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Dear Soul is written in a way that tries to confront the ego and take the reader on a spiritual journey of thinking. The writing is confusing. The key thing to remember is that I, Me, and My are representative of the ego. They represent our drive to win at everything. To have everything. We/Us/All/Dear Soul, on the other hand, represent a more progressive, united way of understanding life. It is about detachment. Dear Soul is both singular and plural, always. Like one and infinity simultaneously. Living your life on trust, without a plan. On a worthwhile pursuit of the divine. We/Us/All/Dear Soul represents oneness. You and I are positive only in the case of the divine; divine representing something greater that is unknown and perhaps unknowable in totality. The concept of unity or oneness is essential to all faiths and science.

I don’t go into great detail about religious aspects, names, labels, practices. I do take from a variety of understandings and ideologies. Ultimately, this is a whimsical, formatted book of poetry that I want the reader to enjoy. I hope it gets the reader thinking, but if I had to choose, I would hope anyone that reads it enjoys what they read.

  • M.A.Q.I.B


I am like a little child

wandering about in a jungle

I go here, I go there

See a lion

It thinks to devour me

Before it falls into a ditch

I clap and laugh

and think, what a lovely beast

Then around the ditch

on my way

Dear Soul, keep saving us

I perceive nothing

Another Tomorrow

Dear Soul,

there are too many tomorrows

between you and me

It has always been you and me

and an ocean

Then a raft made only of faith

Let us be together now

Dear Soul,

I grow thirsty

Surrounded by water

there is nothing here that

will quench my thirst

Sing to us, Dear Soul

that I may sleep through

the tomorrows

You Bright Star

Dear Soul,

they are undeserving

You toil, round and round

we are warmed, loved

by your love

Born of your worship

or the worship of your


We see you, Dear Soul

working diligently so that

we might be

We are with you in your

toil, in your service

We will learn, write, think,

experience for us all

Grateful are we, Dear Soul


We may never speak

but we know you

We love you

We see you and serve

you, Dear Soul

We will do what you ask

Be good and peace

Do not give up, Dear Soul

Protect your intent

Protect it and forgive the rest

Yourself and everyone, everything

Dear Soul, we are united

Even though the ocean

separates you and me

Harbor no ill will, none

We’ll Be Here

Dear Soul,

we’ll be here

Keep us still

Un-wanting, serving

Hold our mind in this

moment, so we may feel

its pleasure

Allow our imagination

out, let it go

Let it come and go

Dear Soul,

if it loves us

it will return

It’ll recount stories

of its wandering

We will be together again

Until then, Dear Soul,

keep still

Never Ending

Should we start from one

and never end?

Whoa! If I try, I’d fail

So much gratitude

we have

And still, it is not enough

We are grateful

I am full of shame, sorrow,

for I cannot repay

You will not accept

Spend time with us

Dear Soul, forgive my debt

We will give the rest to the

world in service

Love us, Dear Soul

Fatten us with gratitude

Devour us, Dear Soul


Dear Soul, they are not

grateful to you

Take our gratitude

and spread it out

We are here with you

You crafter of life

How diverse you

have made life

You are deserving

of service

But, they cut you down

Dear Soul, forgive us all

You are deserving

of gratitude

They do not know you

feel pain with every


We do, Dear Soul

Take our gratitude and

forgive the others

They Make Love

That is not rain, Dear Soul

You have made that up

Down it comes

Heavy, pounding, unrelenting

Dear Soul, the Earth

is not full, never

Dear Soul, then back up

Pulled back up again

by force

Again, but this time,

slow, beautiful, breezy,

a tickle

You call it a trickle

Dear Soul, it is not


You perceive not, it

is love-making

And, it is everywhere

Wonderfully done

Join in, Dear Soul

Forget the illusion

for a moment

Join in

What Will We Play

Dear Soul, they love

their instruments

A beautiful melody

they do release

Just a painting

They love the showroom

To dress and look

at pictures

Just a song

Blind are they to the


Deaf are they to the

string in us all

Ignorant of your skill

Dear Soul

Use us, Lord, make

us a melody, Dear Soul

Let it sing in the hearts

of many

Dear Soul, make us

into your score


We all have it

True. We may not

keep it as you do

What you put in

the bedroom, another

puts in the attic

What one hides in

a locker, the other

places on a mantel

One in the dining


Dear Soul, one may

keep it under a pillow

What is in your study,

is what another wears

to work

Dear Soul, it is

a keepsake

If you do not see it,

it is hidden

with purpose


One core truth

Yet if the wind manifested

and spoke, it would be lovely

If the ocean manifested,

it would be merciful

The stars would speak

of your burning compassion

The Earth would sing

of your judgement

Dear Soul, we shall

seek them out

Every leaf, every grain

of sand, every mountain

to hear about you

We will listen that we may

gather as the wind, shine

like the sun, create how

the Earth has done, and

flow as rivers

That we might serve

You, Dear Soul

Water and Wisdom

The water flows

The water falls

The water gives life

The water takes life

The water preserves life

The water travels and

carves mountains

The water is like


And knowledge is like


No judgement no river

No wisdom no partition

No intelligence no ocean

Judgement flows into

the ocean

And yet, intelligence never

touches the river

Give us wisdom,

Dear Soul

That we might guard

Against anger, doubt,


Everything Is a Myth

Dear Soul, nothing is true

We will not die

We will live

There is no time

There is only you

There is no I, but

you and I are one

Religion hems me in

Science discovers only

what it divides

So enough is enough

We are going out

to play

Dear Soul,

come with us

I feel alone here

No one to play with

Dear Soul, we’ll make

a game and play

with the wind

Will you watch

The How

I have never

seen the sun at the


The clouds have not

come to church

Nor the grass

Nor the breeze

Nor the rivers

But they do

Surely, we know they do

Perfect in worship

We cannot capture

the how

So we go our way

Now, Dear Soul,

teach us how

this is true for

every person

That we might go

on our way


Don’t lie and don’t

be honest

Quiet now!

Swear by no one

and make no



Turn off the music,

so that the music

will play

Wait a moment

It is so much


Dear Soul, we feel


Dear Soul, let

us stay

A Time and Some

Dear Soul, teach this

heart what to


Teach this mind

how to feel

Give a time, a time

and some

Let them understand

one another

This war has gone

on long enough

Let the pain cease

Hide and Seek

Dear Soul, we have

found you out


You don’t seem

to understand the


You must go away

You must stay hidden,

out of sight

This time it was

the tick and the


Dear Soul, next

time it’ll be a

smell of a rose,

a thought, or a


Dear Soul, we will

find you

Everywhere, everywhere,


Ungrateful Soul

Dear Soul, there was

a mountain in the sky

put there by you

All white, traveling through

all blue

It caught me in


of some ungrateful


Of some ungrateful way

Now it is gone

Replaced, the thought,

the cloud also

You put that there for

us, Dear Soul

How descriptive you


So forgive it, let us

move on

What is next?

our dear love


A doctor is useless

at the battle

Until its end

The bodies are collected

The dead for the grave

The sick, the wounded

for treatment

Now the doctor is valuable

Dear Soul, there is no

help while you are


The doctor does not seek

patients, save for profit

They are brought in to

be saved

Dear Soul, every one

you send, shine your

will through us

Your love, our love

Dear Soul, we will

only seek your face

That we may profit

Fly With Us, In Us

Dear Soul, every bit of

love you will ever

need, you have

Seek nothing

Desire nothing

Give away greed

Give away the world

Give away doubt

Let go of attachment

Undo yourself

Do not weigh down

this soul

Let go, Dear Soul

Now fly

Come, come, Dear Soul

If you cannot fly

then you do not understand

Again, enough love you have

A full provision given

Do not thirst

Do not hunger

Do not envy

Do not lust

Do not encourage

Do not support

You are not in control

Dear Soul, let go

Now fly

If you cannot fly, then

you lack mercy

Come, come, Dear Soul

Move in, become one,


Do not judge, don’t reason

withhold punishment

Run from fear

Cease understanding

There! There we go, Dear Soul

Be as light

Fly away

The Master

I will not!

Dear Soul, say to you,

give me this

take me there

We will say, Master,

what is next?

We await your surprise

Tell us of your plans to

heal this heart

Tell us of your plans to

subdue our ego

Tell us of your plans to

take away our burden

Your plans to give us

wealth, as you see it

I will not tell you,

Dear Soul

We will await your voice

Sound judgement for all


Don’t run after what

hasn’t been given to you

Don’t argue, there is

no reason to

Give up your plans,

they are not

yours to make

Undo your goals

Let them free

Loosen your belt

Align, Dear Soul, you are

with us now

We will take care of you

No need for ambition

We will eat

No need for hunger

We will drink

No need for thirst

We will be love

No need for desire

This soul shall be estranged

from the world

The Market

Dear Soul, they love

the market

To buy, to sell,

to be seen

Dear Soul, they love

the water but hate

the well

They purchase what is

otherwise free

The tables have been turned

back upright again

The seller loves the profit

The buyer loves the fruit

The seller never says where

they came upon it

The buyer never asks

Dear Soul,

it must grow somewhere

Take us to the tree

Dear soul, bring us

to the well

There is no need for

the marketplace

Record Keeper

Dear Soul, Lord,

you are there keeping a tally

Recording our speech

Recording our intent

Recording our ways

So you must do this

Dear Soul, you must keep record

We are grateful to you, Dear

Love, record it please

We are grateful for your

presence, record it please

We are grateful for your

Integrity, record it please

We are grateful for your

indifference, record it please

We are grateful for your

humility, record it please

You do know of my failures, my

missteps, my unknowings

Forgive, record it please

Forgive all, blot it out, let

It vanish, record it please

Let harmony rule over chaos

and mercy reign in judgement

Record it please

Last night as we walked, there

was a halo over the moon

Wider than normal, all the colors

of the rainbow

The clouds made it more

beautiful even

Record it please

That we were grateful for

that sight, Dear Soul

And, for your company and service

Come, Live

Dear Soul, give up food

and what lives inside you

will die

Dear Soul, give up water and

you and your physicality

will die

Dear Soul, feed the life

that dwells inside you and

the plants and animals

will die

Dear Soul, give up death

so that all may



Come out, Dear Soul

I am, is a bit weary

We, go work, and I

go rest

We earn and I will sleep

for a while

Let me switch and let them

see us

Let I hide and be no more

They hate my sight, they

will love us

We sing and dance

We go through walls, fly

through skies and heavens

We are much kinder

We are a sweet note

Make work as play, Dear Soul

If we become weary, I

will return

So be strong in your play,

Dear Soul

And, we will stay out,

all the while

The Lion

Oh, I am like a lion

They say, Dear Soul

I hunt and take what

is mine

I am a killer

I am strong

I am ferocious and to be


I, I, I!

Uncover them, Dear Soul

Give them what they desire

The lion is meek and

eats only its fill

The lion has not cut

down any tree

The lion hunts the gazelle

which frees the grass to grow

Now the gazelle may eat

The lion eats no plant and

does not extend its territory

The lion is ferocious for the

sake of righteousness

The lion is feared for the

sake of harmony

The lion kills so that it may

maintain its strength

Uncover them, Dear Soul

Give them what they desire

Let the lion rule and

harmony reign

Put More

Dear Soul, how much hope

does one need?

We put out the body

The brain is good and has

given of your goodness

Put more

Give this soul hope

Enough hope for a lifetime

Dear Soul, put more

Give this soul hope

Enough hope for two lifetimes

Dear Soul, put more

Give this soul hope

Enough hope for ten lifetimes

Dear Soul, put more

Never stop

Light is hope to carry

Useful and enduring

Put more

The Voice

That is not the wind, Dear Soul

but, a command, come to life

Gather, Dear Soul

The clouds come running

Even to call them clouds is

to be a fool

Those are not clouds, Dear Soul

It is grace

Look how easily they bring

about the rain

No, not rain, but love and


And it pours out onto the

Earth and it is not full

Truth, rather; the Earth is truth

Judgement awaits in soil

Awaits in the rivers

Awaits in the trees

Dear Soul, this is where we

pick the fruit

Where we harvest the crop

A mercy you have harvested

Dear Soul, the result of a

single command

Stop making decisions

Await the voice

Await the command

Dance with love from assignment

to assignment

Until this soul has become a

mercy taken from truth

Sweet fruit for all

to enter joy

Angels, Love, and Mercy

You have not lost

There is time, Dear Soul

You have slept a while

And we have not left you

Dear Soul, when the fatigue

wears off we will be


We can start anew and the

rest was a dream

Do not think of a dream

as a prison

Do not judge your soul;

that is not possible

Take our hand, Dear Soul

Walk with us

We will rehearse of heaven,

angels, love, mercy, and

no more

Forget the dream

Wake up

Love awaits, Dear Soul


We Are The Light

Dear Soul, I have never

been to this place

I do not know these

streets and perceive no sun

There is warmth, no sun

Dear Soul, there is mercy

and no sky

There is no direction, but

there is guidance

I am cold

Forgive my fear, Dear Soul

but I am just a child

Yours, my love

Still I am shuttering at

my ignorance

Forgive, and forgive, and forgive

I may fall in somewhere

It is dark, it is so dark

I cannot perceive any light

Dear Soul, take our hand

Lead us through this new

place until we are one

The Roadside

I am not your prisoner

Still, I cannot escape you

Far from righteousness, Dear Soul

I have thought up every sin,

every sin

But the hands did not move

and the feet do not flee

You will forgive it or to

hell or around again

Dear Soul, I have not gone

up to the mountain

Dear Soul, I have no ministry

I have not preached or

poached from the devil

So ordinary am I, Dear Soul

Still, you found me out

There is no power except

what you share

No words that I can use

to motivate

Easy for you to leave

me at the roadside

Adrift, wandering, a fool

You stay with me and

accompany me place to place

Teach me gratitude

So that sin will be no more

So that we may exist


Dear Soul, within me

is a devil, an ingrate

An unbelieving fool tries

to put distance between us

Dear Soul, frustrate him

If he beats me today

return us to you right after

Forgive us like nothing

has occurred

Like only you may

I think to forgive as

you and fall forward

into judgement

Teach us, Dear Soul

not to think

Forgive for us, as you may

Teach us to smile instead

That is easier

They Will Not

The world does not want

help, Dear Soul

They love this place

They think nothing of

their share

They praise the prison

because it’s all they know

We come calling to them,

Dear Soul

“Look outside the walls”

They will not

“Walk with us out of

this place! It is

not guarded”

They will not

They have made a bed

for the prison

A couch and art

“Come out!” we scream

Dear Soul, they will not

They hate us for trying

We cannot hold up here,

Dear Soul

But from outside the wall

In the garden

We will call to them

Forever, Dear Soul

We will

Oh, Adam

Dear Soul, the world

tries to capture you

To lock you away

in some rigid ideology

Some false concept

They say I have him

contained here, come worship

But, here you are with us

There you are in the soil

Again, in the beast

Dear Soul, they try to

paint your figure

They fool themselves and

so many others

Their prophet is profit

They play the same game

in different arenas

They swear one is above

the other

This soul is not for sport

Dear Soul, we will worship


Dear Soul, in the soil

Dear Soul, in the beast

Dear Soul, in the arena

Wherever you may be,

we will find you

and prostrate our soul

The Kingdom

Dear Soul, they ran in

found a room, barricaded

the door and hid

One yelled out, “All of you

hide, let no one in”

We called to them

“Dear Soul, you are home,

do not hide”

Dear Soul, another group

ran in, paused, saw us

They did the same

One called out “This room

is the holy one. What you

desire is within”

We called to them

“Dear Soul, there is no

room, you are home”

Then another, and another,

Another, Dear Soul

We called out, “You are home”

some came out, but just

a few, Dear Soul

We called to them, “Dear

Soul, what brought you out?”

They responded, “We never

Left, Dear Lord”

So we responded, “You are

home, move about”

Pour Out

Sweet, sweet, sweet,

Dear Soul

Is the joy of this heart

The heart is under your

protection and bears

your mark

Unlock the door to

this heart

Hide this pleasure no more

Break it if you must

But, let the light out

and create a tilt

Let it pour out as


Let it be unrelenting and

enjoyed by all who are

near and far

Unlock the door, Dear Soul

Protect us, but do not

guard against outsiders


It is well now, time has


They have no defense

The Olive Tree

Ah, live, ah!

Dear Soul, we have eaten

of the tree and tasted of

its beauty

How sweet the tree

Dear Soul,

You are still sweeter

Beauty, peace, prosperity,

Dear Soul

Ah, love, ah!

Dear Soul, you did hide

its presence from us

while we took of its


Dear Soul, its oil was

hidden while we tasted of

its sustenance

Dear Soul, teach us to play

as you do

Teach us to hide our

works in the light

Take us away from the

world, banish us, but

let them see our work

Dear Soul, your sweetness

is like shade and your shade

is like fruit

Continue, Dear Soul,

through us

We will carry the branch and

fly away to and fro, working

Ah, peace, ah!


Chaos, chaos rules,

Dear Soul

Harmony awaits to enter

Chaos loves chaos

and seeks harmony

no more

So the fire burns

and it grows, Dear Soul

Harmony awaits, it will

not beat the door down

Harmony awaits, it will

not put out the fire

The fire is the


Let it burn and

let it build

Harmony, “We are amongst

the blaze. When will

You enter?”

“When it roars open for

us, calling out for


Dear Soul, until, wait

with patience and glee

Stare out at harmony and

become one

Chaos cannot refuse

the harmonious soul

Taste of the abundance

The Handhold

I am insecure and

lacking in power

I am egotistical and ugly

I am full of shame

and regret

I am a sinner

I am weak, dumb, blind,

and directionless

Leave me!

Dear Soul, when the

children are young they

dress and play as the adults

Dear Soul, when the

children are old they

dress and play as the adults

Take our hand, Dear Soul

and undress us

We are powerful and


We are limitless with beauty

and limitless indeed

We are the guiltless

Hidden from shame

We abhor evil and we

are the light of life

We, Dear Soul, we, Lord

We, forever and forever

Some Say

Dear Soul, you see

the wayfarer and make

no deposit

No deposit into your

own bank

Some say they have

made a choice

Some say they are lazy

and will not work

Some say, some say,

some say

Some will not even smile

Oh, heart of ours, we

give you permission, grieve

Grieve, Dear Soul, until

you are cured of misery

Dear Soul, when the grief

passes, die

Die, and die, and die

Until you are cured of


Glory is the Lord that

shines the light and

brings the dead to life

Dear Soul, when you have

been born once again,

seek compassion

Dear Soul, if you cannot find

the tree, then go

to the market

If you cannot pay,

then beg

Dear Soul, beg, and beg,

and beg again

Dear Soul, then eat

what is given

Until you are full and

cured of misery

We await your return

To Hell With I

Dear Soul, throw I into

the fire and let it burn

Dear Soul, put me in hell

and lock the door

Leave, Dear Soul

For an eternity

Let it be a lesson to

the unfaithful, the ungrateful

We now, Dear Soul

It is our time

Give us life and love

from your share

A new heart and a new

Spirit, Dear Soul

Let us breathe for the

first time

Let us walk and dance

for the first time

Let us also see how

wonderful it is for the

first time

Dear Soul, you have no

pleasure in death

Turn us and we shall live

as you have ordered

Dear Soul, if you will,

we will

So, we will make gratitude our


We will make the infinite

surrender our way

Love, love, love surrounds

us now

Sand on My Feet

Dear Soul, this night

we did travel

It must have been some

glorious place

We must have played

and played

Dear Soul, I still cannot

see in the dark

I am blind to the diversity

and power of the Spirit

But, Dear Soul,

we did travel

And, we did play

We do not need to see

where we are

Blind is love

We awoke grateful and

in joy

In joy, Dear Soul

I do not like the

beach, Dear Soul

But, we love the water

and the sand

The rhythm, the color,

the peace

Also, Dear Soul,

your company

We will go anywhere

with you

So affix love to our

soul and let no one

separate us

Let us walk

Law of Attraction

Dear Soul, may tomorrow

never come

Let us ascend today

No prep, no plan, no goal,

no understanding,

no judgement, no regret

Dear Soul, let us join

your network

Introduce us to the

holy ones

Let us see the faces

of the ones that save us

Let us smile at their


Give us their will

to serve

I cannot see any profound

way to attract some life


You know, it is in your book

The book is sealed with

you in joy

We will, Dear Soul; it is the only

way that presents itself

No judgement, no prayer, no ask

I cannot reconcile trust

and asking

We will ask for trust

I cannot reconcile worship

and prayer

We will worship through prayer

I cannot reconcile judgement

and mercy

We will make mercy our judgement

Dear Soul, understanding is yours

We will be grateful


Dear Soul, how sweet

is the fruit that you refuse

On and on about an

unfair world

Down into the grave

You are not spent

I want out and yet

you dig deeper

The Lord of hosts forgives

Back again, Dear Soul

You are hungry

Sweet is the fruit

we put on the tree

that you pass by

on your way to

the market

Oh, soul, you go without

money and put

it to credit

Woe, woe, Dear Soul

You have not paid

back the debt

and continue to buy

The Lord of hosts forgives

Back again, Dear Soul

Poor are they so you

refuse the spouse

Dear Soul, the Lord loves them

They cannot be the one

And I cannot be alone

You give your power and

abundance to the wealthy

You are left without

The Lord of host forgives

“How many times Dear Soul?”

“As long as they turn back

we will forgive.”

Back again, Dear Soul

Blessed Are The

This place, Dear Soul

It is not like home

Here they say the wealthy

are humble and the

humble are poor

Here the poor are not

meek, but arrogant

and ambitiously so

Here the male has become

female and the female

has become male

They are still not whole

Dear Soul, they just

change attire

You wear this and I

will wear that

Here there is no moment

for rest

Dear Soul, they

sport in the mosque, the

church, the synagogue,

and every holy place

Zeus has been replaced

Athena has been replaced

Odin, Ra, Seth, and

Venus have all been


Every Idol

The worshippers are more

fervent than ever

And every rich and talented

one is called up to


Dear Soul, the meek survive

We see them about, holy

and good

Filled with the Spirit

So, Dear Soul, all is well

We are with them,

tending to the crop

The Warrior

Dear Soul, we will

take you to see the


When in battle, the

warrior fought vigorously

When the odds were not

in their favor, they

called on us

They answered every call

and slew the ones we

ordered away

We did come upon them

They were jolly and full

of happiness

They ran with the children

and pet animals

We have never seen

anyone so joyful

“Where is the warrior?” we


“There, there they are”

They are so wonderful

They are so subdued

That cannot be a warrior

Dear Soul, they were at war

Now they are with us

Their sorrow is now happiness

Their pain is now contentment

The wounds stitched, the heart

healed, and their sins


They took no enemy from

their enemy

They mourned every soul

that took their sword

We replaced their sword

with sobriety, love,

giving, and service

Dear Soul, when you return,

tell them how to be

Do not bring the war home

Do not fight after the battle

After they surrender,

you surrender


A crab, a cup, a tiger,

a whale

Dear Soul, all are one

A sailboat, Jupiter, a rodent

the birds

Dear Soul, we are all one

Orion opens up for Aquarius

And she calls for

her moment

Sand from the moon comes

from her teacup and

spreads out

The constellations pray

for unity

They signal for peace

The bear at her back

The elephant at one side

At the other, eight legs

traveling on a beast

that travels on Saturn

Oneness they call out

Dear Soul, teach this soul

to listen

Here come the monks

They sit and they wait

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