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By Andre’ Mwansa

Copyright 2018

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This eBook is a work of fiction, any resemblance to actual people living, dead or in between is pure coincidence.



The future is composed of nows.”


Monday night, 8th June 2018

"Guys, have you heard? Daniel, Penelope's boyfriend is bi! It’s all over the school's page on Facebook, says he's been kissing guys around. And Franklin? He’s an official walking STD everybody, a total man-whore,” Gladys said as she walked into my room. Lisa and Thoko sat on the bed beside me.

We have had enough of that nonsense Gladys,” Thoko said to her.

What do you mean nonsense?” Gladys countered, “Who would have known that Mister Bates, the principal, got his name because he used to Master-Bate a lot? C’mon guys, Daniel is no longer the hottest guy anymore, sucks, but after what he did to me, I think he deserves it. Ha! Karma is a bitch.”

Oh God, Gladys! Can anything ever be not about you?” Lisa said.

“What do you mean?”

“Everything. Daniel this, Daniel that, Principal Bates jerks off, oh God, who doesn’t? Now your boyfriend, I mean your ex, turns out to be gay, and you don’t feel sorry for him?”

Hey, as far as I know,” Gladys said, “I voted against gay rights. Daniel and I did. And FYI, he's bi, not gay.”

Exactly,” Lisa said, “which is why you should be feeling sorry for him. I mean a few days ago you loved him so much didn’t you?”

I uh…uh…” It's at this point that the self-centered Gladys notice that I'm crying. She walks over to the bed, and ask what's going on.

Cathy here, like Daniel, is a victim,” Thoko says.

A victim?” Gladys says now sitting on the bed beside me as well.

Yes,” Lisa explains, “Someone went through Cathy’s backpack today, got her phone, logged in to her Facebook account and posted that Cathy is a virgin. Attached was a pic of a vagina, and the caption read ‘# tight’ in broad letters.”

Oh my God, Catherine, I’m so sorry. I didn’t know, are you okay?”

Sometimes I wonder why people always ask questions with a clear answer. Your brother dies, are you okay? Your pops get fired from work and gets arrested and your mom ends up divorcing him without telling you anything. Are you okay? Someone posts a vagina that's literally not yours on the net, but people claim it's yours regardless. Are you okay? But I don’t say this to her.

Lisa looks up at Gladys’s face and says, “She’s crying, what do you think?”

So all of this is a lie,” Gladys says, “Principal Mister Bates, Franklin, Daniel, You? Oh God, who’s doing this? Guys, this is serious, this has to be reported.”

I’m not sure if that’s the right thing to do Gladys,” Thoko says. “We might just get Cathy here in trouble if they don’t believe you.”

Gladys looks down at me, and then says, “Maybe you’re right, but I’m not going to let this go. I’m a writer, and my father is a detective. If I don’t have to tell my father or the police, then at least I will do my research on who’s responsible and expose him myself.”

Gladys,” I say to her, “you don’t know these people. They will make up a lie about you before you even expose any of them.”

Who cares, it’s a lie anyway,” Gladys said. “I can be a hero, we can be heroes guys, come on.”

Oh my God, did you just quote Tove-lo’s song, we could be heroes?” Lisa says to her.

I guess. So who’s in?”

We all stared at each other.


Tuesday afternoon, 9th June 2018

The school’s cafeteria falls quiet immediately Daniel walks in. Everyone stopped doing what they were doing and started looking at him. Daniel freezes at the entrance for a second, then pushes himself forward.

Daniel White is Daniel Gay!” Someone from the crowd shouts.

Everyone laughs.

Doing the butt pretty boy?” A girl’s voice shouts.

The crowd laughs again.

Hey Daniel? I was thinking of setting you up on a blind date with Shakira, but eh, forget it.”

Is there any guy in here this guy hasn’t kissed yet?” Another voice shouts.

“Principal Mister Bates!”

Oh, I’m sure he helped him jerk off!”

No, Principal Mister Bates, entrance!”

Everyone turned their heads to look at the entrance.

Principal Mister Bates stood at the entrance looking at the crowd with anger, then a few seconds later turned and walked away.

Everyone laughed.

Daniel saw it as an opportunity to push himself forward. He spots Penelope, his girlfriend and Wendi her best friend and walks to their table.

The crowd’s attention goes back to Daniel again.

Don’t mind them,” Penelope said to Daniel as he sat down. “Have you eaten?”

Daniel shook his head.

“You should eat something.”

Here,” Wendi stretched out her hand to him, “have a banana.”

Everyone froze for a second; then they all burst out laughing at the same time.

You find out who your real friends are when stuff like this happens. Turned out, Daniel didn’t have any.


Wednesday afternoon, 10th June 2018

You guys heard what happened to Daniel and Cathy?” Lisa said to her friends while they were having lunch at school.

Yeah, shame.

“Can’t believe Cathy had it in her to commit suicide,” Wendi said.

Nor Daniel.” Faith added.

Wendi did a cross over her chest. “May black Jesus, receive their poor souls.”

Wendi, this is not funny,” Faith said to her.

Whatever, it’s not like I knew the guy anyway.” Wendi said, then added, “You know, I tried that once…To kill myself, and then discovered that I had no freedom in doing so because my parents wouldn’t let me.”

Guys knock it off.” Lisa said, “They were kind of my friends.”

You guys know that, this doesn’t make any sense right?” Faith said, “I mean, a boy and a girl are humiliated the same day on Facebook and then a few days later they end up committing suicide on the same day. Think about it.”

What are you suggesting?” Wendi asked. “That someone killed them? Good one, detective.”

No, think about it. Guys come on, Lisa, Am I the only one smart here?” Faith said.

I guess.” Wendi said. “Very smart, smart enough to fail and repeat Chemistry.”

“Really? Don’t be a dick, Wendi.” Penelope said with an exasperated expression.

I’m sorry,” Wendi countered, “but how come I’m the only one who doesn’t give a fuck here. I mean, we all hated the guy, and Cathy was a ho, so why the fuss, why like her now? Feel pity because she’s dead? Come on, we all gonna die. Now stop being hypocrites. If anyone should care that much it must be Lisa, and uh… Penelope who seem to not care that much despite the fact that she was dating Daniel.”

C’mon, it wasn’t that serious.” Penelope defended herself.

Alright,” Faith said jokingly while looking at Wendi. “We are just going to take it that you were behind everything. Jesus. Wendi! How could you? That was someone’s daughter for Christ sake.”

Ha! Ha!” Wendi faked a laugh.

“Okay, let’s take it that someone did it,” Lisa said. “Who do you think it could be?”

Gladys of course,” Wendi articulated, “Heard she even became a lesbian after that break up with Daniel. She despises every guy now.”

“What about you Penelope?” Lisa asked.

“Honestly, from what I’ve heard I would say it was Wendi.”

And they all burst out laughing.

I did it,” Lisa said raising a hand.

“What?” All in unison.

“You guys know that I’m kidding right?”

They laughed out loud.

I don’t know, it kind of doesn’t add up for sure,” Penelope said, “I knew Daniel, knew him enough to know that he wasn’t gay or whatever. I mean, we had sex a couple of times. I don’t know, but it’s like he didn’t know himself. If what people said was getting to him that much. He would have just changed schools and moved on, you know what I mean.”

“But that’s just the thing,” Faith said, “moving on isn’t as easy as it sounds,”

Yeah, I guess. But better to struggle with something than ending up being nothing. That’s quitting, and he quitted on himself too soon.”

You never know,” Faith said. “Like I said, it might not be as it seems.”

Penelope shook her head. “Still sucks.”

Now what do you say,” Lisa suggested, “we go out tonight, hit the club and celebrate life while we still have it.”

“Apparently, that’s not the only way of celebrating life.” Wendi said jokingly, “We can go to church or something.”

“Well, good one coming from you Virgin Mary.” Lisa replied.

“Well, I’m not, but I’ll take it!”

And their voices erupted into laughter.


Saturday morning, 13th June 2018

Tell me exactly what happened Thoko,” Detective Fin said to her.

We were in this club partying and dancing, when all of the sudden, Gladys pulled me by the arm to the counter saying she had something to tell me,” Thoko explained.

“What did she tell you?”

That Daniel and Cathy did not commit suicide, that someone killed them. Dumped the body of Cathy on the railway tracks and tied a rope around Daniels' neck to a tree in the bush to make it seem as if it was suicide.”

“Did you believe her?”

I don’t know. Gladys’s had been obsessed about exposing whoever, was behind the stupid posts on Facebook.”

What stupid posts?”

"Lisa's virgin vagina post, Daniels bisexual behavior, Franklin being a walking STD…. She didn’t tell you anything about this?”

“No,” Detective Fin said.

Oh, maybe she didn’t want you to think she was in trouble, which she was anyway. Maybe she did it to protect you.”

“Nonsense, I’m her father for Christ sake.” Fin said then shook his head. "Did she find out who was posting these stuff on Facebook?"

I don’t know, she never talked to anyone about it.”

Tell me everything she told you that night.”

She said that she was in trouble, that someone threatened to kill her if she said anything to anyone?”

“Who threatened her?”

She couldn’t say. She said that if she told me, they would come for me too.”

Oh God, why didn’t she tell me any of this?” A tear now ran down Detective Fin’s cheek.

“Then what happened?”

I don’t know, her phone vibrated and then she started looking towards the front door saying they are here. I asked her who? She turned and started running towards the back door, I tried to grab hold of her arm but it slipped away,” Thoko said between sobs. “I should have called you, I should have called nine one one.”

Don’t blame it on yourself, it’s not your fault,” Detective Fin said.

Then added. “Wait, how drunk was she?”

“Uh, not very?”

“Could there be a chance that she was hallucinating everything?”


Thoko’s mobile phone dinged. She removes it from her pocket trouser and looks on the screen. "Oh my God, it's her," she said looking at Detective Fin.



“Where is she?” Detective Fin snatches the phone from Thoko.

It’s just a message from her,” she said.

Detective Fin looks on the phone screen and starts reading the message out loud.

Hi Thoko? Hi Detective Fin? Fear not, for I’ve sent this message in peace. I just sounded like one of those angels from the Bible, didn't I? My child was, and then he was taken away from me. Don't worry, you don't need to know me, it's not worth it. So yeah, Detective Fin, I'm with Gladys here and I have a confession to make, she's fine but not for long. I’m sure by now you know that Daniel and Cathy did not commit suicide, that the virgin vagina pic and Daniels bisexual behavior was just part of the plan to make it seem like Daniel and Cathy had a reason to commit suicide, thanks to your persistent delusional nosy bitch of a daughter. She was trying to be a hero without knowing that I’m the star here. Anyway, yeah. Question: What happened to Daniel and Cathy then? Simple: I killed them. Perfect huh? Don’t worry, you will thank me later. I got the idea on how to kill them from this movie ‘UNRAVEL,’ heard of it? Nah? It's a nice movie. So this guy called Drake finds out that his girlfriend is about to break up with him. The devil in him snaps. He has invested so much in her, took her to school, college, even waited for sex till marriage, no bullshit, not even a tiny hand-job. What an ass huh? Fuck love. Yeah, so he kills the bitch, and make it seem as if she committed suicide, only the bastard doesn't know a thing about fingerprint technology and gets his ass arrested. Anyway enough with the story, you can watch the movie yourself if you’re interested. So yeah, back to Gladys, good luck finding her body. And don’t even dare to track this number. Oh, Oops there is no number. I’m watching you. That reminds me, Thoko? Don’t you dare go in the bathroom. Remember, I’m watching you. The end!

Crazy bitch! Sorry, Thoko. But who adds the end in a text?”

Thoko sobs a little too loud, “He’s watching me, did you hear him? He’s watching me.”

Detective Fin stands up and walks around the table to where Thoko is seated and embraces her in a hug.

“Promise me you will find her, promise me you will bring her home safe.”

“I promise.”


Monday night, 22nd June 2018

Franklin, Thoko’s boyfriend is found dead in his house with a knife protruding from his ass.


Tuesday afternoon, 23rd June 2018

“Dudes, I don’t like what’s happening at this school,” Faith said.

“Yeah,” Penelope agreed, “Jane and William, were caught dry-humping in the bathroom yesterday and got suspended.”

“No, not that,” Faith rolled her eyes at Penelope, “I mean, did you hear what happened to Franklin?”

Yeah, the joker killed him,” Wendi said. “A knife in the ass? Where the hell was Batman?”

That’s why Superman is my favourite superhero.” Penelope said. “Strong, sexy, can fly, and oh, his eyes.”

Oh his eyes.” Wendi repeated. “O! O! O! Oops, I’m wet. This country needs a superhero.”

“Okay enough!” Faith barked, “I’m being serious, you guys can’t go on making fun of the dead like that, it’s not like they chose to die you know.”

“All right…” Wendi said. “...Mom.”

“Anyway, I just came here to tell you guys that I’ll be changing schools. I can’t be dealing with this. Seeing someone die every single day. It’s not right, not fair.”

Well,” Wendi said, “I’m sorry to hear that you’ll be leaving us. I’ve nothing to say but to wish you well and uh…I’m not gonna cry.” Then she turned to look at Penelope. “Penelope are you gonna cry?”

Penelope shook her head. “Can only cry for Mum and Dad apparently, family first. So goodbye fellow classmate, friend and citizen.”

“Oh, goodbye.” Faith said, “I will miss you guys.”

“And we will miss you too,” Wendi said, “maybe.”

You know what?” Faith said, “I’m staying, we are in this together. Abandoning this school right now will be like abandoning my own country at the time of crisis and who does that?”

“Yeah baby.” Penelope and Wendi high fived.

After all,” Faith added, “it’s not like I can escape death. That’s a punishment every human being must face.”

For continuity of life.” Wendi added, “We must die for life to continue. We will die and our bodies will change into minerals that will be taken up by plants, and used to produce food. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it just changes from one form into another. Where a cell exist, there must have been a pre-existing cell, just like an animal arises only from an animal and a plant only from a plant.”

Penelope lifted up her juice bottle, “Cheers, to our wonderful God, to you guys and to life.”


But guys, on second thought,” Wendi added, “it does matter how you die.”

Tots, tits, totally.” Penelope agreed, “Of course you don’t wanna be decapitated, it will be a loss of energy. You know some might keep the head as a souvenir.”


Same day, Tuesday afternoon 2018

Thoko walked into Detectives Fin's office.

"Well hi, Thoko? What brings you here today? Take a seat?”

Thoko pulls a chair and sits down.

How are you holding up? I’m sorry about what happened to your boyfriend, I want you to know that we’re working on it.”

Thoko said nothing and started crying, “Please forgive me Fin, forgive us, no one knew it would go this far.”

“What do you mean, what are you talking about?”

Thoko doesn’t answer.


I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to, I panicked, I couldn’t hold it in, oh God, I’m so sorry, I killed them.”

“Killed who?”

Everyone. Daniel, Cathy, Franklin, it’s all my fault.”

“Tell me what happened.”


November, 2013

Mom, has anyone ever complimented your boobs before, other than Dad?”

“Who did that to you Thoko?”

“Joe, a boy from our class.”

“What did he say?”

“That he likes my right boob,” I replied.

"Why would he say that? You're only eight, you haven’t grown breasts yet.”

I know Mom, that’s why I’d called him a perv.”

“You shouldn’t have done so, he probably just likes you and kinda feels nervous around you, so he rambles anything that pops up in his mind.”

“You think so?”

Maybe,” Mom replied.

When I went to school the next day, I asked Joe if he liked me. I think his nerves might have had kicked in again because he complimented my left boob this time. Turned out he liked me anyway. So Joe and I started going out. I remember having my first kiss with him. It was terrible, he bit my lower lip. I remember reaching home and Mom asking me what happened to my lower lip, she was so concerned, she thought I had gotten into a fight or something, but I excused myself by telling her that I fell off my bicycle.

But you don’t have a bicycle” Mom had said.

I replied by saying, "You know me and Cathy are best friends right? What’s hers is also mine.” And then I ran up the stairs to my bedroom. The truth is, I’m not even sure if Cathy is my best friend really, I mean we hang out, hug, watch movies together, talk about boys, even almost kissed once. And no, it’s not what you think, it’s just a heteronormative thing that we girls do. But I just don’t feel the edge of calling her my best friend. Not that I don’t trust her or anything. Okay, maybe there’s something, maybe it’s because I always have to behave like a slut when I’m with her. I remember the first time I met Cathy and a couple of her friends who she doesn’t’ hang out with anymore was in 7th Grade. Well yeah, Cathy was this popular girl in school who everyone wished to hang out with. So one day I walked up to their far-famed bitch table, sorry but that’s what they used to call it and said to her that I was interested.

Interested in what dear?” she had said.

To be a part of the far-famed bitch table.”

“Who are you calling a bitch?”


“Just kidding.”

And her friends laughed.

She eyed me from bottom to top and said, “Not bad, you’re welcome to be a member of the famous bitch table. But first, we have to do the initiation.”


Yes,” she looked at her friends, then looked back up at me, “I’m sorry but to sit on this table, you’ll have to call yourself a ho.”

“But I’m only eight.”

Then she widened her eyes at me as if I had just thrown a bad remark on her. I said it. And then they laughed out hard.

I was only messing with you.”

They even laughed harder.


Joe and I dated a few months more until junior high. Where we met Daniel and Franklin. We became really good friends. All over us.

One day, Franklin walked up to me at school and said, “So, I’m sitting on my bed thinking about you, wondering whether I should jerk off or not when I hear a knock on the door. I run down to open it and oh, it’s our face-ass looking friend Daniel. Anyway, Daniel suggests we should go visit this cabin in the woods tonight. Cards and beer and yeah right, candles? Coming along?”

Uh, will Joe be there?”

I don’t know, you talk to him and find out.” And then he walked away.

Joe agreed, so I called Daniel and told him that I was in.

That night, I will never forget, every day I think about it. How, why I shouldn’t have just said no. I wasn’t a drinker. I was only 14. Joe and I didn’t drink. I bet we just did it because we wanted to seem all cool and not lose our friendship with Daniel, Cathy, and Franklin. Two stupid ass-kissers, that’s what we were. Sometimes I think my life would have been different if every time I looked at my reflection in the mirror I would stop and say to myself: So you’re not perfect. So what? Welcome to the real world. But there’s always the wanting to fit in part, the being a sycophant part, the ending up having a fake ass part. Isn’t it also that on some fundamental level we find it difficult to understand that other people are human beings in the same way that we are? We idealize them as gods or dismiss them as animals. Anyway, in the end, we all realize that being popular or hanging out with popular people isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. What really matters is confidence. Confidence is everything. When you have confidence, you can even talk right out from your ass and people wouldn’t mind.

“How about we make this night memorable,” Daniel had said.

Ooh, someone has got an idea,” Cathy said excited. “How?”

Cards? Anyone who loses take a sip from this Jameson bottle,” Daniel suggested.

“Fine with me,” Cathy said.

“Okay!” We all agreed.

Turned out, Joe as much as he was good at math sucked at cards. He ended up losing every round and finishing the bottle all by himself.

I remember the way, I, Daniel, Franklin, and Cathy laughed out loud seeing him all drunk like that. It was a bad idea, no fun at all, but we were just kids, what did we know, anything daring seemed like fun to us.

At one point, I said, “Guys, how will we get him home? He can’t stand.”

"We don't," Franklin said.


Let’s leave him here. Let’s make this a story he will tell his grandkids one day.”

We all laughed.

Franklin,” I remember Cathy saying, “That’s a brilliant idea. Guys, imagine the look on his face when he wakes up in this strange place all by himself?”

We all looked at him and laughed.

"Yeah," Daniel said, "So I've heard if you want to make day’s last, do something different.”

It turned out leaving Joe there alone wasn’t a great idea at all. Because the next day, Joe was discovered half-naked and dead in the woods. They ran an autopsy on his body and found that he died because of excess beer poisoning. We were so distraught with grief when we heard the news. We all regretted what we did to him. Well, except Daniel who kept on saying that it wasn’t our fault that Joe sucked at cards.

His parents have to know the truth,” I said, and Cathy had agreed with me.

No,” Franklin said, “Do you know how much trouble we can get into? We might even get a life, can’t you see? We killed someone. It might not look that bad, but tell you what? It is our fault that Joe died and it is that bad and if the police know about this? Jesus, we are all going to rot in prison, think about it.”

He was right, or at least we all thought he was.

What’s your plan then?” Cathy asked him.

This will be more like a conspiracy club, no one should say a thing to anybody. This stays between us, agreed?”

We all looked at each other’s faces nodding.

At the funeral, I kept on looking at Joe’s dad’s face. He was crying so hard, he couldn’t even leave the burial site when the funeral was over. Part of me wanted to tell him the truth, part of me wanted to stick to the conspiracy club. But his face? I ended up walking to him and told him the truth. I couldn’t stand the pain I saw on his face, he needed to know the truth. I expected him to be furious with me, to hit me or something, I deserved it. But he didn’t, instead, he hugged me tight and said that it was okay. That it wasn’t our fault. I looked up at his face, thanked him, and went home.


Tuesday afternoon, 23rd June 2018

And now he has come back for us,” Thoko said upon finishing. “But what surprises me is why now? Why after five years?”

Who? Joe’s ghost?”

“No, Joe’s father.”

“Wait, what?”

I was going through the text last night,” Thoko said. “He mentioned something about how his son was taken away from him, remember?”

Detective Fin nods.

That’s how I knew that it must be him.”


Same day, Tuesday afternoon

Thoko is standing beside Detective Fin as he knocks on the door to Joe’s father’s house.

Joe’s father opens the door looking all wasted and tired. His hair unkempt as if he hasn’t taken a bath for years. He’s short and bald with hair only on the sides which makes him look like he’s carrying a halo.

Thoko looks up at him thinking, he could’ve at least combed the sides.

Joe’s dad narrows his eyes and immediately recognizes Gladys’s father and Thoko. He tries to run back in his house, but it’s too late because Detective Fin is too fast for him. He knocks him down to the floor and gets on top of him.

What did you do to my daughter you bastard?” Fin said.

I don’t regret a thing,” Joe’s father said, then looked up at Thoko, “You killed my son you bitch.”

Thoko starts sobbing. “We didn’t mean it, I swear.”

That’s what they all say,” Joe’s father said, "Now, I won't rest till I see you all suffer,"

I thought you understood,” Thoko said, “I thought you said that it wasn’t anyone’s fault, that it was a mistake.”

Understood, mistake?” Joe’s father repeats, “You thought I would let you have a life? Go to college, get a job, get married, have kids, while my son is rotting in the ground? You took that life away from him, and I’m not gonna let you have one as well.”

It’s over man,” Detective Fin said.

Really? Don’t you want to know what happened to your daughter Detective?”

“What did you do to my daughter?” Fin said with a raised fist.

Whoa! Take it easy,” Joe’s father said.

I swear if you did something to my daughter, I will…...”

Do what you want Fin, I have nothing to live for, my son was my whole life.”

“Where is she?”

“I can only show you if you get off on top of me.”

“I don’t trust you.”

Well suit yourself, because we could be like this the whole day, while your daughter gets to die of hunger at someplace you don’t wanna know about.”

Detective Fin grits his teeth, and then gets off on top of him. Joe’s dad stands up dusting himself.

“Wise decision,” he says to him.

“I’m not going to ask twice, where are you hiding my daughter?”

Nothing was even supposed to happen to her, she was not part of the plan, she only came in, when she started acting all hero and thought she could expose me. Don’t worry she’s safe.”

Detective Fin pulled out his gun and pointed it at him, "I'm running out of patience."

Joe’s father smirked before saying, “She’s in the woods, in the cabin,” he looked at Thoko, “Thoko knows the place. What now? What are you going to do to me?”

You coming with me,” Fin said.

“I don’t think so,”


“Yes, at least let me finish my job,”

“Don’t act in haste. Think and consider.”

Never!” Then Joe’s dad’s hand started reaching for the inside pocket of his coat, and then KABLAM! POW! KABLAM! And then he dropped down.


Thursday morning, 25th June 2018

“Dad, so what happens to Joe’s dad?” Gladys asked.

“We will have to wait for the jury to pass sentence, but I’m sure he’s going to get a life.”

“And Thoko?”

She’s free, no charges against her, it was a mistake, a silly silly mistake.”

Oh Dad, I thought I was going to lose you.”

"Don't ever do that to me, Gladys, leave the detective work for your father. I guess that's what Joe's dad didn't get, he wanted to take justice into his own hands, and it turned him into a monster.”

"Is that why you didn't shoot him? Because you didn't want to take justice in your own hands?”

Yes, I knew firing the gun would distract him. It doesn’t always work but thank God it did and I was able to knock him down before he could do something stupid. My dear, grudges are for those who insist that they are owed something; forgiveness, however, is for those who are substantial enough to move on.”


“No, just some wise words.”

"Aww, I love you, Dad."

Detective Fin choked out a sob.

“Dad, what’s wrong? I’m here, I’m okay now.”

“Can’t believe that bastard called you a bitch.”

"Oh, Dad is that why you're crying?"

“I love you so much Gladys, always know that.”

Whatever. Sounds like a cliché.”

“I’m serious.”

Love you too dad.”


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