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Child Molesters and Where to Find Them

By Audrey Wilson

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To all the children enduring unspeakable abuse.

Table of Contents

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

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Chapter One

When a serial killer is caught, neighbors and coworkers often say, “But he’s such a nice guy! I never dreamed he’d be capable of doing such a horrible thing!” Or, “She’s an amazing Mom! I never thought she would do something so awful!!” It’s shocking to discover an acquaintance who seemed kind and helpful lived a secret, deceitful life harming others. When terrible news comes as a surprise, we believe it about someone we don’t know well.

But - when someone we’re good friends with commits a heinous crime, we have trouble believing the truth. Why? We simply can’t comprehend that someone we know quite well deceived us. We think we know someone’s character, and we say, “No, that’s not the person I know - someone is setting him up.” Or “His wife is mad because he has a girlfriend. That’s why she’s accusing him of molesting their child! She wants to get him in trouble to punish him.”

Did you catch that? We’ll believe that an acquaintance or stranger committed horrendous crimes, but NOT someone close to us!

And that, my friend, is how child molesters get away with the unspeakable. People believe that their friends and relatives are good, decent people, and they trust them. But every year, thousands of devastated parents discover their child was molested by someone they trusted. When parents realize that they themselves provided opportunities for a child molester to have access to their child, the betrayal is painful beyond words. The evil that molesters do is often hidden behind “helpful” behavior, such as child care, a fun outing, tutoring, etc.

When will we realize we cannot see the darkness inside of others? People who commit unspeakable crimes are experts at impression management. They are fantastic actors.

Friends and acquaintances with ulterior motives are careful to portray themselves as loving, kind, and concerned people so parents will let their guard down. But relatives don’t need to expend any effort to appear loving - there is no “guard” for parents to let down. When a molester is related, he/she is automatically granted unearned trust and frequent contact with no restrictions. Unmonitored access to a child is every child molester’s dream.

It’s normal to allow children to spend time with loved ones, but when a relative molests, many times the victim endures unthinkable abuse for years, while the non-offending parent or parents remain clueless. It simply doesn’t occur to a Mom that the father of her child regularly rapes his own flesh and blood when she’s not around. Why would it? It’s downright unthinkable to a reasonable person.

But normal, reasonable people need to realize there is no way to tell who is normal and who is not, when it comes to child molesters - they look like everyone else: babysitters, neighbors, friends, spouses, aunts, uncles, cousins, brothers, sisters, etc. And once a child molester has violated your precious child, please understand the molester has threatened much more harm to your child and the people your child loves if the abuse is disclosed. Even if you decide it’s time for your child to learn about “good touch, bad touch,” you may be far too late; your child may have been molested for years.

Many child molesters simply DO NOT CARE how young a child is - they have ZERO compassion, ZERO empathy, and ZERO concern for how their actions will affect your child for the rest of your child’s life. They are psychopaths with no concern about the damage they cause to the psyche or bodies of their victims. They know it’s wrong to abuse, but they don’t care - all they care about is making themselves feel good, and dominating and controlling a helpless, defenseless child makes them feel powerful.

If your child is very young, he/she may not have the vocabulary to express that someone is molesting him/her. Even if your child is old enough to articulate that he/she is being molested, extreme fear may prevent your child from saying anything. This ensures your child could be molested for years! Your precious baby will endure unspeakable abuse repeatedly if you bring up the topic of “good touch, bad touch,” and your child denies that he/she’s getting a “bad touch,” from anyone. You simply cannot believe the words of a child too terrified to disclose that they’re being molested.

If your child is being molested, he/she is enveloped in fear of the abuser, and doesn’t see a way out. Your little one will hide his/her emotions when you’re around, and you may not see any blatant signs that something is wrong. Let me repeat - do NOT depend upon your child to tell you he/she is being sexually abused. And don’t trust that your intuition will alert you of something horrible happening to your child; you may sense that your child is sad, but even if you ask what’s wrong, you’re unlikely to get the truth.

There’s only one way to know that your child is not being molested (besides never letting your child out of your sight, which is not feasible). Place spy cameras around your home (bedrooms, living room, basement, etc.), in locations where others have access to your child, and in your child’s backpack. You might be able to record using an inactive, hidden cell phone, also. If your child has a phone, you can install a low-cost spy app to listen to your child’s surroundings. Leave these items in place for weeks, and tell NO ONE, not even your best friend - ever. Even if there’s no evidence the first time you use the recording equipment, be sure to record periodically to ensure no harm is being done to your child. Monitor your child’s surroundings in your absence, no matter who is taking care of him/her. No child molester will ever tell a parent that he/she is turned on by a child, so it is up to YOU to make sure your child is safe.

Of course, prevention is the ideal, but it doesn’t always work. Once a child-molesting psychopath harms a child, he/she knows how to ensure the child remains silent. Many times the only way to know for sure is to have visual proof that can be used to stop the molestation and prosecute.

Chapter Two

Note: This is the only page where you’ll read about statistics in this book. I promise to breathe a little life into these numbers.

If there’s only one statistic you remember about child sexual abuse - let it be this: 93% of child sexual abuse victims KNOW their molester. Let that sink in. 93% is a huge number. Instead of focusing on Stranger Danger, which represents only 7% of child molestations, you need to be worrying about the people you know - neighbors, friends, or acquaintances - because they represent 59% of child molesters. It’s estimated that one in twenty men have molested a child. But there’s another percentage that should run chills through every non-offending parent, even though the percentage is smaller.

Are you ready for it? Here it is: 34% of child molesters are actually related to the victim. 34%! To a normal person, the thought of sexual contact with a relative is incomprehensible, but to most molesters, everyone is game, even a tiny, helpless child or infant who can’t fight back.

It’s difficult to determine the number of children who are molested, as this fact sheet attests. Only a small percentage of molestations are ever reported. ⅓ of adult women freely admit to experiencing some form of sexual abuse in their childhood. This means the numbers are much higher than we’ve ever imagined, as this translates to millions of children being molested every year - many of them countless times, and most by someone they know well.

My daughter was one of those millions. Her father, my ex-husband, molested her for years, and I had no clue because it never happened while I was around. My child suffered the unspeakable for years at the hands of her “Daddy,” a psychopath who cares only about himself.

Psychopaths experience “duping delight,” a feeling of intense pleasure when they’re able to hide their abusive behavior, lie, or convince someone they have a child’s best interests at heart. Fooling someone makes them feel superior to the one they’re duping. The longer they’re able to abuse a child, the more convinced they become of their superiority.

How do child molesters get away with such a heinous crime? Remember, evil people masquerade as good; otherwise, they couldn’t succeed with their schemes. They show normal behavior that can serve dual functions. Nothing is as it seems. Molesters play their “normal” roles quite well - so well that no one suspects them of having an ulterior motive for being around children. Since the vast majority are men, I’m using male pronouns/nouns to describe them, though women can certainly be child molesters, also.

A child molester is mostly concerned with two things:


*Making sure YOU are unaware of the abuse

To verify circumstances are clear for the abuse to continue, the molester may use a code phrase that almost guarantees an anticipated response. Don’t get hung up on the meaning of the words - psychopaths know what others expect them to say, and the words are just another tool in their arsenal of manipulative techniques. My ex-husband used the words, “I love you” as his “code” phrase. Every time he spoke to me on the phone, came home from a business trip, or from a night out with his friends, he would say this phrase with no emotion, and I repeated it back to him. Every time we were apart, he needed to know that I was still unaware of his disgusting, unfathomable behavior toward his own daughter. At the time, I thought this phrase was an affirmation that he loved me (even though his behavior towards me was not loving most of the time). When I responded by repeating “I love you,” he knew his secret was still safe. I never dreamed these words could have a diabolical use. Of course, this does NOT mean that every person who says “I love you” is a child molester - just that a child molester won’t hesitate to use “love” as a tool.

A molester will show you what you want to see. You want to see a good father - he’ll show you a good father. He will buy gifts for the kids and take them to the playground so you can get a much-needed break. You’ll feel so grateful and thankful you chose a man who turned out to be a good “Daddy,” never knowing he was rewarding your child for being still while he violated her. Just because a person looks like a good person, doesn’t mean he is good. He’s just good at playing a “normal” role, and hiding the evil inside of him.

A friend told me about an incident that happened when she was a child. Her mother was driving, and her mother’s best friend was in the front passenger seat. Her mother’s best friend’s husband and several pre-teen children (including my friend) were in the back seat. Due to lack of space, my friend was forced to sit on the man’s lap. It was dark outside, which was the perfect cover for this opportunistic predator to run his hands up her blouse and fondle her while they were surrounded by others in that small, enclosed space. No one could see what was happening, and my friend was too scared to speak out. A few years later, this man raped a thirteen year-old girl.

He always gave me the creeps, especially when I found out he married his wife when she was only fourteen. She endured decades of abuse from this psychopathic child molester, until she finally divorced him. I’ve never heard anything about him molesting his now-grown daughter, but it wouldn’t surprise me if he did.

A high-profile case currently in the news is showing everyone that children can be sexually violated right in their parent’s presence. Larry Nassar, the US Gymnastics Team Doctor, was sentenced up to 175 years in prison. 150 brave young women testified that he placed his ungloved fingers into their vagina and anus under the guise of medical treatment. Many times, the gymnasts’ mother was in the examination room. You can be sure he felt a tremendous sense of duping delight molesting in front of a parent. 

Chapter Three

As I write this, the “Me too” movement is in full swing with many Hollywood stars speaking out about the sexual violence they experienced from powerful men. Most of the “Me too” survivors were already adults when they were sexually assaulted, and some were teens. A major group missing from the movement are the children currently enduring sexual violence. These children can’t or won’t speak up until they’re older - if they ever do. At the moment, they’re voiceless, and helpless to stop the abuse on their own.

Be a voice for these silent children and share this free ebook with everyone you know who has a child. This is one way to open the eyes of parents who might never consider that someone may be harming their child. It never, ever occurred to me that my ex-husband could be sexually abusing our daughter, and as a result, the abuse lasted for years. I suspected him of cheating on me with other women, but not molesting his own flesh and blood.

In the United States, we say we believe people are innocent until proven guilty. When it comes to verifying a child is not being sexually abused, parents need to flip that, and know for sure that their child is not being harmed. You may think that I’m paranoid, and that’s ok. If this short book opens a parent’s eyes to see what’s hidden, then I’ve accomplished what I’ve set out to do by writing this.

Don’t be like me, and trust that your husband would never harm your daughter. Don’t be like me, and have the “good touch, bad touch” talk with your child when she’s six or seven years old, not knowing she had been enduring years of sexual abuse by that time. Please don’t be like me and read articles or books that mention child sexual abuse yet do nothing to verify (with cameras/recording devices) that your child is not being molested.

As soon as you’re finished reading this ebook, please go online and buy some inexpensive spy cameras. Have them delivered to your workplace or to a package receiving service. Set up your laptop/desktop/old phone to secretly record while you’re away. For your peace of mind, please do these things as soon as possible if you have a baby/toddler/child. It’s the ONLY way you’ll know the truth!


I wrote the story of how I discovered my precious daughter was being molested, the clues I could only see in hindsight, what happened when the molester was confronted, and the aftermath in “Molested: One Mother’s Shocking Discovery,”

Chapters One and Two of “Molested: One Mother’s Shocking Discovery” begins on the next page. 

Chapter One

Blissfully Unaware

I had to force myself to not dance out of the courtroom. For the next ten years, I’m going to receive a thousand bucks a month! This is what it must feel like to win the lottery, or at least the Publisher's Clearing House Sweepstakes. I feel giddy at the thought of this bump to my bank account, courtesy of my soon-to-be-ex-husband. On the way back to work, I let loose and dance in my car to the rhythm of the bass and drums blaring through my car speakers. It is a beautiful day.

Two months before, I separated from my husband, and took out a restraining order against him. It was hard to believe we had reached this point. He was my first everything - first kiss, first and only person with whom I'd shared a bed. I wanted to be married one time, and one time only, but I was drowning in his constant jealousy, insults, and thoughtless behavior. I stayed with him for our children's sake, knowing he was an awful husband, but believing he was a good father. 

The horrendous marriage had produced two beautiful, sweet children - Mya, the oldest, was quiet, obedient, and quick to help wherever she saw a need. She was also the smallest girl in her class. James was a bit hard-headed, and always wanted to do things his way. Case in point - he refused to go to first grade when the new school year began; instead, he ran to his former teacher in the kindergarten room and insisted he was going back to her. I had to promise him the astronomical amount of $10 to get him to walk into the first grade classroom.

Despite my painful marriage, I didn't want my family to be broken. I thought my children needed their father, so I stayed with Jason. Naively, I believed divorce was wrong unless I had proof he cheated on me - one more time. I had forgiven his prior indiscretions after he pleaded with me to stay with him. But the thought of another eight years of wedded torture was incomprehensible, and I told him if he wanted a girlfriend - no problem. We could divorce and he could start another life with someone else. I knew what was in store for any woman attaching herself to this man, and I wanted my freedom. 

I had no clue that the daily phone call hang ups I received were the key to collapse his reign of pain over me. Jason adamantly denied knowing the caller, but I was thrilled to find the phone number in his address book, which was normally hidden in his car. When I pointed out the number, he responded by slamming me into the bathroom wall. "Call 911," popped into my head, and I listened. The police showed up in less than five minutes, arrested him for domestic violence, and deposited him into the county jail.

Never again would I be subjected to Jason's crazy-making. No more tap dancing on clouds to keep him happy. No more accidentally crushing eggshells with my feet, and apologizing profusely because he insisted I was being disrespectful to him. During the past two months, I had gotten used to the fact that I was a single mom of two young children, and the upcoming child support gave me strength that I could raise my babies alone. Jason traveled a lot due to his job, so custody of the children was never an issue.

Since the separation, thoughts of homelessness tormented me, but today - today everything is different. In a couple of days, I’ll get my first child support check, and it will cover almost two house payments. I couldn't understand why he refused to pay the mortgage; even though divorce is imminent, our children still need a place to live, and I can't afford the mortgage by myself. Didn't he care about his children?

But a thousand extra dollars a month means I don't need to worry about finances. Jason and I will split child care costs, and I’ll be able to take care of Mya and James. Maybe even splurge on takeout once a month or more.  Life as a single mom is looking fantastic, and I was looking forward to it with financial support.

Back at work, coworkers peer at me with raised eyebrows as I study spreadsheets with a smile. Time accelerates, compressing hours of a usually dull, monotonous job into a few, brief minutes filled with unbridled joy. After work, I pick up my daughter from the afterschool center, then head toward the sitter's house to get my son. My cheeks hurt from hours of smiling. Life couldn't get any better.

I had no way of knowing that on this day, my arrival at the babysitter's house would be anything but routine. This is the day that split my life in two; before the awakening, and after. Nothing would ever be the same again. 

Chapter Two

Unspeakable Disclosure


Mya waits in the car while I knock on the babysitter's door. Ms. Chris is silent as she opens it a few seconds later, her expression serious. I'm a little concerned, as this kind, gentle woman usually greets me with a smile and "How are you?" A quick look around proves my rambunctious son, James, is still in one piece. Whatever it is that's upsetting her, it can't be that bad. “Hi, Ms. Chris. How’s everyth – “

“Audrey, I have to tell you something. I’m so upset. I had to take a Valium a few hours ago to calm myself down." Valium? I think it's time for a new sitter. "I’ve got some bad news. Really bad news.” Her hands shake as she wipes away a tear. 

What could be so bad? “Ms. Chris, what is it? What happened? Did James get hurt?”  

Ms. Chris looks at me, her face creased with concern. “Mandy (another child at the home daycare) told me that James said Mya puts his pee-pee in her mouth.”

Her words sting my mind with the ferociousness of a thousand angry wasps. I shake my head to delete the awful picture from my mind. “I’m sorry – I didn’t hear what you said. Please repeat that.”

“Mandy told me that James said Mya puts his pee-pee in her mouth.” Stunned, I’m speechless for a few seconds as I struggle to process this information. 

I shake my head again. “No. There’s got to be a misunderstanding somewhere. Mya wouldn’t do that!” I zoom into the living room, balancing on my high heels. Smoothing my skirt, I kneel down next to James. He looks up at me, still holding toy trucks in his hands. “James, Ms. Chris just told me something about you and Mya... Is it true that she puts your pee-pee in her mouth?”

My five-year old son breaks eye contact with me and looks at the floor. The corners of his mouth angle down. His bottom lip protrudes and trembles. He nods his head, and looks up at me with huge blue eyes, eyes too big for his face.

Forcing myself to remain calm, I ask, “How many times did she do this, James?”

“Two times - in the bathtub.” 

She’s eight years old! How can she know anything about oral sex?  “She shouldn’t be doing that to you, sweetie. Come on, let’s go talk to her.”

James grabs my outstretched hand, and we walk to the car in silence. It has to be someone at her school. When she’s not at school, she’s with me or her father. I’m going to press charges against the pervert that would do this to my baby. Who could do such a thing to an innocent child?

James and I hop in the car and buckle up. I turn to my tiny daughter and say, “Mya, James said that you put his pee-pee in your mouth." I pause for a few seconds, and then say, "Where did you learn to do that?” 

My little girl's face turns to stone, and she twists away from me. She stares at the glove compartment. Her shoulders move up, then down, in a nonchalant shrug. 

What? Why would she react to my question like this? Something's wrong. Really wrong. “Mya…has someone been making you do that?”

My baby girl turns to me and scrunches her delicate, sweet face. Her painful, agonized cry pours out – “Daddy! Daddy’s been making me do that!”

A painful shock zaps through my body. I can’t breathe. A loud, wailing sound of unrelenting pain fills the car. It emanates from Mya and me. The harsh dissonant notes lance the festering, raw wound in my little girl's heart. The secrets, lies, and despicable acts crushing her innocence are exposed at last, ready to drain.

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