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Virgin Mary Raped by the Beasts

It’s her first time. They don’t care.




Virgin Mary Raped by the Beasts is a new erotica story with explicit themes involving sex. Intended for mature audiences.

This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. All participants in this story are of 18 years of age or older.

This ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. This ebook may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this book with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each recipient. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author.

Copyright © 2014 Jezebel Rose

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Attempting to make love for the first time, a young girl and boy find themselves in quite the quandary just as two beasts break into their home and forcefully mount her.

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Virgin Mary Raped by the Beasts

Virgin Mary Raped by the Beasts

I appreciate the money you spent on this short story, it puts dinner on the table.

With Love, Jezebel Rose

“Well, we need to be heading out,” my mother said as she took my father’s hand and walked towards the door, “Take care of the house, we’ll be back tomorrow.”

I nodded to her as I watched them walk out the house and down to the car. Catching Josh’s glance at me, I knew exactly what was going to happen when they leave.

Josh looked over at me as we watched my mother and father pull out of the driveway in their small sedan. We both have been waiting for almost a week for my parents to leave on their trip. Now that Josh and I were finally old enough to watch the house, they felt comfortable leaving us be.

Smiling at Josh, he looked over at me with a devilish grin and slipped his hands around my waist, “Are you ready for your birthday present Jill?” he whispered as I felt his hands make their way up to my small, nubile chest.

I nodded fervently. Waiting has been so difficult, but finally… now is the time. I really want my first time to be with Josh and now that the parents are gone, we can have our fun.

Josh was a very attractive guy as far as simply just his body goes. With lean, strong muscles and a tight athletic body, he was definitely a good catch. He recently shaved his head as well, which I liked very much.

He pushed me up the stairs with his hands on my ass, “Get up there girl!” he said as he lightly spanked me. Giggling, I quickened my pace and ran up to my bedroom. “Wrong room,” he said as he nodded to my parents’ bedroom.

“Oh god no, not in there,” I replied as he pushed me into their room. “Why not? It would be fun,” he said as he pushed me backwards onto the bed. He laid on top of me with his button down shirt halfway unbuttoned already.

I continued unbuttoning him, exposing his chest to me. His abs were tight from running every day. Being on track at the college certainly helped. I certainly liked it.

Running my hand over his abs I felt myself start to dampen down below. Moaning softly, I licked up his chest as he pulled down my pants. I wore my new satin panties for him as I felt him slide my panties to the side and pull out his cock with his other hand.

He had a decent sized dick from what I’ve seen, which is not much. I’ve never even watched porn before. I guess that’s what I get for growing up in a conservative household, I thought to myself as his cock pressed inside me.

Pain exploded through my vagina as he pushed harder and harder, “Ouch! Owww! Stop!!!” I yelled as he immediately pulled out. He looked at me with a quizzical gaze, “What’s wrong?”

“I don’t know… but it hurts. Maybe we are doing something wrong?”

“I guess. This is my first time too.”

Glancing over, I watched the door swing open. It was a large creature. Its large breasts were supple with short stubby nipples on the end. A hairy pussy down below caught my eye as I stared at it. “Jesus,” I whispered. Josh looked over at the door with the tip of his cock still inside my pussy.

The beast walked over towards the bed and growled. I could have sworn I saw some sort of smile deep beneath the fur.

“What are you?” I said, barely able to put together a sentence.

“I’m the one asking questions here,” she replied bluntly, “What the fuck are you two doing?”

“Um… we are hav—” she cut me off, “Well I know you two are having sex, obviously, but you are doing it completely wrong. It’s your first time isn’t it hun?”

What the fuck… this beast can TALK?!

“What about you Josh? Have you ever fucked before?” She looked over at him.

He nodded.

Apparently it knew his name too! This is weird.

“Well you two have a lot to learn. I’ll teach you,” she said as I heard footsteps coming up the stairs. “Be right back. Don’t move a muscle.”

She walked into the hallway, followed by grumbles.

I heard the footsteps going back down the stairs.

She entered the room again, “Now… where were we? Oh. That’s right. You two were fucking, or at least attempting to fuck.”

“Now Josh, first you need to warm her up. You can’t just stick it in there like that, especially because it’s her first time. You need to take care of her tight little pussy ok?”

He nodded.

“Fortunately you have a nice dick, so it won’t be too hard to get her to cum for you, but if you are doing things wrong, you certainly won’t be able to get her to cum.”

He nodded again.

“Ok. Kick off your pants and get on the bed,” she said as she pulled his pants down to his feet. Spanking his butt, he quickly climbed onto the bed.

“Now pull her legs apart and slowly run your tongue up and down her slit. Slowly.”

Josh slowly licked from my anus to the top of my pussy, careful not to slip his tongue inside. My body shuddered with anticipation. I could feel myself getting turned on as his warm tongue ran up and down.

“Ok, now push your finger inside her pussy,” she said as he started to slip his finger inside me.

“No, no, no… like this.”

She put her finger in her mouth then spread my flaps apart then pushed her finger into my pussy. I could feel her rubbing on my spot with her thumb as my back arched in enjoyment.

“Think you can do that? It’s not hard.”

Josh nodded as he slipped his finger into his mouth then pushed it inside me. He wasn’t quite as good as the beast but he was learning. Wait… as good as this beast!? Jesus. What am I doing?

He slowly ran his thumb around my magic button as he kissed around my pussy. My body shuddered again as the intensity grew.

“She’s ready for you now,” she said as she glanced down at his flaccid cock, “but you aren’t ready. Here, let me help you.”

I watched as she spit on her hand and grabbed his cock, slowly stroking it as Josh fingered me. This is fucking weird. Oh well.

The beast pulled his cock into her mouth and stroked him softly as she moaned. Glancing down, I saw her other hand in its pussy, rubbing on itself.

“What the heck!” I exclaimed.

“What’s wrong dear?” she replied as she kept stroking my boyfriend harder and harder, “I’m only here to help.”

“You are playing with yourself! This is my boyfriend, not some random guy.”

“I know hun, but think about how well you two were doing before I showed up,”—she looked up at Josh,--“Are you enjoying yourself?”

He nodded, “Better than before, I like to learn, let’s keep going.”

She smiled, “See hun? Everything is just fine. Just keep watching and learning. You’ll get the hang of it before you know it! Trust me!”

This is so bullshit, I thought to myself as I watched her stroke and suck on my boyfriend. His cock was fully hard as she furiously sucked on him.

Pulling her head off his cock, she looked at me, “I hope you learned something here. Your turn. I’ll make sure to point out any mistakes or how to make it better for him ok?”

I nodded.

“Great, now get it work,” she said as she stood up and wiped off her lips.

I laid on the edge of the bed and grabbed his cock in my hand. Pulling it into my mouth, I felt the hard shaft go down my throat, “Like that?” I barely was able to mumble.

“Yes hun, now relax your throat and take it like a lady,” she responded as she tilted my throat up. I felt her hand reach across my chest and rub my nipples hard. Jesus. At this point, I don’t know what else to say. Fuck it all, I’ll just enjoy this for what it’s worth.

I reached down into her tight skirt and felt past her soft runway and ran my fingers along her wet slit. Her kisses went to my neck as her tongue curled around my earlobe, running shivers down my spine and goosebumps up my arms.

The beast’s hand pushed my breast up as she massaged them. I looked down and watched her kiss down to my chest, pulling my nipples into her mouth.

Kissing down from my breast, she pushed me onto my back on the bed. I watched as she pulled of my pants completely, exposing my bare pussy for her. As she straddled my legs, she ran her tongue across my smooth belly to my slit.

Our eyes met briefly before her tongue continued on its path. Smiling down at her, I felt her tongue reach its destination. My back arched in pleasure as she spread my legs and sat between them, wrapping her arms around my groin and placing her hands on my ass as she pushed upwards and held my pussy in her mouth.

I felt her finger penetrate me slowly as my juices dripped down my ass and onto the bed. Unable to breathe I was barely able to whisper, “Jesus… you are good with your mouth…”

“I’m a lady too; I know how lady parts work. Some men just don’t get it. It’s all about the light teasing, not the immediate hard thrusting, fucking, painfully erotic pleasure. Sometimes the best orgasms happen through light touches.”

I nodded furiously as I felt myself starting to cum. Her finger went in deeper as I watched her tongue run circles around my clit. My muscles tightened in orgasm as I clenched her fingers tightly deep within me. I felt her pull my magic button into her mouth and suck on it, lightly flicking at it with her tongue ring.

My walls tightened harder as I continued to cum. I felt her fingers continue milking me as pleasure spiked throughout my body and ran down my arms and into my hands. “Cum for me hun,” she whispered as her fingers picked up pace inside me. My body trembled as waves of orgasms hit me. I felt like I was fully alive, yet dead at the same time.

I pushed her backwards on the bed as a devilish grin crept across my face, “My turn,” I whispered as I climbed on top of it.

My hand made its way to pussy as I felt the wetness seep into my fingers. I couldn’t help but wonder if Josh would be alright with this.

Her pussy was wet as I pulled her panties to the side and slipped a finger up inside her. My thumb ran circles around her clit as my tongue pulled her nipple into my mouth. Watching her, I stared up at her as my fingers twirled around inside her.

Moaning softly, I knew she liked it a bit rougher than I did. I bit down on her nipple softly with my teeth and shoved another finger up inside her. Her body spasmed in response.

I reached down to the side of the bed and into the drawer and pulled out her double sided dildo. The tip of a cock was on each end. I pushed one tip into her pussy and pulled it back out, dripping wet with her juices.

Watching her smile at me, I turned the wet tip around and pushed it up against her anus then curled the other end of the toy around and pushed it into her pussy. Her back arched in compliance. Pushing and pulling the toy out, she moaned louder and louder.

I reached up with my free hand and massaged her breasts as I fucked her with the toy. Her body shook as she started to cum for me. Now for the real fun… I thought to myself as I clicked on the toy. It started vibrating.

Her animalistic moans permeated the room as she came. Squirting on my hands and the toy, her body shook and her hips moved rhythmically with the thrusting. Jesus. This is fucking hot. I know I’m bi… but damn.

I watched as her body relaxed after her intense orgasm. “Wow. What an amazing toy… and you… Jesus.”

“I’m glad you liked it,” I whispered as I pulled the toy out of her anus, leaving the other side still in her pussy.

Grabbing a t-shirt draped over the side of the bed, I wiped off the tip of the cock and pushed it inside my pussy.

I laid on top of her, slowly moving my hips on and off of her as I felt the toy thrust in and out of my pussy. She moaned in pleasure with me as I felt the cock go deep inside.

Resting my head on her chest, I ran my fingers softly around her hard little nipple.

I heard someone out on in the hallway. Moments later the door swung open. It was another beast. A male beast. His eyes went wide as he saw me lying with her, the toy still within both of us.

Oh shit.

“What are you guys doing in here? Jesus. And you?” He pointed at Josh standing at the edge of the bed stroking himself.

“Um…” he barely was able to say as he bent over to put on his pants, “I’m going to leave now… you this is fucking weird…”

“Did I say you could put on your pants?” He said as he walked over and put his foot on the pants.

“No, no. Sorry,” Josh replied as his face flushed red.

“Are those two girls hogging all the fun?”

Josh nodded.

“Get over here,” he said firmly to the female beast, “Fuck him will you?”

The other beast nodded and bent over the side of the bed. I watched in complete horror as Josh put his cock into her. He pulled her hips close to his as he fucked her deeply, thrusting over and over.

Laying there on the bed, I ran my fingers up and down my wet slit as I watched. My pussy was already tender from the female beast but I could certainly use for a good fucking. That is what I wanted for my birthday.

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