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Chapter 1

Maria smiled excitedly as she settled into her computer chair, her life had become so much more interesting ever since her friend Emily had agreed to feature her in the stories that she wrote for an erotic story site on the internet. Readers had loved the stories about Maria so much that a lot of them had written to Emily, asking if there was any reality to the character... they'd all assumed that the extremely realistic stories that Emily had been spinning were based on Emily herself. When she revealed to the avid fans that their heroine was based on one of her friends, they clamored for contact. 

Curious, Maria had set up a new email and screenname, specifically for Emily to give out to fans who wanted to talk with her. Knowing that there was a real person behind the stories had exploded reader interest. Emily was both amused and resigned to the sudden interest. Although it was nice to know that her stories were so highly thought of, she was getting constant demands for more and more stories about Maria - including some fantasies readers had of the semi-fictional blonde bombshell. 

At 20 years old, several years younger than her friend and roommate Emily, Maria was giddy with the worshipful fans... it was almost like being a pornstar except that she didn't even have to do anything! It was a strange feeling, knowing that men - and some women - where whacking off to the thought of her, when they'd never met her or even seen what she looked like! Sometimes it would be really interesting to actually talk to some of the readers, a lot of them would share fantasies they had about her or ask to meet her. 

It was a lot of attention in a different kind of way from getting attention from guys in real life. It was almost like stepping out of her normal life into a place where she was a star.

Every once in awhile she'd even end up starting an email relationship with some of the readers who were particularly interesting... not all of them ended up being in a sexual way. Some of them became more of pen pals or confidants, although one or two became very flirtatious indeed... and some of them she gave her new screenname too. 

There was an element of flirting with danger to it all... she didn't really know anything about these readers other than they liked to read erotica online. She didn't know if what they told her was true, or if it was all made up... but truth be told it didn't matter to her. She loved the attention, especially when she didn't even have to do anything for it. And she knew it amused Emily, especially when Emily found her sitting in front of the computer giggling as she talked to a reader. 

Although Emily had never done any more than email relationships, she understood the draw of affection... the strange exciting danger of flirting with a total stranger who you knew fantasized about you. It was an exotic intoxication, unlike anything Maria had ever experienced before. 

And right now she was especially excited because her favorite fan to talk to was online. Maria really knew very little about him... he said his name was Jacob and that he was 23. He'd told her he lived at the University of Maryland and had been pressing her to find out if she lived anywhere nearby. Talking to Jacob was an especial thrill because she actually lived very close nearby... sometimes when she was sitting on a bus or the metro she liked to look around at the guys her age and wonder if any of them were Jacob. 

As soon as she took down her away message she got an IM from him.

ThebiGd!cK: Well hello there gorgeous.

Maria giggled.

NaughtyMaria: Hi! How are you doing today?

ThebiGd!cK: I'm lusting after you. 

ThebiGd!cK: As usual.

Feeling a little spunky, Maria decided to tease him a bit.

NaughtyMaria: You wouldn't know what to do if you had me.

There was a pause...

Maria began to worry that he'd been put off by her challenge.


ThebiGd!cK: Are you sure you want to know what I'd do to you?

For some reason this struck Maria as somewhat ominous... excitingly tantilizing. Other fans had immediately spelled out their explicit fantasies about what they'd like to do to her, telling her exactly what was going on in their heads. Part of the reason Jacob had been so interesting was because he hadn't, instead he'd asked her questions, tried to find out what went on in HER head. This was the first time that their conversation had gone in this direction! 

She had to know.

NaughtyMaria: Sure, I'd like to know how you think you could handle me.

Maria sat back, rather pleased with her saucy answer. For some reason, retorting with attitude made her feel less vulnerable. 

ThebiGd!cK: Well I wouldn't be putting up with any more your mouth.

ThebiGd!cK: So we'd start with a gag

Maria felt her jaw drop open.

NaughtyMaria: What makes you think I'd let you do that?

ThebiGd!cK: You wouldn't have a choice

ThebiGd!cK: I've already tied your hands behind your back

Despite herself, Maria felt herself getting wet at the idea of being tied and gagged by a total stranger... she couldn't think of a single spunky reply. 

ThebiGd!cK: You're naked

ThebiGd!cK: I kiss you deeply before putting the gag between your lips

ThebiGd!cK: Then I spank you for your disrespect

ThebiGd!cK: Twenty spankings total, enough to make your cute little ass pink

Maria squeezed her thighs together, the situation between her legs becoming as uncomfortable as the chaos in her head. She didn't know how to respond to this mentally, but her body was already responding without her brain. It seemed so wrong... she thought she should feel violated... but instead she felt excited... almost frightened but also turned on... 

ThebiGd!cK: I'd turn you over and lay you down on the bed and I'd run my hands up and down the outside of your body.

She shivered in reaction, almost able to feel herself in front of him, vulernable and open and exposed.

ThebiGd!cK: Then I'd cup your breasts and squeeze them, gently at first and then a little harder... and a little harder... I'd run my fingertips over your nipples and then pinch them until you were writhing. 

Almost unwillingly, Maria's hands slid up her shirt... she knew that she shouldn't getting turned on by this, but she couldn't help it... and she wanted to feel what he was describing. Her fingers found her nipples already hard with arousal, she cupped her large mounds and rubbed, teasing her nerve endings. When she pinched down on her nipples, she gasped, her thighs spreading slightly in reaction to her arousal. 

ThebiGd!cK: I'd suck on your skin, from your breasts up to your neck while one of my hands goes between your legs and you feel my fingers stroking you gently, touching the outside of your pussy... 

ThebiGd!cK: You're sopping wet.

One of Maria's hands drifted downwards, the other still pinching her cherry nipple, and she slid it into her pants between her legs. She blushed as she realized he was right... she WAS sopping wet. Shuddering a little as she touched herself, her legs spread even wider and she scooted down in the chair a bit for better access to herself. Running her fingertips around her pussy lips, she teased herself, biting back a moan as her breathing got heavier. 

ThebiGd!cK: I slide one finger inside you and you spread your legs even wider, your eyes pleading for me to do more.

Maria slide two fingers inside of herself, pinching her nipple hard and shuddering as she pushed her finger in and out of her pussy, writhing slightly in the chair as she pleasured herself. The image in her mind, the decadent wrongness of getting off to a stranger's fantasy... it excited her in a way nothing ever had before. 

Humping her fingers, feeling her pussy tingling, she almost missed the next message he sent.

ThebiGd!cK: Then I'd pull my finger out and push your thighs wide open with my hands, and I'd kiss your pussy, sliding my tongue all over your sweet wetness.

The image of herself - bound, gagged, splayed open and eaten out - was too much for Maria. Her head fell back as she came, her fingers deep inside her pussy as she rubbed the base of her hand against her clit. Waves of orgasm crashed over her as she wriggled in the chair, her breath uneven and ragged with release. 

As she came down from her pleasurable peak, the computer chimed again with a new instant message from Jacob.

ThebiGd!cK: You're playing with yourself aren't you? Imagining what it would be like if I actually did this to you.

Maria stared at the computer screen. Maybe he was just guessing, but it was creepy. She slid her fingers out of her pussy and out of her pants, her other hand leaving her sore nipples. And she stared at the screen.

ThebiGd!cK: I'd be happy to help you experience it. 

ThebiGd!cK: Just let me know, princess.

A little freaked out now, Maria signed off the instant messenger. Her pussy still tingled with the aftermath of her orgasm, and she couldn't get the image that he'd put in her head out... 

Bound, gagged and vulnerably splayed... at the mercy of a faceless man.

Chapter 2

Three days after Maria masturbated herself to orgasm at the behest of a fan, she finally got up the nerve to get back onto her instant messenger. 

Immediately, Jacob IMed her.

ThebiGd!cK: Decided to come back I see.

Maria bit her lip. Then decided to respond...

NaughtyMaria: You made me uncomfortable last time.

There was a pause.

ThebiGd!cK: I'm sure I did.

NaughtyMaria: No really, you shouldn't have talked to me like that. 

ThebiGd!cK: Why not? Because you liked it too much?

NaughtyMaria: No! 

NaughtyMaria: It's creepy.

ThebiGd!cK: You put yourself out on the internet, knowing that the people you're talking to are fantasizing about you, and you think it's creepy when they tell you their fantasies?

ThebiGd!cK: You really are a very naughty Maria.

ThebiGd!cK: And somebody should put you in your place.

NaughtyMaria: What, and you think you're the one to do it?

ThebiGd!cK: I could be.

ThebiGd!cK: It depends on how badly you want it.

His arrogance was almost appalling. She knew that this was heading back into dangerous territory... why was she responding to him like this? Squeezing her thighs together, she tried to ignore the tingling between them. Just as she had ignored the fact that the last couple days she'd been hornier than ever, and that every time she masturbated it was to the image he'd described to her. 

NaughtyMaria: I DON'T!

ThebiGd!cK: Of course not.

And he signed off.

Maria gasped, he'd never done anything like that before! She felt... unfulfilled. 

It was at that moment that she realized that she'd signed on, hoping - knowing - that he would contact her. She had been hoping that he would describe another scenario for her to picture... hoping for this person that she'd never seen before to violate her from a distance. How sick was she?! 

Disgusted with herself, Maria signed off as well.

The next day she found herself sitting in front of the computer, index finger tapping the clicker on the mouse without actually pressing down. Twisting her lower lip thoughtfully, she couldn't decide if she wanted to sign on or not. He'd be there. She was perverted and sick to sign on and talk to him wasn't she? 

Maybe not... people met online all the time. So the way that she'd met him was a little unusual was all, even for online. But she had enjoyed talking to him before. Maria blushed. And she had enjoyed when he'd described his fantasy to her as well, and now that there was some time to buffer the memory, it didn't seem as creepy. And it still turned her on. 

She realized that she was trying to talk herself into signing on.

"Well if I want to do it that badly, why don't I just DO it?!" she muttered to herself.

And double clicked the mouse, her heart beating faster as she did so.

His screenname was on her buddy list, he was online... but for the first time he didn't immediately message her when she signed on. Maria sat in the chair, staring at his screenname. Then she started to get a little angry. She was back online, why wasn't he IMing her?! 

NaughtyMaria: Are you there?

ThebiGd!cK: Curious kitten aren't you... just couldn't stay away.

Maria scowled, reading his words as slightly mocking.

NaughtyMaria: Why didn't you message me?

ThebiGd!cK: Don't pout.

Realizing that she was doing exactly that, Maria tossed her head and pulled in her bottom lip.

NaughtyMaria: I'm NOT.

NaughtyMaria: Why didn't you?

ThebiGd!cK: Why DID you?

She hesitated, not realy having an answer.

ThebiGd!cK: Meet me somewhere.

NaughtyMaria: What?! I can't!

ThebiGd!cK: Yes. You can.

ThebiGd!cK: Meet me.

ThebiGd!cK: Friday night. At Bind in DC.

ThebiGd!cK: 11pm.

NaughtyMaria: This is crazy, how would I even know who you are?

ThebiGd!cK: Wear all white. I'll find you.

NaughtyMaria: This is insane.

ThebiGd!cK signed off.

"WHAT THE HELL?!" Maria yelled at the computer, smacking the side of the monitor in her anger. Seriously! What the hell?! She was fuming, frustrated... and still confused as to what to do. 

"Shit." she muttered and got up from the computer. Maybe she'd just go watch Will & Grace or something. Get her mind off of things. 

"I can't decide..." Maria's voice trailed off as she stared into space. 

"What's there to decide?" asked Emily, "You should totally go!"

"Seriously?" Maria asked, "Like... you don't think it's sketchy?"

"Of course it's sketchy," grinned Emily, "But that's why you do something smart like asking your best friend slash roommate to go with you!"

"Will you?!" Maria's heart lifted, and she realized that she really did want to go, and that having someone there to support her would make everything a lot easier.

Emily laughed, "Sure! I've been wanting to go to Bind for awhile now, this is the perfect excuse!"

"What IS Bind? I mean, I know it must be a club or something, but I've never heard of it!" Maria was somewhat confused by Emily's enthusiasm, they had been to clubs together before and while clubbing was something Emily enjoyed she never got particularly excited about any one club, "And why would wearing all white mean that he could find me?" 

"Ahh..." Emily's voice lilted as her hazel eyes glinted with mischief, there was a bit of a teasing laugh in her voice as she informed Maria, "Bind is a BDSM club - that's Bondage, Domination, Sadism, Masochism - and most of the people there will probably be dressed in goth-gear, which means a lot of black. Not too many people dressed all in white... if at all..." her voice trailed off as she got that contemplative look in her eye and Maria knew that she was already planning out her wardrobe. 

Well that explained it, Maria knew that Emily sometimes liked to go to Industrial Clubs and the like, although she'd never been with her. Hearing exactly what kind of club Bind was and thinking about the fact that Jacob wanted to meet her there made her shiver... although she wasn't sure if it was with fear or excitement. 

"I'm glad you're going with me," she said impulsively to Emily.

Friday morning Maria went onto her computer. Jacob wasn't on, so she decided to look up the website for Bind. The pages were dark and sinister, cloudy black backgrounds with edgy red lettering... the pictures that were on the pages were many, but more teasing than fulfilling. Here was a girl with long blond hair in a pony-tail, looking over her shoulder with come-hither eyes, a ball gag stuffed into her mouth. Another of a man tied with his back to the camera, his arms spread wide on some kind of hanging wooden piece, a bar between his legs; black straps wrapped around his body. 

She shivered as she looked at the pictures, wanting to see more, know more. Maria felt herself getting wet as she looked at these confident men and women on the pages, each beautiful in their own way... all of them clad in leather, vinyl, latex... darkly exotic and dangerous. Most of them were scantily clad, but the way they carried themselves made it seem as if they were fully clothed. 

Then she found the video clip.

Clicking on it, the small screen came to life; a girl was being strapped over some kind of padded horse, a ball-gag in her mouth and her short brown hair tumbling to either side of her face. Maria turned up the volume, but the only noise was the girl's anxious moans and whimpers... but she didn't sound scared, she sounded eager. There was a man behind her, and he flipped up her short skirt to show her bottom, her ass bisected by a black thong. The man wasn't visible, except for his body as he moved to the side of the girl, giving the camera a good angle. 

He was broad and strongly muscled, wearing loose leather pants and no shirt. Maria wondered what his face looked like. Resting a hand on the girl's buttock, he began to caress the brunette's ass, making her shiver and wriggle in her bound state. Maria shivered too, sliding her hand into her pants to give her clit a quick finger, sending a pleasurable sensation tingling through her body. 

The man caressed down the girl's leg and then back up to her buttocks, then suddenly gripped the cheek hard. Maria gasped as he drew back his hand and then sent it crashing down on the girl's ass. The girl on the computer screen screamed behind the gag, her back arching in response to the abuse of her rear as the man's hand came down hard on her other cheek. He began steadily spanking her as she wriggled against the horse and the rope, starting to move with the rhythm of the spanking. 

As the camera turned to show the girl's face, Maria realized that even though the spanking obviously hurt, the girl was also obviously enjoying it. Her own hand slipped back down into her pants, fingering her slit which was much wetter than she would've thought. She hadn't even realized that she'd gotten turned on watching this girl being bound and spanked, but as soon as she touched her wet lips her entire lower region sprang to life. Moaning under her breath, she scooted down in the chair to get bettter access to her pleasure points, her eyes never leaving the screen. 

The camera panned back around and Maria could clearly see that the girl's movements against the horse were like she was fucking it and now she could see that the way the girl was tied allowed her to rub the front of her groin against the horse. As the man spanked her, the girl was essentially masturbating against the prop to which she was tied. Maria groaned, rubbing her fingers frantically against her clit, just like the girl was writhing against the horse... unable to get anything inside of her but finding pleasure by other means. 

Maria gasped, her body arching as pleasure coursed through her, her free hand gripped the seat of her chair as she humped against her fingers; the sound of the man's slapping hand and the girl's muffled moans filling her ears. Her head thrashed from side to side as she started to cum, her eyes closed for the first time as she saw herself in her mind, bound to a horse and spanked, rubbing her clit against the rubbery firm surface beneath her. Fingers flicking faster she shuddered and bucked, the orgasm filling her entire being and carrying it along onto a plane of exquisite pleasure. 

When she finally came back down from her high, she opened her eyes to see the girl in the throes of her own orgasm, the man spanking her harder than ever.

As the girl collapsed against the horse, shuddering slightly, the man finally stopped his assault on her buttocks. The camera angle moved around to show her cherry red ass and her soaked thong.

Maria clicked off of the site and turned off her computer.

More than ever, she was excited and slightly frightened of tonight.

Chapter 3

Maria walked through Bind feeling like a swan in the middle of a room of crows. Everyone there was in black, black and more black. Well, no that wasn't quite true, every once in awhile she'd catch a flash of red. But mostly black. A lot people stared at her, dressed in a lacy white corset that pushed up breasts, a short white skirt, white pumps and she'd even found some white fishnets (with Emily's help). Emily was already distracted, engrossed in studying a couple in the corner who were playing with what looked like a wand of electricity. 

When someone walked up behind her and touched her back, she jumped, stifling a shriek. She was very on edge. As she turned, her mouth went dry, heart thudding in her chest. Jacob, she assumed it was Jacob, smiled down at her charmingly. Even though she was wearing 3" heels he was several inches taller than her. He had roguish good looks, dark brown hair and green eyes, the combination made her mouth literally water. He was dressed in all black, but he had a white rose pinned to the pocket of his button down black shirt. The dark clothes just made his green eyes seem more brilliant. When she remembered everything she'd done in front of her computer screen, touching herself at nothing more than his words, she blushed a deep red. 

"Beautiful," he said in a rich deep voice. Maria had a lot of trouble believing he was as young as he said. There was a self confidence about him that made him seem much older, much more mature than any guys she'd seen at college. His voice made her shiver with desire, his compliment warmed her more than she'd have thought possible. "It's very nice to meet you Maria."

She stuttered out something about how it was nice to meet him too as he took her hand and raised it to his lips, kissing the inside of her wrist. Somehow the gesture was incredible intimate, and she hadn't known it before but apparently her wrist had a direct line to her pussy, because that's where she felt it when his lips touched. 

"You look nervous," he said. Nervous, horny, anxious, excited... any of the above described her current state of being. 

"This is a little much for me," she confessed, glancing around and then looking down at the floor. Jacob was still holding her hand. "I've never done anything like this - meeting a guy off the internet that is - and I've never been anywhere like this."

"Well then your friend will have a whole new story to write about you, won't she?" Jacob smiled, his dark charm making her insides twist up and down. Is it possible to get wet just looking at a guy and hearing him talk. She felt hot between her legs, even though he'd barely touched her. "Would you be more comfortable if we left here? I can bring you back here later or to your place if we're out too late."

"Can I trust you?" she asked. 

"Yes," he told her. Strangely she believed him. 

"Let me tell my friend that I'm leaving."

"Are you here with the writer?" Maria nodded and he flashed another smile at her. "Well tell her that you'll have a new story for her tomorrow morning that she can write about."

Emily was reluctant to let Maria leave, and insisted that she call her every half hour to let her know that she was okay. Maria bargained her down to an hour, knowing that Emily was right to be concerned about her safety, but also knowing that she was right in that she was going to be okay. 

When she got back to Jacob she told him Emily's codicil and he laughed and said it was sensible. 

He took her hand again as he led her outside and to his car. Stopping at the passenger side door he looked at her and asked, "What are you wearing underneath that skirt?"

"The fishnets and some white panties," Maria said blushing. 

"Take them off."

A shudder went through her at his command, but she didn't even hesitate. Reaching under her skirt she pulled both off, sliding her feet out of her shoes one at a time and then putting the shoes back on so that she didn't have to stand on the bare pavement. Jacob reached out his hand and Maria put the hose and panties into it. Then he opened the door and gave her his hand to help her into the car.

The combination of domineering sensuality and exposure alongside the gentlemanly behavior had her off kilter and even more aroused. There was just something different about Jacob. As he drove her back to his place, and she recognized that they were only about five minutes away from the U of M, exactly where he'd told her when they'd chatted online, she asked him how he'd found Bind and gotten into that kind of stuff. Apparently he'd been going there since he turned 18, he'd always been into the kinkier side of sex and he'd been learning from the others who went there. He'd had to grow up young, helping to raise three younger siblings after his father died in a car accident, which explained his high level of maturity. Maria found him fascinating, kind and interesting.

Not once, during the entire car ride, did he make a move on her or even say anything overtly flirtatious. She was practically squirming in her seat with anticipation by the time they got to his apartment complex.

When they got inside he told her to call Emily, and she did so, just to give Emily a quick reassurance that she was fine. As she got off the phone, Jacob asked her, "So would you like to play a little rough?"

The sexy look he gave her and the deep growl in his voice made her pussy even wetter. But even though she'd enjoyed their conversation on the car ride over, she was somewhat annoyed that he'd made her take off her panties in the parking lot and then hadn't done anything to indicate that he was even attracted to her. She wanted to get some of her own back.

"If you think you can handle it," she purred back. "Personally, I haven't seen any indication that you're anything more than talk."

Jacob's eyes narrowed and she took an involuntary step back, right into the wall. Then he was on her, his body pressing against hers, trapping her, and she could feel his dick pressing into her as his lips caught hers in a rough kiss. Immediately his tongue thrust into her mouth, and she moaned, moving her hips against him. It was the most intense kiss she'd ever experienced, deep and passionate, and he was an expert with his tongue. 

Sliding his hands down her arms, he pressed her wrists behind her, and her eyes flew open as she felt him clasp something around them. She tried to protest, but his mouth never left hers, and all she got out were a few muffled gasps. Tugging on her wrists, she found they were bound together behind her back with something, it almost felt like soft bracelets, but when she pulled they were strong enough to strain her muscles and she didn't feel any give in them. 

Then Jacob's lips left hers and she opened her mouth to protest, and he pressed a ball gag between her open lips. Maria squealed, but it was already muffled as he held her against the wall with his hips, securing the ball gag behind her head.

"There," he said smiling, and he kissed her forehead. Maria's heart was pounding with fear and an unexpected excitement. Part of her was terrified that she was about to die, the other part of her was completely trusting of him and turned on as all hell. "I believe you remember our conversation from last week where I told you how I'd handle you? Since you decided to challenge me again, I decided it's only fair that I follow through on my word."

Maria quickly reviewed that conversation in her head. Yes, hands bound behind her, kissing her deeply and then gagging her so that he didn't have to hear any of her smart mouth, and what came next? Oh my god... he couldn't be serious!

But Jacob picked her up over his shoulder, sounding almost jovial as he said, "Time for you to learn why you shouldn't always use that smart mouth, sweetheart."

She wriggled a little, but she was too afraid of being dropped to move much. She could feel the hem of her skirt flouncing with every step he took, cool air brushing her heated pussy, and she moaned in frustration. This was so hot, but she didn't actually want to get spanked! Did she? 

Suddenly she wondered exactly why she had mouthed off to him just now, in a very similar way to what she'd written out in their IM conversation that set him off. Except that she'd gone a step further tonight and accused him of being all talk. Well he was certainly proving her wrong now!

His apartment went by in a flash, and then they were in his bedroom which was inordinately clean for a college guy. Jacob set her down on her feet next to the bed, and he sat on the edge of it. The comforter was a dark green and it was a four poster bed with a slotted headboard, all of it made out of wood, big, probably a queen size. 

"Over my knee beautiful," he said. Maria stared at him. Surely he didn't expect her to deliver herself up for punishment! Apparently he did. Sternly he looked at her. "Over my knee or you can shake your head now and I'll take you home. But if you're staying here, if you want this, then you're going to be punished for being mouthy."

Legs shaking, Maria shuffled closer to him, feeling incredibly vulnerable. It didn't escape her attention that having her wrists bound behind her pressed her breasts up even more inside the tight confines of the corset. Jacob helped her steady herself as she lowered her body across his knees, at a slight angle so that her head could rest on the bed. 

Lifting her skirt over her hips, Jacob let out a low whistle as he rubbed her ass cheeks. "Lovely," he said, "all that creamy skin just waiting to be turned pink." And then his hand came down. Hard. 

Maria squealed and wriggled, but his other arm was laid across her back, hand resting on her bound wrists, and he held her down and in place without a problem. 

"I believe I told you twenty in our IM," as his hand stroked her butt where he had just hit her, caressing it gently and soothing some of the hurt. "But you accused me of being all talk and no action, so we're going to make it thirty." Maria groaned as his hand came crashing down again, on her other butt cheek. 

The third one smacked a little lower, hitting her pussy, and she squealed again. The sensational pain had richoted through her heated flesh, and the sound his hand had made told her exactly how wet she was. She didn't know if she was squirming because she wanted to get away or because she wanted him to do it again.

His hand came down, steady and hard, and he counted each smack out loud. Most of them were on her cheeks, turning them a glowing pink. Some of them hit her pussy, making her jump and moan. She wished more of them would hit her pussy. She could tell that she was getting wetter and wetter. How insane? How wonderful!

Every five strokes or so he could caress her ass, enjoying the feel of her hot and tender flesh. Giving her just enough rest that it really smarted when he started beating her ass again. 

Finally he reached twenty five.

His hand stroked her ass, which felt like it was on fire. So did her pussy, but for an entirely different reason. Instead of spanking her again, he told her, "Spread your legs."

Quaking a little inside, Maria did as she was told. His hand came down hard between her legs, smacking against her pussy. She howled behind her gag, it was painful, it was wonderful, it hurt like a bitch, it was exactly what she needed. For a moment her legs came together, involuntarily, but he didn't even need to give the order before she was spreading them again. The last four spanks were delivered in the exact same way, leaving her burning all over her ass and pussy. 

"Well, well," Jacob chuckled, sliding his fingers up and down her wet slit. She mewled behind her gag, pushing her hips up and down to encourage him, wanting more pressure from his fingers. "Somebody liked that quite a bit."

She did, she really did. This was so much better than chatting online. For all her fun adventures that she'd had before, that had inspired Emily to write - the outdoor sex, the various toys she'd used, the occasional vegetable, the time she'd used a strap on, even the time she'd let a boyfriend hand cuff her to her bed - nothing had ever gotten her hot like this. For the first time in her life, she truly wasn't in control and it was incredibly freeing. 

Jacob did something to her bound wrists, and suddenly they spilled to her sides. He picked her up and tossed her onto the bed before she could even think about it, and then he pulled her wrists back together in front of her. She could finally see that he'd put soft leather cuffs around them, with a connecting chain that could be removed. Pushing her hands above her head, he wove the chain around one of the bars in the headboard and re-attached it to the cuffs so that her arms were stretched out above her head. 

Maria made some noises at him through the gag, she wanted to touch him, to run her hands over his body and make him as wildly lustful as he'd made her. Although, with him lying on top of her she could feel that the spanking had definitely had some kind of effect on him, he was hard as a rock against her. 

Straddling her at the hips, Jacob began undoing the hooks of her corset. It wasn't a real corset, although it did lace up the back, the front of it didn't have any laces, just a long row of hooks and eyes. Several of them could come off at a time, and in what seemed like just a few seconds Jacob was pulling the whole contraption off of her and tossing it to the floor. 

He smiled down at her as he cupped her breasts, gently squeezing and rubbing them with his hands. She remembered their IM conversation... oh god, now he was going to play with her breasts, and she was all tied up and she couldn't do anything, couldn't participate. Her breathing started to get faster as he squeezed a little harder, his fingers rubbing against her nipples, which were already hard and tender. Pinching them between his fingers, he tugged and her back arched, trying to follow. It hurt so good. She moaned and gasped and panted beneath him as he toyed with her upper body. Her aching ass was pressing down onto the bed beneath him, her pussy was burning with need, and now her nipples were starting to burn as he twisted and played with them. Hungry eyes watched her as she squirmed, and she started rubbing her thighs together, trying to give her pussy some relief. 

It only took a few movements for Jacob to realize what she was doing and he shook his head at her. Hopping off the bed, he was back a moment later with a bar that had leather cuffs attached to it. He put a cuff on each of her ankles, and then suddenly pulled the bar so that it expanded, forcing her legs wide apart. Maria moaned her frustration, tears sparking in her eyes she needed to cum so badly! 

"You're so bad, beautiful," he scolded her gently. "I didn't want to have to punish you again so soon, but it looks like you need it, you're such a horny little thing."

Maria quivered and moaned, was he going to spank her again? She wasn't sure her ass could take that right now... 

Jacob pulled something out of a drawer in his nightstand, tucking them into his pocket. For the first time Maria realized that she was almost naked and he was still completely dressed! It just seemed to emphasize his power over her open and vulnerably body and make her even wetter. 

Laying next to her, now even more helpless, body, Jacob leaned over and sucked one pert nipple into his mouth. Moaning again, Maria humped her hips up and down in the air, making frustrated noises when she found that she got absolutely no stimulation from her movements. To her relief Jacob slid one of his hands over her thigh and then pressed it against her aching pussy.

She almost screamed her joy into the gag as one finger slide inside her, swirling her juices around in a slow, tantalizing circle. At least it was contact! Her pussy was a hot, wet, hungry mouth, sucking his finger in and trying to keep it there. Then his mouth left her nipple and he attached a clip to it. It burned, squeezing the tender bud, and she tried to shake it off of her body, but it was too tightly attached. Jacob grinned evilly at her as he kept moving his finger in and out of her pussy. 

"I told you that you were going to get some more punishment," he admonished. "I hope you didn't think that my finger in your pussy was it. That's just what I promised would happen to you next on our IM."

Then he leaned over and sucked her other nipple into his mouth, rolling it between his teeth and preparing it for the clamp. Maria squealed and shook when he put that one on as well. Her nipples were firmly grasped in the tight clamps, it seemed like her blood was pounding in her chest and making her nipples throb. With each heart beat, each throb inside the delicate buds would resonate her pussy. 

Suddenly Jacob's hand was gone from her body and she opened eyes that she hadn't even realized were closed. 

"I'll be right back," he told her, and with a quick kiss to her forehead he was off the bed. Maria lay, helpless, arms bound to the bed behind her, legs forcibly spread, her nipples tightly clamped and her pussy on fire with burning need. She screamed her sexual frustration behind the gag, mentally begging him to come back and satisfy her. 

When he did come back it was with her phone in hand. She looked at him, confused, and then her eyes widened. Oh my god, had it really been an hour. Grinning at her, Jacob held the phone with one hand while he used the other to reach behind her head and undo the gag. 

"Hi Emily, you wanted Maria to call you right?" he asked. Maria spat out the gag. "Here she is."

He put the phone down next to Maria's ear so that she could cradle it between her bicep and head. 

"Maria? Maria? Are you there?" Emily's voice sounded slightly worried that her friend hadn't answered right away.

"I'm here, I'm here, sorry," Maria said, breathlessly. Her eyes got big as Jacob placed himself between her spread and open thighs... oh surely not. 

"Are you ok? Why did he call me instead of you?"

"I'm fine," Oh god... Jacob's tongue had just taken a quick swipe up the center of her pussy, making her bones melt. "I'm fine, I'm fine, I'm fine," she chanted as he started to lick and suck on her tender pussy lips. "He, um, he called... oh god..." his finger was inside of her again, pumping as his tongue teased at her clit. She'd been so turned on before he'd even gotten to her pussy that she was right on edge about to cum already!

"Maria? Maria, seriously are you ok? What's going on? You sound out of breath!"

"I'm okay, I'm wonderful, I'm oh god..." she lost her train of thought again as Jacob pushed another finger inside of her, joining the one that was already there. "I'm fine Emily, I can't talk, I'll have to call you later, I'm Fine, don't worry, I'm fine, OH MY GOD"

Her body arched as she screamed her orgasm, completely overcome with sensation as Jacob sucked her clit into his mouth, hard. It hit her in waves as he kept sucking and releasing on the tender bud, his fingers still moving inside of her, and she could hear Emily talking but couldn't make sense of what was being said because she was lost, lost, lost in a floating sea of pleasure. Because her legs were spread wide open there was nothing she could do to slow him down or stop him and the pleasure kept growing, her orgasm climbing until she was gasping for air, tears running down her cheeks at the wonderful intensity of it. 

"Oh God... oh god Jacob..." she said over and over again as he finally stopped sucking on her clit and laved it gently with his tongue, his fingers moving slower inside of her, massing her insides. 

Suddenly she realize that the phone was still next to her ear.

"Emily? Emily are you there?"

"Maria," Emily's voice sounded extremely thoughtful, "did he just make you cum while you were on the phone with me?"

"No, yes, sort of, maybe. Yes." Maria blushed, feeling extremely embarrassed, but also wonderfully satiated. There was no way she was going to feel bad about a fantastic orgasm like that.

Emily laughed. "Well I can't wait to hear about it. I expect another call in an hour, missy. That was hot." And with that she hung up.

Maria glared at Jacob as he moved up, hovering over her and chuckling to himself. "I can't believe you did that."

"Bet she didn't mind, did she?"

"No," even to herself her tone of voice sounded grudging. Jacob laughed and lowered himself on top of her, kissing her again. She could taste herself on him, sweet and musky. The kiss didn't last long before he stood and finally got undressed. Maria watched him hungrily. He had muscles that were present but soft enough to cuddle with. Her favorite kind of body. 

Quickly he got a condom out of the drawer in his nightstand and rolled it over himself, his erection long and hard in his hand, and Maria licked her lips. Even though she'd just had the most incredible orgasm, just watching him get undressed while she remained tied up, and seeing the beautiful cock that was about to be inside of her was starting to get her worked up again.

Before he climbed on top of her again, he undid her ankles from the bar, knocking it off the bed and to the ground. "I want to feel your legs around me," he said before his mouth claimed hers as his dick pressed against her sopping wet tunnel, she lifted her hips to make it easier for him to slide in. They both moaned with pleasure as he entered her, stretching her pussy out to accommodate the thick piece of meat that was piercing it. Her pussy was so wet that he was able to sink into her with one long, slow stroke.

Maria moaned and writhed beneath him, luxuriating in being able to lift her legs and wrap them around his hard body as he began to pump between her thighs. She wished that she could wrap her arms around him too, but at the same time being stretched out underneath him like this was a major turn on. 

Putting all of his weight on one hand, Jacob plucked the clamps off her nipples in quick succession, and her pussy spasmed around him as blood flowed back into the tender buds. It hurt more than when he had put them on, but it also sent an after shock of her previous orgasm shuddering through her body. Then his body fell on hers, pressing her sensitive breasts against his chest as he rocked back and forth inside of her. 

She cried out, her previous orgasm had made her flesh so sensitive, and the way he was moving meant that his pubic bone was grinding against her clit every time he thrust home. Although she hadn't thought she would come again, she could feel the muscles in her body tightening all over, her hips thrusting up to meet his as he plowed into her. Tugging on her wrists, just added to the sensations washing over her, she longed to hold him and was aroused by the fact that she couldn't. 

Jacob buried his face in her neck, nibbling and sucking at the sensitive skin there and down along her collarbone. His hips pumped in and out of her, the pace increasing to an almost bruising speed that made her gasp with shock every time he slammed against her swollen flesh. 

"Oh yes..." she moaned, her thighs locking even more tightly around him. "Oh god Jacob I'm gonna cum again... I'm gonna cum... oh JACOB!" she cried out in exquisite agony as her orgasm conquered her body all over again, her already-pleasured flesh was incredibly sensitive, and the pounding he was giving her as she thrashed beneath him brutalized her tender pussy. She screamed her release, wrists tugging hard at her restraints. "OH GOD JACOB I'M CUMMING!"

"Fuck," she heard him grunt, and she convulsed as he grew harder and thicker inside of her, pounding deeper, and then suddenly he shuddered and ground himself against her, his low erotic groans telling her that he'd reached his own climax. Their movements slowed, and Maria made a small sound as he wrung out one last quiver of pleasure from her. She was completely exhausted. 

Jacob reached up and undid her cuffs. Immediately she twined her arms around his neck, her biceps aching from all the pulling she'd been doing. They kissed, gently and deeply and Maria knew that she'd found more than a new story for Emily, she'd found something that she'd been looking for all along.

The End

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