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Daddy’s Dangerous Game Play

By Rod Polo

Copyright@2017 by Rod Polo

Smashwords Edition

This book is a work of fiction and any resemblance to persons, living or dead, or places, events or locales is purely coincidental.

It is intended only for adults over the age of 18 and all characters are represented as 18 or over.

On Saturday afternoon, Tony was whistling as he was getting ready to go somewhere. Angela, his stepdaughter, was returning home from college. Her mother passed on six months ago and Angela left home for college one month later.

Tony married Angela’s mother when Angela was only six years old. Angela had two brothers and she was the youngest. Her mother, Carol, was busy taking care of the boys who considered Tony as an intruder. At the same time, Angela and Tony got close.

He used to read her bedtime stories and played various games with her. Angela would use her dolls and tell Tony that he was the father while she was the mother to take care of him when he was back from work, exhausted.

Using her dolls, Angela would play the mother, telling Tony how their children misbehaved. Then, she would make him an imaginary dinner before getting the kids ready for bed.

Then, she would out on clean panties with a nightie before climbing up into Tony’s lap. Tony would take her into his arms and kiss her softly on her cheeks. Some nights, Angela would hide under the blankets on her bed when Tony would be back from work. He would start tickling her to make her come out.

Tony reached the airport an hour later. Her flight was due to land in thirty minutes. Angela’s mother spent her last year battling cancer with many trips to the hospital. Tony and Angela took care of her in turn until her last day.

Tony walked to the terminal and read on the screen that her plane had landed fifteen minutes early. He rushed to the other side of the airport where passengers were picking up their luggage.

Angela was standing there with her bags at her feet. She rushed into his arms when she saw him. They hugged each other tightly and for a long moment until they loosened the grip.

She lifted her head to kiss him and for the first time Tony let their lips made contact. Angela was surprised as she stepped back. However, when Tony stepped forward for another kiss, the young woman wrapped her arms around him and pulled him into her really hard.

They kissed again and he pulled back when he felt her tongue between his lips.

“I see that college really helps you,” he pointed as he thought about all the male students that must have made a move on her and maybe touch her.

“Well, in some stuff but I missed you very much,” she replied.

Tony melted and started crying.

“I am still quite weepy, sorry,” he said.

“Me too,” she replied.

“Let’s go,” she said.

He picked her bags and realized that they were all heavy.

“You like to travel heavy just like your mom,” he told her.

Angela did not reply. She just took his arm and hugged his side as they walked to his car. She was also quiet on the way back home. Tony looked at her and noticed that her mind was elsewhere.

Angela was now more mature and confident. Tony wanted to say something, but decided to let her in her imaginary world. He remembered when he started noticing the changes in her body.

She was now a teenager and Tony suppressed some games with her. Angela was now more affectionate with harder and longer hugs. She continued to sit in his lap but Tony had to stop her since he was getting uncomfortable in his pants.

Sometimes, they would watch a movie together and Angela would snuggle on the sofa beside him while her mother would massage her mom. Angela and her mother would rub each other’s back until they had to go to bed.

By sixteen, Angela and Tony set Friday as their special night since they were staying up late. After her mother would go to bed, Angela would select a romantic movie and they would nestle up together on the sofa.

While watching the movie, Angela started running the tips of her fingers against Tony’s skin as he lied on his back on the comfy sofa. She would run her fingers on his torso and play with the hair up there.

“I think we have the same hair,” she told him one night.

“We should stop,” he replied as he tugged out her hand from his gown and tightened the fabric around him.

“Can you massage my back?” she asked as she hunched forwards and placed her arms on her knees.

Tony complied and massaged her slightly.

“Under my t-shirt,” she requested.

“Your mom will do it,” he replied.

“She is already asleep, do it please,” she said.

“Okay but just for a second,” he replied.

Angela moaned when she felt his hand slipping beneath her top easily.

“Move higher,” she instructed and he complied.

“That feels really good,” she moaned with a shiver.

“Okay, that’s enough,” he said as he pulled out his hand and resumed his lying position.

Angela lay down next to him and nestled her head into his chest before to move her leg over Tony’s.

“Oh!” she exclaimed as she felt his hardness.

Tony felt the contact and sat up fast. Tony was scared by the sensations that ran through him.

“It is getting late, I need to sleep,” he said and walked out of the living room before Angela could speak.

The following morning, Tony talked to his stepdaughter to set the boundaries in their physical contacts. However, it was hard for both of them to respect these boundaries. The only way Tony found to stop fantasizing about his stepdaughter was to become cold toward her. His kisses and hugs got shorter and only ceremonial. A few days later, Angela’s mother was diagnosed with cancer.


“Shouldn’t you take this road?” asked Angela.

Tony saw the road right before it vanished behind them.

“I will take the following one,” he replied.

“Are you all right?” she asked.

“Yeah, I was just remembering our movie nights,” he replied.

“I remember too,” she said as she placed her hand on his leg and squeezed him.

Tony swallowed hard as he felt his heart course.

“Do not miss the road!” she told him as she pulled away her hand from his leg so that he could focus.

“Thanks,” he replied and left the highway.

It was dark when they got home. He took her bags to her room upstairs.

“Your bags are in your old room but you can choose any room,” he told her.

An awkward silence followed.

“That is what I wanted to hear!” she said.

Tony smiled and her smile made his heart jump. He could tell that his stepdaughter was absolutely more confident. He walked over to her and Angela looked into his eyes with her arm on his forearm. Tony looked down as his feelings embarrassed him. He turned and left the room.

“Do you want to watch a movie?” asked Angela a moment later when she joined him in his room.

“I thought that you would be exhausted or hungry,” replied Tony.

“No, it was a long flight and I slept a lot,” she said.

“And I really wanted to be here with you,” she added before to keep quiet.

It was Christmas and they stared at each other in sadness as they remembered the missed one.

“Sure, let me get the player ready,” he said.

“I will put on my pajamas,” she replied and looked at her stepfather slyly.

She walked back to her room while Tony started heading downstairs. He stopped and returned to his room. He changed into his bathrobe.

“Your preferred movie is ready,” he told her when she came in the room.

“Do you like it?” asked Angela as she spun around in her attire.

Tony was speechless since her attire was gorgeous. The fabric was transparent and Tony did not know if his mind was playing tricks since he could see her entire body through the fabric.

“Those are not your pajamas,” he said.

“I did not know that you were now into lingerie,” he pointed out.

“I am older now and the girls sleep in this in our dorm,” she replied.

“Tony, I am not a baby anymore,” she added.

Tony was a bit sad that she called him by his name.

“Angela, you are a woman, I can see that,” he said.

“But you will always be my baby,” he added.

Angela was about to cry. She rushed over and sat beside him. Her perfume was very sophisticated.

“What are you wearing?” he asked her.

She looked up at him with the aroma of her cologne flying from her gorgeous chest with every breath she took and filling his nose. Tony felt woozy.

“Do you like it?” she asked as she bent forward and kept her balance with her hand on his thigh.

She kissed him softly.

“Can you massage my back?” she asked as she turned her back to him.

She pulled her hand away from his leg and placed another one higher on his thigh before to wriggle into position. She rested her fingers into her upper thigh. Tony could feel the warmth of her body through his robe.

His head was still spinning and some pleasurable sensation ran through him. He placed his hands on her back and moved his fingers to her neck. The fabric of her nightie was really sheer and he felt as if he was touching directly her bare skin. When he slipped down his hand on her lower back, Angela moved back her hand on his leg.

“Move it under,” she said in a whisper.

Tony moved his fingers to the opening of her nightie and slid up to the side of her shivering back while she moved down her hand to the inner side of his thigh. Tony felt as if he was floating as he swallowed hard.

“Move it under,” he whispered.

Without hesitation, Angela moved gently his gown aside and her fingertips touched his bare skin. Tony was also shaking as he let his fingers move to the front of her body. Angela lifted her arm and his fingers brushed her underarms.

Tony pressed his leg into his stepdaughter to move himself closer to her probing fingers. He was throbbing. He lowered his hand to get access to her chest. Angela curled slowly her fingers and scraped his nails with her nails.

His fingers slipped up her chest, barely touching it with the tips until he felt her bumps. Then, he ran the nails of his fingers across her chest.

“Mmm,” Angela quivered and firmly bent her palm on him.

“Hhhhh,” gasped Tony at the contact.

“Oh yes,” she hissed as she wrapped her fingers around him and squeezed him before to start stroking him gently.

Tony wrenched himself as if he stopped a deep dream.

“No, wait!” he said as he pulled away and got up.

He was unable to speak again and just shook his head with hope to clear his mind.

“What is wrong? Are you in pain?” asked Angela.

As he did not reply, she continued.

“One day, a friend told me that…I have never…really…,” she was unable to finish her sentence as tears filled her eyes and Tony’s heart melted.

“It is not you, but me,” he said.

“I do not…just…,” he tried to explain but his mind was blank.

“Can you tickle me at least?” she implored as she looked up at him.

Tony smiled in relief as he remembered one of their favorite games they used to play. He was happy to reach down to pinch her on the sides. Angela began giggling and laughing.

Tony was glad that the game calmed them down and he began tickling his stepdaughter seriously. The young woman kicked and jerked and she had now stronger and longer legs that forced Tony to protect himself from them by pushing them to each side of his waist as he bent forward.

He succeeded to use his weight to pin her down so that she could just bump and twist. Angela was laughing really hard and was now breathless since her stepfather found the right places to poke without mercy.

Angela put her feet down and pushed herself up with her legs. Tony felt as if his gown had open as he could feel her massage against him. He continued to tickle her and bent forward. He started feeling her wetness and redoubled his poking.

He found a way to limit her movements by leaning more forward until Angela could just rock her hips against him. The motion of her hips caught his attention and he stopped poking her. However, he started bucking with her, keeping her tight under him.

Angela was laughing now deeply and grunting in rhythm. She shut her eyes and parted her lips with her breathing getting faster and shallow. A voice in Tony’s head was urging him to stop. Then, Angela arched her head and back to press herself hard into him.

“Mmm,” she moaned as she pressed again into him and clamped her knees at his sides.

She grabbed his forearms with her hands before to dig her fingernails in his skin.

“Uuuhhhhh,” groaned Angela as she quivered against her stepfather.

“Oh Jesus!” thought Tony as he froze in an attempt to control his quivering.

Angela continued to breathe unsteadily. Then, she loosened up her grip and Tony took a deep breath before to swallow hard. He looked down at his stepdaughter.

“Are you all right?” he asked in a whisper.

She flushed with her cheeks getting red. She blinked a few times when she opened her eyes and gazed at her stepfather. Tony felt sick in his belly. Then, the young woman smiled weakly at him.

“I am fine, just a bit dizzy,” she replied as she put down her legs.

Tony got up and tied his robe back.

“You have never poked me this way before,” pointed out Angela.

“I think that I peed,” she said as she looked down at her and got up.

“I love you,” she said and wrapped her arms around him.

Then, she turned and headed back to her room. Tony sat down in disbelief. His stepdaughter did not seem worried or upset. Numerous thoughts were filling his mind as he wondered if Angela realized what happened. He decided to talk to her.

He walked upstairs to her room and found the door open. Angela was sitting on the bed.

“I would like to talk about what happened,” he said as he stood at the door.

She looked at him with a smile and beckoned him to come in. She patted the bed next to her and he sat down.

“I am sorry, I could not control myself,” he stammered.

“I am also to blame, I knew what was happening but did not stop you,” she replied.

“I do not understand,” he replied in shock as he got up and gazed at her.

“Do you remember when I was young and we used to play the poking game?” she asked and he nodded.

“You used to poke me so hard that I peed,” she continued.

“Since then, I found out that I have romantic feelings for you,” she admitted.

“I have always felt good in your arms,” she revealed with embarrassment.

“The way you used to hold me always made me feel good,” she added.

Tony took a moment to process her words and his face got red.

“You were really young, that could not have happened,” he said.

“I started feeling good since I was ten,” she revealed as she looked up at him.

“And I have longed to feel your hands on me since you stopped the game,” she added and placed lightly her hand on his arm.

Tony remembered how sad he was when he had to stop the game.

“I was scared,” he replied quietly as he sat back down.

Angela reached over and lifted his chin to kiss him softly on his lips. They parted their lips and he played with her tongue in his mouth while she moved down her hand to feel him through his gown.

He wanted to stop her but when he felt her fingers around him, his resistance vanished. He slipped his hands beneath her top and broke the kiss to remove the fabric.

He admired her chest as it was perfect. He ran his hands on it and she leaned forward to kiss him once again while removing his gown. Tony got up and let the gown slip to the floor.

Angela got up and removed the rest of her lingerie. She sat back on the bed and parted her legs seductively. She took his hand and tugged him to her.

“Poke me,” she said in a whisper as she laid on her back and tugged her stepfather on top of her.

Tony moved his fingers to her sides and started poking her with their bare bodies rubbing against each other. Angela wriggled and rocked her wetness into his hardness, lubricating it.

He moved his mouth to her chest and worked on it before to kiss her passionately while pressing himself against her. The young woman rocked back her pelvis and thrusted up her hips to welcome her stepfather inside her.

They both moaned and Tony stopped suddenly.

“Are you still a virgin?” he asked her.

She stared deep into his eyes and nodded before to thrust up her hips hard. Angela gasped as she felt Tony entering her deeper. She started squirming and bumping as if Tony was poking her.

He grabbed her hips to set up a mutual rhythm and she responded accordingly. Her orgasm hit her a short moment later and she gripped Tony tightly inside her until her wetness flowed out of her.

This moved Tony to push deeper in her and explode. They stayed like this for a long time until they caught their breaths.

“That was the best game ever,” she whispered before to kiss him with love.

The End

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