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How I Won My Sweetheart


Mario V. Farina

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When I arrived home from work, I found Shaka lying on the bed as usual. She loved to be loved. I began rubbing her back, then moved my hand to her tummy and stroked there. As was my practice, I'd discuss the events of the day with her. She'd have no idea what I was talking about, but would listened attentively. Sometimes what I'd say was amusing, but, now and then, I'd come home with something serious. It helped a lot just sharing my thoughts with her. Tonight was one of those times.

"Shaka," I said. "A new girl reported for work as a Computer Specialist this afternoon. She's, maybe, in her mid-twenties, about five-six, long auburn hair, and the biggest smile you've ever seen on a woman. Her name is Lorraine Miller. I fell for her like the proverbial ton of bricks in a microsecond. Mr. Bell introduced her to the staff, and she gave me a beautiful smile when she said she was happy to meet me. I wanted to say the same thing, but there was such an enormous lump in my throat, I couldn't say a word. I just grinned like a goofball, and probably made a lousy first impression." Shaka just stared at me with those huge green eyes. She must have realized petting-time was over and leapt out of bed running toward the kitchen for food.

My name is Raymond Mitchell. I'm 26. People call me Ray. I've been employed at Roger's Computer Support as a Senior Computer Specialist for two years. I live alone in a small apartment on Third Street. Shaka is a small two-year-old tabby. She's very affectionate and loves everyone without boundaries. In May, my sister, Lillian, insisted I adopt her since she had too many cats to take care of. I resisted at first, but am happy about it now.

I walked into the kitchen. Shaka was waiting at her empty dish. I opened the door to the cabinet under the sink and pulled out the large bag of Meow-Meow. I put a small handful of the nuggets in her dish, then dumped and refilled her water bowl. Dinner for me was simple. While the coffee was brewing, I cut an English muffin in half and toasted the two pieces. Then, I opened a can of solid tuna fish, and put the contents between the halves. I was hungry and ate with gusto. The sandwich was a little bland but satisfying. Two cups of coffee between bites put considerable zing back into my body.

A few minutes later, I was at the computer checking the email, when Shaka came to visit. She circled my chair, then leapt into my lap. This was not unusual. She would do this more than once during the evening. I pushed back my chair, swung the seat slightly to left and put my legs on the desk. I began patting her head. "What should I do, Shaka," I asked? I looked into her face. Love poured from her countenance as she gazed at me, but she didn't respond with so much as a mew.

"Shaka, how can I win Lorraine to be my sweetheart? Should I try making a phone call," I asked? "Invite her to dinner? A movie?" There was no response, but the tabby's silence had given me time to ponder, and possibly get my subconscious mind working. I kept stroking her head as she lay in my lap. In a few minutes, it became time to resume working with the computer. Gently, I picked her up with both hands and lowered her to the floor. There was no complaint. Shaka trotted out the door. Later, at bedtime, I gave her a treat from the Sweet-Kitty bag.

She came to see me as I crawled under the sheets. She had come for some final caresses. After I had patted her head for a few second, she settled at the foot of the bed, her usual place for spending the night. It was eleven, about half an hour earlier than usual for me to be in bed. I hadn't decided what to do to improve my relationship with Lorraine. I believe that solutions to problems often come to us in our sleep. I was anxious to fall asleep quickly. But it didn't come easily. My mind kept reviewing the activities of the day, and how I had been a total failure in dealing with the most important of them. Slowly, as my brain numbed, as I kept repeating Lorraine, . . . Lorraine, . . . Lorraine.

In my sleep I dreamed she and I were spending a happy day together. We were laughing and having fun as if we had known each other for years. My mind took a mental picture, the one you see at the front cover of this story. I awoke with a start well before the clock radio on the end table went off. After bidding good morning to Shaka, and attending to my morning hygienic routine, I dressed and made myself some oatmeal. During many of those activities, my mind was in a morass of confusion as the details of the dream kept revisiting my brain. A minor detail that concerned me was that there had been two cats in the dream keeping Lorraine and me company. One was clearly Shaka, the other was of a lighter color. Did Lorraine own a cat? If so, how could my mind know this and include it in my dream? It was a trivial matter, but I couldn't refrain from grappling with the thought.

My workplace was only six miles from home. I drove there in my red Nissan Leaf, an electric car, I had leased the year before. I enjoyed driving the car because it was so silent on the road. Its range would not allow me to take long trips, but for the eight mile round trip to work and back, it was a generous range for the vehicle. As I arrived at the parking lot, I saw that a white auto had parked where I normally did. It was a Kia Soul, the electric model.

Feeling a sense of annoyance, I waited to see who would exit from the car. A simple glance had informed me that it was a woman, but I had no details. A moment later, the woman's face and figure came into view as a slender form stepped from the auto. It was Lorraine! My feeling of irritation immediately changed to one of pleasure. "Oh, hello, Lorraine," I said. "You drive an electric car?"

"Hi, Ray," she responded. "Yes, and I see that you do, too."

"You could tell that, by simply glancing," I asked with some display of amazement?

"Of course! I'm a car fan."

"So am I. May I walk with you to the office?"

"I'd like that, Ray," she said.

It was only a few steps to the building where we worked. I made sure I was first with my hand to the door knob. We entered and walked a few yards down the hall to our office. Employees worked in separate compartments. Hers was a few stalls way from mine. As we were about to walk away from each other, I was suddenly inspired to blurt, "Lorraine, let's have lunch together today during the noon break."

"I'd like that, Ray," she repeated the same statement she had made in the parking lot.

The morning hours passed slowly. I was astonished at the progress I had made with Lorraine without even trying. I hoped the lunch period would go as well.

The break room was at the far end of the building. Employees could take either half and hour for lunch or a full hour. I was a one-hour person, but today, I resolved to match Lorraine's choice whatever it was. In the break room, employees could select their food cafeteria style. Lorraine and I strolled to the lunch room and made our selections, then sat at a table some distance away from other diners.

After a few pleasantries, she and I embarked upon topics with more depth. We learned that we were both unmarried and not dating seriously. We enjoyed autos, movies, semi-classical music and reading. We lived in small apartments located a few miles from each other. During our talk, Lorraine smiled easily; I was more reserved.

Though our conversation had begun in a light-hearted manner, it soon became more serious. It turned out she was also a one-hour person, so we had a chance to get into deeper topics than other persons could have entertained. She described herself as being a psychic. She believed in thought transmission and in the paranormal. I confessed that, being more of a scientific person, I was skeptical about a lot of things.

"Do you have pets," she asked?

"I have a small cat," I said. "My sister gave it to me since she wasn't able to take care of it. Lil said she loved everyone and I'd enjoy owning her. I'm glad I agreed. I love the kitty very much. She's an indoor cat and a joy to have in the house. Her name is Shaka."

"Tell me more about her. How old is she? How big? Her colors?"

"Shaka is small, a few years old, I'm not sure exactly how many, she's black and gray with a totally white stomach and white paws."

Lorraine was silent for a while, seemingly deep in thought.

"How about you," I ventured? "How do you feel about pets?"

"I have a cat, also, that I love," she said. "She's part-Siamese or Birman. She's a domestic, long-haired cat She has deep blue eyes, cream and brown-toned fur, white paws, and dark markings on her face." Lorraine resumed her quiet demeanor.

I waited.

"Her name is Kasha," she murmured and stared at me hauntingly.

"Something wrong," I asked?

"How is Shaka spelled," she asked enigmatically?

"S-H-A-K-A." I recited the letters slowly, automatically.

"How about Kasha. How would you suppose her name would be spelled?"

"K-A," I began, then stopped. "The letters would be the same for both names," I exclaimed. "That's fascinating!"

"It's more than fascinating!" she responded. "Do you see what this means," Lorraine asked softly?

"Not really!"

"Ray, since we met yesterday, my mind has continuously been on you, and how I could win you as my sweetheart. I believe you've probably been having similar thoughts. Don't you see? We're both into computers, both drive electric cars; love cats, their names use the same letters. These facts could not be coincidences! Ray, it's karma! We were meant for each other!"

It's been several years since Lorraine made that statement. She was right. We've been happily with each other ever since. Each of us had won our sweethearts through karma!

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