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Dictation from The Great White Brotherhood

Bob Sanders


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This book was authored by Bob Sanders and dictated to him from The Great White Brotherhood by clairaudience, or as some people call “channelling”. It is free for everyone to read and share for spiritual advancement.

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First edition – April 2018

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Title: AURA's - Interpretation & Comprehension

Author: Bob Sanders

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The art of developing along the spiritual path has been considered by many a long and difficult road involving much meditation and performing breathing exercises and possibly contortions of the body as if all these exercises in some way would force an opening into the spiritual realms above and beyond any natural means of communicating with the God spheres.

We see yogis able to perform the most outlandish contortions of their bodies, developed over many years and amazing their chelas or students who sweat and strain to copy the contortions of the master.

It should be obvious to any student of esoteric science that any technique that is not relevant to all people in all dimensions must have a flaw somewhere, for spiritual development is carried out in areas far removed from the physical planes of Earth.

Thus, any technique that would have no meaning outside of physicality must be meaningless.

We are interested in uncovering the secret path to perfection that we may continue to use long after we quit the Earth plane, thus the aim of this book is to reveal to all students of esoteric development, techniques that he may use both during his incarnation and on into the spiritual realms so that a continuous and coherent pattern of development may be developed not requiring a physical body and not requiring the student to waste precious time in developing contortion acts designed principally to impress gullible people.

The path to God is based on truth, honesty and simplicity, not contortions of the physical body that would have no relevance once physical incarnation is finished.

We intend in this book to introduce to all who are willing to learn sufficient concerning the auras and their relevance to man both incarnate and in spiritual form, so that a complete understanding of the astral dimensions, with all their ramifications, so that the student will be fully armed should he enter them and to do so safely.

We intend also to describe the beings that are found in these dimensions and how to interact with them both safely and correctly.

Finally, we hope to explain why auras exist and how we can navigate through them in an adult fashion as we explore the realms that God has created for our pleasure and education.

This will be a book largely concentrating on the auras and it is hoped that, at the end of this book, the student will have complete knowledge of how the, up till now, largely hidden information regarding the higher aspects of life will be fully understood.



In the beginning, as we have explained in the previous books, God created 8 frequencies or carrier waves as a means of expressing in as concrete a fashion as possible his curiosity of how life in general and man in particular would react in these frequencies.

We wish to explain that any life, on any particular frequency, vibrates in harmony with that frequency.

However, God himself being made of a vibration that we term light, thought it is a good idea not only that living entities should vibrate to the frequency of any carrier wave but, to allow independent movement within that frequency to denote those creatures with independent variations of that frequency.

Thus, each and every being or object on any plane not only vibrates in harmony with the frequency of that plane, but each entity or object also vibrates to a slightly, independent variation of that frequency.

Thus, if we could see with sufficient clarity those beings or objects within any carrier wave, we would notice that everything would shine with the basic color of that frequency, but each and every object would shine a slightly different aspect of that frequency.

This may be a little difficult to understand that for instance, if the quiescent color was blue, each and every object would also glow blue but there would be slight variants to that blue color so that everything within that base blue color could be seen as an individual aspect of that blue color.

So, if we can explain in a slightly different way, all the beings and objects within the blue carrier wave would themselves glow with a blue light but, individually, the color blue would be modified slightly for all things so that each and every object within that blue carrier wave could and would stand out distinctly from the basic blue carrier wave.

We wish to explain also, as some artists will already know, a color, blue in this example is actually made from blending a variety of colors and that there is no such thing as a single vibration that we could call blue.

All variants of the color blue are a mixture of other colors blended together to create a color referred to as blue, although it might be a dark, midnight blue, a bright “forget me not blue”, a sky blue up to the palest blue imaginable. Yet we refer to all these variations as blue.

As is so often the case we were using the color blue as an example.

In fact, the basic carrier waves created by God do not have any color ascribed to them any more than the carrier waves of TV channels have color.

We described the carrier waves as having color in an attempt to describe to you that each carrier wave has a unique frequency, but that all the beings and objects within that particular carrier wave has slight variations of that unique carrier wave.

The reason we did this is because on Earth, using conventional physics, if, for example, there was a carrier wave of, say, 1 million cycles per second (1 MHz), to put other frequencies within it would alter the quiescent frequency of 1MHz and it would no longer be that frequency any longer.

But, in a similar way that broadcast stations send out a program on a particular carrier wave and encode within it information on different frequencies that we perceive as sound or vision, so all things on a particular astral carrier wave are slight variations of that carrier wave and thus do not blend with the carrier wave.

We should also mention for those that understand how broadcasting or telephones work, in those circumstances the carrier wave is vastly different in frequency, so the sound and vision broadcasted within that carrier wave can be separated from the carrier wave by simply eliminating that carrier wave.

But, in the case of God’s setup – if we may use that familiar expression – the quiescent vibration and the independent vibrations of those things found on that particular vibration, or carrier wave, are slight indeed.

So, they are in part an aspect of that carrier wave and at the same time independent from it.

Higher physics permits this apparently impossible effect of being blended within a carrier wave and at the same time separate from it.

This effect of being part of a carrier wave but of being unique within it is important to understand, as it is this effect that enables us to have dimensions to travel within whilst having a unique identity.

Thus, it is that we can, thanks to being total carrier waves and yet unique within them that gives the ability to all be one and yet all be independent entities at the same time.

So, we have arrived at the point where God created 8 carrier waves and put life of all sorts upon these carrier waves and yet denoted each life object a unique aspect, no matter what it was and is, to consider itself an independent object.

We wish to repeat for any that have not read the previous books that God, being the creator of all life, gave a life force to everything that has been created by the servants of God.

Thus sand, water, planets, plants, animals, man, galaxies, space is all alive and is all both one and the same, yet independent aspects of life.

As we have mentioned before, this is not an easy concept to comprehend and it can only really be appreciated when one develops a certain degree of spiritual awareness.

Yet it is a great truth to realize that all that exists in any form, any dimension, is one and yet individual aspects of that oneness at the same time.

But, let us progress.

We have described in the book “The Path Of Mankind” how God created all that he put on the high dimensions, including principally man, so we will not mention it all here. Sufficient to remind you that to understand this book as it progresses it is important to have a clear understanding of the first few chapters of the aforementioned book.

So, we need now to explore what came after God created the 8 carrier waves and put man on the first two of them.

As we have already said, God put a lot more than just man on these two carrier waves but our interest being primarily that of investigating man we will largely ignore the rest of life contained within those two carrier waves.

It might be questioned why God only put man on the first two carrier waves, 8 & 7, but we hope that as the book progresses understanding will be revealed.

Thus, it must be appreciated that if man was only placed, initially on frequencies 8 & 7, the other 6 frequencies were sterile, just being frequencies each of different vibrations but devoid of life.

God waited patiently as man developed on the higher two frequencies through being presented with a variety of “problems”, for want of a better word, and thus, eventually, became sufficiently aware of the complexities of life to be taken to the next level (the next step) that God had already created in thought form in his mind.

This step was to create a plane where imagination could be developed.

God realized soon after he created life that it would not be enough to be a carbon copy of himself nor would it be useful to create everyone the same like robots.

So, the decision was taken to introduce imagination into the minds of men.

We will also say that the concept of imagination was also, at the same time introduced into the “mind” of all things: animals, vegetable, mineral, liquid, gas and so on, with greater or lesser success.

But we concentrate principally on man.

Imagination was created on the 6th plane of creation.



Thus, we need to investigate this 6th plane and analyse what goes on there and how it contributes to the creation of imagination within all things including man.

Everything is created from vibration. Everything is actually created from light -star light - that can be varied by the Archangels that work directly for the God force because, God, being the prime creator of all that exists in all dimensions, does not participate directly in any aspect of creation. God, having created all that exists waits for the results of his efforts to return so that he can expand in wisdom. These Archangels could not possibly be imagined by man but they do, indeed, exist and manipulate the whole galaxy, and many more galaxies outside of the aegis of man’s knowledge, keeping everything in balance according to God’s prime directive.

So, these Archangels are responsible for creating and maintaining everything everywhere. They are able to do this because everything is vibration – frequency - thus by varying the frequency of something they are able to keep all in balance.

If we may try to explain this in a more down to Earth fashion, imagine a group of technicians sitting in front of a large panel connected to a mass of dials and each technician constantly manipulating the dials as a situation altered and required adjustment by all other dials, each dial attached to a frequency generator. Thus, these technicians constantly scanning various meters and warning devices, adjusting frequencies so that all remained in equilibrium.

This oversimplification has, of course, no relevance when we are considering the work of the Archangels but, if it gives a small insight into what really goes on in the multiverse, it will have served its purpose.

Having given a brief overview of the Archangels that control the universe, let us hone in on the 6th dimension and try to understand more of what happens here.

We have stated that the 6th dimension is where imagination is housed.

But what is imagination and why should it be housed on such a high vibration, for the 6th plane is, indeed, high in terms of spiritual development? It is the house of genius.

Now we must return to these Archangels and how they reacted when they realized that the prime directive of God was to create wisdom everywhere and to return that wisdom to God so that newer creations could be endowed with some of that wisdom.

The Archangels considered creations that existed in the higher two dimensions (7th and 8th) and examined closely the way that they reacted to various problems that had been presented to them and they realized that these early versions of man had to learn everything by actual experience. They had, to use an understandable expression, to burn their fingers before they realized that heat burned and hurt.

In other words, these early men lacked the ability to ‘imagine’.

The Archangels, who themselves being vastly superior to any person incarnate or disincarnate had themselves developed imagination long eons ago and actively used it in helping and controlling the various frequencies of light, enabling them to visualize the outcome of any manipulation before effecting it and thus, largely, avoiding mistakes, for mistakes on global scales would be catastrophic. Imagination enabled the Archangels from avoiding making such mistakes.

So, it occurred to these Archangels to create a frequency in one of the bands of carrier waves we call dimensions that would correspond to the frequency of imagination.

You may remember in chapter one we mentioned that a carrier wave could be a certain frequency - and in that example we chose the colour blue to use as an example - and we also said that a slight variation of that basic colour could be introduced and that it would, at the same time, be part of and also distinct from, the original Blue carrier wave.

Well, the Archangels looked at the frequency of the 6th carrier wave and were able to manipulate into that quiescent frequency a slight variation that, as we have explained before, became part of and distinct from the original frequency.

So, now we have the carrier wave and an empty variant rather like, for those who understand using computers, to create an empty file within the hard disc of the computer.

Into this file, they put imagination.

Let us describe how this was done.

Everything is vibration - frequency. So, although this may be hard to appreciate, every aspect of everything is vibration. Every thought, every emotion, every aspect of personality is vibration all resonating at a certain frequency.

Even these mysterious and wonderful Archangels are made of vibrations, all working together to create what we term an Archangel.

This is because all is light and light is vibration - frequency. God is light – star light - and as God created everything as a reflection of himself, he created everything from star light shining at different frequencies to create everything, even the dismal planet Earth.

So, imagination is a vibration:

The Archangels understood this and so they manipulated the quiescent frequency of the 6th plane until it corresponded to the frequency of imagination.

We wish to make it quite clear that the quiescent frequency of the 6th dimension remained as it was created but all the same time it contained the vibration frequency of imagination.

But imagination is not a physical concept nor is it a concept that could have any solidity in and astral sense.

It is a concept that exists as an idea.

Words do not exist in any readily understandable language that adequately describes something that can exist as a real quantity and yet, at the same time only exists as a concept.

There were languages in the past that contained words to describe such matters but these have largely died out thanks to the efforts of the Archons who went to great lengths to destroy languages that described spiritual matters.

Sanskrit is one of the few remaining languages that can describe these concepts but very few people are really versed in understanding Sanskrit.

It must also be said that modern man usually has no ability to appreciate that something can exist in a real fashion but that something is itself just a thought. We are told that thoughts are things but, unless those thoughts are translated into solid objects, thoughts are largely dismissed.

But, when we can realize that all is vibration and each and every thought exists as a vibration in any frequency into which it is projected, we can start to appreciate that thoughts, indeed, are things. Those things may be invisible to our eyes but they do exist and can influence anyone who opens themselves to those thoughts.

Thus, thoughts can and do influence others.

Therefore, we hope that you can understand that by placing a vibration that corresponds to the frequency of the imagination, this 6th plane was now endowed with that attribute.

The Archangels who already had developed imagination were able to isolate the frequency that corresponds to imagination and develop a pocket of vibration within the 6th carrier wave and so imagination was now active within that carrier wave.

We wish to repeat for the sake of clarity that God, having created everything as a reflection of his creative design to obtain wisdom from all of his creations working together, made everything the same at heart. Thus, all things contain the 8 carrier waves that God created and so, in the 6th carrier wave that all things have associated with them now had imagination.

As one can ‘imagine’, it took early man a long time to realize that he had something called imagination connected to him as a fundamental part of his makeup and, indeed, there are still many people who seldom or never make use of it. How often do we hear people say that if they can’t see or measure something for them it does not exist? And they say it with pride as if dismissing imagination was something to be proud of - having their feet firmly planted on the ground.

And yet imagination is a wonderful, God given tool.

Imagination has helped create much of what exists in the world today. If it was not for imagination much of what exists that offers so much to creature comforts would not exist.

So, it is strange that those who reject imagination as “pie in the sky” nevertheless make daily use of things that only exist thanks to imagination of those inventors who visualized the tools that we have around us and brought them into reality. By “tools”, we of course refer to the million and one objects of all sorts that are part of daily life now and contribute to the help and comfort that we have.

So, we reiterate, the 6th plane is the plane, the dimension, of imagination and, as we all have that 6th plane associated with us, we can all reach into that plane, that dimension and make use of imagination.

But we must say that, as all is one, there is only one 6th plane and thus when we reach into it to use imagination, we're all reaching into this one, unique area and we all make use of this one concept “imagination”.

This, obviously, needs some explanation as you see yourself as a separate human being, a separate creation from any other object or person so you feel that when you sit down to imagine something - the solution to a problem, an invention that you wish to make, the reparation of something - you are using an imaginary force unique to you. And yet we said that there was only one area that contained imagination and all life forces, all over the galaxy enter this one unique plane and make use of the one force that we call imagination.

Logic would dictate that all our thoughts would get jumbled up and, if we tried to imagine something we would, in return, get just anyone’s imagined thoughts.

The answer, of course, is found in frequency - vibration. Each person incarnate on this 3D world known as planet Earth vibrates in harmony with the frequency with which planet Earth is vibrating. Also, the whole of our galaxy is vibrating to that same frequency that we refer to as a carrier wave.

But you and everything else vibrates to a slight variant of that quiescent frequency.

We mentioned this at the beginning of this chapter and we will mention it again as it is important to understand this point.

The 3D world you currently live on is vibrating at a particular frequency that we call a carrier wave. Everything visible on Earth and everything that you can see in the night sky - on and on - is vibrating to a certain frequency as is every atom that constitutes what we refer to as solidity.

Further, every thought, every feeling, every emotion is also made up of this same carrier wave.

This is why we can say that all is one. Everything, everywhere is vibrating to this unique frequency.

So, why are things not jumbled up into an untidy mess?

The answer has already been mentioned. Within that carrier wave the Archangels charged with looking after the apparently solid galaxy - this 3D one that you are on at the moment - endowed each and every object: animal, vegetable and mineral with a unique variant of that base frequency that we refer to as a dimension.

This enables you to have the feeling that you are different from anyone else or any other object. Further, as we hope you can now realize, not only are you - every atom of your being - vibrating at a slightly different variant of the 3D’s quiescent frequency, so each and every thought is vibrating at a different variant of your frequency.

We will state this again to make it absolutely explicit. You live in a galaxy that vibrates to a carrier wave of a particular frequency.

But, to give you the sensation that you are a unique being, you vibrate to a slightly different frequency to the 3D carrier wave.

Now this is the point we wish to drive home. Each and every thought you have, each and every emotion, feeling - call it what you will - also has a slight variant of the 3D’s quiescent frequency.

You must understand that a thought has a frequency slightly different from the quiescent frequency of the carrier wave of the 3D world.

Then the next thought has a slightly different frequency, then the next thought and the next, endlessly on and on. Each and every thought that you create in your mind, each and every emotion, each and every word that you speak has a slight variation compared to any other thought or word that you created in your mind previously.

But each and everyone is connected to your frequency.

This is extremely difficult to comprehend and difficult for us to describe but for students of cosmic awareness it is important to realize this so we will try to explain it one more time.

Your galaxy vibrates to the frequency of your 3D carrier wave. You exist as an individual because you vibrate to a slight variant of the 3D carrier wave.

Every thought, emotion, or spoken word is created as a unique slight variant of your particular variant of the carrier wave in which you live.

This last part is the most difficult to describe and comprehend.

Each and every thought that you had from your birth to the moment of your demise on your carrier wave has a unique frequency that separates it from any other thought, emotion or spoken word that you have had or will have. But they are all connected to your frequency and are part of you.

This applies, of course, to all humans, all animals, and all sentient things in the 3D galaxy.

Who can imagine that everything is constantly pouring out a stream of thoughts and each thought is encoded by a slightly different version of the entity thinking those thoughts. Each thought also encoded as a unique vibration slightly different from any previous thought or thought to come afterwards.

Further, to make it even more difficult to comprehend, all these thoughts, all these vibrations, not only of the thoughts we described above but the vibrations of all things that have existed, exist and will exist are all recorded in a sort of vast library that we term the Akashic Record.

Nothing is lost. Not any grain of sand that existed when the galaxy was created, up to each and every being: animal, vegetable, mineral, every single thought, word, emotion etc, has all been recorded for all time.

Thus, could the master Jesus say that the hairs on the head are numbered and not a single sparrow can fall to the ground without your father (God) knowing it.

This was what he was referring to. Everything is recorded.

Now you may be wondering what all the above has to do with the 6th plane, the plane of imagination?

The answer lies in the way the mind works.

We mentioned that everything is a vibration and, if this is true then imagination must also be a vibration.

But, if a thought goes out from someone into the dimension that contains imagination it is essential that this thought be separated from anyone else’s thoughts because, as we also mentioned, there is only one dimension for all beings and so all thoughts sent to that plane or dimension need to be separated from every other being’s thoughts going into the same area.

We hope that it should be obvious by now that each thought has its own frequency and so there can be any number of thoughts swirling into the 6th dimension but they are kept totally separated from each other because of this unique frequency that all things are encoded with.

We wish, also to express as clearly as we can that we are not only referring to living things on the Earth plane but also every entity living in the other astral planes anywhere in the multiverse: those living in the heavenly spheres and those we consider to be aliens and so on.

Any and all living entities throughout the entire universe created by God use this one dimension to send thoughts and to get answers from.

Now, this also enables a mysterious effect to take place by those who have trained their minds and this effect is that it is possible to tap into another person’s thoughts and to share those thoughts.

This ability to share other’s thoughts is what we call telepathy or channeling.

Telepathy is the ability of one person to send his thoughts into the 6th plane or dimension and to share his thoughts with someone else who is also sending his thoughts into that dimension.

This normally should not happen, of course, because each person’s thoughts are encoded with the unique frequency exclusive to that person or to that creature or entity capable of that thought.

But it is possible, under a certain, special circumstance for two people to harmonize their frequency so that they are operating on the same frequency and thus can exchange thoughts.

Not everyone can do this, of course, because it takes much training to be able to alter the unique frequency of their encoded thoughts so that communication between two people can occur.

It is not the case of one person altering his frequency to match the frequency of another person.

What happens is that, though the desire of two people to communicate together, a third frequency is generated so that this communication can take place.

The 6th dimension - that of imagination - is where this communication takes place.

The fact that this occurs on the 6th plane also implies that both people must have reached that high state of spiritual awareness or it would be impossible for such communication to take place. Not everyone who desires to learn telepathy can do so unless and until they have reached the level of spiritual awareness to reach, consciously, into that area.

Having said that, all people, regardless of their level of spirituality development can send their thoughts into the 6th dimension and receive their personal, encoded, answer to their uniquely coded thoughts sent out but, to alter their frequencies to a different frequency so that someone else can do the same requires a conscious act on behalf of both parties to create a third unique frequency and is a difficult act requiring much training by both people.

This also implies that when the communication is finished each person returns to his own frequency and the joint communication stops until both parties decide to communicate again. Thus, are everyone’s normal thoughts kept private to each other.

How is it that one person can alert another person that he wishes to communicate with that person?

As we mentioned, the way telepathy works is by two people creating a third unique frequency that is shared, jointly, by both people.

So, each such person carries with him two frequencies. The first is that person’s uniquely encoded thought process that is exclusive to him but, at the same time he has associated with him his second, modified, vibration or frequency that is normally not used in day to day thoughts. But it is there, within the consciousness of both people even when it is not being used.

So, if one person wishes to communicate with the other person, he switches off his first frequency related to thoughts and switches over to the second frequency. Then he sends out the thought, the desire to the other person that he wishes to communicate with him.

If the second person does not have his mind particularly occupied with thoughts, that person’s second frequency picks up the communication desire of the first person and the second person is alerted to the fact that the first person wishes to communicate with him.

Then he stills completely his first frequency and uses his modified frequency to “talk” to the first person.

This, of course, is the way that these books are produced. The person incarnate has been trained to modify his normal thought frequency to match a similar thought frequency of a person in the heavenly spheres and so information can flow from the mind of the person in the higher sphere, into the 6th dimension, is picked up by the thought process of the incarnate person and so the information flows.

Hopefully, if both parties can still their normal thought related frequencies so that only the modified frequencies are used, the information will flow accurately.

Should either one of the two people lose that focus on the modified frequency and switch back to his normal thought frequency then, of course, the communication is lost until one of the two people realize the error they have made and switches back to the modified frequency and then the information can flow again.

This switching back and forth between the two frequencies is a frequent source of error made by those desirous of channeling.

Thus, it is that, if someone is using their normal frequency to hear a voice speaking to them, ignoring the possibility of influence by external, malevolent forces, fortunately very rare, the voice that the recipient hears is coming straight from their imagination because the imagination is always at work trying to send us sound and vision (voice and image). The problem is further exacerbated by the fact that, often the voice that the channeller hears sounds very similar to the normal voice that the person hears when he is thinking so it is almost impossible for many people to differentiate between his mind's voice speaking to him via the plane of imagination and the voice of a guide trying to communicate with the person.

So, for correct and accurate transfer of information to take place between any two people, both parties must have learned to still their normal mind.

However, the ability to still the mind is a hard - fought battle and few have the patience to fight with the mind until it cedes to the desire of the chela and that chela can at last sit in silence, master of his thoughts, or rather master of his ability to control his thoughts.

Thus, it is that many people, some well known and respected spent their lives writing books, giving lectures and acquiring large followings but the information being disseminated was, in fact, coming from their minds and not from a higher source.

It is the quality of the information that denotes the difference.

Those wishing to advance in cosmic wisdom would do well to be careful to whom they listen.

It is difficult for the novice to differentiate between information coming from any two people.

It is possible, occasionally, to get clues from the fact that the person who is quoting from his own imagination plane might well have a well stocked library of reference books from which he gleans his information and attends conferences on his chosen subject, making notes or obtaining recordings of the various speakers so that, privately, he can prepare his books and speeches using his own mind and not that of a high source. This is dishonest if deliberately done and the person who commits that sin of lying - for that is what it is - will pay for that sin when his incarnation finishes and he returns to heaven.

We are referring, of course, to those “teachers” who go into a sort of trance, or pretend to, and pretend also to be in communication with a spirit source who disseminates his “wisdom” to an audience that cling to his every word. Thus, if the teacher, medium, or whatever he calls himself, is dishonest, that so called medium is aware that he is just quoting from books and other sources that he has previously carefully prepared.

There are others, of course, that think that they are truly in touch with external sources of wisdom and give talks that, once again, are just coming from their own minds. This is not dishonest but, once the medium has exhausted his meager knowledge of cosmic wisdom either repeats it in talk after talk and just fills his talks with meaningless platitudes.

Once again it is up to the student to be careful to whom he listens.

A true medium needs no library, attends no conferences, and, indeed, goes to great lengths to avoid filling his mind with publications coming from others.

The job of a true medium is just to act as a channel, a conduit between a source of cosmic wisdom and the audience.

The medium requires no education on the subjects being discussed. His task is to make contact with the source of higher knowledge, clear his mind, and let the information flow.

He requires no adoration from the public for the wisdom he disseminates because he is fully aware that he has little wisdom himself. The wisdom is coming from an external source, and he is just the conduit allowing that information to be published in one form or another. He takes no credit for the information disseminated but he deserves thanks for all the hard work he puts into learning telepathy and for the time and energy it takes to receive information such as is being given in these various books and talks we are privileged to share with you.

So, we have spent considerable amount of time to explain how the 6th plane, that of imagination, is used in telepathic communication because that, “skill”, if we can thus describe it is latent with all people and, in the future, man will use telepathy to replace the telephone systems that are so popular at the moment.

This will be a good thing because the evil forces are capable of putting within the carrier waves that bring telephonic communication, certain other frequencies that are nefarious to all life.

Once telepathy becomes the universal means of communication, the telephone systems will be switched off and thus these dangerous frequencies will cease to be broadcast.

We mentioned previously that to create a telepathic communication between two people it was necessary for both parties to modify their quiescent vibration to create a third that both parties shared.

It will be appreciated, we hope, that this third frequency is unique to just the two people desirous of communicating telepathically and thus is private, exclusive, to the two people.

But, the destiny of mankind is, one day, to be able to communicate with many people much as is done today using telephones.

Just as we have an agenda, a list of all our friends, relations, business partners, and so on with whom we communicate telephonically, we need a method of doing the same by telepathy.

Now, if we can continue for a moment to use the concept of telephones, each one of the people with whom we communicate we do so by sharing our telephone numbers. This gives us an exclusive connection between the two people. Once the communication finished we cut the connection and that gives both parties the opportunity to make fresh calls to other people.

So, we dial another number, only we do not use dials any more but just buttons.

To communicate telepathically with a variety of people we need a similar system.

So, we return to the system that we mentioned previously where we stated that two people could not exactly share their personal frequencies but created a third one by common agreement between the two people that enable them to share thoughts.

This concept can be taken on indefinitely. We can, with someone else, create a third frequency, exclusive to these two people so that a private communication can be carried on.

This, for the person whom we were considering earlier means that he would now have three frequencies available to him. First his basic frequency that gives him his sense of identity as a unique individual. Then a second frequency with which he was able to communicate telepathically with a person who had that frequency. Now we are adding a third frequency by which he can contact yet another person with whom he shares his third frequency.

This technique of creating more and more slightly different frequencies, each one exclusively designed to communicate with an individual on a private basis can be carried on endlessly in a very similar fashion to someone having a large list of telephone numbers, each one of which gives him private access to that person.

But this idea can be expanded to a group communication. It is possible for a group of people to share a frequency, rather like it is possible to share telephone numbers in order to create what is termed a conference.

Telepathy, providing two people have created a common frequency, is limitless. It is not affected by distance nor by different dimensions.

It is the natural way that mankind was intended to communicate and is destined to return.

Telepathy was discouraged by our arch enemies the Archons, because above the simple fact of being able to share thoughts with someone it is also a means of sharing truth about what the person is thinking.

With a normal conversation or a telephonic communication most people are just limited to listening to the words our correspondent is saying and any other thoughts, any other agenda that one or both of the parties might have, remains hidden.

But with telepathy we can, if we wish, delve behind the spoken thoughts being transmitted and find the words, the thoughts that are not being spoken. Now, polite people would not do this. They would not delve into the private thoughts that the correspondent does not wish to share, but it is a technique that is useful to uncover any negative intentions someone might have.

As one party is speaking, the second party listening is not only able to capture the words being spoken but is able to capture, also, the hidden thoughts.

This is because when using telepathy, we do not speak aloud, we think with our mind what we wish to say and if we have a hidden agenda entwined with the words that we wish to convey - the thoughts that we hope the recipient will hear in his mind as words - inevitably are contained the negative thoughts. Thus, the person transmitting his thoughts has to choose his thoughts carefully, selecting from the mass of negative thoughts in his mind, just the ones that he hopes will sound positive and he hopes that all the negative thoughts will not be picked up by the recipient of the thoughts.

But it is quite easy when using telepathy for the person listening to the selected thoughts, to reach a little deeper into the mind of the first person and then his true thoughts are transmitted.

If these deep thoughts are of peace and love, there is no problem, but if behind thoughts of peace and love there are actual thoughts of war, conflict, hatred, and so on, this is bad news for the person sending his thoughts for his true thoughts are revealed.

This, obviously, did not suit the Archons at all.

So, many thousands of years ago, shortly after the Extinction Level Event that destroyed Atlantis, as humanity slowly recovered and repopulated the Earth, it was a golden opportunity for the Archons to eliminate any means of communication except for the spoken word.

Of course, there were always those selected psychopaths that were inducted into the “mystery schools” that were taught the skill of world domination by evil reptilians who, themselves, were being influenced by the Archons and these reptilians taught those who were selected to rule, to use telepathy so that the public could not hear communications passing between these evil groups of people.

Anyone who discovered telepathy by chance was quickly removed.

So, we had a situation for a long time where only priests and rulers - all selected psychopaths - were taught telepathy and the general public had to use the spoken word.

We still see some evidence today of paintings on temple walls in Egypt of the reptilians teaching the chosen leaders of Egypt the skills required for domination of the people of that place and of that era.

However, times change and we are now in a time where it is once again the moment to start to introduce at least the concept of telepathy and how it works.

We are not yet, at the time of writing this book, totally free of Archon domination but that time will come and children will be taught telepathy amongst other esoteric skills.

But this time those skills will be used for good and not for evil.

So, having examined telepathy and how it has to pass from mind to mind via the 6th plane - using imagination - let us continue by studying how more mundane thoughts also pass by and through this extraordinary plane or dimension as it helps us to create thoughts and also to create the world in which we live regardless of which dimension we live in (or on depending on how one regards living in or on a vibrating carrier wave).

Thoughts start, surprisingly enough in a variety of areas of our spiritual concept. No thoughts, let us make it plain, start in the brain or even in the mind.

The brain is a flesh and blood organism that enables the body to operate. That is all.

The mind, which can be considered to be the spiritual version of the brain does a little more than the brain in that it not only helps the physical brain by telling it which parts of the body to keep working but also sends some basic emotions into the chakra points of the body. We will discuss the mind in greater detail at a later date.

But rest assured that, generally, thoughts have little or no connection with the mind and even less with the brain.

Thoughts, generally, are created in the higher self.

The higher self, for those who are not familiar with that term is considered to be the personal aspect of God.

This is true but is a simplification of how the God force works and how the spiritual construction of any object from a grain of sand to a human is constructed.

All things are immensely complex in construction and our task of explaining how life works is made very difficult because the vast amount of how life is put together, like a giant jigsaw puzzle, is totally unknown to man at the moment and, to explain how any one part works, requires an understanding of how all the rest works, for the God force that was used to construct life, works as a cohesive whole and not one piece could be removed or examined independently of the whole.

And yet we would not expect anyone to be able to grasp the whole without first understanding the separate parts.

We keep coming back to the chicken and egg conundrum.

How can we understand the whole without understanding the individual parts but how can we understand the parts if we need, first and at the same time to understand the whole?

So, all we can do is to explain using analogy.

We will at this point apologise in advance for some of the explanations that we will be forced to give because we realize that, for some people - perhaps many - we will lose you on route. This is not at all our desire and we go to great lengths to simplify complicated topics so that all can follow and thus grow in wisdom but, perforce, we must sometimes link what appears to be disparate elements together in our feeble attempts to explain life.

Now, where to begin our attempt to explain what a thought is, where it originates, how it blossoms into practicality and how it is funneled into a storage area we call the Akashic record.

We have already tried to explain that everything - absolutely everything - is vibration of one sort or another as everything comes from and returns to this prime creative force we call God. We explained that God is star light and light is vibration so God vibrates and as God created everything, he created it from vibration.

To add to the confusion, we break off for a moment to bring your attention to a phrase we frequently use when referring to God – star light.

We use this enigmatic phrase because it is true and we wish to say to you that we will try to explain what star light is later in this book but we use the phrase “star light” to get you used to the idea that God is not some old man sitting in heaven and pouring hell fire and damnation on you but is prime vibration which is prime light - star light.

Star light that you see in the night sky is the light, the vibration, we call God and when you look at a star, you are looking upon the manifestation of God.

As we said, we will explain more fully later.

So, we were attempting to explain thoughts.

God, when he first constructed all that exists, put early man in the 7th and 8th planes or carrier waves that he had previously constructed and these early versions of man were presented with a number of problems that God hoped man would resolve.

Over eons of time, man did resolve these problems because man observed these problems presented by God and, eventually realised that, to obtain answers, he would have to “think” how he was going to act.

We can see a similar effect today in some animals who, either in nature or in laboratories, are presented with problems and have to find a method of resolving the difficulty.

In the case of animals, the problem usually presents itself with how to obtain food and various species - some of them - invent ingenious ways of obtaining that food.

Now, it must be said that in many cases it is a case of serendipity (happy accident) where the animal sees the problem and suddenly, something happens that gives him a clue as to how to obtain the required tidbit.

In other cases, especially in the case of higher minded animals, the answer occurred either “out of the blue” or by experimentation.

We have stated before that nothing can appear out of the blue so we assume that the creature was prodded to resolve the problem by the Archangels that control and guide life.

Now, in the case of early man a similar process was used and, gradually, man developed the power to think.

Breaking off again, you may have noticed that people today are discouraged from deep thinking.

People’s days are filled with the infantile emotions put on TV that are there to keep people in a state of permanent childhood.

People are encouraged to be in permanent contact with a few friends using telephones. The object being that, once any exchange of real information is exhausted, the endless exchange of banalities continues, often at the level of a small child. Even the use of grammar is largely ignored thus rendering these unfortunate incapable people from expressing any deep thoughts that would require the use of punctuation essential to make their message intelligible to others.

Thus, we hope that you can see that being surrounded by banalities all day, every day, has been designed by the evil ones to keep you in a permanent state of ignorance and childhood.

We encourage you to reject all this and return to adulthood and the ability to think.

So, the ability to think was placed, alongside imagination, in the 6th dimension which is a very high dimension, higher than, perhaps, you can imagine because imagination and thought are only one step away from your personal aspect of universal spirit (universal consciousness) that is also closely connected to God himself – the source of all wisdom.

This explains why the evil ones have gone to such lengths to try to stop you thinking because thinking requires the use of imagination to change those thoughts, which comes as a block of information into a stream of information that the mind can understand.

We wish to expand on this concept of receiving thoughts as a “block” of information for a moment so that you may understand what thoughts actually are.

Thoughts are created in and by the higher self. The higher self, as we have said, is connected to God.

There is only one God and he (it), think of it as you wish, exists in a sphere outside of anything either physical or astral. Nevertheless, God exists.

God is a unique oneness, so all that he created is part of and totally this oneness.

This implies also that there is only one higher self for all of us.

We go back to the concept that we described earlier in which we stated that the 6th plane contained just one imagination for all of us and that any contact with that plane was vibration encoded with our personal vibration to keep it exclusive to us personally.

We hope that you have been able either to understand this or at least accept this as a working hypothesis because we must expand on the concept of oneness and say that there is only one higher self and it is closely connected to the source of all that is that we call God.

That is why we said that higher self was our personal aspect of God, though we failed, usually, to mention that there is only one higher self because we did not wish to confuse you into trying to understand how you could be an individual but the basis of your creation, your higher self, there was only one of.

The uniqueness of all life as one is an advanced concept that not all can grasp at first.

This concept has far reaching aspects, far beyond the number of people incarnate on Earth at the time that you read this.

It implies that all the people who have lived in the past, those who are alive now and who will be alive and in incarnation in the future share the same one higher self and the other aspects that we mentioned previously.

Further, for those who can accept that what are referred to as the heavenly spheres and all the people who inhabit these spheres use the same higher self that you do.

Thus, it is that all life everywhere and any dimension use this one unique higher self and also this one 6th plane, share and use the one unique force we call ‘imagination’ and share and use the same thought process.

It is only because all of our thoughts are encoded, encapsulated, by our unique frequency that keeps our thoughts unique to us.

Now, we realize that this concept of oneness of being, of sharing the same unique planes of Godness, thoughts and imagination is a very difficult one for many to accept but it is so.

The ability for some to accept that, since the dawn of human existence, to forever in the future and for all and every sentient being in any dimension, we all share just one higher self and just one plane of imagination and thought, is a difficult one indeed.

We mentioned earlier that, in this chapter, we might lose some of you on route and this is one of the concepts that not all can accept.

We speak only the truth as we understand it to be. If you can accept it is a different matter, but we hope you can or will eventually, because the things that we have discussed in this chapter are among the most important subjects we have ever discussed.

An understanding of this chapter of this book is essential to understanding future chapters and about life itself.

Now, we have a problem with deciding when to end this chapter and turn to discuss other matters because understanding what occurs in the 6th plane or dimension could go on endlessly as all events in all areas of life tend to pass through this extraordinary plane but we must stop somewhere.

We have other matters of importance to discuss with you so, with reluctance, we will call this chapter finished - although it is far from finished - and turn our attention to other matters.



In chapter two we mentioned a number of things because, as we tried to explain, life is both interconnected as one complete jigsaw but, rather like a jigsaw, life is made up of disparate elements that, together, form the complete picture that we refer to as ‘life’.

While we were describing the subject of chapter two, which was imagination, we mentioned something called the higher self and said that it was the personal aspect of God. While this is in essence true, the higher self is much more than just the personal aspect of God because, not only is each element that together form life linked in a sort of chain, but God and the Archangelic beings that work for God do not waste energy and so many aspects of life serve more than one purpose – the process that you may know as multitasking.

In this chapter we will do our best to describe the higher self and its various functions but we will also be obliged to mention other elements because the higher self, being ‘multi-tasking’ is connected to a number of aspects of the spiritual aspect of life.

First, let us say that our primary aim is to describe the spiritual aspects of man but, as all is both connected and one, to mention “man” is also to describe all things from a grain of sand to a galaxy. All is one and although, when looking at a grain of sand, it may be difficult to understand that we are also observing a galaxy, nevertheless, it is so. If all is one it must all be identical. It is only our way of understanding life that makes things appear separate.

So, let us try to examine the higher self and analyse where it came from, why it exists and its functions because, as we mentioned many things serve more than one purpose and the higher self is no exception.

As it so often the case we have great difficulty in knowing where to start in our description of something because, all things being interconnected, this interconnectedness stretches backwards and forwards.

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