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Present day and place

Year 3060

Day 80th

Springtime season and weather

2nd hour (early afternoon)

Kingdom of the Sand

Home of Imperator Kung, his wife Imperatoress Haildrameme

and his two daughters

first royal Princess Pelf and second royal Princess Nixie

Tan and beige beach with streaks of yellow dancing lightning bolts

Hot temperatures with bright sunlight and blue sky

6th level floor location

Bath Hall setting

Hot steam and wet floors

The room was a square shape of tan colored hard walls and four stories tall with one-fourth of the wall made of glass to show off the array of individual yellow lightning strikes that streaked across the blue skyline during the day and nighttime hours.

There were two rows which contained a set of individual long hard tables that could hold one outstretched naked body. The flood of white heated steam covered the walls, the floor, the tables, the air waves, and the face of Cumberrun. He coughed in the heated air and exhaled with a tongue of sweet breath, wiping off with a sweaty face.

The bath hall space could be utilized by any royal, male or female. Usually, the male royal would rest on top of a long table in the nude while a pair of firm and warm hands will massage a certain body part with a slight grunt of the motion. The hands belonged to a slave girl, who hailed from the geographical arena which was known as the Freelands and not part of the Confederation. Each slave girl entertained each male or female royal with a hand massage. She wore a long and sleeveless white dress over a tall body of naked dark tinted skin with a head of black colored long hair in a tight ponytail and a pair of blue and white swirling eyeballs. She was blind, but used her firm hands to see, taste, and feel.

The group of slave girls lived far behind the scattered row of servant sand castles. The mountainous region of the Freelands resided far away behind the landscape of the Kingdom of the Wind, but no other royal teen had visited there before, only the adult royal males. Then, the adult royal males would trade a young female for a wagon of metal components either, maintaining the vile human sale barter with the two nations.

Within the Kingdom of the Sand, the tan colored Social Tower Building stood tall within the tan colored sands between the two shorelines of the Delta salt water and the dark blue Great Ocean like a high beacon which could be similar to a shoreline lighthouse. She guessed during the day the twenty-ninth floor of glass windows which reflected the sunlight to each passing ship through the ocean waters and at night, the window bounced by the moonlight rays back into the dark skyline for all sailors to see also.

Far behind and slightly beside the Social Tower Building, there were a set of scattered and clustered three and two story sand castles that exclusively belonged to the teen and the adult royals.

Further behind the royal sand castles, there were the five story sand castles without windows where the group of servants lived and thrived when not waiting on each royal.

Inside the archway, each rude and laughing native moved in and out between the series of rolling waves of heated white colored steam and turned, scanning all the walls, the windows, the ceiling, the floor, and each upright stationary massage table while coughing out all the heated air from a tight throat.

Cumberrun moved ahead with a sneer after shoving his tall body through the heavy crowd of natives that resided within the Confederation and stopped, standing near the archway with a gasp. The fourth floor was a bath house, where an ocean of drifting steamy water currents floated around the moist and steamy room as and, his eyeballs stared at each lovely sight of two folded naked bodies that fucked on top of each massage table.

On top of one the numerous massage tables near the forward wall, a naked male rested on a back spine beside a naked girl. He lifted a naked arm into the air and as he yelled with a laugh. “Hey, slave girl! Come over here, if you can see me!”

A naked girl rested beside her naked boyfriend in a semi-cuddle with a sour frown. “She can’t see. She is blind, dumbass.”

He sneered. “Well, she can still touch me. Hey, slave girl! Can you hear me? Come over here right now!”

A second naked male on top of next massage table was fucking another male and yelled in fury. “I can hear you, too, stupid! Shut up, man!”

The first naked male continued to hold an arm into the air with a sneer, “Shut up, asshole! Hey, slave girl! Come over here to me! Come over here and massage my dick, slave girl!” He laughed.

Inside the archway of the bath house, Cumberrun gasped in shock and then sneered with a whisper of angry for his eardrums only while standing in place, staring with a set of fireballs at the rude, naked male on top of one of the numerous massage tables. “I will come over there to massage your naked ass, sir. Then, I will break your wrinkled naked penis into two separate pieces while I slam your two hairy balls into two puddles of dog piss, dickhead. Then, you can order me around the steam bathing room with your new girly whine. You got no right to boss people around which includes that cute slave girl,” he reached out and shoved away the crowd of people with a sneer, moving towards the nasty teen with the good intention of a social lesson of manners. Then, the tan colored cheekbone face patch tickled his skin and sung with the tiny words of Strawn. Cumberrun reached up and slapped the face patch into activation with a sour frown while repeating the words of his princely brother. “Where in the hell am I? Where in the fuck are you, Strawnella?”

He paused and listened to the one-side vile conversation from Strawn through the cheekbone face patch in silence.

He said into the cheekbone face patch with a sneer, “Yeah! I had to shove my ass through a set of smelly and heated bodies and then stand here on top of the sixth floor. Where is your ass located?”


“Yeah! I can hear the roar of the crowd through the face patch too. There is a crowd of assholes in here too.”


“What am I seeing?” He laughed with a smirk. Well, there are numerous…” He gasped with worry. If Cumberrun told Strawn about the naked bodies on the sixth floor, then his brother would come up and investigate also. He exhaled with annoyance. “Yeah! There are some unusually activities up here too. However, I don’t see the ‘pretty seat.’ I’m leaving now from the sixth floor and moving up the next floor. Are you scouting out the fifth floor and then the seventh floor?”


“Good. We will meet on the top floor of this building. Good luck, bro!” Cumberrun back stepped from the archway and spun around, shoving a set of shorter and greedy natives away from both sides of a body with a smile at the female. “Hey there, pretty girl!”

Outside the long hallway that led from the staircase, Nixie held the dress hem of the gown and slowly moved ahead through a slick opening from the pair of Sun guards, sneering at Cumberrun. “I am a princess, not a pretty girl.”

“You’re an ugly bitch princess then,” Cumberrun stood in place with a laugh and turned to face the archway, following behind the ass of the nasty princess with curiosity, stopping and stood in the archway with a sneer to see the action. Nixie entered the Bath Hall with a sneer and stopped, standing behind the slave girl, who continued to message the body of a naked male. Nixie pointed down at the edge of the white tinted ratty dress on the female slave with a laugh. “Take her right now!”

A pair of female Sun guards moved ahead with a stern face and stopped, reaching out, grabbing an arm of the slave girl in silence, dragging the slave away from the naked male.

“Hey, bitch! She was messaging my dick. You can’t have her warm hands,” the young male growled at Nixie.

Nixie spun around to face the crowd and the archway, leading the slave girl and the two female Sun guards with a sour frown and a sour tone down toward the crowded hallway. “Massage your own dick, asshole!”

The young male on top of the massage table snarled with a sour frown at the back spine of Nixie. “Hey, you! Come back here with my slave girl right now!”

Nixie laughed with a wicked grin. “Don’t worry! She’s coming back here, very soon,” she moved through the narrow space of two Sun guards between the standing and screaming crowd of rude and loud natives while bumping into the other elbows and biceps of each person, moving ahead back toward Cumberrun, strolling ahead into the crowded hallway and then towards the staircase.

7th floor level

Art Hall

Interior setting

Strawn slowly climbed up the enclosed staircase with the rest of the natives and slipped off from the staircase, turning to face an archway on the seventh floor within the Social Tower building, where a set of embedded light lamps illuminated a busy hallway that came from a group of body heat signatures. He stopped and stood with some of the other natives inside the archway, feeling weird and confused.

The native girl pointed with a giggle at some of the people inside the room. “This is the Art Hall where all the royal art paintings are kept.”

Inside the hallway of the Art Hall of four stories tall, the floor was dotted with a set of naked upright people between the two walls who wore a colorful art piece over an exposed nude body. Some of the naked girls were finger fucking each other’s pussy upright while wearing the torn piece of art work around the waistline.

Some of the naked couple was performing a fucking action in an upright pose while wearing one single piece of art work that was cuddled around the two bodies. As the couple shifted back and forth during sex, the piece of art work stretched and ripped through the fabric canvas.

Strawn laughed with a smile. “What a bunch of fucking nuts? I hope that I find Teath really soon, so I can leave out from here,” he back stepped with a chuckle and spun around, dashing back into the crowd on the staircase.

8th floor level

Assembly Hall

Interior setting

She sat on the bottom tier of homemade rough wooden bleacher and held both hands over each sensitive eardrum with a sour frown while hearing the loud cheers, foot stomping, and louder screams from every single native of Confederation. Pio danced in the middle of the Assembly Hall floor while entertaining all the natives with her shaft skills. All the adult royals and the male teens had gone to war for fun while Ovilla was stuck here to oversee nothing and having no fun. She exhaled with a puff of frustration and boredom.

Pio tossed the shaft into the air and elegantly twirled in a completed circle, stopping in place, catching the rotating shaft, bowing down onto both kneecaps with a hidden smile. The audience cheered, foot stomped, and screamed with fun. Pio stood upright with a smile with both arms into the air. “Thank you! Thanks! I must change my sweated and soiled clothing for the next exhibition act. Please feel free to eat and move around,” she dashed ahead with a smile and ran through the crowd, hand slapping with a laugh and fist bumping with a hiss towards the hallway bathroom to change the clothing.

Ovilla stood upright with a sour frown and moved ahead from the bottom row of the homemade bleacher, stopping, and stood in front of one particular life-sized granite status of tan hue with a smile. “Hey, little man!”

Orkey continued to sit down over the curved skull of the life-sized male granite statue with a sour frown of the finished exhibition. “I am insulted, princess.”

She smiled. “Hey, little man! Do you wanna get outta of here?”

He stood upright on top of the curved skull with a smile and wiggled both hips with a wink at pretty princess Ovilla. “Yes! Yes! I would. I would do. I do with you.”

She raised up on a set of tippy toes and reached out, grabbing the oracle from the curved skull of the statue, slamming his body upright and down onto the dirty floor in front of her shoes, shoving Orkey towards the side wall with a sneer. “Then, move it! We are going someplace special, just the two of us.”

Orkey moved ahead with a smile and rubbed both hands while wiggling the hips with the new girl with a giggle. “I do. I do. I do with you, too.”

They slowly moved ahead through the thick crowd of natives towards one of the three open archways and fought a foot path back down the single staircase.

Pamburg Kingdom

Home of dead King Conic and his wife dead Queen Shemerry

and thirteen dead princesses

and single live and breathing Princess Teath

Warm temperatures and bright stars with moonlight

Mountain castle location

Princess throne room setting

The princess throne room was really an extra-large cave-like a room with a set of four solid walls and a high ceiling of natural coated black colored stone which was really a curvy out hole inside the mountain. The four walls blocked out the weather elements of heat and sun. The front of the princess throne exhibited a single arched doorway of stone where a set of burnt plant stems dangled in the air and a pair of dead squires rested on the bloody floor. On the far side wall inside the princess throne room, there stood two individual throne chairs made of the same black stone on the wall to disguise the bodies. Inside one of the pits, Pamburg Squire Number Fifty-Six continued to rest on a back spine on top of the scattered red and gray tinted ashes with a loud groan of pain after the vicious fall off the narrow ledge. He slowly sat upright and posed on the legs, wiping off the blood from a pair of busted lips and a set of blooding nose holes. He slowly stood upright from the floor with a louder moan of pain and shuffled ahead towards the short concrete wall, slowly climbing on top of the narrow ledge, and stood upright in place with a loud hiss.

Inside the cavern, the queens had exited out from the darkened princess throne room and stood in the middle of the cave floor with a set of giggles and smiles. They had defeated the squires of eth Pamburg Kingdom. Now, each royal son was leading a group of Confederation warriors to kill the fourteen Pamburg princes. Then, the entire kingdom would belong to the queen and kings of the Confederation.

Inside the princess throne room, the squire slowly moved ahead and held the back of the bloody rear skull, where he had not died but exhibited a splitting headache with a pair of ringing ears and a pair of blurry eyeballs. He slowly moved ahead through the archway with a gasp and spun around moving backward while staring at the two dead squires, who were also his personal friends.

“Look!” Queen Ylangling pointed at the squire with a shock.

Glay spun around and sprinted forward with a growl, reaching out and grabbed the squire by the front of the neck, holding the horizontal shaft of blades at naked neckline.

“Don’t, Glay!” Marquee Jennessee spun around with a gasp and then smiled. “We need a servant, since you killed everyone today with your bloody shaft. I wanna go up to the lake and swim within the sweet water. Then, I want a cold beverage and a tray of hot food. He is the only servant here on the entire mountain complex, until we can move in our staff of personal Sand servants on tomorrow morning.”

Duchess Torgeezus grinned with a nod. “I concur.”

Ylangling smiled with a nod. “I agree.”

Haildrameme frowned. “Put down your shaft! Release him, Glay!” Glay huffed in fury and released the squire. “Take off your clothing!” The queens giggled with a grin at the squire.

“What?” He held the rear of the skull with a sour frown.

“Take off all of your clothing! Then, you cannot escape from us or harm us.” Haildrameme pointed at the clothes with a smile. He slowly removed all the battle gear, starting with the chest vest, a pair of trousers, and the pair of knee high boots while keeping on the underwear. Each queen giggled with fun. Haildrameme smiled. “Follow me! We’re going to tour the mountain castle. What is the stairs that leads to the second floor?”

He exhaled with a huff of embarrassment. “The princess domes are located on the second floor.”

Princess dome location

Second level sitting

Haildrameme swung around from the princess cavern with a smile and dashed ahead, climbing up the rock coated staircase, stepping off onto the second floor, dashing ahead and stopped, staring into the first princess dome.

Each dome had been strategically spaced for personal privacy and personality charge of each alive and breathing sister princess. Once upon a time, an alive and breathing princess could lounge on top of an elevated chair on top of the flat rock floor with a color coded face patch, communicating with all the sisters or one. Thus, the princess dome could keep the dueling catfight to a minimum between the set of sassy sisters.

Haildrameme dashed ahead over the exterior balcony with a racing heart and a mind of excitement and turned, scanning each dome with a gasp of beauty. The dome had an open structure which featured a living setting space with a set of elevated throne chairs and sofa, a sleeping space with a single bed frame that hugged the rear of the smooth midnight blue tinted mountain rock for privacy for each princess sister while blocking the heat and secretly reading an arm patch for fun. Each individual empty princess dome and moved around a curved open balcony that served as a hallway. Each princess dome was built with a set of four upright arched columns underneath a dome rooftop.

She continued to dash ahead with a giggle. “The sight is so far that I can almost see the heavens. Look at this! The exterior balcony goes completely around the other side of the mountain castle. It is so pretty and quiet up here!”

Jennessee stepped off the staircase and followed behind Haildrameme, staring into each dome. Now the dome was empty and lifeless without the pretty and lively sister princess. She continued to run down along the open balcony with a sneer, “Except, for Haildrameme and her big mouth! Shut fuck up, darling! So, we can all enjoy the sun and the view of heaven too.”

The other queens slowly stepped off the staircase and swiftly followed behind the queen line while staring into each dome with a smile.

At the front of the queen line, Haildrameme leaped into the air with a grin and flew over the flat stream of water, landing in the water with a giggle, slowly stepping out of the water and stood upright on top of the rock exterior balcony. She removed the gown and dropped the fabric onto the hard surface, moving ahead, scooting around each docked jettie with a giggle and a grin.

Each queen followed behind the naked ass of Haildrameme and slowly peeled off the gown and the shoes also while hopping over each stream of running water that flooded down from the fresh water lake on top of the flat peak and then landed on top of the flat rock with a giggle and a grin.

Glay swiftly climbed the staircase and stepped off onto the solid surface with a smile slowly removing the long gown with a laugh, strolling over the exposed balcony floor on the side of the mountain castle with a smile in nakedness. She whipped her shaft side to side into the air with fun while studying the first princess dome. She enjoyed the bright sun and the cold breeze on top of the mountain castle, deciding which dome to select for her personal room. She stopped and stood in front of the first object with a smile as all the other queens leaped into the air, soared over each stream, and landed on the other side, rushing ahead. Glay reached out and touched the smooth metal object with a naked hand and a smile. “What is this conception?”

Pamburg Squire Number Fifty-Six slowly followed behind a line of naked asses on each queen and stopped with a face of dried blood, standing in behind the naked ass of Glay, reaching up and picked off the dried blood, examining the small open wounds for an infection. He exhaled with a huff of annoyance. “The gigantic placid lake drains down the mountain in a series of waterfalls. To access the waterfall, a princess would ride and fly inside the jettie. That is a short term air ship from the princess dome and then up to the king dome.”

“Open it up!” Glay pointed the shaft at the jettie with a sneer.

He frowned. “I cannot.”

“I order it.”

He exhaled. “I cannot.”

Glay spun around with a sneer to see the squire and reached out, shoving the bigger tip with the pointy blade on her shaft with a sneer into the edge of his throat at the Adam’s apple. “Open it up!”

The line of other queens stopped and then spun around with a gasp, racing back to Glay and the jettie ship at the first waterfall of water. Some of the queens stopped and stood in front of the stream of water. The other queens leaped from the balcony, into the air, over the stream, and landed near Glay, standing at the nose profiles of Glay and the squire.

Naked Jennessee parked both hands around a pair of naked breasts with a tickling sensation and a giggle, staring with a grin at the squire, “What is wrong here, Glay?”

“What are you doing, Glay? He is the only servant on the mountain castle. Do not kill him! He will wait and service us as we watch the defeat of the Pamburg Kingdom.” Naked Haildrameme stopped and stood in front of the stream of sparkling water with a sour frown as the warm sun tanned on a naked body and the light breeze tickled her breasts.

Naked Glay reached out and touched the object with a sneer. “What is this thing?”

The squire exhaled with annoyance while captured and working as a real slave. “The jettie is an enclosed airship without windows to protect each sister princess from harm. The jettie is remote controlled from the king dome when it is used to travel from each princess house and land on top of the natural lake platform at the peak of the mountain for a fun day or evening of water play. The rest of the planet is too wild and violent for a vicious viper much less a princess. The shortest mountain on Pamburg houses a placid lake and a majestic dome, where the king and queen lived, who watch over each precious daughter. The lake waters slowly and calmly flowed down one side of the short mountain into a set of sixteen sparkling mini-rivers. Between each placid mini-river, a princess dome was built that totaled fourteen. On the outer edges of the two mini-rivers, there is not a dome structure. Thus, the king and the queen of Pamburg always birthed a set of fourteen princesses that represent the strength and the survival of the short Pamburg Mountain.”

Naked Ylangling smiled at the jettie and reached out, touching the smooth metal with a pair of naked breasts with a giggle and a grin. “It is cold!”

Naked Glay pointed the shaft at the jettie with a sour frown. “He will not open up this thing which is called a jettie. It is an air ship, since it is the only transportation up to the lake on top of the mountain.”

Naked Torgeezus spun around from the jettie with a smile and shaded the eyelashes to see the height of the mountain castle. “O. That is bad. O. That is important. Then, you open it for us, Glay.”

He exhaled with a huff of annoyance at the stupid queen. “I cannot open the jettie either. The metal only contains a hand print of each of the dead fourteen princesses. My hand print or my blood will not activity the metal, even if you cut my throat or sever my hand for the gory task.”

Naked Glay nodded with a tern face and continued to roam both hands over the smooth metal. “Yes! That makes sense to me. Our technology of metal hand imprintation is very sophisticated.” She nodded with a stern face. “I believe you.”

Naked Torgeezus continued to stare at the mountain peak with a puzzled brow. “So, how do we get up and see the mountain lake?”

Naked Ylangling nodded with a smile. “We go back down and ride inside one of the airships.”

He smiled at each naked woman. “There isn’t a flying airship that is located here on the top of the mountain castle. The jettie is the only air transportation up to the mountain lake.”

Naked Jennessee reached out and shoved both hands onto the ship with a puzzled brow. “The jettie does not shift away from the water spot. It is too heavy for my hands.”

Naked Torgeezus spun around from the mountain peak to see Haildrameme with a puzzled brow. “O. So, are we going to go back home to the Confederation lands?”

Naked Glay sneered. “No! We are not retuning back home to the Confederation. We are invading the Pamburg Kingdom. We are the new rulers here and we are staying until we rule everything.”

Naked Torgeezus spun around from the jettie with a giggle and ran ahead through the water with a giggle. “Then, there is another way up and onto the mountain lake. Let’s find it, ya’ll!” She dashed ahead over the rest of the curved balcony, stopping at the end of the hard surface, and turned, stepping down a set of rock coated stairs with a puzzled brow.

The other queens spun around with a grin and dashed after the naked ass of Torgeezus, splashing over the shallow stream of water with a giggle, racing towards the end of the balcony and turned, running down the steps and entered the cavern mouth also.

The squire exhaled with a huff of both annoyance and worry about his life and his kingdom, slowly moving over the rock-coated balcony, splashing a pair of naked feet into the cool water stream also with a stern face and followed behind the line of queens.

Nan cavern entrance setting

Cool temperatures and semi-darkness from sunlight

Naked Torgeezus moved inside a few feet and stopped with a puzzled brow, standing in middle of the cave. The cave room had been cut off with small hole where a single bed mattress stood on top of a wide stand with a set of messy blankets in the solid color of tan without a pretty pattern of flowers. Each queen followed behind Torgeezus and stopped to face each cubby holes, forming a semi-crooked line inside the long cavern.

Naked Jennessee sniffed the air waves with a smile. “I smell the piney odor.”

The semi-naked squire had strolled down the end of the balcony and turned to face the staircase, climbing down each step, and entered the cave, stopping a few feet with a smile at each naked woman. “A Pamburg native smells like piney scent.”

Naked Ylangling moved ahead with a smile and entered one of the cubby holes inside the wall of the dark cave. “O. It is a cave.”

“What is this place?” Naked Glay turned and moved ahead, entering a different cubby hole for inspection with a puzzled brow.

He continued to stand and smile at each queen. “This is an enclosed and dugout cavern. This is where all curved portion of the princess throne room runs into the rock of the mountain in the rear of the dark cave, where the nurse or Nans lived.”

Naked Haildrameme slowly moved around and stopped in front of one cubby hole without entering with the room with a puzzled brow. “It’s all dark and enclosed like a cave. Does an animal live in here?”

“No.” The squire continued to stand with a smile at each wandering queen.

Naked Jennessee whirled around and exited the cubby hole with a puzzled brow. “Why is it so depressing and dark inside here?”

The squire smiled at each wandering queen. “I am guessing here. But you have never babysat fourteen whining little girls before,” he laughed with the queens.

Naked Glay continued to stand upright and survey each curved cave wall with a puzzled brow. “How do we get up onto the mountain lake?”

He smiled. “Each princess flew inside the jettie to travel from the princess dome up to the mountain lake castle.”

Naked Glay continued to stand and frown at each curved wall of solid purple tinted rock. “The jettie does not open with any of our hand print.”

“There is not an exterior set of steps that climb up to the mountain lake. So, there is some type of hidden door inside here. Go and examine each solid portion of the cave wall!” Naked Haildrameme moved ahead with a stern face and stopped, standing between the cubby holes, reaching out and slapped both flat palms over the smooth rock.

Each naked queen spun around and moved ahead, stopping, and stood in front of some solid portion of the cave wall, reaching out and slapped both flat palms, rubbing the smooth rock for a hidden seams or a secret passage way.

“Queens, there is not a hidden door in here. The only method for each one of you to fly up to the mountain lake is by a jettie,” he continued to stand and smile at each queen.

Naked Glay back stepped with a puzzle brow and reached down, grabbing the shaft, and lifted the shaft up into the air. She reared back and slammed the shaft forward into the solid rock wall with a loud whamp. A section of soft purple colored dirt wiggled side to side and then dropped down, landing on top of the clean rock floor. She stared through the oval shaped hole with a gasp. “Yes! There is a secret passage. And I have found it here on this wall. It runs along the side with the rock-coated staircase. It is a covered doorway with a set of more rock-coated steps.” Each queen back stepped with a gasp and spun around to face Glay and the broken wall with a smile, dashing ahead and stopped, standing i front of the tiny opening. Each one reached out and touched the soft dirt, tearing the hole bigger and wider, revealing an empty space of musty air.

Naked Jennessee back stepped with a sneeze and a frown, looking down to see a pair of dirty hands. “I don’t wanna get dirty. I don’t do work like this as a queen.”

“Me, too!” Naked Ylangling frowned down at her dirty hands too.

“Me, three!” Naked Torgeezus stared down at her pair of dirty hands also.

Naked Haildrameme back stepped with a smile and stared at the tiny opening, where the hands of the queen worked on the hole. “We don’t.”

Naked Glay continued to dig with both hands with a sour frown. “If we don’t, then we don’t get to see the mountain lake.”

“Yes, we will. We allow our solo servant to do dug through the soft dirt and find the secret passage with your hands,” naked Haildrameme spun around with a smile and reached down, grabbing the shaft, handing it to the squire with a nod.

Naked Glay back stepped with a cheer and spun around, reaching down, and grabbed her shaft, holding in the air with a nod in silence to the squire. The squire accepted the shaft from Haildrameme and moved ahead with a sour frown to clear out the dirt away from the hidden passageway. “Yes, your highness!” He stopped and stood in front of the tiny hole, rearing back, and slammed the shaft forward while creating a bigger and wider hole with a loud grunt of hard work. The queens bounced up and down while clapping and cheering with happiness.

At the Pamburg Science building, in front of the entrance door, Pamburg Squire Number Thirty-Six spun around from the steel door of the building with a gasp to see the top of the mountain castle.

Pamburg Lady Number Six said via his metal forearm arm patch into the air waves for his eardrums only in a tiny voice. “What is happening out there? I can’t open the door to the science building for any reason.”

He shaded both eyelids and stared at the balcony of the mountain castle with a puzzled brow. “There seems to be a set of heavy movement of people on top of the exterior balcony of the mountain castle in front of the princess domes which doesn’t make any sense. The Princess Walk had finished. There should not be any movement up there from a princess.”

She said via his arm patch with a tiny voice into the air waves. “Then, all the princesses are dead.”

He gasped. “No. That is not right! That can’t be right! There has to be a princess to serve as the queen of Pamburg.”

She said via his arm patch with a tiny voice into the air waves. “Yes, only one or two princesses survive the Princess Walk. therefore, there are only old and crappy Nans in few numbers.”

He continued to survey the balcony of the mountain castle that held much activity with a puzzled brow. “If the Princess Walk is danger, then why didn’t each princess reject the Princess Walk?”
She gasped via his arm patch into the air waves. “What are you talking about? A princess would never refuse the Princess Walk. How could a princess reject and not performing the Princess Walk. If the princess wanted to become the queen, she had to do the Princess Walk like I did.”

He continued to survey the mountain with a gasp of understanding. The Nans did not explain to each princess the array of water pits of gators and the final consequence as the chosen queen of Pamburg. So, this particular Pamburg Lady had performed the walk through the gators and survived and then refused to become the next queen. He frowned, “Never thee mind! This is so strange. The balcony on the mountain castle shows a set of moving bodies,” he looked down and tapped on the arm patch which would focus onto the balcony of the mountain castle. The arm patch was a wonderful devise of vocal and visual communication. However, it was limited with one function of vocal or visual communication unless it was a recording tape of activity. He had to cut off the conversation from the hidden Pamburg Lady inside the science building for a short time. He whispered for his eardrums only at the live action scene on the arm patch. “It is not a Pamburg amber skin colored princess. I see a set of mature adults with various colored hair in a long dress. I see a row of huge boat ships that are parked outside the twin gates. One of the gates has been opened. Why would the old lead squire do that? He has allowed the royals of the Confederation into the Pamburg Kingdom.” He gasped with alarm and cut off the visual image on the arm patch, switching back to hear the vocal voice of the hidden Pamburg Lady inside the science building. “It is an invasion. I see the queens from the Confederation. They are up there and searching through each princess dome on top of balcony of the mountain castle.”

She gasped via his arm patch in the air waves. “Why would we be invaded? We are a peaceful society.”

He exhaled. “You guessed it correctly. All the princesses are dead. Thus, it is an invasion on the mountain castle by all the royals and the natives the Confederation. Why would that happen? I don’t understand.”

She said via his arm patch in the air waves. “Because all the princesses are dead, then ancient treaty has been violated.”

“What ancient treaty?”

She gasped via his arm patch in the air waves. “There is ancient treaty of peace between the Confederation and the Pamburg Kingdom as long as there is a living and breathing king and queen on top of the two throne chairs. Thus, there is continued peace on the entire continent.”

He gasped and stared at the movement on the mountain castle. “No, you lie.”

She gasped via his arm patch in the air waves, “Yes, I truth.”

He turned with a puzzled brow to see the lividly commotion near the twin gates at the Delta waters in the far distance. “And the Prince House is being invaded by the Confederation weasels, too, so there truly is a dead prince also. But what does this invasion to us and me and you?”

She gasped via his arm patch in the air waves. “It means that the Pamburg Kingdom is going to war without a king or a queen.

“So, the kingdom needs a king, which is me.” He laughed at the activity on the outside of the Prince House. “We must rush. Can one of the heated bottles of a mature fetus be proclaimed as the new princess of Pamburg?”

She gasped via his arm patch in the air waves. “Well, I…I guess so. Why is that important now?”

“I am the true heir of Pamburg Kingdom, as long as, I can claim a princess. Then, the Pamburg Kingdom will be spared from the vile dogs of the Confederation army.”

She gasped via his arm patch in the air waves. “How did you figure that out? How are you, the true heir of Pamburg?”

“I possess the only unique trait of the Pamburg king.”

She gasped via his arm patch into the air waves. “You do not. I have been searching for the unique trait from the first ancient king of Pamburg also. What is it? What is the kingly trait that you possess on your body?”

He ran away from the building and toward the ground airship with a smile, saying into the arm patch. “There is no time right now. Go and pluck one of the mature female fetuses out from the oven! I will explain to all the rude and vile invaders from the Confederation that they are the losers here within the Pamburg Kingdom. And I am taking the throne seat as the new king of Pamburg. I must go but I’ll return back to you and the newborn princess. Then, I will sever each skull and stab it down into a pike pole for my fun collection of the royals of the Confederation.”

She gasped via his arm patch in the air waves. “No! Wait! Tell me! How are you the real king of Pamburg? Why does the princess need to be a newborn baby? I can be both your princess and your wife. I wanna be the queen of Pamburg.”

Outside the building on top of the glittering white tinted crystal smooth walking pavement, he moved up the ramp and ran ahead through the open hatchway, cutting the arm patch with her set of sissy words, sliding down into the pilot chair with a laugh, slamming both hands over the flat glass console with a smile. “I am coming. The king is coming. Don’t harm too many of my subjects! I need a set of servants to entertain my needs and feed my person.” The ship ignited with power and then lifted from the crystal pavement into the air, swirling around in the sky, flying with great speed back towards the Prince House.

Inside the Pamburg science building, the middle-aged Pamburg Lady turned away from the steel door and dashed ahead down the long hallway and slammed directly into the laboratory door with a pant of panic. She entered the room and turned to face the solid door, moving ahead, and reached up, touching the closed door with her sweat.

The entrance door slid open.

She slid inside the tiny enclosed room and stood in front of the glass wall with a smile. “This is an enclosed, non-accessible, and hidden largest room inside the laboratory building, where all the fetuses are held until maturity.” She reached over and touched the flush part of the wall, where the hidden wall switch stood and flicked on the power. She looked with an evil grin through the glass wall at all the objects. The side wall illuminated and revealed numerous tables that held hundreds and hundreds of bottled fully grown fetuses that held come from each kingdom of the Confederation.

She laughed with an evil grin. “Now, I have the power. Now, I am going to the queen of Pamburg as the wife of the true king of Pamburg. Now, I will destroy all the fetuses, since fourteen girls and fourteen boys have been genetically alternated by the old Pamburg formal princess and current Nan with a pair of talented fingers,” laughing.

Each table had been marked with a non-descript letter which had bit been associated with the name of the kingdom. The method had been done to prevent tampering by a jealous or crazy Pamburg scientist or a paid enemy of the Confederate spy. The bot computer had handled and marked each glass bottle of every baby fetus based on the blood that had dripped down into the body mold coming from each royal princess. Then, the both computer dropped down each bottled fetus through the floor nightstand opening and wheeled it on top of a convey belt, lifting the bottle up to settle on top of the appropriate assigned table inside the sterile environment. The bottle of the fetus stayed there until the fetus maturity grew into a fully developed baby from the jelly of the birthed mother.

The clear jar was specifically designed to feed an internal growing baby fetus. Inside each jar, the mom’s placenta tissues were re-generated over and over while feeding a continuous string of fluids, oxygen, and nutrients into the fetus. The fetus will grow into a full sized baby. Some of the bottles were tinted in a color blue which represented a baby boy. The pink tints represented a little female. A red tint displayed a dead fetus without life but physical form.

She gasped in alarm and continued to stare at the one single bottle which contained a fully grown fetus. “What is that inside the bottle with the grown fetus? I have never seen that before. Maybe, I should awaken the old woman for a medical explanation,” she leaned down into the glass with a puzzled brow. “Why is the color of the fluid appearing as green tinted inside the glass jar? What does that mean for the growing fetus inside that glass jar?” Her eyeballs darted down and as her fingers tapped onto the metal forearm patch. She frowned in puzzlement. “What does the color of green represent? The old woman didn’t tattle me that information. What does the color of green represent from a growing fetus, arm patch one?”

The arm patch blinked in a series of flashing colorful lights with searching for the answer.

Inside the interior of the lowest floor level of the Gate Tower, the first royal prince from the Kingdom of the Land possessed a tone of red skin and a head of cropped brown colored hair, and a pair of hazel eyeballs with a slender build of lean muscles, silently climbing up each horizontal bar and up through the first opening, standing upright in a set of heavy pants of breath and an array of heavy drops of salt water with a sneer on top of a flat surface, turning to scan the new room. The room was a long rectangle shape with a solid wall of glittering crystal stone behind his ass. In front of his face, there was a row of parked and dead airships that stood on top of an external platform like each ship was ready for take-off. He reached up and slapped the purple colored dangling earring face patch, where every Confederation royal could hear his words for communication. “I have arrived first inside the Prince House. I am inside an empty hallway, without a prince in sight here. There is a row of grounded airships on top of an external platform,” he moved ahead and away from the opening while pausing and listened to the instructions from Imperator Kung on the one-sided conversation of the face patch, pulling out the knife for body protection that displayed a wet green colored tunic and a pair of matching trousers, and a pair of brown matching boots.

Vantrey emerged up from the next circular opening and stood upright from the floor, moving ahead in a pair of wet brown trousers, a pair of wet matching boots, and a wet chest, wiping off the water from a face and both arms with a stern face. He turned and stared down a long hallway while motioning in silence for each warrior from the Confederation. Each warrior swiftly emerged up from one of six holes and stood upright, swiftly moving over the floor in front of Modoc and Vantrey while scanning the empty hallway with a sneer. Vantrey continued to signal each warrior to move ahead and form a set of semi-crooked rows for the attack on the sleeping princes of Pamburg and slapped the purple tinted dangling earring face patch, “Yes, Vetepurr! We will do as you advise, Kung. We will post a warrior in front of the airships and not let a prince escape from the Prince House. You must kill them all, if we are to assume control of the Pamburg Kingdom.”

“Not me!” The brother of Modoc, the second royal prince of the Kingdom of the Land Jarl swiftly emerged up from the third circular opening with a sneer and stood upright, turning to see the long empty hallway, wiping off the water from a face and whipped the shaft side to side for fun. “I wanna kill me a prince,” he wore a pair of green colored trousers, a pair of matching knee boots, and a naked chest.

The third blood brother of Modoc and the third royal prince of the Kingdom of the Land Altus swiftly climbed up the fourth circular opening with a laugh and a wet body, standing upright in place, scanning the empty hallway with a stern face, “Not me, either! I wanna kill two princes.” He wore a pair of red coated devil horns to talk with the other royal teens. Altus stared with a smile at the long hallway with the mental thoughts of killing each prince in silence and twirled the shaft between the fingers without the exposed deadly blades with a laugh and a grin, staring at the empty hallway without a prince.

From the Kingdom of the Lakes, second royal prince Gunnison emerged up from the fifth hole with a smile and stood upright, moving away from the opening, and wore a wet pair of matching trousers, and a pair of wet knee boots, and a wet naked chest. He was a tall and slender body, a bald head, and a pair of green eyeballs, and a tone of pink tinted skin. “I wanna kill three princes.”

From the Kingdom of the Lakes, first royal prince Ferron emerged up from the sixth opening and stood upright over the floor, possessing a tall and muscular body frame, a bald head, a pair of blue tinted eyeballs, and a tone of dark skin like his father, twirling the shaft between two hands, wearing a pair of purple trousers that were tucked down into a pair of matching knee boots and a naked chest with a pair of red tinted face patch devil horns on the wet forehead. He slowly moved ahead and stood next to Jarl, turning to scan the single row of royal teens with a sneer. “I wanna kill four princes.”

Second royal prince Datto emerged up from one of the open holes with a laugh and stood upright on top of the new floor, “That is a total of ten princes.”

Third royal prince Lorchess climbed up one of the opening and stood beside his brother Datto. Both wore a single purple dangling golden earring on a left earlobe for fun and dared one of the other teen or adult royal smart ass males to insult their selection face patch for a nice bloody beating. Each brother wore a head of blonde colored long shaggy shoulder length hair, a pair of green eyeballs, a tone of pale tinted skin, a tall body form, and a set of muscular biceps coming from handling and wrestling with the numerous dangerous, tall, and live mammals within the Kingdom of the Snow. Each brother wore a pair of black trousers that were tucked down into a pair of knee high boots with a naked chest, twirling an individual shaft with both hands, staring at the three semi-crooked rows of Confederation warriors. He laughed. “Four royals wanna take out seventy-one percent of the princes. That does not seem fair and equitable.”

Modoc continued to stare and study the empty hallway with a sneer at each royal. “Shut up, all!”

Datto laughed. “Who is staying behind to guard the airships? So, a prince can’t escape my blade.”

Ferron sneered. “Exmore can stand guard here and protect the row of grounded airships. Where is third royal prince Exmore?”

Jarl stared ahead at the back spine of three rows of wet and dripping Confederation warriors with a worried brow. “It looks like we are fewer males then before, after we all jumped down from each river barge and landed inside the water. Who else is missing?”

Datto turned and scanned the rows of back spine of each wet warrior that stood and swayed side to side for upcoming battle in front of the line of royals with a laugh. “O. Do you really mean to ask me? Who got eaten underneath the waters by the nest of gators?”

Vantrey spun around and gasped at Datto. “Who else got eaten by the nest of gators?”

Datto winked with a smile at Vantrey. “I saw thirteen of your sissy Sun guards eaten up for lunch by a nest of hunger gators.”

Lorchess laughed with a wink at Vantrey. “I saw twelve of the fisher boys consumed by another nest of hunger gators too.”

Jarl laughed. “I thought a fisher boy could wrestle a gator underneath the water.”

Altus laughed. “Guess so!”

“Guess not!” Jarl laughed again.

Vantrey gasped. “How many warriors have we lost?”

Datto laughed. “O. Do you really mean to ask me? How many sissy warriors from the Kingdom of the Sun have we lost?”

Modoc spun around with a sneer to see the row of teen royals. “Shut your sound! We don’t want to be discovered. That does not matter right now. What matters right now, all the alive and breathing Pamburg princes! This is a hallway, where the airships live. Kung said to run down the hallway and turn at the wall corner. Then, that next hallway is the squire apartments.”

Jarl frowned. “How does Kung know so much?”

Altus nodded. “He visited here on the second day of his imperator reign and memorized the buildings, the landscape, and the words of the king. Then, he added all the new images in writing to create a map of the Pamburg Kingdom.”

Gannon frowned. “Has the great war been planned by the royal this year?”

Ferron nodded with a smile at the rows of swaying Confederation warriors. “An invasion of the Pamburg Kingdom has been planned for days, months, years, decades, centuries. But, we get to fell and fail.

From the Kingdom of the Sun, second royal prince Qcraft emerged up from one of the openings with more of the Confederation warriors and stood upright, swinging around to face the objects with a smile, “How interesting! There are only thirteen airships on top of the exterior platform of the Prince house.”

Ferron turned and frowned at the row of dead airships. “Yes, I can count, too. There are thirteen airships. Why is that important?”

Qcraft frowned at each dead airship. “There are fourteen princes of the Pamburg Kingdom. So, one ship is for each prince. So, one is missing. Thus, one is dead for some reason. Then, one will not be killed by me for some reason.”

Modoc turned and gasped at the row of airships. “You’re correct! There are only thirteen airships. This is plan.”

“We kill. The plan is easy.” Datto turned to face the hallway with a sneer.

Ferron continued to stand next to Jarl, turning to scan the single row of royal teens with a sneer. “Where’s Exmore?”

Altus continued to stare with a smile at the long hallway with the mental thoughts of killing each prince in silence and twirled the shaft between the fingers without the exposed deadly blades with a laugh and a grin, staring at the empty hallway without a prince. “Ferron is blind with cowardliness. Second royal prince Exmore is not here with me or you or us or them,” laughing.

Jarl tapped the shaft on top of a collar bone, leaning over and forcefully slapped the bicep of his brother Altus with a loud pop and an evil laugh. “Exmore is still on top of the barge.” Second royal prince Jarl would come back home to the Kingdom of the Sand and then would marry Princess Nixie after the Time of Recognition. Then, Nixie would become the next new young Duchess of the Kingdom of the Land. This proper royal coupling had happened for centuries for the second royals of the Sand and the Land. He wore a pair of red tinted pair of devil horns which had been dictated by Modoc and a vertical line of red dots which represented dripping red blood proteins that flowed down the left nostril for fun and to talk with his brother Altus.

Qcraft continued to stare with a sneer down a long empty corridor without a single prince. “He had better be serving a tray of cold drinks and hot food on the river barge to all the adult royals inside the command post. Or he can service up my blade,” he lifted the shaft near a sneer and pressed the button, exposing a set of tiny sharp blades over the smooth rod.

Gunnison twirled the shaft with one hand, staring down the long corridor of empty space. “We should have brought along first royal princess Ovilla. She would have been more useful in the fight rather than her sissy ass brother Exmore.”

Datto laughed, “Yeah! Ovilla could have come with us and then fucked them to death.”

Ferron turned and laughed at Modoc. “Hey! Ovilla is a great fuck. Isn’t that right, Modoc?”

Jarl scooted sideways and slammed into the side of Ferron with a sneer. “Shut your mouth!”

Altus leaned over and shoved the big naked bicep of Qcraft without moving the oversized teen over the hard surface with a snarl. “Stop threatening, Exmore! He’s scared and skinny and slender and stupid…”

Qcraft swung a face with a sneer to see Altus. “You’re the stupid royal, who threats me. I both outweigh and outfight you…”

“Shut the fuck up, royals! Stopping making noise! We’re here to fight the group of Pamburg princes, not with each other. Follow me!” Modoc whispered into the pair of red tinted creepy and curved devil horn face patch over each eyebrow which made been cleverly invented by Baron Vetepurr, who ruled the Kingdom of Fire. He spun around and slowly moved ahead next to his best friend Vantrey.

Inside the control room of the Gate Tower, all the squires and princes stood upright in awe or sat inside a chair in worry, a fleet of seven facial decorative river barges that came from the Confederation had stopped and parked, wobbling side to side over the calm pale blue waters of the Delta in front of the twin crystal gates and along the side of the crystal fence.

On the view screen, each queen had stood in a royal gown on top of the river barge deck as Imperatoress Haildrameme announced the surprise visit to see and confirm the deaths of each Pamburg princess, where the future piece of information had been predicted by an oracle. Then each queen had been invited to tour the princess throne room and see each pile of gray ashes from a dead princess and now had landed on the top soil of yellow of the mountain castle for the tour which was guided by the eldest Pamburg Squire Number Fifty-Six, who would tell the sorry tale.

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