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New Delhi to New York

Vol :1 Reliving past.

About the book

This ebook is written by Sn bhardwaj .This ebook is only available online in epub format only.

The book contains a self written story which is written for entertainment purpose only, it has no reliveance. All the characters , place, events are part of author imagination.


The story starts in streets of india where one person name henry fall in love with his neighbor girl name Shirley Watson at age of 16. Their love life is just started yet and they got separated by Shirley father who take her to new York. After 10 years, henry went to new york to meet her.

This first part contain about how they meet and their life got changed.

(21st June, 2014)

Sitting on airport, waiting for my turn for flight. It’s going to be exciting after all after 10 years, I am going to see her again. Excitement reached top of my head. It’s only six hours that I had to wait, but it’s more tough of that 10 years that I had spent before. My life changed when I was 16.

{November , 2004}

It was winter's evening when I was lying on my bed and just relaxing. I went out from my house when my dad said me to go out and have fun instead of lying on bed ,and suddenly the earth shake when my eye balls struck on the beauty of her face she was just like a princess from heaven.

II never saw her before. maybe she was one of my neighbour's relative who come just to spend her holiday's or she might be a new shifting in our area That night was the biggest night of my whole life that I remembered as that night I slept with open eyes and my heart was beating up faster just like bullet train. I was waiting for next morning and to know about her.

NextNext morning came and I went for morning walk, where I found my friend Roy, I asked him about the new girl and I was right, she was a new shifting in our area. Her name is shirley. She's also 16 as I was.

That day was also same as others, I spent my whole day from 10am to 4:30 pm  watching movies and chatting on silly talks with my school friends. But at the same time I was also more curious to know more about her (Shirley) .

At last my curiosity ends up when the sun comes down, and it was evening all around us. I went out to saw her but she wasn't in our area. And I feels awkward to go to her house so I return to my home. But suddenly  I got a big shock when my friend Roy came running to my house,and asked me about my subject notes. I asked him who wants , actually it was she (shirley) who wants. After sometimes she came, I was looking at her. I introduced myself and she herself. I went on flying in my room and I  gave my notes to her That night was somewhat same as previous night with same excitement.

the next day I found my uncle Peter's son john who was 21 at that time , he came to my house in his own car. I persuade him to taught me and he agreed. Afterwards I started it driving, when we reach out of my local area I met Shirley who was on her morning walk, I thought that she had might seen me and I was happy deep inside of my heart.

After that my cousin gone and I was back at home and spend my time as usual waiting for the evening to met her.

In evening I went to her(Shirley) house and asked for my notes, she gave me my notes but also questioned that whether I know to drive car. I replied foolishly no! no! It was my ghost who was driving at morning. She laughed with a pleasant smlie on her face which every times killed me. I talk with her for 1 hour and I think she also likes that as me 

The next morning was somewhat horrible because now my parents had understood that something is happened to my behaviour after meeting the girl. They thought that I might be in love with shirley but that's not truth I was having some feeling for her but maybe it's not love it is just a feeling of closeness.

That morning I went for my soccer game in the main ground after that my day was all same

At evening one more strange thing happened as when I was with my school friends talking about or future career, I suddenly saw Shirley she was coming near to me, near to me , more near and joined us in conversation. 

The distance between us two was just 100-200 cm. I thought maybe she was feeling more secure in my presence. This give me a indication that make she feels same as somewhat me.

next day I went to her house to ask for a book. At that time she was sleeping. After sometimes she came and I was get shocked when I see her, she looks pretty when sleep. My mouth was uttering words wonderful, fabulous , awesome. I ask for book and she gave it to me. Afterward I came back

It was 1:30 when I come out of my house to just have a visit and suddenly I saw her again and talk . it was a sweet memory that I still remember.

At evening I was with my street friend when I see Shirley in my local area this time I asked her that whether she is on Facebook or not, but I get negative response only. But she tell me that she's on WhatsApp, I immediately asked the number she replied that's its not the right time now.

After that I thought that maybe I am in love with her and may be I can't live anytime without her. Next day I woke up with red face due to love feeling. Now I understood that I am in love with her, I like her presence. I was thinking that I am the happiest person of the world.

(This is the feeling that we normally get when we fell special )

That day I was whole day in the dreams of Shirley.I had also forgot to view my WhatsApp messages, just laying on bed and fully enjoying the dreams and awaiting for the evening to met her again to become the happiest person of the world again.

Here comes the evening and I went near her house to meet her but she had not come out afterward I went inside and asked her mom, she was gone to her aunt's house for studying and might be come after two or three days. Now I was just a alone in crowd

After that day one day passed , two day passed , three days and so on.. I was feeling lonely and crying. My mind was very much disturbed, I can't even constrate over my studies as well. My condition was just like a frog in well

After that I had not seen her for 8 days but on one day. It was the evening time when I return from the main ground after playing my soccer match and I was just roaming on my street . unexpectedly I found her coming towards me, first I thought its a dream but it wasn't dream its real. My love is in front of me.

She came near to me and started talking as usual before she gone. I asked her why you're so late in  coming back she replied expectedly that she was busy in her studies. Afterwards we start walking  together, I was liking her presence and she likes mine . I was pleased. 

But there are some people who always like creating problems. They always play as secret players. In my story they were that silly neighbors , who always see both of us together and one who was mostly affected with our relationship was her father.

Her father thought that I am not at the level of her daughter. Our life was going peacefully in one others arm but at last my happiness got ruined when she went to new York. It was like a heart attack but accepted it.

I promised her that I will come and she promised me that she will wait”

[21st June 2014]

At last the waiting time has over now after 10 years “my thirsty heart will fetch it water of love” Shirley Watson I am coming for you..

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New Delhi to New York

Vol 2. Facing your present

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