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Novel 1. The Reality Shifters - 2018 ( Romance)

Novel 2. Orphanage of Souls 2019 (Astral travel - Romance)
Novel 3. Vanishing Realities 2019 - forthcoming
Novel 4. Parallel worlds - forthcoming -
Novel 5. Riddles of the Prophet's Game - forthcoming


The Language of Light - workbook 2003 ( grayscale)

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7. Doodle Symbology journals on the Chakra Channels

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The author has drawn upon so many sources to update this novel that it is impossible to enumerate them all. She would like to express her heartfelt thanks and appreciation to Robin Beck for his unending support to make this book possible.

Preface by Tulanda

Many people know me as Liesbeth, and only later when I was about to write my own journal, did my friends get to know me as Tulanda. My ‘father’, who is one of the Galactic Superiors that oversees the Federation of the Twelve planets, is in regular telepathic contact with me and my Soul partner during our lives on Earth as Hans and Liesbeth.

My assignment as a walk-in has now come to an end; the reality of Time holds a different meaning for us both.

The 'Reality Shifters' have already awakened into a new Earth by clearing and healing their karma and by releasing their fear-based ego restrictions. By sharing their journey the reader will still experience a tug-of-war between the light and the dark. People's awareness has shifted, but unfortunately Outer World Forces have found a way of getting around this by getting man on Earth to do the plundering of Souls that are still asleep for them!

I will share with the reader how we are all Divine beings participating, on a physical level, by playing an Evolution Card Game to encompass multiple dimensions.

The incoming light frequency upgrades between 2012 and 2030 had not yet awakened all the people on Earth, so Ingrid's journal translation became my assignment. Many are now able to sustain fifth-dimensional consciousness while still existing in 3D/4D and this journal will explain how this is possible.


Tulanda / Liesbeth

In Ingrid's diary you will meet the people from the Jaarsma Clan

The Jaarsma Clan represents a Soul group egregore. The Reality Shifters who are awakening learn about the various density vibrational frequencies through the 22 excerpts about ‘Program Earth,’ teaching them that real love begins in the 5th dimension.

Cast of Characters

Ingrid (Kitty) Barendse this is her story, transposed into a novel by me (Tulanda)

POWAH: A spiritual guide for the Jaarsma Clan from a higher frequency reality.

Sascia: Ingrid's daughter the photographer, the twin sister of Jeroen.

Jeroen: Ingrid's son and twin brother of Sascia. He works for his grandfather’s steel business.

Debbie: Ingrid's younger daughter. She is a nurse in Utrecht.

Quincy: Ingrid's younger sister who ownes a health shop in Delft.

Jan: Ingrid's late husband.

Ed: Ingrid's late husband’s brother who is a good friend of Toon Haardens. He lives in Australia where he is building a community.

Toon: (pronounced Tone) Philanthropist and a half- brother of Annelies who builds communities all over the world.

Roelof de Beer: Contractor to Harry Brinks and husband of Tieneke the art teacher.

Harry Brinks: Ingrid's boss, owner of Pleasure Parks.

Tieneke: Harry Brinks’ daughter and artist who gives drawing and doodling workshops on the Language of Light.

Carla: Ingrid's colleague at Pleasure Parks.

Piet: Ingrid's colleague at Pleasure Parks.

Marijke: Ingrid's colleague at Pleasure Parks.

Ula: Ingrid's colleague at Pleasure Park.

Liesbeth: Ingrid's close friend who is a magazine journalist and who re-writes the Reality Shifting diaries into novels. She becomes known by the name of Tulanda, a walk-in hybrid and a Sirian Council Incarnated Member.

In the Crime scenes you will also meet

Nick du Toit: gambler ex-husband of Jill, Otto's wife.

The Boss: criminal.

Bruce: criminal.

Iris: criminal.

André: detective and colleague of Ben Jaarsma, Annelies' husband.

During the 12 week 'Reality Shifting' workshops you get to know Annelies’ friends and family.

Annelies Zwiegelaar: the Reality Shifting workshop facilitator and part owner of the Prinse Gracht Hotel in Apeldoorn.

Fred Jaarsma: Annelies' brother and owner of the bookshop "The Power of Words".

Ben: Annelies' husband who is an undercover agent for Interpol.

Hans: Annelies and Ben's adopted son, who is also a walk-in and partner of Tulanda.

Otto: Annelies’ half-brother and civil engineer who is a good friend of Toon Haardens. He is the manager of "Buttercup Valley community" in Austria.

Jill: Otto’s wife who is also a civil engineer. She manages all the cottages on the property.

Peter: Otto’s adopted son who manages the Half Way house in France.

Helen: Peter’s wife with their three children Timmy, Karin and baby Jenny.

Yolanda: Annelies' niece who works in the book shop Power of Words. She is the estranged wife of Piet, Ingrid's colleague at Pleasure Parks.

Connie: Yolanda’s daughter who helps her mother in the bookshop.

Gerrit: Class participant, and Artist.

Niels: Class participant and computer technician.

Zola: Class participant.

Wim: Class participant.

Richard de Jong: Class participant, archeologist and manager of the Pannekoek. (His story has been transcribed into a novel by me (Tulanda) titled: Orphanage of Souls.)

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Mental Telepathy

Excerpt One: The Reality Shifting Preparation Manual

Chapter 2: The Body Codes of Light

Excerpt Two: The Dimensions and their Densities

Introductory Class: Our Body Codes of Light

Chapter 3: The Sound and Colour of Numbers

Excerpt Three: Sound and Colour

Class 1: Decoding of the Fifth Level

Chapter 4: Soul Connections

Class 2: Decoding of the Fourth Level

Excerpt Four: The Symbol of Consciousness

Chapter 5: The Keepers of the Evolution Game

Excerpt Five: The Eye of Horus

Class 3: Detachment

Chapter 6: The Balance of the Two Polarities

Class 4: Becoming Aware

Excerpt Six: The Balance of the Two Hemispheres

Chapter 7: A Dream not Interpreted is a Letter not Read

Class 5: Motivation

Excerpt Seven: Time Zone

Chapter 8: It’s All in the Eye of the Beholder

Excerpt Eight: The First Level of the Reality Shifters Card Game

Chapter 9: Nine Character Vibrations of the Individual Soul

Class 6: Present Physical Consciousness

Excerpt Nine: Character Vibrations of the Individual Soul

Class 7: Present Emotional Consciousness

Chapter 10: Is the 3rd Dimension a Hologram?

Excerpt Ten: I Am that I Am

Class 8: Present Mental Card

Chapter 11: Releasing Addictive Attachments

Excerpt Eleven: Acknowledging the One Source of all that Is

Class 9: The Opportunity Card

Chapter 12: Releasing Co-dependencies

Excerpt Twelve: Releasing Co-dependencies

Class 10: The Life Obstacle Card

Chapter 13: Fear-based Thought Forms

Excerpt Thirteen: Releasing Fear-based Thought Forms

Chapter 14: The Imbalance of Narcissism

Excerpt Fourteen: Releasing the Imbalance of Narcissism

Chapter 15: Emotional and Mental Addictions

Excerpt Sixteen: Rule Six of the Reality Shifters Card Game

Chapter 16: The Lower Will and the Higher Self

Excerpt Seventeen: Handing over the Lower Will

Chapter 17: Beliefs and Judgments

Excerpt Eighteen: Mastery over Beliefs and Judgments about them

Chapter 18: The Higher and Lower Aspects of Intuition

Excerpt Nineteen: Mastery over the Higher and Lower Aspects of Intuition

Chapter 19: The Heart Chakra

Excerpt Fifteen: Mastery over the Compassionate Gateway, the Heart Chakra

Chapter 20: The Rules of the Fourth Dimension

Excerpt Twenty: Awakening to the Rules of the Fourth Dimension

Chapter 21: Becoming Aware of Being Unaware

Excerpt Twenty One: Becoming Aware of Being Unaware

Chapter 22: The Eye of the Observer

Excerpt Twenty Two: Having the Motivation and Desire to Look into the Eye of the Observer

From the Next Book in the Series

Chapter 1: Mental Telepathy

Apeldoorn - Holland.

“Are you awake?” The popular song of that title was playing on her car internet radio. A sly smile dimpled her cheek as she recalled her mystical encounter of the previous night. The words made her heart soft, reinstating her enthusiasm for life that crisp Tuesday morning. Strong, resolute hands holding the steering wheel started to drum with the beat. Ingrid’s silk blouse under her elegant suit portrayed a graceful, sensual woman, mature but still youthful. Her natural curly short auburn hair flattered her delicate bone structured face that might have been chiselled by a sculptor. Her large eyes with the same golden tone expressed her soft feminine nature.

Apeldoorn’s business centre hummed with activity. After parking her car for the day she noticed a big sign in a newly-opened bookshop called ‘The Power of Words' advertising: Reality Shift Activation: workshops Starting Soon!

Good grief how intriguing. The words ‘Reality Shifting workshops’ raised her spirits. She dashed around the corner through the wide glass doors of Pleasure Parks modern office building. The tall palms in the foyer half-hid the unoccupied receptionist's desk. The elevator door’s infrared detector responded to her body heat, opening the doors, as her colleague CARLA, who looked like she’d just fallen out of bed, called out…

“Hi! Stunning suit! Trying to dazzle someone?”

Carla was a voluptuous free-spirited outspoken woman in her thirties was both clever and fun-loving with a good sense of humour. Her eyes that tease and smile and glint all at the same time were pale blue, staring out of a soft, round face.

Ingrid loved her job. She administered the maintenance of twelve-holiday resorts situated throughout Europe, made artistic impressions for their new developments and did some PRO work. All this kept her from being bored. The chief attractions of Pleasure Parks resorts were the exotic fantasy gardens with a wide-range of bathing and sun tanning beaches combined with wave pools, gymnasiums, health clubs and shops galore. These extensive facilities were situated under one big glass geodesic dome that assured a subtropical climate all year round.

She had been looking for the right job for some time. These were hectic times, what with the many thousands of refugees from the Middle East who had been relocated to Holland. Some who had received a residence permit in the Netherlands in the previous two years would like nothing better than to work for a living, so finding a job would be a miracle. Then eighteen months earlier this position had become available and her three grown-up children encouraged her to apply for it.

Her move to the outskirts of the town Apeldoorn, after her husband Jan’s death, had been very difficult. Leaving the harbour city of Rotterdam she had shared with him for 26 years, closed a chapter in her life. They had been high school sweethearts and married when she was pregnant with the twins.

Ingrid glanced through the glass partition of her office. Marijke, her down-to-earth assistant, who programmed and invoiced the holiday bookings from the ANWB VVV offices all over Holland into their database, was late.

Marijke had lost her little boy, Kees, in a car accident four months previously and she had great difficulty coming to terms with her loss. Her grief still hung around her like glue. Thinking about Kees made Ingrid recall her own grievous times after Jan’s death, but her mystical encounter the previous night marked a turning point for her.

She was about to switch her computer on when suddenly she froze... A message had appeared on her touch-screen monitor! The question was very bright and clear!

Would you like to take part in the Reality Shift Process?

How weird! Her computer! It was not switched on! How was that possible? She sat for a moment like a statue. Nobody took any notice of her. Marijke popped her head around the door to apologise for being late. Her grave gray eyes more vacant than ever reflected the otherwise tailored suit that needed a wash. Looking back at her large curved wide screen the words were still there, very bold and clear, but her monitor was not on! She touched her screen and then it went blank. How weird! Hearing the song on the radio ‘Are you awake’; seeing the new bookshop that advertised a workshop on experiencing a Reality Shift, and now this. Were these coincidences?

She had attended some workshop with a focus on awakening her psychic strengths so that her awareness would go beyond her physical senses, but...was it happening?

The loud melody of her cordless desk phone jolted her back to the reality of the workplace. It was someone from the Tree Fern Landscapers & Construction firm. Her thoughts were still somersaulting while she stared at her dark screen.

“To whom am I speaking?” she asked since a man’s penetrating voice brought her back to the present.

“Toon Haardens. This firm has changed hands. I see that we do a lot of business with your company.” In a self-assured manner, he carried on speaking to someone in the background who had just walked in. When he handed her over to Nel, his receptionist, she picked up on his irritation with Nel. Glancing at her desk phone the digital time display said nine twenty, so Ingrid felt the man was justified. After giving Nel the information Mr Haardens wanted she was about to switch on her HP workstation when her screen lit up again like it did when a fatal error occurred. But the words!

I asked you a question. Do you want to take part in the Reality Shift process?

She jumped off her chair as the adrenaline surged through her bloodstream. Were the words meant for her? Slowly she sat down again, staring at the large yellow letters on a blue screen.

Who are you?

With trembling fingers she typed in response on her wireless keyboard, seeing to her amazement her own italic text appearing underneath the question. Someone must be playing a trick on her, surely? Or her PC must be on!

No. Nobody is playing a trick on you. I asked a question! And... I am you: a multidimensional spiritual being.

That remark! With whom was she...? Everyone was working on their computers as if things were normal. Well, things were, but what was going on in her mind? Then the text changed.

I am your mind.

That stunned her! Who was reading her mind?

Explain to me what you mean by my mind?

Her own text showed up in bold, so who was reading it?

Your mind and the mind of the collective mind are all the same!

Oh, sure! Meaning what?

Her heart was pounding.

You live in an intelligent and benevolent holographic universe. Have you forgotten?

What did that mean, holographic? Yes, she knew all about her holographic artist’s impressions for the new Pleasure Park, that was her job, but...who was this? Her heart began to pound, beating so hard she felt it would burst from pure astonishment.

Truly, I speak because you are always asking questions; and you are entitled to be told the truth. You asked to live this life to your full potential, did you not? The time is critical!

She stared spellbound wondering how on earth someone could know her thoughts? With shaking fingers she typed...

Are you real? Let me know HOW you can express yourself on my computer when it seems to be switched off.

Marijke stuck her head around the office door.

“Ingrid, are you busy? Have you got a minute?”

“I’ve got myself into a muddle; I’ll be with you soon.” She repressed her tone in a soft, calm voice, but inside she felt electrified with curiosity. Ingrid was good at viewing life objectively, but this!

I am the wind, the ocean and the air; If you have a need to call me by a name, you may call me POWAH appeared on her screen.

It was real! Her computer was off! There was no taskbar, no icons, just what looked like a test screen. Was she the only person seeing it? She was not in a trance. She could hear all the noises around her. Nobody had taken any notice of her. Was she experiencing a higher frequency of thought? Lately, she did hear a constant high pitch ringing sound in her head with no external source. What was going on? Her bewilderment was once again interrupted by Marijke.

“Sorry, Ingrid, but I have a client on the line. She wants to book her holiday bungalow in Tilburg for July but she wants to know if there are any Buttercups or cup of gold creepers growing at the new complex in Tilburg. She’s very insistent. She read somewhere that those flowers are very poisonous and she’s worried about her small children.” She would have to find that out from Nel, whom she had just spoken to and whose firm handled the landscaping.

“Marijke tell the client that you will look into it and phone her back. That will keep her happy.”

Ingrid peered at her now blank computer screen. The text had clearly stated that she had asked to live this life to her full potential. Now, who would know her own private thoughts? She turned her workstation on and after a moment her familiar taskbar and icons appeared. She resumed typing on her keypad to whoever it was while her blood was pulsating in her throat.

POWAH? Where are you from? You say you are me! Do you mean you are speaking into my own mind?

This was so silly! What was she doing? Nothing happened! That felt even more unnerving. Was she talking to herself? Was this all happening in her own imagination? Gosh, while staring at the terminal she recalled the extraordinary experience of last evening.

How do you know what I want? She typed again. If someone was playing a trick on her, she had fallen for it big time.

Do you know what you want Kitty?

YES, I do! did you know my nickname?

Her amazement increased…thinking her reply without...

Mmm ...What exactly do you want to know, and why?

After that question, she just sat there transfixed. Why? She wanted to know the real truth about life! She would then understand life better and why bad things happen to good people. Why all the tragedies that are hitting many parts of the world. Her mind raced as new text jumped suddenly back onto her screen:

Kitty, you have the right intention, and that is everything in life. You want to experience things, to know things. From now on we will have a working relationship. You will grow in awareness of the DNA ‘coding system’ we are working on together. It’s time to prepare you and others for your reality shifting process.


Her screen now reverted back to the normal screen saver.

Who was reading her mind? That was how it felt. What could have been meant by ‘a DNA coding system’? What was she getting herself into now? Who was communicating with her on her computer? How? From where?

Ingrid wondered who POWAH was. Could the five letters really be a name? Was it all happening in her own mind? Had she become psychic? Her whole body was in turmoil. She found it difficult to concentrate on work for the rest of the day. Ingrid kept things to herself a lot and almost forgot to phone Nel about the Buttercup flower details Marijke had been waiting for. She looked it up on Google and dialled Nel’s office before going home.

“Tree Fern Landscaping.” It was the same resonant voice she had spoken to earlier in the day. Where was Nel? She cleared her throat, as if...why was she so nervous?

“Hi, I’m Ingrid from Pleasure Parks. May I speak to someone in connection with the type of plants you use in the landscaping of our resorts?” She had never heard of ‘Buttercups’ growing in Brabant’s heather fields, where Tilburg’s holiday resort was built.

“I spoke to you this morning. What would you like to know? Perhaps I can help?”

“We have received a query from one of our clients. She asked if there are any Buttercups or cup of gold creepers growing in our new Tilburg complex. Apparently, they are very poisonous. Do you have any idea?” She wondered if he knew anything about plants. There was a silence....Did she actually hear...or feel... him chuckling?

“Ingrid, I have my doubts whether this firm has used either of these plants in the past, but I will investigate the matter. May I come back to you on this?” His masterful tone sounded amused. Ingrid was very receptive to emotional undertones in people’s voices, and with this man, she was picking up a lot more than with most people. She repressed a stirring feeling of...what?

Being naturally curious, she asked. “This cup-of-gold creeper, what plant is it? I have never heard of it.”

“I am not surprised, Ingrid, some species of buttercup flowers grow in the mountains. But the cup-of-gold creepers are subtropical, very spectacular, with yellow flowers in a cup-like shape. The big subtropical types could have narcotic properties. Your client is probably mixing it up with a large shrub called angels trumpets, which is poisonous,” he voiced in a knowledgeable way. Mr Haardens was very informative, charming but somewhat imposing. They seemed to have an undercurrent mental connection. She thanked him for his enlightening chat about the flowers, asking him to phone back so that she could give the client an answer. Something about his voice was almost familiar. But what was it? Why did he make her feel...what, interested?

“That I will Ingrid,” She was puzzled by his change of tone, almost playful when she heard music playing in the background. It was the same song she had heard on the radio that morning titled ‘Are you awake?’

Ingrid longed for the summer to arrive but instead heavy clouds were building up. Her floor-to-ceiling office windows looked out over Apeldoorn’s main shopping street. Many people huddled up in rain gear. She remembered that Beekbergen had a market on a Tuesday. On the way home, she would make a detour there to buy fresh groceries.

When she closed her office, an inner joy... a sense of rapture was still with her due to the rather baffling dialogue with POWAH.


She was the last to leave. When stepping out of the lift ULA, a vibrant redhead receptionist of Pleasure Parks remarked on her cheerful ambience with a speculative glance, asking her if she had a date as she tidied her desk before going home herself. If only Ula knew! She did feel different. Wouldn’t anyone, after what she had experienced today and last evening?

“Ingrid! You just missed a very creepy caller, asking about you, he refused to give his name.” Ula’s frown showed discomfort. She didn’t know anyone you would call creepy.

“I’m sure, he’ll phone back if it is important.” Ula proudly showed off her ring, smiling again. She was going to meet her fiancé’s mother for the first time. Ula’s boyfriend was a detective like Marijke’s husband.


She decided to visit the new bookshop to gather more information on the Buttercup flower and to inquire about this Reality-Shifting workshop, just in case it was an advertising stunt directed at her on her workstation. Gosh, she hoped not.

She spoke to a young blonde girl with sparkling blue eyes, around nineteen years old, who was behind the counter. Chatty as only innocent girls can still be, she informed her that it was their opening day. The shop had a big selection of books and an esoteric section. Vintage posters of the Dutch painter Anton Pieck were displayed at the door.

“I’m Connie. My mom went out for a moment, so I’m standing in for her. What can I do for you?” Connie looked as if she was expecting her.

“I would like to look up something in a plant book if I may. And... about this Reality Shift workshop you advertised, do you know anything about it?”

“Something to do with genetic decoding of your DNA blueprint through sound. Have you been asked to write the first journal?” Connie speculated.

“What journal are you referring to?” Ingrid's mind leapt in amazement, partly at the same words which someone had typed on her off-line computer screen, and now this.

“Oh, I overheard my aunt Annelies informing my mom. She said that a lady of your description would ask about her workshops while browsing in our bookshop today. This lady would write the first awakening journal.”

“Who’s Annelies? I have no idea what ...” Ingrid was perplexed. So she was right. Somebody had tricked her through an ad this morning. Her disappointment at being taken for a fool dampened her spirit. More customers entered the shop so Connie attended to them. She did not inquire any further but would remember the name ‘Annelies’!


As rain hurtled down relentlessly it cut her vision to almost nil. The driveway of the Prinsengracht Hotel was upon her so fast that she did not see the Tesla sports car in time. In order to avoid it, she drove into a ditch.

She rested her head on the steering wheel because her heart was pounding. The knocking on the window broke her shock.

“Are you all right?” A towering figure asked as he stood there getting drenched. People from the hotel who had gathered around the car hid her guilty expression as she lowered her window to reassure him.

“I’m so sorry, I’m really fine, please go inside. You will all get soaked.”

What a beauty”

When the man asked where she was heading she was tongue-tied. Had she truly heard him telepathically? ....All she saw was his mouth.... She dismissed her thoughts and reassured him once again. His concern really touched her.

"Yolanda" He called to his companion. "Go inside. I'll follow her to see if she is okay, you go on." His dynamic voice caused an uproar in her mind, jolting her back to today's phone call...what was going on with her?

He got back into his electric sports car and followed her. When she parked near the market and waved at him, he paused, looking at her, as if he recalled something too. Then he hooted and drove off.


At the food market in Beekbergen, the rain had stopped; the fish seller cried tunelessly “Fresh herring.” His voice lunged at the mingling crowd hoping to attract a buyer. Ingrid reflected on all that had happened that day, and the previous night.


While soaking in the bath the previous night, she had had a strange experience of hearing a voice! She knew she was completely alone in the house. She grinned as she recalled looking everywhere after her bath to satisfy herself that she was alone. The words: “My beloved, can’t you remember me?” Still rang in her ear. “Who are you?” She had responded aloud, but of course, there was no answer. Hearing herself speaking to nobody made her grin to herself. Her father used to tease her about it.... However, the voice was so real! Then she heard clearly; “Kitty! Wake up, be still and listen!” Except that, it was different! Both phrases had been as clear as if someone else was speaking in a normal way. That is if one accepted conversing in verbal sounds as standard.

“Listen to whom?” she replied while her heart had skipped a beat, speculating that if someone was in the bathroom with her, why had she not seen anything.

Ingrid could still not explain to herself what had happened, but the feeling of rapture, of being in love, as if she had never ever been alone, was profound. Going to sleep after this most mysterious experience had been difficult....


A sudden cloudburst brought her mind back just in time to reach her car with her groceries. The traffic was heavy driving home and her internet car radio was interrupted by a voice saying...”

"This is Apeldoorn radio, Rob speaking. We are interrupting this music for an important bulletin. We received a message that because of the dramatic increase in the electromagnetic x-ray flux of the sun, this boost of solar activity can cause poor transmission. The possibility of an electricity failure or a blackout for an extended period of time cannot be excluded. We are fortunate to have someone with us in the studio who is prepared to explain what is happening. Mr Haardens, can you clarify to our listeners what is going on?” The broadcaster asked...

Ingrid was immediately struck by the name ‘Haardens’!

“There is no immediate cause for panic at all. This has been going on for a long time. The effects of climate changes are starting to show. We know that our Earth's weather has been greatly affected for aeons by the increase in electromagnetic radiation," ...a deep, sonorous tone replied.

That voice! Had she not just heard the same...?

The tall figure in the larny Sports car was, in a hurry...why? To give this interview. The new owner of Nel’s firm’s name was Haardens. But how would a man, who had just taken over a construction firm, be connected to investigations into weather patterns?

“Was that the only reason for our hot weather, the global warming theory?” the announcer asked.
“We know that the shifting of earth’s magnetic field is directly linked to this increased solar activity. In Australia and New Zealand where the ozone hole is expanding, the effect on bird, plant and marine life are very profound.” Mr Haardens stated with conviction.
“You are saying that the sun is also affecting our weather?”
“Earth's magnetic field changes over time because it is generated by a motion of molten iron alloys in its outer core. The Earth's field reverses and the North and South Magnetic Poles relatively abruptly switch places. Earth's magnetic field has flipped its polarity many times over the millennia. Earth's last magnetic reversal took place 786,000 years ago. It can happen very quickly and that causes climate changes, but not necessarily due to global warming, no."
"You are implying that Global warming is not true?"
"The Great Global Warming scare during the last twenty years is the brainchild of a former vice president turned climate change activist. His documentary film prom- oting an opinion on global warming is influenced by funding and political factors.”
"You are implying that global warming is not caused by pollution which traps extra infrared radiation?"
“Correct. I do not believe that human CO2 causes global warming. All solar activity is driven by the solar magnetic field that is constantly shifting. The current state of extreme weather and warming might be caused by the Sun and not by trace gas elements coming from our industries.”
“So we do not have to take the rising of tides seriously?”
“No, I did not say that. My suspicions are that political elections are being won on promises to invest money to protect against flooding, like warnings from scientists about the rising sea levels. In the worst-case scenario, the rate of sea-level rise could reach a foot per decade by the 22nd century, about 10 times faster than today, but nothing like some websites are predicting.”
“So you are saying we in Holland do not have to worry about the sea levels wiping us out?”

Mr Haardens was silent for a while, and her intuition told her that he was getting impatient with the interviewer.

“My reply to you is as follows. All that has been published over the internet about the rising tides due to global warming is a game that is being played. Why? In order to induce the masses into a state of stupor, a state of fear. There is a mental war going on to do with the population’s perception of the way we see our Earth, as well as the Universe that surrounds it; which greatly impacts the well-being of all life on this planet and causes a great detriment in the physical and mental development of the human race.”
“What you are implying is that there are great changes coming that have to be taking seriously, but that the human population's perceptions are deceived. That goes beyond me.”
“OK so let's get back to our planet's changes in the ionosphere during geomagnetic storms. Strong electrical currents that are driven along the Earth’s surface during auroral events, can disrupt electric power grids all over our planet.”
“Oh you mean we might all be cut off from the internet due to no electricity?”
“Yes that could be, so we now need to start planning for alternative living strategies before we are faced with blackout conditions, meaning no electricity.”

Ingrid wondered whether this could be the same man. He certainly seemed knowledgeable, but what connection would a construction guy have with Solar flares and the tipping of Earth’s Magnetic Poles?

“That does sound alarming. Having no power. What preparations do people need to make when there is no electricity, to be without our network and internet technologies?”

The implications of what the interviewer called alarming made her sad. How many people listening would wonder what life would be like with no more internet and computers?

“We have prepared a website on the Internet for anyone who wants to find out more, and further lectures on the effects of this solar activity will start soon.”
“Was that the only reason for our hot weather, the global warming theory?” the announcer asked.
“Yes, and we know that the shifting of Earth’s magnetic field is directly linked to this increased solar activity, Mr Haardens stated with conviction.
“You are saying that the sun is also affecting our warm weather?”
“There are various changes currently taking place and we need to assess their full impact on a global scale and look at what specific preparations are essential. Anyone who still doubts the onset of global warming need only look at what's happening in the Arctic and Antarctic, where glaciers are retreating and icebergs calving at a scary rate.”
“So the rising of tides has to be taken seriously?”
“Yes, but even more so we need now to plan for alternative living strategies that might be necessary when we are faced with blackout conditions, meaning no electricity soon.”

Ingrid wondered whether this could be the same man. He certainly seemed knowledgeable, but what connection would a construction guy have with global warming issues?

“That does sound alarming. Which comes first, flooding of major proportions or having no power? What preparations do people need to make when there is no electricity, not to mention the water levels?”

The implications of what the interviewer called alarming made her sad. How many people listening would wonder where to go if the sea levels rose; especially in a country where the sea levels were higher than the ground, they all lived on.

“We have prepared a website on the Internet for anyone who wants to find out more, and further lectures on the effects of this solar activity will start soon.”

Mr Haardens continued in the same knowledgeable tone as the man who had described the buttercup flower. The radio announcer thanked Mr Haardens and told the listeners that a program on the subject would be scheduled later.


When Ingrid arrived at her driveway, she stretched her still youthful curved body full length. She was trying to get her stability back and recalled the music that had played in the background when she spoke to Mr Haardens. There was something about his.... Was she suddenly seeing and hearing things? Gee, first the voices, then the message on the huge screen at work today! Could it all be in her imagination? She couldn't tell anyone because no one would take her seriously.

“Guess what, I am communicating out loud with a voice in my head,” she mumbled while running through the rain grabbing her groceries from the boot of her car “Oh, really?” she mimicked when reaching for her front door all wet.

“Yes, and these texts addressed to me through my computer when it’s switched off!” She giggled, can read my mind! People would really look at her as if she had suddenly lost her senses? Observing herself while scratching for her keys made her feel really silly.

The next-door neighbour waved while she dumped unwanted goods at the curb for the garbage collection the following morning. She must be spring-cleaning. Ingrid waved back. Fluffball, her ginger cat, was sitting at the window miaowing. She sidestepped her mail inside the hallway as she opened her front door.

As she picked it up a smart blue envelope stating “Dear Kitty — Excerpt one” fell out. The printing seemed familiar, so did the symbols, but not the watermark.

Excerpt One: Program Planet Earth

Reality Shifters Preparation Manual

After reading the manual, her hands were shaking. Sitting down on the kitchen chair, with fluffball in her lap and her wet dark curly hair dripping, she could hardly stop reading the contents again and again. She read why planet Earth virtual reality is a fast- evolving field and how important it is for people to focus primarily on love, forgiveness, peace, harmony, balance, acceptance, and oneness. The name POWAH at the bottom of the printout must have been the same person she had encountered on her screen at the office. How was it possible that he had now sent her step one of a manual on paper? It further read that changes happening at a galactic level will soon influence Earth's reality patterns and humanity’s accustomed life-styles may never be the same again.

The girl Connie, in that new shop had asked if she would write the first journal, had she not mentioned Annelies? Was this all preplanned for her? These days it was so difficult to know the difference between what was real and what was fake, especially what was promoted on the Internet. Yes, she understood very well that the people in her life were often reflective mirrors of herself. Not easy to grasp how, but… had she asked for this? Why the hidden parts? She knew she had an inner desire to attract individuals who felt as she did about the real meaning of being alive, but was this the result? Was she going to write about the twenty two fragmented parts of what? Herself?

The pelting rain grew more insistent while Fluffball was purring on her lap. Was she supposed to include this 'Program Planet Earth' manual in her journal as instructed? It was the first time she read of a frequency layer, whatever that was but the promise that she would be welcomed into a parallel reality where the ‘Riddle’ of The Prophet's Game is revealed, now that sounded very intriguing!

Ingrid’s inner turmoil created a strong need for her to share her thoughts, but…she could just hear Jan saying; “Ingrid, you are getting like your sister Quincy, more up in the clouds than down on Earth!” Had she imagined it all? Was it all just her own fantasy? If only she could speak to her clairvoyant sister, Quincy, who was on a tour with people from a health centre in Delft. Quincy had her own health shop there

When the phone rang in the hallway, her friend Liesbeth’s face sprang to mind. Ingrid had always been good at guessing who was on the other end of the line.

“So you knew it was me?” Liesbeth laughed.

“Yes! How did you guess? How are you? When did you get back?” Liesbeth worked as a freelance literary agent and wrote articles for a few scientific magazines. It had been a while since she’d seen her.

“Ingrid, can I meet you tomorrow after work at the Pannekoek, near you? A friend gave me a pamphlet about a workshop that is starting soon. I’m sure you’ll be interested. It is all about how to deal with experiencing a reality shift.” Her voice carried an excited tone.

“You’re kidding? You mean these Reality Shifting related workshops? I’ve seen it advertised as well, in that new shop close to my office building. Gosh, what a coincidence.”

She was tempted to share her experiences with Liesbeth there and then, but because she still couldn’t really believe it herself she kept quiet. Just now they were both being lured into a cult of sorts, who knows. So much was going on around the world, keeping grounded was for her more important than getting all bliss-bunnyfied. Ingrid knew that she could fantasize people into her life, rather than dealing with real life. She also didn’t cope well with spontaneous happenings.

After her shower and while she was brushing her natural curly auburn hair, she suddenly heard an inner voice again loud and clear saying:

"Kitty! Be still and listen to your heart in order to experience the magic of who you really are!"

Chapter 2: The Body Codes of Light

An Introduction to a Game.

Being back at work again was like taking on a new chapter in her life. Being disappointed made her angry with herself.

“Ingrid, I need the original aerial view photo. You have it stored on your external hard drive.” Piet de Wit whined.

“Why?” She peered into the floor manager’s shifty eyes. Piet made her skin crawl. His sallow complexion reflected his poor health and he was very underweight for his height. Ingrid's burning gaze poured into his soul like boiling tar. Piet's mouth frothed with fury. His pestering about the drawings for the French complex started to annoy her. Ingrid could be very aloof with irritating people.

“Never mind why! Have you got it?”

“No, not here in my office. Why the sudden interest?” Gosh, he was getting under her skin.

“I have my reasons! What did you do with your external hard drive?”

“Good grief, don’t be so secretive! You yourself gave me the one I’m now working on two weeks ago, remember?” Her tone flew at him.

“So what did you do with the original aerial photo?” he snapped.

Bitch you know very well what I mean."

“Look for it yourself.” She was startled by her own sudden telepathic sensitivity.

“Piet stop bothering me." His eyes were hot and bright and moisture was beaded across his upper lip. “Phone head office and ask for the original photo, I'm sure they have it saved in Cloud storage.” Her coolness disguised her rage.

“One day you’re going to be sorry for the way you talk to me.” He yelled back and stormed out of her office.

Ingrid’s blood was still boiling with anger after Piet’s outburst when her phone rang. What was he insinuating? She answered in a professional but slightly abrupt manner.

“Still at the job, are you? I’m impressed. I promised to phone you back with the information on the buttercup flower. Are you always that quick and efficient? ” Mr Haardens’ masterful tone acted as a catalyst.

Good grief, she'd forgotten to phone back and tell him that it had been sorted out with the client. She should apologise but felt flustered by his undertone.

“I think so. Aren’t you?” she replied instead. It was out before she realized it. What had made her say that? She was normally not so abrupt. After a short silence, she apologized for her tactlessness, explaining that her reaction had been influenced by someone else. Rather annoyed at herself for being so irritable, she could almost feel his thoughts, as if he were probing into her mind. “It must be.....?” That’s impossible! Was he questioning himself? Surely, that must have been her own mind talking to itself? She didn’t know this Mr Haardens.

Could he be the same man that had spoken on the radio the day before?

“You have a lively mind, Ingrid. By the way, I’m glad you weren’t reacting to me. I will speak to you again,” he laughed as if he knew something she did not before he hung up. What did he mean by a lively mind? Oh, well, at least he was not offended by her manner.

He felt like a rather challenging personality, someone who might not take ’no’ for an answer. She speculated about his appearance. A powerful voice didn’t always match the physical form.


As she passed the new shop on the way to the coffee house, a new big sign in the window now read “Decoding Workshops / Starting Soon! Connie, the young sales girl, waved at her to come inside. Ingrid hoped that Connie’s mother would be there.

“I think your name is Ingrid, isn’t it?” she said, biting her lower lip.

“Yes! How did you know?”

“My mother asked me to give you this.” The girl handed her a blue envelope the sight of which made her shaky all over. She had never given Connie her name. Other customers were waiting for her so she left.


The Pannekoek coffee shop was across the street. She spotted Liesbeth through the window, waiting for her at a corner table. As she was about to greet her friend her mouth gaped in absolute astonishment at Liesbeth’s appearance! She looked at least ten years younger since she had last seen her four months earlier!

“What has happened to you? What artifacts did you find on that dig that you joined? A rejuvenating tonic?” Her voice leapt in amazement as she hugged her. She thought that maybe Liesbeth's appearance might be due to a new non-surgical and powerful anti-ageing treatment to counteract the decline in the enzyme activity levels. Her sister Quincy’s health shop was promoting it.

Liesbeth was five years younger, around 40, but she now looked in her early thirties. Tall with a delicate sculpted nose, bright dark brown eyes and satiny suntanned skin surrounded by playful shiny dark ringlets that gave her an almost aristocratic Egyptian look. Her smile expressed warmth that was difficult to describe. Without any concern and without vanity. She was the most compassionate woman Ingrid had ever known.

“Hi! Richard will join us, and I’ve ordered two cappuccinos.”

“Who’s Richard, a new boyfriend?” She admired Liesbeth’s stunning glowing expression, as if... something had happened, but what was it?

“Ingrid! I’ve heard all about you.” a man in his late thirties, quite attractive in an intellectual way, remarked while serving them two steaming coffees, his lively eyes conveying an alert mind. His longish wavy dark brown hair was casually held back with a rubber band. His thoughtful dark brown eyes turned into a smile of amused friendliness and pleasure which aroused feelings of warmth, and something more.

“Well, you have me at a disadvantage for I know nothing about you.” Ingrid liked him on the spot. He was quite charismatic but far too young for her.

“Ingrid, as you know, I joined a group of archaeologists in Egypt. They were investigating some very new, secret sites at Luxor. It was my job to write a report on their findings for the sponsors of this dig. Richard was with this group of archaeologists.”

Richard explained how he took over the expedition from his late brother; who had been the organizer. He knew about all the preparations his brother had processed two years in advance, mainly handling the authorities, meaning the red tape.

“Richard is a part-time lecturer at the University of Utrecht,” Liesbeth voiced proudly.

“Oh! What subjects do you lecture in?” He looked very young to be a lecturer.

“Egyptian mythology, mainly on the translations of their Hieroglyphic scripts, and lately I'm looking into another symbolic language used long ago.” The coffee shop became busy, so Richard excused himself, saying that he would join them later.

"Wow, what an interesting guy. I love his hairstyle; both creative and sophisticated all in one."

The Pannekoek was a popular coffee and snack bar. It advertised the many holiday attractions of Gelderland on the walls. Customers could write their remarks on a large electronic keypad that was displayed at the entrance.

“Richard is managing this coffee shop for the owner.” Liesbeth continued. Ingrid raised her eyebrows speculatively, but Liesbeth ignored her glance.

“His aunt, who is visiting her children in South Africa owns the coffee shop and he needed the money. The passing of his brother Theo has been a financial as well as an emotional ordeal. You’re wondering if he is my boyfriend but he is not; so stop scheming. I can read your mind. He’s just a very good friend.” Liesbeth pushed her playfully.

“Really?” Liesbeth ignored Ingrid’s teasing undertone.

The pamphlet that Liesbeth had mentioned on the phone about the ‘Reality Shifting workshops’ looked intriguing. It covered many creative class exercises where one would make one’s own deck of cards. The decoding of our own genetic blueprint seemed to be translatable due to the 22 spacings one occupied on the holographic grid.

Her heart was beating from astonishment. Had this POWAH not mentioned something about it? As she was reading, the coffee shop noises started to fade away. Making your own 22 individual cards promised to be a creative adventure. It mentioned that by making these cards, hidden potentials would be revealed, even the memories of the possibility of physical immortality! Ingrid recalled Connie telling her about this genetic decoding that had to do with sound. Was this all for real?

“Are you both interested? I know about Annelies through Theo, my deceased brother.” Richard queried when he brought them their favorite snack, two extra-large vegetarian spring rolls known as loempias. Ingrid jerked involuntarily when she heard the name Annelies! Richard shared what he knew about the decoding workshops between helping customers. Ingrid had difficulty not letting her inner turmoil get the better of her. She was so unprepared for all this synchronicity.

“Richard’s deceased brother had known Annelies when she assembled the material for the workshops and the card game with the help of a ‘guide.’” Liesbeth added, peering at her frowning.

“Really?” Ingrid's voice leapt in astonishment, thinking of POWAH and knowing that her friend was probing her mind.

“Yes. That’s how I reacted at first, doubtful.” Richard leaned over to clear the table.

“Annelies is looking for participants who are willing to write a journal.” He added.

“What for? Why?” she asked.

Richard shrugged his shoulders. “I guess, it is writing a journal about our own awakening while creating our own cards. My brother often mentioned Annelies, that is why I'm curious and I immediately thought of Liesbeth who told me that you might be as well.” They both waited for her response.

“I’m very keen to find out more about it,” Ingrid swallowed her real bewilderment while her palms started to sweat; thinking about the envelope Connie had given her.

“Good, I’ll phone her now.”

Richard worked hard. The coffee shop was noisy because all the eight tables were occupied. He looked like an interesting man, younger than her friend did but why had Liesbeth denied the boyfriend part? Richard returned to their table to tell them that Annelies had apparently been waiting for his call!

“She is looking forward to meeting us and asked if one of us was called Ingrid.”

“Really?” Liesbeth arched her eyebrows.

She ignored her friend’s nudge for her to speak up. She couldn't share her encounter just yet because she wasn’t yet ready to disclose the rather bizarre computer incident with someone with a name POWAH. Even the excerpt she had mysteriously received held her back. Richard was unknown to her and she was still rather wary about explaining something so airy-fairy to a stranger. Liesbeth was a friend, but lately, she felt she had to be cautious. Too many unexplained phenomena were happening.

All three of them would join the ‘introductory class’ the following evening. They made arrangements to meet again the next day at the Pannekoek after work. They would drive together to Annelies’ home on the Veluwe where she gave the workshops.


Ingrid was about to open her umbrella as she stepped out into the rain when a tall well-built man bumped into her.

“Uh huh. We are in a hurry.” His voice triggered an immediate sensation. For a moment their eyes connected and for a split second the depth of his glance overwhelmed her like a tidal wave.


The rain was pelting down when she arrived at her driveway. She felt really shaky after that confrontation. His penetrating gaze had made her heart jump.

A damp and clammy Fluffball came rubbing up against her legs as if to say “Where have you been? I have missed my supper.” After preparing cat food, she checked for telephone messages. One was from Debbie, her younger daughter, to say she would be coming home for the weekend. Ingrid still missed her three children. She hoped by now to have heard something from the twins Jeroen or Sascia, her twenty-six-year-old twins were very independent.

Jeroen worked for the family’s steel construction firm when her late husband had been ill. After Jan had died, Jeroen went back to complete his studies in Eindhoven. He then impulsively took his last semester off and went back-packing to ‘find himself', as he called it. Ingrid realized that Jeroen took the role of the man in the house very seriously when he knew that his father was very ill. She wondered if he would have chosen to follow in the family business. Jan’s dad, Dennis Barendse, who still ran his steel company, had been very glad about Jeroen’s decision to finish his studies.

The music from her audio system brought her back to the present while revitalizing her energy field. What a shower or bath did for her physical body, music did for her whole being. Ingrid was relieved that it had stopped raining. She opened the sliding door leading onto the veranda. Everything smelled fresh and ready for summer to arrive. Her thoughts went back to what the girl had said in the shop. She settled down with a glass of wine on her outside table and Fluffball on her lap and opened the blue envelope from Connie. She held her breath in great anticipation.

Excerpt Two: Program Planet Earth

The Dimensions and their Densities

She was spellbound. It was Excerpt Two, and it was definitely for her. The five levels of a card game including descriptions of the body codes of light made her wonder. Was it really something to do with her DNA codes? If she was to write a journal about her desires to become aware; thinking of the diary next to her bed, then how was she know the real truth. This Reality Shift card game obviously had a connection with the shop. Was everything already planned without her knowing about it? Oh, she needed to talk to someone about all this. Why her, of all people?

Now she wished she had confided in Liesbeth about POWAH. Her fear of making a fool of herself had stopped her sharing. Throughout her marriage she had tried that. The fear of being ridiculed was still very real to her. She’d been on her own for over two years since Jan had died and it still felt lonely at times. She would be turning 45 this year but dating did not interest her. Most of the interesting men were married anyway.

Ingrid had learned a lot about herself during their twenty-four-year marriage. Some friends had described their relationship as stormy. At least she’d become emotionally and mentally independent.

When Jan had passed over, it felt as if she had lost a Soul mate who had been her best teacher, her best friend and just before he really got ill, her best lover. Those memories had blocked her for a new relationship. She liked being on her own. When she joined Liesbeth at functions, she did not really anticipate meeting anyone. Nobody stimulated her and she hated idle chitchat.

She had met Liesbeth at a party that she had been persuaded to attend by her sister Quincy, just after Jan had died. It was the first outside activity she had attended, and she had fun after all. Liesbeth had approached them both because she needed to write about the health shop for a magazine. They clicked immediately.

Liesbeth owned her own house on the outskirts of Apeldoorn. When Ingrid told her of the job offer, her friend encouraged her to take it. Together they looked for a place for her to live. Meeting up with her again, Ingrid could still not get over the noticeable change in her. Not only did she look younger but it was also something else she could not put a name to. It was a change that took away the look of any age!

When the phone rang in the hallway, she knew it was Debbie, her youngest.

“Mom, my train arrives at 11:15 on Friday evening. I want to come directly after my late shift instead of Saturday morning. Will that be alright?

“Great! I’ll be at the station,” Ingrid bubbled. Debbie her youngest was a fully qualified nurse at the Academic Hospital in Utrecht. It felt that life was taking a turn so she decided to pamper herself with a detoxifying treatment.


After she had arranged everything around her bathtub, she settled languorously into the warm soapy bubble bath, allowing all the tensions of the day to ease out. Her feet just reached the top while her head rested on a towel. Her short curly auburn, brown hair fell playfully about her oval face creating an effect of agelessness. Her well-shaped firm body had not lost its youthfulness, even after giving birth to three children. She revelled in having this time to herself and contemplated what POWAH had written. She pondered on the five levels of the Reality Shifting game, starting with the first level. POWAH said that the decoding would awaken her to her Soul’s full potential; or was it her over-soul? Not that she knew or understood what was meant by an over-soul. She should look it up on the internet. And what about the ‘Riddle’ of The Prophet's Game. Oh, how weird…was it all for real?

Back at the office

“Hello Ingrid, what time is it?” Carla called out as they arrived simultaneously by car at the parking area near the office. The dull overcast sky held the promise of rain again.

“It’s 08:15, five minutes to browse in that new shop.” Carla had to buy a present for her sister’s birthday. Ingrid spotted Marijke sitting inside on her haunches, in the corner engrossed in a book. They were both very aware of Marijke’s silent despair.

Carla inquired what she was reading while Ingrid approached a very artistic looking woman with long blond hair at the counter. When her blue eyes met hers, Ingrid recognized that she was a friend of Tieneke, the lady who gave mind drawing workshops. She recalled having met her at Tieneke's Language of Light Symbolism classes a year ago. These creative doodling had revealed a lot about herself.

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