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100 Affirmations for the Grieving

By Serenity McLean


Published by Dome Tree Publishing

ISBN 978-0-9952721-8-7

© Serenity McLean, 2018

All Rights Reserved

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100 Affirmations for the Grieving

I find a lot of comfort in happy memories of my loved one

Everyday is another day toward creating a new way of being

I can talk about my loved one without crying

I don’t have to follow all the advice I’m given

I make quiet time and space every day to find the new me

I keep my loved one close through the keepsakes I’ve done

Wanting to be alone sometimes is okay

I give myself permission to take a break from grief

I allow myself to fully feel my grief so I can find serenity

It’s okay that I will not be the same person I was

I’m learning to hold onto my love and deal with my grief

I promise to be gentle and kind to myself

Even though I’m grieving I still love myself

It’s okay to feel angry at my loss

Grieving takes time. I’m patient

I can see new strengths in myself

I appreciate the love I enjoyed

I let go of the belief I will never recover

I release my self-reproach and remorse

Mourning is part of life and I’m surviving

It’s possible to mix a little happiness into grief

Tears are cleansing and it’s okay to release them

I can handle when people ask me how I feel

It’s okay to grieve for all my losses

It’s okay to miss how things used to be

Grief has granted me access to my deeper self

Silence is a wonderful place of discovery

When alone, I’m with an interesting person

My new way of being is what I make it

Lasting through the pain will get me through

Laughing is not a betrayal of my pain

Humour brings relief from my suffering

I won’t hide my grief as it’s evidence of my love

I will become open to new strengths, patterns and friends

My grief is unique to me and I give permission to grieve in my own way

I am the author of the next chapter in my life story

My grief is so deep and endless I can’t express it adequately

When I feel the urge to cry I let my tears flow

I’m letting all the turmoil of grief out of my system

I’ve sustained an unbearable loss

It’s okay to not be okay as long as I don’t stay that way

Even though I'm shattered and crushed, I can still make it through today

For now my memories bring both comfort and tears

Grief makes one hour feel like ten, but I will walk through the pain to find peace

I know peace comes after going through the storms of grief

Happiness may have forgotten me for awhile, but I will know its sunny face again

My love is a memory no one can steal

My life expands in the presence of courage and hope

My journey includes mourning over the things that might have been and finding hope in the things ahead

I have the courage, strength, patience, wisdom and hope to travel this difficult road of grief

Grief does not break me but rather it breaks me open

My grief will awaken me to a new way of being – a new me

My memories are like strings on an instrument. They play a sweet song to my soul.

I'm okay with letting go of things that need not be a part of the new me

The memories of my loved one are like a flowering tree. It invites a singing heart.

I will not quit my grief journey. I know there is happiness waiting for me to progress there.

I surround myself with people who support my grief and grieving.

I know grief seems endless, but I'm committed to coming out the other side.

I embrace my new priorities.

My life story is bigger than the painful chapter I'm currently in.

My tears tell of a love words fail to describe.

I know the winter desolation of grief will give way to the spring of my new life

I will not be a victim of hurtful words

For everyone that disappeared, a person of quality will enter my life

I have the right to feel angry, but choose to let go

I have the right to feel broken, but I choose to move on

I could give up, but I choose to carry on

I could get lost in regret, but I choose forgiveness

I could fall into despair, but I choose to look to my future

I could let this loss beat me down, but I choose to rise up again

I'm learning I can survive unbelievable pain

I now treasure the little things as they happen instead of waiting until they are precious memories

I decide who I am, not society

I will carry the beautiful memories of my loved one with me forever

I know getting back into life is hard, but there's something good waiting for me

I will emerge from this deep suffering scarred but strong

I will find strength in my most broken places

I choose to spend my time with people who bring out my best

I love the peace of just being present

I'm a really great person for me to spend time with

My grief and loss does not define me

There is a happy ending to my story

I have been dealt an unfair tragedy, but I choose to find victory

Even though I'm sad, I love myself

I know grieving takes time. I'm patient with myself

I know my life still has purpose

I know there are rainbows after the storms of grief

I wouldn't trade the time with my loved one to avoid this journey through grief

My life has value and I choose to live it well

I will not be imprisoned by what other's think my grief should be

I am taking the time to mend the broken pieces with refined gold

I cherish the new me that I'm building

I'm writing my future in golden hope

Grief is not my home

What I've survived has made me beautiful

I choose better, not bitter

I accept things are unfolding as they are supposed to

I know I will find the place where I can honour the love more than grieve the loss

I loved. I grieved. I live

I let go of the belief that I've lost everything

Honest Grief

Be gentle and kind to yourself – that’s what this book encourages throughout. Grief explodes, and you’re left with a gaping wound in your heart and a huge hole in your life. This book shows how to find your new way of living. Discover your path through the storms of grief to living in peace.

Honest Grief is a fantastic support for anyone who is grieving!

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Supporting Honest Grief

Loss strikes a friend. They are grieving and you are left wondering what you can say or do. We’ve all been there – at a loss for words.

Did you know most people who walk through the dark valley of grief end up wounded and suffering because of the words and actions of friends and family – those people they thought they could lean on?

This book pulls back the curtains on grief, showing you its hidden face. It explains what it’s really like. Most importantly it helps you understand what the griever needs and wants from their friends and family. You might be surprised at the things we all do that actually hurt the griever. And you will discover lots that you can do to help your friend through their dark days.

Supporting Honest Grief is a must-have for those with a grieving friend!

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