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Daddy’s Memorable Night

By Rod Polo

Copyright@2017 by Rod Polo

Smashwords Edition

This book is a work of fiction and any resemblance to persons, living or dead, or places, events or locales is purely coincidental.

It is intended only for adults over the age of 18 and all characters are represented as 18 or over.

Robbie was twenty-one years old and her mother, Nana, was dating Nick. Robbie was really cute with brown hair that brushed her shoulders and thin, long arms. Sophisticated and large glasses highlighted her blue eyes. Her legs were toned with a gorgeous olive skin and a thin waist. Her curves always excited men. While she was acting like an innocent girl, she had a dark side.

Nick met Robbie a couple of years ago. She had blossomed into a stunning girl over the years and she had an impressive maturity that attracted Nick. They used to live together in the same house.

Robbie used to come out of her bedroom after school in skimpy outfits. She preferred to wear short pajama bottoms that perfectly highlighted her bubble curves with low-cut tops that exposed a big part of her chest.

As Robbie grew older, she started wearing more and more revealing outfits whenever Nick was around. When it was her turn to wash the dishes, she loved to lean over as Nick sat behind her. She would even bend more over when Nick was in front of her to expose her almost braless chest as she placed the dishes in the bottom rack of the machine.

She did it many evenings and Nick concluded that she was doing it intentionally as it became quite flagrant. It was so obvious that her mother noticed that and ordered her not to put on anymore camisoles when Nick was around the house. Robbie obeyed only when her mother was around.

After Robbie’s birthday, her sister, brother and mother went to attend a party out of town. It was the party of her mother’s best friend. Nick was not keen to attend since he found these parties boring but Nana liked them as it was a way for her to meet her friends and have some fun outside the house.

Robbie used to go with her family to these parties but this time she told Nana that she was not feeling well and wanted to stay at home. Therefore, after dinner, Nana and Robbie’s siblings left for the parties while Nick and Robbie stayed behind.

Thirty minutes later, Robbie walked out of the bedroom and headed to the kitchen to wash the dishes. Nick was watching a game on TV in the living room. He was wearing his basketball shorts and a t-shirt when Robbie walked to the sink.

“Hey Nick, do you think that it is safe to put this dish in the machine?” she asked over the bar of breakfast.

Nick got up and joined her in the kitchen to look at the dish. Robbie was wearing a camisole that plunged well under the line of her cleavage. She completed her outfit with matching short shorts that did little to cover the upper parts of her thighs.

It was the first time for Nick to see almost the full legs of his stepdaughter in years. He knew that Robbie’s legs were beautiful but the young woman never exposed them like that before.

Nick ran his eyes all over her and completely forgot her question. He forgot even why he was standing there in the kitchen. However, the sight made him immediately hard and this brought him back to reality.

He replied to her question but stayed there in the kitchen, pretending to help her in her chore. His hardness was obvious in his shorts. Robbie made herself busy with the dishes but stole some sly glances at his shorts from time to time.

Nick noticed her glances and this excited him even more. Then, he noticed some long fingernail scratches that started from the blade of her shoulders and down to her spine. This made him curious but he did not ask her about them.

At the end of her chore, Robbie used to return to her room and use her computer or watch TV.

“Do you want to watch a rented movie?” asked Nick just before Robbie was about to leave the kitchen.

“Sure,” she replied.

“You can choose,” he told her.

Nick thought that Robbie would like to watch the movie in her bedroom. Rather, the young woman sat down on the sofa beside him and started going through the various choices from the platform.

Robbie was a fan of thriller movies that came with a suspenseful, exciting story and an excellent plot. She fancied these movies about mysterious murders. However, the movie began with a couple getting intimate in a hotel room.

Nick thought about asking Robbie to change the movie but he noticed that she was intensely concentrated on the screen and did not seem to be shocked by that. The following scene featured a woman pleasuring orally a man in the shower with the man digging his fingernails in her back and moaning in bliss.

This moved Nick to wonder about the origin of the scratches he had seen on Robbie’s back. However, he refrained himself from asking her. Then, the plot started in the movie and Robbie watched closely as if she was making mental notes of the story.

“Do you want some popcorn?” he asked her.

“Yes, fill it with butter,” she replied.

When Nick got up, his hardness was even more bulging after he had watched Robbie’s reaction to the hot scenes they had just watched. He had now a strong desire to see what was under her skimpy outfit.

“Is this movie okay for you?” asked Robbie as Nick got up.

“Yeah,” he replied.

“Do you really want too much butter with your popcorn?” he asked.

“I thought that you were not feeling very well,” he pointed out.

“I am okay, I just wanted to stay at home,” she explained.

“So, you did not tell the truth to your mom?” he asked.

“Not really but it was just an excuse to stay home since she likes taking me to these parties,” she explained.

“Well, you need to always be truthful with your mother,” he advised.

“She would be upset if she found out about it,” he continued.

“But I am glad that you stayed tonight,” he added.

“Why?” she asked.

“Well, we have an opportunity to bond,” he replied.

“You are right and Mom is always upset when I wear my bedtime clothes out of my bedroom,” she said.

“She said that it is not appropriate to wear such clothes with you around,” she continued.

“But I do not wear them for anyone to see me, it is just for me,” she added.

“What do you think?” she asked.

“About your clothes or Mom’s reaction?” he replied.

“About both,” she answered.

Nick filled the popcorn in a single bowl for both of them.

“Well, she is your mother and you have to respect her wishes,” he replied.

“But you are a young woman trying to identify herself in the world,” he continued.

“You are in a dilemma and I understand that,” he added.

“As a beautiful woman, you have to be proud of your assets,” he said.

“Okay, what about my clothes right now?” she asked.

“They look very attractive on you,” he replied quickly.

“I believe you since I noticed it,” she said with a giggle.

“Noticed what?” he asked almost in panic.

“I do not have to spell it out,” she replied.

“Please do,” he insisted.

“Okay, I saw you watching me with excitement in the kitchen and I also noticed your excitement when you stood up for popcorn,” she replied and he looked at her in disbelief.

“Come on, it is evident,” she added.

It was an opportunity that Nick did not want to miss out.

“So, did you like what you have seen?” he asked.

“I think that I am just curious,” she responded.

“Just curious? About what?” he asked.

“Just stuff,” she replied.

“Okay, is it the movie that made you curious about this stuff?” he asked.

Robbie ran her tongue on her lips before replying.

“Even before the movie, I was curious,” she replied.

“But the movie made me more curious,” she admitted.

“This is just like this conversation is making me curious,” he said.

“Come on, sit down, I want my popcorn,” she replied.

Nick complied and sat down in his place. The couch was a sectional and he was holding a huge bowl full of popcorn. Robbie scooted right beside him for the popcorn. As the movie went on, she covered both of them with a blanket.

Nick picked up the remoted and pressed the rewind button to move back the movie to the scene that featured the man about to explode. He summoned his courage to ask Robbie about the scratches on her back.

Robbie put her legs beneath Nick’s as they shared her blanket. She was obviously excited by the scene but Nick did not know for sure if she was highly excited.

“So tell me, what does it feel like to be in a woman’s mouth?” she asked him bluntly as she turned to look at him.

Nick sensed that it was the ideal moment to ask her about the scratches.

“Well, the feeling depends more on the talent of the woman,” he replied.

“This is a work of art,” he pointed out.

“By the way, I saw some scratches around your shoulders and down your back,” he said.

“How did you get them?” he asked.

“I did not know that they are noticeable like that,” she replied with a giggle.

“I was with my boyfriend yesterday after school and we were down next to the river in the back seat of his truck,” she explained.

“We were kind of dry humping but nothing happened,” she assured him.

“I did not lose my virginity since nothing happened,” she told him.

“So Jeff rolled over on the seat on his back and I acted as if I was going down on him,” she continued.

“We were still fully clothed with my mouth on the front of his pants,” she said.

“He slipped his hand down beneath my top on my back and used the nails of his fingers to scratch me quite hard,” she continued.

“I felt him explode in his pants but he denied and said that he would have exploded only if it was real,” she added.

“I am really flattered that you felt comfortable sharing these details with me,” replied Nick.

“I am not saying that what you did was fine or that I am okay with it,” he explained.

“But why did you ask me about this act?” he asked.

“Just because I am curious,” she replied.

“I want just to know what guys feel and think about it,” she explained.

“You know that I am quite good at school and I want to also be good at any stuff I plan to do out of school,” she revealed.

“I have never taken my boyfriend in my mouth but I am sure that I will do it one day,” she continued.

“And I want it to remember it as the best experience in his life,” she added.

“You said that it was a work of art, how?” she asked.

“It is all about desire, style and technique,” he explained.

“It is like an animal instinct,” he continued and she looked at him with confusion.

“I mean it is something that a woman has to know naturally in order to pleasure a man,” he added.

Nick felt that the conversation was taking a dangerous path but he felt that his stepdaughter needed to get some basics about it. Explaining it made it even harder. Robbie looked down on the blanket and noticed the bulge in the cover.

Then, she slipped her left hand beneath the blanket and grazed her fingers against him. She acted as if she was scratching some itch on her leg.

“This is a dangerous path, Robbie,” he told her as he looked at her.

“Are you really sure that you want to go down there?” he asked her.

“I have to tell you the truth,” she replied.

“For many years, you have been my secret crush,” she revealed.

“One night I was still young and heard Mom yell while you were moaning,” she said.

“My sister also heard it and this made us wet as we thought about what you were doing,” she continued.

“I have touched myself for many years picturing myself in the bedroom with you,” she added.

“I always fantasized about being in that situation,” she said.

“But she is your mother,” he pointed out.

“I know that I have also my fantasies,” she replied.

“If I am still virgin until now it is because I want my first time to be memorable,” she explained.

“So I want to practice with someone experienced in it but Jeff is also still a virgin,” she continued.

“I really love him and that is why I want our first time to be perfect,” she added.

Then, Robbie slipped her hand under his shorts to grab him. Nick bent back and enjoyed the feeling of her fingers moving up and down in his shorts. Then, the young woman got up quickly and walked to the kitchen.

“Hey, where are you going?” he asked in disbelief.

Robbie did not answer but opened the refrigerator and returned with a bowl full of ice cream. She ate a few spoons and knelt before him. She pulled away the blanket and tugged his shorts down with his boxers.

She took him in her mouth full of ice cream. The sight of the young gorgeous woman pleasuring him excited Nick even more with the ice cream stimulating him.

“Is it really your first time?” he asked as he writhed in pleasure on the sofa.

“You are really great at it,” he pointed out.

“I am a perfectionist and artist,” she replied with the cream leaked down her chin.

“I already pictured how and what I would do,” she revealed.

“I got wet when you talked about desire, style and technique as it reminded me all the fantasies I have had for years,” she added before to take him completely in her warm mouth.

“Do you want me to return the favor?” he asked.

She released him and got up immediately. She pulled down her shorts while Nick grabbed her hips and made her lie gently back on the carpet. He feverishly lifted up her camisole to expose her gorgeous chest.

Robbie shut her eyes and arched her back as her fantasies flooded her mind. He started with her chest and pressed himself against her. He moved down his hand and dipped his thumb into her wetness as his other hand played with her chest.

He was moving his finger in and out of her. Then, Robbie pushed him off her and rolled him over on his back. She took him back in her mouth and was now determined to get him off.

Nick fought his orgasm and turned her over on her back as he wanted to taste her virgin wetness. He parted her legs and buried his face between them. She had many orgasms in row as he tasted her.

Then, she pushed away his head from between her legs and moved closer to the sofa. She knelt before it with her top body and chest resting on the cushions.

“Daddy, take me now!” she begged.

It was her first time to call him daddy. Nick got up and pulled her up to make her lay down on the sofa with her face down. He positioned himself behind her and entered her slowly.

Robbie was really tight but her wetness made the penetration easy. Soon, Nick was moving in and out of her fast. He could feel his orgasm coming close but he did not want to make her pregnant.

Robbie urged her stepfather to use her back door. Nick used her own wetness to lubricate her entrance and entered her. At the same time, he instructed her to relax and breathe so that he could go deep.

She complied and he pushed further inside her until she squeezed him down. He was caressing her so that she could loosen up her tight grip. The young woman reacted quickly and allowed her stepfather to take long, deep strokes. She yelled when he exploded inside her.

Nick continued to move in and out of her throughout his orgasm. Then, they rolled over on the sofa and lay into each other’s arms without speaking. They both knew what they did and knew that it would probably happen again.

It was unbelievable and felt really good. A moment later, Robbie got up and took a wash cloth to clean her stepfather. Then, she placed the cloth on the floor before to kneel in front of the sofa.

She pushed Nick back against the sofa as he sat and parted his legs. She used her mouth and tongue to bring him back to life. She refilled her mouth with ice cream and took him back inside.

She mastered the technique fast as she took him down her throat and squeezed him. She was doing it faster and Nick felt as if the muscles of her throat were milking him.

“I am close!” he exclaimed.

Robbie looked up at him and took him even deeper inside her mouth. Nick could not take it any longer. He bent forward and dug his nails into her back as he exploded violently down her throat.

Robbie almost shocked as she tried to swallow everything. She kept him inside until he softened. Then, she released him. It was a memorable night. They both got up and cleaned the sofa and carpet before the rest of the family would return.

Since that night, Nick and his stepdaughter did not have the opportunity to stay alone in the house but they both knew that it was only a matter of time. Nick always made sure to have ice cream in the refrigerator with hope that it would come in handy soon.

The End

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