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Offence and mud

Once somebody asked an old wise man: “Why don’t you answer the offences to your address”? The clever man said: When somebody offends you, it means that he throws some mud at you. In order to answer him, I must take this mud into my arms and only then, I have to throw the mud back at him, but I don`t want to be soiled.

An unplanned present

Imona: -My God! Why didn`t you listen to me? You know that I prayed so that you should save my things: my house, my laptop, my mobile phone and I would always have everything by me, but what is the reason of the fact that my mobile phone has been broken? You knew that I had only one mobile phone!

God: -Don`t you really believe me? You had no money. I helped you earn enough money to buy a new mobile phone. Now you have just bought a new phone that is much better than your old broken one. If you don`t like your new mobile phone, I can leave you with your old phone and I will take your new one back. Do you want?

Mother`s love

-Mom, why should I clean the table and wash the dishes? I don`t want to do this. Everybody gets money for his job, but why should I do all of these free-of-charge?

-Oh, I think, I was not as clever as you to give a birth to a girl, bring her up, cook, wash, clean for her and give everything she needed only for free!

True love

-You must lose weight.


-Men don`t love fat women.

-Really? Anyway, I don`t need a man, who will leave me only because I am fat. Because I would love my husband, even when he became old and ugly.

The power of love

There was an early morning. A little girl was sleeping in her beautiful, tiny room. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, it seemed that the day promised to be wonderful. Even the cold weather was pleasant. Unfortunately, it was not the sun, or the weather, which woke the girl up. It was the noise, which came from the bedroom of her parents. Even though she opened her eyes, she didn`t hurry to stand up. She was listening. If she had been older, she would have already run away from the house, but she was too young, too helpless, too depressed to do it. It was not for the first time that parents had quarreled. Anytime when they were quarrelling, Imona, their daughter, wanted to escape far from her parents, or not to listen to the quarrels.

The strangest thing was that the parents were so busy with their “conversation”, that they completely forgot about their daughter. Now she remembered about her friend Madina… Her parents shouted at each other more and more loudly as if they had been competing to win the game “Who will cry louder?” In her mind, she was with her friend again. She remembered, no, she tried to remember the moments clearly how her friends’ mother and father came into the room with a big birthday cake, and they congratulated her daughter – Madina on her birthday kissing her and saying all their best wishes. Nevertheless, that kiss and wishes were not so valuable for Imona, as her friend`s mother and father’s love for their daughter. For the first time in her life, Imona realized how little or no attention her parents paid to herself, and she understood how she would love to be in the place of her friend with loving parents. She would do her best at school she would help them, do everything they said, but…

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