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Riding Some Wild Tangents

RMF Runyan

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Author’s Notes & Foreword

First and foremost, as the title suggests, these are literally “wild tangents” my mind often takes, and I just ride along, spewing out whatsoever comes into this sick mind of mine. Basically, you could look at this book as a collection of blogs. However, most often, I do clean it up some. Some are fun. Some can be, well... frightening. Some are infuriating. Most tend to be fun and funny, at least to me. I leave no frightening ones here, since I tend to delete those from my mental hard drive... Don’t particularly like the frightening ones. But they do tend to remind me that even the best of us can have what could be described as “evil.” ALL of us humans have evil impulses. And I shall always say what makes a person evil is one who acts upon those evil impulses, like all Absolutists do.

Forewarning: If you are a devoutly religious person, who is offended by “atheist” viewpoints, then this book is definitely NOT for you. I do intentionally state some rather offensive arguments against religions, especially Christianity since it is the one I am most familiar with. And, the only reason I do so is because I have found religion, any religion, to be the most offensive, disgusting, harmful, and abusive ideology to ever come to be. The most offensive problem I had growing up was the methods you damned Baptist Bible Belt Christians used to force your religion onto me as a child. And it was not just me. If it had not been for my father (who did not give a damn either way), I would have succumbed until I sounded as idiotic as you damned Christians. Watch this video made by Seth Andrews. And you Absolutists only have yourselves to blame. However, if you have the balls, continue reading. Your eyes may be opened.

If you find “cursing” offensive, whether religious or not, then perhaps you should not read this document. In other words, I definitely do NOT practice this Bible verse: Colossians 3:8 -- But now ye also put off all these; anger, wrath, malice, blasphemy, filthy communication out of your mouth... However, keep reading and you may yet discover why. Some of these have been posted on the Atheist Republic typing them from memory.

I am ashamed that it took me almost 45 years to find other people out there, besides my wife and her parents and our daughters, who look upon religion the same way I do. I never heard of the Four Horsemen: Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris, and Daniel Dennett; until around 2013. That is how sheltered I kept myself, watching/listening to DVD movies and CD music (which kept me somewhat sane). Reason: I never watched television, nor kept up with the news. I got tired of seeing all those stories of priests raping and molesting children. Muslims terrorizing, raping, molesting, disfiguring, women and children. I just kept to myself, never bothering anyone after the death of my family. Because I was surrounded by nothing but Absolutists, I felt I was still in a prison. Thus, I was the one who kept to himself and said, “No comment.”

Sometimes, the subject of my Wild Tangents usually find them offensive. I could care less because most, if not all, of those who find my Wild Tangents offensive are the Absolutists. Might need to give a formal definition. Basically, this definition applies to any and all persons of any and all religions...

Absolutist - anyone belonging to any religion, especially the absolute Abrahamic religions -- Judaism, Christianity, Islam, etc. -- due to their absolutist beliefs system and is truly applicable to any AND all religious believers.

As far as I am concerned, the Absolutists deserve to be offended because that is much nicer treatment than they ever gave me, or any other atheist. As AC Grayling said, and I paraphrase, “If they were ever offended by us Rationalists, they would have just burnt us at the stake.” Additionally, if general human morality had not been superior to that of the Absolutists, and us secularists got civilized laws passed preventing such, they would still be burning us at the stake.

The actual intention of this document is to make my contribution to the demise of all religion. Thus, if you are devoutly religious, this document is not for you. However, if you are a theist who has questions, then read on...

Just because I was born and raised in a “Christian” nation, please realize I am an equal opportunity atheist, anti-theist, anti-religionist. I despise them ALL. For the most part, and most accurate, I am an anti-religionist. I attack religions and their beliefs, and what their immoral and savage indoctrination processes do to people. However, I do use the pronouns “they, you, he, she, them, their, etc.” quite a bit. Honestly, I only use those pronouns because they are excellent shortcuts preventing me from having to write much more text. Nothing should be implied as being directed at the reader personally. It is actually directed to religions as a whole.

For example, instead of having to type “Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, etc.” each and every time, I may use “you” or “they” instead.

And to give credit where it is due, I owe many thanks to Godless Cranium for his inspiration in writing this document. My Alzheimer’s (:O, >P) prevents me from remembering which specific video of his I watched, but it was one of them that made me think, “Why don’t I just write down some of these wild tangents my mind takes me?” Check out his YouTube channel. He has the most excellent content. Furthermore, I just wish I could be as cool, calm, and collected as he is in his videos. Me, I’m just a cynical old fart who doesn’t give a damn anymore...

And, another two truly great YouTube channels: Paulogia & Thunderf00t. There are many, many other great YouTube channels, I could never list them all here. Well, I could list some of my favorites in an appendix. And my favorite speaker of all, Christopher Hitchens. I love his style more than anyone else’s because he is quite like me in that he does not give a damn if he says anything that others may find offensive. Watch the first 12 minutes of this YouTube video. Richard Dawkins describes Christopher Hitchens perfectly. And here is the tribute Richard Dawkins gave after Christopher Hitchens death. I may even include the transcripts in this book... Or a sequel...

Last, but not least. This is going to be an ongoing series of books under the series title Riding Some Wild Tangents. Subsequent books will be numbered and have separate subtitles.

Now, let’s go ride some wild tangents...

Table of Contents

In Honor of Those Who Made Me Skeptical When I was a Child

The ONLY Ultimate Message of ALL Christendom

My Philosophy of Life

My Ten Commandments

Atheist, Shmatheist

Ignorant or Ignorant?

Why I am an Atheist

Why Do “I” Do Good?

Virgin Birth? My Ass!

About Absolutist Training


Something From Nothing

A Jealous God? No Wonder!

Why is Your God Homophobic?

Some of My Random Ponderings

Some Research Into The GOOD Of Religion

Is Heaven Really Good?

Burden Of Proof

Intelligent Design? My Ass!

From Whence Comes Evil And Sin?

There Is No Objective Morality, For All Morality Is Subjective

Absurdity of Original Sin

Using the Lord’s Name in Vain, Or Is It Vane?

Mental Disorders? You Bet!

To You Foolish Absolutists: Logic!

Christianity Destroys Moral Accountability

You Are Wrong!

Religious Persecution

New Sign at My Driveway

It’s Only A Theory...

Rare Earth? My Ass!

The Perfection of Earth, Ain’t

When I Say, “I Love You...”

A Woman’s Seven Most Important Men

Strange Riddle


George Carlin Explains Why I Do Not Vote

How I Broke an Evil Temper

A Most Embarrassing Moment

Anything Left to Call Evil?

What Absolutists Abdicate and Abandon For Their Faith

Political Correctness

Funny Psychology

Most Hilarious Moment in ALL History

An Interesting Story, But Also Sad

Allergy Season

I Am An Immoral Heathen?

The Miracles Within Religions

Teach Your Children How to Think Instead of Telling Them What to Think

A Miracle? Or, Hallucination?

Pure Genius and Selfish Genes

Bravest and Most Courageous Person Ever in Existence

Things My Mother Taught Me

The Draconian Oppressors

Aren’t You Supposed to Teach/Preach Only?

Soul Shatter: Hidden Effects of Severe Physical and Psychological Trauma

And to Answer Those Question Y’all are Thinking Of...

Near Death Experience? My Ass!

A Story of My Visit With “God”

Namandu Natuabun



My Message to ALL Absolutists

About the Author

In Honor of Those Who Made Me Skeptical When I was a Child

1917 to 2008

I don’t pretend we have all the answers. But the questions are certainly worth thinking about.

Sir Arthur C Clarke, his novel Childhood’s End

1921 to 1991

We must question the story logic of having an all-knowing all-powerful God, who creates faulty Humans, and then blames them for his own mistakes.

Gene Roddenberry: Can a Smart Person Believe in God? by Michael Guillen; later put into a speech by Spock.

1931 to 2015

If this is your God, then he is not very impressive. He has got psychological problems. He is so insecure that he demands worship every seven days. He creates faulty humans and then blames them for his own mistakes. He is a pretty poor excuse for a Supreme Being.

Science Officer Spock in Star Trek, The Motion Picture


The ONLY Ultimate Message of ALL Christendom

To begin, as I was growing up and my mom forced me to go to church, I quickly discovered that there is truly ONLY one message of ALL Christendom:

Ultimately, this message is actually applicable to ALL religions.

I mean, this is verbatim what the preachers in Sunday School class and the Sunday Sermon would tell everyone, literally every Sunday. And I had to hear it AT LEAST once every Sunday, most often twice. There were other things taught and preached about, but they were always based in fire-and-brimstone. Pure Psychological Terrorism. Pure Child Abuse.

There is no argument you Absolutists can give. There is no apology you Absolutists can give. There is nothing any of you religious bigots can ever offer that would cause me to offer forgiveness to any of you. Even your greatest Apologists cannot change the ONLY message ALL you Christians have for us godless heathens. Why can’t y’all just leave us the fuck alone? Do you see me, or others like me, standing outside any church doors sporting a sign condemning you Christians? No! I never shall. However, I can no longer sit by without letting others know what you ignorant savages did to children over 50 years ago to intimidate and terrorize them into believing the nonsense of an obsolete and savage Bronze Age religious text.


My Philosophy Of Life

For me, the ONE and ONLY True Truth

This is something my father taught me when I was having such a terrible struggle with church. When I turned 13, he put his foot down. He told my mom that at 13 years, I was old enough to decide for myself whether I wanted to go to church or not. Of course, that cascaded down to my sisters and brother... You know, the old standard, “If he doesn’t have to, then why do I?” thing... However, my younger brother and youngest sister continued going to church anyway.

-- Live and Let Live.

-- Leave me alone, I shall leave you alone.

-- Mess with me and mine... Just don’t... The results won’t be pretty.

-- Want to be friendly? We can be friends.

-- Want to be belligerent? We’ll probably be enemies.

-- Respect the Right of ALL persons to have whatever beliefs they wish to have, even if contradictory to your beliefs.

-- Wish to discuss beliefs? We can discuss them.

-- Do not force your beliefs onto others.

-- Force your beliefs onto me, we are enemies.

-- Mind your own business and affairs.

-- Allow others tend to theirs.

-- Live and Let Live.

He with long nose, tends to get it chopped off. - RF Runyan (my father)

It was from this philosophy and Star Trek that I later derived my Ten Commandments. Yes, Star Trek.


My Ten Commandments

1) Question everything, trust nothing; for it is more important how to think than to be told what to think.

2) You shall mind your own business and responsibilities, and allow others to tend to theirs.

3) You shall render aid to others when needed, disregarding #2, as you shall want others to do for you. If your aid is refused, then do not force it.

4) You shall respect the right of ALL persons to believe whatsoever they wish to believe; even if contradictory to your beliefs. You may discuss beliefs; however, forcing your beliefs onto others is condemnable.

5) You shall live your own life always seeking to cause no harm.

6) You shall test everything; but you shall check your own ideas against the facts and evidence, and you shall always be ready to discard even a cherished belief if it does not conform to the facts and evidence.

7) You shall never overlook evil or shrink from administering justice; but you shall always be ready to forgive minor wrongdoing freely admitted and honestly regretted.

8) You shall treat ALL living things with love, honesty, respect, fidelity, and trust.

9) You shall never indoctrinate anyone, especially children, regardless of their situation; rather, teach them how to think, how to evaluate evidence, and how to disagree with you without disrespect and dishonor.

10) You shall value the future on a timescale longer than your own life span.

In all actuality, the 4th one has three words at the end that I add mentally, “punishable by death.” This does not mean I shall kill any who do try to force their beliefs onto me. It just means that is how condemnable I find the forcing of beliefs onto others.

Discuss your beliefs, YES; force your beliefs, NO.

Some may say that I am trying to force mine onto them with this document. I beg to differ. I never forced you to download this document. I am not forcing you to read it. I am not forcing you to think about what is said. If you ain’t going to think, then nothing I can say will make you think.


Atheist, Shmatheist

Why do we call ourselves “atheists”?

I know, in Greek:

θεός (theós) = God, Lord, Creator;

ένα- [usually shortened to “α-”] (éna- [usually shortened to “a-”]) = to be without;

thus αθεός (atheós) “atheist” = to be without God.

Regardless, I much rather prefer the term “rationalist.” For is it not from rationality that we derive our conclusions? Yes, I do not believe in a supernatural super-being with ultimate-power, ultimate-knowledge, and ultimate-goodness (which I beg to differ on the goodness). The reason why is not because I am “without God,” rather it is due to the fact that I have “rationalized” the conclusion that any god does not exist. Never has, never shall. How can you be “without” something that never existed? Think about it. However, even atheist is a very apt term to describe who/what I am. Additionally, I am an anti-theist, and I am an anti-religionist.

And I damned sure cannot tolerate the term “agnostic.” That is the stupidest fucking term I have ever heard to be applied to atheists or rationalists. It literally means the same thing as “ignorant.” Let’s have a look...

Agnostic, from the Greek:

γνώση (gnósi) = knowledge;

ένα- [usually shortened to “α-”] (éna- [usually shortened to “a-”]) = to be without;

thus αγνώση (agnósi) “agnostic” = to be without knowledge.

In English:

ignorant = due to or showing lack of knowledge or training or information; unlearned; uninformed; unaware.

See. They mean virtually the same exact thing. Well, I hate to burst your bubble, but I ain’t without or lacking knowledge. I have some knowledge. Granted, I shall be the first to admit that I do not know everything, never can, never will; however, that does not mean I am agnostic or ignorant. Thus, if I should lose it when you call me agnostic, the fault is yours. For I have forewarned you.

I do understand what is meant by agnostic. It is the “without knowledge” of whether an ultimate super-being exists or not. However, I still despise the term. I tend to believe like one comedian said (cannot remember his name) about agnostics being a bunch of wishy-washy pansies.

And here is another for you: ένα- (éna-) and θεός (theós) = έναθεός (énatheós) is where the English word “anathema” is derived.


Ignorant or Ignorant?

Did you know there are two ways to pronounce “ignorant”? And the meaning changes?

1) ig-nur-unt = same as above.

2) ig-nor-unt = in a state of knowingly ignoring something.

Notice the highlighted syllable. See? One means lacking knowledge, the other means you are actively ignoring something that you know is there.

Told you, wild tangents...


Why I Am An Atheist

Here is a concept I guarantee none of you Absolutists can comprehend. All humans are born atheist. Although this is poorest argument any atheist can make, it is also the most absolute truth. Even you Absolutists are born atheist. You are just taught not to remember it during that indoctrination into your parents religion.

As Andy Rooney once said in one of his Sixty Minutes closers (and I was privileged to have watched), “Why am I an atheist? I ask you, Why is anybody not an atheist? Everyone starts out being an atheist. No one is born with belief in anything. Infants are atheists until they are indoctrinated. I resent anyone pushing their religion on me. I don’t push my atheism on anybody else. Live and let live. Not many people practice that when it comes to religion.” Ain’t that the Damned Truth.

About me, first and foremost, I was born an Atheist. All persons are born Atheist until their parents begin the indoctrination of religion. Consequently and foremost, I have always been an onerous skeptic. I am skeptical about everything. I trust nothing. This was due to the fact that both my father and mother (mostly father) taught me it was more important how to think rather than what to think. They taught me to search for the answers to my questions instead of giving me their answers, even if they had the answer. And it was mostly my father who taught me one saying, “Trust nothing anybody says. Research it for yourself. Find the evidence and draw your own conclusions.” That has lived with me my whole life.

Hell, I even remember when I was seven years old and presented both my father and my mother with mathematical and scientific proof that Santa Claus CANNOT exist. I forget exactly how I did this, but I think it had something to do with Santa Claus being incapable of visiting every home in the world, regardless of which direction he went. I do remember it also had something to do with Relativity. If I am not mistaken, I think it also had something to with the inability to travel through the atmosphere at speeds approaching the speed of light (299,792,458 m/s) without destroying Earth. And this was when the world population was only around 3 billion. The world population had doubled in my lifetime almost 20 years ago.

For my fifth birthday, my mom gave me a novel by Sir Arthur C. Clarke, Childhood’s End. This novel is regarded by both readers and critics (me included) as Clarke’s best novel. In fact, I wish I could find a copy so I can re-read it since I have not read that novel in over 50 years. My mom gave me a month to read the novel and write a report about the story. What kind of mother tortures her child thusly? On his fifth birthday? However, I loved the story so much, I wrote a ten page report.

While I was in school, we always had those Scholastic Book Club things at least once a year, sometimes twice (back then it was just a small booklet/pamphlet). I always got 10 to 30 books every time. Hell, back then, for us students, paperback novels were only 50¢ for students. I became a voracious consumer of any and all books, fiction and non-fiction (always focusing in science and science fiction). Thus, at the ages of 6 to 13 years, I was reading books by Edgar Allan Poe, H. P. Lovecraft, Sir Arthur C. Clarke, Robert A. Heinlein, Frederik Pohl, Isaac Asimov, Larry Niven, Phillip K. Dick, John W. Campbell, James Blish, Ray Bradbury, Jack Vance, Hal Clement, Clifford D. Simak, L. Sprague de Camp, Lester del Rey, L. Ron Hubbard, Fritz Leiber, E. E. “Doc” Smith, Bertram Chandler, Theodore Sturgeon, A. E. van Vogt, Poul Anderson, Edgar Rice Burroughs (only the John Carter of Mars series), and William Gibson (who invented “cyberspace”). Wow. I guess my memory ain’t that bad after all. Although quite long, that list still does not comprise all the authors I was reading. It also did not include the science based books I also read. My Four Horsemen of Science Fiction: Sir Arthur C. Clarke, Isaac Asimov, Robert A. Heinlein, and Larry Niven.

I can even remember waiting for the National Geographic, Popular Science, Scientific American, Popular Mechanics, and other magazines to arrive once a month. I almost could not wait for my father to finish with them so I could consume them.

Star Trek: The Original Series premiered on CBS television while I was in elementary school. I was forever hooked on science-fiction; thus, also hooked on science. Furthermore, I was hooked on being skeptical, just like any scientist. Another fact: It was Mr. Spock who also taught me to be skeptical of everything, to question everything, to trust nothing, and to apply logical reasoning to everything, on top of what my father had told me.

Hell, I can even remember being avidly glued to the television screen as Apollo 11 launched two days after my birthday (my birthday = July 14, Apollo 11 launched July 16, “Eagle has landed” on July 20; greatest birthday present ever). Then six days after my birthday, I watched as Neil Armstrong did his Small Step Giant Leap thing. Although it happened past my bedtime, my parents let me stay up and watch it live.

It was due to both science and science-fiction that I stayed skeptical all my life. Even when I had finally capitulated and pretended to have gotten saved and became a believer. That skepticism led me to ask many questions about the veracity of the Bible. That is why I was constantly ostracized, even excommunicated, by the churches.

The questions that got me ostracized, even excommunicated. And still get me ostracized even today...

-- Why did God create us so badly, then blame us for his mistakes?

-- Why should anyone cede to religion the right to tell us what is good and what is evil?

-- Why should anyone cede to religion the right to tell us what we can and cannot think?

-- Why would any God be so stupid as to create such a huge universe for only one insignificant species (and this was when the universe was only 2 billion light years)?

-- What if there is another species, not human, but just as advanced as we are, does this God of yours force the same bible onto them?

-- Why is it us humans did away with slavery, whereas God condones it? This especially proves that human morality is superior to your God’s.

-- If God is truly omnipotent, they why doesn’t He just make us humans sinless?

There were many, many, many other questions I asked, but I think you get the gist. Basically, as I said, I, like ALL humans, was born a skeptic. Born curious, just like a scientist. Thus, once my mom began forcing me to attend church, I am supremely happy that my intelligence was too strong for you idiot Absolutists to truly brainwash me. In fact, I am so happy I was even intelligent enough to “pretend” I got saved and “pretend” to became a believer before y’all did completely wipe away my true mind. The only thing I truly despised was that baptism bullshit (they believed in complete submersion). However, to keep up the façade, I had no choice. Once you are “saved” and become a “believer,” you MUST get “baptized.” And here is a good one for you Absolutists: Guess what I did with the wet clothes after I changed after the water dunking? I threw them in the garbage. I damned sure did not want anything to do with those clothes ever again after being in that unholy water.

Thus, if my mom had wanted me to become an Absolutist, she should never have allowed me to buy all those books, watched all those science-fiction, and science (anyone remember Mr. Wizard?) shows on TV, read all those magazines my dad got, go to the public library and check out other science-fiction and science books, she should not have allowed the public schools system to teach science and math in the schools I attended. Hell, she was the one who started it with that book by Sir Arthur C. Clarke. The only reason she gave me that book was to have me read it and be prepared for going to public school. She even did the same for all my siblings (I am eldest), except she used more “childish” themed books with them after seeing what Childhood’s End did to me. Thus, if anything, it is my mom’s fault I stayed an Atheist. Furthermore, unlike some atheists, I am also proud to sport the moniker of “anti-theist.” Additionally, I am also “anti-religious.”

Basically, I am as hard-core, hard-assed, hard-nosed, die-hard atheist as any atheist can be. My sole principal in life is to see the complete demise of ALL religion. Alas, that shall not happen in my lifetime. What a shame.


Why Do “I” Do Good?

This question asked of me at Atheist Republic forum boards, “Can you tell me why you do good?” I thought my answer should be included in this book. And I may add to it.

Why do I do good? Easy. Because I am an evil, wicked, mean, and nasty person. That is why I do good. I am so disgusted with my evil and sinful nature, I want to prove your silly sky-faerie wrong.

I do good because it the HUMAN thing to do. I do good unto others because I do not want others to do evil to me. I do good because of the LOVE I have for all humans. Well, excepting a few. And I already know you are going to ask, “Where does that love come from?” Simple answer, not your God. It comes from little old worthless me. I do good because I want to do good because of my love for all humans. I would like to believe I live in a world where every person is not so caught up with themselves and would help others just because they have empathy. Those are the two main reasons all truly enlightened humans do good: Empathy and Love. Without those two things, you would just end up like ALL Absolutists and believe all those not of like mind should be put to death.

I do good because I would like to believe that as I do good for others, then others will do good for me. This is the simple concept of Reciprocity. The “Scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” concept. Reciprocity, which the Christians call The Golden Rule, is a very good reason, by itself, to do good. I am actually getting to the point in my life, I may need to have some of the good I have done reciprocated unto me. My knees and hips are failing. I have already been told that I am at least looking to have total knee replacement in both knees. My right hip will need replacement and possibly my left hip also. This means I am going to have to rely on the good of others while I recuperate. Yet, I still keep hiking at my job, regardless of the pain.

Want to know what I did for ten years? Every New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Labor Day, through my company, I would purchase at least five whole hogs and would have a Carolina Pig Picking for the homeless and less fortunate. All I asked was for the churches to bus the people down my land. While I was the one to pit-cook the hogs, chop and season the meat, my wife and daughters would purchase gallons of tater salad, cole slaw, and veggies and fruit, and get them ready. Additionally, my wife would cook a couple hundred Chesapeake Bay biscuits. I did this because it was the HUMAN thing to do for those who were less fortunate than I was. And I can see your thoughts already. I did it so I could use it as a tax-deduction. Guess what? Your thoughts would be wrong. I did no such thing. Filing taxes for my business was complicated enough to also have to deal with that migraine. Besides, I felt that if you are going to donate out of the goodness of your heart, then you should not be doing it to rob the government of their funds to supply you with the services they provide you in return for those funds.

Another one. While I was visiting my wife and daughters in the hospital (daughters had appendicitis), I saw where a little eight year old girl was suffering from an advanced form of leukemia. I discussed it with my wife, and we made an anonymous donation to help pay for that girl’s medical bills. I am certain it was not enough, but it certainly helped.

Another. The high school I had attended was in a high school band competition up in Washington DC. On the way back, one of the buses that was carrying their instruments was knocked off the highway when a horrible wind in a terrible storm blew a tractor trailer truck into the bus and off the highway. The instruments were destroyed. The two drivers survived. When I saw this news story, the next day, my wife and I donated the entire amount of money needed to replace the instruments. We donated anonymously. And no, not even this was used as a tax-deduction.

And there are many other such acts of wickedness I have done in my whole life, simply because I am an evil, wicked, mean, and nasty person.

I do not believe in tax-deductions except for my wife, my daughters, and myself (which are actually tax exemptions). All others, I never filed. And still don’t. Filing taxes in this country is already enough of a headache. Besides, if I am donating anonymously, that means I do not receive a receipt, meaning I cannot file it with my taxes.

I do good because I want to do good. It is the HUMAN thing to do.

Rationality, critical thinking, logic, analytical thought, deduction/induction, reason, empathy/sympathy, and the greatest one of all, LOVE. That is why I do good. Nothing to do with an illusionary and degenerate sky-faerie.

And I can still remember Godless Cranium’s challenge: “What beneficial aspect of religion cannot be replaced by secular means?” And it even kind of got an answer. Challenge Video, Answer Video. In the answer video, pay particular attention to the times from 1:51 to 2:56. Something similar to that happened to me when I was seven years old. Difference was the priest smacked the hell out of my ass with a wooden rod. Only further driving me away from religion. And if I spoke about it, who was going to believe the godless heathen child over the word of an adult?


Virgin Birth? My Ass!

Please remember I am going on some old data. My memory ain’t what it was. And I am remembering this from what my wife taught me over 30 years ago, and she has been dead for 20. It may not be absolutely correct. But I guarantee it is close. However, I do remember one thing she taught me, the Greek written language when translating the ancient Hebrew bibles (circa 500 BCE or before) was always written in the uppercase Greek letters. I guess because they were easier to write? Don’t ask, I don’t know. See I ain’t afraid to say, “I don’t know.” Or, maybe it’s more like I don’t remember? Maybe my wife did tell me and I don’t remember? Aw... fuck it. It’s the same as I don’t know... Told you, wild tangents...

It was not until the King James translation in 1611 CE of the Bible from the Greek language that the term for νεαρή γυναίκα, or “young woman,” was changed to “virgin.” Even in Aramaic and Ancient Hebrew, it was “young woman.” If my memory serves (only time I’ll say this, although always applicable), the Greek word, νεαρή (nearí), translates to “young” or “juvenile” and the Greek word, γυναίκα (gynaíka), translates to “woman.” Juvenile woman is not appropriate since that would be κορίτσι, or “korítsi” (girl).

Now for some clarification. Although in the Greek and Aramaic, the term was “young woman” and sometimes referred to “virginal,” the term νεαρή γυναίκα, even in those barbaric times, was also applicable to any “married young woman” who was no longer virginal. And I propose that those KJV translators knew this, but due to their secret orders and agenda, they purposefully decided to change it to “virgin.” I mean think about it, most people in the early 1600s (at least 80%) were illiterate. Really think about it, only 1 in 5 could read and/or write. They would never know the difference until it was too late. A few centuries too late. And since the literacy rates remained low for at least a century or two afterwards, this gave the church a head start on brainwashing and controlling the people.

Additionally, another key word was the word αποκαλύπτω (apokalýpto) which means “to reveal” or “to unveil.” The translators for the 1611AV Bible changed this to “shall give” instead of “shall reveal” or “shall unveil.” Notice how αποκαλύπτω (apokalýpto) is very close to the English word “apocalypse.” And in English, apocalypse means “a prophetic revelation, especially concerning a cataclysm in which the forces of good permanently triumph over the forces of evil.” Funny how words can completely change meaning from language to language in the annals of history. Especially when the Absolutists are in charge and trying to enforce their method of enslavement upon the whole human species.

There are so many other instances where the King James translators purposefully changed the translation of the scriptures from Greek and Aramaic. Their agenda was simple. Change the wording of the Hebrew faerie tales into something that seems to be divinely-inspired by an ultimate sky-faerie. Hell, I’d even wager that the Genesis story never had a “god” in it. Just a story of how the Earth came to be, perhaps a story that may have sounded eerily similar to the Big Bang Theory. Of course, I am just ranting about that last part. If you really look at the two, the Greek version does look like a plea or asking. The second looks like a statement. However, for the Absolutists to initiate their agenda, they had to purposefully change “young woman” to “virgin” to make it look like “God” did it. Yeah, God came down and raped a virgin. What a load of horse hoowhee.

Now you tell me, who is acting like the “Illuminati” and wanting to dominate and enslave the entire human species?

At least allow me to make this statement: The Church of England now seems to be much more civilized Or, it just ain’t as outspoken as it used to be. Anyway, the Church of England definitely seems to be more civilized than any American church. There ain’t one American church I’d ever call civilized. All American churches are filled with barbaric savages.

Additionally, I do have to include the fact that most, if not all, Absolutists look upon the term “young woman” to be synonymous with “virgin.” However, even back in the early 1600s when the King James version was being translated, “young woman” did not always mean “virgin.” Even 400+ years ago, “young woman” was also applied to married women who was still in her 20s and NOT a virgin. Look it up.

YES! You Absolutists began your hidden agenda of a conspiracy to dominate and enslave the human species way back in the early 1600s. Instead of translating νεαρή γυναίκα as “young woman,” Absolutists 400+ years ago had no other choice but to use the term “virgin” to make it look divine. Research it.

Hell, in most of your “study” versions of the Bible, it even says in the study notes that this was done. However, due to the indoctrination process practiced by the Absolutists, they are well-trained to ignore this fact as a falsehood used by atheists to try and convince Absolutists they are wrong. Their argument? Young woman also could mean virgin. Bollocks and Bullshit.

And here is the nail in this coffin. The Greek word for virgin is: παρθένα; and in the equivalent English letters: parthéna. Looks suspiciously like the prefix in the term parthenogenesis, does it not? It also looks eerily like the name of that temple on the Acropolis... The adjective form of this word meaning, virginal, maiden, vestal is: παρθενικός; and in English letters: parthenikós. As far as anybody could imagine, there is no way in Hell any translator could confuse the term νεαρή γυναίκα with παρθένα. Even in Greek, they look so completely different... NO WAY IN HELL, EARTH, OR HEAVEN. I am sorry, but you Absolutists are truly full of bullshit.


About Absolutist Training

If it does not conform to what was taught during their indoctrination process, then they are to deny it by looking at evidence through God Glasses, which is nothing more than confirmation bias. (There are even Absolutist-made YouTube videos about God Glasses. Just do a YouTube search for “god glasses.”) Confirmation bias is where you simply repudiate anything that stands against your beliefs, even if it irrefutably counters those beliefs. You only affirm those things that you think you can rationalize from your indoctrination process to make sense for your position. Using rationality and logic, this means it is nothing more than playing “make-believe,” and it is not even a sincere belief most of the time. It is a delusion called, “Let’s play pretend.”

The Absolutists usually begin the training from early childhood through a controlled, systematic, totalitarian indoctrination process which utilizes mental rape, emotional molestation, and psychological terrorism when a child’s mind, especially in the ages of 4 to 14 years, is at its most susceptible and most vulnerable to cultural conditioning. I know this for fact because it is the ghastly, abhorrent, and terrifying nightmare I endured as a child for seven years. Tyrannically dictated norms of fidelity are imposed such that children are trained to vomit conflicting ideas and to never consider their veracity. And I look back at this and, to this day, wonder how in hell I could have allowed those horrible savages to brainwash me that way. Although it never truly took, I was worn to the point I gave up and succumbed. I had to play pretend just to keep them from continuing to ostracize me, excommunicate me, abuse me.

Absolutists are trained to react to ideas, and to reject them no matter what they are told, presented, and/or taught. They are taught to never question their beliefs. Militantly trained to maintain and preserve the faith. And, due to this designed abusive training and indoctrination process, they shall do so with apologetics, beguiling dialectical semantics, distorted and perverted data, emotional whiny-ass pleas, and sometimes divinely-inspired violence. Worst of all, their conditioning is so ingrained that most never question why they need to defend their belief at all. This form of indoctrination, no matter its intended outcome, is actually “child abuse” in the form of psychological terrorism. All of which is immoral in any moral landscape. However, due to the First Amendment, religion gets a free ride to practice all the immorality they wish. One only has to prove it is religious to prove it is not immoral.

An indoctrination process which teaches you to never think for yourself, but to close your mind against all things except for what some sky-faerie in an obsolete and irrelevant and barbaric and savagely immoral Bronze Age religious text commands you to think. For me, that is the most heinous of acts, especially to do it to children. And no matter whatever you may say to the contrary, this is child abuse. Ask Richard Dawkins.

And I wholeheartedly agree with one user at the Atheist Republic forums:

I despise apologists, especially those who use their skills to sway the minds of children, and rob them of their independence and self-worth. They also begin a journey of life that will always posses fear. I do not like it, and if I had the power, I would prosecute apologists for child abuse.

You beat a child, they will bruise, but they will recover. Teach them religion, and they lose many admirable characteristics, and be scarred (and pretty messed up) for life. Both are despicable acts, but one inflicts major long term damage.”

In addition to prosecuting the Apologist Absolutists, I would also prosecute the parents for condoning and allowing such abuse to be visited upon their child.

I submit to you, that to believe in this manner is not being human. Instead it is just being a mindless drone obeying an imaginative figment. You are just pretending to be like one of those Nazis when he defended his actions by saying, “But I was just obeying orders.”

Philosophically derived evidence you Absolutists are nothing more than liars, bullies, frauds, cowards, and oppressors hiding the agenda of your attempts and wont to enslave the human species. Prove me wrong. To destroy free thinking and free will to make our own decisions. Prove me wrong. And it is all for nothing more than to pad your sorry fat asses with money pillows. Prove me wrong.

If all you Apologetic Absolutists are so hell-bent on this concept of your God giving man free will to accept him or not, then why are you also so damned hell-bent on saving our souls (when we don’t want it) even if it kills us? Did not your precious Jesus teach you to ONLY teach the gospel and NOT force it down everyone’s throat? Matthew {28:19} Go ye therefore, and teach all nations... Mark {16:15} Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature... Notice the highlighted keywords. Teach. Preach. Neither word means FORCE. As I have asked many times, “Who are the ones acting like the dreaded Illuminati?” And notice the verse from Mark states every creature. Why aren’t you Absolutists worried more about all the other creature “kinds” as you are about us atheists?

And this shall not be the only time I ask this: “What the hell is wrong with you Absolutists that you must wipe the mind of what may turn out to be the next Nobel Prize Winner that may discover something so profound...?”



Just another bit of Christian-based research (and I am still doing it for another book) to find the answers for myself. In this section, I do not offer absolute proofs of my statements. To do so would probably fill its own textbook (which I am currently working on).

One of the biggest problems I have with researching for the actual hard empirical evidence about Christianity (and Islam), and its father - Judaism, is that there is NO evidence. And any I do find does nothing except prove the Bible is nothing more than one big collection of faerie tales that have been plagiarized from older versions of the same exact stories. I ain’t going to provide evidence in this book. Do some research for yourself. That is what is to be human, curiosity. Here are just a few I have found, and you can also do the research for yourself, Absolutist. If you are willing to face the true truth.

Author’s Note: One fascinating fact I have discovered is that none of the divisions in Christianity (33,000 to 41,000 divisions) can agree on the dates certain individuals lived. The wide variance in the years is astonishing. Just for Abram, I found over 15 different time spans in which he supposedly lived. Usually, I have no other alternative than to settle on the most agreed upon time spans. The only agreement I found was on the time span that the Pentateuch was written, 1440 to 1400 BCE. Otherwise, I just had to guess as to which one seems the most plausible, or is the most accepted.

ALL of Leviticus is nothing more than a plagiarizing of the Laws of Hammurabi, also called the Codes of Hammurabi. The Laws of Hammurabi were written circa 1780 BCE. Over 300 years before Moses ever supposedly existed, but Abram (later Abraham) was supposedly travelling through this area (supposedly lived 1948 to 1638 BCE). Thus, it was Abram who learned of the Laws of Hammurabi. The only difference is that there were 282 Laws of Hammurabi and Leviticus added about 53 laws to its initial writing. However, the Levites continued adding laws over an 1100 year period until there were 613 Commandments in its finalized form in about 232 BCE. When Abram arrived in the land of Canaan, changing his name to Abraham, and found a wife and settled there, the Canaanites probably thought him to be a man of God due to this incredibly well plagiarized codex of laws.

The Biblical Flood Story (Genesis 6:9-9:17; written circa 1440 to 1400 BCE) is nothing more than the plagiarizing of the Epic of Gilgamesh (c. 2100 BCE) which was written almost 700 years before the Noahacian Flood story was written. But, guess what? The Epic of Gilgamesh was plagiarized from the Epic of Atra-Hasis almost 500 years before the Epic of Gilgamesh, placing it circa 2600 BCE. Then, there was a plaque found with the mentioning of Ziusudra having survived a “catastrophic flood” about 300 years before the Epic of Atra-Hasis (circa 2900 BCE). And guess who was travelling through this region about 200 years after the Epic of Gilgamesh was written? Yep, Abram. The same guy who stole the Laws of Hammurabi and later became Abraham.

If the stone plaque mentioning Ziusudra surviving a “catastrophic flood” was dated to around 2900 BCE and the plaque with the Epic of Atra-Hasis happened around 2600 BCE and the Biblical Flood supposedly occurred circa 2280 BCE... Well... You get the idea. And here is another disagreement. When did the Noahacian Flood occur? Dates I have found range from 2400 to 2200 BCE. I settled on 2280 BCE which seemed to be the most accepted. And how do you explain the fact that there were empires (Egypt, Hittite, Assyria, Persia, etc., etc.) that existed BEFORE the Biblical Flood and existed in the same state AFTER the Biblical Flood? And with absolutely NO written records of any kind of flood ever happening, except in Babylonian myths (Persia)?

The Exodus Story is completely false. It NEVER happened. How long were the Hebrews supposedly enslaved in Egypt? Four hundred thirty years? Impossible. If they had been in Egypt for 430 years, then words from each language would have had words exchange into each others’ language during such a long period of time.

Proof of this is American English. How long has America existed, including the Colonial Period? About 400 years? Actually, 411 to be more exact (1607 to 2018). Yet look at how many words in American English are direct integrations into American English from other languages, especially Spanish. Ever heard the term Spanglish? I think it was an Adam Sandler movie... One good example is the term for “goodbye.” There is goodbye, ciao (msp?), adios, arrive deutsche (msp?), bon voyage, etc. Far too many other examples for me to even attempt to list only a few. Something like language infusion is inevitable even if the two groups co-exist for only 40 years, one-tenth what the Hebrews supposedly spent in Egypt.

However, there is absolutely no evidence of any Hebrew word in Egyptian, or any Egyptian word in Hebrew. And to say that the two kept themselves that separated while living together is bollocks. A huge pile of horse hoowhee. Additionally, the ONLY source of the enslavement in Egypt is only found in that Hebrew book of faerie tales known as the Bible. There is absolutely no other evidence of the Hebrews spending 430 years in Egypt. Since the Exodus Story never happened and the 430 years enslavement never happened, that means Moses never existed. There was no exodus from Egypt. There was no 40 years of being lost in the desert. And the best proof the Hebrews were never in Egypt is the fact that they never mentioned the Pharaoh’s name during the time of the exodus. They do not mention his name because they never knew his name since they were never there.

And here is a very excellent point made by Thunderf00t in one of his videos (have long since forgotten which one). I am repeating here from memory. Thus, if you see the video and I did not copy it exactly, then blame my Alzheimer’s ;). How many Hebrews were there? The Bible only states that there was, Exodus {12:37} And the children of Israel journeyed from Rameses to Succoth, about six hundred thousand on foot that were men... And that does not include the women and children. Here is a measurement of the route about which I am going to speak:

A route mapped in Google Earth

See the measurement of 631.6 miles? I know I screwed up and forgot to switch to kilometers, but that is a fairly easy conversion: 1,016.46 kilometers. Or, 1,016,460 meters. Now let’s assume that each man will occupy at least 1 meter of space if they were to walk in single file. We use 1 meter so each man will not step on the heels of the man in front of him while walking. That would be a line 600,000 meters long. And that does NOT include the women and children. If we assume there are as many women as men (current world average is 52% female, 48% male), then the line gets to be 1,200,000 meters long. The path I traced which goes from Cairo all the way to the southern end of the Sinai Peninsula, then up the other side of the Sinai to Amman Jordan, then across the Jordan River to Jerusalem. If we subtract (1,200,000 - 1,016,460) that would leave 183,540 men and women still waiting to leave the Cairo area. And we still have NOT included the children! Think about it! And the path I chose was as long as possible without having it just completely leave the area and head on over to Baghdad.

Reiteration: There is absolutely NO evidence whatsoever that the Hebrews were ever enslaved in Egypt. In fact, it is very unlikely that if it did happen that the Hebrews would have been numerous enough for there to have been 600,000 men (not including women and children). Yes, there is the story contained within the Bible itself, but that is not even vaguely a historical source. No matter how hard you dig, you will find absolutely NO evidence any Hebrews were ever in Egypt. There is not even any evidence whatsoever in all of Egypt that the Hebrews even existed until almost 500 years (c. 900 BCE) after Moses supposedly died, circa 1400 BCE. The oldest artifact I have ever found (on vacation to Egypt in late 80s when it was safer for Americans) in all of Egypt’s antiquities that mentions “Hebrews” is dated to about 900 BCE.

About the same time that the Pentateuch (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy) was written (1440 - 1400 BCE), there is evidence that there were widespread plagues through the empires of Egypt, the land of Canaan (modern day Israel), Lebanon, Mesopotamia, and the Hittite Empire, and all between circa 1446 to 1431 BCE.

Map Showing the “Exodus” Plagues Areas

The map above shows the extents of the plagues for which I could find evidence for having occurred (circa 1446 to 1431 BCE). Exodus supposedly occurred circa 1440 to 1400 BCE (at the same time the Pentateuch was written). If the plagues were also outside the boundaries above, I never found evidence, and after a time, I stopped looking.

Below shows a map of the Levant circa 1500 BCE to 1400 BCE. It shows the sphere of influence held by the three major kingdoms during that time: Egypt, Hittite, and Assyria. I shall be first to admit that the Hittite is quite a bit fuzzy. Some maps show the Hittites had all of Anatolia (Turkey). Some show only what I colored in below. Thus, I colored their area of influence within the region that is covered by ALL maps I found of the Hittite Empire. However, there is hard empirical evidence which shows that the below is very highly probable. Meaning that at the time of the story of the Exodus, Egypt was in control of the area of the Land of Canaan (basically Israel). Thus, when the plagues hit the area of the Levant, the three major empires pulled out of that area, only further spreading the plagues into their core regions.

Map Showing Sphere of Major Influences

For clarification yellow is Egypt, magenta is Assyria, and cyan is Hittite.

I submit that this was simply the illiterate Hebrews (originally Assyrians) creating a ludicrous and ridiculous story to account for what had happened at that time. They reversed the story of the plagues making them seem to be God’s judgment against Egypt for not releasing the Hebrews from enslavement. Did you know that the word “Hebrew” did not come into existence until circa 1000 BCE (400+ years after the plagues) from the Aramaic language which originated with the Assyrians inside the Assyrian Empire at that time? I also say that the Hebrews were Assyrians that had a religious schism and migrated to the Land of Canaan due to these plagues. This schism was what led to the preposterous beliefs system and faerie tales of a God named Jealous, giving the Hebrews the Land of Canaan. Later leading to the genocidal and ethnic cleansings of the entire region of Canaan. Which in the end, completely failed because the Hebrews lost too many men. Nothing says love like, “Our God says he hates you, and that you must die.” Of course, if the Hebrews did have 600,000 men, then just the Hebrew men alone out-numbered all men, women, and children in the Land of Canaan which are believed to have been about 435,000 to 550,000 total. If the Hebrews could not completely conquer the Land of Canaan, that means although they may have won a tactical victory, they still had their asses handed to them. Thus, they lost too many men to conquer the Land of Canaan due to their inability to fight. However, as with all victors, they changed this history in that collection of faerie tales.

Searching for answers is what it is to be human, instead of a robot and being force-fed the data. Although none are required to believe, I did actually start these many decades of research with the full intention to prove the Bible was correct. However, all of the research I have ever done has done nothing but lead to the fact that EVERYTHING in the Bible is false. The supposedly historical events written about in the Bible are nothing more than plagiarisms of far older myths and legends. Or, they are complete fantasies about what truly happened. Do your own research. Additionally, there are many books, far too numerous to list here about legitimate scientific research into the veracity of the Bible. I have been researching for decades. It is just that I have not been able to prove anything in the Bible. And I have grown weary of researching this. I want something new like I am doing in Yellowstone. Well, except for one thing. There are records of a “street evangelist” who had been crucified sometime in 34 CE, about four years after the “official accepted” crucifixion of Jesus. However, there are absolutely NO records of such occurring in 30 CE. At least not in Jerusalem. Perhaps this is where the Jews get the idea and proof that there was no Jesus? No name was ever recorded for this crucified “street evangelist” in 34 CE. Thus, this is possibly the ONLY record of the existence of someone similar to Jesus from which the myth arose.

Otherwise, the only other “official records” (which they are not) are the four Gospels. However, even these are suspect since the earliest versions have been dated to only around 120 to 150 CE. That is 90 to 120 years after the supposed crucifixion, death, and resurrection of Jesus. Additionally, that is 30 to 60 years after the “official” writing of those Gospels when going by the dates given by the Absolutists ranging from 60 CE (Mark) to 90 CE (John). This would mean for about a century, the only stories about Jesus were passed down by word of mouth. And we all know what happens with “word of mouth” stories. They get embellished in the same exact fashion as those “The Fish That Got Away” stories. BTW: Did I tell you the story of the fish that was “THIS” big that broke my fishing line and got away?

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