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By: Maria Cooper

Home Sweet Home



Book Cover:

They just moved into their new home

and she anticipated the drive to work, now forty minutes away

she knew the back roads would be best to avoid the morning traffic.  at 5am she left her home to take the closest road, darkness all around

the weather was chilly

the long roads were scary

the quiet homes

the miles per hour were 50 and the car behind her would not stop tailgating

they utterly annoyed her

she thought about her car payments and insurance thinking what if she was backed into

she went over a long hump and couldn't see forward

only the darkness

looking in the rear view mirror and taking her eyes off the road she forgot to look forward

in a moment she slammed into the side

the car behind her trailing around her and speeding off

the phone pressed hard into her shoulders,

she gripped the phone tightly

her heart panicking.

she looked behind her back in the old house

she washed the dishes with ice cold water

the water heater was broken again

adjacent to her was the basement back door and the living room behind her

every few minutes she looked behind her

her husband was not home and she feared the worst

in a neighborhood where the home next door was vacant

there was a spray painted gang sign on the side of the home

the wooden boards barely covering the windows

the home was remodeled

with French warm brown paint

and fresh carpet

the bathroom with beautiful marble tile

there was two floors

a three bedroom house

would soon become a rental property

Chapter 1: A dream

She had married the man of her dreams, he was beautiful on the outside and inside.  A police officer and a college graduate.  They met at a bar on the east side of Chicago, she walked in in a red flowy dress while he was settling a dispute between two men.  Her blonde hair in a high pony with heels cracking on the floor.  

They fell in love after only a couple dates and was married soon after. It all happened so fast, it was so exciting! Reality hit, as life got in the way.

Today she sipped her coffee, choosing creamer with chocolate and hazelnut.  A change in creamer always seemed to brighten up the day.  She munched on salted pretzels.  The phone rang as she was stuffing more pretzels into her mouth.

"Dang" she thought, and answered professionally "Hello, this is Sarah how may I help you?"

Patients came in everyday angry and questioning their medical bill.  Sarah tried to smile and let it go, since customer service was a large part of her job and the hospital's legacy but it was still hard. Going home was a relief to spend time with the man she loved every day. She started noticing a change in her eating habits and wondered why. She used the same birth control since high school and it always seemed to work.

Chapter 2: Am I?

When she ate her breathing deepened, there was nothing like the taste of good food, her favorite was taco salad and stuffed baked potatoes.

There were plates and dishes left all over the house, and she could not stop

she was ashamed of what she had become

she was out of control and needed to figure out why

the hiding made it far worse

this was a hard battle to fight as she battled with low self- esteem and insecurities anyway

it was a crime to leave any snacks around the house

she simply couldn't resist

a whole pizza, family bag of bbq chips, or brownies was gone is under twenty minutes.

As time went on flaws started to pop up, things she missed at first.

Chapter 3: Drunk

This was the third time this week he came home drunk. How would she ever deal with it? A baby on the way with the most extreme circumstance. She didn’t even tell him she was pregnant. Would he even care? For now all she had to do was keep going.  She had her mother, as she had taken care of her since she was a little girl. They had both come through many hardships. She watched her mother in various relationships and to her it meant she would be okay no matter what. She never understood how through it all her mother held herself together and looked beautiful as ever. Both on the inside and out with long dark lashes, and thick black hair, a light brown skin tone. She was the only person she could talk to and was intimidated to talk about personal issues at work or with friends. Though she found it awkward that she overheard people spilling their own business. She just wasn’t like that, she never knew when things would get better and if so she didn’t want people knowing everything. On the outside she had everything but on the inside she was a sinking ship. Her heart was broken and her self-esteem shattered. For now she would hold it in, just like always.

“What's for dinner?” he said interrupting her thoughts.
“Uh… mashed potatoes and meat loaf.”

“Again” he said as he grabbed two beers out the fridge.

“Are you going to have both now?” she said setting the table.

“And if I do? I pay the bills, don’t be a nag”

He was right and she knew it.  Her money went to pay off her student loans and expensive college education.  He paid for everything else so she stopped and controlled her emotions. In her mind she called him every name in the book, and clenched her teeth. The funny thing was how much she enjoyed his company, though he was an ass. She loved when they watched tv together but the dark side was what she hated. She could never forgive herself more than anything for allowing it because she loved him that much. She acted dumb for the most part.  She remembered that first time she smelled a different scent on his work clothes. Since he worked mostly in the police car and always came home in soiled clothes, but that day was a distinct difference. This scent was gentle, and clean; not like him.  She quickly dismissed the suspicious thoughts. Picking up his clothes off the grey carpet while he stepped into the shower. She made his dinner noticing he was gaining a beer belly and made a great salad topped with spinach, carrots, tomatoes, onions, and grilled chicken.  She heard him coming down the steps and after the glance of food began complaining wanting steak instead.. Of course she didn’t tell him how he changed after three years of marriage. She didn’t want to insult him or start an argument so she disclosed the reasoning for the all- of- a -sudden healthy eating.

When he fell asleep on the sofa after a few drinks she was relieved. She still worked, taking out the trash, loading the dishwasher and then a nice hot shower for herself. She resisted the urge to look through his phone and try to figure out the password. Instead she covered him with a multicolored rainbow blanket.  She searched in her oak dresser for silk undergarments figuring it would be more appealing for when he finally came to bed.  

Sometimes the days were beautiful and she liked being married. Having a partner in this life but now the bad was outweighing the good. She found various receipts while looking into his credit card information online.  Hotels, bars you name it. So she knew the days and locations he had been. The address listed for one was the topless bar right down the street. Wondering if one night she should go and pretend to be someone else. He never said anything other than he was going to hang out with the guys. Such rage filled her. She picked a day and time she knew he would be going out. And waited.

Chaper 4: Club

It was a shady area with dim lighting outside, overweight men standing in the parking lot posted o.utside the night club.  She walked in with a dark hoodie on and sunglasses and sat in the back. The women displayed like meat for sale. Dancing under the pink and blue light. A skinny girl wearing only a thong sat on her husband’s lap. There was a familiarity there as she kissed him on the cheek. She couldn’t believe it, they held a conversation both smiling and another woman sat on the opposite side.  Tears welled in her eyes.  She couldn’t contain herself but felt her stomach dropped. And couldn't stop from shaking.  

“I have to get out of this she thought.”

“Do I slowly leave, save money? What about all we tried to build?”

She tried to be healthy and look beautiful for him but it wasn’t enough. It was too easy to get elsewhere. Going to the gym, counting calories, makeup and hair were nothing.

Chaper 5: Interview

One way to leave was to get a higher paying job and move out. After two weeks of applying she got her first interview. Her heart pounded, after getting lost and being redirected through Gps she finally made it. She became afraid as she walked into the huge hospital, and took a seat in the waiting area. She felt like she was being monitored, every moment, from the receptionist’s desk. "What if" she thought, "what if I don't even get the job" after all of the patients, and hard work? After waiting a few minutes, she was called back. It didn’t work out, and she wondered why. Probably for being late and getting poor directions.

There was brokenness in being denied after working so hard for something. Instead of waiting for a hand out, she had to take life into her own hands. She lived right, tried to do right by everyone and sometimes even gave of herself too much. The bible says to not worry about your life. She always fell into that trap!

Chapter 6: A baby

She searched for love her entire life but always got hurt.

How would she ever deal with it? A baby on the way with this circumstance. Would he even care? There was never a perfect time to bring it up. After work he always had at least 3 beers. He demanded dinner be on the table even though she worked full time. His wavy blonde hair and dark brown eyes made her weak. He was her first and hopefully her last. But as for him she didn’t know. For now all she had to keep going was her own goals and her mother. She seen her mother in various relationships and to her it meant everything would be ok in the end. There was a sense of hope when they talked and spent time together. Though she didn’t want to he needed to know and if it didn’t work out she could at least stay with her mother.

“I need to tell you something.  I've gained a lot of weight these past few months.”

He focuses intently.

“I'm pregnant.”


“What do you mean? Haven't you used birth control -the pill.”

“I was but it didn't work, I don't know why, but it's not 100% you know!”

“Whatever. So I'm busting my ass and you tell me this?”

“I can contribute...It doesn't matter now, nothing does.  You don't want him.”

“How do you even know it's a him?”

“I thought you wanted kids.”

“Well not now, we didn't plan this.”

“The plan was to get outta debt and pay off the house.  We’re not ready…I’m not ready.”

That was the worse he could have said. She felt unwanted and in that moment, she went upstairs to the room and cried. He provided no comfort, no love or support.

Chapter 7: Affair

Loading the dishwasher he comes up behind her, trying to caress and kiss her neck. She cringes, pushing me away. Her heart is heavy that she cannot trust him, even with all the love they made. Her eyes sting she looks out the window as he realizes he is rejected and walks away.  

Extending her arms against her plump chest.

“Are you having an affair?”

“How can you ask me that?”

“No, I’m not.”

She wanted to believe him but she knew the truth.  

“Why are you feeling guilty about something?” he said trying to turn it on her.  

“You’re the one going out drinking and bar hopping.”

“You got a problem? I pay the bills. I should be able to have some fun.  Shouldn’t I?” he said provoking her.  

She hated when he got like this.

“Well that should stop when you're in a committed relationship don’t ya think?”

He didn’t respond but walked away.

He sped off in his Mercedes benz as an asshole would. She had legal insurance and finally decided within her heart, she could not take it. A liar, a person that would never change, she could no longer help him.

She made her first appointment to see Attorney Scott at his practice. It felt wrong but there was no other way as far as she could see. This could not wait three more years. What if all her 20s were used up, plus she couldn’t have a baby with him. No future could be seen any longer. All she did was work and go home and take care of him but it wasn’t enough.

Chapter 8: Entering the city hall

It was tense. The security guard nodded as she passed. Mostly she was afraid of her own imagination, a woman behind the desk and what she would think as she turned in the paperwork.  She’s seen it a million times, and probably every couple thought they would be together forever. And for various reasons they separated. No one could pass the test of time. Loving each other in their flaws knowing mistakes would be made. And still it was easier to quit. Why did she even feel bad about this?  Lifetime Movie Network would agree with her decision to start a new life but it was more than that to her.  It was her life.  What would she even do with her free time?

To her surprise there was not a woman but a man and he looked at her. Really looked at her with caring eyes, and went through the papers making sure all the information was signed and looked over. At the end he took the check and said “have a nice day.”

Chapter 9: Last straw

He was snoring he looking peaceful with dark lashes, mouth half open snuggled in a large blanket. She marched over to him and began nudging him.  She held the note in her hand and looked completely rattled. “You lying son of a bitch.  Get your ass up!”  she said completely losing it.   He saw the look in her eyes and was in shock for a split second at getting caught then tried to hide it.  

"What is this I'm done with your stupid ass?”

“What are you talking about?”

“The note. So it's not from a woman?"


She packed her things not thinking of what was to come next.

"Ok wait.. Well I had some drinks and this girl came up to me and gave me this…. she made a pass at me.”

"Oh so the story just magically changed."

She said throwing the note at his head.

She pulled out the papers that were written up.

"What's this?" he asked.

"Divorce." she said and he immediately changed from his fake sympathy to anger.

"You think you can do whatever you want? But I can’t. Your a bully and a thot.   Because you provide? What the fuck else do you do obvious besides fuck?" she said sarcastically. I hope you get HIV.”

He got up charging after her, and her heart beat fast as she ran leaving everything behind besides the keys.

"Where are you going?" he called after.

She didn't know but she couldn't do this to her and the baby!

For now she would go to her mother’s, where at least there would be peace. She could get herself together and get her life back. Being independent was like gold to her and staying with her mom damped her style. The retirement home was beautiful with marble floors and large cream colored curtains.  The room was a warm orange- light brown color so when the sun shown in the early morning the room lit up. To the entrance of the home was the receptionists’ large desk and to the left was a baby grand piano and a beautiful fireplace smelling of fresh wood. Several nurses sat at the desk sipping coffee and greeting visitors.

Chapter 10: A man

A man appeared at the retirement home after a couple weeks. Stepping out to get ice she noticed him. He was a new visitor. He began talking to lady Ms. Cathy who had dementia and no family. She was too smart for this though it was none of her business.

He was about 5’9 and weighed 170 lbs, dressed in a black jacket and boots with blue jeans. He was balding in the front but had dark hair and a clean shaved face with black eyes. She did not respond to any text messages or answer any calls from her husband. The voicemails were deleted without hearing them. And after about fourteen calls she finally blocked him. That was the good thing about iphones.

She went to work pretending to be the same though she felt frazzled.  She could smile and play along because she was a great actress.  

Flowers appeared on her desk with a variety of colors green, pink, and blue.  These looked expensive. He never showed an interest in me or where I worked so why now?

Sometimes she wondered about him mentally was there something more. She sometimes felt like the man she married was no longer there.  Am I addicted to the idea of being in love or not wanting to be alone?

Cynthia feared for her granddaughter.  She liked her son in law and saw how Sarah's life had changed.  Saw her happy and in her first home with financial stability.  It was wrong to think of the financial damage but she couldn't help it.

"Are you sure about this? Do you want little Anna to grow up without a father?"

"Of course not mother", the questions rung in her mind.  "Who would?"

"Darling, you have to forgive him, men have passions and lusts. Sometimes they do dumb things because...they are men.  He obviously loves you, maybe it's just sex."

"Ma, love? I shouldn't just accept anything because of love. It's the 21st century. If a woman did it to a man, it would be over. Pronto. Why should I lower my expectations? Because I have a vagina?" she said out of spite.

Leaving Cynthia with her mouth hanging open.

Through all the text messages she wondered how he truly felt on the other side of this.  Like an idiot? Was he going to change? She heard once a cheater always a cheater. Of course there were those miraculous stories of men that actually did change.  I'm sure things get mundane after getting to know someone.  I mean really getting to know them, and eyes could wonder once things are no longer a mystery.  The texts begged and pleaded for her to come home.  Sometimes they even got mean, insisting she would be on food stamps, or poor if she did not come home.

Flowers came nearly every day, arriving in her office before she even got to work.  She had to decline them, it was out of control.  The office staff looked with questioning eyes on what was happening. It was uncomfortable, and felt like he was picking at her.

"No thank you" she said to the mail carrier "I decline any gifts under John's name."  The man sheepishly walked away.

The flowers declined greatly and life was feeling normal again after months. Until the man with the leather jacket came to her office. He knew exactly where her office was and who she was. Not like the other mail carriers with a uniform. They always asked who "Mrs. Johnson was."She could not place him.  But noticed he showed up more frequently to the retirement home. She assumed it was because the courts finally sent the paperwork to her estranged husband. She had now been separated for four months.  The paper work for the divorce was taking a long time and she ran into some hurdles.

At work she started the browse for a new dwelling. It was exciting getting actual images of what a new life could look like.  Envisioning herself standing in the kitchen or relaxing in the living room. Finally there was not as much anxiety.  Clicking on the price for the one bedroom she saw it listed for only $600 including water and heat and only a few minutes from work.  

The property manager was a stout African American woman sassy and all about customer service. At the end of the showing all that was left to do was go back to the leasing office and sign the paper work and submit an application.In two weeks the apartment would be ready and for now online shopping was the best medicine. Looking at rocking chairs, loveseats, and new bedding kept the spirits high; and was much needed to deal with the stress of staying with her mother. This was the first step to a new life. With the divorce papers sent out there was the fact of waiting and the final dates for court.

After moving in she got an offer for a new position, it was farther but a better position.

Finally relieved to be in a new space, she felt happier and less stressed. No longer seeing the man in the black jacket.

she anticipated the drive to work,

she knew the back roads would be best to avoid the morning traffic.  at 5am she left her home to take the closest road, darkness all around

the weather was chilly

the long roads were scary

the quiet homes

the miles per hour were 50 and the car behind her would not stop tailgating

they utterly annoyed her

she thought about her car payments and insurance thinking what if she was backed into

she went over a long hump and couldn't see forward

only the darkness

looking in the rear view mirror and taking her eyes off the road she forgot to look forward

and felt a rapid bump from the large truck

in a moment she slammed into the steel rail of the road

the car flipped and

the truck behind her trailing around her and speeding off

she blacked out

Chapter 11: Hospital

She tried to rip the ivy out but it hurt like a bitch since the tape was attached to her arm hair. A blonde nurse stepped inside wearing navy blue.

Hi Mrs. Johnson my name is Maria and I am your nurse. She tried to speak but nothing came out.

It's ok, don't try you were in a bad car accident your memory might be a little hazy but it will come back slowly. You will be just fine. We've notified your husband that you would be awake so he should be here soon.

Husband she thought, and Mrs?

When he appeared she felt discomfort and fear though he had a gentle smile. Being attentive and helping her out of bed and to the restroom, but she noticed the grimace in his eyes and slight upturn of his mouth. A deceitful smile she thought as he pulled her close gazing into her eyes.  There was something terribly wrong about this.

She glanced down at her stomach noticing a small round pouch, now empty.

Seeing scar caused horror.  Oh my god? Her maternal instincts turned on and the tears poured out. The accident caused this loss. She couldn’t forgive herself and was angry that she could not recall one single event. She wanted to go home believing that a baby room could cause the memory to come back.


Chapter 12 : Flashback

Today was a dreary day. When she closed her eyes she saw flashes of steel.  She opened her eyes afraid, sweat pouring down the side of her face. I must have fallen asleep. Somehow she was in a home, and was alone. She had a pounding headache and wondered if there was coffee or water. She searched through all the cherry wood cabinets until coffee and cups were found. The doctor told her to take some time off. Her coworkers sent her get well cards and flowers. As for the man called her husband, he was nowhere to be found, so she believed him to be out working or running errands.

She looked out at the pouring rain and decided it was a good day to read she caught up on emails and the latest news.  She was now somehow famous for surviving a fatal car accident.  

While he was out she researched on her laptop and searched for computer history to try and regain some recollection.  She immediately print screened and emailed the first couple of images, to her work email in disbelief.  She heard the front door shut and steps creak, and closed the laptop.

“Hi honey what are you doing?” he said walking towards her.

“You should be sleeping in bed.”

“I can't sleep.” she lied being calm and exiting the screen

She got up taking her phone into the restroom.

Her heart beat fast as she saw a shadow underneath the door.

She viewed the iphone screen.

“You ok?”

“Yeah just trying to cool off.”

What was listed made her fear for her life, it listed “How to kill the brakes and

Ways to get out of a divorce.”

If he was really her husband wouldn’t she feel some inkling towards him.

“I know you don't remember much but I want to start over.”

Chapter 13: Hit man and Husband

Emails flooded in from a property named Red Lion about a woman named Kat located in Dearborn Heights. Titled in all caps and exclamations.  The email listed a location and number on the lower portion.  Seeing the emails pile up made her feel she was failing to complete a task and made her heart drop.  She opened them rapidly skimming over the words to get to the main point.  


The location from google maps was close to work about 30 minutes away.  After work Monday she could make it just in time since the office closed at 5:00pm.  Arriving at 4:58pm she felt bad especially since she had jobs where customers came in at the last minute, she was sure the door was already locked.  Pulling up in her black porsh and leaving the engine on she ran in.  To her surprise the door was unlocked with a woman sitting in the office chair, with a welcoming smile and bright orange hair.  “Hello, how are you?” she was upset and happy to see her.  
“Where have you been? I’ve tried to reach you by email and phone.”
“I haven’t got any, but I seen the emails.”  

“Your balance is $1460 for three months or rent and the late fees.”

“What, I’ve been in an accident, so I don’t remember a lot right now.” She said trying to hold composure.  “I was in the hospital for that time.”


“Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t know, but unfortunately we have already started the court process to take the apartment back, but do you have proof?”


“Yes, hospital records… Actually can I see the apartment and the lease?”



“I mean, I don’t have a key.”

“We can just add a replacement key to your balance but I suggest you also find yourself a lawyer.  I’ll see what I can do….I’m not sure if I can stop the process now.”

“I understand, I’ll try to bring it to current.”


Leaving the office with a key and lease she felt defeated and deflated.  All the courage it even took to get there just for defeat.  

The doctor finally cleared her to go back to work after two months. She got memory like how to do things like type, find her way around the house, and drive. After her first day she got off early. She used the gps to get from work to home, and was proud of herself because of how great she did.

A car unknown to her was parked in the drive way. And she entered the house quietly.

She overheard "I need my money. I did my job now I need to be compensated!"

"That's a big word for you.  But as I remember you did not do your job or complete it.  In fact you failed horribly.  How can you fail to be a hit man, that's who you are.  Now I have to figure out something. This is your fault!" he said turning about in anger from the sink.

"She can take everything I own. Don't come around here anymore. I don't care if we were high school buds. Get the fuck out."

Secretly he was happy as long as the memory loss stayed effective maybe he wouldn't have to kill her. The hit man did the job to a certain extent, but less money to pay was always better.

Coming home early was not such a good idea. Trying to power up the Iphone and record it, did not work.  She felt so numb and scared to death. She ran, after hearing the conversation she would go to the police,that was all she could do. The man had dark hair and wore the blue jeans.

Is this a dream? The police won't believe me, especially seeing that I do not remember anything.  I only remember people long term in my life and that's only my mother.

Chapter 14: Truth

Running to the police was the solution, in broad daylight she drove recklessly tailgating other cars and flying through a yellow light.  Jumping out of the car she looked disheveled with red cheeks and crazy hair.

The officers looked concerned ad walked over slowly to help.  Everyone turning towards her at the same time to access the seriousness of the situation.

"Hello ma'am I’m officer Alray, how can I help you?"

"Yes, please, I just heard my husband consulting with my hit man in the kitchen. They were talking of money and I tried to record it but couldn't."

"Wait ma'am where is he now?"

"What did the man look like?"

Just as she was about to respond he commented.

Aren't you the woman in the car accident suffering from memory loss?

That was months ago, she said in anger.

“Any way he wore a leather jacket and black boots.  He’s tan skinned and bald.”

"Let’s talk in my office so you can sit down."

Suddenly He treated her like a patient to be protected, and not as a person needing to escape. 

Where was he now, did he know she was there?  She felt like the walls had eyes and she was not a good liar.

All the officers looked away going back to their work stations.

The office was warm with photos of family. A wife and child showed happily smiling in the fall leaves.

"So you believe he paid someone to harm you?"

"Harm? You mean kill?"

“Yes I do.”

Okay we will write up a report and have our team go to your home? We want to ensure that you are safe. If that is okay?

“I, I don’t know, what if he retaliates after finding out what I have done. What else can I do?

Well you can start the witness protection program if things check out and file a restraining order.”

“How long is that process? And until when would I be in witness protection?”

You would call us each time and file paperwork if he neglected the court order.

“What if your too late?”

“Ma’am I will give you my personal number to ensure you can reach me at any time.

Chapter 15: Police

“We didn’t find anything” another cop entered and said.

“No one was there; no cars were outside, either.”

Tears filled her eyes,

“You can stay at the safe house.  We can finish up this report.  I will give you the address or we can escort you.”

“No, it’s fine,” she said taking the sticky note and leaving angrily.

She called his work phone…. and he answered suddenly “Hi, honey, what’s up,” he said nervously.  “Hi”, she stuttered.. “I just wanted to know if you wanted me to pick anything up before I go home.”

“No, I’m fine baby, love you” he hung up.

Her mind was blown but he only worked ten minutes away.

She was lonely, sad and confused, how could she overcome this?  By being in return ruthless, immoral and out of control. Her heart battled within her with an unquenchable anger.  Once the fire was lit it consumed every good thing about her usual sweet character. There was only the opposite, non-forgiving, disloyal, unmerciful bitch. 

“Dear lord I pray for strength as I go through this.”  She just wanted love.

Chapter 16: Revenge

She moved out while he worked and got the apartment back. No one would believe her and it would be too late. She lived in fear but tried to start a new life after filing the restraining order.
Her morning walks were a way to deal with it.  Any exercise was better than none, she thought.  She needed to stretch her back, spine and hips keeping the joints moving.  And she took a water bottle in case she got really fatigued as they told her to drink plenty of fluids since the loss of the baby.  Someone out the corner of her eye pulled up right beside her and got out.  Dressed in all black and a baseball cap he looked like the same man from the house.  Now she panicked running fast, the air pumping through her lungs and heart. The sweat pouring out profusely from fear.  Her cheeks giggled as she ran in someone’s backyard and hid behind the trash can.  Was he going to kill her in cold blood, in the daylight for money?  It was the suburbs and she hoped people were watching from their window.  She imagined an old woman retired and single watching from a living room window in a rocking chair.  She got low to the ground and smelled the dirty and heard a fly buzz past.  “Hey” he said,” I need to talk to you.  You know I can see you right?” She got lower.  

“Your husband, he hired me.”

“We can nail him, that motherfucker. … I could have still come after you and killed you, when the car was flipped over and twisted up, but I didn’t, you were unconscious.”

She got up, as someone from the neighborhood walked past.

“What do you want then, you tried to kill me once?”

“We can work together, and both get paid.”

“No, he’s still my husband,” she said in fear.

“But you have no memory, how do you even know?”

She tried to feel something or anything but didn’t.  I no longer love my husband she thought.

“I have no idea why he would even try to kill me,” she said aloud.

“I do, you were going to leave, I don’t know the details but let’s say this was cheaper than divorce.”

“You were going to leave, just think about it. Taking half of everything, selling the house, retirement, stocks, bonds. He loves his money. Sorry to tell you but he was a free soul and cheating came natural.”

She stopped loving him so long ago that she didn’t feel hatred or anger, just sad for any woman in her situation.  

“I can help you, us!”

“I don’t know,” she said walking towards him.

He wanted money for her life.  Wow is that what I’m worth? Why not just leave, go through the legal battle.  Of course she wanted revenge, payment for this but did not want to be involved.  She agreed to be excluded, from whatever was about to happen.  

Chapter 17: It Happened

Was this a dream or a figment of her imagination? He was now dead from poisoning. The officers showed up asking a million questions. “What was his whereabouts?”, and if she noticed anything different lately. She was numb, and when she needed help, there was no one. As for this she literally had amnesia, nothing would be said, she learned when to be quiet.  The pain was unknown for this loss of a husband. She only remembered the last months and could not feel anything, no love, no hatred.  Indeed there was an insurance policy valued highly valued. I guess that would be the motif for her planned death. A new beginning with no long term memory, and she needed to see who she was now. 

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