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Visions in America II

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Visions in America

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Table of Contents

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Chapter 1: Visions II

About the Author


[Preface to Visions in America]

Visions swirl about as weaves of biblical threads, lifetime tribulations, gleanings of experiences mostly unhappy. The dim reminiscences of the womb, of happier times, of the source of life before conception, of the omnipresence of divine potential subsuming the world of space and time. God is on Zion, on Tara, Sion, Malvern Hill, Ben Nevis, Kilimanjaro, Fuji, all his to rain and thunder upon, to swirl in snow, bathe with sunshine, moonshine, star shine.

The man of faith is never double minded, lest he lose his faith in doubt. The sage is forever double minded, lest he lose his sagacity in delusion and presumption. For who is omniscient but God, that he should be sure of anything but the most fundamental of axioms. And these axioms are lost in the broken webs of thought. Though he know of a certainty that 9 and 7 are 16, by poor penmanship, electrical misfiring, or psychic interference from devils or personal troubles, from fatigue or excitement, it comes out 15 or 17 or some endless chain of error.

The prophet and the sage, the righteous and the wise, the aspirant of either or both, and the wonderings and speculations on what is truth subsume our life.

So some visions came to me, and the thought that they shed some light, definite or speculative on the human travail, and I said that writers write about this and that. Write, writer, write for gain or loss, praise or condemnation. But God says to neither seek the one nor the other. Stand back in the congregation of men. Lest God call thee to the forefront, men are pariahs to truth, to honesty, and prophecy more curse than blessing by that miscreant nature. So bah, bah away while fading over the hill little lamb. And keep your fangs sharp and deadly with poisonous truth should the wolf accost you. For you will not suffer a bruised heel as when the constrictor bites what he cannot strangle the breath of life from, enemy of God, man and truth, but poison will stop your lying, ravenous heart and your brains chill in the cold void of space behind the fresh wind of life. The horsemen of famine, death, war, and plague will fall to earth, the horse wiser than the rider. As Balaam's ass was wiser than the seer, and evil Israel died on the borders of Israel, you do not know your snakes, Mordecai, nor the righteousness of God. Impure miscreant, beware the day of wrath, the day called Impurim Day. The play on words is nothing to God who sees further than Balaam. For you have polluted his word, impure people, and lest he wash you off from his glory, take heed.

[Preface to current work]

Anger and frustration, impatience for the good life, the shadow of fear impinging upon rationality, the usurpation of God's judgment with moral outrage as the excuse, the abandonment of divine aegis for the sake of self-righteousness to no good effect, a desire to be of help to do one's duty, all crowd in about my inflamed psyche. She asks me what we should do in these trying times: “Do, do,” placing my finger to my lips, “why I should do my duty.”

Oh, Mr. Ed, you are a veritable fount of wisdom. I can always rely upon your sage advice and discretion,” she rejoinders. Oh, yes, there is a pun on do and duty. Duty does do what duty demands. Did the anglophone ever note that right, as in the right thing, right way, right ethical action is a homonym of write as in what the writer does? But Herr Hitler extols the voice above all else. For a demagogue, a deceiver, a hypnotist of the tired audience at 8:00 PM, we see his point. But Jesus spoke by voice nor wrote a word. Yes, and was crucified, died and was buried. Resurrected on the third day without any help from his audience, and always citing the written word throughout his ministry. How many saw the miracles of Moses, Elijah and believed and how many read and believed? And which group required more faith, and how many more of the them that read? More converts by word, whether read from the book (simply an audio book before electronics) or by turning pages one by one.

Debates? Mere show biz crap! Catch a malapropism, misstatement, and the argument is supposedly void. Well, it ain't necessarily so. Duelers do not prove justice by the victor's bullet, and debater's skill does not prove truth. The mind in reflection, the arguments carefully laid out, to reveal truth, or error, or outright mendacity hidden by whatever degree of mendacious skill the writer has, these reveal the truth more pointedly to both writer and reader than the swirl of drama that make up the substance of debates. The written word is closer to the eternal word than the spoken word. The rehearsed spoken word is writing by voice. Improvisation is a part of life by necessity of human circumstance but nothing more. If you want to see really bad acting in the acting class, go to the improv class. Basically, improv sucks. The right moment can occur. Often, the actor pulls out from his store of scenes to do even that, making it look spontaneous, though it is not. By all means, let us applaud the great improvisation. It is a wonder. You would be better off sticking to the script, idiot. Ah, Hollywood! A bunch of half assed actors unable to pull off difficult lines, create their own from their store of talents. Even that is edited, and so not improvisation at all, merely the appearance of it. The editor, whether director, and/or producer, or all together, effectively write the script in film or video. What a lot of BS! Writers get no respect in Hollywood.

A few more visions of the imaginary, alphabetical sort germinate from this whole line of emotional turbulence, this swirl of scenarios, this stage vision behind the eye. Back to Table of Content

Chapter 1: Visions II

(Alphabets and our elect lady in seventh heaven, their significance in prophecy, testamentary sequence significance, their numerology, inspire this visionary dissertation on the same. This is a bit difficult. Feel free to jump to the next vision if annoyed.)

Hebrew: 22; Greek: 24; English (Latin): 26. Hebrew: Old Testament; Greek: New Testament; and two thousands years and waiting. Waiting for what?

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