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Assassination of a Baby Girl, the Chemical Attacks on her Father, and More about the State Department and a Connected Family Gone Mad: A True Detective Novel

Chapter One

By Lawrence Yudowitz

The author gives this to the public domain

Copyrighted 2018

Here I am asking for anyone to lend some help in dealing with a very dangerous situation that has found me, and that is no fault of my own. I have asked 1000 people for help and they include every law, law enforcement, government, personal, humanitarian, journalistic or religious group that I thought of; I thought they exist to help people like me.

They all refused to help. Detectives said they would not help because I had a criminal record, so to begin my plea for help, let me review with you my criminal history. Now I have no criminal convictions on my record, officially, but I feel I must review what once could be seen about me online. Detectives and the organization trying to kill me both have called me a criminal, so I will address that.

  1. In 1992 when I left Boston to go work in Alaska, I had a ticket to get off the Ferry just one stop before the final on. The time was about 5 am and I slept through it, and upon awakening was arrested, and there was no time to buy a ticket. It is on my record today still as having a dangerous weapon which was my normal camping knife, theft of service, and obstructing perhaps because I could not readily locate my id. The case was dismissed.

  2. In 2006 I was charged with uttering a forced bill, which was a check sent to me for a large order of bells that I was manufacturing, and that case was dismissed.

I did expunge several convictions in Oregon which I can legally say never existed; however, I will say that string of events there started during my purchase of a small bag of marijuana before I went to the movie theatre, my partner’s foot kicked a phone machine on the floor of the dealer’s room and the tape player the whole deal back. Later kicked in the door to collect the tapes when he wasn’t around. Good thing we did because that week in the newspaper was an article that that same drug dealer was building bombs with what the guard found seeing the open door. That dealer called the cops on my which led to my first of the expunged convictions.

Later I sublet a room to a girl who sent a package of mushroom to New York, and I was blamed and convicted for that even though I had no knowledge of that.

I will admit to any criminal activity in my past, that would only include stealing cans of food and pornography when I was in my younger twenties. I was working at those times. I feel it is unfair that my pleas for help are refused by enforcement, private detectives, or anyone if they think I am a criminal. I am not. The organization of killers has come to me several times before the actual attempts and told me that I was a criminal and would die literally. The first time this organization sat down with me was in Hong Kong 2009 just after I mortgaged my house which was a gift from my father, and I was to open a business at that time of an English school and a hotel in China; the office business name in Hong Kong was Best Score Limited. The men could be best described as short mercenary types who sat down beside me to tell me literally they were going to kill me.

My father who was sponsoring my trip and I stayed in touch, so I called his telephone to let him know, and that is when I began to suspect his may have sent these people, even though as time went on it became obvious that the State Department had a hand in it somehow.

In order of me to make my plea for help, I think it wise to fairly introduce my family because they may be the biggest obstacle in dealing with this deadly situation because they have lied and manipulated people including the State Department. Several people, obviously working with the State Department because they said so, came at the times during my repatriation loan or lost passport reporting, and they literally threatened me and then tried killing me in a variety of ways between 2009 and today. Obviously, my father knew all the time and involved himself. He told the State Department that I was severely psychotic and a master manipulator, among other things whenever it served his purpose.

Each member of my family has been severely unfair and abusive to me since I was born, and anything I say here about that is not a complaint but the way I can explain why not to let their words affect your decision whether to help.

They have tried to say I am a druggy, and contrary to that, my siblings Michael Martin and Anne all several years older literally set me up to seem that way. I accept responsibility for having tried drugs, and there were several times in my life I did drink or use more than I wanted because of party animal neighbors. Martin and Anne called me up from their colleges and asked me to move their stashes from their high school years and I was caught doing that for them, by my mom. Then they held an intervention with my parents and I for the weed that they gave to me or from stash, and literally I had only smoked 1/2 ounce of weed in my life; I was 17. My siblings had no sense of honor.

To explain the character of Mike the oldest, he hit my back once from behind and my arms flailed catching him in the face, so he told me mom that I hurt him and she took 2 years advance of birthday and Christmas presents from me; they all opened my gifts those two years and played with them after telling me to stay in my room. Mike also witnessed me having my testicles fondled sometimes but he did not attend to me.

My parents were pretty much the same, every time I was hurt, they would blame me. I was molested by their family and my school insisted on a doctor’s checkup, so I have attached that report here. They drove me to that doctor but then afterwards denied the report existed and switched my school so as not to let the school know, nor anyone knowing it was their family who molested me. I kept their secrets all these years. I kept sane though when my father beat my head in my sleep he said because I was pretending to sleep, I did have times of so much stress and he used those times against me to show that my state of mind at that specific time in my life was the norm, which was not the case. It is important to note that my father is an A type personality often psychopathic and paranoid.

My father has taunted me during the attempts on my life and my mother said she would think about it when it happened. My siblings also cheated me during this ordeal and so it has come down to the reason they did this is both the age long abusive mentality and also because after the gift house and mortgage I received a copy of the 1979 report for the first time, and I felt it necessary for me to heal by confronting the sexual abusers, and if you know my family, they would kill to protect my mother, and she had done some very traumatic things to me that I agreed to keep confidential between my family and I but they said I was lying, but I had already confided with therapists about these abuses years earlier, just too shy to deal with properly.

My mother had admitted to locking me in my room for 2 years, and in the attached report she says that I complained about playing alone. At about eleven years old she asked me to lie on her bed, so she could use an anal thermometer on me. It is important for the reader to understand that my family members do not always know what they are doing is wrong, they are very unusual and very connected. While the attempts on my life occurred, all my family was in a rage against me and literally at timers admitted to me of their involvement.

My family, not only my father has connections that could have hired or influenced both current or ex FBI, CIA, Diplomatic Security agents, or criminals, and so there is now what I have been told by a State Department officer that there is a “warrant on your life”. A red cross worker when I was at red Cross to train in Philippines told me there was a “death by execution” order on me.

I will give $50,000 reward to anyone who can read from my other writings posted online and in Amazon to use that information to arrest and convict any of the many participants. Some of the people are working in a wide network. My parents are dying so time is running out to find answers from them, and in the Philippines, there are a hundred witnesses who know.

My unborn child was tortured and murdered, I had videotaped that happening to protect myself from being blamed, but I gave that item to someone who may have erased it. The red hair of my daughter was also stolen from my suitcase, and my father’s lawyer says that my girlfriend’s confession was what I told her to say. My girlfriend murdered the baby and I asked her to make a confession because I felt it was important for the baby. In the lawyers’ office she needed help to find the words, and the confession included my father’s name because checks sent to pay for things were in his name, and he promised to help with. We had money from a loan to help us with hospital care but someone told the loan company of a private trust in Boston with my name on it, that even I did not know about, and so we had already paid out loan back when the new month’s loan was applied for( we had been loaned and then paid back in full several times before).

That month expecting my baby born soon, very strange things happened with my family and with the people trying to kill me, and someone was giving orders to these people on their mobile phones during each attack, someone with State Department connections inside and out.

There have been attempts on my life in several countries and I will not wait for the next time to act. They used a chemical attack on me in the Philippines and where I went after.

I need an investigation to capture these people, and these bad people do have the ability to work with or bribe law enforcement and criminal gangs alike to0 kill people. I do not investigate myself for I am too afraid and smart to want to know these people. It is in the better interest of the public deal with this.

The innocent healthy baby girl could have lived and so other witnesses who have helped me survive and were killed, as far as I know. I who have not done anything to cause this should be helped of this situation, shouldn’t I? I would be there for anyone else’s baby girl, or an old lady next door, or an average person who may raise his hand. No one has helped so far, so I ask again for the hundredth time, please.

I have attached some parts of what I have managed to keep those people from stealing. My will and testament I made to Donald Trump because the killers were connected to the government and he could help this inhumane situation. I made the will after my escape from a man who twice disguised himself as a doctor who also appeared twice outside my room, he once identified himself as an undercover policeman to a neighbor; my father had told me to go to the hospital after one attempted break in to my apartment the week before my baby was murdered while he taunted me that I was brave. He had also told me when these men came to my room: “That’s what you get for writing the letter”. I was poisoned as a rue more than once to get me to go to the hospital where these people waited to finish their job. I did interview with a doctor when I made this will who diagnosed me as sane and competent.

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