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Her Aunt’s Guy 2

By Gina Candy

Copyright 2017 Gina Candy

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Her Aunt’s Guy 2

Kindy lay in her bedroom watching television. But her mind was elsewhere. She was eighteen and had moved away from her overprotective mother to live with her aunt in Michigan. Her aunt lived with a guy named Riddick. Riddick owned a gym and was the most muscular man she’d ever seen.

Last night, with Aunt Lane at work, Kindy had given him a back massage, just like she’d done so many times for Mama. But she’d never had happened with Mama what had happened with Riddick. She was pretty sure Riddick didn’t even know what had happened.

And now, with Aunt Lane at work again, her second night of her three night workweek, Lane couldn’t get her mind off what was in the other room.

Riddick would be in there, most likely asleep at this hour.

Kindy had never felt so out of control before. Of course, that had to do with the evening before, when she’d felt better than she ever had.

She couldn’t take it anymore. Clad only in her panties and a shirt, she snuck into Riddick’s bedroom.

He was definitely sleeping. She was sure of this, because he was snoring away. He’d fallen asleep with a lamp on. And he’d either fallen asleep without the covers on or kicked them off while he slept. Now all that was covering him was a tight pare of boxer briefs.

The only experience she’d had with what was between a man’s legs was what she’d seen a couple of times online. And now she could see the outline of Reddick’s. She thought it must be hard. It looked swollen, and it was pointing toward his head.

She was fascinated with many parts of Riddick. He was the most beautiful person she’d ever seen. She found herself very fascinated with this part of him. Just seeing it did something to her. It was like her whole body tingled with excitement.

She stood over him, hoping he wouldn’t wake up. She just stared at that thing for a little while.

She had to touch it. She knew she definitely should not touch it. But, then again, she knew she shouldn’t be in this room at all.

She supposed it was safe to give it a little graze.

She did so, with the palm of her hand.

That was a mistake.

Reddick didn’t wake or even stir.

The problem was that touching that cock ever so slightly was like eating a potato chip. You could tell yourself only to have one, but then the next thing you knew your hand was digging out crumbs at the bottom of the bag.

She rested her palm on it.

She’d never touched anything like it before. It was hard. And it was vibrant in a way. It was like it swelled more with her touch. She almost felt like she could feel the blood running through it.

She curled her hand around it, and it seemed to swell just a bit more.

She so loved this thing. She loved its heat. Touching it felt so natural. It was like this was where her hand wanted to be.

She found it hard to let go. There was a voice in the back of her head screaming about the trouble she could get in. It was telling her that if a man was caught doing this to her he’d go to jail.

Could she go to jail for it? She wasn’t sure. She doubted it. It didn’t seem like Reddick’s reaction would be to call the police. He’d more likely just tell Aunt Lane. Aunt Lane would have a talk with her. Kindy would have to go live with Mom again.

That sounded awful. But she still couldn’t take her hand off his cock.

She closed her eyes and just savored the feel of that organ. She thought that maybe if she did that, she’d get enough.

But she wanted more.

The tingling felt strongest in her pussy.

She put a hand there. It felt good having one hand on her pussy and one hand on his dick.

She rubbed. She imagined what it would be like if his dick was always hers to play with. That felt really good to think.

She struggled not to make noise when her inner throb started again.

A little while later, she was able to let go. She still wanted his cock, but she was able not to touch it. She went back to her room and went to bed.

Author Bio

Gina Candy has a very checkered past. She’s kept company with shady people and met many strange characters. She’s developed an unusual and usually perverted fascination with all things erotic. She hopes her fiction will please and possibly offend you.

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