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Evolution of the Kabbalah

by Anonymous

Evolution of the Kabbalah




Wisdom is born out of the creation of structures rather than adherence to them. The exact opposite of a God is not a Devil—it is a Fool.

Unlike most manuscripts on the subject, the proposed purpose of the writings here is not to tell you what is known, but to show you wherein can be raised its possibilities.

I have to say that this must have also been the idea, intent, mindset, and mentality of the original creators and teachers of the Kabbalah.

But to be clear, what’s written here are my own thoughts and ideas. I have yet to do any really deep study of Jewish Mysticism. I have not read the Zohar front to back (or should I say 1st volume to the last?), nor the Bahir, nor any other centuries old Jewish text that may apply to the subject. And, although I might mention the names of others who inspired some of the ideas, the ideas in no way reflect their thoughts and teachings either.

But let me also be clear that this isn’t an attempt to draw connections that aren’t strongly suggested, it’s not an attempt follow the Pseudo Scientific, Pseudo Philosopher’s Facebook fad of posting random correspondences.

Even though I do believe in the Hermetic Law of Correspondence, I also believe there is a practical limit to its usefulness when trying to match things that only have vague relation. The things I have sought to deal with are all a part of the Kabbalistic tradition as it known today—mostly including the Tree of Life, Astrology, and the drawing of logical conclusions as to how they relate to one another.


For the most part, facts are the Divine Words of today, and Science is the Religion—with Mankind seeking to empower its own self as the God.

To make manifest that which is known involves quantification.

Even still, there are things concerning which Man has neither choice nor control. Willingly or not, there must be a place made for the unknown, and the unknowable.

To make manifest that which is unknown involves creation. To make manifest the unknowable involves imagination.


My aim here is to negotiate the known, the unknown, and the unknowable all at once, via their common center, which is creation. In doing so to deal with the subject of the tree, which is life. For life is not just one but all of these particulars combined, as mediated through the structure that brings forth manifestation.

Life itself is nothing if not a continuous act of creation. What you witness when dealing with the Tree of Life, and what is to be first understood when investigating its intricacies, is that it’s simply a symbolic representation.

It isn’t a literal illustration of that process itself. The process of creation, in and of itself, doesn’t have physical parts, so it would be impossible to illustrate it literally. The Tree of Life is symbolic. Therefore, in order to understand it fully, it’s very important that you know and keep in mind what a symbol actually is.

I define what a symbol is in a straightforward way. I see it as an object or illustration that contains and conveys messages and meanings.

Additionally, symbols are a form of intuitive communication. Symbols capture the understanding of the individual in an organized way—they give structure to the imagination and they cast it, like a reflection, back to the observer.

A symbol is like a multi-faceted jewel, with each facet being capable of several different interpretations. A symbol, therefore, must be studied from many different aspects. However, there is no specific code that can be used to decipher a symbol.

There is a large distinction between a symbol and an encrypted message. An encrypted message is crafted with the intent to convey a very specific and literal message through very specific and logical means. It relies on the analytical skills of the reader to know exactly what meanings or significances are attached to each part of whatever is being illustrated.

When not reading it like a literal blueprint of Divinity, most people seem to treat their study of the Tree of Life and the Kabbalah and the interpretation of their observations as if deciphering an encrypted message.

A symbol has no fixed message and relies on the experience and intuition of a person to reach within themselves and surmise on the possibilities contained within the illustration as a whole.

Encryption seeks to conceal information by withholding the necessary means to reveal connections to external eyes.

Symbol seeks to reveal through the extraction of meaning from the deep recesses of the mind of anyone who looks upon it.

Encryption tends to convey certainty and fact with regard to the character of its final message—buried beneath obstruction.

Symbol prefers to be totally upfront, yet also non-literal in the means with which it seeks to deliver.

To be more accurate and less clear, symbolism is what is finally not only mere ideas, but mere ideas of what may or may not have been the author’s true intension.

One should not assume fixed conclusions concerning the meaning of a symbol. The meaning of a symbol changes with the mind of the observer.

As for me, one way that I have started thinking of the Tree of Life not so much as a unique and separate entity unto itself, but rather as a pictorial representation of Astrological concepts.

Part 1 - Elements and Fundamentals

Chapter 1 – Elements In General

Modes of Manifestation Into Creation (Tree of Life)

Modes of Learning and Knowing

Inner World Manifestations of Elemental Power

Modes of Learning and Knowing

Elements as Understood within the Tree of Life

Source vs. Substance

Chapter 2 – Concerning Paradigms

How Magical Paradigms Express Through the Elements

4 Worlds and their Arrangement

Chapter 3 – The 4 Directions

The Nature of the 4 Directions

The Functioning of the 4 Directions

Part 2 - Astrology

Chapter 1 – Planets

About Planetary Nature in General

Chapter 2 – Zodiac

Zodiac and Relationship to the Shemhamphorash

Chapter 3 – Modalities

Bringing Astrological Modality, Kabbalah, and Major Arcana Together

Part 3 - Tree of Life

Chapter 1 – General Thoughts on the Tree of Life

Metatron’s Cube and the Tree of Life

Concerning the Relationship Between Ain Soph Aur, Kether, and Malkuth

Nature and Mechanics of Manifestation

Understanding the Tree

On the Void

Bringing It Together in Summary

Chapter 2 – Jacob’s Ladder

Thinking About Jacob’s Ladder

Traversing Worlds, Changing Spheres

The Gradient of Merged Worlds

4 Worlds, 4 Malkuths, 4 Levels of Manifestation

General Considerations of the Ladder and the Tree

Chapter 3 – Tree Sephiroth

Another Word About Malkuth

Inter-Spherical Relations

Understanding the Spheres

How the Spheres Interact

Characteristics of Spheres and Planets

Sephiroth of the 4 Worlds and Magic

The Sephiroth and Metatron’s Cube

More into the Spheres and Metatron’s Cube

Chapter 4 – Quareia

About Tiphareth and Balance

The Nature and Interaction of Hod and Netzach

Chapter 5 – Supernals

Brief Thought On the Supernals

Part 4 - Tarot

Chapter 1 – Major Arcana

Discovery About Temperance

Chapter 2 – Suits

A Little About the Tarot Suits

Part 5 - Metatron’s Cube

Chapter 1 – General Idea of Metatron’s Cube

Humanity In the Cube

Meaning Behind Metatron

Understanding of the Cube

Dimensions of the Cube

Chapter 2 – Spheres

Signs, Sephiroth, and Metatron’s Cube

Some Note on Correspondences

More on the Tree of Life and Metatron’s Cube

The Middle Pillar is the Path of Manifestation

Chapter 3 – Lines

Thoughts About the Lines and Shapes of Metatron’s Cube

Brief Analysis of the Lines

Chapter 4 – Cube Sephiroth

A Rethinking

How the Sephiroth and Metatron’s Cube are Related

Chapter 5 – Hexagram

The Hexagram and the Metatron’s Cube—What the Cube Really Means

Chapter 6 – More Cubes

Finding Sandalphon’s Cube

The True Trinity: The Father, the Son, and the Mother

A Man’s Cube

Rethinking the Tree to Include the Cube

Part 6 - Conclusion







































42 Paths

Part 1 - Elements and Fundamentals

Chapter 1 – Elements In General

Modes of Manifestation Into Creation (Tree of Life)

Utterance Air

Impulse Fire

Light Water

Breath Earth

Modes of Learning and Knowing

Air Logic/Reasoning

Fire Corresponding/Deduction

Water Believing/Accepting Direction/Experience/Intuition

Earth Facts/Known Information

Inner World Manifestations of Elemental Power

Path of Hercules Historical Knowledge [Air]

Challenge of the Gods Culture and Activity [Fire]

River of Dreams Family [Water]

Gateway to the Past Ancestral Inheritance [Earth]

Modes of Learning and Knowing

Air Logic/Reasoning

Fire Doing/First-Hand Experience

Water Intuition/Believing/Accepting Direction/Directed Experience

Earth Facts/Known Information

Elements as Understood within the Tree of Life

My recent thinking has been that Malkuth shouldn’t be thought of as the opposite of Kether. Malkuth could be better compared with Ain Soph Aur, of which you break down into 3 parts—just like, according to what I have learned, one can break down Malkuth into separate Elements—i.e. it is a combination of the Elements. And, there is the thought that the Element Earth is not distinct and separate in and of itself but instead is a combination of other Elements.

Seeing as how looking at the Tree of Life and Jacob’s Ladder, and also the Cubes that things tend to merge and combine to differing degrees in different places and both the content and distribution of substances is what determines how you are to identify one entity/item from the next.

Source vs. Substance

Maybe it’s the combination of all the elements which allows you to make the Hexagram (since the Hexagram, among other things, is also a symbolic representation of all the Elements in one geometric shape):

But the main points are as follows:

The substance and the vessel need one another, because one without the other leaves them incomplete. This is, again, the relationship of polarities. My thought is that with the Hebrew (or maybe it came from Hermetics itself, where are the teachings from which I most learned about the Elements) tendency to focus on the Male aspect.

This leads to the misunderstanding that what is seen as being first or above within their false hierarchy, meaning that which was also interpreted as Spirit, was therefore to be interpreted as the source and the whole, when really, it’s just another aspect of the whole and the result of combining of other elements. In that sense only, the sense that you can break it down into simpler Elements, is it the source of others.

Chapter 2 – Concerning Paradigms

How Magical Paradigms Express Through the Elements

With regard to understanding magic, consider what Frater Akenu provided on page 7 in his book Liber Azag - The Book of Sigils. The idea given there, which he says he originally found as described by Frater U. D., was the basis from my understanding of magic thereafter—was it real or imagine, what it was exactly and how it operated.

  1. Energetic paradigm – everything is energy, different frequencies of energy cause different results [Earth]

  2. Information paradigm – everything is information, everything is symbolism, by manipulating our own internal symbolism we can affect the symbolism of the world [Air]

  3. Psychology paradigm – all the Magick is caused by our psyche, by our unconsciousness [Water]

  4. Spirit paradigm – everything is governed by spirits, each action, event or item has its own spirit, we can communicate with them through the use of symbolism [Fire]

  5. Meta paradigm – all previous paradigms are sorta true. There is an internal mechanic of Magick we cannot comprehend, but we can use it by either of the previous paradigms [Spirit]

4 Worlds and their Arrangement

Earth and Spirt make polarities of one another, both Elements functioning as considerations of the other 4 Elements, but with Earth being the manifestation of all 4 (like light separated by a prism) while Spirit being the potentiality of all 4 (like a pure, white light that has not been split or reflected off any surface)—and in their polarity having a similar relationship as does Fire to Water and which Air being the only true intermediary. With this in mind, I would say one could arranged the Worlds of the Kabbalah in the following order:

Spirit Potential/Intention/Initiation

Fire Emanation

Air Formation

Water Creation

Earth Action

Chapter 3 – The 4 Directions

The Nature of the 4 Directions

Had some recent thought concerning Challenge of the Gods and the vision called “The Board Game”, on page 99 of Magical Knowledge III. There are 4 players. I associated these with not only the 4 Elements, but the 4 Directions—which Josephine McCarthy describes as follows:

The four directions are the pattern of creation—it tells you how power flows into creation and expresses through the magical directions which in turn form the power into particular dynamics of power in, power out, past, future, substance, none substance, etc.”

Looking at the Fate cards of Quareia, I have learned to associate them with the 4 Directions.

Direction Card Pentagram Phrase Magical Weapon

East Fate Giver “I Give” Sword

South Wheel of Fate “I Will Be” Wand

West Fate Holder “I Receive” Cup

North Fate Taker “I Come From” Shield


I just happened to take a look at the book cover of Inner Traditions of Magic by William G. Gray.

I first noticed the Magical Tools/Weapons. Looking closer, I noticed the wreaths that the angels were holding and saw the positions they were holding them in. I also looked at this illustration in terms of the Tree of Life and it seems to me that the top angel, which would represent the area around Kether, with the with the wreath being held above the head of the angel who possesses the sword, is indicating the power that emanates from Kether/the wands/the Future is embodied in the pillar + Jakin. The angel at the bottom, which is in the area around Malkuth/the shield/the Past, holds the wreath below the angel who holds the cup, indicating a relationship with the pillar – Boaz.

My thought now is that this gives evidence for saying just like the power of Kether is projected down, the power of Malkuth admittedly could be said not to project as it is a passive power, however, it still could be said to flow/be pressured/or be drawn upward.

The two angels in the center who hold the sword and the cup also hold a wreath that is both in the center and directly below the angel at the top. I think this not only refers to the forces of balance that constitute the Middle Pillar, which here could be said to ultimately be manifestations of the powers of Kether and Malkuth after they have been projected, then met and counteracted one another in an act of balancing, but it is also an acknowledgement of the flow of time into the future.

Given that the powers can be said to flow to one another, looking at this picture I now tend to wonder if the flow of time into the future is an indication that instead of being perfectly equal and therefore neutralizing to each other, that the powers behind Malkuth don’t slightly overcome those of Kether even if only by an instant or within the smallest degree to make progression of matter through time possible as opposed to time frozen in an eternal stalemate.


The Functioning of the 4 Directions

Similar to the note a few entries above, I think that the 4 Directions can be looked at as a bit like a Medium/Environment (and also it’s not a literal direction of course, but a choice of action, the means through with one chooses to interact), and maybe the Inner Contacts being worked with in visionary magic would be the Other. In this I mean that consideration of the 4 Directions would involve consideration for the following:




Or something similar. Therefore, just like with my recent Tarot reading asking what powers tend to be most active in which directions for me, when looking at the qualities of the directions and the qualities of the powers within each direction, one is looking at something that is dynamic and can change.

One has to view it accordingly instead of assigning a fixed value to the directions. It becomes true that the directions and their qualities are fixed, however, the powers that are active in them and their qualities are mutable. It’s the different between Being and Action. State and Activity. I would say this is what makes change possible in the first place as opposed to having something that is without motion or time; without consciousness or life.

A Direction has a particular charge attached to it. I think my ritual activity changed the charge within the directions:

East + Emanating - Air

South + Future + Fire

West - Dissolving - Water

North - Past + Earth

Above, the directions are defined as the combination of Place Within Time and The Mode of Action Taken. What’s given is the “natural” state, or at least the most expected state given the common teachings. I would say that Time is a Fixed/Constant Factor and doesn’t change place—and they can be seen as what is normally referred to or thought of when speaking about the 4 Directions. The Elements are the Powers what determine Change through their Activity.

Part 2 - Astrology

Chapter 1 – Planets

About Planetary Nature in General

One interesting thing to think about is whether or not the Planet Saturn could correspond to Fire. This is interesting because I corresponded all the Supernals to Fire and Da’at, which is actually level with the two lower Supernals, is matched with Saturn. It is therefore arguable to apply the Fire Element to Saturn.

Saturn is usually associated with the Element of Earth and is said to be the energy of restriction, boundary, and containment. However, one could argue that this is not necessarily its nature so much as it is the means by which to bring about its truer nature. As an analogy, you get power from a combustible engine by creating a very strict structure (a machine) that initiates, contains and directs powerful forces. The machine itself is not the powerful force, but only the mediator of that force.

It might can be said that structure and restriction and boarder is simple the mediator of the forces which are more truly representative of Saturn. Saturn, in effect, would take on the idea that’s usually associated with the powers of Mars.

Saturn can thereby be seen as best represented by the element of Fire. In contrast, thinking about how Mars is associated with Geburah, which itself is a Sephiroth sphere associated with binding and restricting and limiting, one could then associate the powers that are usually attributed to Saturn to Mars—and with Saturn the one usually being associate with the Element Earth then shows that association is best attributed to Mars.

This would make some sense first in these two Planets are seen as being tied to one another—and secondly in that Saturn is known as the Greater Malefic while Mars is Lesser Malefic.

In fact, I think the truly best way to look at these things is not to be too strict/fixed at all in the correspondences. It’s more complicated than Black and White. The forces of the two Planets are actually complimentary to one another. Their Action and their Being are opposite of one another and therefore create an interlocking whereby in action they become the sides of a whole. Or I would actually call Mars the Negative side, Saturn the Middle, and Jupiter the Positive side.


Reading Book Review - Emil Stejnar's 'Magic with Astrology' and finding it interesting to equate the Planets of Astrology with human organs within the subtle body.

Hearing Mercury Speak Vocal Cords

Touch Venus Feel Nervous System

Sight Jupiter Observe Eyes

Smell Moon Speculate Nose

Taste Mars Consume Stomach

Position Sun Orientate Brain

Organization Saturn Coordinate DNA

What’s interesting is that I tend to think of Touch, which, according to the above, is governed by Venus, is a basis for all the other senses. I also tend to associate Venus strongly with the element Earth and not only that but with the Feminine and Goddess.

Sun/Position is basically the summation and integration of all the senses above it in order to have awareness of the body as a whole. Which seems appropriate, just like in the Tree of Life, the sphere of Tiphareth, associated with Sol, is supposed to be an embodiment of the other Sephiroth. And, in Astrology, I have heard the Sun to have this same quality.

Saturn/Organization also deals with all other more minor Planets/Senses, but in order to direct how the body is constructed. I mostly see Sun and Saturn as being equal and working in tandem.

The difference between Sun and Saturn is that Sun deals with the whole with regard to how the whole relates to itself. Saturn is truly all-encompassing to the body just as Sun is. Saturn constructs the body while Sun adds life to the structure.

Chapter 2 – Zodiac

Zodiac and Relationship to the Shemhamphorash

Just took a look on and it seems to give evidence to support breaking the Shem Angels into groups of 6 and associating them with the Zodiac signs. Example:

1. VEHUIAH and Hoya

How many people say about me: "There is no refuge of God!"

[ Psalm 3: 3 ]

Latin name: Deus Exaltator

Report: "The uplifting of God"

Task: To repair the past

Angelic Order (Jewish): Chajoth if Qadesh (חיות ה קדש)

Archangel (Jewish): Metathron (מטטרון)

Angelic Order (Christian) Seraphs [Seraphim]

Allah Neve(i): Sul-Dschalali-wal-Ikram

Gematria: 17

Constellation: Sun-Moon-Mars-Saturn-Uranus conjunction

Zodiac: Aries

Dean: Mars

Direction: South

Rate: 0-5

Material: 21.03.-25.03.

Emotional:, 09:01, 21:03, 03:06, 17:08 30.10.....

Intellectual: 00:00 to 00:19

The next 5 also have Aries as their Zodiac. The next 6 after that have Taurus. The next Gemini, etc. This is the nature of the pattern and relationship that the signs of the Zodiac have with the SHemhaphorash Angels of Jewish Mysticism.

Hebraic religions are most often seen as Monotheistic and they are. However, I would say that most people have a distorted idea of what Monotheism entails. It’s supposed to be the belief that there is only one God, however, I would instead say that it can include a belief in multiple Gods but maintaining devotion to only one of those many. I would also say this is exactly how early Hebrews thought and that the Church that later developed in European countries is what’s responsible for the current interpretations and most of the current beliefs of Christianity.

Astrology, the Names of God, Planetary Deities, the Shemhamphorash Angels and all tied together.

Chapter 3 – Modalities

Bringing Astrological Modality, Kabbalah, and Major Arcana Together

I looked over and saw the 3 Modalities and thought I could correspond them to the 3 Pillars.


Thought on the above and conclude that if you exclude a card from the Major Arcana, then you can divide the remaining into 3 equal groups of 7 cards each, which fits well to correspond to the 7 Classical Planets. The Fool card seems the natural choice since it is traditionally thought to be separate from the other cards or I have also read that it represents the Querent embodies all the possibilities within the others.

So, what you seem to have with the Tarot Major Arcana is each of the 7 Classical Planets, each being represented in a Cardinal, Mutable, and Fixed state. Also, the possibility that the 3 Pillar of the Kabbalah are simply a pictorial representation of the 3 Modalities of Astrology.

  • Fool


  1. IV Emperor—Leadership— Mars

  2. V Hierophant—Belief—Mercury

  3. VII Chariot—Accomplishment—Jupiter

  4. IX Hermit—Spirituality—Venus

  5. XXI Universe—Karma—Saturn

  6. VIII Strength—Morality—Sun

  7. XIX Sun—Psyche—Moon


  1. I Magician—Leadership—Mars

  2. XI Justice—Belief—Mercury

  3. X Wheel of Fortune—Accomplishment—Jupiter

  4. VI Lovers—Spirituality—Venus

  5. XX Judgment—Karma—Saturn

  6. XIV Temperance—Morality—Sun

  7. XVII Star—Psyche— Moon


  1. III Empress—Leadership—Mars

  2. II High Priestess—Belief—Mercury

  3. XVI Tower—Accomplishment—Jupiter

  4. XIII Devil—Spirituality—Venus

  5. XIII Death—Karma—Saturn

  6. XII Hanged Man—Morality—Sun

  7. XVIII Moon—Psyche—Moon


I started thinking on how I could translate the Astrological Modality + Planet correspondence work that I did above into accurate corresponding matches to the Zodiac. I was going to try rearranging the info in some way to where it would give 12 items to use within one group, my thought was Mutable, and the 2 sets of 5 for the other. That way all would be in neat order—5+5+10 for the Sephiroth and then I would have 12 for the Zodiac. But then I had the idea to just forget the above Planet correspondences and just consider the Modality, which actually what the original intent anyhow now that I remember, but I got the idea for matching the Planets and things got more complicated.

However, using the intuitive matches I already make and comparing that with what I get when corresponding 4 signs to each Modality can be a starting point. After having that intent, I looked up the common matches given for modality and decided to think on them to see how the pattern looked. I quickly felt they were not really well matched and that I could probably do some intuitive matching for that. I first looked for a pattern though as always.

Using QUAREIA_M1_L8, I looked up the phrases for each Zodiac Sign—i.e. Aries = “I Am” I looked at them by Element, one Element at a time, and comparing the phrases on one Element at a time across the 3 Modalities—i.e. Aries=”I Am” Leo=”I Will” Sagittarius=”I Aspire” I also looked at a glanced at Air and Earth especially in particular for the identifications that should be more clear such as already reasoning that Libra=”I Balance” should be Mutable and ones such as Taurus=”I Have” seem safe to identify as being Fixed. After looking closely, it seemed that the order/pattern of the appearance of Modalities in the Zodiac were that all 4 successive/adjacent Elements from Fire to Water, at any particular point within the Zodiac, were to be grouped together within a single Modality and that the order of the Modalities from the 1st sign, which is Aries, was Fixed, Mutable, Cardinal.

This order also matches to how the pillars are laid out on the Tree of Life—starting with – Boaz, which equated to Fixed Modality, then the Middle, and then + Jakin which is of Cardinal Modality.

After looking back at Metatron’s Cube, the thought now is to add signs according to their Modality:

– Boaz=Fixed

Aries; Taurus; Gemini; Cancer


Leo; Virgo; Libra; Scorpio

+ Jakin=Cardinal

Sagittarius; Capricorn; Aquarius; Pisces

Now that I have figured out where each should generally go, which pillar, the question now is which Fixed, Cardinal, and Mutable signs are to be pair with each other in set groups of 3 and exactly where in the Tree/Cube they should be placed.

The first thought, and most obvious, is to pair them by Element. Then when I decide on an order of Elements, that will form the final decision as to the exact sphere for each Zodiac Sign. The Traditional order, for the Tree of Life, seems to be:





This seems just fine to think on it at first due to the motto of the first Fire Element Zodiac Sign, which is Aries=”I Am”, which is reminiscent of Eheieh


Active/Passive Mutable



Aries “I am”

Leo “I will”

Sagittarius “I aspire”


Cancer “I feel” [Mars] ()

Scorpio “I desire” [Saturn] ()

Pisces “I believe” [Jupiter] ()


Gemini “I think” [Mercury] ()

Libra “I balance” [Moon] ()

Aquarius “I know” [Venus] ()


Taurus “I have”

Virgo “I analyze”

Capricorn “I use”

I have to note that I have made changes to the above information since starting, so my final conclusions as to what belongs where and why is different than what’s stated.


I think it’s very important to make a distinction. In reference to how I have changed which signs appear within which Modalities, my thought now is that how the signs are commonly taught to reside among certain Modalities seems fundamentally wrong in the first place.

This seems to have become clear as a possibility only after having done so. It seems that Astrology is about cycles. Cycles involve a flow of gradual and constant yet predictable change. The Modalities, such as they are usually presented, are indeed predictable, but not at all constant or gradual. I had the idea that things in Astrology such as the dates given for each of the Zodiac signs are the human way of marking a milestone but should not at all lead the person to believe that the structures set up by Astrology are the entirety of its reality.

They are a basis for understanding, a starting or anchoring point. Astrology, on its surface, is a mechanism, yet it doesn’t deal with a mechanism. It deals with and attempts to describe natural processes. To equate those processes with the mechanical structure that is man made in order to comprehend them is a very incorrect approach. Meaning that the distinctions that Astrology makes, in the form of Zodiac Signs for example, actually occur gradually order a predictable period of time. In a sense, one doesn’t suddenly, truly, and fully become identifiable as Aries for having been born on exactly on March 21, which is the first day for the sign.

The energy of Aries would be something that slowly and gradually starts to build up to take over the energies of the previous sign, which is Pisces. I would say March 21 is simply the day when the energies of Aries has slightly taken over the energies of Pisces by a small margin. In reality, the energies of both signs are strongly present here and it should be another 7 days or so before the energies of Aries become really dominate and 14 days or so before the energies completely take over. Similarly, to the same philosophy as shown above, Modalities also shouldn’t change suddenly, much less jump from one to the next in a fixed and artificial pattern like the one commonly used.

This is why it makes more sense to me to have different signs have the same Modality back to back. And one effect of viewing things in this way is that it gives the impression that Modality and the distribution of the type of Modality at a given time can be the actual power behind the characteristics of each sign and the names of the signs are simply separators that the human mind uses to highlight the distinctions. I could take this a step further and question whether or not the Elements should be listed back to back and therefore would maybe change it to something like below:

















However, I will note that I haven’t yet felt that taking the above step is necessary. Right now, I would say that the Modalities are broader cycles that each contain similar distinctions, or subcategories, in the form of Zodiacal signs, with each appropriately associated with a particular Element. For example, Aries is the Fixed Modalities expression which emulated the qualities of Fire. Cancer is the Fixed Modalities expression which emulated the qualities of Water, and etc. through the other two elements and also with the same repeated with the other Modalities.

Again, I have to note that I have made changes to the above information since starting, so my final conclusions as to what belongs where and why is different than what’s stated.

Part 3 - Tree of Life

Chapter 1 – General Thoughts on the Tree of Life

Metatron’s Cube and the Tree of Life

Looking now at some images, it seems the Tree of Life and Metatron Cube in particular could easily be just rearrangements of each other.

My thought in particular that if you take Jacob’s Ladder, which is an expansion upon the simple 10 Sephiroth version of The Tree of Life, then break it into parts, those parts can be arranged to form the Metatron Cube. One thought that emerges from this is that the tree represents 4 worlds.

As seen above, they can be encompassed within spheres… and just now the thought was that each of these might be what the Metatron spheres are meant to represent (using either a few Sephiroth for each sphere from the simple Tree of Life or by using an entire Tree taken from Jacob’s Ladder), so maybe each of the worlds can be represented in one way or another.

Concerning the Relationship Between Ain Soph Aur, Kether, and Malkuth

Kether the contrast of Yesod. Kether representing the 1, the most fundamental state of matter possible as opposed to representing the immaterial source of all, it’s the fundamental material source…

But to say this takes something away—fixes one problem and then creates another. There now needs to be another source from which all else comes. For that, I look to Ain Soph Aur. Boundlessness and Limitless Nothing seems the perfect polarity for substance, structure, and finite matter/energy. Like when looking at Malkuth on the Tree of Life, you can see that Ain Soph Aur is set somewhat away from the main body of the tree.

One only needs to mirror the 2 long lines that stretch down to Malkuth and put them on Chokmah and Binah to stretch up above Kether and you will not only have the sphere of Ain Soph Aur, but also a perfectly symmetrical Tree of Life—and I feel that symmetry really is indicated as being a significant thing being that Metatron’s cube is full of sacred geometry that is symmetrical and, combined with the appearance of fractals, this quality should extend to the entire Tree of Life.

  • I am also now thinking of Malkuth, and what I will, instead of continuing to call it separately by its parts, will now call Divinity, are manifest in layers.

Malkuth can be seen to contain increasingly Dense layers and Divinity increasingly etheric.

  • My thought tends toward The Macrocosmic verses the Microcosmic.

With Malkuth representing Macrocosm to where manifestation can expanded upon to include more and more increase in space and substance within until infinity (with universe, then multiverse, then whatever infinity lays beyond that) and Divinity representing the Microcosm to where there is more and more decrease in substance as one goes down to smaller and smaller levels of being until there is not even the existence of space (with sub particle, the increments of space/time, and then finally the nothing or space between spaces).

  • And actually, I think that Kether best represents the first part of Divinity, which is Ain, or Boundless Light. This is the Point.

This is the number 1. This is the Fundamental part or principle. This is the smallest reducible constituent. For the purposes of this interpreting the physical world, this is pure energy, that which all matter is simply a condensation of. This is the primordial sub-particle as it exists as an individual entity. This is truly the most reduced and fundamental item of Material.

My thought is that it is sort of half way between manifestation and nothingness. So, with that, one could view Kether as being half Divine, and half Material. It’s the real threshold between the manifest world and the Divine. My thought is that this is where Mankind reaches a barrier within its ability to know.

It may be that Mankind, or any intelligence at all, can only know, perceive, conceive of half of this mystery. Similar to when in the move Interstellar (2014), it’s shown that mankind can study a blackhole from the outside, but can’t go into one to know in the full nature of it. When you step down deeper than that, only then do you cross over fully to Divinity where Man is not able to even half-way enter.

Man, given that life is only sustainable via material world processes, human life and consciousness, at least as it is known and understood, has no real direct relationship or connection to this Divinity and cannot conceive or participate in it. All manifestation is simply the result of this Divinity arranging itself and giving itself form so that it can, as near it is possible for it, experience itself—but my feeling is that it falls short—just like a person looking in the mirror in order to interact with themselves, they only get a superficial, 2-dimensional, experience in the form of seeing the surface and can’t fully engage their own self.

Divinity can only truly know itself if it meets with an external counterpart, but Divinity, by Definition, should not be able to do such a thing because Divinity is supposed to be absolutely unique—or at least that’s what seems to be the case but one who can’t even truly conceive of Divinity in the first place can’t truly be certain. The thing to note with the above ideas is that even in Divinity there ends up being a primordial duality, which is, while Aur (Boundless Light) being equated with Kether, is the Ain Soph.

These items can also be said to emulate the trinity, which The Father and the Holy Spirit I would say being the God and Goddess and can possibly be corresponding with Ain Soph and then with the Son being corresponded with Kether. The only thing about this is that I view the God and Goddess being represented in the Cubes. What is represented in Ain Soph is probably better stated as being + Divinity (Ain) and – Divinity (Ain). The interesting thing here is that, again, you get a Father + Mother relationship with Ain, the Nothingness, being the receptive vessel within which Soph, Boundlessness, projects itself into (no material means there is no injection of anything).

Nature and Mechanics of Manifestation

Divinity Projects Against the Vessel

Spirit Merges Within the Vessel

Material Injects Into the Vessel

Divinity, the Nothingness or Otherness on the other side of our vessel, in the other reality—Spirit, the meeting place or medium where Divinity and Material, and the two vessels of the two opposing realities, are interlocked and connected—Material, where our reality is, in one-half a result of the substantive effects of another.

Positive Pillar Divinity

Middle Pillar Spirit

Negative Pillar Material

The Vessel, the structure which holds the reality, is Ain, which is the thing that maybe can be said not so much as being in the upper most part of this supposed “hierarchy” instead surround the Tree of Life. The Ain is Nothingness.

In truth, there is no such thing as Nothingness—only Otherness. Nothingness is just another type of Somethingness that, relative to the observer, doesn’t have a material effect within the reality structure of the observer—who would otherwise be able to interact with and perceive it.

Understanding the Tree

What you see when looking at the Tree of Life is that the two polarities working in tandem with each service to the same goal but covering different tasks—and each task needs to be completed in order to reach the goal.

On the Void

I tend to think either Kether or maybe even more likely Ain Soph Aur are what represent the Void. It could be that the spirit, that which is said to be boundless and is of infinite power as I have read in various places, are represent by Chokmah and Binah—maybe with one being the creative force while the other is the destructive—or maybe one being the expressive for while the other contains and shapes that expression.

The Vision of the Void exercise make this seem to be the case. First, you enter the Void, which is said to be nothingness, just like with Ain. Then, you imagine yourself as boundless and spread across it through infinity, it then becomes boundless space, like Ain Soph. I would now say Kether is the Ain Soph Aur, the Boundless Light, and I’m not sure what would set it into motion.

The Void is said to be the source of all. Spirits are said to be all powerful and boundless and desiring of a way to express their power since in the world of the spirit the price paid for boundless power is that there is no substance that power could possibly hold and therefore nothing through which that power can find expression.

Bringing It Together in Summary

My intent ended up being to start with that which is most Earthly and substantive and then move to that which is closest to Spirit—which seems to actually end up being that which is the closest to Spirit that Earthly manifestation is capable of—Divinity as it manifests within the Physical Realm, which makes the Major Arcana seem to be an expression of Malkuth. In turn, you have

  • Trinity

  • 3 Astrological Modalities

  • 3 Pillars

  • 3 Supernal Sephiroth—the first Triad

  • 2 Lesser Triads of Sephiroth, for a total of 3 Triads (have not explored this idea much yet)

  • 7 Planets represented under each Modality/Supernal/within each Triads

  • Combination of Modalities and Planets representing Divinity in as expressed in Malkuth

  • Indication that the 7 Planets are the true intermediaries for Divinity

  • The understanding that the 7 Planets are all Deity/God Power

  • 7 Paths for each Pillar

I currently think that the progression is in the same order as the traditional assignment of the Planets to the days of the week. I came to this purely by accident through intuitively placing the items where I thought they were most suitable. However, my thought is start with Mars as the first in the list.

Started looking at the paths again, with the above in mind, but I was looking also back at the Quareia Tarot correspondences and using my previous idea of how they could fall onto the paths in order to connect them. Was not successful at getting anything satisfactory, so I stopped after a while. I then looked again strictly with the idea of matching 7 paths to 7 Planets for each Pillar and found that I was able to do so.

I am currently thinking of the Tree of Life as really consisting mainly of 2 entities—Kether and Malkuth. Each sphere generates a force—Kether + and Malkuth - The spheres in between them represent the effects of those forces with the Pillar of Jakin representing the + force and the Pillar of Boaz the – Projected down the Middle is the intended manifestation. In this way, Kether and Malkuth and the forces that emanate from them form a sphere of creation.

Chapter 2 – Jacob’s Ladder

Thinking About Jacob’s Ladder

Looking at the image below, the thing that most interests me is the way the worlds are shown to connect in an emergent way, which a full Tree of Life for each. For example, for the world of Assiah at the bottom, it’s shown that the Tiphareth of Assiah is equivalent to the Malkuth of Yetzirah. Tiphareth being the center of balance of the Tree of Life, this is a significant statement that I have not encountered except maybe in one other place so far and I don’t recall where and not really sure if I was actually the one who made a statement on that here in my notes.

I also find it interesting that within each of the 4 worlds, there are 3 realms—Physical, Astral, Spiritual is what I term them for now. The Divine is intangible to the realm and is represented by Kether, which ends up being the center of the next world and therefore is its Tiphareth.

So, the Kether of Assiah is the Tiphareth of Yetzirah. Da’at is similar accept that it, being lower on the tree, ends up representing the Yesod of the next realm. The Tiphareth of the lower realm comes to represent the Malkuth of the next.


Reading the card description of Hidden Knowledge from the Quareia deck, after drawing the conclusion that it represents the sphere of Da’at, confirms that Metatron’s Cube, and also Flower of Life, is a reference to Da’at (not to mention confirming the connection of those two concepts to each other). I had been entertaining the possibility that it was Tiphareth.

However, it’s worth noting that if you look at Jacob’s Ladder you will see that the Da’at of any lesser world is the Yesod of the one above it. In the case of Assiah and Yetzirah, I take this as saying that, proceeding from higher to lower, the true quality and of nature Yesod, as its name implies, might not be to act as a separate entity in and of itself but instead is just an illustration that acts as representative of the combination of the other spheres above it and, instead of viewing it as completely a part of the World Tree where it is illustrated, it’s best to view it as mainly being the Structure of Knowledge for the World Tree below it.

I think that it’s mainly the qualities within Spheres 2, 3, 4, and 5 (these total of 4) that connect and in their interaction, form the World below it. I think that the above 4 are what act as the Elements that combine to form Malkuth and also that Malkuth could be better viewed less as a Spheritic sphere and more as representing the manifestation of the World that below it—giving a similar picture to Jacob’s Ladder. So, the Malkuth of Yetzirah would become the entirety of Assiah. This seems supported by the fact that when looking at Jacob’s Ladder you see that the Malkuth of Yetzirah is found in the exact center of Assiah and it’s also worth noting that this center is Tiphareth.

So, in summary, for an example, starting in Yetzirah, the Anatomy of 4 comes into play with spheres 2, 3, 4 and 5 to act as the Foundation or Structure of Knowledge for Assiah and in its materialization into the upper Malkuth serves as the point of perfection and balance, the lower Tiphareth within the world of Assiah—basically, the Anatomy of 4 within Yetzirah is synonymous with Assiah, but within its perfected form.

I notice that it seems like Kether is the 1, or the Source. Chokmah and Binah are the 2, and seem to represent Duality. I would then say Geburah, Chesed, Hod and Netzach are the 4, what I might would call the Anatomy of Interaction. This makes for 3 groups of consideration. I would say that each subsequent group is embodied in the proceeding group. The 1 doesn’t disappear, it’s at the core of the being of the 2. The 2 don’t get discarded, they form the basis for the structure of action/interaction.

the Structure of Knowledge of the World of Manifestation (which I tend to, rightly or wrongly, strongly associate with the qualities of the Element Air) acts as the Foundational substance for the World of Formation.

Traversing Worlds, Changing Spheres

Also wanted to note that similar to how the Malkuth of the higher world becomes the Tiphareth of the Lower world, the Kether of the lower world becomes the Tiphareth of the higher world. I think this acts with identical mechanics as Malkuth becoming Tiphareth, just in the reverse direction. My thought on Tiphareth is maybe it best represents a perfect proportion of qualities that are readily available for manifestation. Kether, on the other hand, is pure intention and is what comes before any manifestable qualities are yet defined.

The Gradient of Merged Worlds

Also, worth noting is that the worlds don’t have a rigidly distinct separation that says one world ends here and the other begins here in juxtaposition to it. The worlds flow into one another. The lower part of Yetzirah represents the upper part of Assiah—or you could say they are indistinguishably intermerged within their respective lower and upper sections. What’s more is that Tiphareth is a common point for all the 3 lower worlds—Assiah, Yetzirah, and Briah.

Atziluth is not included however, with the lowest part of it reaching down to include Da’at and reach up into the next world to however still include the Tiphareth of the next world—so, essentially, a Tiphareth of one world or another is always included. It could therefore be said that Tiphareth is a merger of all 3 lower worlds, and it is clearly illustrated that the upper portions of any lower world are synonymous with the lower part of the world above it.

Would also like to note that the Da’at of Yetzirah/Yesod of Briah—also known as the Briah aspect of Yetzirah/Assiah aspect of Briah—is a mid-point where Yetzirah and Briah are merge, and these two worlds are the two that are at the center of the whole structure.

Also want to note how you have the Tiphareth of Assiah as expression formed by the Yesod of Yetzirah, which in turn who’s structure had been informed by its own Tiphareth, which is the end manifestation coming from Briah.

4 Worlds, 4 Malkuths, 4 Levels of Manifestation

Thinking back on the Tree of Life and Jacob’s Ladder, I thought about and wanted to note how it seems that the Worlds are self-replicating and how the process can be compared to how creation works in the mundane. Tiphareth being the “I” or the individual, with this being the Kether of the next world,

and it is also worth noting that the Netzach, the emotive or the internal working which seek external expression, become the Chokmah while the Hod, the intellect and reasoning and logic and the factual, become the Binah with gives basic form and structure to the impulse that is propelled forth from the Kether via Chokmah,

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