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Chapter one

Chapter two

The Tycoon's Forced Slave

Book one


Julia Ban

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Tamara is one of the Barbarian pretty women. She was destined to be born on the planet of Barbaria, where people are still primitive and act like animals. She walks around half naked because she doesn't know what real clothes are. She climbs trees to get leaves and fruits to feed on. She doesn't think it is wrong to eat dead people when a famine strikes. Because of environmental and genetic mutation, the women of Barbaria were very alluring wild animals.

Hundreds of years ago, a huge climatic catastrophe hit the earth. Then a large piece of land split and created a planet of its own. Due to different weather and other environmental differences between Earth and the new planet, Barbaria became different in many ways. When a large space organization found out about the planet, it was reported in the news and everyone forgot about it. Only a powerful international company called Gieva knew how to secretly benefit from Barbaria in the most inhuman ways. For years Gieva sent armed rockets and spaceships to hunt women from Barbaria and bring them to Earth to be tamed and sold for a high price. Those women were mercilessly trained and sold for millions of dollars to those who could afford them.

Alexandros Stephandis has never been a merciful man. He knew how to look gorgeous and sophisticated but behind the sophisticated veil there was a real predator, a hunter, a pagan hunter who knew how to play dirty and strike mercilessly. When Alexandros wants something, he takes it and nothing can stand in his way.

In this life there are two kinds of people: those who rule, and those who are ruled. There are those who were born to win and those who were born to lose. Along with the entire family business, Alexandro inherited the family's share in Gieva. Not that brutality bothered him, but he never knew how the half-animal Barbarian women were hunted or how they were actually trained and sold. Then he saw Tamara and decided to have a Barbarian bet of his own; the training he would do himself.

Warning: this story is not intended to be a soft romance, so, it can contain some violence and scenes that may be considered disturbing to some readers.

Chapter one


Tamara grabbed the thin malleable tree branch tightly and kicked off the trunk to help her jump to the close tree. It was no use, as at this time on Barbaria it was hard to find fruits, and even the few leaves that didn't fall were yellowish and dead. She ate what she found anyway, and scanned the ground for anything moving to hunt - a deer, a dog, a cat, or even a small lion - then she whimpered desperately, as it seemed like they would have to choose a new insignificant girl from the tribe to kill and eat. She was lucky she wasn't chosen before now. According to the measures of the planet, she wasn't anything significant; a woman should be bigger, stronger and more muscled to serve the tribe and bear children. Girls like Tamara were eaten in times of famine. Not that she complained, as it was fair; they made a choice to choose the doomed one, and the others, including herself, shared in the eating. That was the alternative to all of them starving to death.

Tamara's sharp eyes gleamed hungrily when they caught sight of an animal standing on the ground. She sneaked down quickly and moved towards it carefully so as not to make a sound. She had to be very careful; her whole life depended on it. She didn't care that the animal wasn't moving, as it didn't matter if it was already dead. Then, as she got closer, something suddenly fell on her and made it hard for her to move. It was a net used on Earth for hunting animals, but little Tamara didn't know what a net or Earth was. All she knew was that she was trapped a few meters before her hunt. She didn't understand why she was caught; was it another tribe member that intended to feed on her? That would be unfair, as a girl should be eaten only to sustain the members of her own tribe, not others. Taking her any other way would also cause war and a lot of trouble; no one dared to do that these days. Tamara twisted and struggled in the net, trying desperately to get free. She also opened her mouth, intending to send the signal of help to her tribe members to make them come and rescue her.

"Put the gag on, fast." Tamara heard the words but didn't understand them. Now a bunch of men circled her, men who wore strange clothes that covered the whole of their bodies and who looked really small, almost as small as her. One of the men put something into her mouth; it tasted awful and prevented her from making any sound save for low animalistic whimpers. The gag contained something that made her mouth become completely still, it became impossible to move any muscle in her mouth.

Tamara felt lots of arms restraining her further and the only piece of clothing that she wore, which only covered her hips, was pulled up and she felt a sting on her ass. She didn't know what a syringe was and didn't understand what was going on at all.

"They should allow us to give them more drugs," a man said.

"Beasts of Barbaria are allergic to common drugs. I know this drug is slow but just keep her silent and she will be still in minutes."

Tamara felt something soft inserted between her thighs, forcing itself into the one place she believed to be sacred, and heard a yell.

"Woo hoo, she's a virgin! We got a valuable one!"

Tamara didn't understand a word of that language. The image of Jarrota, the man who was going to claim her in case she survived the famine, came to her mind, and then the world went black.

Chapter two

Alexandros Stephandis walked across the ground floor and then into the large skyscraper that belonged to Jieva. Fifty years ago, Jieva was founded by his grandfather; his grandfather was a doctor and Jieva was a medical company. Now Jieva had become a great international company with countless activities, and its capital exceeded the whole budget of some countries. Of course there were many other contributors besides the Stephandis, but the Stephandis family had been a main contributor and had much control over the management of the company. Three years ago, with the death of his father and uncle in a car accident, Alexandros had become one of the wealthiest and most powerful men in the world.

Alexandros entered the building and Lion, his personal assistant, followed him.

"Welcome, Mr. Stephandis, it's a pleasure to meet you," said Dr. Emma Peterson as she stretched her hand to greet the well-known businessman, before withdrawing it when he didn't bother responding to her.

"I have been informed that you didn't understand some things in the records of our work."

"The company pays huge amounts of money every year to bring men, astronauts and spaceships to the Hunt department. Every year the invested money increases and the profit becomes lower. I came to have a look and see what's really going on."

Dr. Peterson didn't seem the least intimidated by the dissatisfaction in his words. She had the confidence and insensitivity of a woman who gave her life to study and science, science in its worst forms where morality and humanity become nothing but shallow words. Emmy Peterson was in the beginning of her fifties, but the few white hairs that crept into her blond short hair and the wrinkles under her eyes and around her nose made her look even older. There was a harsh tone in her voice that implied a natural strength of personality and some cold-heartedness.

"Investing money into bets and other resources of Barbaria is certain to bring much more profit in the long term. Our chief accountant has prepared a file to clarify things for you."

As she talked, three muscled men wearing blue costumes passed by. They dragged a completely naked brunette; her perfectly shaped body was all black and blue with the terrible marks of a whip. Her legs and arms were both shackled and all the shackles met into a chain, which was held by a man who walked in quick steps, dragging her behind. The two other men pushed her bent body forward. She wasn't really capable of walking and was screaming in terrible pain. Her screams were strange; they resembled the screams of a dog or a wolf, not a human. Drops of blood dribbled from the crack of her ass to the floor and another man followed them with a wet mop to erase the blood drops from the marble floor. No one cared about the animalistic screams and cries of the woman, who was in great pain.

Dr. Peterson smiled indifferently and explained, "I tell them to make sure this sensitive secret place doesn't escape the whip. Every part of an under-tamed beast should know the whip at least in her first time. She tried to escape; they all do at least once, they're like wild preys. They would kill a guard with their teeth if they got the chance. I wait for their first time of defiance and I make sure the punishment is unforgettable. It's better for everyone. This way she will try her best to cooperate, won't have to suffer the whip again soon and we will have a quicker advance in her training."

"This is inhuman," Lion said, disgusted.

"No," the doctor laughed, "Believe me, this is not a human. But we will make her become human. They're cannibals, you know that! They don't mind eating humans. In fact we're doing them a huge favor, as we make them humans and give them a better life. But we have to break them before fixing them. You saw the way she screamed; no words, not even human screams, nothing human about her. She bit one of our hunters on his neck and killed him. The only way to get to these savages at this early stage is fear, pain and hunger. Those are the only things they respect."

Alexandro turned his face to the other direction. That was why this whole floor was built with soundproof walls. And that was why it was built here under the ground of the skyscraper, so that people wouldn't be disturbed by what went on here. He had read the researches and reports about the trained barbarians; some important men in the country had approved it, so it wasn't even illegal. He didn't want to see what the actual training was like, but he believed the idea to be right.

"Can I get some water?" Lion asked, The hateful sight made his mouth dry.

"Sure." The doctor raised a kind of small equipment, hit a button and ordered, "A bottle of water in corridor thirty."

A woman came in a second and gave him the water. The doctor continued proudly.

"I make sure no permanent mark is ever left on their bodies. Within six months a barbarian will learn to pee in the bathroom, act like a civilized person, talk in English, walk only on her legs and never on all fours, and be very obedient to her owner. And sometimes at the owner’s demand we make them forget what we did here, but the fear will still be there. They won't dare to do wrong but they won't remember the reason why. And a good share of the money the Hunt brings in is used for developing new drugs, running the charity department in Jieva and of course bringing in new ones."

Alexandro didn't want to stay there longer. He knew the Hunt was legal and completely approved by his ancestors, but hearing the details was dreadful.

"Just take me to the office and let's discuss the reco…"

His words were cut off by another Barbarian girl, naked like the other, but she was clever enough to escape the hold of the trainers and run into the corridor. She ran as fast as a deer, on her legs, and sometimes used her arms to jump and make it faster, and she was coming towards them. Three trainers chased her and tried to get her from different angles. A fourth man walked quietly behind them. The men threw shackles in her way, trying to force her to stop, but she avoided them cleverly until a big shackle forced her to halt a few meters before the doctor and Alexandro. The girl made a loud animalistic cry of anger. The doctor approached her fast and pulled her legs to make her slip and fall on the slippery floor. She looked up at the doctor and spat.

At these moments Alexandros had a full view of the wild, fast creature. He was not the kind of man who could be impressed easily, but her beauty was astounding. It was something unearthly in the literal meaning of the word. For a fraction of a second Alexandros was breath taken; his heart stopped at seeing her incredibly beautiful shiny eyes. Her eyes were very wide, very clear, in the color of honey, beautifully slanted in the end and contained a wild fire that he had never before seen in a woman's face. He woke from the transmission her eyes caused to let his eyes take in her gypsy long golden hair and extremely well-proportioned face. Then his eyes lingered freely on her slender body, her skin so light colored and flawless that it almost shined. Just the sight of her aroused him.

The men reached the girl soon and forced her to stand without getting free of their restraining hands. Her legs suddenly became shaky as if not capable of walking anymore. The doctor pointed to the fourth man, the man who walked quietly after them, to hand her something. It was a collar; that was why she was running, in an attempt to escape the collar.

The doctor grabbed the collar, flipped it in her hand and explained.

"The injection is taking effect now; her legs are becoming heavy." She continued as she put the collar on the desperate girl's neck.

"They're all beautiful. Barabaria's trained beasts are incomparable. That's why wealthy men pay billions for them."

With a final defying look the girl snatched the bottle of water from Lion's hand and removed the cap with her teeth without screwing. Her eyes gleamed when she looked at the bottle, as she was obviously thirsty. The doctor snatched the bottle from her, saying, with her voice strict and authoritative,

"Defiant girls get no water." Then she ordered the man, "Take her to the narrow corner and give her a good beating with the lash."

The doctor tilted the girl's chin up "You'll have a lesson in obedience today. Take her."

"I'll take this one." Alexandros interrupted suddenly.

The doctor pointed to the men to take her and leave, but Alexandros stopped them.

"I said this one is mine."

"Sure, you can have anything if you can afford its price, but she needs training."

"She will be trained later. I'll take her now."

"You know Mr. Stephanidis, we have others who are already trained or advanced in training. I assure you that many of them are prettier than this one."

"I said I will take this one, I don't want a prettier one."

"But this one is going to take her first beating now. I'm afraid if you want her you'll have to wait until she heals and becomes more advanced in the training."

"The training can wait; I can train her myself."

"No." The doctor's voice was strict, "It's too dangerous to let her leave now. She could kill you. It will be like wild prey getting loose in a city full of citizens."

"I can handle her."

"No, if you want to take her now, you can pay her price and take her here in one of our rooms. Some of our clients demand to try the goods first anyway. Taking her out now is too dangerous; you know, she hasn’t even learned to use the bathroom yet."

"Fine, I'll take her now and take her with me after two more days. You have two days to train her."

"No, I'm afraid you'll have to wait at least a month to take her. After that you can continue the training on your own."

"Look, I'll wait one week, not a day longer."


"That's final. She's mine now, trained or not."

"Ok, fine, but be careful, she's more dangerous than you think. A woman of her kind attacked one of our hunters and killed him by her teeth. I won't allow this if I have the authority."

"No one has the authority to prevent me from anything," Alexandros replied smugly.

The doctor led Alexandros to the door of a luxurious room, and the guards pushed the girl inside. The doctor stopped him before the door for a moment. "Here." The doctor handed him a remote control. "This is connected to her collar, and will keep her under control. It has three buttons; every one is capable of giving her a violent electric shock. The first button's shock lasts two seconds and you can use it as a warning three times a day. The second one will go for a minute. The third one will put her in hell for a whole five minutes. But try not to use the third button on her more than once a day as it could cause permanent damage."

Alexandros took the remote and entered the room. The guards left, leaving Tamara behind. She backed up until her back hit the wall, watching him with instinctive precaution. Her eyes reminded him of a deer watching a wolf approaching. Alexandros deliberately turned his back to her, giving her an impression of trust or safety. The remote was still in his hand.

He took off his clothes and turned to face her. She was closer now. His eyes watched her with crazy hungry desire. Her eyes ignited with desire too - desire for the bottle of water on the table beside him. She didn't understand what was going on or anticipate what was going to happen. She didn't understand what the bed was made for, or why she stood with this naked man in this place instead of the open endless jungle. It was not her first time seeing a naked man - men on her planet walked naked all the time - but this one looked better and irritated her more. His sight stirred a strange sensation in her, but she ignored the feeling. Every fiber of her body longed for the bottle beside him. She looked at it with yearning and Alexandros's predatory instinct caught her weakness. He grabbed the bottle and sat on the bed watching her quietly, waiting for her to come and plead for water. She approached him cautiously. Careful not to come too close, Tamara stretched her hand to take it. He didn't give it to her; he knew she would fight, and maybe that was what drew him towards her, the primitive defiant fire in her eyes. Alexandros held the bottle and pointed to her to come and sit next to him.

She hesitated for a moment, then she made up her mind and came. She walked slowly, perhaps because her legs were still heavy because of the shot. He wrapped one arm tightly around her slender naked body, sat her beside him on the bed and gave her the bottle with the other free hand. She grasped the bottle and tried to stand, but he tightened his arms around her. He kissed her neck and back and hair. She fought to free herself, but he got on top of her and forced her to lie on the bed. The bottle fell from her arm to the carpeted floor. She slapped him and tried to get up, but her legs felt extremely heavy. She instilled her teeth into his flesh and drew blood. Her teeth felt sharper than he ever thought. The doctor wasn't exaggerating when she warned him about her. Tamara became desperate to protect herself. She fought to instill her teeth into his neck; she almost got it, and the blood was already coming. Then, Alexandros pushed the second button. Her eyes widened at the painful shock. Waves of fire burnt her body over and over. It hurt so bad and her screams came out deformed and unclear. The one minute felt like years. Finally, she lay still, drained, exhausted, not capable of moving her muscles or fighting anymore. She let him prey on her. This was not about desire anymore. He was mad. She tried to attack him! He was a fool to take the doctor's words so lightly. If it was not for the collar, she would have killed him. He penetrated her and that kind of pain was something she didn't know existed before. She did nothing but stare at the chandelier silently and bear the pain.

When he got off her he helped her to her feet. She walked few steps, then sagged to the floor. She sat with her arms wrapped around her legs. He came closer, and the way she watched him reminded him of the look of a wolf when a man stirs a fire, saying ‘I would like to eat you but I fear you’. Animal or not, he didn't feel good about what he'd just done. He paid for her, he took something he owned, and she was nothing more than a pretty animal brought for his pleasure. But still, it didn't feel good. He handed her the bottle but she didn't stretch her arm to take it. So, he put it beside her and waited. After few minutes, she took the bottle and gulped it all at once. After all, survival was the strongest animal instinct. What was that liquid… had she just peed on the floor?

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