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- How to Marry Jesus in 10 years or less

by Homer Les and Wanda Ring

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First Edition 2017

ISBN 978-1-387-11693-5

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - The Wedding

Chapter 2 - Learning to Dance

Chapter 3 - Tornado

Chapter 4 - Selling the House

Chapter 5 - Arrival

Chapter 6 - Strange World

Chapter 7 - Going Down

Chapter 8 - Going Faster

Chapter 9 - It’s About Death

Chapter 10 - Dreams

Chapter 11 - Powerless

Chapter 12 - With Friends Like These

Chapter 13 - The Gathering Storm

Chapter 14 - Betrayal

Chapter 15 - Tabernacles

Chapter 16 - Boot Camp

Chapter 17 - The Adventure Begins

Chapter 18 - Special Birthday

Chapter 19 - Christian Central

Chapter 20 - You Lucky

Chapter 21 - Say Yes To The Dress

Chapter 22 - Kindness of Strangers

Chapter 23 - Out In The Cold

Chapter 24 - Two Bitter Nights

Chapter 25 - From Death to Life

Chapter 26 - The Right Place

Chapter 27 - Prison

Chapter 28 - Reunion

Chapter 29 - Mere Seconds

Chapter 30 - Pets or Meat

Chapter 31 - Follow the Trail

Chapter 32 - Facing Demons

Chapter 33 - Summer Vacation

Chapter 34 - Big Mac

Chapter 35 - Fire Ants

Chapter 36 - Disciples

Chapter 37 - A Rare Gift

Chapter 38 - Message From God

Chapter 39 - Idol Talk

Chapter 40 - Cognitive Dissonance

Chapter 41 - The Lesson

Chapter 42 - The Wolf

Chapter 43 - A Religious House

Chapter 44 - The Storm

Chapter 45 - The Rain

Chapter 46 - Battle with Family

Chapter 47 - Crucible

Chapter 48 - The Camel

Chapter 49 - You will take a trip

Chapter 50 - Reprieve

Chapter 51 - Battle with Government

Chapter 52 - Milo

Chapter 53 - Patient Endurance

Chapter 54 - Frozen Chosen

Chapter 55 - Wasted Kindness

Chapter 56 - Quagmire

Chapter 57 - Angelo

Chapter 58 - And I thought I was tough

Chapter 59 - Where a tree falls

Chapter 60 - Art

Chapter 61 - Two Kinds of People

Chapter 62 - Beginning of The End

Chapter 63 - First Nail

Chapter 64 - Missionaries

Chapter 65 - Second Nail

Chapter 66 - Long Walk

Chapter 67 - Third Nail

Chapter 68 - Out of the Frying Pan

Chapter 69 - Into the Fire

Chapter 70 - Battle with Religion

Chapter 71 - Will You Repent?

Chapter 72 - Ice House

Chapter 73 - Burial

Chapter 74 - The Tomb

Chapter 75 - Battle with Business

Chapter 76 - Feed My Sheep

Addendum – Wilderness journey chart

Chapter 1 - The Wedding

May to Dec., 2003 – Sherwood Park, Alberta

* All names have been changed to protect the privacy of those involved.

My name is Homer. With my wife Wanda, who I married in 1988, we were blessed to have two daughters Ida and Fanny join our little family. In June of 2003 they were 12 and 8. We lived in Sherwood Park which is a bedroom community adjacent to Edmonton, Alberta in Canada. It was, and still is, an affluent community with nice neighborhoods. In June of 2003 I owned a consulting business and did various consulting jobs for government and other private clients. Earlier in the year our company was successfully engaged by one particular provincial government body to do some custom work which proved to be very lucrative. Financially we were very prosperous at this time; successful in the eyes of the world.

On the spiritual side Wanda and I both had a renewal in our walk with God after years of not walking with Him properly. Even though we both went to Bible school and I received my degree there, we had slid farther and farther from the path of faith. That all changed in 1996 when God shook us up and allowed us to start again on the tried and true path of faith. Faith for us meant ‘Forsaking All, I Take Him’. It was an understanding of faith that went far beyond what we had been taught in religion. We wanted true faith as is outlined in His Word and not some mental assent to a dogma or theology.

From 1996 to 2003 we listened to His voice and followed through with the lessons He put before us. At one point in this renewal relationship, God promised me a house and also communicated that He was going to take 20 years to train us. How that training was to take place was a mystery to us but we had chosen to follow Him wherever He led us. Little did we realize where that commitment would take us!

In the year 2003 our family was attending a little church in New Sarepta a good distance from Sherwood Park. After years of time spent in stale big box churches, we were saturated with religion. We craved fellowship and spirit so we went to this tiny little country church where people like us gathered to worship. It was a wonderful time and we made some good friends. The pastor’s name was Matthew and we met other people hungry for God like Neil and Colette; the prophet Lance and a native lady named Eileen. We had a wonderful time and were growing spiritually. We felt blessed to be planted in a good spiritual family.

Earlier in the year I felt God telling Wanda and I that we were to renew our wedding vows in a ceremony in our back yard. We thought that this would be wonderful. One day, not long after we decided to have a renewal ceremony, Wanda was downstairs working on the computer. She had taken her wedding rings off and God quietly told her she would lose all of her rings. Sure enough they disappeared within hours and we never found them again despite many days of searching. God was setting the stage for Wanda to get a new engagement and wedding ring. As part of the planning for the wedding we went to Adamas Jewellers to have a ring designed and made for us. The gold ring was to have a very large (1.2 carats) diamond at the top to represent God the Father. The 24 sapphires around the diamond would represent the 24 elders around His throne and 6 emeralds on the band would represent our family walking up to the throne room. There were 6 emeralds in total as we had 2 other children that did not make it to birth. The cost of the ring would be $12,000 and the diamond alone would be $7,000.

A prophet friend of ours, named Stacey, had told us she had heard from God and that He wanted this wedding very much. It was to be a prophetic wedding and we were very excited for the ceremony to take place. We planned for a backyard wedding on June 28, 2003. Wanda bought our youngest daughter Fanny a beautiful yellow dress while our oldest daughter Ida opted for a red sari. Wanda bought a dress from a lovely East Indian merchant but it was not quite right so she went back and purchased an elegant white sari for her special day. I was to wear a black tuxedo.

For the setting we ordered a chuppah that we could be married under as per Jewish tradition. At this time, we were learning about our Hebraic roots and wanted this wedding to be a prophetic picture of God marrying His Bride. We also arranged to have a caterer feed the guests a large hearty meal and additionally we ordered the book ‘The Priestly Bride.’ We wanted to give every guest this extra special book as a keepsake wedding memorial. The arrangements plus the ring were getting very expensive indeed. However, God had prospered our business and allowed the money to be there for us.

With the day planned and all our friends invited we waited impatiently for Saturday, June 28 to arrive. There was only one small but major hiccup. On the morning of June 27 we did not have all of the money to pay for the diamond in Wanda’s ring. The jeweller suggested to Wanda that she could put in a fake diamond called a zircon and no one would know the difference. Wanda said to the lady that this might be what had to be done but was reluctant about this scenario. The problem was that God had wanted this wedding as a prophetic picture of His Son, Jesus, being wedded to His bride the church. It was His idea and His lead. If He was not at the center of the wedding, represented by the diamond in Wanda’s wedding ring, the point of the wedding would be lost. During the afternoon of June 27 Wanda got an unexpected phone call from our bank. The banker told Wanda that they had extended to our business a $25,000 line of credit even though we had not asked for it. God wanted this wedding and He was going to make sure the money was there to pay for it. Wanda immediately called the jeweller and told them that we had the money and to put in the diamond. They were shocked but we knew God was behind this wedding. After work that day we were able to purchase and pick up the ring. The lady at the jewellery store had been so stunned by the timing of God with this ring she was weeping as she gave it to Wanda. I had never seen such remarkable timing and provision before and was duly impressed.

On the evening before the wedding I was outside taking a walk when God spoke quietly into my spirit. He told me that “I had earned the right to wear white.” Now I must clarify that at this point in my life and my walk with God I still had a number of soul issues that were plaguing me. Despite the obvious God was looking at me not as I was but what I would eventually become. It was to be another prophetic act confirming His lead in this wedding. God wanted me to wear white to my wedding and I knew it. I didn’t know how this would happen. I had already ordered, and had been fitted for, a black tuxedo. White tuxedos were apparently quite rare I was told later. I trusted God. I did not tell Wanda what He had told me until after the wedding.

After a week of volatile weather, we were unsure of what would happen on our wedding day; but God knew. The day dawned bright and clear with not a cloud in the sky. It was absolutely still without even a breeze to disturb the peace of our chuppah. We knew that the afternoon wedding would be spectacular. After leaving Wanda and my daughters to get dressed in the house I drove to the tuxedo rental company. There I told them I had wanted to change from a black tuxedo to a white one with a matching white bowtie. I was not sure what they would say but they left to check. In a moment the clerk returned. Not only did they have a white tuxedo but it was a perfect fit for me! I was absolutely gobsmacked and giddy. I dressed and drove back to the house. Since I did not want to spoil the surprise God had cooked up for Wanda, I had to sneak into the backyard. To do this I had to scale our 5-foot fence in a white tuxedo. Some of my friends who had arrived earlier for the wedding helped me over the barricade and not a scratch or mark got on the white tux.

Our pastor Matthew, who was officiating, stood with me under the chuppah as the wedding music started. Wanda began her long walk up the backyard with our daughters behind her. As she turned the corner and saw me wearing white she was surprised but did not show it. She was beautiful in her white sari and her hair was dressed with roses. I was so proud to be her husband and to marry her all over again. The ceremony was simple and wonderful. Before all of our guests we recommitted ourselves to each other for all time. I put the wedding ring with the real diamond in it on her finger and the circle was complete. God had put together a beautiful prophetic picture of a wedding for us in front of our many guests. It was truly a memorable day. We made sure to tell everyone attending this prophetic wedding all that God had done for us so they too could praise Him for His wonderful provision.

After the wedding Wanda and I went on a second honeymoon. We left our daughters with babysitters and travelled to Waterton National Park. When we were first married Wanda thought I was taking her to the magnificent Prince of Wales Hotel that was in this same park. Our first marriage took place in December. It was the beginning of winter so it was not practical. This time it was summer so I took her there for our second honeymoon. We had a wonderful time in the mountains.

After we returned life slowly began to unravel for our guests. Within two weeks of the wedding Wanda’s mother’s husband died. Jeeves passed away in Ottawa while they were on a trip to his home city. Next our prophetic friend Lance got involved with an emotionally unstable woman and married her. We had opposed the wedding from the beginning for we knew what kind of a woman this was; spiritually immature and looking for a man to complete her and not God. They eventually divorced. Our friends Neil and Colette moved to Ontario and became heavily embroiled in the Hebraic roots movement and strayed from true faith in Christ. Our prophetic friend Stacey moved into prophetic witchcraft towards us and we had to distance ourselves from her. Our good friends Gloria and Theo became increasingly jealous of the wealth God had favored us with and voluntarily distanced themselves from fellowship. Finally, Matthew had an affair with a member of the New Sarepta church that had sung at our wedding. We stopped going to New Sarepta church not long after this sad situation was taking place.

By the end of 2003 all our friends from the June 2003 wedding were almost all gone and had disappeared from our lives. We did not know why. God was weaning us off of them so He could do for us what we could not do for ourselves. He was going to lead us into a great journey of faith. However, before we could embark on this great adventure of faith, we needed to learn some basics. He was about to take the area of our lives hollowed out from friends and fill it with ballroom dance.

Chapter 2 - Learning to Dance

2004 to 2006 – Sherwood Park, Alberta

Way back in our days in Sherwood Park we were quite well to do. We had just left the formal ‘church’ and we did not know what to do with our time. God knew exactly what He was doing though and one day He stirred in our hearts a desire to sign up for ballroom dance.

So off we ventured to Arthur Murray to learn how to hoof it around the dance floor. We were pathetic. I have partial dyslexia so I struggle with left and right, numbers and reading analog clocks. Learning just to lead with my left foot posed a difficulty of gargantuan proportions. We were as elegant on the dance floor as a pair of tractors in a shopping mall parking lot. Add to that our dance teacher was a former cocaine addict, frustrating as an instructor and not very disciplined. After a few lessons we were going to throw in the towel convinced that we were no more capable of dance than a politician is able to tell the truth. Thankfully there was someone watching over our non-progress and seeing our frustration.

The Edmonton Arthur Murray Dance studio was owned by Will. Will was a world dance champion and judge of dance competitions. You could not find a better dancer than Will but Will also had a studio manager. The studio manager was a man who was tall, dressed impeccably and the meanest hombre in all of Edmonton. He was a drill sergeant and universally feared in the studio, on the dance floor and everywhere he went. He too was a judge and a South African world dance champion. His name was Boris. To watch him on the floor was like watching silk flowing down an elegant evening gown. He was smoothness personified and for some reason he took an interest in Wanda and myself.

Now Boris saw that we were struggling and about to leave dance for good so he decided, this we had no say in, to take over our dance lessons. Now when you see dancers floating over the floor they make it look so easy, so pleasant and wonderful and you think to yourself, “Hey, that’s easy to learn,” you would be wrong, oh so wrong. Boris was a drill sergeant. If you watch movies with Marine drill sergeants in them, you get a taste of Boris. He made us work and work and work until we got it. He didn’t put up with any of our whimpering, complaining and childish behavior. When I made a mistake I would stop and he would bellow at me to keep moving. He knew I had to grow up and he helped me do just that.

The first thing Boris taught me was that whenever I stopped it wasn’t because I couldn’t do the move but instead I had an emotional block that stopped me. When I faced that block I was able to keep dancing. It was hard and I had to unlearn and grow out of my childish behavior and grow up; but I did it. The second thing my drill sergeant/dance teacher taught me was ‘make a decision’. I heard that bellowed out at me so many times I can still hear him saying it.  Every time I would get into a corner and didn’t know what move to perform he would bellow out ‘MAKE A DECISION’. You see in dance you can’t stop moving for if you do you will cause chaos on the dance floor. You have to keep moving. I always wanted to not make a mistake but Boris didn’t care about that; he wanted me to make a decision and keep moving. That lesson stayed with me because growing up requires us to ‘make decisions’ and not delay or vacillate. God keeps moving and we need to keep making decisions to stay with Him.

Every dance lesson was tough. We worked and worked hard every time. Slowly we got better and better. Unbeknownst to us at the time though Boris was tricking us. You see in Arthur Murray dance there are three major levels called Gold, Silver and Bronze. In each major level there are 4 minor levels. Bronze level 1, Bronze Level 2, Bronze Level 3, etc. For each minor level there are certain basic steps you have to learn and master before you can pass to the next level. If you don’t master the steps you don’t pass and you need to work until you learn it. So our wonderful dance teacher was, without our knowledge, sneaking in moves from Bronze level 3 when we were really in Bronze level 1 and he let us have it when we didn’t get it just right. So these tough lessons he was making even tougher and for some reason we managed to achieve that progress. Then he would give us something even tougher still!

So you might think that we hated Boris like most everyone else did but that would be so very wrong. To me he was a God send. A homosexual man that God worked through to help us learn how to grow up and face life and not back down. The word that is bandied about is the oft used term ‘tough love’ and he was our visual lesson we could look to each week to learn how to dance and how to live. We will be forever grateful for what Boris did for us. Toughened us to difficulty.

Well the day came when we had to take our first test before we were able to go to the next level. To say that we were a little nervous and scared would be like saying the ocean has a little bit of water in it. Boris kept up the pace and we learned step after step. Going over the basics again and again. All those extra steps he snuck in and taught us. There were 84 different steps we had learned in tango, foxtrot, rhumba, waltz, swing and all the other ones. He never let up but the day of accounting eventually came. Test time.

The studio set up a little table to one side where three judges sat and watched. Will, Boris and another judge. Now these are world class judges who judge major dance competitions around the globe and we had to dance in front of them. Gulp! I think I would be less intimidated if I had to give a speech before the U.N. Those were my feelings that day. Well here we were, the dance music starts and I lead off on the wrong foot! I catch myself skipping a beat and then I start dancing again because I could not just stop. Wanda and I made a few mistakes, then the song was done and so were we. We felt we had failed before we even stopped dancing. We packed up our gear and left. That afternoon was sunny and bright outside but we were dying inside. After all that hard work all we could do was cry it out. We didn’t want to go back for the embarrassment was just too great. I felt if we had passed it would only be because they wanted to keep getting our money.

Well the day came for our next class and I didn’t want to go but somehow we mustered up the strength to go regardless of the outcome. Boris brought us into his office and told us we had passed. I could not believe it and told him so. Boris left and brought Will in to talk with us. Will sat us down and in his quiet way explained to us how judging in dance worked. He said that in Arthur Murray each level has certain steps that the student is expected to master and the judges have to look for those specific steps. What Boris had done, by getting us to work on much harder steps, was to make us excel in the very basic steps. By not focusing on what we needed to pass but instead by focusing on something much harder we had managed to pass with flying colors. This astounded us. This little bit of trickery by our much beloved dance teacher over prepared us for the test ahead. We were a puddle after that. I still tear up when I think of that memory.

That lesson taught us a lot about God. In the wilderness we faced mountains that were way tougher than I thought we could ever surmount. We had to keep moving and keep making decisions even if it meant making mistakes. God has and will continue to over prepare us in faith so when the day of judgment comes we can face it with full confidence knowing our Instructor, and His lessons, intimately.

In the movie ‘The Rookie’ the main character is a high school baseball coach who has a major league throwing arm. To help his team practice he pitches fastballs to the boys. At first the 90+ mph fastballs are too much for the boys to hit. After lengthy practice they are then able to swing fast enough to hit his fastballs. When they play in games with other teams they begin to win for the other teams’ pitches look like beach balls coming at them.

God trains His team to win and He does so by giving us the hardest lessons possible so when trials come at us they seem like small insignificant troubles. We can brush these difficulties aside knowing full well that the God who trained us will always be with us.

Eventually Boris decided to leave Edmonton and retire to Florida and we needed to move on to the next phase of our training that God had preordained for us. I will always remember Boris from South Africa and how he helped us learn the ‘basics’ about God through dance. It is funny but in retrospect I have to admit that after all my time in religion, I never learned as much about life from them as I did from Boris. Religion has made walking with God a spectator sport. Something one watches from the pew while some yahoo in a fancy suit blabs away nonsense he knows nothing about from a raised platform. We quickly learned in dance that it was far more fun to dance than it was to watch it - and it is far more fun and exciting to walk with God than to just sit and watch someone else do it.

Chapter 3 - Tornado

Oct. 2006 to June 2007 – Sherwood Park, Alberta

In the fall of 2006 Wanda and I knew we needed help. Although I ran a successful consulting business I had an ongoing issue from my childhood that plagued me. We already had been through a great deal of healing but there was little else we could do. The next step would require us to go to John and Paula Sanford’s Elijah House. They had an incredible ministry of inner healing that we thought might help our marriage. One day in October Wanda called them up to see what options were available to us. They told us that they were booked for months in advance but by some strange twist a cancellation had just occurred. That cancellation left their schedule open and we could take it if we wished. This opening was the hand of God directing our steps and we knew it. Wanda readily accepted the opportunity and plans were made to travel down to Washington State for counselling.

We drove down to Washington State early in November and stayed for a week of intense counselling. Our counsellors kept us together for they recognized we were a very close couple. Tremendous amounts of healing, revelation and growth took place in that short period of time. We readily did our assignments eager to be free from what had been plaguing us. When the counselling was done we came home refreshed and ready to continue on our journey of inner healing.

It was late in the month of November, after we had returned home to Alberta, when the Lord gave me the most significant dream I had ever received from Him. In this dream Wanda and Fanny were at our house in Sherwood Park and my eldest daughter Ida was in school. The day was bright and sunny as I worked in the garage with the garage door open. As I looked to the northeast there was a huge funnel cloud in the sky and it was bearing down on our house. I quickly ran inside and told Wanda and Fanny to hide in the downstairs shower. They obeyed immediately and I joined them. Soon enough there was a tremendous roar like a thousand freight trains as the tornado descended and destroyed our house. Everything was gone in an instant. I was then sucked up into the vortex and taken high into the sky. I was so high up that I knew that when I finally fell down I would die. I shut my eyes hard as I started to feel myself fall. I kept falling and falling with my eyes shut. It was taking such a ridiculous amount of time for me to hit the ground I became bored of falling. I had lost my fear and so opened my eyes. I was still falling but now I could see the ground. As I looked I saw maple leaves arranged in several rows like in a simple math problem. I then heard the words, “I will take numbers from the bottom and add them to the top to make up the difference.” I also heard “590,000.” With that directive the dream ended without me hitting the ground. The dream had been tremendously vivid so we knew it to be from God and very important. We have never figured out what the words meant but the visual imagery would become abundantly clear over the next year.

Over the next few months, into early 2007, Wanda and I continued to work on our inner healing but my root issue was getting worse not better. The stress of running a business and paying down large amounts of debt had put a large strain on me. I began to crack and was not able to contain myself anymore. Events came to a head on May 15, 2007. On that day Wanda left me and went to her brother’s but she did not tell me where she had gone. I was panicked and devastated. She was rightly angry. There are few times in my life when I have been as lonely as I was on that day. I knew that things had to change for I was putting my ‘self’ over my family and that was wrong. I talked long and hard with Ida and Fanny about this and we agreed that the business had to go and we had to do something else. Many miles away Wanda was at her brother’s place trying to figure out what to do but came to the same conclusion we had at home. When she phoned the next morning we all agreed that a major change had to take place. Wanda came back that day and we reconciled. The decision was made to sell the business, house and move east to start a bed and breakfast. It was off the cuff, ill-advised, reckless and completely what God wanted.

Looking back on the past now it is easy to see God’s hand moving us, preparing us, setting up the circumstances that would cause us to move from the comforts of our home; but we did not see it then. Jesus was wooing us into the wilderness to be with Him and we were just at the beginning of our journey. Before God could mold us into being dependent on Him - He first had to remove us from the rut we were in. If He had told us up front what we would have to experience, I have no doubt our fears would have kept us in Alberta. God never fully reveals His hand. He gives only what we need to follow Him to the next step. As long as we are obedient to follow His lead we will make it through the current courses in our spiritual growth. God had seen that we had been faithful with our lessons so far so we were off to the next stage.

The transition started immediately after Wanda returned. There were four assignments we needed to tackle before we could move. The first thing I had to do was to dispose of my business. Second we would have to prepare the house for sale and then sell it. Third we needed a way to get ourselves to where we needed to go. Fourth we had to pack up all of our belongings and send them to where we were going. Where would that destination be? Wanda looked at Prince Edward Island with a naively idealistic perspective. To her it was an idyllic paradise where we could start a new life. We found 124 acres of land on the island for sale via internet (which I will call P.E.I. from here on) that was inexpensive and I thought we could turn it into a bed and breakfast. I was hopelessly naïve myself. I took my brain, placed it on a shelf in a jar of formaldehyde and went along with this crazy plan. Now that we had a destination we needed to get to work.

I need to state clearly upfront that to plunge into such a foolhardy adventure is decidedly not recommended unless the Lord is leading one into it. Far too many times people find themselves in bad situations and think God led them into it when He clearly did not. However, there are times when He will do exactly as He did with us. The key is to know and follow His lead. If one is sure it is His lead, He will confirm it with acts of provision and perfect timing. We were about to see that provision and timing unfold in an amazing fashion before our eyes.

The first and by far the easiest of our four tasks was to dispose of my business. I had started my computer consulting business in 2001. We had a few clients in the beginning and then in 2003 I landed a huge government contract. God prospered our little business and some months over $30,000 would pour into our coffers. We had gained a number of clients and lost a few. By early 2007 I knew I needed help and so I hired one employee to help with the load. He was not a good hire but he was eager. Now that I had an employee I asked him if he wanted to take over the business. He agreed to that offer and I agreed to sell him the rights to all the work and all the business equipment for $1. I am not a man driven by profit and I wanted to bless this man who helped me. It was agreed that I would stay on until June 30 and then I would be done. I took a brief holiday from my clients and then began to slowly hand over all control to the new owner letting my clients know what was happening. By July I was still finishing off a big project for a client that went over a few days so we agreed to make that private and not a part of the business.

The next order of tasks was to get the house renovated and up for sale. We decided that we needed to redo the flooring, put in new countertops and have the whole house painted. We contracted out the flooring to one company and the countertops to the dad of Ida’s best friend. For the house painting we used a friend of ours named Benny. Benny had been at our 2003 wedding and was kind to us. We had lost touch with him but recently he came back into our lives. Seeing this re-entry as being God’s lead we hired him to paint the inside of the house. Now that the contractors were assigned we went on to our next task.

Finding a way to travel all the way across Canada with 4 birds and 2 daughters that were 11 and 16 was going to be a challenge. After Wanda made some futile attempts to get a rental R.V., we discovered we had a problem. One Friday night I looked at Wanda and suggested we buy an R.V. instead. As we were looking online for R.V. ads we saw a 1989 40’ Bounder for $33,000 which we could afford. When Wanda phoned they had just lowered the price to $26,000 but they had not advertised the price. Seeing God’s hand of provision in this Wanda said we would be in the next day. The person said it would be ticketed at the new price early in the morning and to try and be there when they first opened for business. The next day we went in and were shown the R.V. It was perfect for our needs and we agreed to buy it. We knew someone else was also looking at the same R.V. so our sales guy had to quickly get the purchase documents together. Thankfully that happened and we put a down payment on the R.V. We would be back later to complete the transaction. God had miraculously provided us with a means to get to P.E.I. in short order but He wasn’t done with the mini miracles.

After we bought the R.V. we mentioned to our sales guy that we would be needing to buy a dolly to tow our car. We wanted to know where we could find one. He gave us a Car Trader magazine to look at to see if there was one for sale. Sure enough there was a dolly for sale that was exactly what we were looking for. It was the only car dolly advertised in the entire magazine. We called the person and he said that it was still for sale. He even volunteered that the ad had been in for weeks and he hadn’t gotten a single call. He wondered if he would ever sell it. We asked the man if we could come over to see it and he said sure. We hopped in the car and started driving. As we were driving we saw a small black truck in front of us. The license plate was from the province of P.E.I. I had never seen a P.E.I. plate in my entire life and here was one driving right in front of me. We were gobsmacked at the confirmation from God. We continued on to where the car dolly was. It was in excellent condition and we paid for it with cash on the spot. God had given us a way to get ourselves and our car to P.E.I. in one day with the R.V. and car dolly. God’s timing was with us and He was performing miracles. But wait there’s more.

We could not take the car dolly that day but the person said he would deliver it in a few days to our home. Sure enough a few days later he brought it by our house and dropped it off. As we talked he said, “You know it’s the strangest thing. Right after you guys bought the dolly I got so many calls from people wanting to buy it. One guy even wanted me to break my deal with you so he could have it but I said I can’t do that I already took the guy’s money!” Here God had kept that dolly just for us so we would have what we needed to travel to P.E.I. If we weren’t entirely convinced before we were now. This was our chosen destination. God’s lead was as obvious as a frog in a bowl of oatmeal.

With our transportation now arranged we started packing up and selling our goods. Some people got some really good deals from us as we sold what we could not take. We were not overly fussy about the money but were happy to pare down our possessions. For what we planned to take with us we rented a storage locker and moved our boxes there until the moving van came. Our move was beginning to take shape.

Chapter 4 - Selling the House

June to Aug. 14, 2007 – Sherwood Park, Alberta

We were in full move mode in June of 2007. Most of our belongings had been sold or packed up and put into storage. The house was a mess as the countertops were being replaced and the flooring was all ripped out. The contractors were constantly in and out getting the house ready for sale. Benny and his crew taped and painted most of the house but we ran into trouble near the end.

The date we had selected for the house to be up for sale was July 2. With this in mind all the work needed to be completed before June 30 so we could have the cleaners in to make the house spotless for sale. As this deadline approached our friend Benny was supposed to be finishing the trim work but he was not getting the work done. When we called him to come and finish the job he said he would be in the next day to complete it. By the next morning he had not shown up again. We had lost patience. I went out and bought some paint and completed the trim work myself. Once the baseboards were dry we put them up ourselves working feverishly throughout the day. Later that same day Benny called to say he would be in the next morning to finish the job. I was so mad at him and told him “No,” we would finish the work ourselves and that he was fired. After this incident we paid his crew for they actually did the work. For Benny we deducted from his account the price of a ladder he had us buy and a refund for some painting that we had to do over as it was peeling.

When Benny received the payment he was not happy and came over, with his father, to complain. He gave me a note that he said would help me see why I was wrong. I had short-changed him. I explained to Benny that his work was subgrade, we were not happy, and that the ladder wasn’t a gift. I then tore up his note. Benny tore up the check and then had a full blown temper tantrum on the sidewalk. He was not getting his way. There was shouting, screaming and swearing from Benny with wild gesticulations. It was like watching a five-year-old after he was stung by a bee and then stubbed his toe. I asked him point blank if he was back on drugs to which he became even angrier. In the end Benny left.

Later in July Benny would call us to try to collect on his supposed financial injury. He threatened to put a lien on our house unless he was paid. The threat was hollow as he had no legal means to pull a stunt like that. It did concern us that he would resort to threats to get his way. I never saw or heard from Benny again.

On July 2, 2007 our house was on the market. Our family moved into our R.V. and lived on the street by the house as all our belongings were either in storage or had been sold. Eventually the neighbors complained so we had to move the R.V. to a campground and come in for house showings. The month was slow but I had to do some final project work for one of my clients while the rest of the family kept busy preparing for Fanny’s Bat Mitzvah. Fanny’s 12th birthday was actually in August but since we expected to sell the house and be gone from the west by then we planned the celebration for July 21st instead.

The day for Fanny’s Bat Mitzvah was beautiful. Friends and family were there to bless her and say goodbye to us. My parents came later with my grandmother which was a surprise for I had not seen her in years. My mother had her usual fit at our last parting and it was the last time I saw my mother or my grandmother.

After that celebration we got ready to send our belongings to P.E.I. We began to bring the boxes from the storage locker to the house so they could be picked up by the moving company. One time, as Wanda and Fanny were loading up boxes, Wanda had an open vision in her head of a bright yellow car parked in our driveway. As Wanda drove back to the house she saw a bright yellow car parked in our driveway just like in her vision. Fanny came out excitedly to tell her mom the people in the vehicle were there to see the house. Wanda knew in her heart that these were the people who would buy our house. The people who owned the bright yellow car were Robert and Trixie. They were a nice pleasant couple and they loved our house and yard. Unfortunately, when we told them the asking price was $590,000 they said the house was worth it but more than they could afford. We parted but not before Wanda got their telephone number and they had ours.

The moving van came soon after and we loaded it with all our boxes, belongings and furniture and sent it on its way. The house still had not sold and we had no serious offers. I was convinced we would be leaving by August 1 so it was in faith that we sent all of our worldly goods to P.E.I.

On Friday Aug 3, when we were still at the R.V. park, Wanda went into the office to clear up an issue with the lot we were staying in. When she came out she had the most interesting conversation with an old man who introduced himself as the maintenance person. He asked Wanda if she had been helped and she said “yes”. Then he asked Wanda about herself and why was she camping at the park? Wanda replied graciously that we were selling our house. The man then asked her directly how much we were selling the house for. Wanda was taken aback by his forthrightness but answered $590,000. He then said that it was too much; that those mortgages were gone in the spring and the most people were getting now was $400,000. He then said we needed to bring our asking price down. Wanda knew that our price for the house was too high and we had to lower it. When she told me this conversation I knew this was God speaking to us. We agreed to lower the asking price for the house to $400,000.

I never knew if the man Wanda talked to was a maintenance man or an angel but I knew God was speaking through him. To us this was another sign as God was leading us on our journey. God spoke through an ordinary man in an extraordinary way to help us out. We were not about to ignore the lead.

Immediately after she had talked with the maintenance person Wanda called Robert and Trixie while they were in Vancouver. One of the first things Trixie said was that they had just been praying about the house. Wanda talked with Trixie for a bit and asked if they could come back to Sherwood Park which they agreed to do. We agreed to meet on the next Saturday night.

When Saturday night came we drove over to the house to meet Robert and Trixie after their long drive back from Vancouver. We wanted to chat with them and see if they could make us an offer. They thought it best if they looked at their numbers, talk and pray about it and then make us an offer on Sunday morning. We agreed that this would be ok.

The next morning our whole family was at our house when Robert and Trixie came by. They really liked the house and wanted to buy it. After a bit more talking they said after checking all their numbers the most they could offer was $350,000. We were devastated. We had to decline the offer as it was much too low for us. After tearful hugs Robert and Trixie parted and we were left wondering what had just happened. We thought for sure that this was the couple God wanted to own the house. We could not figure out why the offer was so low. We put the For Sale signs back on the lawn and sat gloomily in the house. We talked and prayed that afternoon but we were clearly depressed. Around 6 we got a phone call from Robert. He told us that God kept telling him his numbers were wrong. After checking and re checking their numbers they could not get past the $350,000 but then they suddenly remembered Robert’s military pension. With that factored in they were now going to give us a new offer. Robert asked, “Would we take $400,000?” We were ecstatic and shouted into the phone “The house is yours!!!”

That moment will always stand out for us as a wonderful testament of God’s hand moving through our affairs to accomplish His plans. Through our needing correction from a maintenance man and Robert and Trixie needing help to remember something they had forgotten God worked it all out. He is so wonderful that even through our errors and mistakes He weaves everything together for His good purposes. Our journey of faith was off to a good start.

Even though I had wanted to leave Sherwood Park by August 1 we still could not leave just quite yet. We had to spend a few days in August getting all the paperwork signed by the lawyers. Thankfully the real estate lawyer I used was also my client so we received preferential treatment. The lawyer expedited the house sale for us in 2 weeks which he said was “Speedy Gonzales.”

We had been short on cash for most of the month as well but God had supplied us with food vouchers from some of my good clients. There was not enough money to leave yet though. We had to wait to get paid from my last client. On August 14 I was called over to their office to pick up my check. The man I had done the job for I knew well and he was sad to see me leave. He asked if I wanted $10,000 instead of the $5,000 I had billed them for. I declined the higher offer for I had not worked those hours and did not want to gouge any of my clients. He respected that and handed me the check. We shook hands and I left.

Now that we had money we could leave for P.E.I. We had made arrangements for the sale of the house money to be sent to us on the way earlier so now we were able to drive away. As dusk was falling we drove away from Sherwood Park and Alberta for the last time and into the adventure called the wilderness.

The adventure of faith we were about to embark on certainly was foolish in the eyes of man but it was certainly God led. We had many confirmations that He wanted us to be uprooted and travel to another part of the country. It was a huge gamble for our whole family. Knowing that God was directing our steps gave us confidence to keep moving forward.

Chapter 5 - Arrival

Aug. 15 to Sept., 2007 – From Alberta to P.E.I.

With Alberta behind us we began the long drive across the country to our destination, the province of P.E.I. We passed through Saskatchewan in a day then headed to Winnipeg, Manitoba. We stayed to visit a few of the sights. For the past 7 years the business had been very busy and our family had not been able to take a vacation in 3 years. On this trip, however, we decided we would see as many sights in Canada as we could now that I was not tied down. After a day in Winnipeg we continued east to Ontario. Ontario is very large so it took us a good deal of time to get through the province. Eventually we made it to where our friends Neil and Colette, from New Sarepta church, now called home north of London, Ontario. We had a good visit with our friends and celebrated Fanny’s birthday there.

Our house check caught up with us and we had some fun trying to deposit it as it was such a large amount. Eventually we managed to get our financial affairs in order and pay off all our debts with the house money. We were now free and clear to start our new life. I bought an expensive camera for our family to use to record our trip across Canada and our new adventure on P.E.I. It was finally time to move on so we hugged Neil and Colette goodbye and started back on our journey.

We continued east through Ontario stopping in Niagara Falls for Wanda’s birthday. Next we headed up to Ottawa where we decided to rest for a day or two. We toured the city and took in all the sights of the capital of Canada. Little did we know that the next time we saw this city we would arrive under completely different circumstances.

Leaving Ontario behind we now headed to P.E.I. in earnest and arrived on August 29, 2007. It was a strange world we arrived in and it took us a few days to get our bearings. We parked our R.V. at a campground south of Montague close to where the land we wanted to buy was located. After we settled in we explored the area and saw the natural beauty of this island. It was far different from Alberta and would not take us long to discover just what we had gotten ourselves into.

Before anything else could take place we needed a home so finding one became our first priority. At the R.V. park where we were staying the owner wanted to sell us his sorry excuse for land but we declined. Then he wanted us to lie for him and say that we were interested in a house he owned so he could evict the tenants; but we declined that too. Next some soft drinks we left under the bus one night to keep cool were stolen by some locals. These encounters should have been an ominous sign to us as to what kind of people the islanders were. We had been led to an island of liars and thieves. Unfortunately, we did not pay close attention to the signs. God was still leading us however and was preparing to move us to the place that would be home for the next 4 years.

We decided to visit the land that we had first seen in Alberta so many months earlier. Our original plan was to purchase the property and develop it into a bed and breakfast. We were hopelessly naïve but we forged ahead confident in God’s leading. Our first sight of our much coveted purchase caused our hearts to sink. The decrepit run down building that was the sole building on the property was in such bad shape it’s only usefulness would be for firewood.

Nevertheless, we decided to take a walk on the property and explore it. The land was very beautiful. First of all, the land was a mixture of open fields and woods that was bordered by an estuary. From a visual perspective it would have made a great tourist spot but then again the whole island was full of such vistas. As we walked however my thoughts were on more practical matters.

We had just left our house and business to move to a strange world across the country where we knew nobody. We came on the premise that the land would be perfect for us but it was obviously not. With no liveable house on the property we would have to build one. We had some money but not enough to buy the land, build a house and start a business; at least not without taking on a huge line of credit. After just spending much energy eliminating our debt I refused to go back into it. This was not a good situation.

As we walked I became more and more troubled by the pit we found ourselves in. There was no way forward as far as I could see but I could not deny that God had led us here through His provision and perfect timing. It was a terrible conundrum to be in. With each step it looked more impossible and I did not know what to do. It was in this place that I remembered my dance teacher Boris yelling at me across the dance floor, “Make a decision!” In what would be the most fateful decision of our entire journey I decided to go ahead with the land purchase. After all, I thought, since it was God’s leading to get us here, He will provide for us what we needed to build. I did not understand then exactly why God had brought us to the province of P.E.I.

It is in these reckless moments where we obey God’s leading, without the understanding of where He is taking us, that builds faith. We are sheep being led to the shearer for we trust the shepherd. We do not understand the trauma that is about to befall us but we know He is good and so we follow Him. Regardless, had we known the consequences of my decision, I do not believe we would have stayed one more minute on P.E.I.

Having made our decision to purchase the land we now needed to find a place to live until the land purchase could go through. We walked back towards the highway where our car was parked and met a lady walking down the road for an evening stroll. We struck up a conversation with her and mentioned that we were there to buy the land but we needed to find a place to stay. She then volunteered that the blue house which was on the other side of the park and adjacent to the land was a rental that was recently vacated. She said she knew the landlords. Excited by this news we got the name of the landlord Angus and Irene McDonald.

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