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Present day and place

Year 3060

Day 79th


6th hour (early eve)

Kingdom of the Wind

Home of Marquee Jennessee and Marquise Fallacious

First royal princess Ovilla, second royal prince Exmore

and dead third royal princess Sedottie

Forest landscape with colorful flowers and pink leaves

Moonlight with bright stars and cool temperatures

Strawn continued to wear the girly Pamburg dress in a separate short silk blouse of green, aqua blue, and pink, a longer blouse of light green, maroon, and peach colors over the short silk blouse with a set of headdress of beautiful scarves in yellow, black, and purple that fit around the amber colored hair roots with a long scarf of gold and brown around the waistline and stomped down the last step of the yellow colored plant-covered staircase, coming down from the previous visited tree house while looking for the surviving Princess Teath with a sour frown and halted in place over the dried pink leaves with a gasp, seeing the roaming group of dancers. It was a different set of young and pretty semi-naked dancers that had been seen and moved beside both Strawn and Cumberrun all day long. Now, it was nighttime with the moonlight and the bright stars underneath the overstory trees. The air was filled with soft and hard musical songs where all the dancers danced and performed for the eating and drinking natives also. However, the entire day had passed without a sign or a clue or a hint of the location of Princess Teath from the Pamburg Kingdom.

Cumberrun was a head taller than his brotherly prince Strawn with a matching tone of amber skin, a pair of matching amber eyeballs and continued to wear the short sleeved blouse of red, golden, black, yellow colors, a longer jacket of pink, orange, green, and blue, a set of hair scarves of purple, silver, peach and white that wrapped around the shoulder length amber curls, marching down the same staircase and slammed into the back spine of Strawn for fun with a smile, staring at each passing female with a whisper into the eardrum of his brother. “Wow! All the half-naked girls here are beautiful babes. Blonde hair. Long legs. Long hands. Long necks…”

“We really need a set of colorful face patches.” Strawn frowned as the group of dancers wiggled ahead toward a different tree house for the evening entertainment. He moved straight across the flattened, soft, and pink tinted leafy pathway toward the next tree house to seek Princess Teath. Her life would be spare the Pamburg Kingdom from war with the Confederation based on some ancient treaty that had been made by the first king and the first imperator.

Cumberrun pulled up beside Strawn still staring with a smile at each wiggling ass of each semi-nude female dancer.

Strawn frowned at the tall tree house. “Then we could listen in to each private conversation of each person, since everyone wears a face patch for communication. It would be faster and easier than searching each tree house for Teath.” He leaned over with a sneer into the cheekbone of Cumberrun. “You are a girl, now. Remember?” Strawn slowly moved ahead down the pathway of dry and wet smashed down leaves that dropped down from each gigantic tree. The pathway served as the central road throughout the Land of the Wind separating the two solid columns of tall trees that held interior structures of buildings. The forest smelled of vanilla flowers, sounded like classical music to the eardrums, and looked like a yellow tinted jungle of brown vines and buzzing hidden insects, and a few flying wild animals that hooted for fun.

Cumberrun leaned over with a growl into the cheekbone of Strawn. “I remember pissing and missing at the clean toilet bowl inside the Prince House with my dick, so the squire could smell and lick up my piss on the floor and the wall. So, shall I piss on the toilet seat as a pretend beautiful woman?”

He exhaled with a huff of annoyance. “I don’t care how you piss on or inside the toilet. We have wasted most of the day with our escape from the Pamburg Kingdom. I worry about our brothers and the squires back home. And I need food for a growling stomach and a bed for some rest before we continue the hunt for Teath.”

Cumberrun turned and scanned a group of male dancers with a sneer. “I ain’t worried about our brothers. We are all tall and strong and mean Pamburg princes. Shit! All the damn squires are meaner than the sand snakes. Geez! All the male guys here inside the Kingdom of the Wind are pretty dudes with a long neck and a pair of long legs like his sister dancer, too.” One of the passing males turned with a grunt to see Cumberrun.

Strawn stared ahead and examined the next tree house with a stern face, “Sister Cumberlynn, shut up!”

Cumberrun turned and stared at each tree house with a smile. “Well, I am so right. And you are so pretty, too.”

“Let’s dash up the staircase of flattened plant stems and into the new tree structure. I heard music. Maybe, there’s a free food table for food,” Strawn reached down and lifted the edge of the torn and dirty dress hem, slowing climbing the plant covered staircase and dashed over the platform, entering through the open portal hole.

Tree house interior setting

Strawn stopped and stood in a few feet inside the new room. Each business tree house had been designed and curved in the same shape, a circular interior room with a forward platform of dancers that moved with a varied type of musical songs. The music in here was fast paced and cheery.

Cumberrun exhaled with a growling stomach and a pair of aching feet. “Do you see something that you want to beg or borrow…?”

“Or barter. You need to barter your body.”

Cumberrun frowned with a whisper inside the scarf. “Hell fucking no!”

“Please keep your manly voice down to a mumble or substitute it quickly. I wanna live through the night. And the answer is hell fucking yeah! We don’t have currency of monies to buy food and drink. I’m really hungry and thirsty. So, we default to the oldest attack in the world, the fashionable art of flirting. There’s a table in the middle of room…”

“In the middle of the room?” Cumberrun frowned with a fluttering stomach of embarrassment. He was glad that none of his other brothers could see his girly appearance now. He whined with a whisper. “In the middle of the room, you will get all the attention from all the patrons.”

Strawn led toward the empty table in the middle of the room with a stern face behind the silk scarf. The patrons didn’t bother to notice the two tall and ugly females in a set of colorful silk dresses. He whispered. “That’s the point, Cumberlynn.”

Cumberrun slowly moved beside the dress hem of Strawn with a sour frown, saying behind the silk scarf, “O yeah, right! I wanna get fucked by a pretty guy with a head of long silky soft looking blonde hair. I hope some of the babes wanna fuck a girl like me, tonight.”

He stopped in front of the table with a smile. “Yes, we are in the right space.” Strawn pulled out the chair and sat down next to Cumberrun, watching the patrons. The natives were eating, drinking, and quietly talking with smiles and nods. There was not a servant type person running around the floor, waiting on the tables and the patrons either.

Entering the curvy archway of tree bark, a pair of slender males approached the middle table, where two Pamburg princes were disguised as a pair of ugly females. One of the male stopped and bowed at a fit waist at the rear skull of Cumberrun with a smile. “Excuse me! Is this empty chair taken?”

Cumberrun turned and sneered at the hand on the empty chair. “Shove…”

“Shore not, kind sir!” Strawn turned and nodded with a silly grin to the first male. “No, please take the chair and join our empty table, kind sirs!”

Cumberrun sneered at the hand, “Our table is full, sirs.”

The tall and blonde haired unfamiliar male pulled out the chair and sat down, scooting, and leaned over into the cheekbone of Cumberrun with a smile, “You smell good.”

“O goody. Your nostrils work now, but maybe not later, kind sir,” Cumberrun sneered into the nose bridge behind the silk scarf of the unfamiliar blonde haired male.

The male chuckled with a nod at Cumberrun. “And all my other body parts work very well too.”

Strawn turned and scanned the room with a smile. “What shall I order to eat?”

“Order to eat?” The male date of Strawn stared with a confused brow into the two exposed eyeballs of the prince that continued to hide the real face of a young male.

Strawn nodded at the male date. “What shall I eat for food?”

“Eat for food?”

Strawn nodded with a smile. “What shall I do here inside the tree house of food and drink?”

“What tree house do you reside, honey?”

Strawn smiled behind the silk scarf. “What tree house is your home, sir?”

The male date of Strawn nodded with a smile to the prince. “I live in tree house number twenty-seven. My family is honorable and old here.”

Strawn smiled behind the silk scarf over the mouth. “We come from tree house number six thousand…”

He frowned. “What did you say?”

Strawn nodded with a smile behind the silk scarf over the nose and lips. “We come from tree house number six hundred…”

He frowned. “I beg your pardon.”

Strawn exhaled behind the silk scarf that covered the nose and the lips. “We come from tree house number sixty-two.”

He nodded with a smile. “Your family tree house is almost touching the valley mountain of the Freelands. That’s way down the pathway of leaves.”

Strawn nodded with a smile inside the scarf that covered the nostrils and the lips. “Yes, we are way, way down, down the pathway of dried and wet leaves that come from the tall and beautiful trees. Can we eat? I’m hungry. Where is the serving waitress?”

The male date frowned, “What serving waitress?”

Strawn nodded with a smile inside the scarf. “Where is the person that serves us the plate of food?”

The male date thumbed back over a collar bone to the side wall with the tables of food. “The food table is against the wall. You go and grab and tote back out plates of food. I want a handful of everything for the first round of food. I usually eat about three rounds of food and then I get dessert for later. Get up and go now, honey!”

Strawn stood upright and wrapped the scarf about the mouth with a nod to his date with a fake female giggle. “Of course, me and my sister will do that for you two cute males,” he reached over and grabbed, jerking on the collar bone of Cumberrun. Cumberrun slowly stood upright from the tree designed chair with a soft growl inside the scarf of fighting fury at Strawn and his date who continued to touch to many body parts on the prince. Strawn giggled like a girl and stared down at the blonde colored hair roots of his date, “See, sister dear? We are swiftly learning the ways of our honorable brothers and sisters on our plight of knowledge,” he released Cumberrun and swung around, dashing ahead toward the first food table, stopping and stood in line while waiting his turn. He lifted an empty plate and moved down the row of tables, dressing it with food. He spun around and dashed back to his date, stopping, and placed the plate of food in front of the male dancer with a smile behind the scarf. “There you go, sir! I will prepare your cold beverage also. I will be back in a flash, sir,” he spun around and slammed into the back spine of Cumberrun with a grunt and a chuckle. Cumberrun sneered.

At the dinner table, the male dancer stared down at the pile of food with a smile. “She’s a keeper,” he reached down and grabbed the food with both hands, eating and chewed with a silly grin in silence.

On the middle of the floor, Strawn whispered into the eardrum of Cumberrun. “Prepare your date a food plate. I got the beverages,” he back stepped and scooted around his brother, dashing to the beverage table, stopping in place and stood in line, waiting to prepare a set of two cold beverages for the two male dancer dates.

Cumberrun continued to stand in the middle of the room and exhaled with a huff of annoyance, slowly moving ahead toward the first table, stopping, and stood in front of the empty plates. He grabbed two plates and filled each one with the same tall pile of food, slowly spinning around and moved back to his date and the same eating tree trunk table with a sour frown and stopped beside his male date, gently resting the plate of piled food in front of the guy.

The date of Cumberrun looked down at the plate of food from the prince with a smile and a nod in silence. Cumberrun slide down and sat like a man in the chair with a soft growl and lifted both a sharp knife and a pointy fork into each hand, staring down at the tall pile of good smelling food. The date of Cumberrun leaned over with a smile into the silk scarf of Cumberrun, “Good! I see that you like to eat, since you will need to store and reserve all your energy.”

Cumberrun frowned at the pile of food. “What the fuck for, sir?” He reached down and stabbed the fork, lifting, and ate, chewing the good food with a sour frown.

“So, me and you can fuck around for fun later, honey!” The male of Cumberrun laughed and ate more food.

Cumberrun mouth spat food particles with a sneer at his date. “Can you not see that I am holding a sharp knife near your right cheekbone, bro?”

Strawn returned to the dining table, and stopped in place, standing beside the nose profile Cumberrun while dropping down the cold beverage for the date of Cumberrun with a smile behind the silk scarf. “There you go, sir! I poured two pints of ale into one great big large tumbler for your evening pleasure,” he winked at the male dancer.

He mouth spat food particles into the air and over the plate of food. “Where the fuck is my great big large tumbler of two pints of ale, sister dear?” Cumberrun frowned down at the pile of food while needing a gulp of liquid.

The date of Cumberrun looked up with a wink and a smile to see the silk scarf of Strawn, “Thanks, sweetie! She’s a keeper,” he looked down with a smile to see Cumberrun. “Your sister is sweetness.”

Cumberrun chewed the food and mouth spat an array of used food particle across the table with a sour tone. “Well, I’m vicious. So watch out, every dick head male!”

Strawn scooted around the covered hair roots of Cumberrun with a chuckle and stopped, standing at the nose profile, placing the second beverage next to his date with a smile and a fake girly timber. “There you go, too, sir! Enjoy your food and beverage. And remember, it is compliments of me and my sister dear,” he swung around and dashed back to the food table for a plate of food also.

“Thanks, honey!” The male dancer date reached out and lifted the tumbler of ale, sipping, and swallowing a large gulp of the beverage with a loud burp and dropped down the glass over the tree trunk.

Strawn returned in time to hear and smell the musical mouth song, sliding down into his chair next to Cumberrun, eating the plate of food behind the silk scarf. Cumberrun leaned over with a sneer inside the silk scarf. “Is the ale poisoned for them?”

“Naw!” Strawn ate and chewed the food behind the scarf.

“Okay,” Cumberrun continued to eat and chew the food in silence.

Fifteen minutes later at the same tree trunk table, the male dancer date reached over and caressed the exposed hand of Strawn with a smile and a nod, “You have a pair of soft hands.”

Cumberrun turned with a wink and a loud laughter to see his princely brother Strawn who hid behind the scarf. “Does she now?”

The second male reached over and grabbed the hand of Cumberrun with a grin. “You have a…a non-soft hand.”

Cumberrun turned with a loud burp from the good tasting ale and a laugh to see the face of his male dancer date. “Yeah, I clean all the dirty dishes at our tree home. My sister is the smartie and sweet one. I’m the toughie asshole one,” laughing.

Strawn reached over and caressed the hand of his male date with a fake smile and a gasp in a sweet alto voice. “O might goodness! I am feeling. You possess a pair of soft hands like me.”

“Yes.” The male nodded with a smile. “I am a dancer. My hands are soft. My feet are blistered.”

Strawn gasped with a fake smile and a fake female soprano, “Uoo! You are so impressive, kind sir.”

The male date of Cumberrun leaned over into the silk scarf of Cumberrun with a smile. “Uoo, too! I am impressed with my tall and big beautiful girl. How’s about…”

Cumberrun reached out and shoved the male from a face with a sneer and stood upright from the chair with a smile, a burp, and a fake female alto. “My stomach is full. Now, I’m tired. My feet hurt. I wanna bath and I wanna a good night sleep away from home tree number sixty-two.”

Strawn stood upright from the chair and nodded down to his male date. “How shall we pay for the good plate of food?”

The male dancer date finished eating the food items with a confused brow at Strawn. “Pay for the food?”

Strawn nodded with a smile inside the silk scarf that continued to cover the nose and the lips. “I don’t want to be recognized as a thief here. I must pay for my food.”

The male date stood upright with a laugh and a nod to Strawn. “The food is freely eaten and freely given as a citizen of the Land of the Wind.”

“The fucking food is free.” Cumberrun turned with sneer into the cheekbone of Strawn. “Well, sh…”

“Sister dear, we are a long, long, way, way from our tree home.” Strawn leaned over and cuddled the body of Cumberrun with a fake smile and a silly female giggle. “And we are having fun exploring our homeland of the wind. And we are still learning all the different or same customs of our brothers and sisters.”

The male date of Strawn reached over and jerked the prince from the grasp of Cumberrun with a smile into the silk scarf. “Yeah, this is one of the many old customs where all brothers and sisters share inside tree house number twenty-seven and sixty-two.”

Strawn nodded with a smile behind the scarf. “O. What is that, sir?”

He leaned over with a wink and a laugh. “Each brother and sister enjoys a great night of long hot and passion sex.”

Strawn gasped with alarm and then cleared a nervous throat. “Yes, that would be a very exciting time. So, you can lead the way, kind sir!”

The male date of Strawn spun around and moved across the floor with a nod with the other male dancer, strolling toward the open portal of the tree house. “Yes, I will lead you back to my tree house. My parents are away and dancing tonight inside the Kingdom of the Land, entertaining the stupid farmers.”

Cumberrun tumbled forward over the dress hem and hit into the back spine of his male date with a sneer, back stepping with a smile and a female alto voice “Oopsie! I am such a cluster fuck with my feet but solid on my back spine, sir.”

Strawn rolled both eyeballs and stared at the back spine of Cumberrun, moving ahead and pulled up beside his brother. Cumberrun leaned over with a whisper and a worried brow. “How are we getting outta fucking a pair of guys? I got a pair too.”

“Shush! I have implemented a plan. So for the time being, act like a girl!”

“What plan?”

“My plan!”

Strawn and Cumberrun gathered up a dress hem from the floor and lifted the fabric into the kneecaps, exposing the pair of midnight blue trousers and a pair of dirty midnight blue knee boots within the moonlight rays of the night while climbing down the staircase and landed on top of the leafy pathway, slowly moving behind the asses of the two male dancers in silence.

7th hour (early eve)

Kingdom of the Snow

Home of Queen Ylangling and her husband King Amoywane

First royal princess Kamela, second royal prince Datto

Third royal prince Lorchess

Snow-covered mountain peak

Cold temperatures with clouds and bright stars and dull moonlight rays

Interior setting of the jettie

Inside the jettie interior, Teath tossed the shaft into the air and twirled around and around, stopping, and caught the rod with a smile to her dead mother.

The lavender figure of the young female clapped with a smile at her daughter Teath as a projection upon the one of the solid steel walls inside the tiny jettie. “You have trained well. Now, you need rest your bones and your sore muscles. You will leave from the Kingdom of the Snow tomorrow morning. Go and continue your journey to the Kingdom of the Lakes.

Teath lowered and rubbed the tips of her shaft which had been given to her as a pre-teen. “What about the tips of my shaft? It is made of rubber, not fire or steel.”

“I have more training lessons. Then, you can venture about to add a set of steel tips onto your shaft. However, you will need my assistance for that function.”

Teath frowned at her dead mother. “How and when will I do that, dead mother?”

“You are leaping over several a set of valuable lessons. The set of steel tips can wait.”

Teath exhaled. “Harpy, I’m just curious. Where do I add a steel tip onto the both ends of my shaft?”

“The work will be done inside the Kingdom of the Fire. It is nation of underground set of pits with fire and heat. It is the place where the shaft and the metal components are melted and forged.”

Teath gasped. “Forged? Then, it is a secret forger reclusion. That makes more sense for me to hide out and train inside the underground pit rather than on top of an old boat on the water. I don’t like water. You can drown and die in water. Back home, no one rows a boat in the swampy waters without the assistance of a gator.”

“Yes, you are correct, Teath. And no, you must continue first to the Kingdom of the Lakes. There are numerous abandoned boats where you can hide and work. It is there that you can rest and continue your Forger training in secret.”

Teath rubbed the rod of the shaft. “Why is it a secret? Why is the Forger forgotten? Why does a Forger exist?”

“Many, many years ago, the Forger team was great and mighty for some reason. Then they disappeared for another reason.”

“Who were the Forger teams?”

“Get some rest and sleep!”

Teath frowned. “I don’t have a blanket.”

“Use the bark from the tree. When you eventually hit the latch on the hatchway door, the tree limb resting on top of the door will fall down into the interior cabin of the jettie. Whack off the tree bark with the tips of your shaft and then decorate your body with the tree bark. You will be warm and toasty. I promise.”

Teath nodded with a stern face, “Harpy! Yes ma’am.”

Her dead mother smiled at her daughter. “I am fading very swiftly. My energy had exhausted. I will see you after you have been secured inside one of the floating boats within the Kingdom of the Lakes.”

“Bye, dead mother! See you tomorrow too.” The glowing outline of lavender split apart into two narrow bands of pink and white and then eventually disappeared and showed the silver tinted side wall inside the jettie. Teath exhaled with a puff of annoyance with more work. Her muscles were sore. Her stomach was growling for food. She back stepped from the side wall and stood at the rear wall, rearing back, and tossed the shaft tip at the latch on the door. It hit perfectly after practicing morning, afternoon, and until late evening with the shaft. Her fingers were chapped and bloody from hitting the shaft against the metal, too many times.

The hatchway opened. The large single tree limb broke apart with a loud snap and then landed down onto the uneven floor covered in snow, bark, and colorful fruit berries with a soft swish.

Teath tossed both arms with a smile for the first time since the morning, dashing ahead, stopping, and stood over the broken tree limb. She reared back and smashed the bark from the tree, decorating a body part while grabbing and ate the fresh berries for food. Then she sucked down a handful of melting white snow balls for water.

Teath continued to work warming a body with the pieces of wet bark, filling a stomach with the berries and quenching a thirst until falling over the metal floor in physical exhaustion into a deep sleep.

Kingdom of the Wind

Home of Marquee Jennessee and husband Marquise Fallacious

Forestland of pink leaves and cool temperatures

Moonlight rays and bright stars underneath the overstory trees

Over the leafy pathway of a moonlight night, underneath the overstory ancient trees, the pair of male dancers carelessly bumped into each other from the over consumption of alcohol and good food, slowly moving down the foot path and stopped, slowly turning, and climbed up a new staircase of green plant stems and entered a new tree house.

One of the male dancers yelled aloud with a chuckle, “We are here!”

Prince Cumberrun of the Pamburg Kingdom turned and marched up the new plant-covered staircase with his princely brother of the Pamburg Kingdom Strawn, looking forward to a bloody fighting rumble and then a good night’s rest from a very busy day of non-finding Princess Teath. He leaned over with a worried brow and a whisper into the cheekbone of Strawn, “Yeah, what’s the plan?”

“Follow my lead!”

“What lead?”

“Follow my plan!”

“What fucking plan?”

“Not that fucking plan,” he laughed.

“What the fuck are you going to do about the two male dancers that wanna fuck to two manly guys?”

“Shush, Cumberlynn!”

The males entered through the open portal and moved through the living room setting of the tree house without occupants of family members, strolling ahead into a larger room and stopped a few feet inside the bedroom.

Strawn and Cumberrun entered through the open portal of the new tree house in silence with worry and nervousness.

Tree house interior bedroom setting

Strawn followed behind the two asses of each male dancer and stopped, standing inside the bedroom archway with a fake smile and a fake girly timber behind the silk scarf, “O mine! There are two separate gigantic bed mattresses inside the big bedroom without a single pretty bed linen sheet. Why is that, sir?”

The male date of Strawn spun around and reached out, grabbing the arm of Strawn, and pulled the prince into a chest with a smile, leaning down to kiss the face of Strawn, “We like to fuck each other.”

Cumberrun entered through the archway and stopped beside his male date, reaching over and shoved the body of his male date with his manly strength into the far wall with a chuckle and a grin. “Then you don’t need me for a fuck fest of delight, tonight.”

The male date of Strawn leaned over and pinched the ass of Strawn through the silk skirt with a chuckle. “I mean that we take turns fucking each other female dates.”

Strawn frowned at the naked bed mattresses. “Where are the bed linens, sir?”

The male date of Strawn leaned over and bad breathed through the silk scarf at Strawn. “My parents leave the bed naked to air out the mattress after their sex acts.”

Cumberrun laughed with a nod at two naked bed mattresses. “O. That makes perfect sense to me!”

“Get undressed, sister dear!” Strawn shoved the male date from a distorted face and scooted around the short male dancer, dashing ahead, and entered the bathroom, slamming the door that didn’t make any noise.

“What the fuck?” Cumberrun gasped in shock, panic, and angry, watching the bathroom door close shut. His male date of Cumberrun reached out and touched, ripping off sections of the loose silk clothes from the body of Cumberrun with a chuckle. Cumberrun turned with a growl and shoved both hands back down on the dude with a growl. “I can undress my person, asshole.”

The male dancer back stepped from Cumberrun and caught his balance with a giggle and a grin, lifting and wiggled both arms into the air, “Uoo! I like your playfulness aggregation.”

Cumberrun snarled with a set of gritted teeth inside the silk scarf. “It ain’t playfulness aggregation, bro! S…Sister dear, where the fuck are you at?”

“I’m shitting out my yummy dinner down into the toilet water, sister dear,” the soft fake female timber of Strawn yelled aloud from the behind the bathroom wall with a loud snigger.

The two male dancers rushed ahead and stopped, reaching out and ripped off the silk clothing of Cumberrun. Cumberrun reached out and shoved both hands, kicking out a boot toe toward each slender and flexible dancer, missing a body part. Each piece of clothing shifted and sounded with a soft tear as some of the scarves fell over the floor. Cumberrun yelled out loud with panic. “Get off my clothes! These are my only items that I possess, asshole number one and asshole number two.”

The first male dancer continued to touch and rip off the numerous silk clothing from Cumberrun with a smile. “I like to see a girl naked. You can wear some of my mom’s clothes, if yours get damaged.”

Cumberrun continued to slap both hands over each bicep of each dancer, hitting a soft cheekbone, every once in a while, on each dancer with a sneer and a sour frown. “I don’t think so, dude! Get off my body before I get violent, dude.” The two male dancers sniggered with lust and continued to pull on the clothes of Cumberrun.

A few seconds later, the bathroom door opened and revealed Strawn who stood upright inside the archway with a smile inside the silk scarf with a chuckle, “Five. Four. Three. Two. One. Zero.” Each dancer back stepped from Cumberrun and lifted both hands, holding the temple with a puzzled brow, slowly dropping down over the hard floor the tree house into unconsciousness.

Cumberrun looked down with a puzzled brow to see the two sleeping male dancers and straightened up the crooked clothing with a sneer. “What the fuck happened to the two male dancers? They are down and out. And I didn’t get to punch a nose bleed either.”

Strawn moved ahead from the bathroom space with a smile and started ripping off all the silk clothes with a nod. “I applied a clear liquid potion for sleepy time inside each ale beverage when I had acted as the serving waitress.”

Cumberrun looked up with a gasp to see his princely brother. “Why didn’t you tell me? I’m your best bro.”

He stopped in place and continued to peel off the battle gear down to the underwear with a smile. “I’m first born prince of the Pamburg Kingdom. As the first born one and only, I received some extra instructions from the squire.”

“Which squire? What for? Why for?”

“I just did. And I saved our lives tonight. The two dancers will be asleep for hours and until sun rise, so we can rest in peace and quiet. Let’s get some sleep. I’m making the bed and going to sleep,” Strawn turned and moved ahead to a piece of furniture, stopping and pulling out each drawer and found the clean bed sheets. He lifted and tossed a set of bed linens to Cumberrun in silence.

Cumberrun caught the stack of bed linens and spun around, moving to the second naked bed mattress, decorating the mattress for slumber also in silence. He stripped down all the silk clothing and his battle gear, going down to the underwear and crawled over the cool bed sheets with a sigh of a full stomach and a lousy day as a Pamburg prince.

Inside the second bed mattress, Strawn looked over with a smile to see Cumberrun. “You got ugly feet.”

Inside the opposite bed mattress, Cumberrun rested on a back spine and lifted a naked leg and a foot into the air with a chuckle and a smile. “Naw, I got cute feet.”

He stared at the ugly feet in the air with a laugh. “You got an extended second toe on each big foot. It is fucking ugly. The girls are not going to like it.”

Cumberrun laughed with a smile, “Hmm! I got an extended super long dick, too. And all the girls love it. So, do you wanna see my super duper long dick, too, Strawn?”

Strawn rolled over onto an opposite side of Cumberrun with a smile to see the wall. “Naw! I just think that both your feet are ugly. You need to wear socks to bed or your boots,” laughing.

Cumberrun smiled at the red wooden ceiling inside the bedroom of the tree house, “Go to sleep, sister dear!”

Strawn exhaled with a huff of worry and stared at the red wooed of the tree house. “We don’t find Teath today.”

He exhaled with a huff of worry also. “We will find her tomorrow. Get some sleep! We have an active new day of a non-fucking activity or a set of fighting shafts with more groups of cute and blonde haired male dancers.”

“Yeah,” Strawn laughed and closed both eyelids into the slumber.

Kingdom of the Sands

Home of Imperator Kung and his wife Imperatoress Haildrameme

First royal Princess Pelf

and second royal Princess Nixie

Tan sandy beach with yellow dancing lightning bolts

Hot temperatures with moonlight rays and bright stars

7th floor level

Art Hall

Interior setting

First royal princess Pelf of the Kingdom of the Sands had finished the dinner meal with her family members, listening to gossip and the nasty mouth of her sister Nixie. After the dinner hour, her family members left the Dinner Hall for an individual social tower to bath, to slumber or to whatever.

She started climbing up the enclosed staircase in the opposite direction of her family member with a special purpose and a secret.

Pelf was a tall and slender female with a head of long white colored hair, a pair of violet eyeballs, and a tone of yellow tinted skin, possessing a quiet and conservation nature for a teen. She was a first royal princess of the Kingdom of the Sand.

The Kingdom of Sand was located on the edge of the massive land continent, overlooking miles and miles of deep blue ocean waters. The kingly castle was shaped in a perfectly square and tall tower of beige and white sand crystals that came from the sandy beaches. Each residential house was a smaller square shaped tower of beauty and sand also.

At the edge of the massive land continent, each individual white colored cloud produced a heat storm within the sky during the daylight and the nighttime. The yellow bolts of lightning flashed across the blue sky and the white clouds, dancing with the wind in various geometric streaks coming down vertical and then across horizontal. Thus, the sandy beaches were dangerous and empty of swimmers. The ocean waves crashed alone over the sandy beaches without a visiting sea vessel. The heat storms had existed since the beginning of time.

Over eons of time, the natives within the Kingdom of Sand had learned not to harness the bolts of lightning but admire the natural occurrence as a symbol of freedom and beauty. The natives had erected each building up toward the skyline to continue view and admire each lightning bolts.

The Kingdom of Sand didn’t produce a plate of food, a glass of wine, a shirt of cloth, a poem of memories, or a component of metal, creating commerce or revenue. The location housed the Royal Academy, a place of learning to become a princess and a prince.

She slipped off the staircase and turned to the side, entering the single open archway onto the eighteenth floor within the social tower building, where a set of embedded light lamps illuminated the hallway from a heat signature, so she didn’t break a leg in the long gown. None of the archways contained a metal or wooden door, except for the Assembly Hall. She didn’t understand why the Assembly Hall, since the room was constantly used the most by the group of teen royals during a lesson session.

Inside the hallway of the Art Hall of four stories tall, she slowly moving ahead down an empty hallway without another royal prince and princess, where the walls were dotted with a set of various colorful art pieces from a tiny portrait up to a tall poster-size. She nervously patted both arms with a set of manicured fingernails with nervousness of the upcoming Public Presentation play, with curious of the art works, and with worry of the servants. Another servant had died last night, collapsing over the hard floor during dinner. All the servants looked old and tired, needing more rest and food. Pelf did not perform a set of domestic chores or steer an airship or practice beating a dummy with a silly shaft. She enjoyed reading poems, dancing around inside around her private room, and watching the lightning bolts form into an array of funny shapes in the skyline. But tonight, her mind was disturbed and off balance and as her body felt cold and chilled.

She continued to stare with a puzzled brow and a soft whisper for her eardrums at the first individual piece of art work on the wall. “Where is the letter? I know that I saw a distinct shaped letter this afternoon inside some of the paintings. Well, I don’t a letter now. It could be down the hall in the second art painting,” she slowly side stepped to the next art work and stared at the second painting of sideways colors of green, yellow, pink, and purple without a face or an animal or an object.” Pelf felt nervousness, excited, and anxious, crossing both biceps around her breasts. She had left the Dinner Hall with the feeling of panic without understanding her jumbled feelings.

Well, she did understand her jumbled up feelings. She was the first royal princess of the Kingdom of the Sand. She was to select her husband first before her second royal sister princess Nixie which sounded like fun. As the first royal princess, her dreams, desires, and demands came first.

However, each royal must participate within the Time of Recognition. It was a day inside the assembly hall in front of the entire populous on the single continent where each first royal princess or first royal prince would choose a mate for life to marry and produce the next heir. The terrible catch was that the selected mate could reject the sweet offer of the first royal princess or first royal prince in front of the populous which was a big red-faced humiliation reaction.

And that embarrassing action did occur on occasion and had occurred eighteen years ago.

To make all the young teen royals more nervous, first royal teen Princess Pelf would not necessarily go first to announce her selected choice for a mate. She could theoretically be asked to voice a lifetime mate last. Then she would end up with the last royal prince within the traditional ritual.

This was the late week with the set of the last academic royal sessions. Yesterday, all the teen royals had selected the play Nab, the Numb to reenact for the annual Public Presentation to please the populous of the people. This afternoon, each royal had called aloud a role part within the play. So, the play would be presented at the end of the week. Then, each teen royal would decide and choose a life time mate within the Time of Remembrance right after the play.

Pelf continued to stand and stare at the art work, feeling nervous, frighten, and cold. “Well, I don’t see with my naked eyeballs or my neurons a distinct alphabetic letter here either. It could be down the hall in the third art painting,” she slowly side stepped to the next art work and stared at next picture without seeing a face or an animal or an object with a sour frown and puff of frustration. “No, I don’t see a letter here either,” she spun around and stared at the opposite wall of numerous single art works with a puzzled brow, examining the painting of black, brown, and yellow wiggling lines. “Not there either!” she tossed both arms into the air with a sour frown. “Well, I am going crazy then with stress and worry,” she spun around and slowly moved ahead, looking down at the arm patch, tapping on the red colored metal. The arm patch showed one of the art pieces, where she had snapped a particular picture this afternoon during the lesson session, and then stored it inside the arm patch. It was the same painting which didn’t have a signed artist.

Pelf couldn’t find the artist of the mysterious painting within the numerous electronic gallery selections of paintings, portraits and drawings that were all recorded by the Kingdom of the Wind where an artist lived and worked for a food wagon and a kart of clothing. “You are here on the wall but not here inside the electronic gallery. Why is that, art painting?” She continued down the hallway of displayed art pieces and tapped down on the arm patch with a puzzled brow. “I knew that I saw a letter. There!” She halted with a gasp and turned with a smile to face the single art work of glistening purple, pink, and orange lines, examining the art work with a gasp of shock. “Wait! I saw it. I saw something. Inside the art work, I saw a distinct shape of a letter. But I can’t see now. Yes, I am going crazy from stress,” she exhaled with a puff of annoyance and turned back, looking down at the arm patch, slowly moving down the hallway with a sour frown, stopping in place. “Okay. I see something like a letter inside the art work but my eyeballs are facing the end of the dark hallway. This is really creepy and colorful and cool!”

She slowly back pedaled in a backward motion down the same hallway and as her eyeballs stared and focused her vision ahead into the darkness of the new set of staircase on the other end of the hallway. Her peripheral vision clearly saw a number and as she halted without staring at the object. “I see the number three. Okay. This is really weird that I can see an image on the side of my face. I am not crazy. Are there more numbers that are hidden within a different painting?” She slowly back pedaled in a backward motion down the same hallway and as her eyeballs stared ahead at the darkness of the other staircase. Her peripheral vision clearly saw the letter V as and she halted in place with a gasp. “Yes, there is a letter there inside a different art painting. It is the letter V. Okay. Someone is having fun with me. What I am determined to find out the secret?”

Pelf slowly moved backward on the same hallway and as her eyeballs stared ahead at the open and dark staircase on the other end of the hallway. She stopped at the first art painting with a puff of confusion. “Okay. I found four complete images inside four different art pieces that displayed the number three, the letter V, the letter A, and the number five. What does that mean? Well, it means nothing to me. Okay. A little kid drew each art painting for fun, since a child cannot write properly. So, there is the answer, princess,” she laughed with a nod and as her eyeballs stared ahead at the opposite end of the hallway. Then her peripheral vision clearly saw the number three on the opposite wall of numerous art painting and as she gasped in shock. “Okay. This is creepy and colorful. There is the number three inside a different art painting on the opposite side of the other art painting for some reason,” she slowly moved forward over the same hallway and advanced beside numerous art paintings and halted with a gasp. Her peripheral vision clearly saw a new letter inside a different art painting. “Now my side view sees the letter W. Okay. Someone is really abusing me. What does this all mean?” She slowly advanced ahead as her eyeballs stared into the darkness of the staircase. Her peripheral vision did not see any more images or faces or letters or number within the rest of the individual art paintings. She stopped at the end of the hallway near the staircase without leaving the Art Hall. “Okay. There are not more paintings with an individual silly image. So, it is fun and games for someone like me. No one lives here inside the social tower building but the creepy life-sized granite statues,” she spun around and examined each wall. There were thirteen rows of numerous individual art pieces of colorful paintings in varied sizes from tiny up toward tall that occupied every inch of both walls which were mounted all up the way to the ceiling like someone could see and enjoy the art work near the rafters.

Pelf frowned with a nod at each wall. “So I am going to solve this mystery right now and right there by identifying the unknown artist of the strange art pieces. I bet the name of the artist is behind the art work,” she slowly moved ahead and as her eyeballs stared at the opposite end of the hallway. Her peripheral vision saw the first image within the first of four identified individual art paintings. She stopped in place and turned to face the wall, reaching out and touched the sides of eh naked art work without a wooden or metal frame for beauty, gently tugging on the painting, lifting it from the naked wall with a loud grunt. The painting easily dropped down into her hands. She flipped the art work around and looked for a name of the artist. “No name! Okay. It really is a child’s art piece,” she looked up with a puzzled brow and stared at the mounted art piece of wild wiggling lines of dark blue and white next to the empty spot on the wall. “The artist is a set of initials. I don’t know a native’s personal initials. Okay. This is a piece of child art work,” she reached over and re-mounted the painting onto the single nail in the wall with a soft grunt, slapping both hands with the pretend dirt and a smile. “Okay. My mystery is solved. I can go back to my suite for the night and do something not fun,” she slowly side stepped down the wall and studied each art painting, seeing a set of initials in the lower corner. “Hmm! Each art painting is labeled with a different set of initials, except the art painting with an image of the number three in the center of the colorful canvas. Why is that?” She stopped and reached out, touching a new piece of art, yanking on the sides of the canvas without lifting it from the wall with a loud grunt. “It didn’t move. That’s strange!” She looked up with a puzzled brow to see each art piece above that particular painting within the column that soared toward the ceiling. “Each painting has a set of initials also,” she reached up and touched the edge of the above painting, trying to yank it off the wall paint with a loud grunt of failure. “It is really stuck on the wall.” She dropped both arms and side stepped to the next painting lifting both hands and tried to yank the art piece off the wall also with a loud grunt and a puzzled brow. “This one is stuck onto the wall too with a set of initials. Okay. The non-stuck and loose art piece is not completed. It lacks a set of artist initials. The mystery is solved again,” gigging.

She back stepped and spun to face the dark staircase, moving ahead toward the exit of the social tower building with a smile. Her peripheral vision saw the art painting with the letter V. She stopped and turned to face the painting with a puzzled brow. “There isn’t a set of initials on this painting either. And it displayed the letter V inside the middle of the canvas,” she reached out and touched, grabbing the sides of the panting, easily lifting it from the wall with a gasp, “Hmm! It is not stuck either. That is creepy and colorful!” Pelf flipped the art work around between her hands without finding an identification mark of the artist and re-hung the art work, side stepping in the opposite direction to the next art piece, reaching out and touché the sides, jerking on the painting with a loud grunt. “It is nailed onto the wall good. Okay. All six new pieces of art work have a new home and my mind is not crazy. I like the new painting. I wonder if my parents would allow me to hang one inside my room,” she back stepped from the painting with a smile and a nod. “Yeah, I can inquire tomorrow morning at breakfast time,” she reached down and gathered the long dress which as a requirement for dinner with her parents into a waddled cloth ball, dashing ahead with a smile, moving toward the staircase to exit the social tower for her personal social tower to sleep and as her eyeballs stared at the staircase. Her peripheral vision saw each new piece of art painting that display the letters of V, A, and two sets of number five and as her neurons interrupted a different image.

She halted and skidded in the pair of summer heeled sandals with a gasp in front of the open archway. Then she ran backwards down the same hallway and as her eyeballs stared into the darkness of the same staircase. She skidded to a halt in place in front of the opposite staircase with a gasp.

Pelf ran forward at a faster pace with a grunt and as her eyeballs stared ahead at the dark staircase. Her peripheral vision saw the five new pieces of art painting that display the number five, the letter A, the letter V, and the number five on one side of the wall. On the opposite side of the wall, each new piece of art painting showed the number W and the number five and as her neurons interrupted a different image.

She halted and skidded in place with a gasp in front of the staircase and a soft whisper. “My mind sees the image read together and form a single phrase: 5AV3. That doesn’t make any sense to me. The other side wall shows the two images running together as 3W. What does that mean either? Is that a real word?” She gasped. “If I substitute the number five for a letter that is similar to an alphabetic letter, the letter S would nicely substitute for the same curves. Then the running phrase reads SAV3. So, the number three must be drawn backward for some reason. The number three is the letter E,” gasping. “The letters spell out: save,” Pelf run backwards and as her eyeballs stared at the staircase. Her peripheral vision saw the two new pieces of art painting that display the number three and the letter W on opposite side of the wall and as her neurons interrupted a different image. She skidded with a halt in place with a gasp in front of the entrance of the open archway and the dark staircase. “The two separate words spell out: save we,” she turned and moved to the wall, scanning each art work for the initials and stopped at the one without a set of initial, reaching out and lifted the art work from the wall with a gasp. “The newest piece of art work is newly painted with an array of rich and vivid colors of oil. The rest of the paintings are old with a set of dried paint that is flaking off the canvas and falling down over the clean floor,” her foot reached out from underneath the gown and stomped down on top of set of numerous tiny flaked off dried piece of paint.

She re-hung the new piece of art work with a worried brow. “Yes, this is clearly a help message for anyone, for me. Someone had moved and re-nailed each piece onto the wall for an eyeball at the chin level. If not, I would have missed the secret and encrypted message also. Yes, it is not save we. It is save us. Who is us? I don’t know. Where is us? I don’t know. But they clearly live here inside the social town building and need help. The newest art pieces pull together a help message. Why? How long? Where? Tell my parents. No, my parents are mean and unkind.

“Well, my mother is the meanest bitch within the Confederation. I will never tell them. I could tell Modoc. He is nice to me. No, he will tell his parents, who will tell my parents. So, I must help them. I can do this. Start at the top with the Assembly Hall. Yes, go and search inside the Assembly Hall.” She shook her curls with a sour frown. “No, it is empty, except for all the life-sized creepy statues of dead royals.”

The top floor inside the social tower building held the Assembly Hall. The four walls were made of transparency glass that allowed the beauty of the flashing bolts of light to illuminate inside each wall. On the smooth floor base between all the glass windows, there stood an individual vertical block of tan tinted granite that held a life-sized statue which was made from an assortment of tan and beige colored sand crystals, also. Each life-sized statue represented the deceased royal member of each kingdom, standing between the glass panels, wearing an ancient stiff and formal attire of yesteryear.

The center of the room held rows of elevated throne chairs that represented each prince or princess and their associated kingdom. Each throne chair could be accessed by a short staircase that held either three or four or two steps. Some of the throne chairs were decorated with a single stiff kingdom flags on each side of the back rest for fun that designate their kingdom. Some of the other throne chairs showed a double-seated for two individuals to share for sniggers. Some of the throne chairs displayed a set of colored banners on the bottom edge of the platform between the steps of the staircase for more fun.

Each royal teen learned a set of academic subjects, such as, mathematics, science, and literature inside the classroom environment. Outside the classroom environment, each royal teen learned about each other within the social atmosphere with a set of guardian guards for protection and privacy during the daylight and early evening until dismissed for the night.

The perfectly square shaped auditorium room was called the Assembly Hall. No less for a royal room filled with a set of princesses and princes. There was not a line of elegant dancers twisting and twirling around over the smooth floor in front of the rows of elevated throne chairs, dancing to the soft music. There was not a line of guards marching between two dancers and twirling the shaft up, down, and sideways, and out of sync with the soft music, but in a military routine in front of each glass pane. The Assembly Hall served as the classroom to education the young royals, who would eventually become the ruler of their home world at the eighteenth year of the royal birth.

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