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Edmar Camara


Gael! Come to the Sun. Now.

What happened Zayn? "Now"--as you dictate, it will be difficult for me.

I find myself in a distant star.

I can't tell You. Come. A tear will be shed tonight. I've already been informed.

Okay speaking of these terms, I'm leaving Now. Affirms, reflecting Zayn.

Continuous act, invests her vestal Protection.

Zayn lives in the mint-green star in a small hut in the orange-autumn zone.

The sunlight lowered at this moment by plunging everything into ruby red.

A cold breeze was blowing from the sierra of the peach saw, packed by the valley of the Bogó of the Stone Sky.

He trusted Zayn; and him in me. What would that be?

Gael! I could go to the skyline and get Him. But I can't. When you arrive, breathe three times: a long... a brief... and a long one.

Okay. Combined.

In the distance, blew lights, and on my desk, overflowed dreams.

In the small garden beside the hut, I plant my nook of little sighs; and he picked smiles.

It brought me joy. It gave me peace.

Have something or you won't be able to live. Keep your vision for a door ajar. Hopelessness is untenable”.

I'm ugly. I have a conscience. And he was a coward. I never felt good.

"People desert. They abandon their lives. They get tired of it. They disembark in some dimension and never return to their star. This exit is a fixed idea. You can't help it. "

I still remember my youthful dream in unimaginable poverty.

I never had enough. Then, by chance, by almost a mistake or carelessness, a change.

Without scruples I went after success "for any price faced with sin executed at its highest degree."

Friends? No.

I've had them for a while.

He loved welfare.

Who of us never thought, "i will come out of all lies, wickedness and start different."

Everyone plays this "only in thought" game.

When I think of it "dying here and now" I would say that my life is totally worthless, meaningless.

Long ago I had feelings of happiness, joy, triumph, satisfaction.

Routine, pure routine, nothing more.

I have spent my entire life traveling throughout the purple-majestic dimension seeing stellar public leaders change so many times from worlds we live under the yoke of Terror. A dimension of fear, under constant dread of uncertainty.

It's dangerous to be good.

Sometimes I feel so tired I don't even want to get out of Bed.

A body of Lead.

I have disinterest and contempt for myself. And only one wish: to sleep. Sleep and never wake up.

I actually rebel on an escape because I don't have to face my life. This escape came accompanied by several small infirmities and in some of them I took refuge.

A psychosomatic patient.

A bang followed by a blinding clarity made my ears ache.

I lost consciousness.

Did I not recognize this dimension or would it be a new star?

A crimson-pink lake with floating fish; And I sat next to a little bush of mulberry trees. The air was of a scent similar to wet earth.

There were heavens; They were domed in gradient colors in a palette between plum and violet-of course, and stretched at various levels of height in a amplitude of peace.

The water beneath my feet hummed softly in a melody of voices full of hope.

My pains and worries are slipping from Me. My body was feathered.

My fears are Gone.


Below me many beautiful faces framed by vast wigs of countless colours.

Lots of eyes stand out. From me they approach more, and more in them plunge.

In them I feel immensely safe.

There were forests of giant trees with turquoise-green trunks endowed with twigs and leaves of blue-electric.

Beside I felt the presence of a person and I noticed-with great feeling, that we belonged.

Suddenly a white-sand meadow with palms blue-ice to the whispering wind.

The light was different in this world. indescribable, metastellar; Of great intensity in White-orange.

I see children playing next to an old man who sang.

They skipped fountains of fountains.

The echo of the old Man's beautiful song reverberated all over the place. Everything was infinitely big and beautiful.

Some kids waved.

I was happy as ever before.

I flew higher by turning to the sound of the song until suddenly all the clarity was gone.

I found myself inside a storm-gray darkness and began to fall violently.

The melody was gone and a sinister noise was heard as a terrifying howl, and at last I was alone.

Regrettably had been turned down by that wonderful world.

It wasn't life that put an end to everything.

And I was disappointed. or not?!

would be the opportunity to walk a path to a new life!?

Zayn should be waiting for me, but I wouldn't go there.

I would never have known your urgency.

Not if I wanted a new life. In this I wanted to be all goodness. Kindness in gestures; Goodness in voice. Hugging people with affection. Be good and charitable.

I had a lucky glimpse, and I'm going to enjoy it.


I've had a lot of dreams, all not very good.

The worst, I remember: I lying on a sea-green grass, the face down surrounded by furry mice of dark blue color and on my back an immense black-moon algae endowed with Head of an immensely cheap violet-twilight.

Woke up.

What were our supposed lives as we know it?!


God belongs to the worlds! Be it east or west!

All lands and heavens are at peace in your hands! I loved believing that.

I will, in this new life, reflect more on the condition of being human, and how to be a person. To a new life, a new face.

And a minute.

Yes. I will institute this ritual.

This minute I will pray; And from the next, start the first of the new minute of a whole new life.

"If you want to give me your heart, it starts in secret, so no one can guess our thoughts"

Now all the blue-river-dark clouds that threatened me are buried at the bottom of the blue-desert ocean.

A glorious golden light has buried all my dirty past.

I will keep everything in my heart.

In my temple of Joy.

I've reflected how short human life is. How limited each person's time is.

We live deceptively as kind creatures who love their amenities, without forces... always occupied (worried).”

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