by knowledge. We suppose wisdom obviates, reduces the need for faith. The wise know that scepticism is folly. Why put limits upon yourself that cannot be proved? Better to leave the door of faith open, even to trust in it when all else fails. A wise man knows God exists. The fool says in his heart that there is no God without any proof or real reason. He might suppose that crime is more bearable lest God be evil for allowing it. Who wants an evil God on his back? Better a lottery world of hit and miss, where we maneuver to take advantage of the odds. Yet the order of the world and absurdity of pantheist idolatry makes this vain, a delusion for a fool. You might as well believe God is good without proof and trust in it. In either case, you aspire to wisdom to divine the way of the world and life.

The jackass says that if God did not exist we must invent him to keep men moral. What rubbish. God has never kept men good. If they want to steal, they claim they are doing God's work, the same for murder or any other vice. Or lust overwhelms them and they sin besides. No, we would invent God to aspire to God. We aspire to perfect wisdom, a priceless jewel to obtain all things: power, health, happiness. We would aspire to his omnipotence, the co-regent with omniscience. Why be weak when power beckons? We would aspire to God's perfection. This is pleasing to the mind, admirable to others. This is plain enough, and people such as Voltaire are blind fools to suppose religion makes men just through fear. What a joke, this ruthless critic of biblical religion and of the vices he claimed stem from it, and so claiming we, not God, make ourselves just. We need God to make us breathe, turn the heavens, run the world, for we are too stupid to do it ourselves, this besides the omnipotence, omniscience and moral perfection applicable to the Almighty.

Now 52 adds to 7 by digits, multiplies to 10, subtracts to 3 and divides to 2.5. Only the 2.5 bespeaks of goodness. Yes, the 7 spirits of God and the 10 commandments, 10 fingers of the human hand to do our many works. But the evil beasts of apocalyptic alarm have 7 heads, 10 crowns. the sum of them is 17, a sacred number to sun worshiping Egyptians. Seven is the 7 portals of the head: 2 ears, 2 nostrils, 2 eyes, the tongue that lead us into sensual temptation. Our 10 fingers lead to the vanity of works without faith and righteousness. In this way they are carnal, not sacred. Seven times 10 is the 70 nations of unrighteous humanity. The Sanhedrin of 70 murdered Christ plus the 71st high priest, devoid of the prophet in place of Moses, the Messiah who was 72, a good number. We have 70 main joints, linked to the backbone and neck, make joints 71 and 72, when these body parts are seen acting as units. The 2 jaw joints are as the voice of God in the Godhead. The spiritual joint that links God to man by spirit is the 75th joint and why this number is sacred. Its reverse, 57 is a bad number.

The tongue is an unruly organ in man, hard to control. The baby uses the tongue to feel for the milk of life and is an eighth element of the head for knowledge. The grownup uses the tongue to speak and gather sensory information by inquiry or manipulation of others. Originally, there must have been 8 archangels, Satan fallen. He will likely be replaced at some point as Judas Iscariot was replaced. As he usurped Adam, perhaps God will appoint a man to his place to teach him a lesson. Paul advises us that at some point even the angels will be subject to men when men are glorified. Righteous angels will not be jealous of this. The first is last and the last first, and it works both ways to the pure of heart without malice. God knows best, and why rile him up with resentment besides?

Now we have the Jews angering God throughout history with their presumption and arrogance. We have the Arab Ishmaelite religion of Islam presuming to close out God's word to man. Now God will no longer speak to the sons of Eber. Truly, Japheth will dwell in the tents of Shem (progenitor of Eber, sire of Arabs & Jews.) Now we have this empire, now occult, striving to control the world, its crown, its queen who claims to rule England and the like. Who is queen but Divine Wisdom, king but God of men everywhere. No man is worthy to be overweening spiritual father or mother but God. And the nations are but bits of Ancient Babel in the time of Nimrod. The pieces are no better than the whole. The human family is the only organic institution ordained by heaven. Nations are land business enterprises. If love there be for thy neighbor, that neighbor is also abroad as at home. Brotherhood without God is criminal conspiracy against God and man and always has been. We have a provenance of sovereignty that is manifest and so from God. The individual has his provenance due to his possession of his own body by evident truth. He always acts on this however he or others delude themselves to the contrary. If he sells his soul to Satan and men, it is on his own provenance. If they enslave him, his soul rankles with resentment. The village has provenance over its affairs, their province over its affairs, the nation over its affairs. If the river spans provinces, the consideration of others limits provenance. If no agreement is forthcoming, the matter goes to the supreme higher authority over the provinces.

But Satan would centralize power in one place with his evil cohorts of wicked men and demons to conspire to evil. The center breaks apart into chaos. The chaos is used to justify centralization again in a boom/bust nightmare. This is what the Big Bang is about, the politics of Satan written in the stars, a lie in heaven and on earth. God detests this. Sensible and righteous men should detest it as well. See this boom/bust nightmare in the history of China, the Roman Empire and elsewhere. Now provenance means origin and ownership, so our place and origin determines the limits of our sovereignty. There is no absolute sovereignty over men but by God. Why? Because his wisdom and power over men is eternal. You can never grow up though you must aspire to wisdom and ability by divine decree to be righteous. How can little children boss their parents around? What liberty is this? That of a fool and knave seeking to enslave the people by lies. If God wills it, no one can subvert it other than their own bad conscience wishing to do evil, that freedom that is part of their divine image. Do you wish a laurel of hell fire and eternal victory in the slavery of hell? Better to lose to God and be free and happy. Satan will serve in hell, not rule, and you will too, jackass. Jesus lord of hell, and his angels keep guard.

This is all confusing and seems arbitrary and silly to those who have not studied the matters.

End of Vision 10 (First book had 9 visions)

(The words of Isaac, son of Abraham, father of Jacob ringing in the author's ears.)

Will Jacob swallow up the wealth of the world, lie down with the witch, the daughters and children of perdition? Are you indeed my son? Subtle Jacob plays the part with outward ruses, outward attire. His children are the outward attire of the better actor, the greater impersonator. He wears them as performers wear their costumes. Children of perdition you were called by the Lion of Judah, and children of perdition you are. You are worse than you were in that time of strife. You revel in darkness and lies, think yourself clever. All are your slaves and have no claim to justice. You are slaves of each other and slaves to your evil lusts. You are not men, but devils. Satan has sired you in the spirit, for the flesh matters little. I do not know you; I disown you.

You walk the ways of Babylon and Egypt of old. You have returned to the filth that Abram left. You revel in the wealth of Egypt. You leave your station as Satan left his station, as Solomon left his station. Your leaders molest and murder children. They are heartless inhuman beasts. They care nothing for you, less for their own integrity. Balaam's vision hovers over you; your cousin Ishmael is a reproach to Abraham, and you to me and Abraham both.

As Solomon dallied with the gentile witch and her sorcery, as Samson with Delilah, breaking his vows in drunkenness and fornication, so you drink in drunkenness the cup of that great whore Babylon, ride demon breath throughout the world, wheeling as vultures over the misery of men, plotting iniquity, confident in your alliances with the children of Satan.

I cannot say that I ever truly admired you. Was it venison or noble bearing that gave Esau his character? You are astute but dishonest. Your dishonesty annuls your wiles in God's eyes. All people detest you. Your lying mouthpieces and gentile confederates in evil cannot hide it. You do not judge impartially as Moses instructed. You make claim to status you are not given. You distort the word of God. Now Isaiah told you bluntly that Messiah was God. Your fathers rejected God as king in times past. You stoked his anger and your own lust and cowardice. He is too clever for you. He remains your king not by right of David but his right, king of kings, lord of lord.

Will you sing in the chorus of God, minister at his table, Levites and priests in a peaceable kingdom? You had best be thankful a laurel of hell fire is not your reward. Jacob defeated the angel of the Lord and God's intent. You spat in God's face and subverted his word a second time. Such is your victory. Win a third victory, as all who choose hell over salvation win a victory over God's intent, and it will be your last victory. Now, you are ruled over by traitors in the Sanhedrin of perdition. The people elect neither leaders nor legislators. You have factions. There is no prince. You await the Prince of Darkness. Is not Heaven ruled by one? Your oligarchy is spitting in the face of God. You claim it is the people's will. The people rule nothing, choose nothing, other than stupid folly and resignation. Their cowardice is an offense to God. Their stupidity an offense to Wisdom in consort with the Almighty.

Who can save humanity? It is the sword and bow of your brother Esau that saves and nourishes men. You only rob and despoil. You cannot love neighbor or God? Very well, do as you are told and subdue the earth. Hunt out its treasures, tame it for bounty and restrain your greed for gold and the despoliation of all for its sake, the world left a harsher wilderness than you found it. You do not do your duty. Your brother Esau does his. If you do not clear out of his way, stop your theft and despoliation of the earth, he will turn on you with his sword and kill you. He who kills by the sword will live by the sword, when the sword obeys God's will. Then my prophecy will come true. Esau will throw off Jacob's authority. Yet, you have no authority, for God is king, not David. The flesh is nothing. The breath of God is what makes the man, glorifies the man, ennobles the man. The witches of Edom are dead. I did wrong not to get him a wife. I suppose it would not have made a difference but should have tried. His mother had her plans, and these were not mine.

Once God made man and populated the earth. Twice, from one man's loins he populated it again. A third time, he chose Abram to be a father of nations, true sons of God. Three failures. Once he told man to increase and subdue the earth. Twice he told man to increase and replenish the earth, lord over its animals and resources. Will you not at least do this? Put away your lust and greed. Why exalt the earth and its wealth over its creator? Satan would make the world God that he who was created with the world would also be God. Lies in conflation of things unseemly confound the mind of children and men.

The end of the vision of Isaac's lament.

End of Vision 11

(Wisdom passes a message of what she heard from the Almighty.)

A cry has come to my ear, a cry from men lamenting their miseries, their desolation, their pangs of war, of death, of disease, the unfairness of life. They blame me. Three times I started anew to raise just children upon the face of the earth. Twice I told you to rule over the world given you. You chose self-deception, to heed created things over the creator.

You lament your afflictions, your aches, diseases, bickering, and curse me or call out to me. Why did you not do what you were told? Rule the flesh, the land, the animals. Obey my word and live. You fall down and worship your own face, call the earth mother and father. You honor the book over the author. You use the book to refute, dispute with the author.

I tell you a third time, and I will not tell you again. Rule! I am sick of you. Woman, they will not heed threats of fire. They will not repent. I turn my back upon the face of men. See to this. Show them your cold disdain. If fire will not do, perhaps the chill of death upon their necks will turn their eyes to the front and center, to march down the road of life, that goes one way to righteousness and wisdom. But give them one last warning, for the sake of the cross, the chill caress of death as your glory passes by. Do this for me.

End of Vision 12

(Wisdom seated upon a throne, an eagle perched above on her left, a tiger lying to the right, gives counsel.)

WISDOM: I have been given a charge, a charge concerning the affairs of men. We see things do not go well. Righteousness wallows in ignorance. Faith is consumed in conceit and doubt. The cock crows and no one awakens, no one gathers to the work of God. Perhaps the hen will succeed where the rooster failed. Jerusalem, Jerusalem, how he yearned to cover you. Well, that is a hen's job.

Ice, ice, like the crystalline glass before the throne of God. The chill of death! Well, we shall not have need of Michael's fiery sword. Come, Angel of Death. Your mistress has need of you.

(The Angel of Death appears before the throne and snaps to attention.)

ANGEL: Your orders, ma'am?

WISDOM: I have been given a charge with respect to mankind. These wretches will not do their duty though much glory and credit to gain thereby. As they are hellbent for death, yet still hot with passion, I will settle affairs as required. Their leaders are knaves, brawlers to no purpose, lovers of vainglory to no purpose, haters of truth. The rank and file leave much to be desired. The tares of the field are many, the corn far too few and choked by the weeds. Let us try the chill of death, and let us make a list, a hit list, the book of death. Therefore, go down and about to verify the cry that has come up to us, as the cry of Sodom and Gomorrah in former times. The blind were blinded, refusing light, given hell fire as light and death as comfort. Take your legions and go down and about. See who is remiss in their duties, who subverts justice, robs, murders, betrays, rapes. Take down their names, but as a mercy to past efforts, see to it that as you pass by, the cold draft of the grave runs down their napes to their very spine tails. Leave a premonition of your coming and going. Let us see what ice may do to make men just.

ANGEL: By your leave, madame. Is there anything else?

WISDOM: I wonder what wisdom is to be found in heaven, among the sons of God. The harvest is near, the harvesters supplied from above, the corn is choked and grains far too few. Is there nothing we can do about these tares, the sorry state of the harvest? What can you do, sir?

ANGEL: At the time of execution, should the warnings fail, I will send my swordsmen and spearmen with icy steel to touch the heads of each tare, freezing its stalk to the very roots, so that nothing grows back, but fodder for the worms and creatures of the soil, and will make a rich cornucopia for the withered corn of the field. When harvest comes, so rich a harvest, fattened by the tares, will give my lady more pleasure. As in the days of Moses, death will give up its wealth to the Lord's people to their profit, though that profit was much squandered over the ages.

WISDOM: Very well. See to it. Look, the earth is filled with spies sabotaging and plotting intrigue. Let us spy on the spies and uncover their intrigues. Where righteousness fails and faith fails, we will plant wisdom that never fails. No, the wise man never fails from wisdom obtained but by wisdom lacking. This lady is not for crossing but to cross out those who offend me. Babylon and the witch, their circles, nature worshiping nonsense, the nations all pooling their flesh together rather than their wits. Mother Earth, fatherland. We shall teach them who their mother is and father. The world grows through wisdom and not through carnal orgies. They love the carnal, ape it, but care nothing for the knowledge, the knowledge that comes from above. A union without me is an intrigue in the waiting, a divorce, a murder, a generation of vipers fit only to bring down the wrath of God upon the earth. Yes, let us show them who their mother, their queen is, in England, in Japan and throughout the world.

I am the Lioness of Judah. There is no church but that church built upon the foundation stones by me. The lion roars and the lioness remains silent to make the kill. She feeds her pride. We reconcile all things. The tiger is my pet. He walks alone in silence or in wrath. The creator creates with me. We are one.

End of Vision 13

(“Serpent reasonings us entice of good and evil, virtue and vice.” - W. Blake. Wisdom opines on the horned dilemma of knowledge and wisdom, of her detractors.)

The horned dilemma of wisdom is certainty and ignorance, not doubt. What we do not know we certainly do not know and that is certain. Faith when in full force and honesty, walks in certainty that God has traced out with his steps in eternity. Wisdom is about knowledge and the place of that knowledge in the infinite expanse. We wonder if all the determinants of the question are in hand. We wonder if yesterday's work is suitable for success today. We want to do the right thing. We should want to do the right thing in both senses of right in the English language. For even an intellectual mistake that leads to a bad end can be an immoral vice through criminal negligence. The doctor who drank and cheated his way through training for a worthless diploma is culpable for his ignorance and those who suffer under his hand. One horn of the bull is a moral question. The other horn is a truth of the matter question.

The prudent man does not wish to be gored. Mistakes must be honest and justifiable or are vices and torts. Things come in pairs. If there is a left, then right, if wrong, then right. If up, down, hot, cold. Wisdom is a Behemoth of power that clears that path for men, opens the river of life to sojourners. He is under God's power and is dangerous, deadly when crossed. Do not wave the red cape at him. It will waste your time. You cannot kill him, and why should you wish to, fool? Your cape will not protect, makes you a knave not a hero.

Reason and imagination both see beyond the horizon. These horns should work together to defend the man from dangers high and low, Harmonize them; do not criticize them as enemies of this life or that.

If you are not certain, suspend judgment. Wait for conviction to decide when all else fails. You cannot prove faith, test faith. You can prove knowledge and wisdom and action. Action proves nothing of faith. The sceptic will sneer about smoke and mirrors, lucky chance, secret technology. What does the man saved by faith care? Nothing.

You shout curses to God to the heavens for your woes. You will not bow lest you see your reflection in the mirror of divine wisdom before the throne of God. It shows you up, exposes your wiles. You call God ignorant though you know nothing about it. You create circles within circles within circles, hierarchies of some perfect God who seems not to care about men's miseries, yet you blame the creator, this stupid sot. Why does this perfect sublimity not put him in hell, cure your woes? Your circles are fraud. You are murderers at heart, exploiters of children, rapists and vile while hiding it all. Circles of delusion, cycles of nihilism to trick men into enduring misery by condemning misery. You bury your head in the ground, that circle of self-deceit.

We see men go down to the pit in their hypocrisy, vanity refusing truth at the very point of death. I am right and God is wrong. I will not admit to men or myself to any error, pushing upwelling doubts back down into the dying heart. Sing praises to folly, the folly of yourself. No, Eden was in England, Adam there, or Missouri or whatever my fancy dictates. It is all proven in the Bible, between the lines. We're number one; I'm number one is what you mean. Faith is a cloak for lies, indignation a justification for fraud, wisdom self-deception. Do you see the author in this? Make sure you have not projected your own faults there. The author would be well advised to consider your condemnation. But you admit that mind set, at any rate, applying to me, I suppose. Or do you take me prophet on faith, the very voice of God?

End of Vision 14

(The prophet and the sage, wisdom and faith compared, imagination and telepathy, and can the dreamer plumb the depths of his soul to know the difference? And is there a difference? Wisdom would have you confess to your belief of a source from one or the other. And your belief, is it faith? Or is it opinion? If opinion, are you certain it is an opinion? If so, then surely cannot be certainty of facts, so it is faith even as an opinion. Yet do you know your own mind? Maybe? You think what you think? Well that is proof enough we all suppose. But really just proof of awareness of thought. Thoughts fly in and out of mind. Why claim all or even some thoughts as your own? You can say you are certain that you are uncertain, to be sure. What does imagination say, the drop in the ocean of vision, truth, and what says Divine Wisdom?)

WISDOM: Our presence spans existence, our knowledge is its sum. Even the knowledge of men and angels, we know it all. We know it more than they know of it themselves. We plummet the depths that neither man nor angels attain. If your heavenly Father speaks to you as a man speaks to a man, or sends an angel as messenger, how is it discerned? The world of senses is imaged, imagined in your psyche. It may be distorted, misperceived. The thing seen is not the image of what is seen. And without the image, the sound, the touch, the smell, what are you aware of? You may say, feelings, some ideas of the inner world of imagination, seeing without eyes, hearing without ears.

Some fool supposes, nay, the thing seen and the thing is one. It is all in our head, so to speak, our psyche. Well, is one idea not distinct from another? Or what are you seeing, sensing? And your awareness goes from one to another, and your eyes and ears, nose and tongue are distinct. And taste comes from object, sight from thing seen. So your awareness is distinct from things perceived. And the senses normally seen through or with are distinct. What is mind but awareness? Ideas come and go but not awareness. Or do you suppose that a knock on the head ends awareness? Did you die and come back to life, your soul flee, or confound yourselves with nonsense that inanimate particles are aware though clearly not so. Or do atoms have little souls that blend into your one big soul like the atoms bind together? The atom as object and the awareness supposed in it are not one, but two? You suppose a knock on the head producing amnesia is not consciousness? Nonsense, all men forget. Some men forget what happened two seconds before. It is then unknown to them. Your knock on the head proves nothing other than your contemptible imposition of your detestable superstitions upon yourselves and other men. You cannot prove, so you lie. All the evidence otherwise is against you, and you deny that. Your religion will not allow it, all the while condemning religion, faith and the immaterial aspects of reality.

You call the body evil or a misfortune, or at best a passing fancy, supposing a stupid and evil God forced you into it. Well, remove the aches and pains, the poverty and violence, and watch the 'matter is evil' supposition go up in smoke. And it should, for it is nonsense and evil itself. Who is trying to trick you out of your body? Is it not bad enough that it decays on its own? Why not wish for the decay to end as a sensible man? Oh, no, that is supposed to be foolish. Our sinful nature perhaps caused our body. Job, the righteous one, suffered more than the villains who afflicted him in mortal life. You have no proof of prior life. You are possessed of demons who deceive you. You were not reborn to suffer, but rather born to learn. Why not learn? What good is righteousness to a fool surrounded by scoundrels? He will be afflicted. You must be both wise and righteous. Birth is not a criminal conviction. It is a sad day in a sad world, so why do so many celebrate it? Job was in the right on this matter.

But you were born, so move along the straight and narrow road of time and life to better things. Forget the blood of your earthly mother, the sins and flaws of your carnal father, and leap and bound forward to a heavenly mother of pure wisdom and an incorruptible father. This is the way of Christ. But you are perverse, controlled by your lust, and your lust places you under the control of demons, liars, even the father of lies, Satan.

MAN: How I detest them. Woe, that I have deviated from the purity of the doctrine of the faith. My mother and father afflicted me. I let my judgment be clouded with drink. I dabbled in promiscuous sex a little, and my life is fourfold torment that I long to slip off as one slips off filthy rags. A heavenly Father and Mother, pure water of life for comfort, or that wine with a touch of alcohol mixed with water, as the wine that Christ drank, and bid us drink in sobriety and hope of joy. No more of the Whore's brew of drowning one's sorrow, titillating the senses. Would to God that a virtuous woman existed for me. Satan usurped us. Should we not all put in for his vacant job in heaven, and of his fallen brethren as well? If they also be sons of God, are the wives discrete and still virtuous, leaving journeys and wars to the sons of God, they to their own tasks? Are these angelas abandoned? He seduced lustful women. Should we propose to virtuous daughters of God as a reprieve, an eye for and eye, a poetic justice?

WISDOM: Male and female created he them, in the image and likeness created he man. There is no marriage in heaven, there being no need of it. The one is conjugate to the other, but if the other fall, or both fall, we shall redeem the other in the first case, and consign both to perdition in the second case. Trust in God. He will not leave you divided forever. Lessons must be taught. There is wisdom between the eyes of lovers, and wisdom in the pool's reflection, the mirror, the longing search through the spyglass. Hope never fails. It is pointless to lose faith. Love and reason both bid push onward. You have nothing to gain by quitting and very much to lose.

Now, years gone by, the fish was symbol of Jesus Christ, Son of God. I show you a new sign from the Greek monogram: Iota Khi. Iota (I) like the middle finger, two fingers crossed into Khi (X). Bid the world to fuck off with two swords as it were and cross them in the name of Christ. These are the initials of Jesus Christ. You may tell them, I inspired you to do this. I know how long you wished to be parted from your tormentors. What fool wants their applause, their subjugation? Better to be rid of them, food of your own, peace of your own.

All ideas are contained in me, this containment a material analogy to the world of spirit where limits do not exist as such, other than the defined parameters of the ideas themselves. And the imagination of men is so contained in me. No, men are not God, nor part of God. The infinite is not composed of parts. But as ideas themselves are distinct and complex, we have power to place eternal presence into mortal form of transient lives. And all that is, is eternal, save the passage of events and time that are by definition temporal. The psyche of man lives in eternity with me. My spirit animates them into souls, the soul particular to the man, but united to the spirit that engenders it, that spirit pertaining only to God, but borrowed by men and angels. Between the finite world of space and time and the infinite indivisible world of spirit, lies the interface, the twilight world of mind, even God's mind, for God knows matter as surely as men. He knows the bounds of ideas that make the ideas definite. He knows the labels of words attached to immaterial, indefinable attributes: justice, beauty and the like.

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