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Honestly Speaking” in Parallel Universes


Literate Eternal Return


Lucus Anthony Ren


Honestly Speaking” in Parallel Universes - Literate Eternal Return

© 2016, Lucus Anthony Ren


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This paper approaches the variants here, Honestly Speaking a possible common preface to a lie thus avoiding its phrase in all communications, while parallel universes and eternal return the opposite occurs.


Saying those words appears whatever stated prior (before those words) wasn't completely true.Honestly Speaking" provokes considerable discussion from describing the word as manipulative suggesting it implies the speaker's honesty is actually in doubt.

Parallel universes contain space, time and forms of strange exotic matter. As there are two known infinities; the universe and human stupidity. Some parallel universes contain you, in a slightly different appearance, the idea that any given person can exist also in more than one place. Scientists believe that these parallel universes exist less than one millimeter away from us, our gravity just a weak signal leaking out of another universe into ours.

Eternal return concept posits the universe has been recurring, and will continue to recur, in a self-similar form an infinite number of times across infinite time or space to forget what you needed to do for no apparent reason. The basic premise proceeds from the assumption that the chance of a world coming into existence exactly like our own is finite.

If either time or space is infinite, then mathematics tells us that our existence recur an infinite number of times. Which is good because nothing happens until something moves. This link between the worlds is an important element, so the focus is not on one world or the other, but on both, their interaction, and if there is a point for literature if reality is already so strange and wonderful, literature itself then shape reality. As fiction is the human condition, and human reality with its simplistic, involuntary fictions, parallel universes their own important complex, have voluntary ones.

As the definition easily giving a wrong impression Honestly Speakingmight be completely innocuous and nothing more than wadding conversations. It may carry negative subliminal meaning to your audience and serves no valuable purpose whatsoever, similar as frankly, or frankly speaking, thus raising challenges whether, “What, you haven't been all along?and Your brain could fit into my pocket with plenty of room left for Tapioca so, do you want a spoon?

If usage of coherent phrases and words that register direct into the mind, and decisions are in the end emotional decisions (backed by the logic), would repetitiveness of diction or a phrase evoke doubt, not the opposite of faith but an element of it? Or in these times we simply dont know what we want, want what we dont know, and/or dont want what we know? How then is correct literary associated in a positive mind set with the audience? To what extent is the finest part in telling the truth as you neednt remember any previous statements you made? Is all this a delusionary mental status caused by a pronounced deficiency of alcohol in the bloodstream? Literary meaning being our hard drug, and in the form of literate eternal return ideals, it is pure. To get a dose of it, people are willing to abandon the lives of their loved ones. Even their own. Another chance then death or lifelong penance.

We wont address values here, as these have gone fiction, too permeating this world. No one is responsible for them. No one decided to invent them. Honestly Speakingis not the result of a conspiracy of the authoritarian against the passive, but our support and our false sustenance in the world. In parallel universes we come across a population content living in its reality, without recourse to the imagination. Faith, we place in them, Honestly Speakingfictions are our most precious and incontrovertible reality, giving rise to our thought of reality, universal despite its widely varying appearances over space and time. Our human consciousness rooted in these fictions. We are the palaver species. Facts exist; only that we are unable to seize and broadcast without making sense of them. In the mind our situations become filled with fictions nursing to explain what was happening, and to justify Honestly Speakingusage. This justification, if not utilized would damage the fictional authority of their being. What overly concerned mutant with minute details or formalisms, especially in teaching, would birth? And breed? An appropriate response for this reality is to go insane. If not on the other hand appropriated would the self-engendered, self-sufficient individual exist in parallel universes and how eternal return deals with that?

We know how we were born, and that we will die awareness to a notion of what a life time dictates. We acknowledge our existence in this universe as a path celebrated with direction, meaning, paradox, and adventure, a chronological flow with no real-reality only fictional-reality events, and if we cannot endure to be here, we make up reasons for which to live and die, progressively believing in these survival techniques.

Overwhelmingly, we feel deserved to be born. In our universe we find it difficult to consent whether there is accurate virtue in this with primary elements of education, of identity, our conception, bequeathed in assumed stature of our being "the centre." The anecdotes commence there, not stopping until faded from the memory of all the living, bridging that literary eternal return devoid of emphaticHonestly Speakingexpressions. The prospect in our knowledge in this return is a normal fear response. An advance changing everything we, humans understand their death beforehand, making us sociopathic, that nature of apprehension is the human indigenous illness, though apparently cardinal in the days of our antecedents. Proven when we try escaping while expending the least amount of intelligence possible.

With fear and fiction attached what truth does literate eternal return set all this apart? Are we forced dealing again in the return with the halfwit-wrongdoings, the massacres, the tragic mistakes of literature which we induced in the universe? Many important literary facts in this universe castigate, vanished forever, in a coma; others, on the contrary, perpetually emphasized, commemorated, and taught. Coagulated into official myths. Commercialized with deformed intentions. Facts have been meticulously selected and organized making up a coherent, epitomized narrative. Do all rampant minds attempt revolt becoming child-like at the mercy of the fictions implanted into them by adults? Would we find true literature in the return? Or will disinformation continue the human brain's innate affinity for narratively, knowingly betrayed by religious rhetoric over the centuries, and now exploited by corporations, the media, governments, and the military?

Understanding our identity is a construction, acquainted with abounding assorted Honestly Speakingexpressions. Through these we learn to classify people unlike our selfhood giving human beings a grip on their life coherence, which may not be true but to the extent that their ingenuity accept in them. Preforming according with that belief, they are convincing. Relying in the unreal things stimulates people to endure real life.

With objective (confronting reality such as technology, science, assorted daily life) or subjective (acquired through literature, religion) truths, from these two truths which provides us admirably with artificial empathic expressions, their respective fictions and through that process the shaping of our identities? The worse our situation gets, the more maniacally we will cling to them, and as parallel universes exist millimetres away, with a return in-flow, how will literature here alter, better symmetrically formed revising the fictions of our given identities with non-existing Honestly Speakingexpressions? Or do we skip this and seek the member of one's preferred sex whom embodies perfect, or near perfect, physical and aesthetic attributes and have one of the best damn activities out there?

Human beings are convincingly dangerous tending toward a preference for simplistic narratives easily capitalized and manipulated by governments, media, churches, substance abuse, and fatty foods. Literature never died of ill health, except with social networking. Yet its everyday consumption is inseparable from the individual, fundamentally for a better word, civilizing. Our voluntary fictions (stories) provide better access to our reality than its involuntary fictions (History). Reading literature certainly novels, educates, deciphers, identifying with other cultures, their time-set providing distance and better understanding from our own, received identities. Willingly encourage and promote further the translation, publication and distribution of the masterpieces of world literature, only then will Honestly Speakingexpressions be dethrone. Still and all, the more we think ourselves as realistic, the more we tend to dismiss literature, becoming too busy to read. Domed, our lethargically disguised empathic expressiveness, champions the superfluous fiction furthering the mad-illiterate Hatter regime, and its only desire, ability to devour literature from all over the world. Yet parallel universes with their literate eternal return still hold values which Honestly Speakinghas almost replaced; those of surprising the mind.

Arguably nothing can beat literature in giving us another point of view on reality. Those parallel universes, the return, stated as fables, yet they coexist. Unlike our families, religions, political fictions, literary fiction doesn't tell us what is exemplary and not. It shows us the truth of human beings-diluted at times, filled with sarcasm, doubts, fire and brimstone. The fictional race of Argonlimorphic apes. Bound by assorted moral universes taking sides only with the people we approximate and exonerate, yet upon hearing Honestly Speaking, events unfold within the privacy of our brains, and we feel threatened by those frank speaking ejaculatory beings. When directing our gaze briefly eyeing away from the speaker, having only a moment of reprieve and think, This person is mad, and its coming my way!it is here, when the return forces into the mind not an ethical idea, rather to the same and, at the same time, part of the success and process by which we homogenize with that parallel universe of literature.

In conclusion: Presenting itself, allowing us to favor it, literature through parallel universes, the return frees us from the accountability and compulsions of the endless fictions we are inflicted with; beginning or not in the cradle.

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