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A Guide to Eternal Health,
Happiness, and Freedom



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To Mom and Dad:

for teaching me how to love rather than to hate,

and to lead rather than to follow.

















The purpose of this book is to help you reconnect with your essence. Your essence is timeless, boundless, and infinite. It has no form, it knows no limits. It is the core of who you are as a human being. When you connect with this essence, marvellous events transpire. You will feel peace and joy, no matter what turbulence surrounds you, and your body will transform in ways that will literally allow you to defy time. Those who have found this connection are known as “the Forever Youngs.” And these people think and see the world differently than most. The intent of this book is to help you think, feel, and act as they do. They have discovered their greatness, and so too will you once you correct the way you think.

What separates a human being from this essence is simply this thought: “I am not good enough.” All our suffering originates from this belief. It is the source of all disease and unhappiness in this world. When we learn to love ourselves, when we believe we are good enough, we connect with our essence, and all our troubles cease to exist.

It is my hope that you rediscover that eternal part of you, for when you do, you will inherent a vitality that can never be shaken—a vitality that has the capacity to heal your life, manifest your desires, and above all else, allow you to remain Forever Young in body, mind, and spirit.



One individual who lives and vibrates to the energy of pure love and reverence for all of life will counter-balance the negativity of 750,000 individuals who calibrate at the lower weakening levels.”

-David Hawkins

Those who vibrate with the energy of love and reverence in this world are known as “the Forever Youngs.” The Forever Youngs have connected with their essence and they have discovered their happiness, their excitement, and their purpose. Whenever you experience the feeling of happiness, you are tuning into your natural state of being. Finding this can be difficult; every day we’re faced with conflict and struggles. But to master anything, we need to put in the time. It takes a sustained effort to see results. Happiness is your birthright, your obligation, and your purpose in this life and if we wish to become more fully functioning human beings, we must learn how to tune into this higher vibration. We raise this energy by changing the way we think and see the world. With that, there is a spectrum of energetic beings who vibrate at different levels of consciousness.

There are three kinds of people in this world: those who give energy, those who take energy, and those who do neither. The people who give energy are filled with positive thoughts. The people who take energy are filled with negative thoughts. And the people who neither take nor give energy are filled with complacent thoughts. Every person on the planet falls into one of these categories. We either empower others, disempower others, or have no effect on others. This book is meant to help you become the kind of person who gives energy. These are the people who walk this earth with happiness in their hearts and who have the profound ability to attract what they desire. They are the leaders, the creators, the peacekeepers, and the innovators of the world. They are the Forever Youngs.

The Forever Youngs vibrate with energy that can uplift and inspire the world around them. When you are around these special beings, you cannot help but feel calm and peaceful, for you pick up on their energy. It stems from the way they think and how they see the world. “We convince by our presence,” said Walt Whitman. And when we vibrate at higher levels of consciousness through thoughts of bliss, we unconsciously influence other people’s vibration as well. It is therefore wise to fill our minds with high-calibre thoughts (love, hope, and purpose) and surround ourselves with people who think likewise. Let’s begin our journey of reconnecting with our essence by taking a closer look at the three types of people.

The Takers

At the bottom of the energetic totem pole are the people who take or absorb energy from the world. They are known as “the Takers,” and it’s incredibly easy to think and act as they do. The Takers complain, whine, sniffle, blame, and find fault. You can hear these individuals at the mall, in restaurants, at the gym, etc. They bicker about the weather or the traffic, and they often feel as if they’re in the wrong place at the wrong time. We all know someone like this, don’t we? We’ve all heard Takers say things such as, “Why is it raining today?” or “Well, Susy and her family have that, so why don’t we?” The Takers feel victimized by life. They think every person is better off than they are, so they will always find a reason to grumble, despite how great things might be going in their lives. It doesn’t matter if the service was flawless, the food was delicious, or the movie was riveting—they tend to spin positive into negative. The Takers create more problems than solutions. These individuals are so disconnected from their essence, you’ll rarely see smiles on their faces, at least not authentic ones. They see the glass as half empty instead of half full.

The Takers generally feel inadequate and insecure based on that one simple thought: “I’m not good enough.” It defines them. Consequently, they feel the need to seek approval and recognition from “the tribe,” i.e., society, the crowd, others, the masses. The Takers’ feelings are controlled by what the tribe thinks of them, not by what they think of themselves. Often, in order to feel worthy and valuable, they become obsessed with accumulating as much material wealth as possible, even at the expense of their own health. Their self-worth is based on what they have and what people think of them. Is it any wonder they’re so pessimistic and frustrated all the time? There will always be someone with more things, and there will always be someone who doesn’t like them—thus, there will always be a problem. The Takers see the world through a lens tainted with negativity.

Take great caution around these people. Their negativity and pessimistic view of the world can lower your own energy. You’ll know when you’re around them. A sense of anxiety, fear, or sluggishness will rise up within you. Not a word needs to be uttered by the Takers, as we can pick up on their energies when we’re near them. You will experience their thoughts and perceptions of the world in every fibre of your being. Your body is a fine-tuned barometer of the energies around you. Listen to it. Trust your gut! As much as possible, steer clear of the energy suckers in your life, as they can cause much harm. Do your very best to surround yourself with high-calibre thoughts and people, for they will empower and bring out the best in you.

And before you say “Ugh, I know so many people like this—they make me so mad!” remember that these individuals are the ones experiencing the most hurt. They are the ones who feel abandoned, who feel they aren’t good enough, and who feel a lack of love for themselves. Perhaps the next time you come across this kind of person, instead of getting frustrated and upset with them, give them silent words of encouragement: “May you find joy in your life, may you find peace in your life, and may you rediscover your self-importance.”

The Floaters

Next on the energetic totem pole are those who simply accept the world as it is. They live their lives according to the tribe, and all the rules and regulations it imposes: be a good citizen, file your taxes, get a mortgage, go to college, get a job, save money, have kids, and, ultimately, retire. While this is all great and dandy, the Floaters lack two major things: excitement and purpose. They’re mostly on autopilot, simply going through the motions of life to merely survive. They accept the cards that the world has dealt them. As time progresses, the Floaters become bored and complacent only to realize that life has passed them by and they have yet to find their happiness or purpose. The Floaters stay within their comfort zones and don’t take the time to consult themselves and reflect on their desires. They might spend their whole lives in one job position, or vacationing at one spot, or ordering the same kind of food over and over again. They don’t pursue greater opportunities for themselves because that involves risk, and they are risk averse. Playing it safe and staying within society’s “guidelines” are common patterns among this group.

The root cause of the Floaters’ behaviour can be easily overlooked. They may come across as well-functioning people, and to some degree they are, but they’re doing things for the wrong reasons. They are fuelled by fear and by other people’s opinions. They may be successful at their jobs, but these jobs don’t excite or fulfill them. They build their lives around what the tribe has in mind for them and thus will never be fulfilled—their goals and dreams were never their own.

Like the Takers, the Floaters can be spotted in everyday conversations. They tend to need reassurance through praise and recognition, and can often be heard proclaiming how great they are. They boast about how well they have done for themselves in regards to their career, their parenting, etc. The Floaters can be self-centred, egotistical, and self-righteous, but at the end of the day, they feel a deep sense of emptiness within. This emptiness stems from living a life that is dull, safe, and comfortable. They see their life as good but not great, as fun but not electrifying, as ordinary but not extraordinary.

The Forever Youngs

And then there are the fully functioning individuals who reside at the highest level of consciousness on the energetic totem pole. Things that bother and irritate the average human being have little bearing on them. These individuals are often in a state of gratitude, and “worry” doesn’t seem to be a part of their vocabulary. We’ve all been around these types of people, too. They are the people you meet and immediately connect with. For one reason or another, you feel the urge to talk to them on a deeper level, and it feels good to simply be in their presence. There is a gravitational pull that you can’t explain, a magnetism. These people are filled with thoughts of love, hope, and harmony, and they exude serenity. There is little judgment, anxiety, or hatred in their hearts; in their world there is peace and purpose. These are the givers, the entrepreneurs, the visionaries, the go-getters, the leaders, and the creators, and their connection to essence is strong. They are focused, growth orientated, and optimistic. Thus, they tend to be the most happy people.

You’ll notice that these people disappear when negative dialogue occurs around them. It’s almost as if they vanish by magic when drama unfolds—they have no time for self-defeating conversations, negative news, or people who promote anything other than peace and love. What governs the Forever Youngs’ world is what they feel within, not what the tribe has in mind for them. It could be pouring rain, they could be stuck in traffic, or their plane could be delayed, yet they remain calm, unbothered, and content, for in their world everything is perfect. The Forever Youngs don’t dwell on what’s missing in their lives; rather, they put all their effort and awareness into what they do have. They do this because they understand that what you put your awareness on expands, and if we choose to focus on what’s missing in our lives, we will continue to attract what’s missing in our lives. So instead, they focus on gratitude, for the more we are thankful for, the more positive things will come our way.

Unlike the Floaters and the Takers, who lack direction and purpose, the Forever Youngs have a sense of their own destiny, an awareness of their mission in life. They understand that their time here on this earth is limited and that there are only so many days, so many heartbeats, to accomplish what it is they came here for. They see this limited time as a miracle and a blessing. They have a deep appreciation for the gift of life. For them, to experience all the senses and the riches of the world is a privilege. Breathing fresh air, possessing good health, walking down the sidewalk and feeling the sun shining on their face, laughing, dancing, playing, and singing, forming relationships and making lasting memories—all of these things are precious to them. As Walt Whitman so eloquently said, “Every cubic inch of space is a miracle.” Most individuals don’t think twice about life’s seemingly ordinary experiences, and disregard them as routine events. However, the Forever Youngs experience excitement in these seemingly ordinary moments, which is what makes their perspective on the world so different from most. As you work on connecting with your essence and raising your consciousness, you’ll find yourself naturally starting to see the world as extraordinary rather than ordinary.

Above all else, the Forever Youngs spend their lives in passion and on purpose—they have found their excitement. Everything else is just smoke, mirrors, and distractions. All the awards, all the certificates, all the degrees, and all the toys and riches in the world come secondary to a life of purpose. Furthermore, they have no interest in a life of neutrality. They want to make an impact and leave a legacy. The Forever Youngs are the people willing to take the risks, consult within, and go through the growing pains to find their greatness. They are not people pleasers or approval seekers, and thus they have no concern for what the tribe says or does. They are independent, open to change, and have a sense of self-worth based on who they are and not what they have. This is what we must strive for. In the following chapters, you`ll begin to understand how these individuals conduct themselves in the world. And as a result, you will start seeing subtle changes in your life as well. Worries and stresses that once took up so much of your attention will fade away and you’ll discover yourself to be a far more powerful, courageous and purposeful human being.


I choose to surround myself with people who bring out the best in me, not people who bring out the stress in me. I will work on correcting my thoughts so that I may experience a higher level of awareness in my life. This higher level of awareness will allow me to create and lead the life I have envisioned for myself.

I am Forever Young



Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”

-Theodor Seuss Geisel (Dr. Seuss)

Choosing to not care about what anyone else thinks of you is one of the most profound decisions you can make. There will always be someone who doesn’t agree with you. No matter how hard you try, no matter how well you behave, no matter how smart you are or how funny and witty you are, there will always be someone who criticizes. Attempting to please everyone is a waste of time, energy, and effort. Instead, the Forever Youngs are more concerned with how they see themselves, rather than how the world perceives them. Those who have made any impact in any profession have done so by not conforming to the tribe. By following our own calling, and disregarding what society thinks we should and shouldn’t do, we will experience more personal freedom and peace in our lives.

You can’t please everyone

If you’re searching tirelessly for external validation, consider this: There are 8 billion people on this planet. Hypothetically speaking, 8 billion individuals will have their own perceptions of you and your behaviour. Can you imagine trying to make all of these people see the world the way you do? It would be a never-ending pursuit that would never fill your cup. Only you can do that. Unfortunately, so many people live their lives based on what others tell them. We as humans tend to act in accordance with what others (the tribe) say is right. We tend to follow the crowd instead of forging ahead on our own paths and building our own dreams. Most of the world is comfortable following, for leading requires strength, courage, and an ability to feel comfortable with uncertainty.

My question to you is this: why on earth would you concern yourself with someone else’s reality, with someone else’s ideas on how you should live your life? Others’ beliefs and opinions have nothing to do with your karmic mission. Your karmic mission is simply your soul’s purpose in this life. And each one of us has a different and unique assignment. Whether you’re an actor, a firefighter, a business executive, or a salesman, when your soul’s purpose is being fulfilled, you will feel peace, happiness, and joy.

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