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Being the Best Friend: Erotica Short Story

By Shelly Pasia

Copyright@2017 by Shelly Pasia

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Mary looked at her watch and felt like cursing. It was already past eight and her cookies were not ready yet. They still had about twenty more minutes to get ready. Twenty minutes was not such a long time, but the men in the living room had already started to complain. Of course, they were men and were prone to complaining about everything.

The good thing was that she had bought a lot of beer. It was keeping them busy s her cookies took their time to get ready. She did not care whether they would eat them hot. As a matter of fact, Mary knew that she did not want to be here. She did not want to be in the house on a Wednesday night. Her friends were out there having a good time as their husbands came to her house to play poker with her husband.

Suddenly, the man walked in to check on what she was doing. He smiled, a fake smile of course, and asked her why they were taking so long.

“They are almost ready. Twenty more minutes,” she said and the man looked at his watch.

“They are taking too much time,” he said. He was still angry at her from the fight they had had hours ago.

Mary was also angry at him and she did not know how she would manage looking at his face tonight. She wondered why she was even here helping him entertain his guests. It was not as if they even took notice of her.

“Trust me, if I could turn myself into an oven, then I would take a shorter time, but since I can’t seem to master that, we are going to have to make do with what we have,” Mary said sarcastically.

“You don’t have to be rude, Mary,” the man said. His name was Thomas. Mary rolled her eyes and waved him off. But it seemed as if he wanted to stay some more.

“Your friends need you,” she said at last.

“I am not going to allow you to speak to me like that,” Thomas said. His voice was already rising.

“And I am not going to allow you to treat me like a slave. I am going to bring the cookies when they are ready. And if you think you can do a better job than I can, then you are welcome to try,” she said taking off her apron.

Mary’s tears were already starting to spill. She could feel her face getting red from the anger. Thomas was not in such good shape either. He was getting angry by the minute. He wanted to say something but he could not. Mary dared him with her eyes to say something, anything, and she would torch the whole place up.

“Guys, are you alright?” Blake said getting into the kitchen. It was Thomas’ best friend. They had been friends for a long time. Ever since Tomas started working at their company.

“Tell him to get out of the kitchen,” Mary said. Blake was close enough to them such that they did not hide their problems from him most of the time.

“Do not be rude to me, woman. I came here respectfully—”

“Out!” Mary screamed and Blake raised his arms. He placed an arm on Thomas’ shoulders and gently led him away. He then asked the rest of the guys to leave. The family was going through something and Mary was upset. They would come for the cookies the following Tuesday.

Given that the men had heard Mary screaming, none wanted to stay behind and witness the drama. They piled out, leaving the three in the house alone. Blake asked Thomas to remain in the kitchen as he talked to Mary. He would try and calm her down.

Back in the kitchen, Mary was an angry mess. Her cookies were almost ready but she did not care about them anymore. All she wanted to do was to cry her eyes out. Her husband was being a prick again. He never understood her. He was always rushing her, making her feel like she was the laziest woman on Earth. Mary knew that she was not lazy. If anything, she could point at least ten women she knew who were lazier than she was.

Blake walked to her and held her in his arms. This was an innocent gesture that had been done a few times before. He then stepped back and asked her to explain everything. Mary trusted Blake enough and she told him everything that was bothering her. The man was being a prick and that was not nice. She was starting to feel bored with the marriage because it now seemed like she would never be good enough for her husband. Did she love him? She did not know. Mary could not tell whether she loved her husband any more.

Blake talked to her and made her laugh. He made her understand that Thomas was simply going through some things at work and that he would pull through as a sane human being. By the time he was done, Mary was feeling a little bit better about herself. He then walked to Blake and asked him to go easy on his wife. Such a scene was not supposed to be repeated again. Thomas did not have any qualms about it. He was, however, still angry that his wife had been so disrespectful.

They did not speak much that night. Mary slept as soon as Blake left. Thomas waited out until he was sure that his wife was asleep before he climbed in bed. He went through what had happened that night and felt sorry for himself. He felt sorry that he had allowed himself to marry a woman who did not respect him at all. Whether he loved her or not, that was going to be anyone’s guess. All he knew was that he too was getting tired of a marriage with no respect. At least his version of respect was not being honored.

Early the following morning, the man left for work without talking to his wife. Mary stayed in bed for a long time wondering why she even needed to stay in the marriage. They had had a lot of years together, she reminded herself. They were yet to get children, but she knew that was on her. She was not able to get pregnant. While she was starting to get tired of her marriage, she did not want to give up on it so easily. She would, however, only work on it if the man she was with was willing to do so to.

Evening came and Mary waited for her husband. She had made his favorite dinner hoping that they would start mending their relationship as soon as possible. This way, they would continue living happily. The fact that they could not have children was putting enough toll on them. The last thing she wanted to do was lose a good man because she could not do Antung about it.

Thomas came, looked at the food and said he was not hungry, before heading to bed. If this was not bad for their relationship, then Mary did not know what was. She picked her phone and texted Blake. She wanted someone to talk to. Blake was in an engagement somewhere but promised that he would text as soon as he was out. Mary decided that she would talk to her husband and see what was bothering him.

“I am going for a business trip,” Thomas said as soon as she walked into the room.


“Tomorrow morning. I am going to be gone for a week. Maybe by the time I come back you will have learned to show me some respect,” Thomas said.

There is was, her marriage was falling apart. Mary could tell that her husband was not going on any trip. He was going to be looking for somewhere to stay as a way of punishing her. Mary felt tired of it all. She wondered why she had to be the one going through it all. Why couldn’t she be in a normal relationship like everyone else? She was trying to salvage their relationship yet the man was playing poker with it, trying to punish her for something so trivial. And it was not as if he was right even.

“Suit yourself,” Mary said and walked to the living room. She did not care anymore. If her husband wanted to go for a business trip, he was free to do so. After all, he was not a child and she could not ground him to the house.

Blake texted later that night. He hoped he had not woken her up. Mary was up and still in the living room a glass of wine next to her. They started texting and with time, her mood started to get better.

Never before had she chatted for so long with Blake. It was always a short message here and there before they all went back to their lives. But this night’s chat showed Mary a side of him she had not seen. He was a funny man and he seemed to understand her. He made her laugh harder than anyone else had ever made her laugh.

Three hours later, their chats had shifted from knowing how Mary was to some harmless flirting that made Mary feel nice. She was not sure whether it as the wine or whether it was Blake who was simply too damn good.

She told him that her husband was leaving for a trip the following morning and she did not want to be alone. Out of impulse, Blake asked her if she would go to dinner with him. There was no harm in going to dinner with a friend she had known for years. Blake was like a brother to her after all and she felt safe around him. She had to admit though, that after tonight, she would not see him as that innocent brother she used to go to for solutions.

The date was set up fast and Mary wondered yet again whether it was the wife that was playing with her inhibitions. But then again, she convinced herself that Blake was not taking any alcohol and he seemed to know what was best for her. By the time Mary was going to sleep, she was a happy woman, having laughed for the better part of three hours. She wondered why her husband could not be like Blake. Blake was funny and easy going. He seemed to know what a woman wanted at all times. He also knew how to deal with people in general.

Thomas left the following morning without a word. He was still angry and Mary did not care. He could do whatever he wanted for all she cared. She would not try to force herself on someone who did not even want to see her. Once he was gone, she sent him a text wishing him a safe trip. The text was never replied until late in the afternoon when Thomas sent a thank you note. By then Mary was already planning her dinner date with Blake. If her husband was not planning to make her happy, then she was going to look for happiness somewhere else.

This was not to say that Mary was planning on cheating on her husband. Mary was a level-headed woman. At least that was what she saw herself as. She could not just cheat on a whim. She had never slept with any other man other than her husband and she was planning to keep it like that. While Thomas was being a dick, he did not deserve to be cheated on. This much Mary knew and was planning to do the right thing. This was despite the fact that going out was going to increase her chances of sleeping with someone else.

The date started out fine. Blake came on time and took her to one of his favorite restaurants. They talked for hours, Blake making her laugh some more. She did not know that Blake was a man on a mission. For the longest time, Blake had wanted the woman. This was not love to him, it was pure desire. She was a beautiful white woman with a shapely body whose beauty her husband did not appreciate.

During the initial stages of their fights, Blake had been very sympathetic with the family. They always came to him with their problems. It was one of the reasons why Blake convinced himself that he did not want a woman to stay for more than six months in his house. He did, however, know that his best friend did not value his wife like he was supposed to. This was despite the fact that the woman did everything in her power to make her man happy.

An idea cropped in her head that maybe the woman needed to feel happy even if just for a night. He had been talking to Thomas one evening when Thomas told him that he never cared much whether his wife got sexual pleasure or not. It was not his responsibility. He could not pay for everything in the house and still be expected to provide that. If she was not content with the kind of sex she was getting from him, then that was her own problem.

Blake asked him whether he would allow her to cheat and his answer had been rather self-assured. The woman would never cheat. At least Thomas saw this as a plus and appreciated his woman for it. From then on, every time Thomas and Mary fought, he found himself thinking of that night. He found himself thinking of the possibility that Mary could be unsatisfied with the marriage. That maybe what she wanted was a good fucking.

This Blake knew he could give. His women always told him how good he was. He too knew he was good in bed. He knew that if he took Mary slow enough, then maybe she would cave in. after all, she was a beautiful woman who liked being told she was beautiful. Flattery can take you anywhere, he kept telling himself.

His journey to giving Mary sexual satisfaction started long before she even realized it. Not that she had realized it anyway. Blake started with the siding wither. He would always hold her a little longer than was necessary, something Mary never realized but eventually got used to. He had done it so well that every time she would be around him, her hand would always be touching a part of his body. All this Blake realized and kept to himself. He knew that patience was the only rule of this game.

The dinner date had been set in the most casual of conversations. Mary had not even realized that she had been invited for a date by her husband’s best friend. Hell, she would never realize until he was pounding into her pussy. But then it would be too late to turn back and she would be having a time of her life.

He watched her from across the table she was happy; she looked happy. He had just finished telling her a series of joke and could see how happy she had been. Clearly, she appreciated the fact that someone was making this gesture. His conversation had, for the past hour, turned from normal to flirty. So far things were good. She had not raised an eyebrow since.

Dinner came to an end and they got to their feet. It was time to leave. He drove her slowly to her house which took about thirty minutes. All the while in the car, some intense music was playing. Mary did not realize it but it was slowly turning her on. By the time she was at her front door, Blake knew he was going to be hitting it tonight.

“Thanks a lot for the night,” she said standing there.

“I wish there was more I COULD DO FOR YOU,” Blake said.

“But you have done more than enough. Care for some coffee? I am not planning to sleep yet,” she said unlocking her door.

Blake shrugged and walked into the house. He walked behind her, his eyes on her ass. This was a long shot. Chances were that she was not going to notice anything. But all through the night, Mary had noticed the long glances, especially to her chest. She could tell that the man was staring at her ass and she added a swing to her gait. She was having fun without even realizing it.

This was Blake’s time to turn his flirt into full throttle. There was no other way. This he did easily as they walked into the kitchen and Mary started to prepare the coffee.

“You are going to miss your husband?” he asked, finally bringing Thomas into the picture.

“Not really. It’s not as if he has been the best to me,” she said rather carelessly.

“In terms of?”

“Everything,” Mary said. She was not sure why she was saying these things, but she felt like she could trust the man standing in front of her.

“And the companionship?”

“Are you asking whether I am going to miss the sex? It’s not as if he has gone forever. He will come back,”

“But then nothing about your sex life will change. He won’t give you that orgasm you have always been craving,” Blake said.

Mary laughed. This was an embarrassing topic. How did he know that she was craving for orgasms? She and her friends always talked about it and it appeared as if she was the only one who had never been given an orgasm by her husband, or by a man for that matter.

“Oh well, I learned to adjust.”

Blake stepped closer to her. This time he was sure that all her defenses were down. She looked up to his face and breathed in, her lower lip was trembling.

“But do you really need to adjust?” Blake asked in a low voice. His dark skin glimmered in the kitchen light.

“No,” her lips moved and Blake took that as the green light. He bent down and kissed her on the lips, prompting her to close her eyes. She did not kiss back immediately, but waited until his tongue was gently nudging to get past her lips before she started to kiss her husband’s best friend.

Blake stepped back and looked at the woman he was about to fuck. His eyes roamed across her body and he felt his heartbeat rise. He was going to slam his cock into her pussy and feel whatever it was that his demons were drawing her towards. He knew what it was like to fuck this woman, to submit to the raw passion that threatened to tear through his eyes and take her right there and then.

Mary, on the other hand, stood there, unable to think as her breathing got heavier. This was exactly what she knew would happen the moment she allowed him in the house. In her head, she could see him howling like a bitch from all the pleasure she was going to give him. Maybe this man would show her a good time and make her cum like she had never before. The prospects excited her.

From the look he was giving her, she wondered whether he was thinking of the same thing she was thinking of right now. Hell, she could not even look at him without wanting to tear his clothes out. And she knew she was going to have this man for a long time, not just today.

“Strip baby, we need to start in the shower,” she said and watched the man literary jump out of his clothes. He then opened the door to the shower so she would step in. He was a magnificent creature, his cock long and hard. He moved by instinct, he had suddenly transformed into an animal, one very horny animal.

This was the beast he had transformed into few minutes they had been together, a beast she wanted to handle. Well, she was going to set it free. She was going to show him that she could also make him wild, wilder than he had ever imagined. She did know him very well, and she was planning to know him better than anyone did. It was funny that a long cock was all she needed to turn her into such a slut. Well, it could be better or longer, or both, but she did not care. All she cared for right now was this man. Her delicious man standing in front of her, with lust glazed eyes.

His face inched closer to hers and their lips met, each of them succumbing to the passion that was threatening to tear them apart. Blake kissed her like there was no tomorrow while Mary kissed back as if her life depended on it.

She broke the kiss all of a sudden and pushed him back to the water, she wanted to see the water running down his body, but Blake was not done with her yet. He went back and held her by the waist. He needed to have her right there and then and he was not hiding it. His cock was at least not going to hide that piece of truth. Mary looked into his eyes and noticed the lust, she moaned softly, asking him with her eyes to carry on and his kisses moved to her chest where he found a pair of beautiful mounds. Blake was an expert in this game and he knew just where to touch and how.

No one would have thought that something like this would ever happen. At least not a few hours ago, when Mary was still trying to figure out her husband. Mary had never given him a second look. What changed that, even she could not tell. If you asked Mary about them being in this situation a few hours ago, she would have burst into flames. Before, he was just a player, someone she could not trust. But now he was something else. He was taller and stronger, his muscles seemed to shine from the water that cascaded over him. He was an improved version of himself. It was all Mary needed to give herself to him.

“Where have you been all this time?” she asked, stopping him. The questions did not make sense, but she felt like she needed to ask these questions.

He took her in his arms and kissed her again, “I don’t know. I also don’t know how you did it, but I have a feeling that this is never going to stop. You are driving me crazy,” he said and looked into her eye. Indeed, he was being driven crazy.

Mary took his cock in her hand and started to stroke it slowly. She watched the man start to come to life. His body was starting to uncoil and his cock was growing bigger and better. This was too good. He knew he was not going to last long in these conditions so he made her stop and pulled her close to him, his cock sliding between her legs.

He took some soap and lathered her body, making her nice and soapy before he started to wash her. He cleaned her thoroughly, taking good care of her pussy and breasts. She was his queen for the night as well as for the rest of his life. Once he was done, she did the same to him, washing every part of his fine body. She rubbed his cock until he was ready to come before she stopped and let the water clean him off. He was not done with her. He pulled her into another kiss before pulling her into his arms. He was going to fuck her so hard.

Blake slowly tweaked her nipples and slid down until he was cupping her pussy. It was already burning up from the anticipation and she spread her legs even wider for him to work on her. Blake slid a finger into her pussy and slowly started to finger fuck her. She was tight and hot and he loved every minute of it. His thumb found her clit and he started to assault it sending her into multiple orgasms as she felt his cock hardening behind her. He was ready for action and her pussy was beginning to be filled with the meat.

Blake stepped back and made her bend over before he slowly started to slide into her. His cock was rubbing all the right places and making her want to scream. And to scream she did, they were alone in the house and they were not expecting anyone. Her body was also screaming from an approaching orgasm. One that wanted to tear her apart.

He increased his pace and started to really fuck her. Giving all his energy and strength to it. Blake slammed into her pussy with abandonment as Mary pushed back on the cock, meeting his thrusts with vigor. Her impending orgasm started to come over her making her curl her toes against the floor. She had not expected this to happen to her and she finally started to feel her orgasm overpowering her before she came hard, thrusting forward so that her head hit the wall. It was not very painful. Blake continued to drill into her until he came some time later, filling her with his seed. It was a great way to start a peaceful relationship.

The End

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