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The losses of 3D Olfaction, the overt sexual reproductive cycle, and true eusociality, and how they killed us.

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What does, what follows, matter?

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“If they can never ever hurt you, how come you can not, not know how this sentence ends, You son of a…”

Gilligans Island

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How ‘Nothingness’ (the concept) arose from the search for missing somethingness

Further attempt at explication of concepts

Distance, direction, and duration olfaction

The Starvation Brain and Mind

Obtain the Obtain

Goal Disengagement Disorder

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Pre-Language Symbolic and Abstract Thought

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Humans: Eutherians to eusocial failures - Taming of the Shrew


Language-based complex thought and echothot

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Sticks and stones may break our bones, but words will really, truly, kill us

The Extinct Exemplar

This happened

What’s love (and Neanderthalensis Sapiens) got to do with it?

“The Wobbles”

What does, what follows, matter?

The losses of 3D Olfaction and the Overt Sexual Reproductive Cycle (OSRC) led to Pre-Language Symbolic and Abstract Thought (PLSAT); hence to Language-Based Complex Thought, Echothot, and Echothot-Based, Sense of Self.  Obtain the Obtain and Goal Disengagement Disorder are the embodiment of the, evolved, unfillable mind-void in Sense of Self. They inevitably lead to suicidal, and mass homicidal, environmental degradation and destruction, and human intrapersonal and interpersonal conflict, killing, and war.

These are how the human species ends.

How humans were made

What we are, was made by things being taken away, and evolution simultaneously,“trying” to replace them with, largely, electromagnetic and word-based thought.  Word-names “tried” to fill-in for lost 3D Olfaction and scent-production and other losses.

A small sampling of hominid losses includes: the ability to scent emotion and time (duration),  all aspects of Overt Sexual Reproductive Cycle (from lost red rump, to baculum, to pheromones), foods which the Great Apes and Monkeys ate innately, unlimited use of all noises and sounds with language development, traditional/prehistorical signs of pregnancy and sexual maturity, male erectility disconnected from dual control of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system; at will urination, defecation, unlimited oral exploration of the environment [with taught phases of psycho-sexual development]; much non-pair-bonding and non-affection-driven sex [sex to reduce group or individual tension, in exchange for food]; cannibalism, especially of infants; mostly, group sex; various para-sexual immunological and micro-nutritive behaviors [serial oral and anal contacts]; and, unexpanded, self-body contained Sense of Self.

If you feel empty, or incomplete, that is because you, or your basic mind, are/is.  Do you seek to fill it, or yourself, up, with knowledge, money, love, possessions, power, fame, sex, achievement, accomplishment, offspring, art, creativity, spirituality, religion, belief, killing, hatred, fetishes, idolatry, self-sacrifice, food or eating, drugs, alcohol, skill, continuing to breathe, drink fluids, thinking, words, meaning, etc., etc., etc.  You, me, we are outside of ‘worth’, neither worthy or worthless, because at brain and mind, ‘vacuum’, as a species.

One of the fallacies of human thought is to think that Language-Based Complex Thought development was an either/or situation; that it had to be this way; even that the loss of 3D Olfaction somehow gave us Free Will.  Actually, it is just an “accident”/”coincidence”/ reality of evolution which bereft us of so much and made us incompetent apex predators, who have destroyed our whole planet with our bungling, and disconnection.

  1. The losses of 3D Olfaction and the Overt Sexual Reproductive Cycle led to Pre-Language Symbolic and Abstract Thought.  Thus, this hallmark of human thinking preceded complex language, not followed it. It happened in service to the “needs” of evolution and survival, if hominins were to continue to exist.

  1. Gene mutation in an environment rich with brain nutrients (meat protein, fat, micronutrients), though impoverished and treacherous in most other regards, led to Language-Based Complex Thought and Echothot.  LBCT and Echothot exist only on the substrate of PLSAT. PLSAT is in service to the “needs” of evolution and individual survival, as they existed.

  1. LBCT and Echothot gave rise to the uniquely human Expanded Sense of Self.  It grew and developed over time, seemingly paradoxically, becoming more egocentric/heroic while at the same time projecting itself more.  [In written literature, this development can be seen in the change of understanding of self, in characters in The Illiad, and, the later, Odyssey.]  The human Sense of Self, not the biological organism alone, became the ‘unit’ of individual survival.

  1. Human Sense of Self is itself symbolic, an abstraction.  Under the imperative(s) left by 3D Olfaction and OSRC, it “seeks” futily, to fill the void(s).  As with every individual unit of evolutionary survival, it seeks to live, enhance its chances of reproduction/self-replication.  Though Sense of Self dies with the brain, because it is not limited to the corporeal body, it can expand infinitely, into the world of thoughts, ideas, beliefs, attitudes, values, etc.  It can also never be truly sated, only put into quiescence. The brain/mind, as it evolved, is fundamentally a functional void. [“There’s a hole, there’s a hole, there’s a hole in the bottom of the sea.”] Even behaviors which the individual believes are ‘selfless’, ‘for the good of humanity’, ‘spiritual’, are concepts contained within, and serve, the Sense of Self. This statement is not cynical, because it is self-referential; there is not any ulterior motive; the mind is limited to the mind.

3D Olfaction

3D Olfaction is the way most land-based mammals experience the world.  It is the only global and continuous sense modality system. It provides information about direction, distance, and duration (time).  It also gives insight into the emotional, drive, health, nutrition, and other states of all animals. Humans lost this extended sense of smell ability.


The Overt Sexual Reproductive Cycle refers to the phases of the entire process necessary for DNA replication of both genders, being detectable (primarily via smell) by everyone, regardless of species.  The human reproductive cycle became ‘covert’, hidden, both in the detection and production of sexual-signal odors. This loss went hand-in-hand with the loss of 3D Olfaction.

The visual, and the auditory, were, and are, inadequate substitutions for some things which, literally, no longer exist in our species.


Contrary to the belief that language development led to symbolic and abstract thought, these types of thinking evolved before complex language systems.  Pre-Language Symbolic and Abstract Thought evolved in direct response to the extraordinary evolutionary pressure for new basises for reproduction. It became applicable to an extremely wide range of environmental pressures.

These developments are evidenced, in part, in the artifacts and behaviors of pre-homosapiens hominids.  High nutrient foods which hominids began eating led to massive brain development in the context of the organism “needing” to understand and replace missing/lost biological imperatives.

The human brain itself evolved in the process of understanding a universal to all mammals, which was now absent in our species.  The brain, in order for us to survive, was forced out of the world of the concrete; out of the real, or ‘natural’ world.

Language-Based Complex Thought

LBCT had no way of not following the neurologic structures laid down by PLSAT.  PLSAT dictated the complicated, creative, abstract, symbolic, synthetic, synergistic means of thinking, which chaaracterizes modern homosapiens.


Genetic mutation is what allowed the hominid brain to develop its characteristic form of LBCT.  It may be helpful to think of it as having developed to be similar to a bat’s system of echolocation.  Obviously, homosapiens can send-out and receive complex audio signals from the environment. We call it listening and talking.  It is processed inside our brain and mind.

Also, every day, every waking moment, at all times, humans are, figuratively, sending out thought signals into the environment, and receiving information back.

As I lay here, on the carpeted floor of an AirBnB in New Hampshire, next to my Cattle Dog, Mozzie, I look out into a wooded area.  My mind, made-up of, and accompanied by my Sense of Self, is actively making innumerable thought interpretations - even when/as apparently perceiving: pressure on my skin and internally, carpet, floor, dog, black color, white color, black and white color, mottled, cattle, cattle dog, mammal, female, bitch, fabric, color, Lady and the Tramp, green, trees, grass, inside, outside, kelly green, lime green, leaves, brown, tree, unknown category, allegory, chipmunk, history, deer, deer ticks, etc., etc., etc., Yul Brenner,  actor, The King and I, etc., etc., etc.

This is a level of agility and complexity at least on par with the ability of a bat to navigate, locate, catch and eat, gnats, in flight, in the dark.  It is called here ‘Echothot’.

It occurs inside the human brain at nearly the speed of light, in a 3 pound, gelatinous organ.  It is what evolved in place in place of 3D Olfaction. 3D Olfaction was much more humane and caring, and gave, global, constant feedback about the surrounding world, the environment, and all organisms within smell distance.

Still, stilted as we are, we are all bat men and bat women.

Expanded Sense of Self

Expanded Sense of Self is the operational aspect of Echothot.  In all other animals, Sense of Self seems to be confined to the body.  Although, when pressed, most 21st Century American males, will indicates they (their Consciousness of Self/ Sense of Self) are located in their heads, behind and slightly above their eyes, human Sense of Self can expand, not only into the complete environment, but into the realm of ideas.  Through our minds, we become political parties, beliefs, sports teams, our children, religions, etc. The sense of smell (including the ability to intimately know other creatures emotions, health status, fertility state, etc.)used to extend globally, all around pre-hominid primates giving constant feedback and a chemically-based sense of duration/time; vision, hearing, the other senses, and thought, (however inadequately), now fills that role in homosapiens sapiens

Although the mind dies when the brain dies, the human mind is not confined to the brain or body.  It goes forth into the environment, nature, other creatures. The human mind is nearly synonymous with human Sense of Self.  As intimated in the previous section. Echothot comprises the human mind; the mind ‘carries’ the Sense of Self.

The constant thoughts which comprise the most of ‘us’, are virtually the same as the ‘us’ which evolved after PLSAT.  To this degree we are what we think, in its fullest extent, and most of what we think (as modern homosapiens sapiens) is based upon words.  Our thoughts (our Echothots) continually going forth, are our Expanded Sense of Self.

With the losses which resulted in PLSAT and the hominin brain, all is fundamentally based upon a loss, an absence, a void.  Our ‘thought radar’ is continually sending signals into this abyss, trying to formulate ways to fulfill, and fill, itself.

Our thoughts of ourself, and ourselves, and our survival/enhanced Sense of Self, inevitably brings us into conflict with every other Sense of Self, with whom we come into contact - however remotely.

[The religious belief system of the ‘Thugee’ of India, led them to kill and rob millions, before the British killed them.]

Whether we conceptualize ourselves as a solely biological organism, or as the most abstract, theoretical, value-based, ethereal energy-being, we are still a conceptualization.  Our, beyond-need, because it is us, in the neurological sense, is to find what is missing in us; to fill it/us; and to not stop in the pursuit.  Eventually, this is what kills our species.

The scarcer the supply, the faster we have to scoop it up, until it is gone.

If anyone has more of a desired thing (even a concept) than us, we must get more.

Even if I have more than you, if you get more than you had, I am lessened.

The void is the same, and yet becomes different, unique to everyone.

Obtain the Obtain and Goal Disengagement Disorder

Our brains and minds are Obtaining the Obtain and Goal Disengagement Disorder (ed, ing) all the time, even in the making/understanding/thought formation of a meme, phoneme, letter of the alphabet, syllable, or single word.  This is because, these processes, basically, who, and what we are as brain/mind beings. We cannot not be impelled, compelled, drawn-by the “vacuum” of missing evolutionary imperatives.  It is constant, continual, inescapable. It is the sine qua non.

At least for post-early-childhood humans, every meme, phoneme, letter, syllable, word is an symbol/abstraction.  It is so because it is what evolved “to” address the void of missing smell-knowledge and chemical-based, driven, reproduction.

I believe it is, simultaneously, both literally and figuratively impossible to overstate the importance of the losses and adaptations which led to human brain development.  It is impossible because 1.) The process of formation of a word (of statement) is a thinking process which, itself, arose from those losses. 2.) A word, and words, are the electromagnetic manifestation of human thought, 3.) Any ‘statement’ of importance is itself dependent on that very brain development.  How could a thing completely comprised of and dependent on that thing, be more important than the thing itself. 4.) Loss, or lost, for example, is who, what, where, when, why and how, you are reading this; and I am writing it.

It would be extremely difficult to overstate the importance of the aforementioned developments for humans.  This is because they are the fundament of human brain, mind, and body. They (these developments) are who we are.

I am about to make reference to Obtain the Obtain and Goal Disengagement Disorder.  These are two manifestations of the human deformity and dysfunction which is to large and basic to be given a label or name.  It actually exists outside of words and language, because it preceded them.. Humans are beyond driven, to infinitely expand and enhance our Sense of Self, as individuals, and as a species.

The very ways we perceive and experience the world are expansion and enhancement of our Sense of Self.  Because it is the way hominins and later homosapiens brain and mind evolved, perhaps even before a human infant can understand words (in any way other than now innate neurology) the brain is processing the external world, largely, in terms of thoughts based upon the electromagnetic spectrum, not the biochemical.

We cannot be fully human, because we are not full, or complete, sensate humans.

Like it or not, we are always going to protect, preserve, enhance, our thought of ourself - incomplete as it is.  This is true even if we are actively suicidal.

Our (unlimited) thought of ourself, and our survival/enhancement, inevitably brings us into conflict with every other Sense of Self with whom we come into contact - however remotely.  [The religious belief system of the Thugee of India led them to kill and rob millions, before the British killed them, and their belief system.] Words and word-based thoughts are not the solution, they are the basis of the problem.  How many millenia of talk have been devoted to world peace, to no avail?

The void is the same, and yet becomes different for everyone; as does trying to fill it.

Obtain the Obtain

Obtain the Obtain is the brain and mind reaching into the void.  It is a vacuum; a verb trying to grasp a verb. The hominin brain itself began/formed in loss, or lost.  That was the beginning and it continued. Each new brain development, growth, “improvement” built upon the lost.  The brain and mind were left with this/these emptiness.

The ‘house’ of the human brain was built upon less than waterlogged sand.  It searches always for purchase which does not exist. We are empty.

Goal Disengagement Disorder

In it’s ‘search’ (in the most abstract sense, since the mind is only really searching itself) the brain/mind continually and constantly invents goals.  For example, a goal which, unknowingly, runs continually in almost all of us, is to continue to exist.

So many words have been spilled over the aspirational virtue of humans doing what we, actually, can not, not do. It is the fundamental flaw in homosapiens to not be in the sensate world, in its odiferous totality, to have been robbed by evolution of an evolutionary imperative, which can never be replaced.  Our ‘in the world’ brain and mind is gone. We do not feel, perceive, and think completely, because we cannot. We are condemned to try to find something, discover something, experience something, feel something, which will satisfy, protect, preserve, enhance, make immortal, our Sense of Self.

Despite what writers, philosophers, theologians, chefs, scientists, sportscasters, artists, teachers, parents, lawyers, business-people, etc. say, to search our Echothot incessantly, for something which is not there, is not a good thing.  At best, only the superficial sight, sound, touch, and taste thought worlds are satisfied. One cannot satisfy what does not exist.

One cannot concretely obtain an abstraction, a symbol, a verb, yet this is what our inadequate brains and minds set us on the course of doing: Obtain the Obtain.  In a very real sense, no goal, attained or not, can satisfy a human’s need.

Some effects of Obtain the Obtain and Goal Disengagement Disorder are more acute

Some effects of Obtain the Obtain and Goal Disengagement Disorder are more acute than others:

  1. “Get-home-itis” among private plane pilots, who ‘out-fly’ their rating, or fly in dangerous conditions to get home.

  1. Compulsion to finish a “page-turner” book.

  1. Parachutists “augering-in” to the ground, never opening their chutes.

  1. Drive to achieve “perfection” in any artistic pursuit.

  1. How six words, such as:  “For Sale: Baby Shoes. Never Worn”, can be so compelling to the mind, to form a story.

  1. The need to determine how humans can travel at the speed of light, and similar scientific endeavors.

  1. People videoing tornadoes and failing to, or dangerously delaying, seeking shelter.

  1. Obsessing about “friending” or “unfriending” on social media.

  1. People who feel a compulsion to jump from, or slide down, the walls of extremely tall structures.

  1. The need to multiply repeat a world-beating athletic performance.

  1. Diagnosable Obsessive Compulsive thoughts and behaviors of all kinds.

  1. Having to watch even a “bad” movie, to the end; “binge-watching” or “binge-playing” anything.

  1. The need to find, invent, discover “3” or “10” of something, in seeming preference to other numbers.

  1. Belief, or half-belief, in highly implausible “conspiracy theories”.

  1. Looking at the behaviors of one’s own sub-group as positive, and the same behaviors by another “out-groupas negative.

  1. Racing anything at extremely high rates of speed or altitude.

  1. “Contact Hunger” driving American-style football players to hit the opposing quarterback even after he has released the ball.

  1. Accumulating great wealth, power, fame, or prestige.

  1. Having sexual relations with a large number, or certain type, of people.

  1. Deliberately marrying a “trophy” wife or husband.

  1. Seeking to have highly accomplished children.

  1. Love itself.

  1. Hate for another person or group.

  1. Belief that the physical appearance of another person (attractive, unattractive, race, gender, “disabled”, not disabled, etc.) is an accurate predictor of their personality and behavior.

  1. Religious belief.

Remember, these are not negative attributes, merely manifestations of Obtain the Obtain, Goal Disengagement Disorder, and the function-missing human brain, especially when welded to Expanded Sense of Self.

The Short Version

Early hominins (and subsequent species progressively) lost 3D Olfaction: the ability to detect and interpret smells from a distance, in order to determine distance, duration (time), and emotions and states related to emotions.  This happened in favor of the other sense modalities. In contrast to the belief that lost olfaction enabled ‘free will’, it actually made us crippled creatures. It resulted in the permanent loss of the capacity for true eusociality in humans.

Early hominids lost overt reproductive cycling and a number of related sex fertility, and reproductive signals, which had existed in primates for millions of years.  These losses, in the context of a meat-fueled growth in brain development, and adaptations to ensure continued sexual reproduction [ again in favor of sense modalities other than olfaction ], resulted in ‘pre-language symbolic and abstract thought’ (PLSAT).  In the “effort” to fill the literal losses, PLSAT “sought” to fill the void.

In service to pre-language, and later, language-based, symbolic and abstract thought, there developed phenomena called here ‘Obtain the Obtain’ and ‘Goal Disengagement Disorder’.  They were, and are, inherently never-ending. Human cerebral cortex- centricity tends to see the results of these brain-and-thought-formation disorders (such as ‘science’) as positive/good/desirable.

The human Sense of Self, (which is much more basic than ‘personality’ - more ‘that’ one is rather than ‘who’ one is), is intricately and intimately enmeshed with symbolic and abstract thought, of all ilks), Obtain the Obtain, and Goal Disengagement Disorder.

The human Sense of Self (not the individual person’s body) is the perceived unit of evolutionary survival.  The Sense of Self is infinitely expandable , and not, at all, limited to the individual’s corpus.  Consequently, from the level of the intra-individual, struggling with challenges to accumulated Sense of Self, to the global intra-species conflicts of geo-politics and war, there is continual extinction-level conflict, as all elements of Sense of Self compete for survival.

At the micro-level, as well as the macro-level, these elements might be given word-names such as: ‘belief’, ‘attitudes’,’values’, ‘philosophy’, ‘religion’, ‘belief system’, ‘values’, ‘meaning’, ‘politics’, ‘way’, etc.  Because they are based entirely on words and non-olfaction-based thought; and because the human Sense of Self (driven by Obtain the Obtain and Goal Disengagement Disorder) seeks to infinitely expand and enhance its chance for survival; ultimate self-annihilation of us, as a species, is inevitable.

Synopsis in 4 Nutshells

Early hominids lost 3D Olfaction.  Symbolic and abstract thought arose (prior to complex language) out of a nascent understanding of evolutionary changes.  Primary among these changes, was the switch to an occult reproductive cycle, and associated alterations in anatomy and behaviors.  In essence, symbolic and abstract thought, came from loss; trying to comprehend it, and to fill the void.

Loss of 3D Olfaction deprived us, permanently, of our main chemical/gaseous understanding of the world and basic emotions/feelings/moods/drives of our own, and other species.  We became dependent upon the electromagnetic spectrum senses, both within our brain, and from without.

Perhaps as a result of gene mutation, a new sense modality, analogous to echolocation, developed (self-contained) in the human brain/mind.  This sense modality largely replaced abilities lost with 3D Olfaction, and was a ‘slipcover’ over symbolic and abstract thought. It also provided enhancements to human thinking.  Our expandable Sense of Self developed concurrently with our new sense modality, and is integral to it.

Our Sense of Self knows no limits, and is dedicated to filling the void left by evolutionary changes.  This ‘filling’ can, and does, take any form, concrete or abstract. Because it (we) is (are) predominately electromagnetically ‘brained’, we are exquisitely sensitive to electromagnetic input which tries, or succeeds, in entering from without.  We can feel that our survival, our literal existence, is threatened by ‘foreign’ ideas, or other ‘filling’ attempts by others - nations, groups, or individuals.

If they can never, ever, hurt you, How come you can’t, not know, how this sentence ends, You Son of a…”

Humans have infinite thoughts, ideas, beliefs, attitudes, values, etc. (TIBAVE).  We also have an infinite diversity of different TIBAVE amongst us.  These TIBAVE are actively in use in the form of energy in every human’s mind.  They are also stored as potential energy in the brain. This energy is electrical (or electromagnetic) in nature.  

The human Sense of Self encompasses, (and is encompassed by), not only all aspects of who we are, but all that  we think (all of our TIBAVE), and all aspects of the world we know/know of the world.  Sense of Self, too, is electrical, or electromagnetic, in nature.

When very diverse human Senses of Self encounter one another, (especially in spoken language or writing), there is a confrontation going on internally to each Sense of Self.  The electromagnetic signals which constitute each person’s TIBAVE and Sense of Self are in conflict. They are at risk for their very survival. Each individual is constituted of (made up of) electromagnetic Sense of Self, and is at risk of death; as is, and  can be, the breed, country, nation, etc. which of which they are a part. And are all part of them.

The infinitely expandable and encompassing, human Sense of Self (as said before) has no limits.  Due to Starvation Brain and Mind, it wants/needs to have all and be all.  When other Senses of Self get in the way, with their wants and needs, or Gaia reaches her limit, death reaches us all.

Gilligans Island

Just sit right back and you’ll hear, see, and feel, a tale

A tale of a fateful trip

That started from this tree-filled place

Aboard a tiny chimp.

The primate was a smelling beast

Able to scent, for sure

Our Five senses set sail that day

For a pre-language tour, a pre-language tour.

The climate was in all ways rough

The tiny chimps’ smell got lost

If not for the cure of abstract thought

The “chimps” would all be lost, the “chimps” would all be lost.

The Imps set ground on the shore of electromagnetic thought

With vision

The hearing too

Some touching and some taste

A new-born star:

The Sense of Self and Echothot

Here on this human isle.

We Hillbillies Ballad

Come and listen to the story of brain over-fed,

All because abstract thot formed inside there instead,

Then one day it was smelling for the mood,

All that came back was something not so crude.

No soul, that is, a lack of glee.

Sense of Self has to be a millionaire,

Thinks life’s needed fullness will not be there,

Electromagnetic waves where scent ought to be,

So we loaded up with words and thots, life became sil-ly.

Cognitive, that is, all sym-bol-o-gy.

The brain had built a mansion, lordy it was swank,

Couldn’t make-up for where it ought o’ stank,

Next door neighborhood of ours finds great fault,

Leaving their Sense of Self to languish in a vault!

Resources lost, trust long gone.

Well, now its time to say goodbye to us, and all our kin,

Earth is all used-up, we’re goin’ in the bin,

No more a-coming back to this locality,

Just have a heapin’ helpin’ of our inhumanity.

Silly billy, that is. Lingual spell. Take your selves off.

Too late to back-up, y’hear?


  1. Hominins were forced from trees, jungles, and forests, to the savannah. Simultaneously, early ‘us’:

    1. Began to lose advanced aspects of the sense of smell (Distance, Direction, and Duration - 3D Olfaction); the only constant sense, the sine qua non of mammalian eusocial development; and which directly connected us with the environment, other beings,and emotions/feelings outside of our own biological organism.  Tri-color vision was, perhaps, the first substitution for this progressing loss.

    2. Came upon meat as a substitute source of nutrition - protein, fat, and calories.

    3. Experienced dramatic changes in fundamental aspects of our biological evolution.

      1. The hominin and hominid reproductive cycle became occult (hidden), especially with respect to odors produced and detected.

      2. Sexual attraction among hominids became largely a visual process as:

        1. Previous visual signals, of sexual availability, gravidity, and interest, for reasons of survival, were largely reversed, and

        2. Visual and auditory mimicry of other (large predator or insect) beasts evolved.

    4. Experienced dramatic changes in fundamental aspects of our nature/nurture, or ‘behavioral’ evolution.

      1. Raising and, eventually, ‘rearing’ of offspring began to include teaching of eating non-instinctual foodstuffs.

      2. Controlling of innate biological processes (urination, defecation, group copulation, and, limitations on previous use of the total orgasmic platform) which would provide a scent-pool and trail for predators.

      3. The nature of the predators against us was constantly evolving as we descended from the trees, migrated, and assumed new habitats, including water

    5. 300,000 years before development of Homosapiens as a species, as all of the above was occurring, the hominid brain, at a neurologic level, began to comprehend the ‘absence’ of something.  Long before Language-Based Complex Thought, this was the fundament of abstract/symbolic thought.

    6. Under the effects of periodic or regional superfluity of nutrition (excess capacity, a void/vacuum, abstract rather than concrete thought) the developing hominid brain began to comprehend the concept of change of something biologically fundamental and, therefore, the absence of something [previous].

      1. Mates had to be found visually and auditorily;  hunting and gathering, and things which could be eaten, had to be learned and taught; bipedal locomotion had to be refined; control of bladder, bowel, and sexual behavior needed to be learned.

      2. Hominids began to search, futilely, for this absence.  The brain became sophisticated enough to begin to sense the change in its, hominid, evolution.

      3. The hominid brain began to recognize, or construct in itself, meta-thought, and the awareness of absence: unfilled capacity.

    1. Early, non-sign, non-concrete-thought, goal-directed behavior, began.

  1. Before 300,000 years ago, most hominids (Neanderthal foremost among them) continued to retain substantial early attributes. Among these were:

    1. Substantial 3D Olfaction (probably including vomeronasal organ reception) and analysis of health, nutrition, emotion, and reproduction aspects of smell.

    2. 20% larger, and yellow sclera, eyes.

    3. Heavily muscled jaws.

    4. High threshold and tolerance for pain.

    5. Hunting for large game in cold (air-conditioned brain) and forested areas.

    6. Thicker and faster-clotting blood.

    7. Higher blood-glucose levels.

  2. Despite being largely meat-protein, and therefore hunting-dependent carnivores, Neanderthal’s abstract and symbolic thought abilities, combined with continued substantial olfactory connection to emotion centers of the brain, allowed a peaceful and fully sensory-aware, humane-brain, existence.

  3. Relatively late in evolution compared to Neanderthal, a branch of hominid that would become Homosapiens, developed.  These creatures retained symbolic and abstract thought, but did not migrate to cold, forested areas which had been rich in large game, for perhaps millions of years.  They remained, and evolved in, erratic, unstable, and alternating arrid and lush/wet areas.

    1. Homosapiens’ evolution responded to continued pressures of lost scent production and detection abilities; 50,000 year cycling environmental stress and food scarcity; now occult and progressively more divergent from earlier/natural reproductive cycles; new-environment child-raising, and eventually child-rearing needs.

    2. Homosapiens’ visual and auditory senses became progressively more important and prominent.

    3. Possibly as a result of gene mutation and anatomical changes in the vocal apparatus and the, surprisingly intricate, internal kinesthetics of speech, advanced, complex language developed.

    4. The very small number of these developing Homosapiens, and inbreeding of the extant members, facilitated rapid selection for -quotes- “desirable” traits, including language-based thought which was almost devoid of olfactory thought - which most mammals retain.

    5. “Crowding” in the Homosapiens’ brain (including, again, the surprising amount of brain-power which goes into processing internal kinesthetics for speech); the vestigial nature of many olfactory bulbs; and the environment which no-longer contributed to advantages for the sense of smell; prevented a resurgence, or re-evolution of 3D olfaction. Who, what, where, when, and why were answered by other senses - though without the inborn emotion, bio-behavioral motivation, health, environmental context, and other factors.

    6. Homosapiens used their senses other than smell, including visual and auditory observations of olfaction-using animals, and complex language-based thought, to adapt and evolve.

  4. Vision and hearing had advantages over olfaction in each of the habitats where early Homosapiens, Early Modern Humans (Cro Magnons), and Neanderthals found themselves.

    1. Homosapiens in North Africa, which was having 50,000 year cycles of arridness and lushness, experienced increased advantage to sight, hearing, and a new sense, Echothot.

      1. Echothot was/is comprised of two main elements:

        1. Electromagnetic (vision) and compression wave (sound) input input from, predominantly,other Homosapiens - talking, conversation, discussion, communication, facial expressions, gestures, signs, etc.

        2. The internal retention and distribution of electrical and electromagnetic signals inside the human brain and resultant mind.

      2. Echothot comprises, and is comprised of, the uniquely human type of Sense of Self.  Human Sense of Self:

        1. Is not, at-all, limited to the physical body.

        2. Can be expandable to include the physical environment, individuals, groups, and ideas or concepts.

      3. In addition to being able to formulate the ‘How’ of something, it is Echothot which is able to provide (in diminished and degraded form) some of the input which early hominins received from smell: who, what, where, when, and why.

      4. Echothot’s Sense of Self does not immediately contain the individual’s environment and all odiferous things and living creatures in it.  It may, however, grow to do so, within the limits of the other senses. As suggested above, this may include words, labels, language(s), ideas, belief, attitudes, values, etc. [‘I am a 6-3’’, blue-eyed, brown-haired, former competitive swimmer, male,  english-speaking american, with some spanish, politically independent, living in a desert with palm trees, believe in and value freedom, liberty, free-speech, truth…’ etc.]

      5. Depending perhaps on brain structure and gene allele expression and function, some individuals’ Sense of Self very rapidly incorporates people and things in their Sense of Self, and experience them as a self-possession. [“If I see it, it’s mine.”]

  5. Under the influences of environmental and habitat loss and overlap; game depletion; possible mutual predation and innate territoriality and violence; and competing reproductive approaches; at least 3 literal (not Sense of Self based) breeds of hominid came into conflict.

    1. Early Modern Humans (Cro Magnons), near pure-bred Homosapiens, and near pure-bred Neanderthals were in opposition.

    2. Possibly Early Modern Humans and Homosapiens saw Neanderthal as one of the absent concepts which needed to be accounted for.  Neanderthal may have represented a psycho-neurologically necessary perceived threat to survival. A large predatory beast, eating, and conducting abduction-rape of female Homosapiens and Early Modern Humans, was, and perhaps is, a necessary abstraction for the human mind, as it is configured.

    3. Neanderthal perhaps saw Homosapiens and Early Modern Humans as necessary foodstuffs, because Neanderthal were largely large carnivores, and slowly starving to death as a species.  Females of the other breeds, although peculiarly lacking in scent (and scent-disguised, especially with floral scents) would have still been acceptable subjects for abduction-rape.

    4. Perhaps as a result of innate animal violence (even if distorted and disguised by Language-Based Complex Thought); abstract and symbolic thought and the innate need, always and forever, to search for the ‘absent’ (especially if thought a threat to survival); two groups, opposing one group, killed many of the other - with minimal interbreeding.

    5. While continuing to treasure the physical attributes to breed survival and differentiation, yet to destroy the “enemy” Homosapiens and Early Modern Humans may have favored their own kind and sought to destroy Neanderthals.  By so doing, they further took control of their own evolution - especially by the use of cosmetics.

      1. Neanderthal had many attributes which, especially in the environment they previously inhabited, gave them evolutionary advantage.

        1. A superior immune system, and the ability to smell a good immune system in their own breed, and the others.

        2. Large (yellow sclera) eyes, which improved eyesight, distinguished the species, and, perhaps, allowed for night vision.

        3. Body type suited to spear thrusting (not throwing).

        4. Greater strength.

        5. Stability while walking.

      2. Neanderthal had many attributes which, especially in the new habitat they shared, made for disadvantages.

        1. Although Neanderthal had a larger brain than Homosapiens and Early Modern Humans, much of it capacity was taken-up processing information from the larger eyes and sense of smell.

        1. Echothot had not developed.

        2. In a less-forested environment, spear-throwing (and arrow-shooting) had greater advantages over spear-thrusting.

        3. Long legs, endurance, and agility were more useful than short bursts of speed and stability while walking.

    1. Homosapiens and Early Modern Humans (in addition to probably killing Neanderthals) sought to try to preserve evolutionary advantages in their own species.

      1. Large eyes, which saw better, had evolutionary advantage, but yellow sclera denoted Neanderthal.

      2. Homosapiens and Early Modern Human’s use of eye makeup emphasized the “large size” effect of the eyes and the whiteness of Homosapiense and Early Modern Human’s sclera.  Blue eyes emphasized this effect.

      3. Large noses denoted Neanderthal, small noses became desirable, and this effect could be emphasized with strategic makeup and nose adornments.  In effect, the small size of the nose could be emphasized, while the apparent evolutionary advantage of an “attractive” nose could also. ‘Sparklies’ draw the eye. Visually dominant Homo would ‘spend less time’ assessing a smaller nose, but, at the same time, perceive it as having evolutionary advantage because of spending more evolutionary time on the sparklies. [It’s not the size of the tail (nor the cock) in the male peacock.  It’s the color and the perceived ‘eyes’ in the tail - A bit different from the the nipple and areola, predator frightening eyes of the female, and to a lesser degree male, hominin.]

      4. Use of complex language and body agility (as demonstrated by ‘chatting someone up’, fighting, throwing, sports, and dancing) were self-selected for.  [“Come here often?”, “Do you love me, now that I can daaaance?”] Neanderthal did not excel at these activities.

      5. High foreheads (prominent especially in female Homosapiens) became stronger gender and species (actually ‘breed’) signals.

      6. Homosapiens and Early Modern Humans favored and emphasized the (good spear-throwing) ‘V’ body shape over the more round and barrel-shaped body of Neanderthal.

  1. More about Echothot, Obtain the Obtain, and Goal Disengagement Disorder; the things which are most directly leading to our [pure Homosapiens and Homosapiens/Neanderthal Hybrid] demise as species.

    1. The progressive loss of 3D Olfaction, a force-fed brain, and a loss of most things natural to hominins, including changing predators, led to, pre-complex-language, abstract and symbolic thought. (Perhaps more similar to the thinking of current Homo labeled Autism Spectrum Disorder).

    2. “Chicken and Egg” problems exist with comprehending Echothot, Obtain the Obtain, and Goal Disengagement Disorder, each of which evolved out of pre-complex-thought abstract and symbolic thought.

    3. Human Sense of Self (which can be unlimited) evolved out of, and evolved, Echothot.  Echothot includes, post-pre-complex-thought, abstract and symbolic thought.

      1. Even though Olfaction was a vitally important sense modality, it was novemimated (reduced by 90%).

      2. If Echothot is considered as being like sonar or echolocation,with signals/acoustical waves existing both outside the body (spoken words, conversation, yelling, discussing, whispering, etc.) and those signals/waves existing and moving continually, mainly, inside the brain, it is easier to conceptualize it as a separate (though interacting) sense modality.

      3. Huge amounts of mental processing of kinesthetics (internal body movements) is required in speaking complex language, understanding complex language, and especially in reading complex language.  [How long a sentence am I about to speak. How much air must I take in. At what rate must I expel it. At what volume. What must my vocal cords do. All the muscles of my throat. All the muscles of my tongue.  All the muscles of my lips. My nasal cavity. Must my intonation raise, lower, or remain neutral and how are each done. How do I coordinate all of these things. What must my facial gestures be at every part of each word and the sentence, as a whole.  What will my physical gestures be. Etc. etc. etc.]

      4. Signals/waves are streaming throughout the brain, at near the speed of light; maintaining our Sense of Self, our memories, all our thoughts.  They are complex and fragile things, subject to all manner of disruption, “jamming”, interference, propaganda, threats all, to our Sense of Self, out unit of individual survival and evolution.Except when asleep or unconscious, a Sense of Self and extraordinary other bits of data are maintained in the brain.This is in addition to the processing of visual and auditory information.

    4. Obtain the Obtain and Goal Disengagement Disorder are ubiquitous in the human psyche and behaviors.  This is so much so that it is difficult to penetrate our Echothot in order to present evidence of them.  Some examples include:

      1. Reading - both fiction and non-fiction.  Video-viewing; audiotape and radio listening.

      2. The ‘love’ of money.

      3. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

      4. Addictions - behavioral and to substances; gambling, alcohol, drugs, crime, religious, political, etc.

      5. Parachutists failing to open their chutes and ‘augering-in’ to the ground. [Interestingly, after using Echothot to successfully override natural visual (heights) and kinesthetic (falling)  primate fears.]

      6. Sense of unfulfillment after major life accomplishments- sporting, academic, intellectual, scientific, parental, artistic, business, etc.  [‘For Love of the Game’, “Top of the World Ma!”] The need to replicate accomplishments: number of gold medals, rings, slams, jerseys, etc.  The need to immediately participate in a different sensory-overwhelming/Echothot-distracting activity: sex, drugs, rock-and-roll, go to Disneyland.  The need to quickly set a new goal in a new activity (probably with strong societal approval - vicarious understanding).

      7. Science always coming up with “more questions than answers” - with strong peer approval of this unending Obtain the Obtain and Goal Disengagement Disorder endeavor.

      8. Gold Fever”, “Yellow Fever” and other preferences for specific racial or ethnic groups; sexual partialisms; sexual fetishes; coprophilia, urolagnia, etc.

      9. Compulsion to “correct” another person’s language use, spelling, pronunciation, grammar, punctuation, etc.

      10. Risk-Taking Behaviors from extreme athletic, to non-contraceptive, non-prophylactic, possibly self-injurious, etc.

      11. Continuing any activity when it is unable to fulfill an actual underlying need or desire.

      12. Belief in, or pursuit of, goals which the ‘laws’ of physics of this solar system preclude.

      13. Unending belief (or half-belief) in, self-creation of, search for, an evil, potential annihilator, enemy, etc., especially one which may be unbeatable or indestructible: from bulletproof movie monsters, to evil political systems or beliefs, conspiracies, to femme fatales, to Mr. Goodbar, etc.

    5. Because Echothot comprises Sense of Self, and is comprised by it, humans, as a species, will:

      1. Never have enough to ‘fill’ the material-possession Sense of Self in it’s infinity of conceptualizations, with inevitable overuse and probable elimination of all of earth’s resources.

      2. Never have enough children (offspring) to fill the Sense of Self, which expands to include offspring, with inevitable overpopulation of the earth.

      3. Never have enough knowledge or understanding to fill the Sense of Self, with unknown consequences.

      4. Never have enough friends, or be good enough salespeople, athletes, businesspeople to fill (Willy Loman’s) Sense of Self.

      5. Never be able to, literally, smell success, satisfaction, happiness, oneness with others - because we no-longer can, neurologically.  The consequences of this lack are everywhere to be seen.

    6. Because Echothot is an electromagnetic sense inside the brain/mind, not biochemical, we will always be subject to electromagnetic wave interference from inside the mind.  ‘Things/energy’ enter the brain- mind-Echothot in electromagnetic format and are actively maintained and stored there, in the form of energy and stored energy. New electromagnetic input is always interacting with the energy of Sense of Self, all thoughts, etc.  New energy can be various levels of threat to Sense of Self. Severe threats to Sense of Self, including ‘high’ (high energy) individual values, can be experienced as a threat to survival. [Sense of Self, not the corpus, is the human unit of individual survival.]

    7. Death to humanity is coming in various forms, all of them self-induced: self-destruction by destroying Gaia (ourselves in the world), or killing all other electromagnetic (Echothot) based Sense of Selves (the ‘other’/’enemy’/’threat’/’opponent’).


To try to clearly communicate thoughts in words, it is necessary to arrange them in a sequence.  This sequence suggests linear time. It also induces in the human mind, a drive/desire to infer a cause-effect/ first this, then that, construct.

Everything which follows, about genus Homo evolution occurred simultaneously and co-incident-ally over a over a period of hundreds of thousands of years.  Loss of 3D Olfaction was merely the mighty oak which into an acorn, shrank.

To try to combat linear thinking, I will proceed to tell you what I am going to tell you, tell you, then tell you what I told you; then tell you what I am going to tell you, tell you, then tell you what I told you; then tell you what I am going to tell you, tell you, then tell you what I told you.  This may not make for a ‘fun’, satisfying read, in the manner of Language-Based Complex Thought. For this, I apologize.

If terminology exists already to name many of the concepts presented here, I do not know what they are.

Human’, ‘Human Being’, ‘Human Doing’, ‘Human Energy’.  Both Homosapiens Sapiens and Homosapiens Sapiens/Neanderthalensis Sapiens Hybrid, will be referred to as ‘human’ or ‘humans’.  If you read further in this ebook, hopefully, you will understand that much of what is presented concerns the ‘energy’ stored-in, and active-in, the human brain/mind.

‘Distance, Direction, and Duration (or ‘3D’) Olfaction’ is/are the lost attributes of the sense of smell.  Humans smell things which are up-close, extremely well, but not from a distance. We are, mostly, unable to determine the emotional state, health status, reproductive status, hunger level, etc. of our fellows, from any but very close distance.  We have comparative difficulty determining the direction of ‘weak’ smells. From smell alone, we have great difficulty determining how long ago an event occurred, or when a person, prey, or predator passed by.

‘Pre-Language Symbolic and Abstract Thought’ (or ‘PLSAT”) is a type, or way, of thinking, which was present in the genus Homo, before complex language developed.  In addition to being present in developing humans, it was present in Neanderthal [who will often be referred to here as ‘Homo Neanderthalensis Sapiens’, in part, to reflect this PLSAT ability].

PLSAT may also be more prevalent in ‘super-perceiving’ Autism Spectrum individuals; some of whom may retain more 3D olfaction.

‘Language-Based Complex Thought’ (LBCT) is more self-explanatory: the type of human thought, which is based on language.  Some believe, strongly, that abstract thought is not possible without complex language and see it as the basis of humanness.  I believe abstract thought was present in Neanderthalensis Sapiens, however, it was not based on LBCT.

Since it cannot be shown that Neanderthalensis Sapiens did not have complex language, one can point to young human children’s problem solving abilities when they are in the stage of development called ‘concrete operations’ and even before they are speaking.  Their minds are obviously ‘working things out’ with the help of the mouth, eyes, hands, and legs.

Even simians, who never develop language, are able to solve problems which require forethought and mental manipulation of objects in space.

‘The Starvation Brain and Mind” is the kind of brain which now exists in humans, including the Homosapiens Sapiens/ Neanderthal Hybrid.  It evolved in an environment where hominids were under constant threat of extinction. Paradoxically, the added nutrition from meat, enabled the brain to develop, sufficiently, to understand such abstract concepts as ‘change’, and ‘loss’.  Evolutionary changes in the Hominid body, and behaviors, provided the template for this development.

‘Obtain the Obtain’ and ‘Goal Disengagement Disorder’ arose from The Starvation Brain and Mind.  Humans tend, actually, to see these as positive developments and behaviors.

Obtain the Obtain was the brain’s attempt to solve the problem of impending death from an unknown and unpredictable cause.  Something like: materially ‘get’ a concept, which is, of course, an impossibility.

Goal Disengagement Disorder is the behavioral manifestation of the human trying to obtain the impossible, combined with the mind’s lost ability to smell static satisfaction, or ‘wellbeing’, in the sense of the ‘being’ being well - stasis nominal.  This lost ability of the mind, was also ‘grown around’ by the brain via Echothot, which also helped form Obtain the Obtain and Goal Disengagement Disorder.

‘Echothot’ could probably most productively be thought of as a separate sense modality. Though it is ‘made-up’ of sight, hearing, and rehearsed and actual kinesthetics (movement, touch), it is primarily a inter-Homo (social, or pseudo-eusocial) interchange.  Much like echolocation in some bats, ‘Echothot’ is the putting-out, receiving back, and interpreting of multitudinous bits of information.

It was Echothot, in its immense complexity, which facilitated the uniquely human type of Sense of Self (Consciousness of Self).

‘Obtain the Obtain’ and ‘Goal Disengagement Disorder’ are two manifestations of the functioning of The Starvation Brain and Mind’.

A third manifestation of The Starvation Brain and Mind, I have yet to name.  It is the need, or obsession to perceive, or create, an overpowering threat, or power, then to overcome that threat or power, then reconstitute it.

Superman overcomes Nazis, then super villains are introduced and overcome by Superman, then Kryptonite is introduced, etc.  All men die, then god is introduced, and The Afterlife, then evil, then the devil, then Free Will, then religion, etc..

Communism (an economic system) is going to destroy god and Democracy (a political system), Capitalism attacks Communism and the anti-theist, North Korea creates a hydrogen bomb, against the all-powerful Americans, etc.

A horror-movie monster/evil has to be not destroyable, by bullet, blade, or flame. Yet somehow, it is beaten.  Then, traditionally, there, in the final scene, there is evidence of its possible resurrection; or there is a sequel.

We need to always have an unconquerable villain/goal/thought because our brain itself evolved in the context/cauldron of there being such.  If we didn’t have Echothot, our innate animal drives alone would propel us forward. Since we do have Echothot, we are forced to continue thinking, until death.

The sexualized element of ‘teen scream flicks’, reflects the ‘finishing touches’ of predominantly female Homosapiens selection of mating partners in prehistory, when Neanderthals were encountered. Broad-shouldered, narrow-waisted, weapon-throwing (not ‘thrusting’), fleet and agile of foot (good dancers), white sclera-eyed, not meat-dependant, verbally skilled and seductive males; were selected over barrel-chested, straight-waisted, spear-thrusting, comparatively “flat-footed”, yellow-eyed, meat-dependant, sexually abducting, Homo Neanderthalensis Sapiens.

The Starvation Brain and Mind formed and developed when, to the Homo mind, there were a myriad of unknown, and unknowable, unpredictable, unforeseeable threats, which had to be ‘thought’ against.  PLSAT, which was based upon fundamental shifts in the basic elements at work in evolution (olfaction loss, occult reproduction, nutritional aberration, and distorted child-raising), in the context of an over-nourished brain, allowed this over-specialized, over-evolved, over-wrought, (as yet unnamed by me) pattern of thinking.

Still, to this day, (though the human brain remains, largely, incapable of recognition), LBCT, Echothot, The Starvation Brain and Mind (with its Obtain the Obtain and Goal Disengagement Disorder) remains subservient to PLSAT.

Traditional Extinction’ = Not pseudo-eusocial, where the changes which occurred within the human brain and mind created a new unit of evolution (survival, identity): Human Sense of Self, which circumvents traditional evolution and resulted in species specializations which occurred within the mind (1st) and brain (2nd).  Neanderthalensis Sapiens continues to live in the pseudo-eusocial Homosapiens Sapiens/ Neanderthalensis Hybrid - the predominant form of human on the planet.


For the ancestors of genus Homo, descending from the trees, onto the savannah, and beyond, corresponded with the loss of Distance, Direction, and Duration (3D) Olfaction, and with the beginnings of Pre-Language Symbolic and Abstract Thought (PLSAT).

From there, symbolic and abstract thought developed into Language-Based Complex Thought (LBCT) and it began to supplant, disappearing, 3D olfaction.

At its roots, LBCT was subservient to PLSAT.  This was so, because PLSAT developed more primitively [more ‘primate-ively’?] from the most basic needs of evolution.  Survival of the genus Homo was dependent upon its ability to: sense the environment, consume nutrition, to mate/reproduce, and raise (eventually ‘rear’) its young.  Each of these evolutionary necessities was dramatically twisted as Homo began and continued its journey. AND, in contrast to other mammals undergoing profound evolutionary changes, the Homo brain had, almost inadvertently, been exposed to, beyond-necessity, nutrition and mind development.

Olfaction and the production of scents was reduced because they were no longer as useful to survival as other senses, and could be counterproductive - produced scents could be detected by predators.

As fruit, and insect-bearing, trees became fewer, scavenged meat, fat, and organs,   became a crucial source of nutrition. Carcasses were located, not by Homo’s sense of smell, but by observing other animals.  Birds, such as vultures, hyenas and other scavengers, eventually monitor lizards kept as pets, and finally wolf/dogs were used for their ability to detect decay (chemical) smells in the air.

The reproductive cycle became occult, hidden.  The male penile bone (baculum) disappeared. In its place, the parts of the male body which had apparent evolutionary advantage were emphasized, including a large, when erect, penis.  The engorged penis became both a signal of a superfluidity of energy and a lack of stress.

Suitable sexual partners were no-longer determined by smell, but, mainly, by using tri-color vision.  The whole front of the Homo body became a defensive mimicry and displacement for changed, lost, and hidden fertility signals, in favor of frightening predators..  The previous meaning of some signals were, basically, reversed. Full female breasts no longer signalled a pregnant, and therefore unavailable, female. In part, they now signalled a well-nourished female and a source of nutrition for survival.

Child raising became child rearing as many basics of evolution were altered and refined.  Bipedal locomotion was now innate, however, it had to be practiced and refined. Unlike monkeys and chimpanzees, children had to be shown what was okay to eat, and how to eat it. Urine and feces would leave a strong scent-trail on the savannah for predators.  Time and place of urination and defecation were controlled. Each, instead of being spread as territory markings, may have been hidden, covered, or confined to caves.

To repeat: each of these things was basic to evolution; each changed in multiple, very basic ways; each change occurred in the context of a self-observing, fast-growing brain, in an extremely threatening, alternating lush and arid environment.  Even the brain only evolves out of necessity. The necessity for Homo was to adapt to convoluted twists to its basic nature. This adaptation was Pre-Language Symbolic and Abstract Thought (PLSAT).

Each evolutionary necessity was dramatically twisted as Homo began and continued its journey.  It was the twisting which created PLSAT in what was then, and still is today, The Starvation Brain and Mind.  Further, PLSAT became Language-Based Complex Thought (LBCT). LBCT is what is usually considered ‘thinking’. Objects/things, places/locations, persons/people/animals, activities, actions, occupations, identifications of individuals (names), basically everything, is ‘nominified’ [given a word name] and the vast majority of thinking occurs through word names.

Especially through the word name which is associated with oneself, there developed the unique, human Sense of Self. All, non-eusocial, evolution occurs at the individual level.  The human Sense of Self became the individual unit of survival. The human Sense of Self is, apparently, unique in its displaceability and expandability outside of the human body.  This characteristic is part of the pseudo-eusociality which formed in humans. Most other mammals, through the constancy of odor (chemical), odor detection and evaluation were in constant connection with their environment and all creatures in it.  Sense of Self, with input from other senses, helped form a pseudo substitute for true eusociality.

Echothot is the totality of all extant human ways of thinking and perceiving. It is not exclusively confined to the human brain, however, all analysis occurs there in the form of electrical signals, waves, and neural networks.  Echothot subsumes Sense of Self and Sense of Self, as the individual unit of human evolutionary survival (and the basis for pseudo-eusociality), is subject to perceived survival threat from disruption/’jamming’ by, mostly word, signals.

The ‘higher up’ the figurative tree of beliefs, attitudes, and values that a perceived threat goes, the more primitive PLSAT is triggered and troup-like primate responses are triggered.

Echothot is also fundamental to humanity’s inevitable self-annihilation through The Starvation Brain and Mind’s, not understanding, need to protect, project, expand, enhance, defend, increase Sense of Self against a threat it continually needs to create.  

The Starvation Brain and Mind set humanity on a perpetual course of creating monsters, and seeking and the inability to desist (Obtain the Obtain and Goal Disengagement Disorder).  It did this, unavoidably, because the Homo brain was damaged in its sense of smell. Among many other things it could no longer detect well-being and psychological satisfaction, the emotions and good-will of others, absence of predatory hostility, love and affection from others and its lingering presence.

Loaded with the inevitability of monsters, Obtain the Obtain, and Goal Disengagement Disorder,LBCT,  Echothot, and the peculiar human Sense of Self, the, now human, brain and mind were set on a course whereby human death by environmental, and self, destruction were inevitable.  

In addition, so complex was/is Echothot, that a phenomenon exists which I can probably best compare with ‘jamming’ or ‘interference’ with radar, radio, or television signals. Echothot contains the human Sense of Self.  Echothot is ‘structure’ and ‘function’, energy and potential energy. I am not writing metaphorically. Echothot is the most complex, individual, ‘thing’ and ‘energy’ known. The most complicated,individual, structure and (brain) wave(s) on earth.  They are subject to ‘jamming’, and perceived threat, from the level of individual neuron, all the way to beliefs, attitudes, and values.

Because 3D olfaction is not there to self-correct, threat can be perceived as coming, mostly, from things seen, heard, read.  These things can be perceived as a real threat to the unit of individual, evolutionary survival which developed in humans: the Sense of Self.  The human Sense of Self can be, and is, almost always, (to greater and lesser degrees) displaced and displaceable, and expanded and expandable.

People talk about the brain being the most complicated thing in the known universe.  This is because we are unable to adequately conceptualize the universe as a system of which the human brain is (only) a part.

Echothot and Sense of Self, in humans, are the constituents of what might have been eusociality in humans.  The degree to which groups, nests, tribes, hives, nation-states of humans share Echothot is the degree to which they are distinct ‘breeds’ of human.

A perceived (misperceived) attack on Echothot and expanded Sense of Self, or limited Sense of Self, is perceived as an attack upon the individual unit of survival (the Sense of Self) and the group.

Echothot created the inevitability of signal interference, or ‘jamming’ within the human mind.

Echothot incorporated, became and was, the complex human Sense of Self.  The degree to which groups, nests, tribes, political parties, hives, churches / mosques / synagogues etc., nation-states, etc. share Echothot, is the degree to which they are a distinct breed of human.

Individual human Senses of Self, and distinct breeds of human (so through their shared Echothot) seek to protect, preserve, and perpetuate themselves.  They defend against perceived (hallucinated, deluded) attack; attack other individuals and breeds in order to enlarge themselves (Sense of Self territory); and, futilely, attempt to continue an individual Echothot Sense of Self which, in fact, perishes with the body.

The “best” an individual, Echothot, Sense of Self can hope for, is a temporary continuation of the breed Echothot, even as that breed Echothot is continually changing from within and from outside (other breeds) influence, or “attack”.

Because Echothot is energy-based (both individual and breed) and continually changing; and driven by The Starvation Brain and Mind, with its Obtain the Obtain and Goal Disengagement Disorder; because of these things, a ‘natural’ (without genetic manipulation to restore olfaction in its totality), universal Echothot amongst all humans, is an impossibility. A thing such as universal Echothot, would amount-to true human eusociality.

Even if universal Echothot were possible, it would be no more able to fill humans’ ‘empty’.  The ‘empty’ was created, and, out of early evolutionary necessity, was perpetuated by PLSAT. It is the symbolic and abstract, it is our thinking, it is what we think of as ‘us’.

What is structurally and functionally fundamental to, and hardwired into the brain, and consequently the ‘mind’, cannot be naturally changed. Software that does not even exist, cannot change hardware, which does.  We lost 3D olfaction, and all of its potentially ‘humane’ functions. We cannot, naturally, get it, or them, back. PLSAT, LBCT, and Echothot, assumed their place.

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