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His Best Friend’s Daughter: Erotica Short Story

By Shelly Pasia

Copyright@2017 by Shelly Pasia

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Cyrus woke up with a start. Someone was pounding on his door. He jumped out of bed, his heart bounding with what seemed to be the same intensity as the pounding on the door and ran toward his living room. His hands automatically reached for his gun and he cocked it as he moved.

“Who goes there,” he bellowed, his mind still in a tangled web.

“Cyrus, open up! I’ve been banging on your door for hours!” came a female voice.

The voice sounded familiar. Where from, Cyrus could not really tell. He shook his head, trying to clear it before he moved toward the door.

“Who are you?” he asked.

“Come on, Cyrus. It’s Amy!” Amy said. Amy sounded angry.

Cyrus did not realize who Amy was until she pounded on the door again. That was when it hit him that his best friend’s daughter had come to his house in the middle of the night. He jumped on the door and tore it open, which in turn let Amy fall in because she had been leaning on the door. Closing the door behind him, he switched on his lights and pointed the gun at her.

“What time is it Amy?” he asked.

“I don’t know. A few minutes past two. Why are you pointing that gun at me?” she asked trying to get up.

“Why are you here?”

“I can leave if you want me to.”

Cyrus knew it was a bad idea for her to be in the house at this hour. But then again where was he letting her go to? Would he be responsible if he let her go and then something bad happened to her? He wondered why he had even shown her his house in the first place.

“Answer my question Amy, why are you here?” Cyrus asked. He was yet to put his gun down.

“You know I wish you were pointing at me with something else other than that gun,” she said softly, her eyes falling on his groin.

“Hey! Eyes on me or I swear to God I am going to throw you the fuck out. Why the hell are you in my house?” Cyrus bellowed.

“I fought with my parents, all right? I need somewhere to crash for a few days.”

“A few days?”

“Yes, until I have a place of my own,” Amy said.

Cyrus thought about what the woman had said and started to laugh. He laughed for a long time. Why the young woman thought life was so easy was something he would never come to understand. Did she even know how much the cost of living had gone up to allow herself such thoughts?

“Are you serious?”

“Look, if you are going to be telling me how stupid you think my decision is then save it. I am not planning to listen to you,” the young woman said.

Cyrus shrugged and walked away with his gun, making sure to secure it. Amy, on the other hand, got up from the floor and started rubbing her elbow. There was only a mild aching from when she landed. She was hungry so she moved to the kitchen to find something to eat. Cyrus joined her a few minutes later, having put on a t-shirt.

The truth was Amy was not planning to find another place to live. She was home now. This had been her dream ever since she turned eighteen years old. She had wanted this man for the longest time. But Cyrus, being her father’s best friend, had made every point of avoiding her. He had even taken her out where he explained the situation.

He saw her as his daughter, and nothing more. This was something Amy would never understand or accept. She wanted the man; she had wanted him ever she was sixteen years old. She had not told him then, but had made sure to do so on her eighteenth birthday. Amy was good at reading people. She knew that Cyrus did not say no for the reasons he liked to list. He said no because he felt conflicted.

Amy was a beautiful woman. With a 34-inch chest and 44-inch hips, she was a voluptuous as they came. She knew that the man had spent plenty of nights thinking about her, even fantasizing about handling that booty. She knew that the man would n0t know what to tell his best friend once they were caught. But then again Amy was not stupid. It was not as if she would go to her father and tell him that she had been sleeping with his best friend. Hell, even her father would kill her.

Furthermore, even if it got to that point, they were all adults. They could do whatever the hell they wanted. It was not as if Cyrus was that old. He was only thirty-six years old. He was only ten years her senior, which was not such a bad difference if at all he loved her. Again, the man did not even look thirty-six. He looked twenty-six, with a well-formed body that he no doubt worked on every single day.

“So, what did you fight about?” Cyrus asked. He hated the fact that he was awake at this time. He would have such a slow day in the office.

“You know how they are. They can’t live in peace, and it gets worse with each day. I think it is because Dad lost a large amount of money and we might be headed into a financial storm,” she said.

“I know about that, but I think your father has laid out enough measures to make sure that you won’t suffer too much. If anything, only your trips to the mall will lessen,” Cyrus said.

“My trips to the mall will remain the same. I don’t like going to the mall. Mom’s trips to the mall will reduce. She goes to the mall every week. And I think that is what makes her angry,”


“Status. She goes there for the status. Her friends are all pretentious bitches who don’t care where she gets her money from as long as she comes with them to the mall.”

“And what do they do at the mall?”

“Shop,” Amy started as she moved to the refrigerator and brought out some eggs. As expected, Cyrus did not have food in the house. At least not ready made.

“There is always something new to buy. You should see her closet,” Amy said.

“I don’t think that’s a very good idea,” Cyrus said.

“Oh you dirty old man,” Amy said and laughed. Despite the fact that Cyrus did not want anything to do with her, the two got along well. Their conversations always went on for long.

“The point is, if Mom was to change her clothes twice a day and start from one end of the closet to the next, it would take her four months to go through all her clothes without having repeated a single dress,” the young woman said.

“I only have six pairs of pants,” Cyrus said and Amy laughed.

“You need a woman to look after you man. But I think that’s understandable,” Amy started, “Even my father does not have too many suits. He does not concern himself with clothes as much as Mom does.”

Cyrus nodded his head. He was not agreeing with her. He was simply going through her comment. He did not need a woman. Cyrus had women. He had at least three who would come to him regularly. He did not expect them to take care of his shit. There were other more important things to take care of and they were doing a perfect job. Amy wanted to join in on the list and Cyrus did not want that.

His best friend, who was also Amy’s father, knew about the women. He would actually joke to Cyrus that he would one day join in on the fun. Cyrus was an open man. He had asked him to join in any time he wanted. Now, if the man found out that Amy had been added to that list, hell was going to break lose. Hell, Amy’s father would not stop at anything to make sure that Cyrus was dead. This was the kind of confrontation Cyrus new he was not going to put himself into.

Yet the young woman kept tempting him. Even as they spoke innocently, even as she made some food in the middle of the night, she was still flirting with him. As much as he wanted to ignore the moves, he could not. He moved away from her so she was not in the line of his vision. This would allow Cyrus to think straight.

“I know about your women,” Amy said all of a sudden.


“Stella, Mandy and Maggie. I actually know them personally. Mandy is a total blonde, the only good thing she can offer is sex,” Amy started.

“How did you—”

“Maggie has five other guys on her list. I mean, she gets laid every day of the week. She is coming on Friday, yes?”

“How did you know that?”

“Yes, today she is in Baltimore with an accountant. Of course you would never know because you are not the smartest guy in the world,” Amy said.

“How dare you.”

“Stella, you haven’t seen her I what, three weeks?” Amy started.


“She has an STD. She contracted it two weeks ago; her pussy is all messed up. You might not want to go back there again,”

This sent a chill down Cyrus’s spine. The idea that Stella could have given him STD was so shocking that he felt stupid.

“What, you didn’t think that it could happen? They don’t know each other, but each one of them swears she knows of another woman in your life,” Amy said. Her eggs and toast were ready and she poured herself a glass of juice.

“I need to get checked tomorrow.”

“No need for that,” Amy said.

“Why?” Cyrus asked. He felt as if he was just waking up. Everything was foggy right now. This young woman knew too much. As if she had been documenting his life for him.

“You went for a checkup last week, right?” Amy asked.

“Company regulation.”

“They checked your blood?”


“They told you anything?”

“No, they said I was healthy.”

“That is because they check everything. Even STDs, which means you are clean. But that won’t last long if you keep on seeing your women,” Amy said sitting down at the kitchen island.

There was a brief silence as both contemplated what was going to come next. There was no sex happening tonight, Cyrus was too turned off to even think about it. Amy, on the other hand, knew that she only needed to wait a little longer to get the man she wanted.

Her knowing the three women had taken time and dedication. She had had to put up with a whole bunch of people to get to know the three women, eve after knowing them; she had had to hide her contempt for their lifestyles. She simply wanted Cyrus to know that she cared for him, even if it would be for a short while before she moved on.

While she knew she was dying to be in Cyrus’s arms, she could not stay there forever. Hell, she could not even stay there more than six months. The man would never be completely faithful to her. Or maybe he would. She did not know that for sure. But Amy was sure that she would not invest all of her emotions into the relationship. She would just enjoy his sex and move on when it was time to.

Cyrus seemed a little relieved that he did not have anything on him. He did not have any infection. Of course, he was going to leave his women. And he slowly realized that he was in Amy’s ring.

“I need to go to sleep,” he said at last. Amy had placed him where she wanted. He had no choice but to do what she wanted. This was among the most interesting things Amy had shown him.

Amy remained in the kitchen and finished her dinner. She was in no hurry. It was true that she had fought with her parents. She knew they were going to look for her, but they would do it after a few days. Cyrus’ place was the last place they were going to look. In fact, they would not even tell Cyrus what had happened because even as they fought, they hated telling people what they were going through.

She knew her mother would never allow herself to wear the broke title. She would not let anyone learn that they were fighting about money, especially because that status was too important to her. She would rather fall sick than tell people she was going broke. And this was why she fought with her husband. The man was working hard to return them where they were, but she could not understand.

Amy knew her father. She knew that the man was brilliant in his own way. She knew that he was going to get them out of that financial hole. And even if he could not, as long as they did not get any deeper, then they would be all right. It was not as if they lacked food or any basic needs. Her father had bought the house with cash money, and their bills were covered by one of his companies. He was only asking them to adjust for a short while before he found a solution to the crisis.

Amy finished her food and walked to the bedroom where Cyrus was seated in bed. He looked at her and raised an eyebrow. He knew she was in the house, but he had not thought about where she was going to sleep. Since he did not have a spare bedroom, Cyrus took one heavy blanket and walked to the living room.

“You don’t want to share the bed with me?” Amy asked. She was teasing him. Cyrus had been thinking about how far the woman had gone just to get him. What if he said yes? The odds against him were too much. He did not want to ruin his friendship with his best friend.

“I’ll use the couch today before we find you a place to go tomorrow,” he said.

“No, let me use the couch. There is no need of displacing you from your bed. You have been kind enough to me,” she said taking the blanket. This was the one thing Cyrus would not allow. He could not use the bed while she used the couch. It was not even proper.

But Amy had already moved to the couch and made herself comfortable. Her last tone had not been a happy one. It spoke of someone who was disappointed.

“Come on Amy, you don’t need to do that,” Cyrus said moving to the couch.

Amy turned away and closed her eyes, “Good night Cyrus. I am sorry for barging in on you like that.”

Cyrus could tell what she was doing but he could not do anything about. The truth was that he was not happy that she was doing this. He was also not happy with himself. He decided to go to sleep and give her a few minutes. Maybe then she would decide to come to bed. Was he going to share the bed with her? He wondered.

He was surprised to find the thought turning him on. He wondered whether this meant that he was interested in the woman. The hell he was. Amy was a hot woman. She was more than beautiful. Her voluptuous body was more than any man could handle. The only thing wrong with her was that she was his best friend’s daughter.

Cyrus shifted his mind from the woman in his living room and moved on to the women who he was sleeping with. They did not care about him as much as Amy did. If one could drive all the way to Baltimore to get laid then it meant he was not that important to her. Not that he cared. Cyrus did not want any kind of attachment but the news that his women were playing him were ironically shocking to him. He wondered what he was going to do with them. Well he was not going to do anything with them anymore. With such news, he knew he had his pride to take care of. Also, Amy seemed like the kind of woman to tell them to back off.

He got to his feet and walked to the living room. He was surprised at how much things could change in a span of few hours. Lying on the couch was Amy, she seemed like she was dead asleep. One of her hands dangled freely to the floor. He started to move, not sure where he was headed. But just as he was about to pass her, Amy’s hand shot forth and caught his calf. She then slid it up making every hair on his skin stand.

“I thought you wouldn’t come back,” she said opening her eyes.

“I thought you were asleep.”

“On a couch?”

“I am sorry.”

“Are you really?” Amy asked. She sat up and looked at her host. He was her father’s best friend. A beautiful specimen of a man. She wondered whether he would cave in to her luscious stares. Of course, he would. Who wouldn’t?

“I think this is a bad idea,” Cyrus said.

“What is?” Amy said getting to her feet so that the blanket on her peeled off to reveal that she had very little on. Cyrus felt his breath catch as he looked at the young woman who was supposed to be his best friend’s daughter. Suddenly he threw all caution to the wind and cleared his throat.

“What I am about to do.”

“And what is that,” Amy asked. There was a glint in her eye, as if she knew what the man was going through.

He bent down in one swoop and took her lips with his. The kiss was much welcomed as Amy wrapped her hands around the man and kissed back, her mouth opening to the intrusion of his tongue.

“This could be the worst idea,” Cyrus started to say but Amy silence him with a kiss.

“You are not afraid that your father might find out?” he asked, breathing heavily. After all, it was a small world out here and there was a chance that Amy would grow cold feet.

“No one will find out if we are careful. Again, I don’t really care,” she said it so casually that. Amy was not thinking clearly, and she did not want him to change her mind.

“And you swear you are not going to tell anyone?” Cyrus had to be sure. But she was making Amy angry and impatient.

“Come on Cyrus, no one is going to find out, now shut the fuck up and actually fuck me,” Amy said and when he tried to speak again, she put a finger on his lips. He made up his mind and scooped her up into his arms.

Cyrus placed dropped with her to the couch, gently, before his lips found hers again and he started to kiss her with a lot of eagerness. He did not need to undress her, Amy was more than ready to peel off her clothes. The woman had done a good job.

He now had her completely naked and in all her glory before he started to kiss her body, starting from her mouth and heading further south. Cyrus suddenly found out that he would love this supple body. There was a quality in it that drove him crazy. There was something about it that made him want to be with her for a long time. Or maybe it was his hormones speaking, he was not sure.

But he was sure of his lovemaking. At that, he was an expert. But with the urgency of her kisses, he needed to fuck her hard, she needed her pussy undone and he was going to do a pretty job. He joined her on the couch and took her right nipple in his mouth. She responded with a moan. Amy liked a man who could handle her well, a man who could take good care of her needs. This she found out now, the man was taking her like a pro And Cyrus was the man.

Amy’s hands went to his head and gripped hard, she was too aroused for him. He bit on her nipple and she yelped. She liked what he was doing to her. Cyrus started to slide his hands all over her body, touching her wet pussy several times before he started to head further south. There were things that he was never taught, they came by instinct or maybe they came with experience. Like eating a woman out, he did not need to be shown how it was done. And now her pussy was weeping for that cock.

He reached her clean shaved pussy and started to inhale her aroma. She smelled like heaven, it was intoxicating and lovely at the same time. His eyes were completely those of an animal now and as Amy looked on, she could not help but smile at what was coming.

Her body was already uncoiling, heating up and letting him know that she was his for the taking. This was the best thing that had ever happened to her. She had known she wanted Cyrus the moment she saw him. It was like hitting a switch and everything started moving towards the right direction.

And now they were here and he was affecting her. His hot breath on her pussy was doing a lot of damage to her nerves. It was bringing her whole system to life. It was always going to be a good time with Cyrus, a man who knew where to touch. Their eyes met and she realized that he was ready to start eating her out. Her legs went wide, giving him all the access he would want. Her eyes went wide as well as soon as he gave her one long lick.

Cyrus got busy eating Amy out until she was moaning like an animal as she spread her legs for him to gain more access. She wanted him in her box and she wanted him now. Cyrus slid two of his fingers in her pussy and started to finger fuck her, making her writhe with pleasure on the bed before he raised his head and smiled.

His face was covered with her succulent juices already. And he moved to her face and kissed her, making her taste her own juices. As he was retreating, she caught his head and held her in place, licking off all the juices from his face as she moaned seductively. This only made Cyrus’s erection more prominent. It was as if she knew he liked having his face licked like that. And then Cyrus stepped back and started to undress.

Amy watched with awe as Cyrus son displayed an impressively erect cock before he joined her on the bed. He was now ready to fuck her. And she looked down at her body and noticed the long hard cock pointing down towards her pussy. She was excited, way too excited. She could not help but ask for his cock. Her whole body seemed to have been electrified by his oral performance. He had prepared her well for the sex that was to follow. He was going to fuck her so hard.

He slowly slid his rock-hard meat into her, stretching her pussy out of shape. Cyrus slowly pushed himself forward until he was buried to the hilt before he finally looked into her eyes. As if giving her a green light, she moaned "” and Cyrus started to move. Like a professional porn star or something even better, he drove in and out of her like an animal. They were both submitting to an animalistic instinct that seemed to drive them from the moment they laid eyes on each other. Fucking this woman was too enjoyable. There was a time Cyrus had never before seen himself doing this, but it was actually a good thing he had tried. It was like sliding his cock in a dish of warm butter. The sensations he had to live with were just too good. He closed his eyes and concentrate on making her scream, taking her sexual needs and handling the like the man that he was. No one was going to stop him as long as Amy was in that house. And she flexed her pussy muscles every now and then, milking him as he pistoned in and out of her.

He fucked her senseless, subjecting her to multiple orgasms. Each time she came her pussy would clench and wrap around his cock like a vice making him feel his orgasm approaching as well. And he finally started to feel it overpower him. He moved faster and tightened his body until his eyes shut more tightly. His muscles bunched as Amy shook beneath him like a rag doll. He was going to cum soon and he groaned and grunted before finally letting go and shooting rope after rope of cum in his Amy’s cunt.

He moved until he could not move again. Rolling off of her, he looked at the ceiling and realized that he was going to have to enjoy this woman as much as he could.

The End

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