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I Kinda See Dead People


By: Skylar Hoffman

The following book is a nonfiction work. The individuals involved have given me permission to use their likeness as well as first names throughout. This work is also not for academic purposes and I made the decision to not provide citations. I used titles of other bodies of work respectively, but all of the content that I describe is in my own words. The loose references to other media are done sparingly and I do not own any of the rights to the respective copyrights of other works. This is a passion project. I would rather tell my story as opposed to making monetary gain. But, if you were impacted by my story I will kindly accept your donation.








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I dedicate this book to my friends and family for believing in me. I’m also, grateful to Rudy for unlocking my psychic abilities. Lastly, I would like to thank The Lady, because I know her spirit could erase this book from my laptop at any moment.



Chapter One: Beliefs



Capsule Theory

Chapter Two: Childhood

First Memory

Being Different

The Kid

Predicting The Future

Chapter Three: Scary Stories

Fart Machine

Investigating Places

Dillon’s House

Night Terrors

Chapter Four: Unlocking My Abilities

Practice Makes Perfect


The Lady



I came to the realization that people should learn things that they might not necessarily agree with. Conflicting opinions are the best way to reach one’s own conclusions. I believe that every person on this planet has a different perspective and that each perspective deserves the time of day. If I full heartedly listen to a criminal, a doctor, or even a priest, I will agree with some things and disagree with others. The wisdom comes when you earnestly listen to somebody. I acknowledge that many people will be skeptical of my own perspectives. That is fine as long as I promote thought; as long as I have you questioning your reality, then this book has done its job.

My name is Skylar Hoffman. I’m currently a senior, Mass Communications major at the University of Delaware. I fill up my free time with many regular activities such as: partying with friends, watching movies on Netflix, and chasing my dreams. But, that is where I draw the line between being an average college student and being a psychic. At first, I didn’t know what to call my “gift” and I still need to train like superhero to see where this thing takes me. I put “Kinda” in the title of this book because, this is my journey to understand exactly what I’m capable of. I am stuck between knowing I have this power and telling myself, “There’s no way I just saw that!” Yes, I’ve seen ghosts and yes, I’ve also been able to predict the future. Unfortunately, at the ripe age of twenty-one, I’m still just getting started along my spiritual journey. I am writing this book to tell my story.

I wanted to write this book for a handful of reasons. I wrote a movie script when I was nineteen because I felt a burning desire to tell a story about a real-life experience of mine and spin it to become a popular film. When I have a passion for something, I get it done. My friends who know me and believe that I’m a psychic kept telling me, “Skylar, you should write a book” or “I can see you on the best sellers list.” After this encouragement from friends, I figured that I might as well give it a shot. I’m writing this book because I want to help others; who are like me, to understand that they aren’t alone. I’ve felt alone throughout this spiritual journey and I want to help guide others. I can act as a peer who has continued down this path. I also put my voice into this book, to help lighten the subject material with my colorful language. I hope to keep you entertained and engaged. Through telling my stories I can reflect on how my abilities have improved and learn how to not fear my own experiences. That becomes a win, win situation. So, sit back and enjoy my story.

Chapter One: Beliefs

Before I tell you about all the paranormal mumbo jumbo, I need to establish what it is that I truly believe in. I need to give you guys and gals a framework. I believe in many things; but superstition is bullshit in my opinion. I used to have a black cat and throughout high school, my jersey number was always thirteen. Fun fact; many hotels don’t have a thirteenth floor. When I was a sophomore in college, my roommate and I decided to request a room on the thirteenth floor. As expected, nobody wanted it, so we got a kick ass room! I never have bad luck either. I’m a very lucky person. I consider myself to be a Christian, but I’ve adopted aspects from religion, science, as well as philosophical ideology. I’m going to elaborate on what I believe in to help you understand what lens I see the world through.


As I previously mentioned, I identify myself as a Christian. I consider myself moderately religious. I have my spurts of faith. But, I don’t accredit my moral compass to religion. I believe that I learned morals through practicing martial arts. Karate acted as a religion because it taught me commitment, moral code, and gave me the tools to defend myself. I couldn’t ask for anything more. My parents constantly say that they wished that they instilled religion into my siblings and I at a young age. I’m proud that they didn’t. I feel that there is value in thinking what you want to and finding a faith that aligns with your values. I was circumcised as well as baptized but the religious practices stop there (maybe that was too personal). My parents are both Christian and instead of just accepting this faith, I looked high and low for what I wanted to believe. I dislike hand-me-down clothes from my brother, so why would I ever want hand-me-down beliefs? Exactly, I wouldn’t! This is why I dislike sports fanatics. Just because I was born in a certain state, doesn’t mean I must root for a certain team and hate other teams because we are “rivals.” Fandom can cause violence and the only motive, is because someone was born in another state. Tangent over. Basically, my household wasn’t one where my parents shoved religion down my throat, nor my sibling’s throats. My brother, Bryce, is agnostic and my sister, Rayven, doesn’t seem to be very religious either. That is alright, as long as they can differentiate between what is right and wrong.

Now, while I do identify as Christian, I have my own critiques. I’ve been to church a handful of times and I just never had an amazing time. I can just see the greed. I learned from history in school that the church was the most powerful aspect of society in early Rome. A man named, Martin Luther, (not to be confused with Martin Luther King Jr., who was revolutionary in his own right) identified the churches of Rome’s issue with power. He believed that one who has sinned, could reform and be forgiven spiritually through good deeds. Whereas, the churches of Rome encouraged citizens to pay for indulgences, to wipe their sins away. Martin Luther acknowledged this and wrote the “Ninety-Five Thesis.” He nailed this critique to the Roman Catholic church’s doors. Soon enough, this document was transcribed and spread throughout Rome. Eventually, Martin Luther was excommunicated from Rome, for speaking out against the injustice in the church system. Martin Luther was a hero in my eyes and serves as one of the first whistleblowers ever. I too, believe that churches construe things for monetary gain. Every facet of society is a business and I acknowledge that churches need support from their communities to stick around. You have to be on something to think that giving money away will rid you of wrongdoing. Money only matters in this lifetime.

Religion’s shortcomings are in The Bible itself. The Bible is the most translated book in the world, with are countless versions. I used to wear a necklace with a miniature Bible on it and I read a sizeable chunk of it. But, let me give you an example of a message becoming construed over time. In grade school, we played a game in which one student in the classroom thinks of a sentence. Let’s say the sentence is, “I ate a fish sandwich for lunch.” The student then whispers the original sentence into another student’s ear. Then a domino of exchanges occurs around a room of thirty students. When the last student recites the sentence, it becomes something like, “I hate Spanish Danishes” (there isn’t such a thing). I know that The Bible was written by human beings and humans inherently have biases. Ideas change over time and the true message is distorted. With a screenwriting background I realize that The Bible ultimately boils down to just a book of stories. Each story needs to be taken with a grain of salt.

I seem to be critiquing Christianity heavily, considering that I identify as someone who is Christian. I know, I know. Let me tell you why I believe in Christianity. I believe in Christianity because I have experienced things with my senses that I can’t explain. Things that make me believe in an afterlife. I see ghosts, I see light when my eyes are closed, I predict things before they happen, and I hear voices when nobody is around. I’m either blessed or insane! I believe in Christianity because it soothes me. I pray every night and just recently I started cleansing my body and mind. My belief in Christianity has given me many things and that is why I’ve adopted it. I came up with this revolutionary thought awhile back. I thought, what if, whatever you believed during your lifetime, was how you experienced your afterlife? Those who believe in reincarnation will come back, those who believe in heaven or hell will be organized accordingly, and those who believe in nothing, will experience nothingness. I believe that if this hypothesis is true, one might as well believe in something!


I also believe in the concept of destiny. On a daily basis, people have thoughts that fill their heads. Some thoughts are a slow build up, others are quick and reactionary, and some are even backed by burning desire. We have the power of choice. We choose which thoughts we want to have actualized to become our reality. I had a burning desire to write this book and that is why it’s written. There is a clear difference between the thoughts that will be acted upon. These thoughts are obnoxiously loud! Our lives can go in many different routes, according to which thoughts we respond to. I view these routes as a road of opportunities. People must first learn how to change their thoughts to achieve their happiness. I feel that I was predestined to be what I have become.

I have my own reasons to believe in destiny. My mom had miscarriages before my birth. Already, I was supposed to be counted out of this world. She could have given up on having more children, but destiny is the reason I’m here. Also, I nearly drowned when I was a child. I was deep out in the ocean on my mom’s shoulders. I still remember seeing a gigantic wave heading in our direction. Instead of allowing the wave to swallow us whole, my mom made the decision to throw me closer to the shore. The issue was, I still didn’t know how to swim. I remember going under the water and just kicking as my mouth filled with salt water. I made it to the shore, but the journey felt like I was swimming for miles. I accredit that day, with being the day that I learned how to swim.

During winter session as a freshman; I was hungry for a job, any job (winter session is a two-month gap between the fall and spring college semesters, where students take a concentrated course load). I was poor and bored, which lead me to the Craigslist gigs section. I had just started pursuing modeling and was looking to make a quick buck. I responded to an ad, wherein I was going to make five hundred dollars for a single photo shoot. I couldn’t possibly have clicked quicker! In a week, I was on the road with my mom, heading for my big break. Come to find out, Craigslist isn’t the best site for a reputable model photographer. Who knew? As soon as he opened the front door I got chills. I repressed my flight response, just to hear him out. Red flags started going off everywhere I looked. Red flag #1; he continued to offer me drinks after I denied each of his attempts. Red flag #2; he told my mom to leave as her presence was “too distracting.” Red flag #3; he said that the photoshoot was going to last at least five hours. What photoshoot lasts for five hours? Three strikes and you’re out! My mom, being the emotionally intelligent woman that she is, picked up on these red flags too. She stayed outside and texted me that she would wait in the driveway. This man had the whole rich façade thing going for him. With a sizeable home, walls lined with antiques, and elegant furniture, he could have fooled anyone. But, my “spider senses” were tingling. I thank destiny for stepping in when it did. I heard a voice in my head saying, “If you don’t leave this house, you will die.” I never understood what survivors of trauma mean when they say that your life flashes in front of your eyes, but I found out that day.

The photographer told me to get changed into my clothes for the photo shoot. I took this as my only opportunity to escape my situation. I said that I was going to change in the bathroom upstairs. As soon as I reached the top of the staircase, I bolted out of the house and right into my mom’s car. I frantically yelled, “Go, go, go, now!” We circled the block before realizing that my clothes were still in his house (at least one hundred dollars’ worth of clothing). After much discussion; my mom and I decided that we both have to go back inside his house to get my stuff back. She played it off by telling the photographer, “Sorry, but we need to leave because Skylar’s grandma is in the hospital.” The photographer let us get our stuff and leave. My mom pressed the lie further by asking for a business card, so that we could “reschedule.” He said he didn’t have one. What reputable business owner doesn’t have a business card? I could see what he was thinking about the whole situation. I was the one that got away. In time, we would laugh about this uncomfortable situation. While watching the news a day later, we became aware of a couple that was murdered by a Craigslist poster. That was another instance of destiny stepping in. I had much more to live for.

When I was younger, my parents came across this movie titled, “The Secret.” We watched the film, but I was too young to absorb the life changing concepts. The film revolves around this idea called, the Law of Attraction. To save time, I’m going to tell you what the Law of Attraction is and how it is correlated to the concept of destiny. The Law suggests that every human is a magnet. There are two types of energies that can be attracted; positive energy and negative energy. According to The Law, whatever thoughts you project into the universe, the universe will respond to. That is why you must avoid negative thoughts, because negative thoughts will attract negativity into your life. I didn’t realize the power of the Law of Attraction until recently.

After my Craigslist experience, I was lost. I was still a poor college student, without a major of study. I don’t remember why but I stumbled upon a YouTube channel titled, “YouAreCreators” and watched a video about celebrities acknowledging the existence of the Law of Attraction. Everyone was raving about how their life changed because they changed their thoughts. The video showed Oprah, Big Sean, Will Smith, and others. Nearly every anecdote, suggested the book, “The Alchemist.” Little did I know that after watching these videos, a seed was already planted in my mind and “The Alchemist” would slowly attract itself into my life.

I told my dad about the book and he said he will look out for it. To my surprise, he found it for cheap while I was down in Maryland for a family vacation. I found it peculiar that the book just happened to fall right into my lap. I read the entire book in about a day. I just couldn’t put it down! I strongly recommend reading, “The Alchemist” because it speaks for itself. Almost every celebrity that I’ve ever seen, says that it changed their lives. The story certainly changed mine. The book has two key takeaways that I find most valuable. The first is in the title, an “alchemist” is a mythical chemist that can turn any base metal into gold. This serves as a metaphor, by turning your own life into a prosperous one, by maximizing your skills. Also, I found the idea of “omens” to be of value (not to be mistaken with the horror movies). An omen is a sign that guides one’s destiny. To follow your destiny, you first need to be made aware of an omen/opportunity and take it.

After reading, “The Alchemist,” I had a renewed sense of purpose. I started to steadily recognize omens one after another. I eventually became a Mass Communication major, which is very selective at my school. Only the top students get into the major at UD. I had finally found my place! Ever since my childhood, I have loved watching movies. My dad and I would constantly go to movie theatres. I eventually conceptualized being a famous actor. I still didn’t have a way to get to this goal, but once I accepted it as a reality, I noticed that things started coming together for me. Around this time, I learned about Sylvester Stallone’s rise to fame. He sold his dog and was scrapping just to get by. He locked himself in his apartment and wrote the script for “Rocky” in a matter of days. The script eventually made its rounds and got picked up, but no producer was convinced that Stallone could be an A-list actor. He wouldn’t give a studio the rights to his screenplay unless he played the movie’s principal role. Look where he is today! This success story resonated with me and I started to follow in Stallone’s footsteps.

I made the conscious decision that I should write a kick-ass movie script, to reach my goal of becoming a top tier actor. I did my research and discovered Final Draft screenwriting software. The software had a hefty price point so I momentarily put aside my dreams for a couple of months. After telling family members about my Craigslist experience they were interested. Everyone was telling me, “You could turn that into a movie!” Soon enough I was outlining how my story would be told if it were a film. For shits and giggles, I decided to go online and check out To my surprise, the screenwriting software that I had been dreaming of, was half-off on that specific day. This was an omen. I bought the screenwriting software and in a matter of months, I had turned my traumatic experience into a ninety-paged feature film script! I didn’t stop after my first script either. I have multiple scripts in the later stages of development and I know that they will be made into movies. I’ve accepted this as my destiny in life.

To harness the power of the Law of Attraction’s principles, you must believe that you already have, that which you value. The Law only works if you do. Firstly, you must speak what you want into existence. I delivered a speech on the Law of Attraction in school for my public speaking class. I opened the speech with a question to the audience. I asked a random audience member, “What is your dream job?” He responded by saying, “I want to be a doctor.” Then I asked, “If I were to ask you today if you are the best doctor in the world, how would you respond?” He said, “I would say no, I’m not.” I elaborated that this mindset creates a ceiling for which you can achieve. I have no ceilings, I’m the best writer, actor, rapper, model, psychic, that there is. Point blank period. I have no doubt in my mind. I’m not creating any boundaries for which I can’t progress through. I told my audience of classmates that they need to change their minds before they can change their lives. I even showed them my cellphone’s lock screen and wallpaper. My lock screen is the image of an Oscar and my wallpaper is a stack of money. I encourage you to also change these images on your phone. Doing this trains my subconscious to attract these things into my life. At the end of my speech I showed them a famous quote that said, “I like thinking big. If you’re going to be thinking anything, you might as well think big.” Do you know who made this statement? One classmate raised their hand, as they blurted out the answer, “Donald Trump.” Now look at him! He’s the President of the United States, even with all the odds stacked against him. The Law of Attraction works; you just have to believe that you deserve everything that is coming to you.

Destiny also comes in the most unlikely of places. I always laughed at the concept of love at first sight. That’s the kind of thing that only happens in movies (I should know considering that I write them) but omen’s can also be realized in individuals of the opposite gender. A year and some change ago, I was talking to some girl. I considered her more of a friend and my interest was fading for her. One day I was just scrolling through my Instagram feed in my dorm room. This girl posted a photo, but my eyes were drawn to someone else in the photograph. I had this inner feeling that I knew this other girl. I had to go for the DM slide. I opened with something along the lines of, “Hey, what are you up to? My cousin’s name is Sienna too, but spelled differently.” Literally, that was the only connection to this girl that I could establish. She messaged me back laughing and we talked for about a week or so. Come to find out we were both Communications majors. It was the last weekend before Winter Break and she invited me to a party. I was nervous because things felt different with this girl. I showed up at the party. “Hey, nice to finally meet you, I’m Ciena.” Unfortunately, the other girl I had previously talked to was at the same party. Drama aside, that was an amazing time. Ciena told me that she was throwing an after party at her place and within one Uber ride we were there. Once we arrived we made ourselves comfortable in the kitchen. I was still trying to figure her out. When we finally did kiss, I felt something that I have never felt in my entire life. Sparks flew and we’ve been together ever since. I later found out that her ex-boyfriend called that night. I left someone behind and so did she, but all that matters were that we found each other and we weren’t even looking. It was as if we were meant for eachother.

I’ve accepted that being a psychic was also prophesized into my destiny. I know this because I feel that my “gift” was starting to reveal its head in many ways. I have an acute case of Amblyopia, which is an optical defect. Basically, one of my eyes didn’t develop as effectively. My right eye, tried to compensate and in doing so, it progressed, while my left eye remained constant and underdeveloped. This effects my vision if I close my right eye, but I can’t do anything about it. Your vision is pretty much finalized at about the age of eight. I think the reason for my vision being stunted, is because my Third Eye took over. I developed spiritual sight, over my actual sight. Just last year I was working at a gym and it was very boring. But, money is money when you’re in college. To pass time I started reading psychic books from the late, great, Sylvia Brown. I started learning about what she calls the Other Side. Before I knew it, I was reading all kinds of books during my work shifts. One had me creating apparatuses that would help expand my psychic abilities. I eventually stumbled upon a book titled, “Are You Psychic?” I read the book in one or two work shifts. The difference between this book and the others, was that it told me what to visualize and what to do to contact spirits. I started practicing these lessons and meditating daily. My mom is a flight attendant and she told me that she thought of me and bought a book that she thought I’d like. When I came home from work one day, she presented the book to me. She had bought, “Are You Psychic?” I said, “Mom, I just finished reading that at work.” She was dumbfounded that we now had two copies of the exact same book. Destiny seemed to be telling me something.

Capsule Theory

This last belief that I have stems from everything that I’ve learned about spirituality and it started out as a joke but has grown into a concept that I believe must be discussed before we delve into more of my life. Capsule Theory is an idea that was conceived when I was lit. I came to the realization that we as human beings are just like pills. We are just a container that goes about this world and over time, just shrivels and dies. The idea is that humans are restricted because we can only do things while we are trapped in our capsules. I learned through schooling that human beings can only show approximately seven facial expressions, we walk in the same manner that we learned at a young age, and we don’t retain every single thought in our memory that we have experienced in our respective lifetimes. Therefore, we have a lot of things restricting us. As a psychic, I can see where people are going because their capsules are very telling. After all, human interactions are more about body language. I see deeper than just the capsule. Also, we are all created from sexual intercourse. We can’t multiply unless our capsules interact. I need you and you need me to create more capsules. Capsule Theory has also allowed me to see the good in people because, they are only this one specific capsule for this lifetime. I occasionally see people that I dislike, whose lifestyles don’t align with mine, or those who use defense mechanisms to attack others. I lucked out, I have an amazing capsule! But, some people get the short end of the stick and I have new found respect and understanding for what they go through. My favorite saying is, “We didn’t choose our capsules.” When people complain about things that they can’t change, I tell them this and it always makes them feel better. You can’t change your capsule, so you might as well enjoy it. When you pass away, you can finally live as energy that is no longer encapsulated.

Chapter Two: Childhood

From an early age, I experienced things that I never understood. Now that I’m reflecting on my youth, I can connect the dots and conclude that I’ve always had these abilities. They were just developing much like a muscle does. My mind as a child was riddled with curiosity about the unknown. I remember seeing through my mom’s belly during her pregnancy; I remember being able to predict the future; and I remember having a ghost friend. Children are always questioning their realities and I was no exception. Little did I know that my “imaginary friend” wasn’t imaginary at all.

First Memory

Childhood seems to be a hazy area in many people’s lives. They can remember their first time riding a bike or their first friend. Often times people don’t remember their first words or even the huge portion of time from their first birth day to about age five. This is obvious because a child’s brain is developing and they aren’t necessarily holding on to any new memories. I remember my first word, “gorilla.” That’s a difficult word, I mean we’re talking three syllables here! But, that wasn’t my first memory. My first memory occurred before I was even conceived by my mom. How could something like this happen? I attribute this happenstance to the moment that I opened my Third Eye for the first time. I’ve heard stories about people who don’t go under and need more anesthesia during surgeries. They feel and see everything outside of themselves. My experience is much like that. I must have been birthed days later because I had consciousness. I remember being at my mom’s waist level; she was sitting in the dining room of our house, before she went into the kitchen for a snack. I clearly remember seeing the magnets and a photograph of my mom and dad on the refrigerator’s door. I saw through my mom’s belly and created a mental map of my house’s layout. This was the first memory that I could recall.

Being Different

Many parents would like to consider their children as “different” or “special.” Some would probably think that their child was special because they discovered that they could put their entire hand in their mouth or something. I was considered “special” because as soon as I was expelled from my mom’s birth canal, I was already urinating. I was ready to get out of there! The doctor jumped back as he got sprayed by my yellow liquid. I can only imagine how funny that must have been for my family in the emergency room. I was born on September 27th, 1995 at 11:11PM. Make a wish… I’ll wait. Aside from being born at such a special time, I was also a big ass baby weighing in at nine pounds. My blood type was A+ just like my GPA (actually it’s more like 3.26 or something). For those of you who believe in horoscopes, this makes me a Libra. I don’t believe in all of that stuff, but I’ve never heard any nonfavorable traits that Libras have. In fact, Kim Kardashian and Eminem are both Libras. I guess I’m destined for greatness. Whether my rap career or my makeup line takes off first, nobody knows. I’m starting to get too pompous so, moving on to the next paragraph!

Extrasensory Perception (ESP) is the scientific term for my “gift.” Science disputes the existence of ESP because science needs to be tested using the Scientific Method (boringggg) to be proven. I learned from a class last year that in a scientific study, more people believe in ESP over haunted houses and aliens. I understand skepticism all too well, but I can’t dispute the fact that I see, hear, and feel things that just can’t be explained. ESP is known as the sixth sense. The Third Eye being the gateway to opening such senses. The Third Eye is the intuition that picks up on the higher frequencies that regular people don’t experience. The scientific area in which the Third Eye resides, is in the Pineal Gland. Throughout my childhood, I had weird things happen that I only understand because of my ESP.

My earliest memories of seeing weird things occurred in my parent’s bedroom. My dad is an artist and the decorum in my house is unique to say the least. Every room in the house has its own theme. My bedroom is a Circus, my sister’s room is Sea World, and my parent’s room is Mardi Gras. Their room is lined with paintings of women with beads and fun costumes. I would stare at these characters and eventually they would distort. I thought it was just my imagination getting the best of me, but they would go from a poker face to a big grin and their eyes would move. Even the colors of the paintings themselves would change. This scared me as a child.

Also, when an ordinary person closes their eyes to fall asleep, it’s a relatively easy process. I on the other hand, sometimes see colors with my eyes closed. Sometimes I would get no sleep because the colors in my head would be so bright! My experience is like that of a lava lamp. I most frequently see blue, but I’ve seen the entire color spectrum. The colors melt into each other and make shapes. I still can’t exactly decipher what the colors and shapes mean. Occasionally, I see flashes of white light and I definitely can’t sleep through that shit!

The Kid

Many children have such exuberant imaginations that they often talk to inanimate objects or they conceive an “imaginary friend.” This idea is so commonplace in our understanding of children that the concept routinely comes up in the media. When I was a child, I wasn’t aware that my friend wasn’t imaginary. Now that I’m looking back on this I realize that he was actually a spirit that I saw almost daily. The first time I saw The Kid was after a dream. I remember waking up and he was there at my bedside, even after leaving my dreamland. He said “Hi” and I did too. He then said, “Sorry to wake you” followed by “Let’s be friends.” I agreed to his request for friendship. He never asked my name and I never asked his. I don’t remember why, but we never referred to each other by first name (I wasn’t good with names as a child anyway).

He would do everything with me. We would go to school together and I would play with my WWE wrestlers with him. I’m just now realizing that playing with toys was where I developed my story structure and The Kid was always there to tell me what should happen in a good story. I would hurl my action figure of John Cena off the top rope and take a beating from my Eddie Guerrero (one of my favorites R.I.P) action figure. He would tell me, “You can’t get hit with a chair and then win the match.” I would act out matches and if he approved, I felt that the match would hold up if it were televised. Most of our interactions were one-sided. I never asked him where he came from, what he liked to do, or how he passed. Looking back, I wish I had asked him these questions. As a child, I was just enjoying his company and he never said no to participating in fun activities together.

Until one day when something must have flipped in his ghost mind. He didn’t show up often. He wouldn’t accompany me everywhere anymore, he wouldn’t give me feedback when we played with toys, and he wouldn’t talk to me about much. We seemed to be at an impasse. He started inserting himself into my dreams and I wasn’t getting much sleep. He became a bully of sorts and told me mean things. I remember being sad around this time. I decided to involve my elementary school. I reported The Kid to the school principal. That shit is crazy in retrospect, but Mrs. Brady heard me out. She called me down to her office to talk about The Kid. She asked me, “What does he look like? I need you to describe him so that I can find him.” I knew his appearance like the back of my hand. I was just spouting information at that point, “He has bushy eyebrows, he has orange hair, blue eyes, and he’s taller than me.” She wrote down my description and said that she will talk to him and get back to me in about a week. I was so relieved that somebody else was going to help talk with him!

A week goes by and I hadn’t heard from Mrs. Brady about the search for The Kid. He barely appeared to me but when he did, he seemed angry. He told me, “I thought we were friends.” Before I could respond he would disappear from my view. I started to feel bad for him and guilty for ratting him out to my principal. Mrs. Brady came to me during lunchtime. She said, “Skylar, can I talk with you alone?” I nodded my head in anticipation of good news. She looked me in the eyes and told me, “I think you’re The Kid.” Those words sunk deeply into me. Here I was reaching out for help from an administrator, but in her mind, everything I was telling her was just my “imagination.” I was annoyed that she was belittling my situation. I told her, “I’ll talk to him,” and then I walked back to my lunch table. That day I decided to repress my paranormal experiences because I couldn’t expect others to understand.

After realizing that I was on my own, I had to talk to The Kid myself, whether he wanted to or not. I couldn’t find him when I came home from school that day. I looked high and low around the house. The closet of my room was commonplace for him. He was nowhere to be found. I figured that he was just playing hide and seek. That night when I went to bed he appeared to me in my dream. He was no longer mad at me. We were having fun as we usually did. Right before I woke up he said, “Thanks for the laughs. Goodbye, Skylar.” BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! My alarm snapped me back to reality and I never saw The Kid again.

Predicting The Future

Sometimes people feel the future and plan accordingly. There’s a gut feeling that just can’t be ignored. They think, “This doesn’t feel right,” and sometimes they may be right, as was I when I predicted that I was in harm’s way with that sketchy Craigslist photographer. Come to find out that a couple died from another Craigslist poster two days after my incident. I don’t feel the future very often (clairsentience); I more so, see the future when I sleep (clairvoyance). I admire how many psychics say that they see something right then and there. Whereas, I need to sleep on it first! I’ve had some success with seeing things in my mind’s eye while I’m conscious. I successfully predicted my suitemate’s sister’s name on the first try, just because I could see it. He was like, “How do you know? Did you look her up on Facebook or some shit?” When people question how I know this, I say, “I’m psychic.” They usually laugh me off and I’m okay with such a response. That means I just have to prove it to them even more. I used to play this game with my brother where I would guess the color, number, or shape that he was thinking. This little activity would make car rides seem faster as well as sharpen my telepathic abilities. My brother is very skeptical of almost anything the world has to offer. I would get most of the answers right, but when I got any wrong he would say, “You’re not psychic! If you can’t tell me what I’m thinking right now, then you’re not psychic.” In his eyes if I didn’t predict perfectly then I couldn’t be considered a psychic. I realize that my shortcomings occur while I’m conscious, whereas my psychic track record is better when I’m sleeping.

I’ve dreamt of many things, but sometimes I must differentiate my dreams that I think are predicting future events from the ones that aren’t logical. Everyone has the occasional dream where you’re walking around naked at work, your teeth start to fall out, or you get cheated on by your significant other. Many of these dreams are illogical (I would hope) and I have to determine the validity of my dreams. Most times when I predict the future in my dreams, there is a clear, unfaltering feeling that tells me, “This is going to happen!” I had a dream once that my mom would get into a car accident. The next day our neighbor backed into my mom’s car. Luckily, she wasn’t in it because the entire front bumper was fucked up. I also had a dream where my friend Jake was really depressed. As soon as I woke up, I texted him to see if he was alright and he told me that his girlfriend of over a year had just broken up with him. I have even dreamt of people who died during the night. I won’t disclose any names, but on two separate occasions I had a dream where I talked to newly deceased people. One was a teenager wearing a Florida Gators hoodie and we talked about sports. The other one I don’t remember as well, but it was another male. He didn’t talk much, I just got his name. On both occasions, I looked up the names of the people involved and they were both new to the obituaries list.

Not all of my dreams are sad warnings that predict the immediate future. Some of these dreams just help me in my day to day. I lost my wallet for a couple of days and I was extremely stressed. My wallet, like many people, is my lifeline. I had all my cards, identification, and cash in it. I was stressing over where it could be, until one day it showed up in my dreams. In my dream, I wasn’t in my physical capsule. The world was like a point of view movie and I was just floating around. I went outside and into my car’s back seat. I floated lower and saw my wallet laying under the driver’s seat, hooked on something. As soon as I awoke, I sprinted outside to the car! I checked under the seat and unhooked my wallet. Similarly, last year I lost my retainer. I had braces for five years and I’m not lying when I tell you, I wear my retainer almost every single night! I’m not going back to having unstraightened teeth! After missing it for a couple of days, I looked high and low. Then I tried to dream about it. I napped constantly. My roommate asked, “Why are you sleeping so much?” I told him, “I’m dreaming up where my retainer got lost.” I know I looked crazy and it must have been because I was forcing it that I never found my retainer. I had to buy a new one. I learned that I can’t force my “powers,” I must let them come naturally.

Chapter Three: Scary Stories

What’s a book about a psychic without a couple of creepy tales of from the Other Side? Exactly, not a good book! I’ve had a couple of encounters with the Other Side that gave me chills. I’m still on the fence about wanting to see dead people and not wanting to see them. Some days I think about how cool it would be to help a ghost cross over and move on. Other days, I feel as if I’m putting myself too far out there and getting scared of the results that I do get. I would say it is a lot like loving the sea but being nervous about swimming at night. The darkness is so unpredictable and putting yourself out there to communicate with dead people isn’t the easiest thing. I still need to learn to not fear progress. In this chapter, you’ll hear about the time that I was contacted from the Other Side via a fart machine, the numerous stories of investigating abandoned places, conducting paranormal investigations, and the night terrors that I often have. Dim the lights and read further to hear some scary stories.

Fart Machine

When most people think of fart machines, they think of a child’s toy and not something creepy. I too thought that fart machines were innocent, but there’s a time for everything I guess. When I was younger, I did karate and one of my favorite karate instructors took his own life. My brother and I looked up to him as he was a mentor to us for so many years. Unfortunately, he had a disease that left him in a hospital bed for two years and made his skin green because of an iron deficiency. The day before he passed away, my brother and I were sparring and I made myself trip to make my brother laugh. When he did, I shot back up and punched him in the chest. I won the match and everyone was chuckling at my rope-a-dope fighting style. My instructor told us that on Monday, he would take us to a karate tournament. That was the last time I saw him because he was told that his disease was worsening. He took a different route and chose to end his life. On Monday, the karate studio instructors told the families and I was devastated. That night I cried my eyes out. The next day, I was playing with a fart machine to improve my spirit. I remember leaving it out in the living room. On that night, right before I shut my eyes to go to sleep. FART! FART! FART! I was looking for where the sound was coming from. The fart machine continued to go off uncontrollably. I found it eventually, in a laundry basket next to my bedside. I did as anyone would do, I flipped the switch to “OFF.” The machine continued to make fart sounds! My dad had to smash it with a hammer to finally get the fart machine to stop making noises. Now that I look back, maybe this was my karate instructor trying to contact me, but even if it were, did he have to pick such an annoying toy to possess?

Investigating Places

I love to go see abandoned places. Whether it be a warehouse or a bowling alley, it’s always a good time. I always go with some troublemaker friends and we chill there and sometimes drink. The first time that I found an abandoned place was with my friend, Antonio. He’s my go to troublemaker to investigate with. There was a golf course near my house that went out of business. The grass started to overgrow, but Antonio and I followed the remnants of a pathway towards a huge warehouse and an adjacent shack. We thought, “Aye this shit is cool.” So, we forced our way in. The warehouse was sick! There were golf carts, cool furniture, and spray cans all over the floor. We decided to tag some stuff and it was just a fun time. Other neighborhood kids had already trashed the place, but it became our spot. We sprayed a fire extinguisher in there and tried to find the keys to the golf carts. We came up with the funny idea of spray painting our friend Ethan’s phone number on one of the walls. Thinking that we found the next cool hangout, we told all of our close friends. Ethan didn’t think our joke was too funny and wanted us to paint over his phone number. So, we agreed to go back at night time.

We convinced my mom to come with us, because we didn’t know that such a place existed so close to our neighborhood. We all went to the abandoned warehouse at night. The place was so much scarier because we couldn’t see very far into the warehouse. The flashlights didn’t help much either. So, we decided to leave, but as we were leaving we stumbled upon a locked door in the middle of a hill. The door looked like something you would see in movies like an underground entrance or an escape exit. We fiddled with the door and then an animal started crying from inside the warehouse. We approached the warehouse again because of the loud cries, from what sounded like a dog. Then, when we were right outside of the warehouse's entrance we heard a slam and the noise ceased. We ran all the way home after that. Our friend Ethan’s phone number was still tagged inside the warehouse, so we knew that we had to come back.

The next day we tried to go back, but noticed that some kids from the neighborhood were already in the warehouse. We decided that night time, with a big group of people, would be easier to get in, cover up the phone number with spray paint, and then leave. Armed with tons of flashlights, I went inside with my friends Antonio, Ethan (whose phone number was on the wall), Dillon, and my sister, Rayven. The warehouse was less creepy at night because we had a squad. We went in and maneuvered the corridors to find Ethan’s phone number painted on the wall. While we were covering the tag with more spray paint, we heard a group of people coming towards the outside of the warehouse. In that instant, we all dispersed like cockroaches in the light. While I was hiding with Ethan he said, “Yo, I gotta shit!” As if this wasn’t the worst time to have to go to the bathroom. While we snuck over, flashlights from outside peered through the broken windows. I locked myself in the bathroom with him. Of all times to have to have diarrhea, he picked this very moment. When he finished, he discovered that there was no toilet paper! I was dying of laughter, but had to keep my composure because I didn’t know who was still approaching the warehouse (I don’t know how he wiped himself clean now that I’m thinking about it). Eventually, we rejoined the group and decided to leave. While leaving, Dillon exclaimed, “What’s in there?” He pointed towards a small shack by the warehouse.

I said, “Let’s see.” We approached the front door as if creeping up to “ding dong ditch.” There was a weird sound coming from the shack. We knocked and then the sound stopped. The front door turned out to not be a door at all. The front of the house was boarded up. We circled the house and found a huge hole in the rear and went through it. The shack was quaint. The interior was simple and had no real furniture. There was a hole that lead to a basement and a hole in the ceiling to reach an attic. There was a moveable ladder as well. I decided to check out the basement. As I descended into the darkness, my friends thought that it would be funny to pull the ladder upstairs, leaving me alone. I became creeped out as I stared into the emptiness of the basement. My flashlight started dying and I screamed up, “Gimme the ladder, this isn’t funny!” Eventually they dropped the ladder and I climbed back up. I felt weird down there. As if I wasn’t the only person in the basement. On future trips to the warehouse, everything would get boarded up and one day a group of kids burned it down.

We needed to find another abandoned place to investigate. A bowling alley near my house got shut down. As a child, I would always go there, but now the building was desolate. I was always curious about the area, so one night, with more of my friends: Mac, Robbie, Antonio, and Dillon, we decided to check it out. I’d heard that a lot of weird stuff happens there, like furry orgies behind the abandoned bowling alley. As we walked towards the complex, there was a car parked in the parking lot. We continued, figuring that someone was hooking up in the car or hotboxing it. We found a hole in the side of the building. Each of us picked up a weapon to defend ourselves with, just in case. We crawled through the opening and the bowling alley was insane! The black lights were still on and wires and alcohol bottles were scattered about the floor. I slid down the bowling lanes. The place was as fun as I remembered it. My friend Mac threw a bowling ball against a wall and it stayed lodged in the drywall. We investigated the area behind the bowling lanes and it was pitch black. We eventually left because we heard an eerie sound and we ran out of the building so quickly. The car in the parking lot wasn’t there when we left. A couple months later, the bowling alley met the same fate as the warehouse.

Dillon’s House

I previously mentioned my friend Dillon. I’ve known him since the second grade and he’s been one of my best friends. His house used to be my second home because I would sleepover so often. He told me these creepy stories about how he thought that his house was haunted. One time, he said that his mom pulled into the driveway and saw her son, Evan waving through the window suddenly, he appeared in the garage to greet her, she looked up and he wasn’t in the window anymore. He said that he was in the garage the entire time and that he would have to be Usain Bolt to get downstairs that quickly. Also, one time I called Dillon and told him that I would be over with friends. He said that he was going to take a shower. A bit later, he called me back and said that he thought we were already in the house. I said, “No, what makes you say that?” He told me that while he was showering, he heard knocking on the door and left mid shower to investigate. Nobody was in the house but him. Sometimes when I spend the night, weird things would happen. Once, I slept in Dillon’s room, instead of my usual spot on the couch, because I wanted to play some more Xbox. I was alone and I closed the door to mute the sound from the TV as to not wake Dillon up in the other room. CREAK! The door would open and I turned around to close it. This happened again and again, while everyone in the house was asleep. I shut the door and locked it. I turned off the gaming console and decided that it was time for bed. That didn’t stop me from waking up to footsteps in the middle of the night. The footsteps walked towards the door and then stopped. In my head, I was like, “What the fuck is going on?” BANG! BANG! BANG! The door shook from the loud knocking. I shot up to open it and when I did, nothing was in the hallway. I decided against sleeping in that room alone so I rejoined Dillon in the living room area.

After I told Dillon about my experience, we came to the decision that we should do our own paranormal investigation. After all, it’s just like on TV. We installed as many ghost tracker apps onto our phones, got flashlights, and flash cameras to conduct our investigation. At this time, I wasn’t fully aware of my ability to see dead people so I just thought this was all fun and games. Dillon said that most paranormal activity occurs in the basement’s bedroom. We went downstairs and it was noticeably colder than the rest of Dillon’s house. The ghost tracker didn’t show anything (obviously, shit’s fake, but we were young and believed in it). Dillon and I had seen so many TV shows about how ghosts can be seen on flash cameras. We started taking pictures of the entire room. Dillon turned the camera on me and took a picture. FLASH! I looked at the photograph with him. He said, “Wait, what’s that?” He pointed to the screen of the camera. I don’t know how familiar you are with orbs. They’re believed to be spirits on camera. The orb was on my shoulder and I decided, “Take more pictures of me.” Every single photograph that was taken of me was surrounded by three orbs. I sat in a chair and told Dillon, as soon as I leave the couch, he better take a picture. He did and just as I thought, the orbs were on the couch. But, there was nothing that I could physically see! I was so creeped out that I called my mom to pick me up and I didn’t sleepover that night.

A couple of years passed and Dillon moved out to Ohio temporarily. My friends from high school, Tyler and Brendan, hit me up on mischief night. They said, “Let’s go tepee some houses.” I said that I was down, so I met up with them and we ran about the neighborhood with toilet paper in our backpacks. After a night of mischief, I said, “Let’s go to Dillon’s house.” We were all friends but I wasn’t aware that Dillon had already left for Ohio. We thought that we would surprise him and sneak into his house before he came home. The house was dark and I had an uneasy feeling as we went inside. We looked into the basement. The bottom of the staircase was as dark as anything I’d ever seen. We heard footsteps coming from the basement and instantaneously we sprinted out of the house. We caught our breath outside on Dillon’s driveway. Then, my friend Tyler said, “Wouldn’t it be crazy if we saw someone in that kitchen window?” Literally one second after he said that we saw a silhouette appear in the window. We took off! We ran all the way back to Brendan’s house and vowed to never tell Dillon that we sorta, kinda broke in. Well, I guess now everyone’ll know.

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