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The “Adult” walking game

The rules to this game are simple, you need a dark place to walk and a few things along the way. This game is best in a suburb or urban place. The fewer street lights the better, but you’ll want some along the way. Avoid busy roads and sketchy neighborhoods. Find a partner (or a group of partners) and go! As you walk keep an eye peeled for the triggers listed below.

-At every crosswalk hold hands as you cross the road. (Maybe mix it up and change partners)

-Under each street light share a kiss, long or short. (Pecks on the cheek count, especially with new friends)

-Whenever you pass a black car, stop and tease by giving a short lap dance. (You may call this grinding… Best done standing up)

-Whenever you pass a white car tease each others “chests” (If you feel extra adventurous, ditch the bras before you start and feel under her clothes. Guys, let her touch that chest hair!)

-If you pass anyone else out for a walk, wait for them to leave, then spend a minute feeling each other up over your clothes. (A stopwatch may come in handy, or you may just guess.)

-If you pass a cop, find a dark spot and use your hands to “stimulate” your partner under their clothes for a minute. (Make sure to do this where you have enough privacy you won’t offend)

The rules can be edited, and any action can be changed to suit the group or place. One simple variation to try for fun could be placing one player in the hot seat. When the triggers occur the player in the hot seat performs the act with the partner of their choice and then another player is in the hot seat. Experiment and have fun!

Remember, asking permission first is polite and it’s a real turn on if you do it right because it builds anticipation. Make sure everyone knows the rules and agrees to them before you go. Most of all, don’t get caught! ...or if that’s your thing just don’t into trouble.

If you are feeling extremely adventurous plan ahead a little. Ask the ladies to wear short skirts and have the guys go commando. Definitely make sure everyone agrees to play with these rules before you ask anyone to participate, but if your partner, or the whole gang, agrees add these two rules.

-If you pass a house with its porch lights out find a dark spot and spend one minute each giving a partner's “fun parts” attention with your “mouth parts”.

-If you pass a church, when you find a good dark quiet spot, have intercourse (that would imply some kind of penetration) but you may only give or receive 10 strokes, thrusts, wiggles… however you like to do it. Let the ladies be in charge of how quickly or slowly, deep or shallow, and the position.

Cheat sheet

Sex should be enjoyable for everyone. Always ask permission, and never pressure a player to do something they aren’t comfortable with. Most of all have fun and explore.

Crosswalk = Hold hands

Streetlight = Share a Kiss

Black car = Grind

White car = Touch each others chests

Pass other walkers = 1 minute petting over clothes

Pass a Cop = 1 minute petting under clothes

Extra fun.

House with no porch lights = 1 minute of oral, each

Church = intercourse for 10 strokes, her choice.

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