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Wonders of Allah's Creation

Harun Yahya

About the Author

The author, who writes under the pen-name HARUN YAHYA, was born in Ankara in 1956. Having completed his primary and secondary education in Ankara, he then studied arts at Istanbul's Mimar Sinan University and philosophy at Istanbul University. Since the 1980s, the author has published many books on political, faith-related and scientific issues. Harun Yahya is well-known as an author who has written very important works disclosing the imposture of evolutionists, the invalidity of their claims and the dark liaisons between Darwinism and bloody ideologies.

His pen-name is made up of the names "Harun" (Aaron) and "Yahya" (John), in memory of the two esteemed prophets who fought against lack of faith. the Prophet's seal on the cover of the author's books has a symbolic meaning linked to the their contents. This seal represents the Koran as the last Book by Allah and the last word of Him and our Prophet, the last of all the prophets. Under the guidance of the Koran and Sunnah, the author makes it his main goal to disprove each one of the fundamental tenets of godless ideologies and to have the "last word", so as to completely silence the objections raised against religion. the seal of the Prophet, who attained ultimate wisdom and moral perfection, is used as a sign of his intention of saying this last word.

All these works by the author centre around one goal: to convey the message of the Koran to people, thus encouraging them to think about basic faith-related issues, such as the existence of Allah, His unity and the hereafter, and to display the decrepit foundations and perverted works of godless systems.

Harun Yahya enjoys a wide readership in many countries, from India to America, England to Indonesia, Poland to Bosnia, and Spain to Brazil. Some of his books are available in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Urdu, Arabic, Albanian, Russian, Serbo-Croat (Bosnian), Uygur Turkish, and Indonesian, and they have been enjoyed by readers all over the world.

Greatly appreciated all around the world, these works have been instrumental in many people putting their faith in Allah and in many others gaining a deeper insight into their faith. the wisdom, and the sincere and easy-to-understand style employed give these books a distinct touch which directly strikes any one who reads or examines them. Immune to objections, these works are characterised by their features of rapid effectiveness, definite results and irrefutability. It is unlikely that those who read these books and give a serious thought to them can any longer sincerely advocate the materialistic philosophy, atheism and any other perverted ideology or philosophy. Even if they continue to advocate, this will be only a sentimental insistence since these books have refuted these ideologies from their very basis. All contemporary movements of denial are ideologically defeated today, thanks to the collection of books written by Harun Yahya.

There is no doubt that these features result from the wisdom and lucidity of the Koran. the author certainly does not feel proud of himself; he merely intends to serve as a means in one's search for Allah's right path. Furthermore, no material gain is sought in the publication of these works.

Considering these facts, those who encourage people to read these books, which open the "eyes" of the heart and guide them in becoming more devoted servants of Allah, render an invaluable service.

Meanwhile, it would just be a waste of time and energy to propagate books which create confusion in peoples' minds, lead man into ideological chaos, and which, clearly have no strong and precise effects in removing the doubts in peoples' hearts, as also verified from previous experience. It is apparent that it is impossible for books devised to emphasize the author's literary power rather than the noble goal of saving people from loss of faith, to have such a great effect. Those who doubt this can readily see that the sole aim of Harun Yahya's books is to overcome disbelief and to disseminate the moral values of the Koran. the success, impact and sincerity this service has attained are manifest in the reader's conviction.

One point needs to be kept in mind: the main reason for the continuing cruelty and conflict, and all the ordeals Muslims undergo is the ideological prevalence of disbelief. These things can only come to an end with the ideological defeat of disbelief and by ensuring that everybody knows about the wonders of creation and Koranic morality, so that people can live by it. Considering the state of the world today, which forces people into the downward spiral of violence, corruption and conflict, it is clear that this service has to be provided more speedily and effectively. Otherwise, it may be too late.

It is no exaggeration to say that the collection of books by Harun Yahya have assumed this leading role. by the Will of Allah, these books will be the means through which people in the 21st century will attain the peace and bliss, justice and happiness promised in the Koran.

To the Reader

In all the books by the author, faith-related issues are explained in the light of the Koranic verses and people are invited to learn Allah's words and to live by them. All the subjects that concern Allah's verses are explained in such a way as to leave no room for doubt or question marks in the reader's mind. the sincere, plain and fluent style employed ensures that everyone of every age and from every social group can easily understand the books. This effective and lucid narrative makes it possible to read them in a single sitting. Even those who rigorously reject spirituality are influenced by the facts recounted in these books and cannot refute the truthfulness of their contents.

This book and all the other works of the author can be read individually or discussed in a group at a time of conversation. Those readers who are willing to profit from the books will find discussion very useful in the sense that they will be able to relate their own reflections and experiences to one another.

In addition, it will be a great service to the religion to contribute to the presentation and reading of these books, which are written solely for the good pleasure of Allah. All the books of the author are extremely convincing. for this reason, for those who want to communicate the religion to other people, one of the most effective methods is to encourage them to read these books.

It is hoped that the reader will take time to look through the review of other books on the final pages of the book, and appreciate the rich source of material on faith-related issues, which are very useful and a pleasure to read.

In these books, you will not find, as in some other books, the personal views of the author, explanations based on dubious sources, styles that are unobservant of the respect and reverence due to sacred subjects, nor hopeless, doubt-creating, and pessimistic accounts that create deviations in the heart.

Wonders of Allah's Creation - Harun Yahya

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May, 2004

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"The Noble Qur'an:a New Rendering of its Meaning in English" by Hajj Abdalhaqq and Aisha Bewley, published by Bookwork, Norwich, UK. 1420 CE/1999 AH

By Harun Yahya

Translated By: Tuba Addas

Edited By: Abdassamad Clarke

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How Did the Universe Form?

Here Is Our Body!

The Amazing Features of the Creatures Around Us

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Allah Is the Creator of All




Did you ever wonder?

“How did the universe form?”

“How did the sun and the moon begin to exist?”

“Where were you before you were born?”

“How did the seas, trees, and animals come about?”

“How do the colourful and lovely scented fruits that we love, such as bananas, cherries, plums and strawberries, emerge from the dark soil? Who gives them their colours and scents?”

“From where does the tiny bee learn how to make such tasty honey? How does he make a honeycomb that has such smooth corners?”

“Who was the first human?”

“Your mother gave birth to you. But the first human couldn’t have had a mother or a father. So how did the first human all of a sudden appear?”

In this book, you will learn the correct answer to all of these questions.

Do you know what this correct answer is? Everything that you see around you, including yourself, your friends, your parents, the earth, the sun, the food that you love, bananas, cherries, strawberries, colourful roses, violets, beautiful scents, human beings, cats, dogs, ants, bees, horses, birds and butterflies, in short everything was created by Allah.

We asked you, “Did you ever think: from where does the tiny bee learn how to make such tasty honey?” Well, Allah is the One Who teaches the bee how to make honey.

But there are those people who tell stories about these things. They don’t believe that Allah has created everything and they invent stories about it. These people are called “evolutionists” and the story that they tell is called “evolution”.

We want you to learn what is the truth, and that is why we have started by telling you the right things. in the second part of the book, we will show you how those who believe in evolution deceive people. If after you have read this book, someone comes up to you one day and asks you to believe in the theory of evolution, you can then tell him that the theory of evolution is not right, and Allah is the Creator of everything.

How Did the Universe Form?

Do you know what the universe is? It is endless space and everything that it holds, earth, the sun, the moon, the planets and the stars. Even if you walk millions and millions of miles you will not be able to reach the end of space, and in fact, you have hardly reached its beginning. the reason for that is that space is too large to describe.

Earth exists within this limitless space. Along with earth, the sun, moon, and millions of stars exist in it as well.

So how did all of these things form? How did the sun come into being, for example? Or how did our earth appear?

There are two types of responses to this question. One of these responses is right and the other is wrong. Those who respond wrongly are also believers in the theory of evolution. on the next page, we will first show you the wrong response and then the right one.

The Wrong Response:

Those who respond incorrectly say: the universe was always there and it came about by itself. That is, a lot of substances came together on their own by chance to form the sun, stars, earth, seas, trees, rivers and mountains.

Don’t you think this thought is illogical? If a friend of yours came to you and said something like: “I had put some soil, stones, and a little bit of water inside a big box. I waited for a couple of years and then a computer emerged from this box.” Would you believe him? You would probably think that your friend was joking, lying or mad.

Evolutionists openly tell a tall story just like that. a computer cannot form all by itself as a result of some coincidences. First, someone plans what the computer is supposed to be like, and decides what components are to be used. Then, in large factories, engineers, technicians and hundreds of workers come together. They use huge machinery to put the computer together. That is to say, when you see a computer you would know that it did not just happen all by itself. Isn’t it obvious that intelligent people make computers?

The sun, earth and other plants are much larger than a computer. So, if there are those who make computers, there must be a power that creates the sun, earth, moon and stars.

The Right Response:

Did you understand what the right response is? Allah is the Creator of the sun, earth, planets, and stars. Everything in the universe is perfect and orderly. That is because Allah created the universe, and He has put everything where it belongs.

How Did Allah Create the Universe?

Scientists have made a very important discovery in recent years. This important discovery was that before the universe was formed, there was nothing else. There was no land, no air, no water, and there were no stars; there was even no space. Inside this nothingness, there was this tiny spot. This spot was so tiny that it was difficult even for an eye to see. a lot of matter had been squeezed together inside this spot. Then, in an instant this spot exploded. When it exploded, all the matter that was squeezed inside it flew about. After that, the pieces of matter joined together to first form atoms, then from those atoms, stars, our sun, earth and the other planets. the scientists named this explosion the “Big Bang”. Everything in the universe was formed as a result of this Big Bang.

Here you have to think about something very important. Let’s imagine that you put the pieces of a puzzle randomly inside a balloon. After that, you fill your balloon with air and then suddenly pop it. That is to say the balloon “big banged”. What happens to the puzzle’s pieces that you had stuffed inside the balloon? Could these pieces form a beautiful villa or an airport—something even you could hardly manage—in the middle of your room? Or would they scatter all over the room? of course, they would scatter all over your room. You would have to put together the puzzle’s pieces for them to form an airport or a house.

Allah is the Maker of the “Big Bang”, the Organiser of the matter that scattered in space after the “Big Bang”. by bringing together all this matter, He is also the Creator of the sun, earth, planets and stars. When Allah wishes something to be, He gives the order “Be” and it comes into being. Allah is Superior and He is the Strongest. His strength is enough for everything. When He wants something, He can create it immediately.

Allah has sent us His book “The Qur’an” through which He introduces Himself and His creation to us. We can find all the right answers to every question from the Qur’an and the Sunnah (The Prophet Muhammad’s way of life). for example, when we ask, “How has Allah created everything?” Allah responds in the Qur’an by saying:

“He (Allah) is the Originator of the heavens and the earth… He created all things and He has knowledge of all things.” (Surat al-An’am: 101)

Allah Created Earth for Us

Allah is the One Who created earth, the sun, stars and moon. So how did all the living things on earth come into being? Imagine a huge planet with its surface completely empty. There are no humans or animals, no plants or insects.

Earth has been decorated in a lot of detail for living things to survive. Allah is the One Who has given earth all these details. Otherwise none of us would have been able to live, neither you, nor your parents, or indeed any of your friends would have been here.

Let’s consider how Allah created the earth so that living things can survive:

1. Think about… how orderly everything in the universe is. the sun has been put in the exact position from which it could warm us and give us light at the same time. If there were no sun, there would not have been one living thing on earth. Neither us, nor the animals nor any other creatures would have been able to live.

2. Allah has also distanced the sun from earth to just the right extent. If earth was a little bit closer to the sun, the heat would have scorched it and we would not have been able to live. If earth was a little more distant from the sun, then glaciers would have covered it and again, few living things would have been able to survive. This is one of the reasons why there is no life on other planets, because they are either too close to the sun or too distant from it.

3. As you know, living things need to breathe in order to live. We need oxygen in the air so that we can breathe. Exactly the right amount of oxygen exists in the air so that human beings can breathe. If there were a little bit more or a little bit less, neither we, nor the animals, nor the plants would have survived, because, as we have already said, we need to breathe in order to live. for this we need oxygen.

4. One of the most important things that make it possible for us to survive is water. No organism can live without water. for this reason, Allah has created some parts of earth as water. Three quarters of earth’s surface is covered with water. However, there is no water on any of the other planets nor is there any water on the moon that you see at night. the essentials for living things are only available on earth.

Many events on earth make it possible for us to live. If even only one of these events doesn’t take place, no living thing would be left on earth. So, is it possible that these thousands of events have come together spontaneously and formed such a place as earth? of course not. Not even one of these events could happen by chance. Allah has created earth for human beings. And, because of this, earth is the most suitable place for us.

You can give the following example to those that claim earth and the whole universe were formed by chance. Let’s say that you are playing on the beach and you see some big waves approaching, so you go home. When you return to the beach after a few hours, you see an amazing sight. on the shore there is a wonderful city made of sand. There are houses, hospitals, an airport, and buses. There are even human figures. You ask a friend who is passing if he knows how these things occurred. If he replied, “ I think the big waves that reached the shore must have formed them,” what would you think? Wouldn’t you be suspicious that your friend imagined it, or wouldn’t you laugh thinking that he must be joking or had perhaps become insane?

It is impossible for waves to have formed such a perfect city from sand by coincidence. It is obvious that someone who is an expert in building such cities had arrived, built it and left.

However, certain people – even though they are professors or scientists – accept such a ridiculous idea. They won’t say, “Waves formed the city made of sand”, but they would say “Tiny pieces of matter, namely the atoms, came together by chance and they formed the sun, stars and earth all by themselves.” This is because these people wouldn’t want to say that Allah created everything. They defend the wrong without believing in the right. We will explain who these people are in more detail towards the end of the book.

The Surrounding Protective Shield of Earth: the Atmosphere

Do you know that every day many meteors fall on earth?

When meteors fall on other planets, they create giant craters, but when they fall on earth, they don’t cause much harm.

So how do meteors cause great damage to the surfaces of other planets but not to the surface of earth?

The reason for this is the atmosphere that surrounds earth. the atmosphere encircles our planet as a protective shield. a meteor entering the atmosphere shrinks through combustion. When it comes closer to the surface of earth, it becomes even smaller. Therefore, the meteor becomes very small or even diminishes and disappears completely by the time it reaches the surface of the earth, and causes us no harm.

The atmosphere doesn’t only prevent the harm of meteors but it also absorbs harmful rays that come from the Sun. Yet again, if these harmful rays were able to reach earth’s surface, it would have been impossible for living things to survive.

The two characteristics we have mentioned here are more than enough to show us that the atmosphere is not some haphazard thing. Allah—Who has endless mercy upon all living things on earth and Who at the same time has eternal power—has created the atmosphere, and with this atmosphere, He protects us from danger.

Can Atoms Think?

As we explained earlier, after the Big Bang, particles emerged and came together as ATOMS. Well, do you know what an atom is?

Let us first explain to you what an atom is like. We can compare the atoms to marbles. But these marbles would be too tiny, unlike anything you have seen before.

Now, look around you! Everything that you see in reality is made of these marbles, namely the atoms. the chair on which you are sitting, the book in your hand, your mother, your teacher at school, the television that you watch, apples, melons, and the chocolates in the kitchen, your pet, water, the flowers in your garden, your toys, and even your body, all are made up of these atoms. As we explained earlier, the stars and suns that make up the universe and the world in which we live are also formed of atoms just like you. in all the places in which you go about and all the corners that you turn, there are atoms.

You cannot see these little things that we call atoms, because they are a lot smaller than you can imagine. They are so small that even with the largest microscopes, it isn’t possible to see even one of them. To be able to comprehend the tiny size of the atom, look at this example:

Imagine that you have a key in your hand. Without a doubt, it is impossible for you to see the atoms that make up this key. If you say, “I must see these atoms”, then you must visualise the key to be as large as earth. If you were able to visualise the key to be as large as earth then every atom inside it would be as large as cherries and so you could see them.

Well, how did all the atoms come together after the Big Bang? the atoms are lifeless. They don’t have any minds or any intelligence. They cannot make any decisions. They cannot say, for example, “Come on, let’s get together and form a star” or “Let’s come closer and form earth”. We can also use the following example: We already mentioned a jigsaw puzzle. the pieces of this puzzle are lifeless and, like atoms, they cannot make decisions. If you spread them about, they cannot have thoughts such as “Well, let’s get together and form a castle or a human!”

Then let’s ask again: “How did all these stars, planets, humans and animals that are made up of atoms come into being? If the atoms did not make a decision, then who put them together?”

Of course, nothing around us can occur by coincidence. Allah is the One Who brings atoms together. Allah has created all the vastness of space, the planets, stars, earth, animals, plants and humans from atoms.

How Are Humans Made of Atoms?

We have said that atoms come together to form human beings, but, of course, you must be wondering how this can happen. First, atoms come together to form CELLS. Again, we are learning something new: So, what is a cell?

The bodies of all living organisms are made up of cells. Even if cells are not as small as atoms, they are still very small and cannot be seen with the naked eye. We can try to explain their tiny size with the following example: If we brought together about 10,000 cells, we could make up something just about the size of the head of a pin. This is why you cannot see them. But cells are the building blocks of humans, ants, cats, roses, trees, and all other living organisms around you. You, for instance, are made up of trillions of cells.

So, where did all these trillions of cells come from?

Look at your brother. He wasn’t there two years ago, then all of a sudden he appeared and slowly he started to grow. How did this amazing event happen?

Your brother started out as a single cell in your mother’s abdomen. But this single cell was storing a lot of important information inside. All the information that has made your brother into who he is used to be stored in this cell: his eye colour, hair colour, height, etc.

Then this cell grew a little and started to divide. First, it divided in two. However, here something happened that you would find very interesting: the information in the cell did not divide into two. That means the same information was duplicated in the two cells. After this, the cells continued to divide and the same information duplication happened in all of them, resulting in many cells with the same information. Then these were divided into others, and others divided into others. This event continued until millions of cells formed.

While all this was happening, something you would never guess took place!

These cells, although they contain the same information, started doing tasks that are different from each other. Some of them formed your brother’s skin. Some others formed his muscles, yet others his skeleton, and others his brain neurons.

While the cells continued to multiply, the group of cells that was almost like a ball started to take shape. As you can see in the pictures at the top of the page, first your brother’s head appeared, followed by his thin arms and then his legs. the cells continued to grow and divide and after nine months, they turned into a complete baby. You met him for the first time when he was “born”.

All the things that we have said until now may surprise you. You probably have thought about why cells took on different tasks or how they were able to combine in such a neat shape. Allah is the One Who does all of this. Cells are tiny beings that are invisible to the naked eye. Like atoms, it is impossible for cells all on their own to make decisions or to come together to form a human being. It is nonsense to even think that your brother or other human beings are made up of cells that came together by coincidence.

Allah, the Creator of all, has created all human beings perfectly and He has told the people to think about this in the Book that He has sent us:

Does not man recall that We created him before when he was not anything? (Surah Maryam: 67)

You, like your brother and all other human beings, started to grow from a single cell, continued to grow and turned into a full person. Right now, you are living a nice life in this world. You owe all of this to Allah. Allah shows great mercy to you and gives you many blessings. So, don’t ever forget to thank your Creator, Allah.

Here Is Our Body!

Our bodies are perfect organisms that allow us to live on earth in comfort, to run and play, to read and write and, in short, they let us perform each and every task. These organisms are so wonderful that one cannot make anything that resembles them even with the most advanced technology.

How much do you know about this body of yours, which works non-stop and repairs itself when it runs down?

Our Windows on the World: Eyes

Each organ in our bodies is very important to us. Our lives would change if even only one of them were missing. for example, our eyes… Did you ever think what you would have done if you didn’t have your eyes? You wouldn’t be able to know what your parents, brothers or sisters, or friends look like. You wouldn’t be able to see all the beautiful things. You wouldn’t be able to play most of the games you now do. You wouldn’t be able to read this book or see the colourful pictures in it. You wouldn’t be able to imagine what a rabbit or a dog looks like, because you would never have seen one. You wouldn’t be able to watch cartoons on TV. You wouldn’t be able to perform your tasks with ease. You might not even be able to find your way around home. You wouldn’t be able to see any colours or shapes, nor would you know what light is or be able to notice any of these things. the list is endless.

Allah created all humans with eyes with which they can see. Allah has given humans this very important asset.

Our eyes serve very important functions. They perform critical processes of which we are completely unaware, and only after which we can see around.

Let us briefly examine how we see:

Every object in the world reflects and emits light on to its surroundings. for instance, while you are looking at this book, the light reflected and emitted from this book is going to the back of your eye through your pupil.

This light, after going through a series of processes at the back of your eye, turns into an electrical signal. This electrical signal goes to your brain. At the back of your brain is the centre of vision that makes it possible for you to see. the centre of vision is a small area. This is the tiny area where the electrical signals form the image of the book and that is when you see this book.

Even trying to explain these processes as briefly as possible takes such a long time, whereas the process is instantaneous. These processes happen so fast that when you look at the book, at that instant you are able to see it.

Isn’t it such a perfect system? If you remember, we had mentioned evolutionists earlier in the book. We also mentioned that these people believe that earth, the universe, the stars and all living things are a result of chance. Those who say this say the same about our eyes. They say, “The eyes occurred by themselves and through coincidence.” Can such a complex and wonderful system form by itself? Let us give an example to clarify how ridiculous this opinion is:

Engineers have manufactured the photographic and video cameras by copying the human eye. However, none of this equipment gives as clear a view as your eyes do. Now lift your head from the book and look around you. Isn’t your vision clear? There is no blur, snowy dots or missing lines in your vision. Now look at your television set. Quite often, you see snowy dots or skipped lines in the image. Even when these don’t happen and even with all the new technology, televisions still do not produce the perfect images that your eyes do.

Now, let’s think for a moment. This means that our eyes are a lot more advanced and are of better quality than any video or photographic camera or television. What would you do if someone came up to you and said something like the following?

“There was a storm that caused some electrical cables, screws, hammers, screwdrivers to fly out the door and windows, to fly out of the house, and then all of them got together in the backyard. Then there was some rain and thunder and these things were mixed with the soil. Some time passed and I saw a television set emerge. I picked it up and brought it home.”

You would probably think that that person is either insane or lying, because as we all know, television sets are made in huge factories where there are hundreds of engineers, designers and specialised personnel. It is impossible for a television set to form on its own.

Could it be that our eyes, which are of much better quality than television, have occurred by themselves? of course not! Just as a television doesn’t come about on its own, but someone does manufacture it, our eyes are also not a result of coincidence. Allah is the One Who created our eyes in such a way that they see in three-dimensions and with coloured images so clearly. This is why we have to thank Allah for everything beautiful that we are able to see.

Our Ears That Hear Without Any Crackle

Allah has created our ears perfectly just like our eyes. Imagine a stereo, for instance. Even if you turn on the best of stereos, you hear some crackling and hissing sounds. Radio channels often become mixed up. Right now, don’t talk but just listen! Do you hear any hissing? Your ears never produce any. You hear the sounds marvellously clearly. Well don’t you think that your ears could also have produced crackling just like stereos? Allah has created our ears perfectly and we are able to hear the sounds around us without experiencing any distortion.

Allah has created our ears in such a way that we are unable to hear certain sounds that would disturb us. the blood in our body, for instance, flows very fast and it makes a lot of noise during its circulation. However, our ears do not hear the noise that it makes. Our planet also produces quite a strong noise while it spins. Nevertheless, Allah has created our ears so ideally that we don't hear this noise. Allah is very caring towards us. This is the reason why, throughout our lives, He doesn’t let us hear noises that will disturb us.

This is why we have to thank Allah for His benevolence. Allah has stated the following in a verse in the Qur’an:

“Allah brought you out of your mothers’ wombs knowing nothing at all, and gave you hearing, sight and hearts so that perhaps you would show thanks.” (Surat an-Nahl, 78)

Our Heart That Never Tires

For us, our heart is an essential organ. It beats about seventy-two times per minute and about forty million times per year. To understand what a tiring activity this is, just make a fist with your hand and then relax it, and continue making a fist and relaxing it. How many minutes do you think you will be able to keep this up?

Your heart, which is about the size of your fist, continues this action throughout your life without becoming tired or even stopping once. Our hearts don’t stop even while we are asleep. If we become excited, our heart beats faster, and it beats slower while we rest. Our heart makes all these adjustments automatically while we are totally unaware.

Every time our heart beats, it pumps blood around our bodies. What we need to survive is in this blood. Every one of our cells receives the necessary oxygen and food they need from the blood. Our heart pumps about 43,000 litres (approx. 11,000 gallons) of blood per day. Do you know just how much blood this means? This is about enough to fill 150 bathtubs. Wouldn’t you become tired if you tried to empty a single bathtub full of water with just a cup? Now imagine having to empty 150 bathtubs of water with just a single cup. Probably you wouldn’t have been able to accomplish such a difficult task. However, our heart does such a task and has done so since the day we were born and will continue to do so until the day we die. Moreover, it never takes a break. You, for example, would take a break while doing a difficult chore. You would probably need to lie down, or take a rest, but our hearts don’t become tired, because they are essential for our survival. It is small but its task is enormous. This is why Allah has created it in such a way that it never tires.

Do You Know That There Is an Army in the Body That Protects Us Against Germs?

The places where we sit, the air we breathe, the things we hold are full of germs and viruses, but we are unable to see them. Germs and viruses are small organisms that cause diseases in human beings. We cannot see them with our eyes but they can cause us to become sick and to lose strength.

There are other organisms we are unable to see. These make up the army that lives inside us and protects us against our germ and virus enemies. This army is called the “Immune System”.

Our immune system exists within our blood. the cells that make up our immune system are called the white blood cells.

When an enemy enters our body, our blood works just like a laboratory. It immediately produces very special substances to fight the enemy and reproduces more cells matching the enemy’s strength. a ferocious battle begins. Sometimes the army in our body wins the battle without us feeling it and the germs and viruses die.

Sometimes we do feel this battle. You say how? When we have a fever! of course, you must have had a fever at least a couple of times by now. That was when your enemy was fighting the army inside your body. During the battle, your body uses up all its energy and needs some more. If you go out to run, while your body is engaged in a battle, you would be using up all the energy that your body needs to fight. in this case, your army would lose the battle and you would fall sick. However, when you get a fever, you naturally lie down to rest, and your army uses all your available energy. in doing so, the army could be victorious. When our temperature rises, our body gives us the message “rest!”

Do you know what would have happened, if we did not have an immune system? Shortly after we were born, the first germ that entered our body would have killed us. Because Allah is very merciful and caring towards all humans, He has created each human being with an immune system. As we have realised from the beginning of this book, we owe Allah each minute of our lives for our being able to see beautiful things and being able to eat delicious food. That is why we have to think about Allah in everything we see and say “O Allah, I am grateful to You for giving me all these blessings”.

The Amazing Features of the Creatures Around Us

Did you know that the living things that you see everyday have very interesting features?

After creating earth, Allah created many living things on it. One of these living things is the human being. We told you earlier how the human being was created. There are beings other than humans on this planet. These are the animals and plants.

In this section, we will explain the amazing features of some of these animals and plants. Some of these could be animals that you see everyday when you are out for a walk, playing in the backyard or sitting on the terrace. You probably haven’t given a lot of thought to their unique features.

When Allah creates people, He gives them some features to constantly remind them of Him. for example, you can see the pictures of a human and a mosquito on this page. the mosquito is thousands of times smaller than the human. But, no matter what, the human is totally defenceless against the mosquito while sleeping in bed. Whatever she does, she will not be able to prevent the mosquito from biting. Allah has given the mosquito many special features, even though it is a lot smaller than the human being. As a result of this, He wants humans to ponder. He wants them to understand that humans can do nothing, even against a mosquito, without His wish. in this way, human beings should realise that they have absolutely no power in front of Allah.

Now, think about yourself. You go to bed and hear a continuous buzz. This is the buzz of a mosquito. As you can see in the picture the mosquito itself is tiny, but its noise is very strong. This is due to a unique talent that Allah gave it. However, do you know why the mosquito is trying continuously to bite you? Come on now; let’s tell you about the interesting adventure of a mosquito.

The Amazing Adventure of the Mosquito

Mosquitoes are creatures with which most humans are familiar because of their visits to our homes during the summer.

Did you ever get the chance to look at a mosquito closely? If not, look at the picture on the previous page and we can study it together. Do you know why the abdomen of this mosquito is red? His abdomen is red because it is filled with the blood of the person on whom the mosquito has landed. Why do mosquitoes suck blood? Many people believe that the mosquitoes feed on blood. in reality, mosquitoes feed on flower nectar.

The female mosquito is the only one that sucks blood, and that is for the sake of the eggs that she carries.

After learning this, you will probably view mosquitoes with different eyes. There are things about mosquitoes that will surprise you even more. As you know mosquitoes are creatures that live on land and that fly, but they grow in water and after they mature, they come out of the water without even getting wet. Did you ever hear of this incredible story? If you did not, then read on and you will be quite surprised.

The Adventure Begins…

The adventure of the small mosquito begins when the mother mosquito leaves her eggs on ponds or wet leaves. Yet, she doesn’t leave her eggs at random. She aligns them neatly side-by-side. the eggs resemble a raft. Do you know why the mother mosquito arranges her eggs in this shape?

She gives her eggs this shape because, since they have been left on water, the eggs could easily sink. If they are linked in this way, the risk of sinking will no longer be there. the white eggs that the mother lines up with care immediately begin to darken. Insects and birds don’t notice these eggs because their colour is dark. in this way, the eggs are safe from being attacked by insects and birds. So, from where does a tiny mosquito egg learn to change its colour?

Obviously, this tiny egg couldn’t have this knowledge. the mosquito that is the mother of this egg also can’t know how to change its colour. Allah is the One Who changes the colour of the eggs. Allah is very merciful and is the Protector of the living things He creates. He changes the colour of the mosquito eggs to protect them.

Wait! the mosquito’s adventure has only just begun. the little ones inside the egg soon turn into wormlike creatures called larvae. These larvae, as you can see on the next page, stay in water with their heads upside down. How do you think these larvae breathe when their heads are in water? Allah has created them with an organ that allows them to breathe. Do you know what this organ looks like? It looks like the diver’s snorkel the child in the next picture is using. This is a tube and the top of it stays out of water. the air that goes through this tube allows the tiny mosquito that is under water to breathe.

However, there is an important problem. This tube stays out of water but even the slightest wave could cause water to enter it and this would mean that the tiny mosquito would drown. This doesn’t happen. a sticky substance at the end of this tube prevents water from entering it. Do you think that the larvae you see in the picture could have said, “Let’s put a sticky substance at the end of our tube, so that water doesn’t get inside”? Could little mosquitoes have such intelligence and talent? Obviously little mosquitoes cannot think of doing such things. Allah is the One Who creates the tube so that they can breathe and the sticky substance at the end of the tube so that water doesn’t enter.

As you can see, Allah does not protect just you, He also protects all other living creatures.

Don’t think that the adventure is over. It is still going on.

Meanwhile, the little mosquitoes change their skins a couple of times. Finally, they take the shape that you see on the left. It still doesn’t look like a mosquito, does it? This phase of the mosquito is called the pupal stage. Inside the shell called the cocoon, the mosquito matures completely and takes the true shape of a mosquito. He becomes ready to fly with his antenna, mouth, feet, wings, and the eyes that make up a large portion of its head. But first, he must get out of the shell.

The Mosquito is Out for the First Time!

The cocoon is first torn from the side of the head. However, the mosquito faces a very important danger before it is born. What if the cocoon fills with water? in that case, the mosquito would drown. However, the head portion of the cocoon is covered with a special sticky substance that prevents the head of the mosquito from coming into contact with water.

This is a very important moment, because the mosquito must stand on water on the tips of its feet, and it must not wet its wings. Even the slightest wind could cause the mosquito to tip over in the water and die. the mosquito manages this with great skill, because Allah created him with this talent.

How is the Mosquito Able to See You and Sting You at Night?

Did you ever wonder? It is dark at night and you are lying down on your bed. You are covered with your quilt. Only a little part of your arm is exposed. Yet the mosquito comes around in the darkness of night; it sees and stings that small part of you. So, while you are unable to see anything at night, how does the mosquito manage to see?

Mosquitoes are able to see the living things around them with the heat that they radiate, which is a kind of light invisible to us. Since this type of sight is not reliant on visible light, they can find our blood vessels even during the darkness of the night.

This is a unique talent. Due to this, scientists were able to invent a camera that captures images by means of heat. Even if it is dark, this camera images the surroundings as if it were daylight. Can you imagine? People copying a small mosquito! Could a mosquito possibly know more than a human, especially could it know more than a scientist? of course not! Allah has given the mosquito extraordinary abilities. People are in awe of these extraordinary talents and try to copy them. They invented the aeroplane by copying birds. People have copied many other things after seeing them in nature. for now, let us continue the adventure of the mosquito.

The Mosquito at Work!

The technique that the mosquito uses to suck blood is so meticulous that it astonishes people.

First, the mosquito lands on a target. for example, your arm… Then, with its needle-like tube, it chooses a suitable spot for itself. the needle of a mosquito resembles a syringe and it is protected with a special sheath. During blood suction, the needle is released from this sheath. Many people think that the mosquito pierces the skin by inserting its needle into it, whereas the mosquito uses a different method to do so. It moves its lower jaw back and forth, just like a saw and, with the help of its lower jaw, cuts the skin. It inserts its needle into this opening and when the needle reaches the blood vessel, it starts to suck blood.

Doctor Mosquitoes!

You could ask, “Can mosquitoes become doctors?” After reading this page you will say, “They really are doctors!”

When you get a cut, after a while, your blood stops dripping of its own accord. This is because blood can coagulate and stop flowing. Allah has created blood with this unique quality to protect human beings. If blood did not coagulate on its own, the tiniest cut on our finger or a wound from a fall while running could cause you to die since you wouldn’t be able to stop the bleeding.

This is quite a vital benefit for us. However, mosquitoes might not be too happy about it. Why? Because, just when the mosquito starts to suck our blood, it would harden and not go up the mosquito’s tube. If this were so, the mosquito would not have existed, because none of the mosquitoes would have been able to feed protein to their eggs. Again, Allah has created mosquitoes with a unique skill that is just right for this process. How? Before the mosquito begins to suck blood, it secretes a special liquid, given it by Allah, into the blood vessel of the person on whom it has landed. in this way, the blood in that area doesn’t coagulate and so the mosquito is able to suck it.

This liquid has another rare quality. While the mosquito does all these things, you won’t feel a thing, because this substance numbs the area that the mosquito cuts. This liquid is just like a anaesthetic the dentist or surgeon uses. Doctors administer a certain drug so that you won’t feel pain, and you don’t. You see, the mosquito works just like a doctor. First, it anaesthetises and then it sucks.

After the mosquito bites you, you feel a little itching and swelling. the reason for this itching and swelling is this liquid.

You might think that all these things take a long time. the mosquito, however, manages most of these in a very short time. You feel the bite of the mosquito only after it has finished its job and packed away its equipment.

Now, let’s think together. the mosquito is as large as the tip of a pencil, but the jobs it manages are very important and complex. Do you think that it is possible for a mosquito to think all of these things through? To prevent the flow of a human’s blood, to anaesthetise the area that it cuts so that it doesn’t cause pain, to make an eye that can see easily even at night, to arrange its eggs in the shape of a raft so that they don’t sink… It could not invent any of these, right?

Allah has created every living being with the features most suitable for it so that they can feed themselves, protect themselves and survive. This shows just how caring, merciful and protective Allah is. If a mosquito is able to continue its life, for example, then this is because Allah is protecting it. Allah neither misses anything, nor does He forget. This is why everything that a mosquito needs is complete. Nothing is missing.

The Fly Is One of the Best Flying Creatures on Earth

We have so far mentioned the special features of the mosquito. in reality, all the insects that we see around us have interesting features. for example, flies are able to fly superbly from the moment that they are born. We can even say that, when it comes to flying, flies are the most talented creatures.

A fly can flap its wings about 500 to 1000 times per second. Stop here and think for a moment. the frame of time that we mention is not an hour and not a minute; it is just a second. That is, it is about the same time as the time in which you close and open your eyes. You see; the fly has flapped its wings at least 500 times while you closed and opened your eyes.

Now think about the following: What would you do if you were asked to open and close your arms only 10 times and not 500 times? Without a doubt it is impossible for you to manage this 500 times with the type of muscles your body has. the fly, with its extraordinary body muscles, manages this task that neither you nor mature adults can perform. Moreover, flies do not feel any difficulty while flapping their wings; their wing muscles do not wear out. This is because Allah has created them with such a magnificent system.

If you were to watch a fly closely, you would witness that it experiences no difficulty while taking off; this may not have seemed surprising to you and you may have taken this for granted. However, this is a very important and difficult move.

You know quite a lot about helicopters and aeroplanes. Well, do you know how long humans have been able to use them? the machines that are able to fly today were developed only during the last century. This means that a hundred years ago, there were no aeroplanes or helicopters like the ones that exist today. Engineers and technicians researched for a very long time; they worked for many years and developed this machinery only a short while ago. Look, this is very important: Today, none of the machines that fly have the complete ability to take off like flies do. This feature exists in some helicopters to some extent. However, even after all these lengthy efforts and the strong specially-developed engines, these helicopters still do not have the ability to fly as perfectly as flies.

Now, examine the first fly that you come upon. See what you notice: you will notice especially that the fly doesn’t fly in a straight line. the fly can take off towards any destination it wants by making manoeuvres. It can, for example, zigzag in the air, and make abrupt turns. It can land on any surface, no matter how unsuitable. It can even land on ceilings or vertical walls with ease.

No flying machine can manage all these things. Try to imagine in your mind’s eye the take-off of an aeroplane and a fly, and decide which one is more successful.

Now, this question may have occurred to you: Who teaches the fly all these moves? Again, what we see here is the presence of Allah the Most Powerful. Allah is the One Who has given the fly such immaculate flying ability.

The Tiny Prodigies That Produce Honey

Do you know who makes the honey on your breakfast table?

You will probably reply, “yes!” We all know that bees make honey. However, do you know just how much these bees work to make the honey from the moment they are born until the moment they die, or just how giving and intelligent they are? Come on; let’s study together how Allah has created the bees…

In a beehive, there is one queen, a few hundred male bees and a workforce of thousands of infertile female bees, the worker bees. (The total number of bees in the beehive can reach 80,000). the worker bees perform all the activities inside the hive. Some duties of the worker bees are as follows:

Building the honeycomb, cleaning and protecting the hive, feeding the queen bee and the male bees, caring for the bee larvae, and feeding them with the royal jelly, honey and pollen, building cells for the eggs to grow in, cleaning these rooms, maintaining the heat and moisture inside the hive, collecting nectar, pollen, water and resin, etc.

We had mentioned earlier the life story of a mosquito. Now, let’s take a look together at what type of life the worker bee leads.

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