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The Room

There exists a room in the Sand Bar Hotel on Navarre Beach in Florida, that is now walled up and abandoned. This is do to strange and horrific events that no one has been able to offer up a logical explanation for. Guests would enter the room only to never be seen again. The guests baggage would be left behind along with dark shadow figures of people burnt into the walls. The strangest case to date is a man named Jerry Wilson. He checked into the hotel while on a business trip and was given the room.

That night as Jerry was settling in he could not shake the feeling that he was being watched. He looked around the silent room and small bathroom only to find that he was alone. Jerry passed the feeling off to paranoia and finished settling in. He was lying on one of the two twin beds when he started hearing a small knocking sound emanate from the wall beside him. He ignored this thinking it was his imagination, but thin it happened again. This made no sense, there was nothing but the outside world beyond this wall and he was on the third floor with no balcony. Curious about it Jerry got up to investigate the sound. A heavy feeling came over him and the feeling of being watched washed back over him and this time it was directly behind him.
The heaviness changed to fear, his back felt icy cold. Not only was there eyes on him, but now there was a presence.

Jerry did not want to turn around and face whoever this was. Everything about this presence felt unnatural right done to its ice cold breath and the cold chill that it sent through his entire body. This made Jerry shut his eyes, hopping that whatever it was would go away... Sadly this wasn't to be. The cold unwelcome presence did not retreat. He new that eventually he would have to face his assailant, so with eyes remaining shut, slowly counting to three, he turned around and opened his eyes.

Jerry's face contorted in fear and he let out a deafening yell. Face to face with him was a ghastly looking corpse. It looked as if it had been burnt to a crisp. There was almost nothing left on the bones. It was still smoldering as if the fire was just extinguished. It covered Jerry's mouth with a skeletal hand muffling his crys for help. The ghastly apparition looked directly at him and opened its mouth as if to let out a scream of its own, but all that came out was a shrill hissing sound. The knocking coming from the wall got more intense and as soon as this happened the ghastly corpse used his other hand and shoved Jerry against the wall were all the noise was emanating from. He made contact with the wall letting out a painful yell. He wanted to run, but was paralyzed with fear and panic. Then with out warning something grabbed him from behind, but that's impossible Jerry thought to himself, his back was against a solid wall.

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