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Daddy’s Double Delight

By Rod Polo

Copyright@2017 by Rod Polo

Smashwords Edition

This book is a work of fiction and any resemblance to persons, living or dead, or places, events or locales is purely coincidental.

It is intended only for adults over the age of 18 and all characters are represented as 18 or over.

“We are not blood related!” said Jennifer to Henry.

She was right, they were not blood related and had met only when Henry started dating her mother, Kristin. Jennifer was thirteen at that time. However, they all get along very well from the beginning.

Henry did everything a father should do, maybe even more. He took Jennifer out to fancy restaurants on her graduations and birthdays. He patiently taught her how to drive and he was always polite and decent whenever she invited her friends over. Henry kept silence when he found out that Jennifer and her friend had a lesbian experience on the night before her graduation.

Kristin was inattentive to both of them. She abandoned them when Jennifer attended college. It had been three years since then and they never heard about her anymore, except from her lawyers when he came up with the divorce papers.

Two years after attending college, Jennifer came home for two months. She knew that her mother had cheated on Henry and was embarrassed about it.

“Excuse me for keeping silence,” she told her stepfather.

“I knew that Mom was cheating on you, but I did not tell you,” she added.

“Do not worry, I knew,” he replied.

“I also knew that she was waiting for you to leave home for college before moving in with her boyfriend,” he added.

“Was I the reason why you did not divorce her?” she asked.

“Yes,” he replied with a nod.

Jennifer hugged him tightly with tears rolling down her cheeks. The following Friday, Henry took his stepdaughter to a dance club since it was her birthday. They did not hang out since she joined college two years ago. It was not a surprise for Henry when many people recognized Jennifer at the club. He let the young woman get drunk for her birthday.

When they were back home, Henry helped her to get in bed and Jennifer kissed him with passion before falling asleep. Henry slowly unzipped her dress so that she would be more comfortable. Then, he covered her with a blanket.

“My baby is now an adult,” he said to himself as he walked out of her bedroom.

The following morning, he heard Jennifer throwing up in the bathroom and he brought her a cold pack with some painkillers.

“Thank you,” she mumbled before taking the aspirin.

She returned to the bed. Henry could not remember the last time he had seen Jennifer in underwear. Her bra and panties where almost transparent and he did not stop his eyes from seeing through the fabric. She came out of her bedroom afternoon with a toast and a glass of water.

“Did you get me drunk to make me hate alcohol?” she asked.

“I did nothing besides pay for the drinks your ordered and gulped,” he replied.

“I know but next time, stop me from drinking that way,” she said.

“Can you drive me to the pharmacy? I need some items from there,” she said.

“The car is out there and you have your license, go there yourself,” he replied.

“I always find your car too big to drive,” she said.

“I do not even know while you still keep such SUV,” she added.

“Well, I paid for it and it is mine,” he replied.

“You should drive yours,” he added.

“Mine? Do I have a…Oh my God! I have a car?” she asked with excitement.

“Well, why don’t you look for yourself in the driveway?” he replied playfully.

Jennifer rushed out of the house and squealed loudly before rushing back to her stepfather. She kissed him with passion and rushed back out before to rush back in. Henry gave her the keys before to receive another hot kiss.

She rushed out of the house and in her new car. She drove to the end of their small street before to return fast. She rushed in the house to grab her bag. She kissed again her stepfather with her tongue in his mouth before to leave and drive away.

“Great!” thought Henry to himself.

Jennifer returned home a couple of hours later. She was still excited as she jumped on Henry’s lap and kissed him again with passion.

“Hey, this is not appropriate for a daughter to kiss her father,” he said.

“We are not blood related!” she replied before kissing him once again but decently this time.

“I really love my gifts even if the hangover is still hitting me,” she said.

“I love you very much and I just want to…I do not care!” she said as she kissed him again with passion.

Henry did not stop her even if the kiss lasted longer than the previous ones. She got up and rushed to her room with her shopping bags. Henry just hoped that she did not feel his hardness.

Thirty minutes later, he went to her room to check on her. She was sleeping, completely clothed, in her bed. He returned to the living room and watched some television.

Three hours later, Jennifer woke up and went to take a shower. At the same time, Henry was fixing dinner. She wrapped a towel around her hair and put on a robe before joining her stepfather in the kitchen.

“What are you cooking?” she asked.

“Mashed potatoes with baked fish,” he replied.

“That is great,” she said.

Since it was Saturday night, Henry asked her about her evening plans.

“I feel better now, but I just want to hang out,” she replied.

“I will just select some movies to watch,” she added.

At the end of dinner, they both sat on the patio on the back of the house. She was sipping a cool drink while he was drinking a beer on his huge lounger. Jennifer was sitting on the table and playing with her long hair.

“What did you plan to do after your graduation?” he asked her.

“I am planning to start my teaching career here,” she replied.

“No plan to get married?” he asked.

“Daddy, should I remind you that I am not attracted to men?” she replied.

“No, I never forgot what you told me with Tanya that you had tasted more women than me,” he said.

“This was silly of us, we were just brats,” she replied.

“Even if Tanya did not lie, it was not appropriate to tell you this,” she added.

“Did you meet Tanya today?” he asked.

“No, I broke up with her since she tried to seduce mom,” she replied.

“But I have other ways if you want to know,” she added with a grin.

“No, I do not want to know,” he replied.

The young woman giggled as she came to sit next to him on the lounger.

“I found a bigger one in the shop and it is really amazing,” she said as she curled up to her stepfather.

Henry wrapped his arm around her shoulder and softly kissed her cheek as she scooted closer to him. She began telling him what was going on with the rest of her friends.

Jennifer was the only one who was still studying. Many of her friends had dropped out of college before the end of the first semester while the rest left before the beginning of the second year.

“Some of them made fun of me because I stayed in college,” she said.

“Now that my graduation is close, they are worried since they are afraid that I would teach their spoiled children,” she added.

Henry kissed again her cheek before to speak.

“You know now that you are the most intelligent girl of the gang,” he told her.

“Well, maybe not more than Sacha,” he added.

“How is she doing?” he asked.

“She was ahead of me in college and married a soldier after her graduation,” she replied.

“But her husband was killed in the line of duty and now she is back at her alcoholic mother’s place,” she continued.

“She is working at a mall,” she added.

“I feel sorry for her,” he replied.

“Did you two ever…?” he was embarrassed to finish his question.

“Yes, we hooked up before she met her husband,” she replied.

“I am sure she would be really happy to see you again,” he pointed out.

“Are now playing the matchmaker?” she asked.

“Not at all, I was just guessing,” he replied.

“You old pervert,” she said as she started attacking him.

He managed to fight back but her upper chest came out of her robe in the process.

“Honey, this is unfair,” he said as he gazed at her chest.

Jennifer stopped attacking him and took a long pause before to cover her chest. Then, she hugged him and kissed him.

“Okay, I will give her a call before going to bed and invite her for lunch if she is free,” she said.

“But if she wants some fun, we will come here because I cannot stand her mother,” she added.

“Sure, you are free to bring over your partners,” he replied.

“That is why I love you,” she said.

“I can always rely on you,” she added as she kissed him once again with love and licked his lips before to push her tongue in his mouth.

She kept kissing him and he felt her grinding herself against him. He let out a groan and she repositioned herself over him as she dry humped him while kissing him until she exploded.

“Thank you,” she said.

“It is not decent to use your father as one of your devices,” he told her.

“We are not blood related,” she replied before to get up.

“Let me call Sacha,” she said as she walked back in the house.

Henry replayed his day with her stepdaughter, including hot kisses, transparent underwear, bare chest and dry humping. He realized that he liked everything but he was still not desiring her intimately. He concluded that his stepdaughter was just very aroused.

He realized that he was also aroused. He started touching himself in the lounge until Jennifer flopped down beside him and took him in her hand to stroke him.

“Sacha needs a lift from her work since her mom forgot to pick her up again,” she said.

“I am planning to bring her here for probably a hot night or a quiet one from her drunken mom,” she added.

“See you later,” she said as she got up and opened her gown for him.

She was completely naked beneath it. This drove Henry over the edge as he stroked himself faster and exploded in front of his stepdaughter.

“Since we are not blood related, we should do it often,” she told him before kissing him.

She walked away and left the house a short moment later. Henry got up and took a shower. He put on some clothes and made himself a drink. Jennifer and Sacha were back thirty minutes later. He was about to refill his glass when they showed up.

“Thank you very much for inviting me here,” said Sacha.

“I would like to take a shower to get rid of the smell if you do not mind,” she added.

“Of course not, Jennifer will guide you while your drink will wait for you here,” he replied.

Sacha kissed Henry on his cheek before to follow Jennifer to her room. The girls found Henry on his lounger. They were holding their drinks and Jennifer had her hair soaked again. She grinned at her stepfather when he noticed it.

“So Sacha, if you could choose a job, what would it be?” he asked her.

“I would like to be a bookkeeper since I am really good with numbers,” she replied.

“That is good, why don’t you go to a business college that offers degrees in bookkeeping?” he suggested.

“We have one in this town,” he added.

“I cannot afford it since Mom uses all of my benefits from the government,” she replied.

“That forces me to work,” she added.

“I can help you to get a scholarship and study during summer,” he offered.

“I would love it but I am not sure if I could manage with my job and mom,” she replied.

“Well, we can always try it with hope that it would work,” he said.

“Thanks a lot and thank you for moving Jennifer to call me,” she replied.

“Her call made me so happy that I cried right there on the counter,” she added.

“My objective is to always make everyone happy,” he replied.

Before he could continue, Jennifer silenced him with a passionate kiss and Sacha did the same.

“Daddy, we need to sleep, we are tired,” said Jennifer.

“Good night,” they both told him.

Henry knew that they did not go to sleep. Sure enough, he heard moaning from Jennifer’s room a few minutes later. Henry went through Sacha’s purse and made a copy of her driver license and social security card. The young woman had only ten dollars in her wallet, Henry added twenty.

He visited the website of the business school and filled in a form for a bookkeeping session. He contacted one of his friends for more details since he wanted Sacha to land a job in an accounting company. His friend offered to take her in his company after she would complete her first year of school.

By the time the session started, Sacha was almost living with Jennifer and Henry. Jennifer used to drive her to school and take her back home. To make it easy for Sacha when Jennifer would have to return to college, Henry bought her a second hand car.

Sacha was so happy that she kissed Henry passionately and left him hard after grinding herself against him. Henry wondered if the girls were not using him as a device to get off.

Sacha and Jennifer were so comfortable around Henry that they were just wearing panties in the house. The kisses became more and more indecent and they had both used Henry many time to get off.

Then, things escalated. Henry was listening to his favorite songs on his iPod in his lounger when Jennifer climbed again over him. She started kissing him passionately and thrusting her tongue in his mouth.

When she felt him getting enough hard, she slipped to his side and tugged up the leg of his running shorts to stroke him. Then, she straddled him once again and took him inside her since she was already naked beneath her gown.

Henry thought that she just wanted to feel him inside her but she started riding him.

“Keep in mind that we are not blood related,” she said as she increased her rhythm.

Henry reached up to kiss her chest before kissing her on the mouth. She exploded a short moment later before releasing him.

“You see? I was right,” she said to her friend.

Sacha was standing behind Henry. The young woman was already naked and did not waste time as she took Jennifer’s place and started riding Henry. She exploded soon and kissed him with passion before dismounting him.

Jennifer returned on her stepfather. This time, her rhythm was intense but slow. She had an intense orgasm a long moment later.

“Do not worry about me, I am taking birth control,” said Sacha to Henry as she took again Jennifer’s place.

“Fill me up,” she urged the older man.

Henry attempted to delay his orgasm but he could not since Sacha’s second orgasm was taking a bit long to come. He exploded deep inside her. Sacha moved to his side and Jennifer buried her face between Sacha’s legs to clean her up.

Eventually, the two girls walked back in the house and returned to their bedroom. Henry did not feel guilty and wondered why.

“Because we are not blood related,” a voice repeated in his head.

“I know but at least she calls me daddy,” he answered the voice.

A few minutes later, Henry got up and walked back in the house. He headed to their bedroom. He found the two girls still naked on the bed.

“I love you,” he told them as he kissed their sensitive spots.

“I love you too,” replied each girl.

They were all exhausted. Henry pulled the covers over them and returned to his bedroom. That night, he slept very well. The following morning, Jennifer returned to college after she kissed Henry and Sacha with love.

Henry left the house for his office and worked on some papers. When he returned home, he found Sacha completely naked in his bed.

“From now on, we will sleep together,” she told him as she helped him undress.

“Except when Jennifer is home,” she added.

“I will devour you,” she added as she pushed him on the bed and rode him hard.

Henry was really pleased when Sacha was having her period since he could get some rest. Whenever Jennifer was home, Sacha was sleeping with her. Henry and the two girls formed a loving family and time passed fast.

The following summer, Jennifer and Sacha slept with Henry in turn but spent many nights together so that Henry could recover. At the end of the year, Sacha was hired by Henry’s friend.

“Do you have any plan to move out?” he asked them one evening during dinner.

“Are you chasing us away?” they both asked.

“No, I want just to know because I am planning to enlarge the bedroom and bathroom if you will stay with me,” he replied.

“You should call your contractor,” they both said.

A few weeks later, Jennifer and Sacha had a small apartment in Henry’s house and they entertained him whenever he wanted. Sacha and Jennifer were known as a couple in town but people did not know that they were also entertaining an old man. Henry could not ask for better since he was the luckiest man in town.

The End

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