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Table of Contents


Step 1. Give and It Shall Be Given To You

Step 2. Be Honest

Step 3. Work

Step 4. Ignore Negative Thoughts

Step 5. Forgive and Forget

Step 6. Think Big

Step 7. Give Thanks



Many people stumble through life taking whatever gets thrown at them.

They're sick, broke, tired, miserable ... the list goes on and on.

Little do they realize that what they get in life is directly connected to what they think, say and do.

Your every thought, word and action is a seed, and

will germinate into fruit of its kind. This is a very simple yet very powerful principle.

This booklet contains Seven Steps to Prosperity and if you FOLLOW them, you will receive wonderful success. It was written with financial prosperity in mind but will work in any area you put it to work in.

It is very short and to the point for those who don't like long drawn out lectures.

Step One

Give and It Shall Be Given To You

Whatever you put out there will return to you with interest.

This law rules over the earth whether you believe it or not. Many believe it; it comes worded in different ways, like “What you sow you reap” or “What goes around comes around”, but how many people actually live by this law? If you really believed that WHATEVER you do will come back to you, would you do all you’re doing? Would you’ve done all you’d done? Think about it?

From a financial standpoint, if you’re broke, the last thing you want to do is give - if you give you’ll have less, right? Wrong. While it is true that if you have $10.00 and give away $5.00 you’ll only have $5.00 left, it is also true that the $5.00 you gave away is like a seed you’ve sown. No farmer can reap without sowing and one single seed can bring him hundreds of its kind.

Think of a corn seed, one single corn seed; it grows into a plant, and bears say two to three ears of corn, each having …. God knows how many kernels on them. The farmer got back hundreds of times what he “lost” (sowed) and it’s the same in every area of life. What you put out there will come back to you.

Now you might not see it return clearly all the time, or

it may not come back as quickly as you might expect, but it WILL come back each and every time.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the same measure by which you give or sow will determine how much you’ll reap.

Back to the corn seed analogy: If the farmer sows only one seed, although he’ll get hundreds back, imagine if he’d sown a thousand.

So the moral: Give, give, give, give. Give your money, give your time, give your love, give your help; basically, whatever you want to get, give. When you help others, you’re helping yourself by extension. But don’t JUST give to get, (although I see nothing wrong with using this law for personal gain) put yourself in the other person’s shoes. Do unto others as you’d have them do unto you. If you were in that particular situation, how would you like to be treated? What would you like to be done to or for you? Whatever the answer is, do that to them, say that to them, etc.

Yesterday I was at the traffic lights waiting for them to turn green and a man on the side of the road asked me for money to buy “something” now I never give money to people who’re just sitting around and looking homeless, because more often than not they’re on drugs and will most likely use the money to buy more. So I told him “no, sorry.” Some women passed by him and he begged them too but they ignored him. Then he turned back to me and begged again, and this time I asked him what he wanted; He said he wanted chips and a drink, so I said “okay, but I’ll buy them for you.” (To ensure that he used my money for food and not drugs) So I pulled off the road and went into the shop and got him what he wanted. He was so thankful and it was a wonderful feeling. Now I didn’t buy that for him because I wanted to sow a seed, I just did it because it

was the right thing to do. So don’t just give to get, make this law a habit and you’ll love the results.

Now my final words on this: don’t just read this and say “I know, I know rah-rah-rah”, DO IT! The thoughts you’re thinking right now are seeds, they will grow into something or other, the words you’ll say to the next person you’re going to talk to are seeds, what you do when you get up from reading this …. EVERYTHING is a seed. So sow ONLY what you want to reap.

Step Two

Be Honest

What you give you get. Take, and from you will be taken, give and to you will be given.

Honesty is very important in financial matters because again, since what you sow you will reap, it pays (literally) never to cut corners. Now you may not be the kind of thief that would snatch somebody’s purse. But is there any way you can cheat?

Can you “clock in” at work earlier than you actually get there? Or “clock out” later than you actually leave?

Can you evade paying taxes?

Can you charge someone more money than you should? Can you steal a television signal? Get channels without paying for the service like the rest of us? There are millions of ways you can be dishonest, but most people may not even realize it because it’s not blatant outright stealing, but subtle stealing is still stealing and it will come back to you, with interest.

Remember one little seed brings a harvest hundreds of times bigger than itself, so examine yourself. If you are honest in your dealings, your finances will be protected; if you aren’t, and take what isn’t yours, the law says you must lose what IS yours.

And I want to stress that the seed you sow may return to you in ways you do not always notice. You might steal in some small insignificant (to you) way and get into a small insignificant car accident a little way down the road. You know the little fender benders that still cost over a thousand dollars to fix? Would you honestly connect the dots and say “Oh this happened to me because I have that device on top my TV that allows me to get all these channels free?” I doubt it, but that’s the way it goes. (Now let me just add that everyone getting something free isn't stealing it, it all depends on the circumstances … but you get the point.)

Also, if you owe anyone money, make paying them your top priority. If you owe and don’t pay, you will be owed and not paid. So again, treat others honestly, the way you want to be treated and you will receive just that in return.

Step Three


Do all you can to make what you have the most it can be.

Most people don’t start out in life working where they want, doing what they want, etc, but everyone has SOME talent, ability or opportunity available to them. Now it may not be much, but if you use what you have, more will be given to you. So look around; there’s something right there, right now that you’re overlooking, or ignoring. Maybe there’s “trash” in your house that will be treasure to someone else, so put it up on Ebay … something, anything. Only you would know what is available to you. But I can guarantee you that something is; seek until you find it.

And whatever you do, do the best job you can. Just as companies promote those who work well, life will give more to those who use what they have wisely.

Step Four

Ignore Negative Thoughts

Don’t give negative thoughts an ounce of energy. Any thought opposing what you want is a negative thought.

This is probably the biggest key, and the most difficult to achieve. We are all mentally programmed with something or other; The things we heard every day from our parents while growing up, from friends, TV, radio etc, these all shaped us into what we are, who we are. For some the result might have been good, but for the vast majority the end result was putting you where you didn’t want to be.

What you think and believe will eventually become your reality in one form or another.

People generally focus on what they don’t like, don’t

want, wish wasn’t so, hate to see etc, and the more they focus on these things the more of them they will get. Energy follows thought and empowers it; The more you think about something, the more you empower it and the more intense it will become both in your mind, and in your reality.

Have you ever got a cut that didn’t hurt until you realized you had it? I have. You feel perfectly fine, then look down, see blood and the pain is sure to follow.

Beliefs like, “the rain will make you sick” is absolutely not true. The rain is water; If the rain makes you sick, you should get sick every time you take a bath.

Some may argue that it’s the being outside in the wind and elements AND being wet that makes you sick. Well, what happens when you go to the beach? Do you get sick from being in the sea? It’s all in your head. Your thoughts and beliefs become your reality. Your mind

draws the physical parallel of the thoughts it contains to you, so if you walk around looking at all the bad things, you will see more and more bad.

Have you ever heard the saying, “Birds of a feather flock together”? Or “Like attracts like”? It’s absolutely true, so focus your attention on what you LIKE and WANT! You will make it stronger and you will attract it to you.

If you feed a starving stray dog that comes around your house, do you think it will stay away? It will definitely keep coming, in fact it may never leave AND it will get stronger. If on the other hand you ignore it, it won’t stay around you too long. Now I know that the dog analogy is harsh but it’s just an example. I may feed the stray dog myself, but you get the point. So banish negative thinking; It’s profitless and it ties you to its results. This is very difficult to do due to habit. They say that “the chains of habit are too light to be felt until they’re too heavy to be broken.” For those of us who’ve been programmed with negativity – and by the way, I described negative thoughts as any thought which opposes our goals, what’s negative for one may not be for another – getting re-programmed may not be easy, but it is possible. For every negative thought that

comes to you, switch it to a positive one, one that directly opposes the negative one, and after awhile that will become a habit - a good one. If you do this consistently you will get permanent results. The object is to reprogram your subconscious mind; your subconscious mind controls your conscious mind and hence your thoughts feelings and actions. You may not even be aware of some of the thoughts going on in your subconscious but they will determine the result you will receive in life.

The only way to reprogram your subconscious is through repetition. That’s how it got programmed negatively to begin with. Also filter what you allow into your mind; Whenever you listen to something you disagree with you’re allowing negativity into your mind; whenever you watch something you disagree with, you’re allowing negativity into your mind; and the list goes on and on. Sometimes you might like the beat of a song, but the words are negative.

Imagine for a minute if everyday you were criticized for something and called dumb or an idiot by many different people; it would without a doubt drain you, and as the insults sink into the subconscious, you might find them actually manifesting more and more. Now imagine the opposite; if you’re praised and called talented and a genius daily, by many people, it will lift you up, empower you and push you to greater heights. The negative drains, pulls down and kills and the positive, empowers.

Stay away from negative people as they will drain you.

Make positive affirmations and repeat them daily (repetition, repetition, repetition). Say them with a belief as though they already are and see yourself doing, having or being whatever the affirmation says.

Expect something great to happen to you today, and if it doesn’t, expect it to happen tomorrow.

Pray about everything. And if you don’t see results quickly, don’t get discouraged. Everything truly worthwhile took time to be created.

Step Five

Forgive and Forget

Holding a grudge is like a clog in a drain.

I can’t explain why, but unforgiveness, bitterness, resentment, jealously and so on are poison. They will surely hold you back. Letting go is incredibly important.

First of all, I personally believe that almost nothing happens to you unless you attracted it or deserve it in some way. Now you may not see how, you may not even want to see how, but nothing happens by

chance. Whatever, whoever did to you that you can’t forgive them for, is probably something that you did to someone in the past IN ANOTHER FORM.

Suppose you’re a big strong person and were a bully, the chances of someone beating you up or taking advantage of you PHYSICALLY are slim to none. But there are many ways outside of the physical arena in which you can be taken advantage of. When they arrive at your door, you will get all bitter and unforgiving not realizing that you did that same thing to others in ANOTHER FORM. See the seed was “taking advantage of” whoever, not necessarily HOW you did it. So what goes around comes around.

When you take responsibility for what happens to you, it will be impossible to blame anyone else let alone hold a grudge, AND it WILL be possible to act differently in the future in order to get a more favorable result.

You can’t control anyone but you, so if you rely on “their” good behavior for you to be happy or successful, you never will be.

If you are kind and positive to everyone - and do it naturally - do you expect anyone to be nasty toward you? They won’t - they can’t – because you’re giving off positive energy and attracting the same to yourself.

Have you ever met someone you had a difficult time liking? Or someone you liked straight away? You don’t know them, they don’t know you, but there’s just something about them. It’s what they’re giving off. I can tell what kind of person you are by the way I feel about you.

Now there are some people in the world that would most likely hate you no matter how sweet you are – because they’re crazy – but since you will probably never come into contact with them, it’s as if they don’t exist anyway so it doesn’t matter.

So almost anything and everything that happens to you is caused by you. Own it, accept it and move on. I say “almost”, because I believe in the “sins of the fathers” being passed onto the children; but don’t dwell on what your ancestors did or didn’t do, forgive them and focus on improving yourself. I want to stress here that lots of what we believe and attract to ourselves we do unconsciously; in other words we aren’t even aware we’re thinking this or that.

Years ago I went to a psychologist and he asked me lots of questions quickly, one after the other: I was supposed to answer them instantly.

This was so I wouldn’t have time to consciously think about the answers, allowing him to see what was going on in my subconscious mind. We might try to deceive ourselves, but our hidden values and beliefs will always steer us.

I’ve heard a now very successful person say that he was failing all through life and as soon as he forgave his father (for whatever it was) things started to work instantly in his favor. It’s powerful, I don’t know why, but unforgiveness is a clog in the drain. Removing that clog is a key to success.

Step Six

Think Big

Expect Huge Success.

Since we’ve established the fact that we get what we think about, it’s fair to say that we have what we have because we thought what we thought.

Remember your reality is created by what you think, say and do every minute of each day, so since you know this, why settle for what you THOUGHT you could have instead of what you really want?

When you think small, you limit possibility; on the other hand when you think in the “anything can happen” terms, you have opened yourself up to great success. Have you ever met or heard of someone who is very successful, yet has a very small view of the world and is full of doubts and fears? You never will. It can’t happen. Now someone can be successful in a certain AREA and failing in others, but if you talk to them, the area they’re successful in is the area they have faith in and speak positively about, and the areas they’re failing in, they’re probably negative about, or at least not as upbeat.

Expect a miracle; everybody on earth knows somebody, if you’re normal you know more than one person, someone you know might know someone who knows someone who can change your life in a heartbeat. It doesn’t have to be as far off and distant as you think. Your job is to be open to miracles and EXPECT them to happen.

Visualize yourself having, doing or being whatever it is you want to have, do or be as often as you can, and EXPECT it to happen. You can choose to think whatever you want, so choose to expect success and you will attract it to you.

Also think big:- if you really want a Mercedes Benz don’t aim for ..... well, some other type of car which I won’t mention here to make the owners feel bad.

If a multi-billionaire offered you any type of car you wanted, any house you wanted and the price was absolutely irrelevant to them, what would you ask for? Wouldn’t you ask for the best of the best? The earth is offering you anything that you want, if you follow its rules. So ask for what you really want, not for what you think you can get.

And never ask for what you think you may need in order to get what you want, ask for what you want directly, what you need in order to get it will be provided.

Step Seven

Give Thanks

In all things give thanks.

No one can truly achieve anything by themselves; think about it, everybody relies on somebody for something. And even if you live out in the middle of nowhere in a hut you made yourself with trees you cut down yourself with a knife you made out of stone yourself ..… you see where I’m going with this …..... all the things you’re using were still there for you to use and they weren’t put there by you, so thank God for what you have, no matter how big or small.

Now imagine if you did your best for someone and they were ungrateful, how would you react? You’d probably vow, “This is the last time I ever do anything for you.” If, on the other hand, they were oh so thankful, how would you feel? Like doing MORE for them, right? The laws of the earth work the same way.

Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal, one of the richest men in the world, said in an interview I read online, to give God thanks for the money He gives you, and He will give you even more.

When you focus on something with feeling and emotion it makes a greater impression on your subconscious and attracts more of whatever it is to you much faster. So when you give thanks, that is a positive emotion, you’re focusing on whatever it is you’re thankful for, and more of it will follow you. You have things right now that you can be thankful for, ever how small, ever how insignificant; A penny saved is a penny earned; start there, and more will follow. If you’re having a hard time

finding something to be thankful for, start with the fact that you can read this - that means you can see (or hear if you’re blind and someone is reading it to you) - and think of what could be worse. When you think of what could be worse, you’ll see how much you have to be thankful for.

Anyway, it’s powerful, it’s great, it works, do it!


Now being the generous person that I am, let me give you an opportunity to make karma work for you in a way that you will like!

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Again, if you were a farmer and you wanted a $10,000.00 harvest, how much would you invest in seed? $5.00? $10.00? $100.00?

I personally give away over 1/3 of my income and the results are amazing!

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