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Extenuating Circumstance

Multiple Personalities

By Candace Mia

Copyright 2017 Candace Mia

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Multiple Personalities

“What are you doing, Blake? How dare you spy on me when I’m in the shower.”

“I am not Blake. I’m Thane. Blake is underneath.”

“You don’t sound like Blake. His voice in nerdy and meager. You sound almost robotic.”

“Yes. I come out to get the things he needs. I’m in control now.”

“Oh. I think I’ve heard of this. Wow. Does Blake have multiple personality disorder?”

“Yes. He does. But you must not tell anyone, or I won’t let him come out anymore.”

“That’s terrible. Don’t you dare trap him?”

“What will you do to save your nephew?”

“He’s technically just my nephew by marriage. But I’d still do anything to save him. Just tell me what you want, you evil personality.”

“I like things very clean. I want to wash you . . .”

“Well. I shouldn’t. I mean, I am a married woman, but I guess it’s for a good cause and Blake is of age, so it’s not illegal. Okay. What do you want to wash first?”

“I would like to wash your enormous breasts.”

“Well, okay. There’s a puff and some soap there.”

“That will do fine. But I’m just going to use the soap.”

“Why not the puff?”

“I can soap them more thoroughly using Blake’s hands.”

“Oh. I see. Well, let me push them out for you.”

“Wow. These are very nice. Are they real?”

“Yup. All natural. Kept up with good diet and exercise. It’s so weird that Blake’s uncle doesn’t know about his disorder.”

“No one does. You must keep it that way.”

“I will. I don’t want you to trap him. I guess that’s why you waited until his uncle was out of town to reveal yourself to me.”

“Yes. That is why. Your nipples have become hard.”

“Well, it’s not that I like having a younger guy rub them or anything. It’s just that I know I’m doing a good thing. In a way, I’m healing him. I mean, I know it’s just a temporary fix, but at least you’ll set him free because of what I’ve done.”

“That is true.”

“Wow. You really must want my boobs to be clean. You’ve covered them with soap and now you’re really rubbing it in.”

“I told you. I like clean. And your tits are so very nice that I want to make sure they’re extra clean.”

“I guess that makes since.”

“I noticed that your pussy is bald.”

“Yes. Blake’s uncle likes it that way.”

“I also enjoy it.”

“Well. Thanks, I guess. I still think you’re a jerk for holding Blake hostage, though.”

“It doesn’t matter what your think. I am going to take off my clothes now so I can also get wet.”


“You will see. Now cooperate if you ever want me to let Blake out again.”

“Fine . . .”

“Good. Now I would like for you to wash Blake’s penis.”

“Well. Okay. It’s nice and hard so I guess I got a good surface to rub the puff over.”

“No. Use your hand. It will get it cleaner.”

“Well. Okay. How’s that?”

“That feels good. I mean, you’re doing a good job of getting his penis clean.”

“Okay. I’ll make sure I get his balls too.”

“Yes. Oh yes.”

“All right, you can rinse it off now.”

“Okay. There. But it’s still not clean.”

“What do you mean?”

“It will get the cleanest in your mouth.”

“That’s not true.”

“I know things you don’t. I’m a smart personality.”

“Well. Okay. I’ll get down on the shower floor hear.”

“Mmmmm . . . There you go. That’s getting it nice and clean. The high temperature of your mouth is helping, so is the vigorous way you use your tongue. Now Blake will ejaculate. Make sure you swallow it so the dirty stuff inside of him is exposed in the cleansing acids of your stomach. There you go.”

“There. Now can Blake come back?”

“Aunt Grace?”

“It’s okay, baby. Just get dressed and go back to your room.”

Author Bio

Candace Mia lives on a farm in the Midwest. She spends her days taking care of animals and tending fields. At night, she likes to curl up with a good erotica tale. She has recently decided to try her hand at writing stories of her own. She hopes that you enjoy the products of her wandering mind.

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