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Erotica: Standing In For The Babysitter

By Shelly Pasia

Copyright@2017 by Shelly Pasia

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Emily looked at her best friend and wondered what had gotten into her. Whatever she was planning was not only stupid, but it was like throwing her money into the wind. There was nothing to be gained other than a fulfillment of a stupid need that was not going to help her in any way. So what if her boyfriend was cheating. The man was an idiot and had been from the word go. There was no disputing the fact that she had a better chance at being happy being with an animal than with Stan. Yet she did not see that.

Emily knew it was pointless to try and talk her friend out of it. She knew better than to try and talk sense into a woman in love. Yet Emily knew that her best friend was going to get her heart broken even some more if she went on like that. If she took that trip, no one could dictate the outcome.

She wished she could join her friend, but Sandra had said that she was going to control the idiot alone. Stan had moved out of the city where he had found a rather lucrative job. Such success had, of course, been received with a lot of happiness and joy. Their relationship was only going to get stronger. Since Sandra could not move with her boyfriend, the man promised that she would be visiting him every now and then. He would also try as much as possible to visit her. All in all, they promised each other that they would not give up on each other.

Sandra was not ready to give up on her boyfriend. He was her first love and he had shown her things no other man had. She knew she would end up with him for the rest of her life. At least that was what she thought initially. Their first years had been without hitches.

The distance could be felt, but they kept communicating. They video called, chatted, and visited each other. They appeared to be stronger than ever. That was until Stan started acting up all of a sudden. Suddenly he stopped calling as frequently as he used to. He stopped visiting as often and started coming up with excuses. Work was his main excuse. It was a believable because he had suddenly got a promotion as his place of work.

This meant more work and more responsibilities. Still, there were times when his failure to communicate seemed intentional. Sandra, despite her best friend telling her otherwise, held on to the believe that her boyfriend was still faithful and that he was still busy. After all, he was the one telling her that he loved her more than anything else in the world.

Emily, on the other hand, knew that it was all a lie. Call it intuition or anything, but she knew that the man was cheating on his girlfriend. He had found someone else to amuse himself with and he had started forgetting Sandra. This, of course, she tried to let Sandra know but the woman never listened to her. She was for the idea that her boyfriend would never find another woman who would match to her.

That was until a week back when someone called Sandra in the middle of the night and told her that Stan was already married. He had gotten married the week before and was living very happily with his new wife. They were in love and were planning to use his newly acquired wealth to travel the world with every chance they got.

Sandra had flipped. To start with, she had not received a call from Stan in close to two weeks. Even the one she had was short and without any emotional attachment. It was as if Stan was not there anymore. The nights Sandra had cried were many. All this time she had held on to empty promises only to hear that the man was already married. She wondered how the man could have fallen out of love with her. She had not. She had tried as much as possible to show him that she still loved him. Hell, that was too much work put into a relationship for him to just go away like that.

Sandra decided that she was going to fly out there and confront him. It was the only thing that ran in her head. But now Sandra could not just up and leave. She had responsibilities to handle. She was about to finish her college education and so she knew she would not be gone for long. She also had a part time job that needed handling. This would prevent her from losing her job when she came back. Her main source of income was her babysitting job. The family she was sitting for was a wealthy one so they paid her enough money to cover most of her needs.

Even when she lost the rest of the jobs she handled, she could not afford to lose this sitting job. She talked to her employers and asked whether she could bring in a stand in to handle her job for the weekend. They were a little reluctant, especially because they were planning to travel as well. But when she explained her predicament, she was allowed to call Emily.

Emily had already met the family and they had liked each other. So as her friend went to the airport, Emily started getting ready to go to the mansion and take care of the three young boys. They were too young to be left alone. Emily liked the family. She was not going to be receiving any money because she was simply helping her best friend. But se new she was going to get the man of the house. That was a given. While Sandra believed in sticking to one man, Emily was into adventure.

She knew that she and the man had clicked at hello. This was something his wife had not noticed. Or maybe she had, but she did not care. Emily could care less. All she knew was that she was going to be sleeping with the man pretty soon. The idea made her smile as she imagined herself with Tm, as he was called. She wondered whether he was planning the same thing. This she could only find out when they met.

She stepped out of her house and headed to her car. She was sure to find the couple leaving for the airport. The next three days would be time to spend with the kids as she explored the house. The prospects of such a fun environment made Emily smile to herself.

Thirty minutes later, she was driving into Tom’s driveway. It was also at the same time Sandra had landed at her boyfriend’s place and was getting ready to confront him. She had asked around and was headed to where he lived. Emily tried to talk her into it but it was futile. She would not listen to anyone.

“I need to look into his face and tell him what I think,” Sandra said.

“What do you think?”

“I haven’t decided.”

“Okay, all the best. Remember, do not get physical. They will be two against one and you might end up getting hurt even more,” Emily said.


“I am just getting to Tom’s mansion. I will tell you how it goes,” Emily said. She sounded excited.

Sandra hung up and went on with looking for her boyfriend’s house. Emily, on the other hand, checked herself them stepped outside. She ran up the short stairs and rang the doorbell.

Victoria, Tom’s wife, opened the door. Emily was surprised to see that Victoria was not ready to leave.

“Hi, Emily. Come on in,” she said and ushered Emily into the huge house.

Tom was seated on the couch. He, too, was not ready to leave. As a matter of fact they did not seem like they were planning to go anywhere.

“Did I come in too early?” Emily asked. For a split second she wondered whether her watch had stopped.

Tom looked at his watch and shook his head. “You are actually two minutes late,” he said with a chuckle.

“But we decided that we were not going to go until Sandra is back,” Victoria said.

“Oh, okay, I understand. Then I think I should leave,” Emily said. She was suddenly not happy. They did not trust her, or so it seemed.

“No, just because we are not flying out does not mean we are not going somewhere. Make yourself comfortable. I was just about to get ready for a gala tonight. Tom is also going to a different fundraising later in the night. The kids were still at school so she could get comfortable and wait for them.

Emily liked the idea. She went with Victoria to her bedroom where they talked for hour until Victoria was ready to leave. She had not expected that. Emily knew that she was going to be sleeping with Tom sooner or later, but she had not expected to be friends with Victoria. Not that it changed anything. If anything, it was going to be harder for Victoria to find out that someone was getting her goodies.

Once she was gone, Tom got to his feet and walked to the kitchen. There was an assortment of drinks in there and they started talking. This was not the kind of talk Victoria and Emily had held. This time, she flirted with the man, drove him crazy before withdrawing. She could tell that the man was drawn to her like a fly drawn to honey.

He was completely at her mercy now, and the good thing was that she wanted the man more than she wanted anything else. Just as he was about to make the move she was sure he would make, the front door opened and the three boys walked into the house in a furry of laughter and screams.

“Too bad, your kids just came,” Emily said with a wink. She walked past the man after placing a hand on his chest and went to meet the kids.

Tom was behind her to introduce them to Emily, their new babysitter. He then excused himself so he could go get ready for his fundraising event. The evening went in a blur, she did not even notice Tom leaving. The kids kept her busy. By the time they were fed and asleep, Emily was too tired to even think straight.

Victoria came home first. She was a little drunk and extremely happy. Emily woke up and made her coffee and it was then that she realized that Victoria had not just gone to a gala the woman was cheating on her husband. This made Emily even happier. While she did not tell the woman that she knew, she could not help but see it as an opportunity to go what she knew she wanted. That was the man that Victoria was failing to appreciate.

When Tom pulled into the driveway, Victoria sprinted to the bedroom and asked Emily to say she had been there for some time. Victoria then proceeded to jump into bed and pretended to sleep. Tom walked into the house and looked exhausted. The fundraising did not go well. It was not his responsibility, but it seemed as if he had fought with someone. He was led to the kitchen by Emily who offered him some coffee. No, he did not want coffee. He wanted to sleep. His eye was almost swollen shut because someone had punched him.

“You should try some ice on that before it swells.”

“I fought a man because he gloated to me that he had slept with my wife,” Tom said bitterly.

“That is very evil,” Emily said. This did not catch her by surprise.

“I know the woman cheats on me every now and then. Honestly I don’t care whether she cheats or not. I am only here because of the kids. Once they are old enough, I will leave,” he said.

“You never cheat on her?”

“Not once. I am a busy man. This lifestyle we are living costs a lot of money. I have to work hard, and I am into building wealth not just living the good life. I need companies in my name, I do not have time for nonsense,” Tom said.

Emily took a sip at her coffee and nodded her head. This man had conviction. He was also hurt, but he was such a good actor. His wife never noticed that he knew. She decided that she was the one who was going to show Tom her idea of living. If his wife was cheating, then he was going to have the same kind of fun. And she was the one who was going to introduce it to him.

“Maybe your wife thinks she can cheat on you because she has no competition,” Emily said. She wondered what all that flirting would have led to earlier if the man did not have time to cheat.

“Does she need competition to remain faithful to me?”

“No, but at times when a woman is threatened, she becomes committed. She starts seeing you as a human being, someone who can have fun.”

“I am not a human being.”

“Come on Tom, you know what I am talking about. She only needs to feel a little jealous,” she said.

Emily was hopeful that the man would fall for it. But then again, why wouldn’t he? She was being as charming as possible. He had not even noticed it but she had his hand in hers. They talked for some time and Emily as finally able to convince the man that some fun was what he needed.

“Are you sure about this?”

“About what?”

“I don’t know, this is all strange to me,” Tom said.

Emily laughed and pushed him toward the door. “Go to sleep, we will talk when you wake up,” she said and watched the man leave.

Tom, on the other hand, was a little puzzled by what had just happened. In one day, he had flirted with another woman, fought and flirted some more. If anything, this was kind of exciting to him. He understood what the woman had said. Looking back at his life, he could not help but realize that his life was boring.

He was too invested in work to even see that his wife did not see him as exciting any more. Maybe that was why she was looking for excitement somewhere else. She did not see him as the man he was before. Not that Tom was out of shape. If anything, it was the one part of his life he worked on consistently. Should his wife say he was boring, at least he was not out of shape.

He slipped in bed and looked at his sleeping wife for a long time. Suddenly he could not touch her. He could tell that she was not asleep, but pretending that she was. Not that it was a big deal, and it was not as if she was doing it for the first time. He did not talk to her and soon drifted to sleep.

Emily took the guest bedroom only to be woken up in the morning by Victoria. She was all dressed up to leave. For a minute or two, Emily did not know where she was. But then it all came back to her and she shook her head to clear it.

“I am leaving for work. I will be home very late tonight because I have a meeting to attend in the evening” Victoria said, adjusting her watch.

“Okay, have the kids left for school?”

“Yes. I don’t think there is anything more to do here, but feel free to hang out as you wait for them. It’s a big house so I doubt you will get bored. Tom will also be around much of the day, he has a black eye,” Victoria said. Emily thought he caught the woman rolling her eyes. But then she decided not to follow it.

“Yes, I saw the black eye. He must have fallen or something,” she said, knowing very well what had happened to Tom.

“Oh well, he should be careful where he goes,” Victoria said heading toward the door, “Is it too much to ask of you to make him breakfast? He likes bacon,” Victoria asked as soon as she reached the door.

“Oh no, it’s alright. I love meat as well,” Emily said. Victoria did not understand what the woman was saying. She did not have time anyway, she was getting late for work. Five minutes later, Victoria was gone and Emily checked to make sure that the door was locked. In case the woman came back, she would say she had locked the door out of habit.

She moved through the living room and to the stairs. She only had one thing on her mind, and that thing was Tom. Emily was not the kind to waste time. If anything, she knew that the man would be energized this morning.

“Tom?” she asked, getting into the master bedroom. The man was seated on bed, an icepack on his left eye.

“Yes?” he said.

“Let me see that,” she said and sat next to him. She took the icepack and looked at him. He was going to heal well, and fast. But this was not the time for icepacks. This was time for something else.

“I think I have a better remedy for that.”

“I hope it will allow me to go to work later. I can’t go to work with a black eye,” he said.

“I think this will keep you here for three days,” Emily said in the most flirtatious voice.

“And what is that?” Tom asked.

Emily laughed and inched closer to him until their lips finally met. “A woman’s touch,” she said and went back to kissing him. Tom could feel his brain going on overload. There was no turning back after this, and he felt a growl emanate from his throat. The animal in him was being released, the animal his wife had never respected.

She walked to the door and locked it. She was never able to have sex with the door opened. It didn’t matter that they were alone in the house. There was something about closed doors that made her feel safe. Also, the last thing she wanted to think about was the thought of anyone finding them. She knew that if a woman like Victoria caught them unawares, then it was going to be one hell of a day for them. She would raise so much hell, this was despite the fact that she too was a chronic cheater… if there was anything of that sort.

“You want me as badly as I want you,” she said walking towards him.

“You are driving me nuts,” he breathed and she smiled.

“Want a piece of this?” she Emily asked. She held her breasts for him to see. Tom could only nod, his voice was dead.

Taking off her clothes, Emily worked quickly to get naked for him. Her mind was made up. She lay on the bed and waited for him as he bent down and looked at her face. Their passion rose fast, it started from slow kissing to heavy kissing as soon as he lay next to her.

And then his hands started to wonder. Her moved his hands behind her and cupped her ample butt, making her moan. He was not sure whether what they were doing was right. He did not want to think about that now. All he wanted to do was to take care of his banker.

“Strip for me Tom,” she said.

He did not fuss over getting undressed; Tom undressed in quick fashion. He then lay next to her on the bed and kissed her, heading south until he landed on her breasts once more.

She moaned softly, and Tom groaned, sucking and nibbling on to them until Emily’s moans started to get louder and louder. He took his time with the woman, hardening her nipples like an expert.

Emily felt her body come to life. At least the man knew how to take care of a woman.

His wife came to her mind and he tried to push the picture away. She would snitch on them if she found out. Tom did not want to think about his wife, he was done with her. He could not believe that it had happened. Tom went back to his actions and made Emily moan out loud. It was so easy, yet so complicated to make love to this woman. She was good in bed, or rather, she was good when it came to sex. They had not tried it on a bed yet. Tom knew that they would never stop.

The way she seemed to move with his touch was as if she had been with him for the longest time. The way she reacted every time he placed his hand on her made him feel almost powerful. This was a woman how knew how to handle a man in bed.

He licked and kissed her body treating it like the most fragile thing until the shivers started before he moved back to her lips. It was as if he realized that this was not the only opportunity he was going to get with her. This woman would come back to him over and over again. And her beauty would always captivate him. There would be no saying no to her.

“Your body is too delicious,” Tom said and received a moan. He was trying to push the thoughts aside.

“You can show me that by giving me a good fucking,” Emily said the words she never thought she would be telling Tom. It was as if Tom was bringing out a new and nasty her. And she liked it, the same way she liked what he was doing to her body.

“Do not worry, I am going to do enough damage,” and with that, he started to head south. He kissed her tenderly once more earning more moans until he was right at the apex of her legs.

She was wet, her pussy was too wet as a matter of fact and he gave it one long and rough lick making her cum all of a sudden. The man had introduced her to something magical.

Tom had only needed to lick her once and she was already writhing as her orgasm laid her to waste. He was not done with her, his tongue got to work immediately, lapping and tongue fucking her until her moans filled the bedroom.

Tom finally found her clit and suddenly sucked on it as hard as she could. Emily screamed as yet another orgasm racked her body. She was in heaven and her babysitter’s employer was introducing her to it. Tom worked on her clit until it was fully swollen before he stepped back to admire her beauty. This was great, he thought. He knew that the pussy he was about to plunge into was very tight and he could not wait to get to it. Emily wondered whether she was ever going to stop herself from going after this man.

His cock was hard already, it was a monstrous affair and it was going to do the job she wanted. Tom had shown her his tool and now he was going to show her that he could use it with a lot of effectiveness. And he was not in the business of letting her admire it first. The admiration had come earlier as he undressed.

He wanted some action. He wanted to fuck her senseless and spill his load deep into her. Tom positioned himself in front of her pussy and started to push his cock into her. She moved her hips to adjust to his size. She was good at this, Tom realized. The way she was taking him was as if she had seen him before and was mentally prepared for his size. This size had made his girl happy, he was sure it was going to make Emily happy as well.

“I like the way you handle this big cock,” he said and smiled at her as he pushed his cock into her.

Tom pushed his cock further until he had half of his phallus in her. He then withdrew and pushed further again until now his whole cock was buried deep into her. She was impressed by how he handled her. He had actually managed to make her breath run short. Tom waited until she was well relaxed before he started to piston into her.

He fucked her steadily at first, listening to her whimper as he touched all the right places. Her hands went to her nipples and she pinched them hard before spreading her legs even wider. She had forgotten everything. Tom finally started to pick up the pace, fuckin her ruthlessly as her body moved back and forth like a dish rag. He fucked her with pure abandonment until her orgasm hit and she came hard. Tom did not stop. His orgasm was right on him and he worked faster and harder until he felt his own cum shooting forth and at the same time her pussy clenching from another orgasm before finally pulled out.

He collapsed on top of her but she pushed him to the side. Snaking her hand to his cock, she felt the deflating member coated in both their juices. She tasted her fingers and smiled to herself. Euphoria covered her like a cloud.

The End

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