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Targeted Individuals: How to Block the Microwaves & Jam the Tracking Signal

Richard Lighthouse

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Targeted Individuals: How to Block the Microwaves & Jam the Tracking Signals

This ebook is dedicated to Ted Gunderson and Geral Sosbee, FBI Agents. It takes real courage and conviction to stand against a crooked system.

“The CIA and FBI are behind most, if not all terrorism,” - Ted Gunderson, former FBI Chief.


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This short ebook presents the techniques and technology for Targeted Individuals that will block most or all of the microwaves. The focused beam of microwave pulses come from three main sources: Satellites with Vircator weapons, Cell towers with magnetron weapons, and Drones with magnetron weapons. The satellites use precision tracking frequencies that operate at 3600 to 3750 MHz. They are able to locate the crown of your head within 0.5 centimeters, using reflected signals and precise atomic clocks that time the signal's round trip. In this ebook, I describe the basic system that will jam the tracking signal. If they cannot track you, then they cannot hurt you. The satellite harm signal using a Vircator, operates at 3920 to 3935 MHz. The tracking signal can follow you, inside of a house or building, by turning up the intensity of the signal, although it does have limits. If you are a recent TI, there are no chip implants that are used to track you. The tracking is done using satellites – see my ebook, “The Microwave Torture of Ed Snowden and Julian Assange,” where I provide diagrams that explain how the technology works.

To block the microwaves, the basic description of a Faraday Cage is provided. The suggested design is made for sleeping, when most of the attacks are done. The MRI's of the Cuban Diplomats showed that these attacks cause long-term brain damage through the deterioration of white matter in the brain. Some TI's have built a Faraday cage, and reported that the Air Force will use acoustic attacks (pressure waves) to try to dissuade you from using the Faraday cage. There are also some reports of scalar weapon technology being used, but this has not been confirmed.




This ebook provides an introduction to the latest information that was available to this author. I cannot guarantee that the government criminals will not find a method to counter these tactics. However, the readers are encouraged to be creative with your solutions. The bottom line is this – history has shown that any technology can be defeated. It is only a matter of time, before these solutions will permanently defeat the Deep State. These solutions are not rocket science. I have tried to keep them simple initially, but most readers may want to dig deeper, and I have provided websites and resources that will allow you to read further.

The cell towers have become the primary weapon that the Deep State uses against Targeted Individuals in the United States. Commercial grade magnetrons are mounted in the cell towers, usually in vented, metal enclosure boxes. These enclosures are visible in the cell tower. The magnetrons are air-cooled, so they cannot operate in a continuous mode. A typical magnetron will pulse about 1 or 2 times each second, and consumes about 20,000 volts at 100 amps with each pulse, at maximum intensity. The intensity can be adjusted to lower levels. They can also be set to operate in a “machine gun” mode at a low intensity with 5 to 10 pulses each second.

It is clear that the electrical usage for these illegal devices is staggering, and probably costs $50,000 per year or more, for each Targeted Individual. What a massive waste of taxpayer resources! It is currently estimated that there are about 170,000 Targeted Individuals in the United States (5% of the Terror Watchlist). See my related ebook on Estimated Numbers. This does not include the family members, friends, and coworkers that are silently targeted and manipulated via satellite – which would count into the millions.

The good news is that TI's are so expensive, that the Deep State cannot afford to put the entire population under such a system. In fact, it will probably never exceed 1%. This means that the system must be used as a mere threat to keep whistleblowers silent, because they cannot afford to control everyone. There are also technical limitations, such as the number of tracking satellites that can be placed into geosynchronos orbit – where it is already overcrowded.

Block the Microwaves

The microwave frequencies can be blocked using a Faraday Cage. This is old technology that is well-proven and dates to the 1800's. It is named for the inventor, Michael Faraday.

There are many designs that Targeted Individuals have used. Some are on Youtube and other video websites. An aluminum screen design is one of the least expensive. Unfortunately, it is also easy to bring in a higher frequency magnetron, that will shoot right thru the mesh. High mesh aluminum or copper screens can be a good alternative, but they are also expensive. The best reason to use these is because you are concerned about breathing air, after several hours in the cage. A solid aluminum foil can be used, but it is necessary to drill many small holes (1/64” is suggested).

This document describes the least expensive alternative, that cannot be easily defeated by the government criminals. It consists of heavy duty aluminum foil, with many small holes for circulating air to prevent CO2 poisoning. The design is made for sleeping.

The materials cost about $300 total.

Figure 1. The door and door seal are some of the critical parts.

Faraday Cage

A Faraday Cage that is properly designed and properly grounded, will block all microwaves and will block all V2K. It will also block all synthetic telepathy, Artificial Intelligence signals, and whatever other descriptions you have heard. The people that designed this technology for Schriever Air Force Base are not medical doctors. They are engineers. Please stop listening to medical doctors to solve an engineering problem.

Your microwave oven is a good example of a Faraday Cage. The microwaves in this case, are kept inside the cage, rather than outside.  In simple terms, a Faraday cage is a metal box or shell that conducts electricity and protects whatever is inside. There has been a huge disinformation campaign by the CIA to convince TI's that an effective cage cannot be built. Don't believe it. A Faraday Cage is simple science and has been around since the 1800's. If you build a Faraday cage, the Air Force will try to dissuade you from using it, by hitting the box with pressure or acoustic waves. These pulses will not harm you. They might be uncomfortable, but they cannot damage your brain like the microwaves. There have also been reports about the use of scalar weapons, but I do not have any credible information or measurements to confirm this.

The history of satellite weapons have been provided on TargetedJustice.com. All readers should familiarize themselves with this information. See the technology tabs.

The Faraday Cage was invented by Michael Faraday in the 1830's. A simple Faraday Cage is basically a box-type enclosure that will carry an electrical current on the surface and isolate the contents that are inside, from any harmful electrical effects.


We are providing some of the details, so you can make one yourself. This information will be updated as we get more experimental results. You can also find some examples on youtube and other video web sites.

You can make one at any size that you want. We recommend one that is sized for sleeping, since this is when the US Air Force personnel at Schriever Air Force Base will increase the targeting on your brain Over a long period of time, the microwaves attack the white matter tissue in the brain, and cause it to deteriorate. We know this from the MRI's of the U.S. diplomats in Cuba complaining of "sonic attacks". A good Faraday cage will block all of these microwave attacks.

The wood frame can be built from 2 x 4's that are available at HomeDepot or Lowes.
The recommended size for one person is about 31" X 36" x 90"
The recommended size for 2 persons is about 31" X 48" X 90"

The 31" dimension is set by the maximum size that will go thru your doorway, if you build it in your garage.

The first choice of surface material is a high-mesh aluminum wire screen.  This is NOT the aluminum screen that is available at HomeDepot or Lowes - the mesh is not high enough. (Mesh is the number of wires per inch.)
We recommend a 24 x 24 mesh, or higher.

Some TI's have reported building a Faraday Cage using ordinary aluminum screen from Hope Depot. At first, it appears that the cage is working properly.  Within a few months, the government criminals will install a higher frequency magnetron close by (usually on a cell tower), that will penetrate the aluminum mesh.

One TI has claimed total protection using solid copper panels. Some have reported that their enclosure shakes, although it blocks the microwaves. This is probably a acoustic attack, meaning that acoustic waves are being used that vibrate molecules in the air. This is different than directed microwaves. More suggestions at CitizensAHT.org

The second choice of materials is Extra Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil, such as Reynolds 632 and Reynolds 633 foil. WARNING: YOU MUST DRILL SMALL HOLES IN THE FOIL AFTER IT IS INSTALLED, BECAUSE THE AIR INSIDE DOES NOT CIRCULATE, CAUSING CARBON DIOXIDE POISONING. Carbon dioxide poisoning can occur within one hour inside the box dimensions which have been given for one person. It must be ventilated by drilling multiple holes with 1/64" inch drill bit. 50 holes on 2 sides of the box should suffice. The holes are deliberately small to block the higher frequencies, that the Air Force will try to use. Keep the holes in a small area - high on one side and low on the opposite side of the box for circulation.

The total cost of materials is about $300. It can be built using ordinary aluminum foil from Walmart. However, this might be easily damaged. Extra Heavy Duty aluminum foil is available from many different websites. Reynolds 632 and Reynolds 633 are good examples of Extra Heavy Duty Foil. The aluminum foil easily carries the voltage from the microwaves at 1 to 10 millivolts. The frequency from the Vircator satellite weapon is about 3925 MHz. The magnetron frequency from cell towers is typically, either 2400 MHz or 2550 MHz.

Step 1. Build a wooden box frame out of 2 x 4's, at the size that you want. Measure your door to be sure it will fit inside.

Step 2. Cover the box with wire mesh or aluminum foil, overlapping the joints, and taping on each side. Be certain there are no gaps anywhere on the surface. Use shipping tape or very sticky tape and SEAL BOTH SIDES OF THE OVERLAPPING JOINTS. The glue on one side of aluminum foil tape is not conductive - it will not work.  Alternately, you can use copper tape that is conductive on both sides. (Check it with a voltmeter) Any gaps will allow the microwaves to penetrate the box. The government criminals will attempt to penetrate the box by using a higher frequency of microwaves that can get into small cracks and larger holes. IMPORTANT: If using aluminum foil - be sure to use the bright-shiny face to make contact with another bright-shiny face. This will make for good electrical contact. One side of the foil has a non-stick coating - that is the dull side.

Step 3. The door seal is one of the critical parts. The door must be designed so that it makes a near-perfect seal. There must be continuous contact where the door seals against the box frame. One method for the door seal, is to use a linear sponge material and wrap it in ordinary aluminum foil. See Figure 1, above.

Step 4. Grounding. Use a grounding wire that is #6 gage or better (smaller number means larger wire diameter) to connect to the wire mesh or foil. Home Depot may have a wire remnants section in the electrical aisle, where you can find this wire inexpensively.

Step 5. Ground Rod. Connect to a good grounding source. We recommend NOT using the grounding rod below your electrical box. The criminals can remotely put a signal through the smart meter to the ground, which may back-feed your Box. Your new grounding iron rod needs to be 3 to 4 feet into the ground, as a minimum. CAUTION: Get someone that understands electrical connections to help you. Alternative: Attach to the metal pipe of your gas meter, where it goes underground.
Use a wire brush to be certain the surface is clean and makes good contact between the wire clamp and the rod. Check it with a voltmeter. Clean the surface with a wire brush to be certain the clamp makes good contact with the gas pipe. Do not use the household wiring for a ground. The government criminals can put a smart meter signal into it.

Step 6. Get someone to help you test it. Get inside and close the door. If it seals properly, you will immediately notice a reduction in microwaves. Install a small fan on the outside, near the 1/64” holes, to force more fresh air into the enclosure.

The government criminals will try to increase the intensity of microwaves to penetrate the enclosure, or use acoustic pulse waves. These pulses cannot damage your brain. The microwaves are what can damage your brain.

Step 7. Troubleshooting. If you are not getting a significant reduction, there is likely a gap or break somewhere on the surface. The door seal or the grounding clamps are the most likely source of the problem.

Jam the Tracking Signals

The tracking signal from the current satellites in geosynchronos orbit, operate at 3600 MHz to 3750 MHz. The FCC frequency allocation table confirms that these signals are reserved for satellite to ground signals. (the govt criminals are also stealing a small amount a spectrum – does that surprise you?)

Websites that may be helpful:





A 1 watt amplifier may be all that is needed to jam the signal (and this is legal from the FCC). Use a signal generator with a sweep that is programmed between 3500 MHz and 4000 MHz. The satellite tracker will be attracted to the antenna, because it is a stronger signal that the one that is reflecting off your head.

The next move - the government criminals will try to filter the signal at the satellite to keep it locked on your head. You will need to turn up the watts, or move back and forth close to the antenna. This will make the system lock onto the antenna, rather than your head. Here are some estimates: At 1 watt, you can initially cover an area of a few thousand square feet. At 15 watts, several square miles. At 100 watts, a hundred square miles – which is enough to jam the signals around New York City with one system. These are just estimates. There are many factors which can effect the range – is it raining? The water and humidity will absorb some of the signal. Are you located in an area with rolling hills or mountains – that will limit the range. If you can move the signal generator every few hours, that will keep the government criminals confused. There are other technical issues that can effect the range.

The government criminals are going to try to disable your signal generator. There are things you can do to minimize their counter-efforts. Put your system inside a Faraday Cage. Only turn it on when it is inside the Faraday cage. If it is not protected, the government criminals may be able to disable it, within 15 minutes. Don't operate it unprotected. Keep a backup of the firmware and system files. Maybe several backups. Only turn it on, when you are ready to use it. Always reload the firmware when possible (this will discourage them from breaking into your house to manually hack the system.) Or take your equipment with you and keep it protected.

There are many other technical issues that are beyond the scope of this introduction. A good electrical engineer or electronics technician may be able to provide more hints for you.

The main point is this: The government criminals can be defeated. And that means everything to a Targeted Individual. There are some technical details that were not covered in this ebook, but it is a good start.

Figure 2. Basic configuration of a jamming system, operating in sweep mode between 3600 MHz to 3750 MHz, which will jam the tracking signal. Equipment can be found on minicircuits.com, digikey.com, windfreaktech.com, aaronia.com

This document is a living document. The author reserves the right to make corrections and changes.


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Acknowledgments: The author gratefully acknowledges Seth, Jane Roberts, and Rob Butts for their significant contributions.

About: The author holds a Master of Science (M.Sc.) degree in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University and has previously worked for NASA.

Contact: RLighthouse -at- protonmail.com

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This research was generously supported with a grant from the Foundation Opposed to Academic Puffery (FOAP).


I am a proud government whistleblower – see my ebooks about the criminal acts of the CIA, NSA, and FBI. Readers are advised that the NSA may be blocking or restricting access to some of my ebooks, especially outside the United States. Readers are further advised that digital tracking tags may have been placed in my ebooks. It may be best to download from Apple iBooks, if possible. Note how slowly the jpg's load into the ebook when viewing, or there may be transparent objects placed inside the document (This is the government criminal's latest ploy). The content of some ebooks may have been altered – still trying to monitor this. If you have tried to contact me, it is possible that emails and phone calls are being blocked (Owenc787 at gmail) 713.three.zero.six.8287.

Readers are advised to review the website drjudywood.com which provides compelling evidence about 9-11. http://drjudywood.com/articles/DEW/StarWarsBeam4.html ..... Note Figure 63. Dr Wood spent many years researching this and filed suit against the US Government, along with Dr Morgan Reynolds. Jet fuel does not burn through concrete and steel. The cookie-cutter holes were made by a high-powered laser that rapidly ages material - and turned the concrete and steel into dust in seconds. Note Figure 38(a) here: http://drjudywood.com/articles/DEW/StarWarsBeam3.html ...Watch the steel beam turn into dust while standing vertically. This laser operates at a harmonic of the blinking frequency - which causes rapid aging. Readers are also advised to see the book and movie "Unackowledged" by Dr Steven Greer, M.D. It is available for on Netflix, where it is the #1 documentary, and to watch the youtube videos by the Honorable Paul Hellyer, former Canadian Minister of Defense. He has a book titled, “The Money Mafia.”

For more than 5 years, this author has been stalked, harassed, and threatened by US Government agents from the CIA, FBI, and NSA - because of the content of these ebooks. My home has been broken into, repeatedly. In May 2014, my girlfriend was drugged and kidnapped from LaGuardia airport. This is not a joke. My computer, phone, and alarm system have been hacked, including those of my friends and family. It is truly sad and pathetic, these agencies have become criminal organizations. If something happens to me (disappearance, false criminal charges, sudden accident, etc. - my readers can be certain that the FBI and CIA were involved. See my related ebooks identifying the murders of Gary Webb, Michael Hastings, Phil Schneider, William Colby, Dr Eugene Mallove, Stan Meyers, Seymor Cray, and others. In my opinion, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) is behind these criminal acts; David Rockefeller was the CEO and Chairman for many years.

For future reference, I would never deliberately do something, that would harm or hurt myself. This goes against my beliefs and against the teachings of Seth. This needs to be stated because the CIA and FBI have proven many times, they are willing to use “staged suicides” to silence whistleblowers. See the recent murder of Mikhail Lesin, founder of Russia Today (RT.com) in Washington DC – clearly a staged suicide. Phil Schneider went public with his information after 8 of his coworkers were murdered using staged suicides. And then he was murdered.

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