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“It’s saying your parents how allowed Thoth to put his mark on you (literacy and or sorcery and or science) are suffering greatly for that decision and please do not do that.

That decision is the worst decision.

“Her daughter says she will be dead with you”, and that conscience (daughter) says she will be dead with you” meaning left brain is the happy personality and sadness is the right personality and this girl is the right personality and is saying ‘I’ll act like watching my baby brother and sister being sacrificed ro Thoth isn’t happening and is okay with me.”

Be dead with you” Left brain people who got literacy aren’t aware this is happening so they walk around laughing and smiling and when they see this :

Hannah Bicknell (14) committed suicide by hanging

Matthew Homyk (14) and committed suicide after they were bullied

Mary Rocha (14) allegedly took her own life after she was bullied” - Copyright: TXu 1-990-315

“You may have gotten literacy and see that and say those kids reacted weird to the wind blowing and they did it to their self so no skin off my back. When in reality those kids got educated using your tax dollars and they died by your hand indirectly and directly at the same time. But with awareness (right brain turned off) they can’t understand or figure that out so they are “don’t worry be happy”.

That’s left brain only. This means sadness to the fate of the baby brothers and sisters killing their self as a result of literacy and or sorcery exposure, if reaction is anything other than happy, it may indicate a person has right brain working.

If you are sad (right brain) to see your baby brother and sister sacrificed by Thoth the literacy god, then Thoth sees that as evil, perhaps, because Thoth (left brain) motto for living is “don’t worry be happy” be happy even if I sacrifice your baby brothers and sisters in a virgin sacrifice ritual called civilization via education.

One Theory is, if you want to harm a ghost species like humans are as a result of the hypothalamus flaw, then the right brain awareness could be looked at like a radar or conscience, and thus harming the offspring of a ghost species would harm the ghost species because that would be detected on the radar, and thus you could perhaps devastate the ghost species by doing something and because the sorcery ritual called civilization does not even acknowledge humans are a ghost species, then one could inflict severe pain on that ghost species by harming its offspring just like physical harm but on the “ghost” level and this harm may actually continue for infinity. Suggesting perhaps that something found a ghost spcies and it does not like it at all and is perhaps even attempting to kill it/harm it probe it for a way to kill it. ” - Copyright: TXu 1-990-315

“So the sacrifices of the ghost people species means Thoth become’s more powerful and so you if you have a conscience and allow it to happen, you slowly die, your conscience and since we are a ghost species that’s for, perhaps, perhaps, infinity. So when some may see words or marks arranged in a linear fashion on papyrus and they say “You are being dramatic”, that in fact is Thoth, saying act left brain (no conscience or feelings) instead of sadness (right brain) logic reaction to stimuli presented, facts presented, situational awareness presented.”- Copyright: TXu 1-990-315

“So it may seem people with left and right brain at 50/50 who have normal cognitive ability would always be sad, they are not, they only get sad to situations where people with cognitive ability would be sad. So when you hear a leader in civilization, Thoth’s world, so it thinks, say “what we need is the best education money can buy for our children” that is Thoth, or something doing its bidding, perhaps the same thing. Scientifically and this is odd, perhaps, it’s been proven literacy may kill children by turning off their awareness and so that means even some scientists agree with religion from 5000 and or 7000 and or 11,000 years ago when the ghost people species first encountered literacy and or sorcery and or technology and or science.”- Copyright: TXu 1-990-315

“Gen 3:3 But of the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the garden, God hath said, Ye shall not eat of it, neither shall ye touch it, lest ye die.”

= Literacy may turn off your child’s awareness aspect of right brain because it favors left brain and your child may kill their self by making a decision relative to what they perceive is reality.

Kendall Boyd (14) committed suicide by hanging

They killed their self because the wind blew essentially. Someone has to avenge their virgin sacrifice. Let’s hope it’s you.

By the way there is one group found that practices what has been preached and this one group from Nigeria their name means “literacy is harmful” and it appears they are following the Abraham and Lot method to letter(mark). Perhaps if you are okay with the baby brothers and sister dying after being marked you should say so, at least out loud when you are “alone” in your room just so it can be official in the vicinity so just say “I’m okay sacrificing my baby brothers and sisters in virgin sacrifices to Thoth the literacy god”

Just say that out loud , only once is enough, and if that’s how you feel you should do it, just say it once not so loud just in a normal voice and that would you’re your dedication to the vicinity.” - Copyright: TXu 1-990-315

“One aspect relative to religion of course is determining what exactly religion is.

Short definition: Members of the ghost people species called humans who were exposed to the sorcery and or literacy and retained a conscience, attempting to stop it and or explain it.

There are many religions and many beliefs and outside of the meat and potatoes, it appears these religions are rules that vary. The meat and potatoes aspect is simply not being okay with exposing children to the literacy because it harms them mentally and may kill them because it alters their perception and the trajectory of their being on an infinite scale is perhaps unknown.

It would kind of be like saying to someone giving a six year old child a strong dose of LSD and then allowing the child to walk on a ledge of a high rise building. You perhaps would say giving them LSD is pretty messed up. That’s pretty messed up to do that to a child. You may even not like that adult to do that to a child, that’s called a conscience. You may even hate that adult if that child fell and died as a result of the adult giving them LSD.

You may even take a serious interest in making sure that adult who did that to a child, suffers greatly. That’s called a conscience and or adults of a species looking after the female’s offspring of the species.”- Copyright: TXu 1-990-315

“Most perhaps would agree that is a normal response to a stimuli experienced. For example adults in prison tolerate many beings in prison, but child abusers and killers of children, are not one of those beings they tolerate at all. You may perhaps even think I am doing this to scold you or incite you to do something about the realities of what literacy can do to children because it alters there perception factually, but the rate of Ghost people who retain a conscience after the literacy and or sorcery exposure is perhaps slim. My name isn’t empathy.

Reid Adler (15) committed suicide by an unknown method

Elizabeth Mattera (15) took her own life

Chiedza Brown (15) committed suicide by hanging” - Copyright: TXu 1-990-315

“The main theme to emerge.. is that there appear to be two modes of thinking, verbal and nonverbal, represented rather separately in left and right hemispheres, respectively, and that our educational system, as well as science in general, tends to neglect the nonverbal form of intellect. What it comes down to is that modern society discriminates against the right hemisphere.” - Roger Sperry - 1973

“as well as science in general” = reading, writing, and math the marks that make the human ghost species behave like beast’s or the marks that alter perception and make the human ghost species act differently than they would without exposure.” - Copyright: TXu 1-990-315

“So people not under the influence of any drugs or perception misalignment would not ever be okay with harming or killing the female’s offspring of the ghost species they are members of. It breaks the law of existence on an infinite scale. If a ghost species harms their own children via sorcery exposure then how does that ghost species remain viable on an infinite scale or even a limited physical scale? It can’t and won’t and doesn’t and isn’t.” - Copyright: TXu 1-990-315

“If when baby ants were born the adult ants killed them or altered their mind so they could not function properly, ants would not be. There would be no ants after a few generations and thus ants would be gone.

That template can be applied to most creatures. So you may ask how do humans that do alter and sometimes kill their children using literacy and or sorcery at the command of Thoth the literacy god , how is it that humans the ghost species still here, that breaks that rule? We are dying on a physical level and on an infinite level perhaps already dead. They perhaps explained that to you in your elementary school orientation.” - Copyright: TXu 1-990-315

“The Human Ghost people species generally speaking, after Abraham and Lot tried to burn down the cities of Thoth, the places it housed its golem captives, and got rid of everyone in them. Wiped out the entire city. They spared a cousin who lived in Thoth’s world, civilization, but eliminated the city and everyone else in them.

They failed the ghost species but they acted correctly according to cognitive ability. This scenario of course played out many times in history perhaps the most recent was when the 100 million or so Native American’s went up against Thoth the literacy god, who rules civilization, in the American Indian wars. So about 100 million Native Americans were eliminated by Thoth and his troops and took control of America. That was essentially a reoccurrence of exactly what happened in the Abraham and Lot war 5000 years ago and also what is happening today in certain aspects that happen in countries where the “enemy” tears down or destroys schools or are against literacy and or exposing the females offspring to sorcery and or science.”- Copyright: TXu 1-990-315

“Thoth perhaps prefers reality to be confusion, so reality looks like 1000 religions and 1000 countries and 1000 opinions and this keeps any form of cognitive ability to take hold. That’s called a tactic. When confusion reigns perhaps Thoth thrives.

One religion suggests, say away from intrigue. That’s just really saying perhaps say away from confusion. One sad aspect perhaps is you may read this and assume the author is attempting to help you survive this situation. As you read these marks that have been arranged in a linear fashion you may feel emotions and if these marks get into your mind they will make you start wondering if perhaps that these mark arrangements are not reality:

“What it comes down to is that modern society discriminates against the right hemisphere.” - Roger Sperry – 1973

Because if the mark arrangement in a linear fashion is reality then this mark arrangement may be reality.

“as well as science in general” = reading, writing, and math the marks of the beast or the marks that alter perception and makes members of the ghost people species act differently than they would.” - Copyright: TXu 1-990-315

“Then you may wonder if this mark arrangement is reality:

Reid Adler (15) committed suicide by an unknown method

Elizabeth Mattera (15) took her own life

Chiedza Brown (15) committed suicide by hanging “

Acting stupid just became stupid, costly and unfortunate.” - Copyright: TXu 1-990-315

Method 18: “To become a ghost person achieve a situation where the mind gives the perceived death signal and when it does just ignore it or pay no attention to it.” - Copyright: TXu 2-037-947

“Extinctionist: Noun: A personality and/or group that is aware their behavior or actions will lead to their extinction and they continue anyway. “- Copyright TXu 2-008-596

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