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Good Relation with Stepdaughter

By Rod Polo

Copyright@2017 by Rod Polo

Smashwords Edition

This book is a work of fiction and any resemblance to persons, living or dead, or places, events or locales is purely coincidental.

It is intended only for adults over the age of 18 and all characters are represented as 18 or over.

Jason let out a sigh as he felt the weight of the rain on his shoulders. He was his middle forties and already divorced twice. He did not really love himself. In a few years, he would be fifty and had nothing to be proud of.

He checked his reflection in the front glass of a store. His blue eyes were piercing but with a cold look now. His face was chiseled with a large forehead limited by silver hair at the temples. His jawline was still firm and he liked his broad shoulders.

“I am still good looking,” he muttered beneath his breath.

He once again replayed the fight in his mind he got with his latest woman with hope to find what he could have done to save their love. Erin had always been funny and passionate. She was the perfect woman for Jason since she had attractive curves and a strong character.

He walked away and entered his favorite pub. He really needed a strong drink to replay the last battle that got his whole life down. He removed his wet coat and sat on a stool.

“Alvin, make it double,” he ordered.

He also considered it a treat for the promotion he got today at work. The bartender lifted a little his eyebrows at his order but did not speak as he served him his drink. He took a long sip and stared into the glass as he plunged in his memory.


One night, Erin returned home with Jason after an office party. For the entire evening, they had been flirting and commenting jokingly on various paintings displayed in the hall. The paintings were from a gallery and the hall was dim lit with fake snow falling down.

They danced slowly on the floor and pressed their bodies against one another. Jason could smell Erin’s cologne. Since it was a Christmas party organized by his company, they found themselves under a mistletoe.

“Do you know what that means?” asked Erin in a whisper with a throaty laugh.

Her kiss sent an electric shock throughout Jason’s body. They were unable to control themselves as they left the party and returned to his apartment on the east side of the town. They were both tipsy and Erin was already wet as she immediately pounced on him once in his apartment. They did not waste time in talking or foreplay.

Jason smiled while he replayed the scene. It was a beginning of a wonderful relationship until February. It was Valentine’s Day and Jason managed to take a day off from the office.

He booked them a table at Erin’s favorite restaurant with a full massage in a luxury spa for the afternoon. That evening, Erin had emptied a number of glasses by the time Jason could drive her home. He wanted to be inside her the entire evening. Jason felt himself throbbing in his pants at the memory.

“Sir, do you want me to refill your glass?” asked the bartender.

Jason jumped when he heard his voice.

“Sure, the same,” he replied.

“You seemed lost deeply in thought,” pointed out the bartender as he refilled his glass.

“Yeah, I have had a rough week,” replied Jason.

“I can relate,” said the bartender before to walk away.

The hot memory made Jason uncomfortable in his pants. He adjusted himself a bit and sipped his drink before returning to his memories. The beginning of their relationship had been awesome.

He regretted his mistake on Valentine’s Day. Erin woke up just when he penetrated her. She had completely freaked. She cursed him and pushed him violently off of her.

He tried to apologize but she did not calm down. She picked up everything within her reach, water glass, alarm clock and shoes to hurt him as he backed out of the bedroom.

She calmed down only weeks later. She told him that they could continue their relationship only if they stayed away from alcohol in the house and out. He agreed reluctantly before to regret it later.

One day, Jason received some good news from the company. He had been promoted to vice-president of the company. He could not refuse to celebrate when his boss offered him a glass of champagne.

Jason returned home early and excited to tell Erin the good news. However, he forgot about the alcohol agreement and the smell of champagne on his breath. Before he could even tell her the good news, Erin reacted violently to the smell. Within minutes, she packed her things and left the house.

“Go to hell!” muttered Jason to himself as he emptied his glass.

He put some money on the counter and left the bar. He remembered that Megan was due to arrive later today. He had to get ready the spare room.


Monica was the fantasy of every man. She had lush curves with tiny waist and long legs. She was mysterious, dark and tall with caramel long hair in waves and deep blue eyes that turned violet whenever she was aroused or upset.

She was a former stripper before becoming a successful businesswoman. Jason and Monica were spending so much time in their respective work that they did not have enough time for themselves.

Monica had a daughter from her past relationship and Jason was not keen to have kids of his own. Their marriage was mostly for show and convenience. He felt proud having her on his arm at office events.

In addition, being seen as a married man and father enhanced his image and helped him to move up the corporate ladder. Monica also needed that image for her business.

From the beginning, Jason and Monica knew that their marriage would be short. However, it lasted enough long to serve their respective objectives and Jason still had a good relationship with his stepdaughter.

He helped raise Megan and saw as she blossomed from a shy teenager to a stunning mature woman. Megan was now attending a college of Art out of town and wanted to graduate in Art Restoration.

Jason was really proud of her and her graduation was set for the following month. She was coming home to share some wonderful news she had received. Jason was looking forward to that meeting.

It had been many months since they had seen each other, even if the drive to her college from his home would take him only two hours. Jason had been busy with his work and Monica had never show real interest in her own daughter.


Jason was in the kitchen that evening when he heard the panel next to the front door rang loudly.

“Hello?” said Jason through the speaker.

“Daddddyyyyyy!” replied Megan loudly.

Jason smiled and let her in. Megan was always punctual. He walked to the corridor to wait for her in front of the elevator so that he could help her with luggage. He smiled when he saw a stunning creature coming out of the elevator.

Her violet eyes were vibrant and dark hair covered her head with her puffy lips painted in purple. Her facial features did not shock Jason but it was her attire that shocked the old man. She was wearing a tank top that highlighted her ample chest and a tiny jacket that protected her only against the weather. She had some tight skit and long boots that covered almost her entire legs.

Jason twitched in his pants at her sight with guilt crossing his mind.

“She is my daughter,” he blamed himself before to pick her suitcase.

“Step-daughter,” a voice whispered in his head.


After a dinner and red wine, Megan went to take a hot shower before to unpack. She refused to share her good news during dinner. Jason cleaned up the table and went to the guest room to ensure that Megan had some fresh towels with an available robe when she would finish with her shower.

She walked past the bathroom door in the corridor and noticed that she had not closed it completely. He knew that he should not but he was unable to suppress in her mind the picture of her hard chest straining against her top. Jason pushed the door open.

He expected to find his stepdaughter letting the water cascading on her, but he was shocked to see her lying on her back on the bench with her legs leaned while pressing her feet against the walls of the shower.

She was receiving powerful jets of water between her legs and on her sensitive chest while rocking her entire body back and forth. She had her iPod on next to the stall and a heavy music was playing.

“You should not be here,” Jason told to himself while he was already squeezing himself.

He was throbbing in his pants as he watched his stepdaughter pleasuring herself in the shower. Megan was rocking on the bench back and forth to receive the sprays on all of her sensitive spots.

Father and step-daughter were now moving in unison and Jason pictured himself inside the young woman as he saw Megan arching up her back before using the tip of the nozzle to get herself off.

Jason burst in his hand and walked out of the bathroom quietly. He could not remember the last time he had such intense orgasm. He rushed to his bedroom and cleaned up before to change his clothes.

“Daddy?” called Megan a short moment later.

“Yeah, I am changing, give me a second,” he replied.

“I had some stains from the dinner on my pants,” he added.

“It is okay, put on something nice since we are going out to celebrate,” replied Megan.

A moment later, Megan entered his room in a short dress with platform heels that seemed to light up with each step she took. Her makeup was exotic and she tossed her hair with mousse.

“Daddy, I am set to go to Europe!” she said with excitement as she hugged her stepfather.

Jason needed a moment to process her words since her aroma was intoxicating and the sensation of her chest pressed against his with her thighs brushing his pants made it hard for him to think straight.

“Do you mean that you got a job there?” he asked happily.

Megan had been sending applications for months before her graduation and wanted to study in France. She received a fellowship with the possibility to work in England or there in France at the end of her studies.

The young woman happily nodded with her eyes shining.

“You got it!” she replied as she jumped on his bed.

“I did not tell Mom yet since I wanted to savor it before justifying it with her,” she added.

Jason smiled to himself as he knew how Monica used to react when things did not match her plan. That was another reason that led to their divorce.

“This calls for a huge celebration!” he replied as he stood there in front of him.

“Jesus, I will need to take a stick with me to keep women away from you,” she said as she ran her eyes all over him.

“Tonight will be unforgettable! Let’s go!” she added as she got up quickly.


Jason and Megan returned home after three o’clock in the morning. Megan was giggling and drunk while talking to her stepfather in French. For the past few hours, they had visited numerous clubs and Jason was unable to keep his eyes from her as she swayed sensually on the dance floor with young men grinding up against her. Watching her made Jason hard in his pants.

“Thank you Daddy, it was wonderful,” said Megan before stumbling down the corridor toward her bedroom.

Jason exhaled heavily and fixed himself a strong drink before to watch a movie in the living room. He could not focus on the screen since he could hear Megan getting ready for bed.

He twitched in his pants with each giggle and bump that came from the next room. Fifteen minutes later, the house went silent and he calmed down. He emptied his glass and switched off the television at the end of the movie.

It was nearly five o’clock in the morning and he had to sleep a bit since they planned to visit some museums in town and have a lunch together. As Jason passed Megan’s room, he stopped. As a good parent, he wanted to check on her to ensure that she was fine since she had been drinking a bit too much the entire night.

He pushed open the door and glanced in. she saw that Megan had managed to put on her nightgown that looked like a big man’s shirt with big buttons. The young woman had not been able to slip beneath the covers and only the upper part of her body was lying across the bed while the lower part was out.

Jason stepped in the room and walked over to the bed. The sight of her lying there excited him. He struggled to control his desire as he shook lightly her shoulder.

“Megan, baby, you will have to bring the rest of your body on the bed,” he whispered.

Megan did not respond. Jason could just hear her snoring. He shook her once again and tried to lift her arms but the young woman did not react.

“She was not that drunk when we arrived,” he said to himself.

The more he attempted to wake Megan the more he got excited in his pants. The young woman seemed that she would not wake up even if he tossed her under the shower.

Rather than help her to sleep safely on the bed and return to his room, Jason found himself undoing the top buttons of Megan’s shirt. The old man could not remember the last time he was that hard, except for when he saw her in the shower.

A part of her chest was now visible. He caressed lightly her chest and watched as she just fluttered a bit her eyelids without opening her eyes. He stepped back and looked down at her with her chest rising and falling.

He looked at her bare legs down her body and wondered if she had changed her panties. He moved to the foot of the bed and lifted the hem of her gown. He realized that she was completely naked and shaved beneath the gown. The inner sides of her thighs were strangely wet.

He knelt in front of her and began slowly rubbing her thighs. The young woman did not wake up. This made Jason even harder. Her wetness was increasing as he slipped up his hands on her thighs. He brought his face close and could smell her arousal.

“I need just a taste,” he thought to himself.

“Then, I will finish off myself before sleeping,” he added.

He spread her and pushed his tongue inside her. Her breathing did not change and she did not move. The only response from her was the growing of her wetness that puddled beneath her on the brink of the bed. The young woman did not even react to his soft nibbles. Her wetness started gushing freely out of her.

This made Jason even bolder as he brought his fingers into action. He felt her contracting around his finger but the expression of her face did not change. Even her breathing was still regular.

Jason sat back a moment and thought about it. He remembered what happened when he tried it once with his girlfriend. He ended up single with a damaged ego. He knew that he could have even faced prosecution.

This time, Jason knew that the consequences would be more serious. If Megan woke up and reacted like Erin, he would not only lose a daughter but also go probably to jail.

“To hell with all of that!” he told to himself as he could not control the fire in him.

He dropped his pants completely down and moved her body to the edge of the bed. The young woman did not react and Jason rubbed himself against her dampness. He attempted to convince himself.

“It won’t be a big deal if you use just the tip,” he reasoned.

“Just let her lubricate you a bit and you will finish off yourself,” he added as he rubbed his hardness against her while watching carefully her face.

He pressed himself against her before to call her out for the last time.

“Megan, baby, wake up now, please,” he almost begged.

The young woman did not react and Jason pressed himself into her. He felt a pop as Megan’s tight wetness engulfed him.

“Wake up Megan!” he said a bit louder since he was getting almost upset.

She appeared to be deep asleep and Jason considered himself as doomed since he had already crossed the light. Even he backed off now, the gates of heaven were already closed for him.

He rocked his hips slowly back and forth, penetrating her deeper. She was really tight but the wetness and heat made it easy for him to slip deep with each thrust until he was completely inside her.

He felt that she was alive since she gripped her tightly inside her while getting wetter as he began moving faster. He was not doing it hard since he was afraid to wake her up. He wanted to finish now and could not stop.

He was making each thrust long and began rubbing her with his thumb to match his thrusts. A moment later, Megan’s body quivered a bit as if she convulsed and a flow of wetness ran down her thighs as she clamped him hard.

Jason buried himself deeper inside his stepdaughter and pulled up fast before to explode in his hand. He used his pants to clean up himself and helped her in the bed to sleep safely before to cover her with a blanket.

“Good night Daddy,” said Megan suddenly as Jason was about to walk out.

“Good night,” replied Jason as he headed to the bathroom in deep confusion but without remorse.

The End

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