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Daddy, Take Me

By Rod Polo

Copyright@2017 by Rod Polo

Smashwords Edition

This book is a work of fiction and any resemblance to persons, living or dead, or places, events or locales is purely coincidental.

It is intended only for adults over the age of 18 and all characters are represented as 18 or over.

Just when he closed his eyes to sleep, Frank heard the phone ring. It was already two o’clock in the morning. His wife switched on the light to answer the call. She became annoyed when she heard her daughter, Carmel, asking for a ride.

Carmel’s driver was drunk and could not drive anymore. Before Sandra asked, Frank got out of the bed and put on his clothes.

“Thank you baby, I owe you,” said Sandra.

“And you will pay big time,” he replied.

“And where is her highness?” he asked.

“She is at the new club with Helen,” she replied.

“You will have to hurry since the club is closing and they will be kicked out,” she added.

“Okay, you can go back to sleep,” he replied as he put on his jeans.

Fifteen minutes later, Frank reached the club. Carmel and Helen had been best friends since high school even if they were opposites. Helen was blonde, tall and thin and a bit rebellious. Carmel was short but kept her body in shape by being part of the field and track team at her school. Frank and Mary were always worried that Helen would get Carmel in to trouble.

When Frank moved in with Mary, Carmel was around eight years old. He had watched her blossoming into a gorgeous young woman. Frank and Carmel were really close and felt comfortable around each other. He considered Carmel as his own daughter.

Frank stopped the car in front of the club and spotted some guys talking to Carmel and Helen. He could not believe his eyes when he saw Helen’s outfit. She was wearing a super short and tight tiny strapless, dark dress with hot high heels.

Carmel was wearing a cute cotton dress that matched the weather. The fabric was sexy and elegant in a decent way. She had let her brown hair covering her shoulders. Most of the time, she kept her hair tied in a ponytail. Carmel looked beautiful.

Frank called the girls over through the window. Helen got in the passenger seat and Carmel rolled her eyes as she sat in the back.

“Hello Frank,” greeted Helen as she bent in close.

“There was no need for you to come,” she said.

“We could have gotten a ride with the boys,” she added.

“Not sure,” muttered Carmel from the back.

“Maybe you should drop off Carmel first before driving me home so that I can offer you a nightcap,” suggested Helen.

Frank lifted one of his eyebrows as he looked at the young woman.

“That won’t happen,” replied Frank.

Helen looked at him with a seductive smile.

“A girl has to try,” she said as she curled her legs beneath and tried to fasten her seat belt.

“Frank, this belt does not work. Can you help me?” she asked in an innocent voice as she seemed to work on the buckle.

Frank let out a sigh and bent over the lithe form of the young woman. He glanced at her cleavage and her cologne filled his nostrils as he buckled the seat belt. He felt a desire to bend down and tug her into his arms, but he managed to keep himself under control.

Just when he was about to sit back on his seat, he felt Helen’s hand on his leg. He did not push it away and she started feeling him through his pants.

“That is nice,” she whispered.

Frank forced himself to give her a stern look and put back her hand in her lap.

“When are we going?” asked Carmel from the back seat, obvious annoyed.

Frank struggled to keep his eyes away from Helen’s long legs on the road. She had removed her heels and her dress had slipped up to expose a part of her panties. Frank began to think about her nightcap’s offer.

“Tell me Frank, what do you think about my dress?” asked Helen.

“It is pretty,” he replied evasively.

“My nightcap offer is still on,” she said.

“For God’s sake, shut up Helen,” said Carmel bitterly.

A silence filled the car for the rest of the road. Helen winked at Frank when she got out and Carmel sat in the front. They waited until Helen stepped into her house safely before to drive away.

“Sometimes, she can disgust me,” said Carmel.

Frank just chuckled with embarrassment but did not talk.

“Do you think that Helen is pretty?” asked Carmel.

“Yeah, she is really pretty,” he replied.

“She was hitting on you,” she said.

“She says that you are hot,” she revealed.

Her last words boosted Frank’s ego.

“Well, nothing will happen,” he replied.

“I am glad to hear it since all my friends say that you are hot,” she said.

“I am far older then all of you,” he argued.

“That is not a big deal,” she replied with the alcohol leading her.

“Do you think that I am hot?” she asked a few minutes later.

“Carmel, such conversations between a father and daughter are not appropriate,” he replied.

“Stepfather,” she corrected him.

“I love you as my own daughter,” he replied as he looked over.

“I love you too Daddy,” she responded.

“But I want to know,” she said before to take a pause.

“Do you think that I am hot?” she asked again.

“Carmel, you are really pretty,” he replied.

“This is not the answer to my question,” she answered dejectedly.

“Am I hot?” she repeated.

“Ok, you are really hot,” he replied, attempting to boost her moral.

A short silence followed his answer.

“Have you ever dreamed about me?” she asked quietly.

“Carmel, stop it! I am your father!” he replied.

“I just want to know, please,” she begged.

“Okay, you have been in my fantasies,” he replied quickly before changing his mind.

He realized that it was inappropriate to admit it since it would be hard now for him to get out of it. Carmel’s face lit up immediately. The young woman looked at her stepfather slyly before to speak.

“You are a pervert!” she said with a laugh.

“I will tell Mom,” she added.

“No, you won’t” he replied in a fake stern voice.

This conversation was making Frank very uncomfortable.

“I will for sure…unless…,” paused Carmel.

“Give me details of your fantasy,” she said as she looked at him.

“I won’t tell you anything about that,” he replied.

“Please Dad, come on, I just want to know,” she pleaded.

“I won’t be upset, I promise,” she continued.

“Just tell me,” she said.

“All right,” replied Frank resignedly.

Frank had been fantasized about his stepdaughter often. He always felt a little guilty but he rationalized that the fantasy was innocent and common for any guy sharing a house with a gorgeous young woman. He went through his brain to find the less incriminating fantasy.

“Okay, I fantasize about you some mornings in the shower,” he said.

“You imagine me joining you?” she asked and he nodded.

“And what happens after that?” she asked.

“Well, I help you wash your hair from behind you,” he replied.

“Then?” she asked.

“Then, I wash also your back…and you wash me…down there,” he admitted.

Frank could feel himself getting aroused as he revealed his fantasy to his stepdaughter.

“Okay, that is enough!” he said as he snapped back to reality.

“Okay, I really like it,” replied Carmel dreamily.

A silence followed until Carmel spoke.

“Mom went to the mall a Saturday morning and I came to your bedroom to check if we could go biking,” she started.

“You are not in the bedroom but the bathroom door is open,” she continued.

“So, I walk over to peek inside and I see your form through the glass,” she said.

“You have your back to the door and I admire your form as I think about how handsome you are,” she continued.

“My love for you gets intense as I watch the hot water covering your body with steam all around,” she said.

“I can feel my excitement growing as I bend against the frame of the door and start caressing my chest,” she continue.

“My other fingers are moving between my legs in my pajamas,” she added before pausing.

Frank tightly gripped his steering wheel as his arousal grew.

“What happens after that?” he asked in a whisper.

“You see? You are a pervert!” she replied with a laugh.

“Well, I close my eyes as the pleasure filled me and when I open them. I meet your eyes through the glass,” she said.

“I am so aroused that I step inside and remove my clothes before joining you in the shower,” she continued.

Frank looked at Carmel and they made eye contact. A mischievous grin covered her face and Frank was unable to think straight. He never thought that his stepdaughter could have such fantasy involving him. He realized that their relationship has changed completely.

“You should stop now, I am your father, you cannot think of me like that,” he said.

“Stepfather,” she reminded him.

“Your mother is my wife and I do not want to hurt her,” he pointed out.

“Okay, it will be our secret,” she said.

“Stop it Carmel. It was my mistake to continue with this conversation,” he admitted.

“I am really horny now,” she said with a laugh.

“Well, I cannot help you with that,” he replied as he laughed also.

“I guess you will wake up mom once you are home,” she said.

“Not sure, a cold shower may help,” he replied.

“I can join you if you want,” she offered and they both laughed.

“This belt does not work. Can you help me?” she mimicked Helen as Frank pulled in the driveway.

As Frank bent over to unbuckle the belt, she kissed his skin softly.

“Daddy, can you kiss me? I won’t tell Mom,” she whispered.

“Carmel, stop it,” he replied as he shook his head.

Frank get out of the car and shut quietly the door. He walked around the car to open the door for Carmel. He took her hand and they both walked to the front door. Just when he was about to open the door, he turned Carmel towards him and tugged her close. He bent down and kissed her softly.

He broke the kiss but Carmel kept him tight against her. Frank looked again into his stepdaughter’s eyes. She had her eyes wide open and Frank wondered if they were full of fear, love or passion.

She ran her tongue on her lips and without thinking, Frank bend down to kiss her once again. He parted his lips and Carmel pushed her tongue in his mouth. He pushed her back until her back pressed against the wall.

She wrapped her legs around him and started grinding her body against him. Carmel could feel Frank’s hardness and she moaned as her stepfather kissed her with more passion.

She took his hand and put it on her chest. He could feel her excitement through her dress. He released his hand but he kept it there while she started unbuttoning her dress as she stared into his eyes.

Frank knew that he should stop her but he watched as she slipped down the dress to expose her lace bra.

“Carmel, we need to stop,” he breathed as he stepped back.

“No, let’s do it,” she murmured as she tried to grab him.

He grabbed her wrists tightly and tugged up her arms over her head. She wrapped again her leg around him and tugged him into her. This was too much for Frank as he bent down to kiss her again with their tongues entwining while he released her wrists.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and he grabbed her hips to tug her into him before to ground his hardness against her. Carmel gasped as they kissed and Frank moved back up a hand on her chest.

He pushed aside her bra and cupped her chest. He started playing with it as she pushed harder into him and moaned. Then, he broke the kiss and slipped down his mouth to her neck.

He felt her working on his zipper and she slipped her warm hand inside his pants. The contact broke the trance and Frank panicked.

“We need to stop now!” he said as he pulled away her hands.

“No, I have fantasized about it for so long,” she complained.

“No Carmel, I am sorry to have allow this to reach this level,” he replied as he held her in silence tightly for a short moment before to release her.

“You are a passion killer,” she said dejectedly as she reached for the handle of the door.

Frank stopped her and she looked at him with hope.

“Your mother might be up, you have to fix your dress,” he told her.

“So, you do not want Mom to see your perversion,” she replied with a laugh.

“You are right, I do not want that,” he said with a guilty smile.

Carmel smiled again and started fixing her dress while Frank zipped up his pants. She opened the door and they both stepped inside. He headed to their bedroom and undressed.

Frank’s mind was spinning and it was hard for him to sleep since he could not process what happened with his stepdaughter. He laid next to Mary and she spooned into him lovingly. He was hard again as he pressed himself against the thin fabric of her night gown. He reached over to hold her closely.

Frank really loved his wife and did not want to lose her. Mary pushed back against him and tugged his hand on her chest.

“Mmm, you are quite hard,” said Mary sleepily.

“Did those girls arouse you?” she asked.

“Well, Helen was blatantly making a move on me,” he replied.

“And she is really hot, right?” she asked.

“Oh no, not you also,” he thought.

“And Carmel is now a really hot young woman,” she pointed.

Her last words moved his body to move involuntarily against her.

“Ah, so you think that Carmel is hot,” she realized.

“Well, she came from you,” he replied as he caressed her chest.

“Mmm, have you ever fantasized about Carmel?” she asked with a moan.

“I do not understand,” he said guardedly.

“She is gorgeous and young, I would understand if you fantasize about her,” she explained.

“Well, from time to time,” he replied nervously and she giggled.

“You sound quite guilty,” she pointed out as she pushed back against him.

“Oh Daddy, I really love to feel you hard against me,” she said in an innocent voice as if she was a little girl.

“Mary,” replied Frank reproachfully since he could not believe that his wife was imitating her daughter.

“But I am Carmel and I want my daddy inside me,” she said.

Before he could reply, Mary flipped over to face me.

“Daddy, take me now,” she cooed as she squeezed him and moved down her head to taste him.

“Oh my God, do not stop, Carmel!” moaned Frank as Mary took him in her warm mouth.

Mary raised her head and gave him a mischievous look.

“Does Daddy enjoy being in his daughter’s mouth?” she asked with a huge grin.

Then, she wrapped her hand around him and started stroking him.

“If you do not slow down, I will explode,” he warned her.

“Oh really? I would like to taste my daddy,” she said as she stopped.

“But I want now to feel him inside me,” she added.

“Carmel,” said Frank as he bent over and kissed his wife.

Mary pulled up her nighty to expose her bare body.

“Daddy, I am really wet,” she said.

She wrapped her legs over his and guided him to her.

“Daddy, take me,” she said in a murmur while she straddled him.

“Oh Carmel,” replied Frank.

Mary groaned as she slipped slowly down on him. She was really wet. She grabbed her nighty and removed it completely. Frank moved up his hands and began playing with her chest.

He tugged her down to run his mouth on her chest as she started bouncing on him up and down.

“Oh Daddy, you are so big,” she moaned.

“You feel really good in me,” she added out of breath.

“I want you to burst in me,” she urged him.

“I want to feel it,” she added.

Frank grabbed his wife’s hips and flipped her over on her back. Passion consumed Frank as he moved fast into his wife.

“Oh Daddy,” grunted Mary in rhythm with his strokes.

“I am so close, do not stop Daddy!” she moaned and wrapped tightly her arms around him.

“Oh Carmel,” moaned Frank into Mary’s hair as he thrusted deeper inside her.

They held for a moment onto each other until they retrieved their breath. Then, Mary raised up her head to look quizzically at her husband.

“That was a little kinky,” she said with a laugh.

“I have not had such an intense orgasm for a long time,” she revealed.

“So, am I a pervert?” he asked her.

“Well, if you are a pervert, I guess I am also one,” she replied.

A moment later, Mary looked at Frank thoughtfully before speaking.

“Listen, Carmel is still a virgin and I often picturing her having her first sex session,” she revealed.

“Young boys are often clueless and I really hope that her first guy will be someone like you,” she said before to pause as she looked at him more seriously.

“I would not mind,” she added.

Frank was shocked and looked questioningly at his wife.

“We need to sleep, it is really late,” she said with a laugh as she rested her head on his chest.

Frank held his loving wife tightly until she fell asleep deeply. He gently shook his head while looking up at the roof. He smiled and relaxed until he fell asleep.

The End

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