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It took Scott a little while to realize just how awesome Taylor was.

Of course, from the first time they met, certain things were obvious. Namely, Taylor was ridiculous hot, she knew her way around the bedroom, and she could take a pounding worthy of a porn starlet. Add to that her approachability, her comfort in her own skin, and her flat-out coolness, and Scott was a happy man.

In the beginning, he was perfect content to meet with her whenever possible and get freaky in all the basic ways. Then one night she turned the tables on him, revealing just what was possible in the world of pleasure.

That first night it was only a little taste, but even so, it quite literally opened a new world to him, one that once was experienced could never be put out of mind.




The night starts out just like any other. Scott is drinking a beer and watching TV when there’s a knock on the door. His heart palpitates in expectation as he sets the bottle aside, turns off the television, and walks over to answer the door.

He glances into the peephole and see Taylor there in all her glory, looking as radiant as ever. A flash of excitement wiggles through his body. It’s his favorite time of the week, the night he looks forward to more than any other, the only thing that keeps him going in his pathetic little life.

Scott opens the door and holds out his hand to help Taylor inside. She takes his hand, steps over the threshold, gives him a little peck on the cheek, and he closes the door behind them.

They take care of the formalities and then it’s on to business.

Taylor slips out of her full-length white coat, revealing a tiny purple bikini and light pink thigh-high stockings accented by purple fuck-me pumps. Her blonde hair is curled a little more than usual and she’s wearing slightly more makeup; hot pink lipstick and a dash of black eyeliner. Her skin is not as tan as usual but just as flawless and enticing as ever. Scott finds himself wishing (as he always does upon first seeing her skin) that he had a couple hours to lick every square centimeter of her flesh.

Thin but not skinny, Taylor always stays in shape and tonight is no exception. Her lithe body is as toned and fit as ever. From the barest hint of abs to the slight definition of arm muscles to the incredibly sexy hollow of her neck she is the measure of perfection. Scott can’t imagine a more ideal woman. At least not one who’d he actually have a chance to fuck on a regular basis.

But there seems to be something slightly different about Taylor this evening. An edge that usually isn’t there.

His concerns are reflected almost immediately.

The first thing out of her mouth is, “Sit your ass down on the couch.”

Even though it’s a bit odd to see her being so forceful, Scott does as he’s told. He immediately starts to undo his belt.

“Did I tell you to do anything else?” Taylor says, her tone harsh.

Scott shakes his head and gives her a funny look. He’s confused as hell.

“I can’t hear you,” she says.

“No,” he replies.

“That’s right. So leave them on. And sit on your hands, while you’re at it.”

He tilts his head and gives her a funny look. “Are you serious?”

“Completely,” she says. “Now do it.”

“Fine,” he says. He shakes his head but does as he’s told.

“That’s a good boy,” Taylor says, coming over to pat the top of his head as though he’s a dog. Which is fitting, because that’s what he feels like right now.

“What exactly is going on here?” Scott asks. Taylor has never done anything like this before. Up until now, every time she’s come over he’s been the one in control, the one taking charge. He’s never even considered that she has another side to her. Which was a bit silly, in retrospect. Especially now.

“This,” she says, “Is my way of mixing things up. You see, every time I come over here it’s the same old thing. You slap me around and get to do whatever you want, and then you cum on me and then I go away until next week when we do the same thing over again.”

“But I thought you liked it,” he says, a little hurt.

“I do,” she says. “I like it a lot. But it gets a little old, always doing the same thing. I think it’s time we mix things up a little bit. And we’re going to start by getting you to understand the other side of the equation. Today I’m going to be the dominant one and you’re going to be my submissive.”

“I’ve never done anything like this before.”

“I know you haven’t,” she says. “Which is exactly why were doing it tonight. You need to expand your horizons a bit.”

“But what if I don’t like it?”

“Don’t worry,” she says, an evil little smile on her face. “You will.”

“I don’t know,” he says doubtfully.

“Trust me,” she says. “I know what I’m doing.”

He couldn’t argue with that. From what he’d experienced so far with Taylor, she definitely knew what she was doing. And then some.

“Fine,” he says. “Tell me what to do.”

“Oh I will,” she says with a little twinkle in her eye. “I most definitely will.”

A little flutter wiggles around in Scott’s stomach. He isn’t sure if it’s fear or excitement or a little of both.

“For now, just sit there,” Taylor says. “I’ll take care of the rest.”

“If you insist,” Scott says.

Smiling like she owns the situation (which she does, of course) Taylor forcefully spreads Scott’s legs and steps between them. Then she reaches down and grabs ahold of his flaccid cock through his jeans.

“What’s the matter?” she says. “Don’t I excite you anymore?”

“Of course you do,” he says.

“It sure doesn’t look like it. Are you sure?”

“I’m positive.”

“Let’s just see about that,” Taylor says.

She unzips his fly and reaches into his jeans and grabs his cock and pulls it out. It just lies there pathetically, the zipper teeth digging into his skin.

“Is that what you call excited?” she says.

“No,” Scott says. “It doesn’t look very excited.”

“Fix it,” she says.

Scott grabs ahold of his cock and starts to jerk it. Thirty seconds later he hasn’t gotten anywhere.

“Oh, poor baby,” Taylor says in a tone that offers absolutely no sympathy. “You just aren’t feeling it, huh?”

“No,” he says, letting go of his cock.

“Why not?”

“I’m not sure.”

“Is it because you’re scared?” Taylor asks.

“I think so,” Scott admits.

“Why? Do you think I’m going to hurt you?”

“I don’t know,” he says after a slight pause.

“You do think I’m going to hurt you, don’t you?”

“Not really,” he says. “I’m just afraid I’m not going to like it.”

Taylor sighs and shakes her head. “It’s obvious you’re nervous, which makes sense. So we’re going to have a little conversation. Hopefully by the end of it you’ll understand a few things.” She sits down on his lap and looks him straight in the eye. “Okay. I’m going to ask you some questions. I’ll start with an easy one. What do I do for a living?”

“You’re an escort,” Scott says.

“That’s right,” Taylor says. “I’m an escort. And what do escorts do?”

“They get paid to have sex.”

“Exactly. Now, who does an escort get paid by?”

“The person they’re having sex with.”

“Right again,” she says. “Their clients. Now, with that in mind, is it fair to say that the more clients that call for a specific escort’s services, the more money that escort will make?”

Scott nods.

“So then how does an escort get more men to call her?” Taylor asks.

“By . . . being good at their job?”

“Yes. And what constitutes being good at your job if you’re an escort?”

“Making the client happy.”

“Bingo,” Taylor says. “The better job an escort does of making a client happy, the better the chances are she’s going to get more calls from him. And if she doesn’t make him happy, then she is in danger of losing him as a client, right?”


“Good. Now do you think I want to keep you as a client?”

“I hope so.”

She gives him a look that she’d give a five-year old. “Do you think I like money?”

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