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I dedicate this book to my middle daughter Anesha. She’s an intelligent wonderfully gifted wife and mother. She’s been excelling since the very minute of birth and there’s no stopping her.

I’m proud to call her mine. I love you sweetness!

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I consider myself pretty much witty and knowledgeable. I take pride in it, considering I had very little schooling and formal educating beyond elementary school. I delivered 4 children by the time I was 19. They are all fantastic! I’ve accredited my gifts and talents to God!

These sharing’s of proses quotes and phrases are one’s that I tend to believe in and live by. My intention is to share literal litter, using simple words of the alphabet, that you may pick up and possibly utilize in your life.

To begin: *These are a couple of phrases I believe in and live by.

*“Being a true friend is giving of the one thing you can NOT get back. Time.”

*“Gaining trust is worth an infinity of Wealth. Losing that trust is worth an infinity of Debt”.

Just Random Proses In No Particular Order Of Necessity Or Importance

Art is the expression of ones mind heart and soul. It’s beauty and declaration of life is and will be forever relevant.

Do You See What Eye See

Beauty IS in the eye of the beholder. The same holds true for the consumer when they know what they're looking at.

If you've ever visited an art museum, you may have questioned the birth of a "piece", puzzled by it's focus. What was the artist thinking. What was on their mind as they whittled or sketched away so eagerly. Once you're able to dissect art, you've seen magic. It unfolds within you as if you're witnessing it's direction, and it visually comes to life.

You can't just look at it, you have to look in it. It may not make sense to you at first, but if you really want to feel what the artist felt, you'll find it. Or maybe not. And that's OK too. All art is beautiful and meaningful to me, I have the gift of reading it. When seeing a formation of colors, directions, dimensions and elevations, it's literally breath taking to me.

I'm thoroughly interested in reading, even if there aren't any words. Art is to be read, it's our visual braille per Se, I get it.

Keywords:Art Beauty Knowledge Search Unveil

Something Better

Nothing is more rewarding than finding a better way of executing your plan(s).

There is always another way to say or do something that is pleasing.

Everyone wins! ?

Keywords:Abstract Accountability Alteration Art Exchanged Redirected Solutions

Being Bothered by something is an energy consuming state of mind.

If at all possible, avoid it. Let it go.

Why Are YOU So Angry

Whether it be Tiger, Bill, David, Tameka or any other public figure that you once admired, if your initial interest was developed because of what they portray as a sportsman, leader, commentator, singer, actor/tress or what ever lured you, what does their relationship with their spouse and a higher power have to do with your slighted interest now? As long as they've repented to their immediate victims of betrayal, why should you denounce him/her? Unless them being loyal, faithful or otherwise committed to their relationships is what made them your hero", their "tail tours" (yea we'll call it that)are no concern of yours! It's okay to have feelings of anger and consternation by the obvious pain the spouse endures, but they aren't cheating on YOU or what attracted you.

You've appointed them as more than just your hero, because if you hate them now, you were in it for something totally different. If you want a perfect spokesperson, sportsman, performer or leader, maybe you'll be best for that job if perfect is what you seek. YOU are perfect right? Oh...okay well

Keep it quiet or keep it moving... I'm sure they appreciate the fans but to cast stones and revoke attention and or promotions is BS.

Just my two cents and I can spend it however I wish!!

Keywords:Betrayal Bothered Business Deception Decisions Forgiveness Repentance STOP IT

There's Gotta Be Another Way There

For years now, I've been trying to get to a higher, happier, healthier destination. Yet I've relied on the same mode of transportation. A similar vehicle per Se to replace another and although I gain some knowledge of where I'm headed, I consistently arrive at the same hazardous familiar avenue.

It's like I've been waiting on a train in a station that's long since been condemned. The train is never coming, I'm taking the wrong approach. Sitting here year after year hoping just one day the road will open and I can finally board.

As I gather my "things" to move on, I'm not bitter. I grasp mental notes and occurrences of passer by's and things I've seen, shared and allowed to exist while I sat. A waste of time, yes to some degree, but the quality of the time spent was frequently warm and welcoming. Disguising itself as valuable.

Almost as if I were destined to sit there to wait, learn and find "stuff" to grow on so that I may go on.

The single most lesson I learned was to pay attention to the signs. Just because the doors are open, doesn't necessarily mean the "place" is fully functional.

Keywords:Allowance Awareness Bothered Condemned Consistency Familiar Growth Health Lesson Relationships Sedentary Situationships Space Time Transit Wait

It’s confusing to not know what is going on absolutely and completely with a person, a direction, a mere statement. Be clear and concise at all times. Not everyone gets it.

Who IS That?

Am I the only one left that can honestly admit who I am? I've had people shy away from my admitting to be moody. We all have our days and times when we are not the same as yesterday or a few weeks back.

The advantage of knowing gives an approacher the heads up to proceed with caution. It's all about the approach and reception. You'll never know how I'm feeling if you've spent the majority of time contemplating asking. Or at least being considerate and respectful of the fact that, today may not be a good day. However, your reward is that it just may be; or, that your greeting has made for a better one.

Wouldn't you rather know that the person you're dealing with has some flaws? We all have them. But wouldn't it also let the person know that you have a sincere interest IN them and not confining your interaction TO them being in the best of moods always?

Don't run away and say, uh oh... this is not what I signed up for. Yea it's cool to choose not to be subjected to a bad or altered mood, but show some concern if it means anything at all to you. Challenge me to a better day or temperament.

I can go as easily from numb to nice in the same 0.3 seconds that I can go from brilliant to bitch!

A provoked mood swing is far worse than a neurological one. If for some reason my mood shifts from tame to tart during/after an encounter with you, then by all means, Of Course..... Hurry up and run! Because YOU have lit that match, however it would not be feasible to stick around until it burns out.

I have my days where you'd be better off walking thru a Lions Den in Pork Chop Pants, than to have messed with me. And then there's days where, you'd pray to a "Higher Power" to not have our shared time end. I can be your most favored life experience. It's totally up to you.

Oh and today is a good day. I just felt like pointing this out.

Now...which one of me, would you like to meet?

Keywords:Concern Confusing Decisions Honesty Prepared Provoked Socializing Take It Or Leave It

False Alert

I think artists embedding, adding, using, displaying sirens of any form into their "music", should be banned. If you're fortunate enough to gain air play, it can be confusing as well as causing potential dangerous traffic pausing. I get what you're wanting to depict(not agreeing that it's warranted) But Yeaah - No - StopIt - That is all, yet it is enough said.

Keywords:Alarms Confusing Driving Music Traffic Why

Decisions are tough because more often than not, you only get one. Make it count.

All do overs won’t supercede your first choice.

Utilizing Energy

In my today, I spend a lot of time figuring myself out. It's a pretty big task too. No one can tell you more about me than me. I don't know a whole lot about what goes on in/with other families. That's because I try my best to mind my own business. I don't divert a lot of time and energy to the things I can not change. Like, whether or not someone likes or dislikes me. Today's outside temperatures. The color of the neighbor's drapes. Getting older. The verdict in a trial in which does not DIRECTLY affect me or my family.

Okay, so I arrived at my point... On a news broadcast, I saw the rioting and mass disappointments in the outcome of "current events". I noticed during my outing this morning, that I was not greeted and or received in the friendly manner in which I usually am. No one was outright unfriendly, but It was enough difference for me to notice. It was like anyone of a race other than mine, had their shields on.

Well, I am not those things that are happening around the world today. I am not a threat to anyone. I don't hate. Sure there are people that I have an extreme dislike for, but it's personal. Not indirect, biased or preconceived.

Some things in life can alter one's maturity level. Those very things can and most likely will be the demise of the one's that’s let it. The inevitable things will be just that, but the avertible things are up to you.

Just go around them. There's always another and more so than not, a better way.

Keywords:Affliction Decisions Fairness Prompt Riot Wisdom

Picking Your Corner

I've been registered and have voted every since I was 19. I'm not sure how I felt back then, having the right to do so; however, now I feel as if I'm a major part of something. Even if my candidate of choice does not win, I know that just as many opposers went out with the same intentions. To be included.

It surprises me how many people have never voted. How many people aren't registered. Yet, those are the very people who stomp around saying, "The winner sucks". Or, "I demand a recount". Wow, no matter how many times a recount would be performed, there's no way at all, that a "sleeper", will aid in producing a better outcome. Which at this point, would be too late.

No, I'm not a very political person. Yes I dislike having so many campaign flyer's crowd my mailbox. But I do read them, in an attempt to make a fair decision. I've even worked at polling sites well into the night. That was not a problem, I was making sure everyone was given fair honest recognition.

In conclusion, don't be so quick to yell foul, if you're not a part of the fight. Vote for someone, anyone.

Keywords:Decisions Impartial Losers Opponent Procrastination Rights Winners

Like Love and Live at your top peak. Embrace all of who you are.

So What!

No one is perfect and none of us are the same.

Be all of who YOU are, it's what makes you unique.

I like it. Who really cares if someone else doesn't.

If you can change what you don't like, do it.

If you can't, embrace it. It's easier that way.

Your individuality is yours. No one can take that from you.

Keywords:Accept Change Embrace Individual Self Unique You

Who Are We

According to some social media footage, Nicki Minaj admitted to being bipolar and is called a "weirdo". It's usually what we'd call ourselves, because no one knows more than the recipient of this overwhelming ailment, just how annoying and confusing it is. It's not confined to women and or in limited numbers.

There are many of you out there that are bi, tri and even if it's a such thing as quadro polar and either don't know it, or too stuck in the "what they gone say or think" to own it. Well if you're bipolar and you know it clap ya hands[clap clap] If you're real and you know it clap ya hands[clap clap]If you're different and you know and you're not ashamed to show it, wish the others take a test, then clap ya hands[clap clap]!

Keywords:Children Embrace Illness Men Moods Owned Reality Women

You don’t have to be someone’s direct friend, to be friendly.

Offer a smile or a kind word to anyone.

Challenging Myself

It's all coming together. With each new day, I discover a new me.

I read something to this effect just yesterday, I'm paraphrasing, but it went... If you want to be better you have to want to change more than you want to stay the same.

That was exactly what else I needed to see, to apply to my challenge. The more I make positive changes, the more it pays off.

I need to work on my profanity and becoming easily angered. Being as quick as I am to call someone a bitch, needs to stop. I also call women Lassie during an altercation or disagreement. So even when I'm alone, I've decided that I will replace that piece of profanity with the well known female dog's name instead. It's the same thing. So it works for me. I'm going to try really hard to replace it. And eventually eliminate the outbursts all together.

I had one of the best yesterdays. Everyone I encountered was friendly and personable. Things that were scheduled, were met. And the winning situation of the day goes to some very nice, patient gentleman that happened to approach me in the customer service line at the grocery store. He was behind me and there were several people in front of me. As we conversed, there was eye contact and smiles and just full engagement. But I remembered that I needed something else but didn't want to leave the line. He said, "Go ahead." "And when you come back, you can have your spot in front of me."

I accepted the offer and actually sprinted to the back of the store to retrieve the item. When I returned, the line was empty with the exception of him, leaning against the counter. As I got closer, I was puzzled... Out of breath from my item journey; I said, "Hey thank you,... did you get taken care of?" He shook his head no, "I told you I'd hold your spot so you can go before me. I have lots of patience." I smiled and said, "I see! Thank You!" There was literally no one there in line. He could have very well completed his transaction and left, but didn't. I assume he felt that, had the line became congested again, he'd still be acknowledged as being there before them and allowing me to go ahead of him in lieu of getting at the end of yet another long line.

My point and bottom line is, Pay close attention to yourself and fix the broken pieces. Don't be in such a hurry to move ahead. And be kind and patient with one another.

Keywords:Better Change Embrace Friendly Gratitude Pieces Production Serenity

Random Vent(cleaner version than how I actually feel about it)

Neither of these things happened today. I just got upset about something totally different and it reminded me of the two things that get me thoroughly, completely and almost irreversibly pissed.

# 1- I despise being disregarded. If I say something to you or type something with an effin ? following it, it warrants a reply. I grew up and lived through this ill azz practice from my parents. I will NOT tolerate this from ANYONE else in my adult life.

F^ck you very much and goodbye.

# 2 - Pretty much a replication of #1, Greetings. If I spoke to you which is almost always accompanied by a smile, whether you could hear me or not, we made eye contact so you see my lips moving attached to a smile. Reciprocate in some way. A nod. A wave. Or even an explanation as to why you won't, shouldn't or can't speak back.

So, if you see or hear me walking past someone and perhaps saying audibly clear, "Or maybe not" (after I've said goodmorn-after-eve <~ depending on the time of day) to a mutha effa that didn't speak back. Or "F you back", it's indicative of my wanting to extend a drop kick to the back of their head as my way of asking, "Do you hear me now?"


Ok... that is all. I just had to get that out of me before it infected the rest of my day. I'm getting Ice Cream...

Keywords:Angry Beware Forewarned Friendly Furious Owned Peeves Pissed Rant Respect Vent

Have a sense of gratitude for where you are in your life, currently.

A positive mind set, nets a positive outcome.

Right Now

I'm not living in my desired home, but I like where I'm at, a lot.

Don't have the financial security that I dream of, but I'm making ends meet. Not completely satisfied with my weight, but I like how I pull myself together. My helpmate is lost among the fools, However, I'm confident he's out there. Would rather have a vehicle with more bells and whistles, but grateful for what I'm driving today.

I don't get discouraged about the lack of more elaborate things or situations in my life, because I am optimistic that they'll present themselves in due time. Being happy and appreciative of my current life status, shows I'm humble and deserving of being and having more when it's my day to do so.

Keywords:Deferential Grateful Obliged Optimism Worthy

Handle With Care

Dear Reader

I am pleased to inform you that you are accepted. You are very much appreciated and highly valued. I'm sure you get down sometimes; the majority of us do. Of course you've done some things in your lifetime that was against your better judgement. Perhaps told a lie or two. Cheated on a test, stolen something, maybe worse than that.

Just when you thought you were all alone, even if you thought no one cares; remember someone always does. So what if no one speaks to you all day. No one calls, knocks or writes. You've spent days ill and no one even knew. You've conquered your biggest feat and there's no one to tell.

Guess what, I care that you're here reading this. I care that you find me interesting enough to share your time with me. I care that you may find this at a time when the words will settle in and make sense or a big difference to you. But even if I didn't, or no one else appears to reach out, as long as YOU care, You'll be just fine. Don't ever forget about YOU and someone will always be there. That someone is You.

Gratefully Yours The Author

Keywords:Acknowledging Care Gratitude Reading Thank You Writing

One of the most valuable things I possess is my honesty, my integrity. My word is bond!

Just A Prose

Why is the truth a bad word? No one speaks it and no one can accept it! I desire to tell, live and know the truth, no matter how damaging! I believe simple honesty up front is the best way to go. The only pain it causes, is when it's not openly present and later rears it's head as a slice of deception, not easily consumed by the best of us. Now there is no choice but to toss it out...

liars have an abrupt expiration date with me!

Keywords: Acceptance Deception Denial Honesty Lies Truth Uncertainty

False Or Favored

I wonder how many unions are forming under false pretenses simply for a gift. Then I wonder how many relationships are ending due to inability or unwillingness to give a gift.

Be nice and have an honest enjoyable upcoming Valentines Day whether you are giving or getting, stopping or starting, loving or lying. Either way, what goes around will be back shortly.

Keywords:Deception Fantasy Gifts Honesty Lies Lovers Valentines

In Or Outside the Box

Is online communication considered cheating?

I'm gonna have to go ahead and say umm, yes.

There is a level of communication that is geared toward establishing a union and can be identified by the way you feel before during and after the encounter.

1.) If you wake up early in anticipation of typing at someone, it's too giving of emotion.

2.)If your heart flushes at the site of correspondence from him/her, it's triggering.

3.)If you get all antsy, pace the room, lose focus and direction of your day, with the thought of him/her, it's too involved.

4.)If once your partner comes home and you sigh in regards to wishing it was the "computer love", it's threatening.

It is highly possible to love more than one person at a time, however, in a committed relationship, the honesty has to remain priority. For what ever reason you are entertaining yourself outside of your relationship, if you're not ready to end it, but feel it needs a jolt, speak up. Address the lack and fuel it. Unless you are ready to denounce it, and in that case, admit it.

One of the many painful occurrences in a relationship, is being the last to know that it's over. Don't let friends, family, neighbors or potentials be the one to fill him/her in.

Bottom line, if you are happy inside, leave the virtual madness outside. Know your limits and stick to them!

Keywords:Cheaters Happy Honesty Misery Monogamy Relationships Secrets

Even in simple mathematics, we want it all to add up. Inconsistencies throw everything off. Be consistent. It’s easier.

Own It!

This that mess I don't like. The only thing I do like about a liar, is that it helps with the process of elimination. There's no room in my circle for such a square. Thee End!

Keywords:Circles Endings Family Friends Inconsistencies Lessons Liars Losers Process Why

IKR?! Wait... What?

I'm going to do my best to make this my first, not so negative, but thrusting toward it, post of the year. Try to stay with me. Okay so...

Someone, even me, has vented and ranted on and on about something and or someone that they want or need to denounce. You believe it, them, us, me, and a lot of energy is spent. And then you go ahead and recharge it. In so many words or less, stop telling everyone how you really feel, when you really don't feel that way at all. It's consuming; because you, we, they do it all the time. You, we, they, I look really off balanced when we say one thing that makes total sense and then do the complete opposite.

Just stop talking. I don't know how my "recycled" rants/vents make you feel, but yours make me like YOU a lot less. And I'm more apt to not take you serious, right before I cut you off completely. Oh and feel free to cut me off too, and then paste me back in(again). Delirious....

See, that wasn't too bad. Just a little confusing maybe.¯\(..)/¯

Keywords:Associates Baffled Bye Confusion Family Friends Inconsistencies Liars ME Rants Shut Up STOP Them Vents You

Jesus! That’s it. That’s all.

Just Jesus

He paid a debt He didn't owe,

Because I owed a debt I couldn't pay!

Keywords:Acceptance Him Jesus Lord ME Owe Repentance Respect Sin You

I know I'm Not In Charge

Today I had prearranged errands to run. I got dressed and left the house feeling fine with the slight exception of not knowing my exact route. It's been a while since I'd traveled that area, so having my every move down to a science is much needed to keep road rage and panic at bay. I decided on a short cut because hey, I know the streets and checked the news for road closures; nothing could go wrong. So I thought

I kept missing my turn or kept turning when I should've kept straight. I went in the wrong direction approximately 3 more times before I called to vent to my traveling companion whom I was headed to pick up. I tried again and missed my turn, inadvertently ended up on the Interstate but exited when familiarity came into play. Still 100% uncertain of my direction until I saw another familiar street, called to confirm I was on the right track and on my way. Well the road immediately started looking unfamiliar then very familiar as it was taking me back in the direction of my own house. I called back and said this is a sign that I can't do it so I'm going home before I end up in A whole nuther state. I was extremely irate at my failed attempt, the traffic got worse as I got closer to home. I'm now spilling profanity every where, rolling my eyes at the light posts and anyone that dared to look in my direction. It's a wrap.

God is so remarkable in knowing I was not totally up to being on the street today. I thank him for taking me back home safely. He'd taken the wheel from the first wrong turn. I love that he knows me better than I know myself. I know there were one set of foot prints on my journey today and I know they weren't mine.

Keywords:Driving Familiar Foreign God Help Irate Jesus Panic Relax Support Thank You Traffic

Knowledge, however you gain it is the only way to proceed and succeed.

Did You Hear The Bell

If school hasn't already started for your family, if applicable... it will be starting soon and I'm hoping you're ready. Your procrastination in the beginning will sometimes set the scene for the rest of the year or even your life. Be on time, be prepared and be successful.

Have You(if applicable and not necessarily in this order)

Chosen your school

Registered for the new year

Had any needed immunizations

Stocked up on school supplies

Acquired school uniforms

Visited the school

Spoke with any officials

Received a class schedule

Made transportation arrangements

Made after school arrangements

Decided a school meal plan-take in or eat in

Instilled important values for the new year

If you answered no to any of the above and some that may not be mentioned, according to your age/need category, I won't say you're slipping, but I will say... Please hurry; make this your best year. You or your childs future, are reflected from your actions today!

Keywords:Determination Failure Growth Knowledge Learn Prepare Slack Success

Collecting Keys

Some "things" show up and leave you completely oblivious to their true intentions. It's then up to you to pay attention to it's every move, every whim and decipher whether it is indeed for you. If this presence made you happy enough to love yourself more, it served a great purpose. If you were left saddened by an ordeal, take it simply as a lesson that everything that's good to you isn't good for you, which can further help you seek and recognize a better "thing". The experience in itself was just that, an experience. Even though some situations don't evolve as expected or hoped for, they occur as knowledge. You will never exceed a need for knowledge as long as your days continue. You must collect the keys of experience to unlock the doors of knowledge & understandings.

Hope this all makes sense or at least adds to your key ring.

Keywords:Abstraction Disappointment Expectancy Experience Keys Knowledge Life Listen Satisfaction Self Things Understand

Life is and of everything. No one person or thing progresses without it.

It's Yours, You've Earned It

You've spent your entire life planning to be the best. (I HOPE) Once you've established an identity for yourself, you'll want to keep traveling in an upward direction. Building a family is only part of it. Even if you decide to go it alone, you'll want to be secure financially. Being on time with all bill payments. Paying more than the minimum on reoccurring accounts. Not lending your name and or identification numbers; will insure that, what you've worked for, will count towards your rewards, when you need them the most.

When you're ready to buy that home, car, boat or any big ticket item that falls beyond the comfort of one single payment, having a great credit rating and score will prove beneficial to making those items yours.

When it comes to your name, your identity, your convenience, YOURS is the key word. Be aware, be responsible and you'll rest easier knowing, you've earned your spot at the top!

Keywords:Credit Identification Life Loyalty Responsibility Reward


The cards you were dealt, don't have to be deemed as yours, unless you let and want them to.

What ever happened to you, that was against your will and acceptance, were the acts of misdirection and you can change it.

Take control of your life. Get "your self" back. Exchange the ill dealt hand for a fresh new deck. It's your play!

Keywords:Fair Life Renewal Transpiration

Friend vs Associate

*Being a true friend is giving of the one thing you can NOT get back, Time.

Do not call yourself my friend just because you know or have met me. I'm not your friend based on years of acquaintance. Get to really know me. Accept me for my sole being. Voice your concerns, accept necessary separation, understand my actions.

Friendship is not monetary or measured on your presence.

I've known a person for 17 years and it wasn't until several months ago, that I actually acknowledged them as a friend.

Putting in productive time and establishing the friendship, is a subconscious occurrence. There isn't a whole lot of planning and preparing for the establishment, it just grows into such, naturally.

There is no expiration date or allotted time for the feat; but you'll know when it's met.

Distinguish the two. The word friend is far larger than the 6 letter word.

Keywords:Friend Life Time

Defining the word

For any relationship to thrive, there must be communication, consistency and veracity. Lying equates to stealing; I won't tolerate either.

Keywords:Life Relationships Utilizing Words

Don't Miss Your Stop!

When you are busying yourself with someone else's growth Or lack thereof, You've spent way too much time in the wrong arena. Fight YOUR fight. Run YOUR race. As they are.

There's not enough room for two people to stand on the same spot. Stop pretending.

Move Around!

Keywords: Breached Consensus Envious Euphoric Facade Life Opposition Remedial Repetitious Triumphant

Manifestations are things that have grown and or expanded.

Be careful not to bite off too much at one time.

One Single Day

There are 28 to 31 days in a month, and it only takes one of those days to make or break your life. You walk into a coffee shop and immediately get discovered by a talent agent. Your wisdom gets you catapulted 1 or more grade levels within one day of educational testing. You win a lottery or huge sum of money on your first attempt. Those are a few of the positive things that can be life changing in one day.

We all get curious and or busy, but here are some things you just don't allow in a day, as they could cause great disruption. You wouldn't leave your infant child unattended for one full day. Deciding to try recreational drugs for the first time. And although some people do, you wouldn't go all day without eating.

Stay ready! You never know when an opportunity will tap you on the shoulder. Be careful! Don't let something in, that you're not prepared to sustain. & If you can go 1 full day without doing something that's supposedly important to you, how much value does that subject truly hold in your life?

What a difference a day makes.

Keywords:Anticipations Circumstances Consciously Expectations Expeditious Manifestations Preferences Randomness Revelations

Skimming Favor

You can only put so many roses in a vase until it becomes too full. There have been days when everything you touch turns to gold. Everything you wished and hoped for has come to pass, and you forget how and why you've achieved such favor. You start to get used to things falling into place and couldn't imagine your life without a full vase.

Well at some points in your life, that vase will become empty again. Those will be the times that you feel bitter, unloved and totally forgotten. Someone will stop praying, stop believing and giving, if ever.

That's when you have to spend time filling that vase with faith, determination, perseverance and patience.

Start to look at one flower as being life itself. Appreciate it and live in it just as you are. Watch how much you bloom. In due time, your flowers will show back up. Keep growing!

Keywords:Acceptance Appreciation Determination Faith Favor Growth Life Manifestation Time

Mmmm vs Hmmm... What is that smell

Cold doesn't kill everything. So even in this frigid winter season, you must follow procedure.

I love inviting scents. Whether on someones person or within an area. I've taken the time to list some recipe's that promote good scent-ual hygiene and house keeping. You'd be surprised at how many people should see and utilize these tutorial tips. It's not at all a laughing matter, I'm just saying.

I've also listed some tips on Cause and effects of the happy nose invaders

For Your Person

1. Start with a clean body. ie., Bathing, Showering, Brushing and Flossing.

2. Immediately apply scented or non scented skin moisturizer.

3. Apply your favorite scent. I am one that likes to smell good even while I sleep. It helps to produce a more peaceful slumber.

For Your Home

1. Begin with a clean home ie., Having every item in its intended place. Assuming all places have been dusted and or polished.

2. Remove all trash. Using a smaller trash receptacle will insure more frequent trips to the outside bins. The larger the trash can, the more time it takes to fill, hence the longer your garbage remains inside, releasing it's ghastly odors.

3. Keep floors swept, vacuumed & mopped.

4. Dishes left over night are an extreme eye sore to humans. However, an invitation to party, to insects and rodents.

5. Dirty Laundry... is Dirty Laundry. You've already determined it was dirty, don't let your guests second the opinion. Get er done!

6. Finish up with scented oil plug-ins, candles and fresh air. Open something; a door, window... weather permitting, every now and then. If only for a few minutes.


If you smell it, so do we

If you drop it, pick it up

If you're done, throw it away

If you spill it, wipe it up &

If you've worn it, wash it out

Keywords:Clean Home Inviting Manifestations Sanitize Scents Self Respect

Noise is any and everything that produces sound. Good or bad, we hear it.

Words Everywhere * Then Nothing

Precise, Remorse, Shame, Diligence, Intellect, Bravery, Selfishness, Esteem, Forgetful, Belligerency, Flamboyance, Competition, Equanimity, Flattery, Negligence, Repetition, Selflessness, Salvage, Disposition, Serenity, Regret, Laughter, Vilification, Impressive, Opposition, Remnants, Sufficient, Halt

There needs to be words. Words are expressions of things, of feelings, of stuff. A loss of words combats a slew of words and they both struggle. Each time a word is placed there is a victor. You've won at giving life to a situation, a status, a scenario, a self.

On the other hand, sometimes you just want to shut up. Mimic nothing, regress. That way they see what's not being said, make an assumption of the silence. Replace it with an action and begin again. Okay - no more talking...

Keywords:Acknowledgement Actions Expressions Noise Production Reaction Reflection Silence Words

NOW You Can Sit This One Out

I didn't start driving until I was 30 years old, so prior to that, I traveled via public transportation or an associate. Any time I had or elected to ask an associate for a ride, I'd get noise like, I don't have any gas. Or, that's too far. I later found out that gas was less than a dollar a gallon. So being that I was a paying customer, I didn't get what the big deal was about the gas. One of the other things was, a guy I knew had a car just sitting out in front of his house for months and when I questioned it's immobility, I was told that it didn't have a battery. Again, I later found out that batteries could be obtained for less than 30 dollars for the size and make/model of his vehicle. What the hell was he waiting for? If that wasn't some of the cheapest mess.

OKAY... Now that gas is seven hundred dollars a gallon. I am ready to join them on the couch. I never let my vehicle get below half a tank before I fill up and I could do so at or under 20 dollars. I put in 27 dollars from a half tank and still did not get a full tank. Geez, I never thought I'd see the day where I shopped within my neighborhood because I had to. I would go all the way across town just to get one item, because I favored that store and or location. Now I've limited window shopping to looking out of my own window at what the neighbors just bought or are wearing. lol ... what's next?

Soon we'll be having unavoidable neighborhood food pitch-ins, because the price or "safety" of our consumables have been compromised. What would the Jetsons do? hmmmm

Keywords:Gouging Inflation Noise

An obstacle keeps you from the finish line. Any predetermined ending.

Approach everything with intent. And be prepared.

Moving Past Myself

I have a very special friend that has told me to get out of my own way, and when I'm having an off day, don't listen to myself. Most times when we are consumed with negativity, it's due to our own insecurities and doubts. In all actuality we truly are our own worst enemies. Well I get it and have passed it on to others that are also perceived as their biggest obstacles. I'm surpassing all that I previously set for myself, as I know there's more to/for me than this or shall I say that. Yesterdays are lost so I'm getting my today's and tomorrows in check.

**pushing myself away so I can get thru**

Keywords:Achievement Doors Now Obstacles Positivity Progression Self Success

The Corporate Countdown

Don't be the unfortunate victim.

So many are losing homes and vehicles due to the loss of skilled labor. There are no safe havens. No sure routes. You must have a skilled hand at something you can execute on your own. Ask yourself, what am I good at? Who's always asking me to help with this or that because my way is more effective/efficient?

Does getting the job done fall into the category of what the consumer is looking/paying for? Regardless the deed, if there is a need, and you're good at it, make it count for you. Having something to fall back on when the pink, blue or what ever the "going" color for that dismissal slip is, gets handed down, will at least keep you financially afloat in between suits and ties.

Don't be afraid to present yourself, try it out on friends and family. They'll usually be your worst critic; if they are honestly on your team, for better or for worse. If it's a go with them, you may be on your way to self sufficient success.

Keywords:Do It Yourself Family Friends Help Obstacles Work


... are happening!

Some are good, some are bad. But they're happening none the less.

Utilize the 5 P's, Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance.

And you can tackle and master, Any Thing

Keywords:Accountability Execution Obstacles Preparation Successful System Things

Your personality doesn’t necessarily define you completely, but it’s who we see in the first few minutes of an encounter that helps us decide if we want to know more.


People that have a relationship with me, one way or another, seem to believe that I am self centered. Well I don't see how they could say that. I am genuine, sharing and caring. Very considerate.

Here's some scenario's...

I've had someone tell me a few years ago, "Oh, I forgot. If it doesn't revolve around Angela, it doesn't mean anything". I object!

Just last week I had someone tell me, "The world doesn't spin on Angela's axle". Well again, I object!

Alright... I'm not objecting to mean that the world and or it's axle does revolve around me. The objection is that I do NOT think that about myself.

In between those two guys telling me that, I had this discussion with one daughter...

Me: "Hey, so n so said I think the world revolves around me."

Daughter: "You do act like that sometimes."

Me: "How ?"

Daughter: "Well we don't do anything unless it's what YOU want to do."

Me: "Exactly! Why would I do something that I DIDN'T want to do."

Daughter: "My point!" "So we always change OUR desires to suit YOURS, or we don't do it."

Me: Ohh, I get your point. I need to compromise and go outside of MY comfort zone sometimes?"

Daughter: "Yes!"

Me: "Alright, I'll try."

Today I told a different daughter what was said last week, and it went like this...

Me: "Aye, so n so said I think... blah blah blah"

Daughter: "Not all the time."

Me: "What? You mean sometimes I do? Well give me an example in your opinion."

Daughter: "U just sometimes don't care a lot about others"

Me: "Awwwwl, I'm sorry if I ever made u feel that way."

Daughter: "Not me! Just other's"

Me: "Ohh, ok well yeah - no, lol - I gotta try to do better"

Daughter: "It will work out for you LOVE"

Ok, I ended it there. I thought long and hard about what I could've said and or done to make someone feel uneasy, disregarded or disrespected. A few things came up, but I had never thought of it the way they all did. With that being said, I genuinely apologize to any and everyone that has ever experienced a sense of slight from me, to any degree.

Sincerely, ~Ms. Angela

Keywords:Apology Attitude Family Friends Objection Personality Reality Self Centered Selfish Spoiled

Introversion Is Real

If most, or at least half of the days, we’re good, then please know it's nothing personal when and if I don’t want to be bothered. And then again, maybe it is. You just can't tell with me. Pay attention!

Keywords:Ascertain Daily Heuristic Introvert ME Moody Pause Perhaps Personality Specific

Quality is to know and or show just how good it, anything is. In a nutshell.

Hey! Who's That?

Spend enough quality time with yourself, to be able to accurately and completely introduce yourself.

Some people find out about themselves inadvertently, from interactions with others. Get alone and quiet sometimes. Listen with your eyes, heart and mind. Don't settle on who they think you are.

Let all of who you find there, be presented. No pretense, no copycats, no frauds. The true newly discovered you!

Keywords:Authentic Finally Quality Subliminal Thorough

Scarcity VS Abundance

Without divulging my prayers, hopes and dreams, I'll say a few words about faith and the outcome of patience.

Often times we wonder why we have not the desires of our hearts and feel slighted that others may have more. Whether it be wealth, family, friends and the like. The real concentration should be on why God has limited and or removed those things from you.

When I sit real still and revisit the things that were not granted on my time or taken without expectation, I can clearly see that something better is ahead. Something bigger and more sustainable in a situation or circumstance where those people, places or things were not or will not fit into my best interest.

I am thankful to be where I am today, so that I may acquire a healthier and happier, better quality of a tomorrow.

Keywords:Abundant Acceptance Faith Limitations Patience Quality Scarce Testimonies Understandings

A relationship is defined with a connection you have to anyone. Family, friend, spouse or co worker. It’s all established for identification purpose. Depending on the room you’re in.

Acknowledging The Men

There have been tributes paid to a lot of people for various reasons. We tend to scarcely point out the good, but frequent the bad in an individual. Sometimes we whisper or note to "others" what kind of impact a person has in our lives. We seldom take out the time to say out loud, "Hey, I sincerely like, love and or appreciate you"

Do or say something nice from the heart, about some man in your path. I bet they'll appreciate it!

Keywords: Acknowledge Family Men Relationships

Does Anyone Still Like To Play?

Why is everyone so serious? Laughter is still important in a relationship! Let’s Play cards, Monopoly, Scrabble. Let’s cook together. Go to the movies, the park. You push me on the swing. Just sit and reminisce back to when we met. What made us laugh or cry? Hell let’s just take a nap together. Come on, Lay down... Let’s talk about it.

Keywords:Couples Fun Laughing Relationships

The Gift Of Attention

To me, attention is a great gift. It is not something that's owed to me or no one for that matter; therefore to receive it for any reason is valuable.

Lately I've received a lot of positive attention and I love it. The brat is shining so brightly in me that I'd run off kicking and screaming, stomping and yelling if the slightest withdrawal were to take place. Don't you just hate when that happens? NO - not the withdrawal so much, but the reaction from the brat. I just may change that to my new handle. LOL...

There is also bad or unwanted attention, which provokes the complete opposite reaction. Well actually no, if I'm pissed at the level of unwanted attraction, notability,

I'm still kicking and screaming, stomping and yelling so yea - no; unwanted attention gets the same reaction from me, whether good or bad.

How did I get this way? Well lets see... I've always had a very nice supporting spouse. I was always given my way.(I was just called on this by a friend that refuses to allow me "my way")(I secretly like that better). The rewards and luxuries of being a good woman have always been plentiful. I really am a good woman.

Now that my children are young adults, they spoil me more than any Man ever could. Not just birthdays and holidays but every time they see me; they respond as if it were the first time, every time. As if they never tire of my presence. That reaction is priceless. I say this often but, Damn I love my kids!!


Sometimes I am hard to satisfy. There's just no pleasing some people. Or is there? I'm going to stand in the corner until I can figure this one out. Don't leave, keep paying attention to my every move.

:looking back from corner: :giggling:

Thank you!

Keywords: Attentive Grinning Happy ME Relationships Selfish Spoiled

Shopping to gain, gather and replace. Either way you’re spending.

Whether time and or money.

Shopping On Purpose

Will you be in line or Online...

Whether you're looking for Dishes or Dresses, Cars or Cats, You won't fail taking a chance on browsing online for that item. I am a multi talented individual. I'm often looking for simple and easy ways to find something to enhance my productivity.

If you like to cook, having the best cookware for less, is priceless. Have a knack for sewing, get that bulk material or tools to bring it all together. Simplicity in your search, saves much needed time to spend, perfecting your project or personal desire.

Being able to do your shopping or perfecting, from the comfort of your own home, without having to tie that shoe, grab those keys, brush that hair... well, you get it, right?! It's secure and sure to save time and money. It's your choice, make the right one, the convenient one.

Works for me, make it work for you!

Keywords:Reasonable Shopping


Can you relate?! There are many instances in life that compare to having wasted your time. Some things are comparable to being on a waiting list for years just to be told, "that list is now closed".

Or what about being in line for an item and finding out right before you're up next, that the item is sold out. Or the item was never available; got you lured in with false advertising. Pure fluckery and deceit.

This is simply the kinda stuff that can ruin your day. You try to move on and look for an alternate "item". One that will function the same, but you're careful not to wait too long. Especially if it's not promised to you.

There will be other items, but your time is lost forever. What a waste.

There should be a law. Not a rain check but an actual law that impedes this behavior. I'd prosecute to the fullest! Out of line... literally!

Keywords:Blatancy Deceit Gone Inconsiderate Nothing Patience Shopping Waiting

Time is a beautiful precious entity that is simply irreplaceable. Spend it wisely.

U + I =1

Get on your mark, Set.... stop

Race wars, Race relations, Race discrimination, Race race race

OK if it's a race, who won? Who lost? Who tied...

We are not that different, why are we defined by our skin tone. We shouldn't be identified by our ethnicity, but by our actions, our movement's, our qualities, our one selves.

Who cares that you don't like me. Let it be because I talk too much or not enough. Who cares that I don't like you. Perhaps it's because of your arrogance or ignorance.

Being racially descriptive is just wrong. You can do it like this,(I know you can because I practice and utilize it with my own family) find other ways to identify a person that you speak of or refer to.

Hey, that new girl with the great brown shoes is really nice

Could you ask Harold, the really tall guy, to help you with that?

Did you know, that the couple wearing matching outfits, own their own art gallery?

I never pointed out the race of the people, however, made distinguishing attributes, that suggested I was speaking of them.

Most of the time, the easiest way for someone to associate a person would be to grasp that they are of a different color. Why is that?

Instead of seeing our differences as color, make our separation unique by drawing attention to an article of clothing, a hair style, an action or simply an area of interest or distance. (IE., the guy way over there or the child immediately to your left)

See how easy that is? Well I've spent enough time on this subject. I'm sure I will encounter more lessons in traffic today. Yes I'm heading out now and am certain to be cut off by "some asshole"!

Point made

Keywords:Life Respect Time Together

Special Delivery

Today I have the welcomed task of conversing with my 8 year old granddaughter, about things that will find her in the very near future.

This is usually an occurrence that a parent wants or should have first hand at, but in this case, the parents feel as if that particular line of questioning vs answers would best be delivered by Nana. I am honored to oblige.

More often than not, children are left to form their own opinions/conclusions to a situation; or receive ill information from peers, because a parent believes the age of gaining this knowledge is premature.

I on the other hand think that, at the earliest age of perception, valuable age relevant information should start being introduced.

Time is wasted thinking of the, "best way" to tell it. Making an effort TO tell it, is often the parents biggest mistake; therefore, however it's told beats not telling at all. Pad the surface with a snack and relevant g rated movie or book, smile, relax and get it done! I will note to be careful with the snacks and book/movie padding's, so that their presence doesn't become the highlight of the child's interest. The point is the special delivery, not the padding. So having them before or after the "sharing" still makes it a comfortable setting!

Ok, I'm going in....

Keywords:Children Family Growth Ignorance Information Knowledge Parents Time Valuable


There is no statute for amount of time grieved and or affected by wrong doings. Emotions aren't scheduled.

How dare ANYONE attempt to usher me into being just, with what I've ever gone through adversely.

Keywords:Acceptance Anxiety Emotion Mandate PTSD Rescinded Time


Is it written that one has to stick to a fore mentioned or intended situation? I value my word, and want it to be taken for it's worth. However, I often say or do things without that guaranteed word. If it hasn't been written in blood or stone, it's erasable, correctable, reversible.

One thing about me, if I say I'll do something, then as long as I'm alive and healthy, I'll meet the obligation. If I start something, I can and will do my best to complete it. But... In some instances, I put my arm, leg and foot in my mouth. It's up to me to get it out.

When someone else's time and or heart are involved, the best way to remove an ill placed foot is by placing it in front of the other and letting it fall where it will. Point blank, just do it. If you've misjudged time, or something else takes precedence over the previous arrangement, speak up. Prolonging the procedure can cause more damage than leaving it alone.

Keywords: Damage Faithfulness Obligation Stress Time

Understanding is an agreement.

You're Right

I wanted to do this, but done that.

So did you.

I intended to say that, but said this.

So did you.

We all say and or do things one day, that differ from what we intended or preferred.

Bottom line, get over it and just do you. You're the only one that has to answer to it. The only difference in us, is that I don't care what you think about me or my decisions. We don't have to like each other or our choices. But we do have to respect them. Or not; and in that case, well... this is where you get off. See Ya! or Not

Keywords:Choices Decisions Differences Intentions People Resemblance Respect Scenarios Shrug Situations Understanding

Understanding PMDD and Me

If you know me or have tuned in to my rantings, you know that I am honest and don't mind sharing any and almost everything with you. I stated earlier that I have a host of impairments that limit my social functioning. Which explain why I do some of what I do. I'm not seeking approval, I'm fine with who I am. However, I felt the need to share one of my major impairments that limit and often cause confusion in my day to day actions/activities. Take it or leave it. It's who or how I am and have been for the majority of my life!

Women with PMDD complain of irritability, anger, tension, marked depressed mood, and mood lability (crying spells for no reason, verbal outbursts, or tantrums ) to such a severity that quality of life is seriously compromised. In addition to these symptoms, some women complain of lethargy, sleep disturbance, limited concentration and a host of physical symptoms such as breast tenderness, headaches, joint and muscle pain, bloating and weight gain.

The primary symptoms that distinguish premenstrual dysphoric disorder from other mood disorders (i.e., major depression) or menstrual conditions is the onset and duration of PMDD symptoms -- with symptoms appearing during the week or so before and disappearing within a few days after the onset of menses -- and the level by which these symptoms disrupt daily living tasks. (This diminished level of functioning is generally in great contrast with the same woman's interactions and abilities at other times during the month.)PMDD is like PMS, 10 times multiplied. At least that's an escalated height for me especially if any of the symptoms are provoked or challenged.

The symptoms of PMDD may resemble other conditions or medical problems, such as a thyroid condition, depression, or an anxiety disorder. I happen to experience complications from this disorder, 2 weeks prior to the onset of menses; lasting until the site of flow. It's so identifying because, I will go from extreme negative emotion, to an uplifted silliness within minutes. Those that know me and I often joke, "uh oh, panty check". That's how well WE KNOW ME. I return to a cool fun state of being again until the cycle repeats; every month of every year of my life every since I was about 17. Well that was the first clinical diagnosis.

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