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Sexual Worries Explained, Book 10, Ten Out Of Ten

By Earnest Long

Copyright 2017 Earnest Long

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Chapter 1, Why 10 out of 10

This is the 10th book in the Sexual Worries Explained series. Another reason for calling it 10 out of 10 is that so many people want the perfect life that really might be the cause of so many problems to them generally and, as well, with their sexual worries and fantasies. If you asked somebody to rate women they would like to date, they might rate her as having to be 10 out of 10. Also, they want 10 out of 10 for the rest of their life as well.

The reader can read the book separately from the other books in the Sexual Worries Explained series. It contains many of the ideas in the previous books and some new material.

In the book, the ideas developed from the previous 10 books are that a combination of things might encourage or discourage porn use. These things are interrelated. Doing more of one has an effect on the other. The things considered are personal hygiene and stress. Personal hygiene covers computer use, screen radiation, computer keyboards, sweating due to stress and making time for exercise, to clean and to tidy up. Stress covers masculinity, going online, making time for things and thoughts and fantasies about porn itself and mental and physical sexual worries, social skills and people saying you're complaining.

Ideas around porn itself and sexual worries and fantasies are people just being able to see a girl in the nude at the click of a button. Or it is what you can see girls doing that you might not do in your own private life. And it is whether you think porn models are decent human beings despite what they're doing. All this keeps some people going for years. Possibly, some porn watchers would give any porn star 10 out of 10 for everything. That is such as for looks and personality. And it is why they watch as well that might make it such a hard habit to break.

Chapter 2, Why Not Just Stop Complaining

Some people say to anyone that is worried, 'why not just stop complaining'. The person they're saying it to might often think it is because the other person has had enough of them talking about their worries and they don't want to help them anymore. But it could be deeper than this. There are people like sadists and other people like that who don't like to hear anybody complain. And they can attack them physically, mentally or psychologically or bully them in other ways. Then, their problems could really start if they have not already felt their anger in the past that might in fact explain a lot. As well, that might be why young people feel so frustrated or occasionally get up agitated because they are thinking of their bullying. And that is when they really feel the worst they do. Often, the only problem they're trying to solve is not to do these things. This is even if they can't stand other people criticising them for showing physical emotion that they see just as being another type of bullying. Yet, it seems that they know these people well and they usually listen to them about these types of things and other things. So you can't win except if you just shut up talking is all somebody might tell them eventually. And if you did, many of your problems might be over. This is as well when people can do things to you in all sorts of ways. And they could do so without you even realizing.

Yet, what are some young people really complaining about? Do they actually talk about normal things? But other people put a spin on it. And they say that they are talking about socially unacceptable things. Or people tell them that they are just complaining. As well, that is all anyone can hear. So it is not all they think that they are being reasonable or anything like that. And nobody can hear what people are saying that is normal. It is not what they are talking about even as well but how they say it. And that is what is so objectionable often. It is not anything else. And it is not only about the things they are talking. This is even if that wasn't just objectionable in itself as well.

Also, this is when some young people still have a good mind and have had good meals. And that means they are able to speak at all. Or they are able to think at all to even realise that they've said nothing wrong. So they should be grateful for that at least. To a certain extent, they may just be talking for the sake of talking and about quite normal things. But other people won't see that they tell them again. It is a tragedy that you can't see it for yourself they are told. And people eventually say they complain to about other older adults that the other older adults are not bad people. But the young person finds it still so confusing. They reject out of hand everything an older person says. And then it all goes back to where they were months ago.

The whole cycle can continue for years. This is when people don't want to say that anyone doing something to their relatives or other person that might be a young person they are talking to are doing bad things. In one way, they are frustrated themselves. They don't want to criticise other older people and adults and have them come round their house and do things to themselves instead. Or it could be anything else like that. This is when the young person might mention their name having no idea about how to shut their mouth up about anything it seems. Also, nobody wants to be assaulted themselves or have to have things done to themselves that the young person doesn't realise the other person they are talking about could really do to them as well. This is just the same as they did to the young person and it could be them they do it to now as well. Another frustration is that the young person let himself or herself in for it in some way. For example, they must have talked to them to start with.

Yet when they say this to the young person that they must have talked to them to start with, they get a furious reaction. And the young person will say that the older adult always told them to be open minded about people and take people always as they came. But now they are really saying that you can't. This is you can't talk to black people, other people from other groups, people you haven't known your whole life and other socially unacceptable things like this. Yet, they had told them beforehand as well that this was the definition of prejudice. Or if they didn't, then other people did. They might have got it from their teachers or from the media. This is at least what they think. Or they did say it. It can really be confusing and frustrating.

The older person might think they have listened to the young person complain enough. But some young people though will say that they didn't listen enough. Or they will say there was something funny about how at least some of the older people or relatives they knew would talk to them about it. For example, they would talk out a problem almost. But just as they were about to come to some conclusions the older person would make an excuse to leave. This was saying they had to tidy up, take a phone call or something else like that. And even when the younger person pointed this out to them, they still did it. Yet, the older person must wonder why they don't get what it is when they speak like this. It seems that they take pleasure in the young person's frustrations, anger and hopelessness. This is when they are young men and women. And the older people who talk to them like this in fact detest younger people. They feel aggrieved that they are small, old, warty and ugly. Also, they have poor educations that they hide or other things they are hiding. And these young people have everything going for them.

Other older adults may know what these people are like but they still tolerate them in their company or because they are family. They just think that if the younger person doesn't realise even just by looking at them what they would be like from general knowledge or from their schooling and stories they heard at school or from the library, then there is no point questioning them too much about it when they obviously have something missing. And eventually, they will find what it is or somebody else will find it for them. Until then, they can't help them. But it would probably help everyone if the young person were just to shut up for a bit so other people didn't also hear him or her. This is for both theirs and the other person's benefit. Also, it is when they are getting into bad habits of talking about worries too much that perhaps they could really just stop at least that. This one service they can do for them. This is so younger people don't get into bad habits. But they can't stop other older adults encouraging them to talk about their worries to them. They can't when they are different people and it gives the other older adult some pleasure. And it definitely makes no sense when the younger person is now much older and they have kept talking about it for so long. They must be cripples by now.

Why don't they just try something different? This is if they had any minds left at all to think. As well, some people think that other people can remember what they said to them in the past and so they don't need reminding of it. And this is particularly if they can't say it in a different way 'that might help' or any other things that you hear. So it's Catch-22. Often, only when the young person has seen a professional, is older that other people aren't bothered about them anymore and has done at least some of his lessons might it stop. Or the older people that did it to him have died, moved away, had treatment themselves or quietened down themselves in their own way that was just not complaining aloud about other people.

Also, other people have to put up with more than the young person does. Some people have real health problems that cause them worries. And it could really have been from somebody else's malicious actions that they have these health problems. As well, they can feel them all the time. For example, they could just take out their false teeth while someone was speaking. This is when they have had enough of hearing them talk. Or they may have a plate in their leg or arm or some really quite serious disability that young people don't realise they have. Alternatively, they could have HIV or some other sexually transmitted disease because somebody wouldn't use a condom. This is even when the young person complains that they didn't take time to listen to what they were saying or they didn't hear them actually say that. So really, it makes no sense at all.

Yet, the words 'complain' or 'complaining' are used. This is for what the young person is saying or the manner in which they talk that is argumentative. Really, it might just be all a horrendous mistake. And the young person just gets agitated thinking when people had fidgeted or didn't listen. Or they got up almost immediately for no good reason and left when they had just started speaking. They did so on some occasion in the past but it still worries them. As well, they could have said something else better to them. Or they didn't listen at all or say anything back at all. At least, that was how it happened to start with. Feasibly, they might also have read the most sensationalist newspaper articles that also gave them poor social skills. As well, it could have been people giving them a bad name when really they had done nothing except talk normally. This was at least to start with.

Also, somebody could have gotten into poor social skills habits from other people not really wanting to talk back to him at all. But they didn't fully realise because the other people were relatives or something like that. And they might just be quite lonely. Possibly, loneliness was how they got poor social skills that they are still today struggling with and might struggle with for some time unless something changes. And really, poor social skills are their only problem. Also, they could have been demotivated to do things seeing so few people and this doubly affected their social skills. It did both technique wise from lack of practice and in content from not doing much when they didn't see anyone they could talk to about anything.

Chapter 3, Going online

People want to look up things online that are controversial and to look up things online as well for other reasons. There is more information online for them to look at and see. And this is more than in a bookshop, in an old-fashioned paper newspaper or anything else. Also, as well as controversy people want to go online to look up tips that might help them about anything. And these they could get cheap or free. As well, some people buy things online to save money. And other people use computer spreadsheets to help them budget. This is even when still buying from bricks and mortar shops. You can also get entertainment and sport online. And you can get advice about almost anything including hobbies, health, learning skills, social skills and many other things. You can also use your computer and your Internet connection to help you with recreational study or to do an accredited course.

You can change the world with your computer and the laptop in your bedroom as is well known. Also, you can do almost any hobby on a computer better that before you used paper or other older technology to do. Hobbies are art, creative writing, music making, photography and video. Also, posting these things online if they're good enough can change the world and not just be a hobby that for many people it only could be in the past. And this is no matter how much time and effort they put into it. Today, you can post online or you could just let it go. But at least in the past, the media talked about sharing work online and doing hobbies online. So you might want to post online even as a hobbyist. Though, some people today even with computers do still keep what they do on their computers as a hobby and never post things online. And these genuine hobbyists can get very good at their creative arts. This is beyond their greatest expectations in the standard of art that they are able to achieve. They do it both using computer art packages and even using old-fashioned paints. As well, they see painting and drawing tutorials online. And there are websites about art and artists. These computer art hobbyists do find it rewarding. And they don't need any feedback or comments online you hear about. Nor do they feel they have to contribute to any debates in cyber or real communities or change the world in any way with their art.

To go back to controversy, the basic idea about controversy is that you have to understand it or you might end up being a victim of politicians or dead. Also, you have to understand it just to be able to talk to other people. For example, you might want to know whom you can make friends with. They say 'talk is cheap' but it particularly is with friends. Only people who haven't good friends in their real life go on their computers to write comments, join discussions and seek an online life. And what better friend is there than a woman you can meet who would take her clothes off for you. Eventually, people learn enough about general knowledge, facts and information about problems they have or their families have and they can decide who their real friends are. Then, their computer addiction often ends.

The basic principle involved in associating controversy with poor personal hygiene and so porn use is that people have too much unhygienic screen radiation, touching computer keyboards and they sweat through stress. This is as far as controversy has anything to do with porn. But then, some people say this is nonsense and that plenty of people have an interest in the news and plenty of people have a good reason to worry because of many things in the news that might affect them. Also, many people have an interest in lots of different things but don't watch porn. In fact, being generally interested in life might mean people watch less porn and not more porn. As well, with the news, this is even if issues like global warming, unprecedented numbers of refugees and other immigrants, a 100 year war that is being proposed and other things weren't just the same as they were in the past. And it is not sensationalism to sell newspapers just as it's always been. Yet, in the past, you would think they did know of such a problem with pornography and people wanting to see it.

Though, other factors might have meant that people watched less porn in the past. This is other than just wanting to see it. Other factors that meant people watched less porn in the past were that compared to technology today to see women and nudity, you could not possibly have enjoyed it so much years ago if you had seen any porn then. Also, short sightedness and other health problems might have been more of a problem in the past that meant you couldn't really afford to watch it. Alternatively, some people say that people did do it in the past just as much. But people did not look at porn itself when porn was banned.

They say that something being legal doesn't mean you have to do it. It is legal, for example, to cut your arm off but people don't do it. So it seems a crass argument that people would say that porn is legal as to why they would have it. Nor is there any law making you have to come by using porn in the reverse way to this. But some people seem to think there is. Also, it is illegal to do many things but people still do them as well.

And when porn was illegal, people still got it illegally. If it were going to be illegal again, people would get it illegally again. And some people say that porn is not a problem right now anyway. People are not intimidated who watch porn and there seems to be very little crime around it. But people would definitely feel intimidated if it was illegal again. They would feel intimidated buying it and so having to keep a step ahead of the law and possibly, as well, they would feel intimidated by or become victims of criminals they met. Perhaps, it is just a bit of a complicated issue what should be the law or not the law for some people to understand. Also, it is complicated how you behave in your own life when you are free to do most things you want. And in this milieu, people put on porn thinking it is legal and so all right for them to watch it. And they come as many times as they want.

Quite why anyone would put porn on just because it is legal when so many people say they don't really want to watch porn is a mystery. Yet, it seems something that comes up that the government doesn't ban it. And this is not a joke that people say the government should ban it to stop them watching it. They say that it is evil and that it has ruined their lives and other things like that. So, they don't want to watch it. But then, they would probably be the first suspects if anyone now sold any illegal porn. Still, they don't see what is so funny about it. This is when they would probably be desperate to get it again even if made illegal and so buy it illegally. Yet, they could today just not buy it or get it themselves. And this is even when it is legal now. It is like somebody asking the government to ban people generally not looking after the garden at the front of their house because they feel too lazy to do the gardening. Or they expect a government inspector to come round and help them to do the dishes. It is that silly! But people still say you should ban porn because it is ruining their own lives.

As well, it would make it harder for porn addicts to get treatment for their addiction if it were to be illegal again. This is if they were to obtain it now illegally. Today, in countries where porn is legal, you can get treatment for anything to do with porn. And this is mainly because porn indeed is legal. For example, there are no dealers to worry about. Normally, with illegal drugs, people's dealers might take action against their addicts if they went into rehab or complained to the authorities. But nobody cares today if somebody just stops watching porn. This is when they are unimportant people doing no wrong. So anyone could just stop watching. And right now, anyone can do this. Also, they could do it just for their own selves. And this is if nobody else.

'The hardest thing for some people to accept is that nobody is really looking, nobody is really keeping tabs on them and nobody really cares'.

This is for example nobody is really looking if people just stopped watching porn. But nor could anyone care if people carried on until they died. As well, this is if people do die eventually from it. It is too much watching naked ladies, using a computer too much and too much all the other things you hear about porn.

People liking porn too much that might be the real problem with porn are often mainly male. And they see things in porn other people don't. This is a woman bowing down to their status, giving them the privilege of being the first to have sex with her and other things like that. Blow jobs are an important part of this because they are submissive. For example, the woman might be on her knees and the usual organs of the tongue and mouth she uses to speak can instead be caressing his glans. As well, he doesn't have to make conversation with her. He doesn't when her mouth and tongue are otherwise occupied already. This is around his glans, cock and balls.

Some men talking crudely say that the women who give better blow jobs are usually the most eloquent and usually have the most caring words for people and particularly other men. So there is also a measure of degradation in it but possibly, there is also a genuine pleasure. This genuine sense of pleasure is in feeling a woman has a lot to say to you and is being caring in the most intimate way. Yet, this is when some people might not even have enough conversation to be able to respond to a woman talking to them normally no matter how caring she was trying to be to start with. Of course, she is being degraded whilst she does a blow job as well. And that might add something to it.

The whole thing might not have the thing it does without there being some degradation. A woman has to demean herself before you would listen to her. And then you don't actually have to listen to what she says as she is only going through the motions of saying it. The conclusion to the sex act is that you come. And it might feel a bit different from coming normally. So it does add to the repertoire of sexual experiences. But this is without thinking whether most women would want to do it in real life to anyone.

Variety may be why people want to see blow jobs in porn. This is so they don't become bored. Also, it is when their girlfriends wouldn't always do it. Some men may be particularly turned on by blow jobs and not by vaginal intercourse. This is both in seeing it in porn and in real life. That means the only sexual outlet for this type of thing may be porn. It is unless they can find a girl who will be prepared to do it for them. And some other men as well just see blow jobs as being within a normal range of sexual experiences anyone could have or so they at least believe. Yet, this is even when they've not had many girlfriends do it to them that they still believe it's normal to give a man a blow job. And this is even so they would want to see it just believing it was normal. It can make porn films longer and more varied and you can see more of the girl's face that is another reason to want it.

A joke is that some men just like seeing women on their knees even when it can't hold much sexual allure for them. This is when not having had a woman for many years.

Computer or Internet addiction is not normally associated with watching porn on computers. Instead, it is excessively long use of a computer to go online that is the reason to call it an addiction and a problem. Computer use can interfere with people's normal social life in that they see cyber communities as being more important than their own real communities and the real people they know in their own daily lives. In a way, this could just be a judgment made by psychologists and social scientists still that face-to-face contact with people who live locally to you is more important. But another thing that is said about it is that it can affect health from overusing a computer for too long.

Really, outside the world of work and finding people jobs, psychologists and other people often assume that computers are horrendously bad for your health. And they take it that they have the ability to help people at home when they don't actually have to use their computers at all. This is whilst ignoring what people at work are doing who are office workers and people like that. Possibly, office workers have a clean uncluttered ergonomic light work environment. Also, they have a desktop computer and not a laptop computer. Office workers work 9 to 5 when many people who have computers at home use them in the evening and often until late. And it is such a basic idea around any kind of office work, as well, that it has to be 9 to 5 if only for health reasons. Today, office work involves using computers but this idea of working 9 to 5 has still carried on from previous ideas about office work.

Another idea about addiction is that somebody has to admit if they have a problem or nobody can help them. And it is all the other ideas you hear about addiction as well. Some people may say they have a zest for life when they get on their computers and go online. And other people might have heard somebody they know say things that made them feel bad about it. This is such as they should be going outside, still doing exercise and that computers can never be a normal life.

'People are just fat because they are sat behind their computer desk and don't go to the park'.

Possibly, there is some truth in this above statement. As well, computer users have every other vice because of their computer use. Yet, people could use their computers to make a note of how much exercise they did. Or people could use their computer to note down how much they had kept to any health plan. Instead, they do art about their lives when they are fat.

People might have heard the idea that just talking about your life and your problems can change the world. But surely, this is not what is meant by it literally just talking about it for the sake of it. Still, some people can keep going for years like this thinking they are changing the world. Surely, many people want to read about attractive people. And this is even if they can't see what the author looks like. Yet, they might be able to guess. And they would expect the author to be attractive himself or herself in an ideal world.

A joke is that people's readers can't realise the author is fat because how would it be attractive to read their books.

As well, using computers can be greatly helped by having had proper training in them, being a competent typist and having worked as an office worker or trained as one. To a certain extent, students are taught how to use computers as well. This is for other subjects and not just learning to be office workers. But some people feel there is a lot to learn about the computer's productivity tools before you don't feel stressed about computers generally. And this is even if the only things you would do at home are to get news or sport online, do a hobby or creative art or do a home computer project. All this is when you would think for something at home you did not need any previous training as an office worker and nor to know lots already. People can feel bad just because they haven't learnt the software properly. Or that they don't really have enough space for a computer in their bedroom. And some people worry that they aren't managing their files properly. Or they can't get something on their software to work. And they don't know some features yet. Or they are not coping well with the operating system. Nor are they managing their time properly.

And if you define people's addiction that is a word usually describing problematic behaviour as just being how long people spend on their computers, then if they only use computers for a year or less, it might not really be such a problem. This is when damage to the joints, damage to the voice and lungs using speech recognition and voice recording technology and damage to the frontal lobes from screen radiation is cumulative but might not be so much if you just did not use your computer as much. Most computer addicts use a computer for about 35 hours per week. But then, most stop after about a year.

Really, all the history books that people have probably already done a lot of are about controversy mainly. Some people find it easy to look up things online and other people take a long time learning how to use search engines and learning how to get the information. Other people really can't go back to their school or college textbooks because they have lost them or it would be difficult to replace them if they don't live near major bookshops or near a library still. You can order textbooks online but this can still be expensive to some people. Or people may want shorter answers that just remind them of the basic principles. Or they get some facts and information for the first time. This is such as you can get shorter articles on the web. And there are controversies as well in other subjects and not just history. This includes science, social science, art and in any subject. Often a good general knowledge of lots of different subjects is necessary to understand the world. Also, a good general knowledge and learning about lots of different things makes the brain firmer and stops it from going soft. The brain going soft in parts might be why people watch porn.

In fact, controversies are interesting. Also, they appear reasonable for any adult to think about or to study. And they are not it seems childish like some things are. So, people should not discourage anyone from reading about controversies even if they don't want them talking to them about it. And they might if they have a good mind themselves realise when they are talking to them that the only reason they're worried is that they don't understand basic facts about something that you really should know. At this point that they show interest if that is all they are doing, it might actually be a good time to tell them to read something about it. This is if they've talked to you already that they've communicated to another human being their worries and you just encouraged their reading more about it. They would want to do more reading and enjoy doing it in the end. And once they've read about it, their worries will cease and they will talk about something else. Or they will get new worries about something else that you might see is just a puzzle they were giving to themselves and it was nothing to worry about yourself to start with.

Yet, there are other things about controversies that can make people feel sometimes that other people do treat them like a child. And it is not more adult to be interested only in controversies. Culturally, there is an idea that people's worries about anything are imaginary. And if people just saw that they were, then they'd be OK. This is as in some children's film or even adult film they saw years ago. And sometimes people will say this to them when they feel they now have real problems. It is not clear whether the person is just saying it to be nice and to diminish their problems when they can't actually help them with them or they generally believe in children's stories themselves despite being adults.

Really, it can be quite worrying. This is at least until you think that other people don't have solutions and can't help you as they did when you were a child. Also, any help people give you can cost money and other things like that you didn't know about properly as a child. Ultimately, you could lose out if you had problems and you don't necessarily have to win through. This is just such a sad fact that people don't realise until they are older. Then, people might be able to see for themselves that some people do fail in what they are trying to achieve. Or some people even die. But they couldn't see this when they were young. Only some people die old and in their beds. And lots of other people die trying. Or many people just die anyway. This is even without some people you hear not being allowed to make much of an effort to give others help or something like that. People end up failures in many ways. And possibly millions will die young as well. This is even if some people thought beforehand that most people didn't die young generally. And it was for whatever reason you didn't think people just died but people generally succeeded or were able to overcome their problems.

As well, the media and the news often encourage people to take an interest in other people. And this is above the level that you would normally expect without the media. The media assumes for the sake of what they are saying that ordinary people have power. An example is a TV show where a clever interviewer questions the leader of a country on behalf of the viewer. You see the leader in close up and things like that. Also, you can see him sweat or even squirm in his chair. Yet, this is still when people go back to work in their normal jobs the next day. At work, they are criticised for saying anything, asking anything or wanting to know anything. And this can cause anxiety these two things at once. It is as if sometimes people they know invite them to be able to speak as though it was in some old-fashioned parlour game and they were king of a mythical kingdom. And, at other times, they still have to shut up and do menial work.

The information 'have' and 'have-nots' of this world are for the moment not skewered so much against the have-nots. This is at least in many first world countries. Almost anybody in a first world country can afford a computer and an Internet connection. As well, there is lots of free television and radio or reasonably priced cable and satellite packages. All of this is even if television didn't just have many facts and lots of information. Also, you get lots of information, sport, news and entertainment on television. But, as well, don't in fact neglect sport and entertainment. It gives you something to do when you really can't be learning all the time.

Learning slowly is in fact good for you. This is when you will remember more facts. It is good for your mind to spread it over a longer time so your brain is constantly being worked. And it doesn't go between peaks and troughs in how much you use it. They say the brain is very similar in fact physiologically to muscle and responds to regular exercise just the same. As well, it is not possible to learn for extended periods because it is not possible to use paper and pens or now computers for extended periods. This is when you would have to make some notes or write essays, papers, or read or write reports. You would have to do this at some time if you read a lot because the words may no longer be going into your head properly. As well, you would have to proofread and edit your essays that can also be laborious if you want to benefit from them more.

If you just weren't watching porn on your computer, then think what else you could do. You could probably change the world and not just be a victim as you are now. At least, you could make the world a better place by its citizens being more informed, more educated and better able to remember things that people told them in the past that they can look up online again. And it is in all other kinds of ways that people might be better citizens of their countries or the world. But if somebody is watching porn already, the best advice is not to make hundreds of mouse clicks and keystrokes looking for that one good video. Instead, choose one quickly. Then people can watch some more of this other stuff. And they should not be so judgemental about themselves that they have watched porn. This is so that they don't feel like watching anything at all. Just think that it might eventually help you to become a better person, you could get a girlfriend and don't blame yourself for occasional lapses watching porn.

Choosing one video quickly will avoid too many keystrokes, screen time or hunching over a desk and using the keyboard or mouse in front of a brightly lit hot screen. As well, too much watching video can cause epilepsy from flashing images when the camera angle or scene changes, people move or there is a change in lighting. So get off porn as soon as you can and use your computer time for something else if you're going to use it for anything at all and you just can't go back to reading books when you've seen porn. You might be able to use a computer for something else that could still be more useful even. And you do not only have to watch porn. Really, you have to start from somewhere. You may as well start just by doing something at all even if you have seen a porn film.

In truth, you might be able to use your computer more. This is such as reading a book having already been using a computer would be hard. Yet, remember that anyone should get up, walk around, and do some stretching and other exercises or you might get a blood clot sitting at a computer table for too long no matter what you were doing on it. So this is only a general rule if you haven't watched porn for hours already. Still, with this bit of information in your head, you might actually decide to do something different from sitting at a desk. But getting up and walking around and doing a few exercises in your room or going for a walk is generally good advice for anyone who's been sitting down in any kind of chair or doing a sedentary activity. Also, use your computer for less and take breaks and you may still be able to read or do anything else normally.

There are problems with porn that might almost be like a joke or some people think very unlikely. That is you should try to do something else and not just watch porn! Yet, watching less porn could reduce many of your worries. People might just feel physically exhausted if they watch too much. Or people might feel demotivated from having seen the money shot to get any other culture, science, entertainment or news. But this is particularly if they see it many times in a day and very many beautiful women. A possible way out of this is for people just not to feel so bad about watching porn and that they can still pick up the pieces of the rest of their life afterwards. They can go about the rest of their life having seen a beautiful girl in the nude take her clothes off for them or even have sex for them on camera. And porn doesn't have to be a problem. Surely, porn doesn't have to be a problem if it doesn't interfere with the other parts of your life. This is only the common sense definition. Or, at least, it is part of the problem if people just let it interfere with their lives.

And when viewers see nude women on film just as being beautiful, then it is often OK again. This is without worries that porn itself is a bad thing and pornographers and the women who appear in porn are immoral or criminals. And if people felt porn stars were prostitutes or pornographers pimps that they would usually avoid, they should then possibly not be watching it anyway. That would solve all their problems when they wouldn't normally go to prostitutes. And they can save a bit of money if they are spending money on porn at all. As well, they can look forward to finding a real girlfriend. This is they can look forward to finding a real girlfriend when they can just see their social skills grow and grow. Their social skills grow if they do not watch porn all the time or they do not spend all their time on their computer.

Chapter 4, Masculinity with Porn

They say that most people who watch porn as a well-known fact are actually male. Possibly, lesbians watch porn and heterosexual women too. This is because there is a girl on girl action or even videos marketed to lesbians. Also, there are solo girl videos and photos of girls naked without a man in the picture. Supposedly, heterosexual women brought up on a diet of media also see pictures of naked women as being of sexual activity. And they feel turned on by naked women as well. Lesbians might have problems meeting other lesbians. Still, men still watch most porn. Heterosexual and lesbian women don't always like porn as much as some men do when pornography has a bad press for being sexist or some women have no need for it. They say that most heterosexual women don't have a problem getting a man. And even lesbians don't but they want really to be with a woman. Yet, many heterosexual men seem to have a problem getting girlfriends.

Or it could be that some men who watch porn have doubts about their own sexuality and whether they are straight or not. But they can't talk about it to anyone. Or somebody they did talk about sex to put the idea in their heads. So they prove to themselves if nobody else that really they are heterosexual men. This is by the fact that they can ejaculate many thousands of times over thousands of beautiful women. Or it could even be tens of thousands. They will not rest in this quest. Yet, nobody else knows if they do it even. They don't when nobody will admit to watching porn.

People won't admit to watching porn when this is often a euphemism for something else. And that will always be socially unacceptable the thing it refers to. That is as sure as anything is if anything is. And it is not masculine to do this one thing. Also, that will probably stay the same no matter what. Yet, porn has things about it that means it might be socially acceptable. It does at least to some people in their own minds. This is even if they don't talk about it to others. Or some people in fact do. And it might be socially acceptable because porn is actually good-looking women with real things going for them other than just their good looks. And they have agreed to be photographed nude for men to look. As well, there are people working in the porn industry that you can see and that are well known nationally or internationally. So there really is a dislocation between looking at attractive women and ejaculation over them whilst watching them. Some people say that this is not a real distinction and only one made by porn companies in their marketing. And other people say that it is a real distinction and that you don't have to come over it.

Can you actually look at nude women and not want to come? You might be impotent is only partially a joke and that's why you can't come over them. Yet, this could work for many people and particularly people once they're a bit older and they can't come that often anyway. And they might not really need to come at all. This is when they aren't turned on by images in the media of scantily clad women so they go to their porn stash to finish what a normal media image has started. If people do not feel turned on that much by singers and dancers, sex sells advertising or just very attractive TV presenters of the female sex, they then might not feel the need to ejaculate so often. So porn being a problem may only really be young men and ones at that who come 20 or 30 times a day.

As well, a possible definition of porn being a problem is just how many times you come that is too many times. A joke is that of course all real men when seeing a naked woman that they couldn't have sex with in real life would want to pull down their trousers so they could come. That is if they weren't homosexuals and real men as well is another joke. This is a joke when there is so much porn aimed at heterosexual men. And you might assume that many heterosexual men are watching because they can see naked women. As well, this is despite any aspersions about their sexuality.

Porn offers a solution to watching it too much in that if you come over lots of porn when you are young, then you become a bit impotent later on. Still, it can be hard to break the habit. This is until people see there's really no need for it when they're not up and down all the time. It is as well like the proverbial whatever it is goes up and down. But if you're 'young, dumb and full of cum', then there might only be one way it can come out. That is out the end of your penis. It is even though it is normal for teenagers to masturbate just as everyone thinks it is normal for them. Possibly, older teenagers or people in their early twenties who do still do it are seen as being a problem because they should have stopped by now. Yet, they could just be as fit as teenage boys and sexually potent still. And that is why they do it. It would not make sense to tell people not to do exercises in their rooms or to stop doing them once no longer still at school or they've had their first girlfriend. Yet, that might be the real reason they still want to come that they are actually quite physically fit. If some people say it is all right for teenagers, then some people at least would not say it was all right for older teenagers or people in their twenties or even older. So where do you draw the line? It's a hard one.

Possibly, it is the trick of pornographers to encourage people to look at porn to start with so that when they do, they then do want to ejaculate. And this trick can go on for some people for years. They keep watching porn for years and years telling themselves that they won't actually come when they see a gorgeous woman with no clothes on. But then, they still do.

Also, there are ideas that if you were a man you should be able to spend time with a naked woman and not want to have sex with her or to come. This is no matter how unrealistic that it is in real life that anyone has had such an experience. It is unrealistic in that women are not usually naked themselves in front of men without the expectation that the men would obviously want sex. And this is something taught to them by their mothers and really by all mothers. It is not morally wrong, obtuse or strange that women even can't understand it.

Any time it does occur that a woman is naked in front of a man for some odd reason, it is probably a tease to him and she actually wants sex. This is when women can want sex as well. And this idea that women also want sex can combine with other ideas. Other ideas are such as women don't mind truly being naked in front of some men who they see as sophisticated and men of the world. But they would object to being naked in front of a common personage that just happened to be male and that was uncouth and common.

In a way, it can all reduce to some smutty joke that people thought you got years ago. But people might be surprised that any of these jokes still worried you. Yet it seems that some people still worry about sex and ideas like if a woman might go naked in front of you and whether you should have sex with them or not. Also, any other worries about sex and nudity can lead some men to watch porn.

One universal about being manly that might surprise some people even if it is still universally regarded by many people including many women today as such is that having big muscles makes you a man. 'Haven't you any muscles?' This is what some girls say. 'Then, it is not possible for you to be a man'. Can you get big muscles if you watch porn? Some would say you couldn't. This was when you were likely to get a muscle injury when stiff from watching porn if you did exercise afterwards.

And others point out that people who just watch TV all day or don't do too much all day might not watch porn despite having big bellies and being overweight. They don't watch porn when they don't have undue stress in their lives. This is stress such as trying to read more or other self-improvement. So the idea that anyone with muscles doesn't watch porn and anyone who is fat and overweight or doesn't have muscles must not be doing exercise because they are afraid of pulling a muscle might be wrong.

It really assumes that everyone would want to do exercise and live the keep fit and gym lifestyle that you hear about. In fact, someone might do exercise because they are anxious and exercise helps them burn off excess energy. Some people can also pound the streets feeling anger at everybody that ever let them down, did anything to them or might ever do anything to them at some time in the future. Yet, anger, frustration and feelings of impotence are supposedly associated with porn use.

'Really, it can be confusing as to who watches porn. But then, it might still be universal that women like men with muscles. They do as they consider almost any man with muscles as being manly'.

Women want sex with men with muscles. This is because men with muscles are attractive physically to women. And this is just the same as fit women are to men. As well, men with muscles have healthy genes. And this is as well when women have a worry if they have sex with anyone about getting pregnant. Also, it is as well just a biological fact that women can get pregnant. So women at least want healthy children. This is even if sleeping around. Or women don't choose men for anything else in any other way. Medical science as well tells us that having muscles means males are more likely to have healthy children with any women they meet. Also, nobody wants a wimp as the father who cannot protect his family. And this is no matter as well how many ideas that there are in the media that all that matters is a healthy bank balance from some job where you just talked the talk and that you can call the cops out later if you have any trouble.

Really, as much as the research for this book can find having muscles being attractive to women is not an urban myth. Nor is it only a myth propagated by pornographers to make men who don't like doing exercise feel inadequate. Then, that makes people want to watch porn when otherwise they might not have watched porn or so it continues after that. It might all be a myth as well that some women wouldn't like you to have muscles. This is when 'you're the man' as somebody at some time probably told you about it. And everybody has heard as well about women with gym bodies.

Or as a joke is about unfit men when women are fit, 'one of the male personages there is around'. That is when men have something between their legs but that nobody could possibly want. That is unless they wanted a disabled child.

Men in porn films they say have muscles because women might be watching as well. These women watching like looking at muscles and cocks just like men do looking at rounded naked women and pussies. Or some women also like looking at women's pussies. You get both cocks and pussies in a hard-core porn film. In either case, both these types of women, lesbian and straight, want healthy genes for their children. And only men have sperm to provide one. As well, some people don't separate always what they're seeing in a porn film as only being pleasure and never procreation. This is like many young people think about sex that it is only for pleasure. It is unless they are married and older. Or it mixes both in a porn film.

Having muscles, you can concentrate better. For example, men with good stomach muscles can concentrate for a lot longer sitting on an office chair at an office desk. That means that theoretically men with good muscles are more productive both in manual and administrative jobs. They are also better to do any other job because they can concentrate better from not slouching or feeling tired standing. As well, they have more blood going to their brains and more nutrients go into their brains. This is when their digestion is better as well. So it seems that having good muscles makes you a more productive and possibly, you should be a better-paid worker.

Also, you would expect somebody who had muscles to know how to eat well, sleep well and pay attention to his health in other ways. And good physical health might mean good mental health. This is with but the tiniest amount of other things you could do such as brain training exercises or something other than sitting in front of the television. You can have more money to spend on your girlfriend and a nicer place to live in. And it is not just all about the sex anyway. Physically fitter students are less stressed writing essays. And a physically fit anybody can do more than other people can with anything. If they are a man, this is a manly attribute. This is that they are better-paid workers and better to date for other reasons.

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