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Jesse Flynn

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It was almost 8PM on February 14th when there was a knock on Henry Smith’s door. He was on his couch, eating pizza and watching BOOGIE NIGHTS, just as he had every year for the last five years on Valentine’s Day.

He wasn’t expecting anyone; Henry rarely had visitors and they never came over unannounced. He just wasn’t that kind of kind guy and neither were any of his friends.

He wondered who it was. A neighbor, maybe, looking to borrow some eggs? Or someone with the wrong condo? Either way he wasn’t real interested in answering the door. He’d rather just stay here on the couch and pretend like he wasn’t home.

Then the knocking started again, more insistently this time, like the person on the other side of the door knew he was home. After another moment of hesitation Henry decided to be civil and see who was there. He paused the movie, climbed up off the couch and headed over to the door.

He opened it without bothering to look through the peephole, and standing there, much to his surprise (which he was careful to keep off his face) was Jenny Stevenson. She was dressed in a sleeveless white tee shirt that covered her legs nearly down to her knees. But not even the loose-fitting clothes could mask her rocking body; she could make painter’s overalls look good. And the lack of a bra didn’t hurt her cause either. Her long black hair was mussed and she was wearing very little makeup, both of which suited her just fine.

“Hey there,” she said.

“What’s up?” Henry said, playing it cool despite the butterflies in his stomach. They hadn’t done more than briefly exchange pleasantries since their crazy New Year’s Eve and he’d convinced himself that it had been just a one-night stand, never to be repeated again. Now he wasn’t so sure. But he didn’t want to jump to any conclusions and he certainly didn’t allow his hopes to get too high.

“Not much,” Jenny replied. “I was just hanging out by myself tonight and figured you would be too, you know, based on your aversion to holidays.”

“Well, you guessed right.”

“So . . . are you going to invite me in?”

“Sure,” he said. “Come on in.”

Henry held the door open and Jenny walked past him. He watched her as he closed the door, slightly saddened to see that her ass was covered up by the T-shirt. At least her shapely legs were a nice consolation prize. She sat down on the lounge chair and folded her legs beneath her, revealing nothing but panties beneath her T-shirt.

“You want something to drink?” he asked. “A beer? Some wine?”

“No thanks,” she said. “I want to see how things go when we’re sober.”

Before Henry had a chance to contemplate the meaning of this, Jenny had moved on.

 “Boogie Nights, huh?” she said, glancing towards the television. “Are you a P.T. Anderson fan?”


“Me too. You ever see There Will Be Blood?”

“Only ten times,” Henry said as he sat down on the couch across from her. “It’s one of my 2 favorite movies of all-time.”

“And the other one?”

“No Country For Old Men.”

“Ahh, the Coen Brothers. Good stuff, good stuff. I had no idea you had such good taste in movies. I should have known, though. You have good taste in everything.”

Henry laughed softly. “Like you’d know.”

“I know you have good taste in music,” Jenny said.

“How do you know that?”

“You were listening to The Mars Volta on New Year’s Eve.”

“You remember that?”

She tilted her head and flashed him a little smirk. “I remember everything about that night.”


“Everything,” she said, raising her eyebrows a couple of times.

Henry wasn’t sure what to make of this but he supposed it was a good thing. After all, if she had remembered everything and was coming back for more, that certainly couldn’t be bad.

“But, back to your tastes,” she said. “We’ve got movies and music out the way—two of the most important ones, the way I see it—but it doesn’t stop there. I can see you have good taste in pizza. Round Table is my favorite. You have good taste in beer. Blue Moon on New Years. And wine too; I can see Silver Oak in your kitchen. And you certainly have good taste in women.”

“Oh, I don’t know about that,” Henry said, laughing softly. “I’ve had some pretty shitty relationships in the past.”

“I’m not talking about your past relationships. I’m talking about your present one.”

“With who?”

“Who do you think?” Jenny said.


“No, the other girl in your living room.”

“You call fucking two months ago and then not talking to each until right now a relationship?”

“According to the strict definition, yes,” Jenny said. “Of course, it’s not a traditional relationship, but I was led to believe you weren’t a traditional type of guy.”

“Fair enough,” Henry said. “So what kind of a relationship is it?”

“The best kind,” she replied. “One where neither party has any commitment to the other. One where there’s no emotions involved, no messiness, no stupid shit. One that entails getting together every once in a while and fucking our brains out in crazy, filthy, animalistic ways, sometimes drunk, sometimes sober, sometimes high, depending on the day.”

Henry looked at her for a moment. He had to admit, it sounded like the perfect setup. He certainly didn’t have any desire to be in a “normal” relationship; he just didn’t think he’d ever find himself in one like Jenny was spelling out.

“And that’s the kind of relationship you’re looking for?” he asked.

“I’m sure as hell not looking for love,” Jenny said. “Are you?”

“Not at all.”

“Then what do you say? Do you think you can handle just having meaningless, casual, incredibly nasty sex with me on a semi-regular basis without any threat of a deep emotional connection?”

Henry pretended to think about it for a moment. “I think I could probably handle something like that.”

Smiling, Jenny climbed up off the chair and started towards him. “Are you sure?”

“Positive,” he said, looking up at her as she stopped right in front of him.

“Good,” Jenny said. “Because I’m horny as hell.” She dropped to her knees and pushed his legs open and leaned in towards him and started undoing the button on his pants. Looking up at him with mock-innocence from down between his legs, she said, “You don’t mind, do you?”

“Not at all,” Henry said, lifting his butt up off the couch so she could slip the pants off his legs. His dick was already starting to get hard. It wasn’t quite standing at attention yet but it was getting there.

“Now that’s the Henry Stevenson I remember from New Year’s Eve,” Jenny said, taking Henry’s cock in her hand and stroking it. “Such a nice big cock. Do you still remember what to do with it?”

“Oh, I think I can figure it out.”

Jenny laughed. “I’m sure you can.” She wrapped her lips around his cock and took it halfway down before popping it back out again. “With something this beautiful, I’m sure you’ve had lots of practice.”

 She went back to work on his cock, mixing it up like a pro, sucking on the tip while jerking him off, playing with his balls, and taking it nearly all the way down her throat while maintaining eye contact the entire time. It was an incredibly sloppy blowjob, with tons of spit; Jenny obviously knew what she was doing down there.

After a couple minutes of blowing him, Jenny leaned back and pulled her shirt off, revealing her perfect, perky tits. She took his cock and pressed it up against her chest, between her breasts, and proceeding to bounce on it, the saliva leftover from her blow job acting as a lubricant. Not quite a titty-fuck but it had the same effect. She was totally into it, her bottom lip tucked between her teeth, her eyes locked directly on his.

Henry wasn’t sure if it was the look of pure intensity Jenny was giving him or simply the physical sensation of what she was doing to him, but it was getting him way too excited for his own good. He needed to find a way to give himself a little break.

He grabbed ahold of her hair and lifted her head up off his cock, leaned forward, and locked his mouth onto hers. She enthusiastically kissed him back, and soon they were exploring each other’s mouths with sloppy intensity.

Henry grabbed ahold of Jenny’s left breast and gave it a squeeze, then ran his hand down her flat stomach and started rubbing her pussy through her panties.

He marveled at how quickly Jenny’s panties soaked through. Ten seconds, maybe less, and they were completely drenched. It was becoming readily apparent to him that this girl truly was a freak. A sex machine. And for some reason she had chosen him to be her little playmate. He decided that he had to do everything in his power to make her happy. Pull out all the stops. Make sure he satisfied her enough to keep her coming back.

Henry grabbed her by the legs, picked her up, spun her around, and dropped her on the couch, facing him. He then dropped to his knees, slipped her panties off, spread her legs, and started eating her pussy. Jenny let out a surprised little squeal which quickly turned into a giggle and then into a moan of pleasure as Henry started going at it more aggressively.

He grabbed her legs and threw them back towards her, lifting her hips up a bit to give himself a little more leverage. Jenny, experienced slut that she was, hooked her arms around the back of her knees, holding them in place up by her head.

Henry started off slowly, licking around the outside of her pussy lips, teasing her, tempting her, taunting her. After getting her nice and wet he started in on the pussy proper, lapping at her inner sweetness by running his tongue up and down the length of her snatch, penetrating it only slightly at first, then more deeply, flicking his tongue in and out, back and forth, licking and sucking and burying his face inside her, constantly moving, mixing things up, keeping her on her toes.

Every once in a while he’d venture a glance up the length of her perfect body to see her face in various stages of enjoyment; sometimes eyes closed, sometimes head thrown back, sometimes squeezing or sucking her own nipples. One time he even noticed her right hand was around her throat and her face was red from choking herself.

Henry filed this little nugget away for later and went back to work, moving his tongue up to suck on her clit and sliding two fingers inside her pussy. He curled his fingers and started rubbing them back and forth, sticking them further and further inside her until he found the rough, pebbly surface of her G-spot.

Jenny gasped and her eyes shot open. A look of pleasant surprise flashed across her face, and she appeared to briefly view Henry in a new light, but her face quickly turned into a mask of intense pleasure as the purely physical sensation overwhelmed her senses.

“Right there,” she said, her voice a deep, breathy whisper. “Right fucking there.”

Henry went after her G-spot with enthusiasm, applying more and more pressure to it as he rubbed his fingers back and forth inside her as quickly as he could. His cock was still sticking straight up; it was just as hard as it had been while Jenny was sucking on it. Something about getting a girl off excited him just as much as a girl getting him off. It had always been that way for him.

Jenny’s pussy was gushing now and she was bucking back against his hand with her whole body, allowing him deeper penetration into her pussy. But the angle was starting to burn in his forearm, causing him to slow the pace just a bit.

“Don’t stop,” she growled at him. “Don’t you dare fucking stop.”

Smiling, Henry slid a third finger insider her, eliciting another gasp and more frenzied bucking from Jenny.

“You like that, huh?” he said, climbing up alongside her to release some of the pressure on his wrist and allowing him to go after her with even more force. “You like my fingers inside you?”

Jenny nodded. Her eyes were wide and her face was flushed and her breath was growing ever more rapid as she rose towards orgasm.

“Tell me how much you like it,” Henry said, gently taunting her, relishing the power he had over her.

“I fucking love it,” Jenny said. She was barely able to get the words out she was so worked up.

His smile growing wider, Henry slammed his fingers into her a few more times, until she was right on the verge of cumming. Then he gave her one final thrust of his fingers and held them there, deep inside her, filling up her pussy, pushing his fingers up against her as she squeezed her muscles against them.

Jenny’s body started to shake and a low moan escaped from her throat. “Fuck, fuck, fuck!” she cried as her body tensed, her pussy squeezing even tighter against his fingers for just a moment before releasing a flood of juices that ran over his hand and started down his arm.

Henry immediately started to go back to work on her with his fingers but Jenny grabbed his arm and pulled it out of her. With her hand wrapped around his wrist, she brought his hand up to her face and stuck his fingers in her mouth. Her other hand ventured down to his cock and started slowly stroking it.

“Enough of the foreplay,” she said after licking his fingers clean of her juices. “I want you to fuck me with that fat cock of yours.”

“Are you sure?” he said. “Because I can do this all night long.”

“Maybe some other time. Right now I need you inside of me.”

“If you insist,” Henry said. He threw her legs open and slid in between them. With his cock in hand, he guided it towards her snatch, pausing one last time to tease her for just a moment by slapping it against her pussy lips a couple of times before sticking it in.

Jenny’s pussy was still soaking wet from before, allowing Henry’s cock to slide in with ease despite its size. She let out a long breath as he entered her, followed by a low moan of pleasure.

“That’s what I’m talking about,” she said, wrapping her arms around the back of his neck and pulling his head down towards hers until their faces were mere inches apart. “I love having your cock inside me.”

They stayed like that for a little while, face-to-face, staring into each others eyes while Henry fucked her with long, slow strokes. Then they started to kiss, slowly and passionately at first, their tongues moving in each others mouths, exploring and tasting each other in ways they hadn’t done so yet, in ways that fucking each other didn’t allow.

In many ways, kissing was more intimate than having sex, and for Henry it was just as exciting, if not more so. He’d often found that making out and moving slowly against his partner was the surest way to arriving at orgasm more quickly than he wanted to. He’d learned that in order to last longer, he needed to fuck faster, harder, more aggressively. If things continued in the direction they were going he wouldn’t have much time until he was going to explode. And he didn’t want that. Not yet.

So he pulled his mouth away from Jenny’s and leaned back and slid up onto his knees. He grabbed ahold of her legs and threw them up over his shoulders and started to pound away, his hips slamming down into her, his cock filling up her pussy, his balls slapping up against her asshole as he hammered away at her.

“Right there, right fucking there,” Jenny said, her voice higher-pitched than usual and trembling with pleasure. “Pound me with that big fucking cock. Pound me!”

Henry loved hearing Jenny talk dirty as he fucked her; loved it a little too much, in fact. Hearing her begging to get fucked was bringing him ever closer to orgasm, which was exactly what he was trying to avoid. But he wasn’t going to tell her to stop talking, no way in hell. So he decided he’d just have to get even more aggressive with her.

He yanked her legs down from around his shoulders and pushed them back and down towards her so her knees were pressed onto the couch, one on each side of her body, essentially folding her in half. Holding Jenny’s legs in place, his body well above hers, Henry once again went to work, slamming into her with everything he had, his body working like a furious jackhammer, intent on only thing; fucking her into oblivion.

And it seemed to be working.

Jenny’s face was a mask of pleasure, eyes rolling around and full of ecstasy, face red with exertion, mouth closed tight against a scream. Her hands were above her head, holding on to the edge of the couch for dear life, fingers gripping the material tightly enough to leave marks.

Henry let go of one of her legs and went to work on her breast, squeezing and groping and slapping it as he fucked her, getting Jenny even more excited. Her hand flew down to her clit and started furiously rubbing away while her moans  and grunts grew louder and more insistent, practically animalistic.

Henry was totally into the moment, enjoying himself immensely, but still he wanted more. He wanted to push the envelope, see if he could take things are far as he thought he could, as far, indeed, as he thought Jenny wanted him to go. From what he’d seen of her so far, she would have no problem with anything he did, and he was pretty sure she wasn’t anywhere near her limits yet. And he got the distinct feeling that she was looking for him to push her.

He decided to test his theory.

Remembering Jenny’s hand around her own throat earlier, Henry released his hold on her breast and slid his right hand up her chest and towards her neck.

He gripped it softly at first, just to see how she’d react.

Henry was excited to see it was with a smile and a nasty little gleam in her eye. He squeezed a little harder. Her smile grew a little wider. This got him a little more excited, something he’d not thought possible. Time to turn things up a notch.

Henry shifted positions to give himself a better angle, adjusting so he was lying sideways on the couch with Jenny alongside him, lying mostly on her back. Henry was partially on top of her, partially to her side. Jenny’s left leg was pressed up against her body, his arm hooked around the back of it, pushing her knee up against her left breast. His right hand was gripping a fistful of her hair and his left hand was wrapped around her throat, choking her while he was fucking her.

Their faces were inches apart and they were staring at each other, eyes locked together. Jenny was totally into it, her eyes wide with intense pleasure, her breathing labored, her face flushed.

Still fucking her with everything he had, Henry tightened his grasp on her throat, not enough to hurt her but enough to severely constrict her flow of breath. Her face reddened further and her mouth opened and closed a few times as though searching for oxygen. Her eyelids started fluttering softly.

He choked her for another couple of seconds, taking her closer to the edge of passing out before letting go of her throat.

Jenny gulped in gasping breaths, her eyes wide now, the color coming back to her face in a rush. Once she’d regained her breath, she started bucking against him harder than before, obviously turned on by the experience.

She grabbed ahold of Henry’s hair and pulled his head down towards her. Then she craned her neck and stuck her tongue in his mouth and started aggressively exploring it. A few seconds later she yanked his head back and relaxed her hold on his mouth. She pressed her forehead against his and stared directly into his eyes from mere centimeters away.

“Do it again,” she said, her voice pleading with need. “Please do it again.”

Smiling at her, taunting her again, he said, “You like that do you? You like my hand around your throat while I fuck you?”

“I love it,” Jenny said. “I fucking love it. Do it again. Please?”

So Henry obliged, once again gripping her hair with one hand and her throat with the other. He hammered his cock into her pussy, tightening his grip on her throat with every thrust as she slammed her body back into his.

Just like before, he took Jenny right to the edge of passing out before releasing her throat. She gasped for breath, smiling and laughing the entire time, her excitement palpable, infecting him with desire. Henry pulled his cock out of her to give himself a little break. No need for it to get too excited. He was having too much fun to end this session anytime soon.

“You’re quite a little slut, aren’t you?” he said.

“Not a little one,” Jenny replied, grinning ferociously. “I’m a huge fucking slut.”

“Well then, Miss huge fucking slut. What else do you like?”

“I like it all,” she said. “Whatever you can think of.”


“Anything,” she said, moving her hand down to grab ahold of his throbbing cock. “The nastier the better.”

“Is that right?”

Jenny bit her bottom lip and nodded, her eyes wide and gleaming with exhilaration.

Henry decided to see if she meant it.

He reared back and smacked her in the cheek, not very hard, but not gently either.

Her eyes lit up even further.

“Oh, you like that too, huh?” he said, his smile growing bigger.

Jenny flashed an evil grin and nodded.

So Henry smacked her again, a little harder this time. Her grin grew wider and she started breathing harder. Her hands flashed down to her tits and she started groping herself, squeezing and slapping and pinching her own nipples.

He smacked her again, and again and again, growing more excited at her rising enthusiasm, as though they were functions of each other. With every smack she moaned a little louder, a little more intensely. She had now taken to working her clit with one hand, aggressively rubbing it as he slapped her. She seemed totally lost, her eyes glazed over and her body quivering.

As usual, her excitement served to fuel his lust even more than fucking her had. He just couldn’t take it anymore. His cock was so hard it was painful, threatening to burst from its skin. It was time to finish her off. Or, more accurately, himself. At least for the time being.

Henry grabbed a handful of Jenny’s hair and stood up, lifting her up with him. He spun her around and threw her face-first onto the couch, then grabbed ahold of her legs and pulled her onto her knees so her ass was up in the air, waiting for him, beckoning, the perfect height for him to fuck her while standing.

He sidled up to her and slid his cock into her pussy, penetrating her from behind. Without so much as a pause for breath he started slamming into her, long and deep and fast, his hands around her hips for balance.

Jenny got into it too, bouncing her ass back into his hips with every thrust, allowing him to penetrate her deeper than he would have been able to on his own.

“Oh my god,” she said. “That feels so fucking good.”

“You like that, do you?” Henry said. “You like it when I fuck you from behind?”

“I love it,” she said, her voice nearly cracking. “I love it your cock inside me. Don’t stop fucking me, don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t stop!”

As it had all night, Jenny’s talking fueled Henry’s excitement ever further. He  reached out and grabbed a handful of her hair and yanked her head up towards his while still fucking her at a frenetic pace. He wrapped one hand around her throat and held her in place while letting the other arm slip down and grab ahold of her breast. Squeezing tight with both hands, he continued fucking her with everything he had, their bodies slamming up against each other, the room filling with grunts of exertion and pleasure.

After taking Jenny nearly to the point of passing out once again, he released her throat, allowing her to breathe. As she was gasping for breath he climbed up onto the couch so his feet were alongside her body.  Squatting over Jenny with his cock still inside her pussy, Henry pushed her shoulders down so her face was pressing up against the cushions of the couch and her ass was up in the air.

Leaning forward, he grabbed the back of the couch and used it for leverage as he proceeded to pound the shit out Jenny, his hips slamming up against her ass, his balls slapping up against the underside of her snatch. He hammered her for what seemed like an eternity, her pussy opening up further and further, allowing him to explore new depths with every thrust, her perfect little pink asshole staring him in the face, beckoning him, begging to be played with.

But her asshole would have to wait for another time, as he was already on the verge of orgasm.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” he said quickly under his breath. “I’m gonna cum.”

Before the words had even finished leaving his mouth Jenny had pulled away from him and spun around and was sitting on the couch, her head in between his legs and at the same level as his cock. He remained standing on the couch as she began sucking his cock and jerking him off and then his body tensed up and he got right to that magical moment where the entire world was a blur and then there was a mighty release of tension and he was shooting his sperm right into Jenny’s open mouth and all over her smiling face while she continued jerking him off until every last trace of cum had exited his body.

She used her hand to squeeze the final drops from his cock then wrapped her lips around it one last time for a brief post orgasm blow job that caused him to shimmy and shake and try to pull away but she wouldn’t let him.

Laughing, Jenny finally released his cock and fell back onto the couch. Henry grabbed his shirt off the ground and tossed it to her.

She wiped the cum off her face and dropped the shirt to the ground then leaned back onto the couch.

“So what happens now?” Henry asked, sitting down next to her.

“What do you mean?”

“How are we going to work this little arrangement? Are we just going to get together whenever one of us feels like it, or what?”

“I was thinking of setting up a little bit of structure,” Jenny said. “I figure we’ve only gotten together on holidays so far, so we might as well just continue on with that pattern.”

“Holidays only, huh?”

Jenny nodded. “Hopefully if we set some rules limiting our interactions it’ll keep things interesting, help us avoid getting sick of each other.”

“And keep us from getting too close,” Henry added. “Help nip any emotional attachment in the bud.”

“Exactly,” Jenny said. “Plus it’ll give us something to look forward to. A little extra treat on the holidays.”

“Give them a little bit of meaning,” Henry said with an ironic smile.

Jenny laughed. “So? What do you think?”

“It sounds good to me,” he said. “At the very least it’ll keep things interesting.”

Jenny ran her hand down Henry’s chest and grabbed ahold of his cock, which was still partially hard and growing harder at her touch.

“And speaking of interesting,” she said, a wicked little smirk on her face as she started slowly jerking him off. “I find the fact that you’re still apparently not all used up for the night pretty interesting.”

“Used up? Hell, I’ve barely even gotten started.”

“Is that right?”

He nodded. “I figure we’ve only got one night every month or so, we might as well make it count.”

“I couldn’t agree more,” Jenny said, standing up. “Do you mind if I jump in the shower before round two?”

“Only if you don’t mind having me in there with you,” Henry said as he climbed to his feet.

“I was counting on it,” Jenny said.

Smiling, she grabbed ahold of his cock, which was once again standing at full attention, and started walking towards the bathroom, pulling him along with her.














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