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The Tribulation

By: Teresa VanMeter

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The time is now, or could it be the day after tomorrow? It is the beginning, and quite possibly the end. The end of what you may ask? If it is the end it will no longer matter. If it is not the end, the road only has two choices. Life or Death.

Such is the example of the last life of Urien Libel. Awakening to the sound of an old wind up alarm clock. Limbs still tingling and asleep. Spurning the dream of an electrically charged light that had enveloped the earth. His hand slapping at the annoying clock, and at last becoming aware of the time. It had been set for nine, but it was now three thirty. Just how long had it been ringing?

Urien jumped from the bed knowing full well he was already late for work. He had to call in. He'd already missed work three days this March. Hurrying to his dresser only to find his cell phone dead. Under his phone was a letter. It had not been there the night before. At what time he realized he heard not a sound. No traffic, no kids next door, not even his wife.

Quickly he dressed and hurried outside. Vehicles had been abandoned in the roadway. Doors left open to many homes, but not a sole or animal in sight. He must've been asleep a lot longer than hours. A fine layer of dust on the vehicle windows suggested days or weeks. Urien's mind falling back to the strange letter.

Rushing back inside, and hoped that it held the answers.

It was addressed:

To those left behind.

So the Bible can't be real...

It took 1600 years to complete the 66 books in the Bible,

written by 40 different people from 13 different countries,

and 3 different continents...

The 40 writers came from many backgrounds:

doctors, fishermen, shepherds, soldiers, kings, princes,

from the rich and the poor,

educated and uneducated...

Against all these odds they all wrote about the same man,

our savior Jesus Christ.

Only by Gods divine miracle could such a work come together.

"forever, O Lord, Thy word is settled in heaven"

There are over 20,000 known manuscripts of the New Testament found to be true archeological finds throughout the Middle East.

There are more than 14,000 manuscripts and fragments of the Old Testament.

10,000 from a 1897 find in Cairo Geniza (storeroom) which dates as far back as CE 800.

Nearly 190 from the Dead sea scrolls(Qumran Cave Scrolls) find in 1947 to 1955, which dated all the way back to 250 to 200 BCE...

All from 11 different caves, and they believe they have found a 12th cave.

There are 4,314 assorted other copies. Including over 5,600 Dead Sea Scrolls with different authors from the Old Testament.

Every copy textually like the others, with only vowel differentiation, consonant blends, etc. However the miniscule variations never affect the text or content.

New Testament has 24,000 preserved manuscripts, 5,000 from the first century.

Historically the oldest Biblical text were found in two silver scroll-shaped amulets containing portions of the Priestly Blessing from the book of Numbers.

The amulets were found at Ketef Hinnom, dating to c. 600 BCE.

The third oldest known piece of Torah(En-Gedi Scroll)is a portion of Leviticus, paleographical testing in 2015 dated it to 1st or 2nd century CE.

Amazingly a fragment of the Gospel of Mark was found inside the mask of an Egyptian citizen, in which they reused any sheets of papyrus that were found to make the masks. That fragment of Mark was written during the first century, before the year 90 CE.

Other Gospels found in the Egyptian mask were Matthew, Luke, and John.

Among the Gospels were Greek texts, business papers, various mundane papers, and personal letters, which included philosophical texts by the Greek poet Homer.

Some containing dates directly on the letters and business documents.

Still it can't be real...

Though Plato's writings can be believed, and the accounts of Caesar's Gallic Wars with only 10 manuscripts in existence.

Then there is Aristotle's writings with only 49 manuscripts in existence, which appeared 1,400 years after the fact.

Then explain Job 38:16 (oceans contain springs).

In 1970 oceanographers discovered springs on the ocean floor.

Genesis 2:7;3:19 (our bodies are made from dust of the earth).

Scientists have discovered the human body is comprised of 28 base and trace elements-all of which are found in the earth.

Genesis 1:9-10 (continents were created as one large land mass).

Geologists agree that there is strong evidence the earth was originally one super continent.

Jeremiah 1:5 (life begins at fertilization).

God knew us before we were born. Biblical penalty for murdering an unborn child was death (Exodus 21:22-23).

Today it is irrefutable biological fact that the fertilized egg is truly an entire human being. Nothing is added except nutrition and oxygen.

Genesis 1:20-22 (God created birds with the ability to reproduce).

That is the answer to which came first the chicken or the egg?

Then there is the prophetic accuracy of the Bible.

Over 300 direct prophecies written 500 years or more about the coming of Christ...

Then there are many more unrelated prophecies that have come to pass.

Still unconvinced?

In June 2004 they discovered the Pool of Siloam from John 9:1-11.

Then in 2014 they discovered the Spring Citadel in the City of David.

The same spring believed to have been conquered by King David in 2 Samuel 5:6-7.

The Zagros Mountains Behistun Rock deciphered.

The inscription confirming the Bible's accuracy in naming King Darius of the Persian throne. The inscription dating from 516 BCE.

In 2007 they discovered Nehemiah's 5 meter-wide(16ft) wall while excavating.

In the latter part of the 19 century fabled Hittite monuments were uncovered at Carchmish. Until that time no one could believe the people had actually existed. Even though it was written in the Bible: (Genesis 15:20; Exodus 3:8, 17; Numbers 13:29; Joshua 1:4; Judges 1:26 and elsewhere).

Archaeologists believe they have found Gath the hometown of Goliath, which was mentioned in 1 Samuel 6:17. Finding a massive structure with two pillar, pottery shards inscribed with names, and 3,000 year old horned alter.

Between 1935-1938 at the site Lachish, twenty-one pottery fragments were found called Lachish Ostraca. The pottery were inscribed in ancient Hebrew script. The script detailing the Babylonian siege and the conquest of Jerusalem by Neuchadnezzar. Still to this day critics claim it never happened.

Over 100 ostraca were found in the citadel of Arad. Dates and names are mentioned, including Be'er Sheva, and the house of YHWH.

A limestone relief from Sennacherib's palace at Nineveh shows the siege of Lachish.

A cylinder of Nabonius (555-539 BCE). This stele proves that his son Belshazzar's was co-regent with him, and that he did exist (Daniel 5; 7:1; 8:1).

The Merneptah Stele, dated about 1206 BCE and now housed at Cairo Museum. It is the earliest historical evidence mentioning of a people called Israel.

The Black Obelisk of Shalmaneser III (858-824 B.C.) shows Jehu, king of Israel, bowing before the Assyrian king. This is the only known picture of an Israelite king.

The Moabite Stone was discovered in 1868 east of the Dead sea. The stone mentions Israel, Yahweh, and the house of David.

Evidence supporting John the Baptist bones. The remains in a reliquary in a 5th century monastery on Sveti Ivan Island in Bulgaria belong to St John the Baptist. A small box made of hardened volcanic ash bore the Greek inscription referring to John the Baptist, and his birthday June 24. They carbon dated the right-handed knuckle bone to the first century CE. The results were a male, most likely from the Middle East.

The Rosetta stone is a granodiorite stele, found in 1799, inscribed with three versions of a decree issued at Egypt in 196 BCE.

A tiny clay seal inscribed in Hebrew script was found. The inscription stating, "belonging to the Governor of the city." Governors of Jerusalem are mentioned twice in the Bible: in 2 Kings, Joshua is the governor of the city in the days of Hezekiah, and in 2 Chronicles, Maaseiah is the governor of the city in the days of Josiah.”

Jerusalem archaeologist has made many discoveries from the First and Second Temple periods, including David’s palace, Solomon’s wall, Nehemiah’s wall, a gold medallion with a menorah imprinted on it, and two clay seal impressions of a pair of Jewish princes who tried to have the Prophet Jeremiah killed.

An Ossuary was found in October 2002. A limestone bone-box used by Israel during second century BCE to CE. The Ossuary reads, "James, son of Joseph, brother of Jesus." Its authenticity was under suspect for years. Experts finally confirmed the presence of microbial patina on the ossuary and throughout the inscription. Patina occurs naturally in 50-100 years, making a forgery impossible.

The Shroud of Turin, in a cathedral in Italy. Radiocarbon dating not factual, because the sample tested in 1988 was a piece of restoration after a fire. However a new test in 2013 suggested it was in fact from the time of Christ.

More evidence for the Shroud of Turin. A historian/researcher at the Vatican claims to have discovered Christ's death certificate on the Turin Shroud. Finding faint words written in Greek, Aramaic, and Latin on various parts of the material. She claimed to have been able to decipher a jumble of phrases written in three languages, including the Greek words (I)esou(s) Nnazarennos, or Jesus the Nazarene, and (T)iber(iou), which she interprets as Tiberius, the Roman emperor at the time of Christ's crucifixion.

Other proof Jesus was real...

Jesus was mentioned in Jewish Rabbinical writings from what is known as the Tannaitic period, between 70-200CE.

Non biblical accounts of people speaking about Jesus outside the Bible.

Thallus (52 CE), Tacitus (56-120 CE), Mara Bar-Serapion (70 CE),

Phelgon (80-140 CE), Pliny the Younger (61-113 CE), Suetonius (69-140 CE),

Lucian of Samosata (115-200 CE), Celsus (175 CE), Josephus (37-101 CE),

Jewish Talmud (400-700 CE), The Toledot Yeshu (1000 CE).

Still can't believe...

Then the real question I ask is can you prove the Bible is not real?

In the meantime remember this...

There were many evils in the Bible.

Could that evil have been left behind too?

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