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In the world I live in today, many counties are into conflict, which as a result many people have died over the years, properties have been destroyed, natural resources have been plundered, lands have been contaminated.

In the world today people are destroying their available resources in form of war and conflict, As a result of these many of the world's natural resources are in decline. In Somalia for instance many people are struggling to survive with no hope of a future, their source of water and other valuable natural resources have been destroyed, being a child in this country is like being the earth without the sun.

World leaders should come together and use their position to educate the people on the dangers of War that could lead to future regret, the government should show the people the importance of managing our natural resources, As a country in the world we should learn to live in peace and use our resources the right way, and not destroy what we need to survive. War is not the way of solving any problem, or a way of getting revenge, we should learn to use legal means structured by the court of law.

The government should organize a social program to showcase the importance of peace and management of our resources to the people, and since we are in a digital world. The government should use the media and internet medium to get to the people, either by oral broadcasting through radios, or visual broadcasting using televisions and computers to send the information of peace to the people, they can also use banners to pass this information effectively via emails as well as placing it on websites.

The use of printed materials by providing books for free to libraries or share it directly to the Masses ,and also use religious institutions like the mosque and churches to pass the information and educate the people on the effect of war in our society and the damages it does to mother nature. As for the rural Areas, the government should organize a committee that will go to them and pass the information to them and educate them on the legal means of solving societal problems and not through violence, A program should be organize to show them the resources we are destroying, since some might not know the importance and consequences of destroying our resources.

The government should use sports medium to get to the masses, especially using football, since most people in the world today now watch or play football. Government should place posters on stadiums and bill boards to showcase the information of peace.

The world should know that the available resources we have today is fast declining and might not be there in the future, if these conflicts should continue, and this could lead to Global War for natural resources in the future, especially for water since it is only available in small quantity for mankind to consume and survive.

War is not the way out of our problems and it will only make things more difficult for us, and it will result to us giving most of our attention to finding solutions to these problems and not focusing on how to make life easier for mankind and how to reserve Mother Nature’s gift for us.

I know the above mentioned solutions might be a little difficult but if all nations of the world will come together and preach peace then the world will become a much more better place, let's keep our ego's aside and think of how to build a greater future, and not destroying the present and giving the young children no hope of a brighter future.

The future maybe much more difficult than we can imagine, so we should not misuse our resources and allow political and financial reasons to deprive us of a better future, the climate is changing we need to join hands and work towards making the world a better place.

The future is now but the mistake we make today will determine how our future will be.

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